i am in tears okay

“Shiro,” Keith breathes, completely and utterly floored.

Shiro, tiny Shiro, gasps. He scrambles at the back wall, pressing himself further into the corner as he stares up at the four shell-shocked Paladins with desperate, naked fear. He chokes out three lost and miserable words:

“Who are you?”

First glimpse of smol!Shiro from @butteredonions‘s killing-me-softly fic, The Size Of Our Actions. More forthcoming.

i used to romanticize the shit out of everything and it wasn’t until recently that i realized; no one is going to swoop in with a cape and save me from jumping off the tallest building. nobody is going to drive to my house at 2am just to wipe away my tears and that’s okay. i am wearing a cape too, i can save myself, i can wipe away my tears. i fell in love with the idea of having a hero but what i failed to realize is that i can be my own hero when everyone else is too busy to see me falling. and yes, there will be times where other people save you and that’s okay. just make sure at the end of the day you’re still wearing a cape too.


It’s just now 8:00PM but guess who’s in bed already?? This gal! Also. Mark 3:34-35 is where it’s at. I just keep reading these verses over and over and over. Thank you all so much for being my brothers and sisters and mothers. 💙

Breaking the Rules - part 7

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,176

Warnings: the usual

A/N: I made this extra cheesy so it hurts more. You’re welcome ♥

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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You plopped down in your seat, avoiding Steve and Peggy’s inquisitive gaze. Your heart was beating so fast and hard, it felt a woodpecker was trapped inside your rib cage.

When Bucky joined the table, he was visibly nervous, but had managed to collect himself a little. Upon seeing the dark hickey on his neck, Peggy jabbed her elbow into Steve’s side. He woofed out a breath and rubbed his ribs before he turned his head to look at her.

She nodded toward Bucky’s neck and Steve’s eyes widened. He reluctantly placed a ten-dollar bill in her awaiting hand.

Meanwhile, you and Bucky acted like nothing had happened. You noticed that he was trying to sneak peeks at you, but you stared straight ahead, ignoring him.

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1. I am a crybaby and I don’t fucking care

2. When someone sees me cry why is their immediate reflex to offer me tissues? I don’t want to wipe away my tears. I won’t to let them flow. They evaporate on their own. And once I am done I can look myself in the mirror and know - it all disappears if you let it go.

3. When I say ’go away’, I mean it. Sometimes the best comfort you can offer to someone crying is to leave them alone. They are upset/angry/hurt. Lets not add embarrassment to that list too.

4. Sometimes I don’t know why I am crying. And sometimes I don’t want to talk about it either. If I am letting it go, so should you.

5. If I am crying in a public place, don’t be embarrassed for me. Don’t say what I already know - people are staring and we are right in middle of the classroom. I know and I clearly don’t care.

6. There are so many triggers. A quote, a single word, a memory that should have been forgotten by now. When tears appear, when the trigger hits, it doesn’t show that I am weak, it shows that I am strong enough to live.

7. Don’t tell me to ‘stop crying’. That’s like the worst thing you can do. After saying ‘calm down’. It took me a long time to realize there is nothing wrong with tears. Don’t ask me to suppress my emotions. I won’t, no matter how many times you repeat the same frustrating thing.

8. You can leave. You really are not obligated to stay there and comfort me.

9.But if you choose to stay, you must chuck your idea of comfort out the window if it doesn’t match mine. Because in the end it is all about trying to make me feel better in that moment, right?

10. Do NOT start with advice. Not unless asked.

11. Most times a joke works. It can be the silliest one. Not because I want laughter to cancel out the tears but because it is good to be reminded of yin yang.

12. Don’t start telling me about your problems or why your life sucks. Not when my cheeks are still wet and there is more to come. Listening about how bad your life is will NOT make me feel any better. Just worse.

13. I can call myself a crybaby but you cannot. Because when I say it, I know exactly what I mean by it. When you say it, I am not too sure but have a fair idea of how much you pity me and how sometimes you see me as pathetic.

14. Don’t hug me. Don’t touch me. The hugs while crying look comforting only in the movies. When I am crying I feel like everything is closing up on me. It gets harder to breathe or even see. I just want space.

15. If I ask you to stay and you do, I want your company not your words. I have heard her breathe for an hour straight when she cried on call and all I did was let her. That day in 8th grade I realized there are times when words are not needed at all.

16. I will throw up. I will feel hungry soon. I will say things I don’t mean. Don’t make it a big deal. Crying comes easy to me but most times smiling does too.

—  Things I want you to know as a Crybaby 

kajuned  asked:

Early one morning, Lucifer tells Sam, "Sammy, the day we met is my birthday." Sam looks puzzled. "Why?" He asks. "Because on that day," Lucifer explains with a soft smile, "I felt more alive than I could remember, seeing you, perfect and beautiful you, I felt my life regain purpose. You gave me life Sam, thank you."

Listen up everyone, this is a PSA! Our boy Lucifer got a real birthday date now!

September 24th, mark your calendars!

Official Samifer Day AND Lucifer’s Birthday ♥

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I absolutely, 100% support this! This is beautiful, dear. So, so beautiful.

Interviewer: With a lot of action coming does that mean we’ll get to see more of Jesus’s hand-to-hand combat skills, which we haven’t seem much of at this point?

Tom Payne: Yes, and I’m very happy about that. I have put a little work into that, and we shared a bit last year, but to be honest, the episode was a little bit rushed and it was also against walkers, so it’s nothing because he doesn’t have to deal with anyone fighting back. But in a war situation obviously we’re against other human beings, and so you’ll see his skills in there, which I don’t think has been on the show before and that’s really exciting to be a part of because all of the fights on the show always end up being scrappy and on the floor and brawly.

Jesus won’t get brought into a stand-up fight if he doesn’t have to. You know, he’d much rather incapacitate or dodge and really get involved — but if he’s called up to do it, he will do what’s necessary. So yeah, that is a really exciting thing for this season as well.

Source of interview: (x)

famous!(y/n) | luke au

a/n: first of all i am PISSED because i had this entire thing written and then my laptop shut down and i lost the entire thing and i am on the verge of tears okay. secondly, this was cute to write and i hope you like it. i like the concept! i may do more nonfamous!boy in the future :) 

word count: 1900


“(y/n), over here!” 

“(y/n), is that your boyfriend?”

“Hey, (y/n), what do you think about all of these rumors?”

The paparazzi blinded your vision with the flashes of their cameras in your face as soon as the exit door from the nightclub opened. You were put right on the street– or into the eye of the paparazzi, you liked to call it. Questions were being yelled at you, along with others screaming your name in hopes to get a picture of you looking in their direction. 

You held your head down, walking quickly through the mob of people. You glanced behind you, trying to find sight of your boyfriend, who walked with his hands shoved into the pockets of his black skinny jeans. His head was down, mirroring your actions in attempts to avoid his face being seen. 

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OKAY  LISTEN  .  there’s  been  so  much  going  on  lately  and  i  just  wanted  to  make  sure  i  get  this  out  there  because  every  single  one  of  you  who  follows  me  deserves  to  hear  this  .  i  have  59  million  blogs  and  some  of  you  have  been  with  me  since  the  beginning  of  time  &  the  beginning  of  any  blog  labeled  ‘ written  by  MEL! ’  .  you  all  have  been  such  a  blessing  to  be  around  ,  and  THANK  YOU  for  not  blocking  my  ja.ke  gy.llenhaa.l  loving  ass  .

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Crawl Home to Her

Pairing: FakeAH!Ryan x Reader 

Word Count: 1,593

Prompt: A GTA!AU with MichaelxReader or RyanxReader based on the song Work Song by Hozier would be awesome :) thanks! - Anon

Warnings: Light swearing, mildly suggestive content

It had been almost a week now; a week since the Vagabond had been shot down and unmasked by the LSPD, a week since you discovered exactly why Ryan kept so many secrets, and exactly six days and 19 hours since you first saw your lover’s lifeless eyes plastered across the news networks. You still couldn’t breathe, constantly watching each hourly report, vigilant for any mention of the Vagabond. Maybe they called it wrong. Maybe, miraculously, they would report him missing, and show video footage of him walking out of the morgue.

But, of course, there was nothing, nothing more than stories of political scandals and the rising crime rates and the hopeless future of millennials. They’d already moved on. According to them, the Vagabond was dead and gone, end of story. You still had yet to cry, knees pulled to your chest, wide eyes glazed over and still staring as the news broadcasts went on.

You hadn’t moved from the couch in days, running on almost no sleep, no food. There was barely anything left in your system to sustain your ever-racing heart, and yet you refused to break. Maybe if you just kept denying, maybe if you kept hoping… Your mind was in a complete state of shock, and you simply continued to watch the news, searching for anything to pull you out of it.

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*Jealousy* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Do you think you could make an image where Newt and you are dating. A random guy starts to flirt with you and Newt gets jealous and flips outs. He then thinks you are mad at him for getting jealous and he gets sad and thinks you are going to leave him. Lots of fluff if you can thanks😊

You and Newt didn’t go out much, but every so often you’d make your way out and look for a good time. Tonight you decided to adventure out to a local jazz club just a few blocks away from your London apartment. You had on your favorite dress and even put on your pearls. Newt wore his usual pants, white button up shirt and a vest. He was waiting for you by the door and smiled as you appeared, skipping toward him and doing a tiny twirl in front of him.

“How do I look?” You asked. Newt smiled and took your hand in his and pulled in towards him. He brought you close and placed a delicate kiss on your lips before answering, “Absolutely beautiful”.

Walking hand in hand, you made your way to the jazz club and found a comfy area towards the back to sit. You both ordered a drink and then nestled in to each other’s arms as you listened to the music. The lady on the stage was signing and you watched as her beads on her dress swayed to the rhythm of her hips swaying. 

“Newt?” You looked up at your handsome wizard, “Will you dance with me?” Newt looked down at you and swallowed. You could tell you had made him nervous. Newt wasn’t one to dance usually and he didn’t know how to. But he knew how much you enjoyed it and didn’t have the heart to say no. Smiling down at you, he took your hand in his and led you out on to the floor. 

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YA LIT MEME // Favorite Charater // Cassel Sharpe // Curse Workers

Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.

Big Brother

Anon Prompt: “Hey! Could I get a jugx sister!reader where he finds out she’s having a hard time at school with the other kids and has been for awhile but she didn’t want him to worry about her or look at her as weak, and then he finds her getting picked on by a football player and he goes off on them?”

A/N: You sure can!

Sometimes you hated the fact that your Mom had taken Jellybean with her instead of you and Jughead; leaving you with your alcoholic father.

It broke your heart that you were left behind but you knew you had to stay for Jughead, who had decided to take care of F.P and make sure he was okay while your Mom made sure Jellybean was safe.
You were family and that’s what you did, you stayed together no matter what.

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Ever Since New York

A/N: Here’s an angsty drabble that I wrote at 2 in the morning after working an entire day and just pretty much being pissed off (because customers suck… and managers)

Warnings: swearing, angst, alcohol. nothing too bad.

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You scrolled through your phone, staring at the various pictures that you had of you and Bucky. 

After you two had broken up, you couldn’t bring yourself to delete the many pictures you two took. Most of them ended with Bucky covering the camera and getting a blurry view of his grin but you still smiled nonetheless, being able to remember that exact moment in time, feeling as free as you did. 

Your room was dark, and you didn’t know what you expected to get from staring at these pictures again. 

A random picture appeared, the two of you locking lips softly as the rays of the setting sun shined precisely behind your faces. Bucky’s lips were turned upward into a small smile, while your nose scrunched and you struggled to snap the picture with your eyes closed. 

Better times were behind you. 

You stood from your bed, walking to the kitchen in your rented apartment and heating up some water for tea. 

You wiped away the tiredness from your eyes, sighing as you gripped your phone tightly in your hands, afraid that if you let it go then the pictures would somehow be erased. Along with all those happy memories. 

The rain pounded against the window as your curled up on the chair in your dining room, waiting patiently for the water to boil. 

As you watched the water drip outside, you couldn’t help but remember the time the two of you danced in the rain. A celebration in a sense, you had just finished university and was still in your cap and gown. He spun you around, the two of you singing songs and screaming happily in the rain.

It was the first time he told you he loved you. 

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N), get it together.” You said to yourself, slapping your cheeks to wake yourself up and quit thinking about him. 

The tea kettle began to yell, causing you to hop from your spot and grab a mug. You glanced at the clock, “Fucking hell. Of course it’s 3 a.m.” 

Your feet carried you to the living room, dipping the tea bag in the water while you sat on your couch. The only light that came in was the ones that shined through the windows. 

Though you didn’t want to, you couldn’t help but continue thinking about the glory days that you shared with him. 

A loud knock sounded through out your entire apartment. You jumped in your seat, immediately reaching for your bat that sat in the shoe closet beside the door. 

Your eye looked through the peephole, your jaw falling agape as you saw who was on the other side. 

The door opened slowly, your head peaking around to see Bucky standing there, water dripping from his hair and his shoes squeaking with every movement. 

“What are you doing here?” You didn’t know what else to say, your mouth had gone dry despite having just drank tea, and your tongue didn’t want to move in the ways you wanted it to. 

Bucky sighed softly, his eyes squinting as he struggled to see your silhouette in the darkness of your apartment. 

“It’s been 3 months, Buck…” You trailed off after a moment of him not saying anything. 

“Look- can I just come in? Please?” He said, his voice quiet compared to the rain. 

You contemplated in your head for a moment before opening the door all the way so that he could slip in. 

He shook his head, flinging water in all directions while you stood idly back, waiting to figure out why he had shown up here so suddenly. 

Now that you were in better light, he studied your face slightly. He bit his lip, shaking slightly. Bucky’s body dropped to the floor, his head falling into his hands as he sobbed softly. 

You heart dropped, immediately feeling all the love for him rush outward in his painful cries. “Bucky, oh my god… What’s wrong?!” 

Your hand hesitantly resting on his shoulder, feeling his shakes rack throughout his body. 

“Bucky!” You tried again, shaking his body and grabbing his face to get him to look at you. 

His eyes were bloodshot, and it was then that you smelled the scotch radiating off of his body. You scrunched your nose, backing away, “You’re drunk.” 

“No I’m not,” he whispered, wiping a tear from his cheek, “okay maybe I am but that’s not the point.” 

“Well I sure as hell don’t know the fucking point. Why the hell are you here?” You said, suddenly angry with his unannounced appearance at your door step. 

Bucky was an emotional wreck, he sniffled constantly and couldn’t say a word without slurring. “I’m still in love with you.” 

“You broke up with me!” You yelled, standing up and towering over him. 

“I was protecting you!” He spat, struggling to stand up straight. 

“From what?” You muttered, crossing your arms over your chest and not being able to believe that you were arguing with your intoxicated ex boyfriend. 

He walked slowly towards you, getting close but not touching you in any way, “Myself.” 

You swallowed, feeling bile rise up in your throat as you felt stupid for not being able to put two and two together. He spoke a lot about being afraid of reverting back to what he was before. Not having a clue who he was, or who you were. 

He didn’t want to hurt you. 

“Bucky, you would never hurt me.” 

“I could feel it, in my brain…” he pointed dramatically to his head, “I was going back to a dark place, babygirl. I didn’t want you hurt.” 

You hit Bucky’s chest with both your fists, banging harshly and backing him up into the wall as you felt tears stream down your face. “Fuck you, Bucky. Fuck you!” 

“Ow, ow!” Bucky grabbed your wrists, stopping you from hitting him. “What is going on with you?!” 

“I’m a strong girl, Buck. Not some fragile piece of glass that you can’t touch! I want you to love me, and to be with me.” You sobbed, your head falling onto his chest. 

Bucky slowly slipped his hands around your body, holding you close, “I’m better. I know you’re strong, and we can be together. I want you back, darlin’. I miss you so much.” 

“You drive me insane.” You muttered, staring up at him once you had calmed down. 

Bucky smiled sadly, “Are you insane enough to be with me again?” 

You grinned through your tears, pulling him by his neck down to your level and smashing your lips on top of his. This was something that you’ve missed for months, and you couldn’t help but try and stay in this moment forever. 

He tapped your thighs, signalling for you to jump around his waist and allowing your bodies to match like puzzle pieces. His lips turned up into a smile, his legs carrying you back to your bedroom. 

The kiss was feverish and needy, the two of you tasting each other and craving it more and more. 

Bucky pulled away for a moment, “So, I’ll take that as a yes?” 

Your chest heaved as you struggled to get words out, only nodding and pulling him back down towards you. 

Such a joker (24/?)

https://jeromesxreader16.tumblr.com/post/160194275642/such-a-joker-23 SMUT!!!!!

Jim POV:
She jumped in front of me. My own daughter took a bullet for me. I was ready to take the steps through the open doors of death, but no. My babygirl took it upon herself to be the hero and save me. Now she’s laying in a hospital bed in a coma. Sleeping. Day and night. That’s all she does. All I hope is she’s having sweet dreams.

(Y/n) POV:
I open my eyes and look to my left. “Dad?” I say; my voice sounding dead. “Oh… you are.” A voice speaks ripping my attention away from my father. “Well dying that is.” I look over to the door and focus my blurred vision. “What is that face for doll? Thought you’d be happy to see me.” I shake my head.

“Jerome?” I ask in my croaky voice. He giggles and jumps on the end of the bed. “What’s going on?”

He keeps bouncing slightly. “Welcome to the land of the bed doll face. I’ve missed you so much!” Jerome dramatically falls onto my body and kisses everywhere. “D-Dead?” I ask shocked.

Jerome rolls his eyes. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. I mean you have me now!” I look over to my father and wave my hand in front of his face. “Gosh Jimbo! You look like you’ve been to hell and back!” Jerome says looking closely at my father.

“I’m really gone?” Jerome laughs and takes my hand kissing it lightly. “Sure are baby. Dead as a doornail!” He laughs.

I stand up removing all the stickers from my body. I look back at the bed and see my body laying there. Jerome stands next to me. He spins me around laughing. “Oh I’ve missed you!” I hold onto him tightly still shocked. “You’re really here…Jerome you’re really here!” We both laugh loudly. “I always have! I told you I’d never leave you. Life or death my dear. We always find each other.” I cross my arms and kiss his cheek. “Since when did you become such a poet?”

Jerome kisses my forehead and moves me to the door. “I’ve had some time to practice.”

We walk down the halls and the hospital slowly starts to empty out. “Where are we going?” I ask as we approach the door leading to the outside. “Home my doll. We’re going home.”

Jerome and I walk the streets of Gotham unnoticed. Most likely because we’re…dead. Ghost even. We walk down the streets I know so well and we come closer to some run down apartments.

Jerome leads me through the alleyway and we enter into one of the apartments through the back. “This is home?” I ask looking around.

A couch, a boxed TV, and cobwebs. “The couch pulls out to a bed.” Jerome says rocking on his heels nervously. I haven’t seen him like that since we first met. He’s changed and yes I love him the way he is, but I do miss the quiet timid Jerome I met at the circus.

“Good to know.” I giggle and stride over to Jerome and hug him. Just a hug. No lust hidden behind it. Just love.

I bring my lips to his and the move in sync. Too long it’s been since I felt those lips against my own. Too long without him. “I love you Jerome.” I speak once our lips are parted. He looks down at me and his eyes say everything and more. “And I love you too (y/n) Gordon.”


Jerome and I spent a couple days here. Laying around and making up for lost time. I tried to tell him about the recent events, but seems like he already knew them. “I followed you (y/n). I was always there! Breakfast to dinner doll. I know what happened.” I cross my arms and huff. “Then what am I supposed to blab on about?” I laugh trying to think.

Jerome moves closer and rolls onto his stomach sliding down. “I say you hush your mouth and we do something better.” His eyes darken at his words. My breath hitches and I bite my lip. “What’d you have in mind J?”

“I’ll show you babygirl.” He smirks and goes under the covers and moves between my legs. He lifts up his t-shirt I have on and moves my panties to the side. His hot breath against my swollen clit already making me squirm. Jerome grabs my hips and holds them down.

He brings his face closer and licks a straight line up my wet slit. I gasp and raise my back off the bed. It’s been way too long. Seconds later Jerome doesn’t waste time. He dives in as if it’s a full course meal. “Oh Jerome!” I moan and raise my back off the bed.

He moves away and crawls up to meet me. He roughly kisses me spreading my legs even wider with his hand. Jerome positions himself at my entrance and pushes in filling me up. “Oh damn doll. You have missed me. Just feel how tight you are around me.” He sucks a deep mark into my skin on my neck.

“Jerome move. Please.” He thrusts and I moan out. He continues thrusting and causing us both massive amounts of pleasure.

He grabs onto my face and kisses me deeply. “Oh baby. I’m close.” I moan out too overwhelmed by the pleasure to speak. As my climax approaches closer I bite onto Jerome’s shoulder. He cries out when I sink my teeth in a bit to hard. “I like it when you get rough!” He thrusts harder into me and I scream in pleasure when my climax takes over. Jerome does the same and collapses on top of me sweating and breathing deeply.

Once I catch my breath I sit up slowly. Once I stand I sit right back down and grab my head. Suddenly a horrible migraine has occurred. “You alright baby?” Jerome asks. “Yes… I just… I just need something to drink.” I stand and walk over the fridge opening it. Once the light hits my face I fall over.

Jerome rushes to my side and hold my body. “What wrong? What hurts?” I breathe deeply and hold in tears. “My head, and now my heart. It feels like it’s going to explode.” Jerome quiets my cries and kisses my face repeatedly. “Jerome. I-I can’t see. Everything is blurry.” Jerome’s touch becomes numb. “Jerome?” I ask scared. “You’re not dying…you’re waking up.” Jerome says sadly. I shake my head silently crying. “Shh no babydoll. Shh no it’s alright. I’ll be there. I’ll be with you. I love you.” I smile and hold his hand close. “I love you too Jerome Valeska.”

My vision turns to bright lights and I feel like passing out.

I jolt up and breath heavily. I’m in a hospital. I’m hurt. My stomach hurts. I look to my side and see a man. “(Y/n). Honey are you okay? How you feeling?” I shake my head confused.

“What?” I ask looking around panicking. “What happened? Where am I?” “Shh it’s okay.” I look up at the man with tears in my eyes. “Who am I?”

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