i am in so much denial right now


a/n: So, for what I’ve been told, followers get to pick a number and a character and you have to write an imagine/one shot containing the two. Feel free to submit, guys! This is my first time trying this and I am really excited. Please keep in mind that I do not write smut though lmao. (and yes, i made these prompts myself so sorry if you find it crappy).


1. “Ha! As if you actually did it.”
2. “Tell me, would you cry if I punched you on the nose?”
3. “Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
4. “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.”
5. “Why the hell are you blue?”
6. “He’s in his room, crying about who knows what.”
7. “Stop. You’re hurting my eyes.”
8. “Then that’s exactly why we should do it!”
9. “For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.”
10. “No, no! Put the knife down!”
11. “Would you die for me?”
12. “I have a secret. I really hate Christmas.”
13. “You’re a monster!”
14. “Who in the right mind would trust me?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
16. “Wow. True love sucks.”
17. “I can’t determine if you’re drunk or you’re just being plain weird.”
18. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.”
19. “Move a little faster, would you?”
20. “You’re as pale as a ghost.”
21. “Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.”
22. “Out of all the possible people, why you?”
23. “Clearly, we’re meant to be.”
24. “Did you just vomit all over my carpet?”
25. “I’m not her/him, alright?”
26. “Stop the sarcasm.”
27. “Okay, I got to admit, you do look pretty cool.”
28. “If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you.”
29. “Don’t act innocent!”
30. “Close your eyes.”
31. “Clearly, you’re from hell.”
32. “Careful, you might fall for me without knowing it.”
33. “You’re lying. Again.”
34. “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you.”
35. “I beg to differ.”
36. “Don’t you know who I am?”
37. “I find you very fascinating.”
38. “I want to slap that smug grin off your face.”
39. “But you’re so nice! And he’s/she’s so …”
40. “Nobody deserves you.”
41. “That’s the worst excuse ever.”
42. “If you don’t stand up, I’ll just assume you pooped your pants.”
43. “Please be cooperative.”
44. “I don’t care if you live in a castle or whatever. I ain’t bowing down to you.”
45. “No one’s getting laid tonight.”
46. “I’ll have you know I’m usually not a damsel in distress.”
47. “No one likes a loser, babe.”
48. “How does it feel to be bad?”
49. “Ignore the blood — it’s not mine, anyway.”
50. “I am literally dating a drama queen.”
51. “The joke’s on you, sucker.”
52. “Can I have a kiss, please?”
53. “Oh, look! I don’t care!”
54. “What are you so pleased about?”
55. “You can’t buy my love.”
56. “Just concentrate.”
57. “Do you have to ask a stupid question?”
58. “Hey, it ain’t my fault I’m so attractive.”
59. “That’s a first.”
60. “Is it just my eyes or are you really glowing right now?”
61. “Don’t underestimate me too much.”
62. “Am I supposed to be offended by what you said?”
63. “Someone’s being in denial.”
64. “If you keep on saying that I might actually start believing it.”
65. “I feel like singing your name.”
66. “You’re heartless.”
67. “I dare you.”
68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”
69. “Party pooper.”
70. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”
71. “I really am lucky to have you — no matter how cheesy it sounds.”
72. “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.”
73. “You’re too modest for your own good.”
74. “Want to bet on it?”
75. “I am not a walking and talking dictionary!”
76. “Hey, I’m just saying.”
77. “What makes you think I’ll trust you again after this?”
78. “And how about you? What do you want?”
79. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.”
80. “Sorry to burst your bubble but I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.”
81. “Make him/her regret what he/she lost.”
82. “Pull me closer.”
83. “Were you looking for me?”
84. “You’re worth it.”
85. “No offense, but this room smells like rotten eggs.”
86. “I can’t believe someone can be so shallow!”
87. “Don’t make me wait too long.”
88. “I think you can understand it perfectly fine.”
89. “You have a dark sense of humor. I kinda like it.”
90. “Is that a grin or a scowl? I’m not sure.”
91. “Promise me, you won’t tell anyone.”
92. “Not that I’d prefer him, but he is definitely more handsome than you are.”
93. “If you’re jealous, you don’t have to be a jerk about it!”
94. “I’d gladly take you out on a date anytime.”
95. “One more mistake. Keep that in mind.”
96. “Who knew you could be so poetic?”
97. “My heart is in your hands.”
98. “For real?”
99. “Ouch! That really hurt.”
100. “Would you rather date me or would you rather date me? Say your pick.”



I am ecstatic that NBC Renewed Timeless… And I’m actually on the verge of tears right now because this show means so much to me and I was in denial that I had to let it go. This proves that as fans WE ACTUALLY HAVE A VOICE. I’m so proud of everyone for not putting up with that cancel crap. We WILL see more Lyatt and Riya and we WILL have time travel in our lives and we WILL find out more about Rittenhouse.


Thank you, Misha

100 episodes. Damn.

I’ve got a lot of emotions right now. I’m not crying anymore, so that’s good. It’s almost 3 am. I finished the finale half an hour ago.

I’m in denial. Also, it’s Supernatural, so I know things will work out. There’s no way they could make this permanent and keep the ratings up.

Castiel has become my favorite character in the show. I thought he was great before, but recently he’s become very close to my heart.

It was because of this damn show that I figured out I’m asexual.
It’s because of Castiel.
Because of Misha.
It was because of freaking Destiel fanfiction.

This show has helped me so much in the mast 6 months. My parents got divorced, and I have been able to use the show/fanfiction to cope.

I can’t express how much Castiel means to me now.
I can’t express how much the pure fact that Misha Collins exists means to me.

It’s rare to see recognition of aces and aros, and I know that Misha is familiar with the community, and supports us. It’s an amazing thing. I can’t even express how wonderful that is–particularly since he’s a celebrity. If I ever meet him, I am definitely going to thank him. And give him a huge hug.

I pray that Dabb doesn’t screw this up. They can’t get away with killing Cas permanently.

For the love of Chuck, Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.

Snippet/Home at Last

“You see, the problem here is…”

“The problem is, you’re in my fucking head and I didn’t ask you in.”

“So what? So what? Really. What, you think I’m going to see something I shouldn’t? I’m going to learn some deep hidden secrets, something important? Yeah well, relax. I could care less. Frankly, there’s not much here that’s, uh, even interesting.”

“I don’t fucking care. You’re inside my mind. MY mind. You wanna talk to me, get the fuck out. Come and see me like a normal person. Or whatever you are.”

The man cocked his head slightly and seemed to almost smile before turning away. I was aware that he wasn’t what he was trying to be. I knew his appearance was simply a projection. Because he was without doubt the most nondescript, ordinary looking man I had ever seen. Plus he was in my goddamn mind like some poorly written sci-fi plot device.

“Oh, I’m not a person,” he said calmly, “ and you’re not even real, so an actual face to face meeting? Well, you’d need to have a face for that to happen.”

“I’m the one who’s not real?” I replied, and glanced around the bland conference room that had been chosen for this little talk. “ I see. You’re real. I’m not. So you’re NOT in my head. I’m in your head pretending that you’re in my head.”

“I’m not real either, you small minded, thought crippled, self centered delusion.“he said and turned abruptly to face me. An odd trick of light made it appear that he had no eyes.“Humans. Why do you even have brains? You refuse to use them. You’re a traveler. You’ve seen the multiverse. Even your fractional awareness must have an inkling of what infinity means. But you, like every single human ever, persist in harbouring this arrogant childish notion that it was all made for you. It all revolves around you. Because you’re so special.”

“Hmm. Apparently I don’t have to worry about what you’ll see in here. Because you obviously can’t see shit. I’m the last person, or uh, whatever I am, that thinks there’s anything special about me. Or the human race for that matter. Which, since I’m not real, must not be real either.”

“You don’t even understand what reality is, do you? Of course you don’t.” he said and stepped closer. His eyes remained hidden.“ To yourself, you’re real. Those around you, they’re real. In this specific fragmented layer. I’m the same. But nothing, not one single thing, that anybody in your or my reality ever does will mean anything. As far as true reality goes, we’re all a single rain drop falling into an ocean.”

“Nice metaphor. Poetic even. Mind if I steal it?”

“Just curious.” he said softly and for some reason I found myself trying to lean away from him,“ Why are you lying? Not to me. To yourself.”

“I’m not. I’m…”

“When you discovered you had the talent to manipulate Urdoji energy, you realized you were dual realm.” he said and I wanted him out so fucking bad and that meant shit.“ Here, you idiots who’ve never even conceptualized the possibility of another realm have it undeniably introduced to you, and the only one who can read both lines is you? Oh, don’t even pretend you didn’t get that jolt. A middle capacity mule who’s got a trick the hottest riders don’t?”

“So fucking what? It’s done what for me?” I asked, and tried to will myself to step back but I couldn’t.“So I can hear. Big deal. Big fucking deal. It makes me a wiretap. Not a hero. Not special.”

“God, seriously. Do you ever listen to yourself?” he leaned forward. Still no eyes. Creepy as fuck.“ You know, you say that so often. Even when it’s not necessary. But you, ordinary nobody that you claim to be, have been thinking about how to cut the Urdoji line. Yeah, see, I can see what’s going on in here. You want to be the hero. You just don’t want the responsibility that comes with trying. You’re not even afraid of failing. You’re afraid of trying. Because then people will expect you to keep trying. People might even…rely on you.”

“Okay look, I’m not Matt Damon and you’re sure the fuck not Robin Williams. So save the fucking critique of my self esteem issues and character flaws. I’m not real, you’re not real, which means what the fuck is this other than an opportunity for you to be a big bag of dicks?”

“The Urdoji can destabilize your realm.”

“My tiny weak little fucking brain already figured that out.”

“This will destroy your realm.”

“Gee, thanks Fox News but I got that figured out too.”

“This will, in turn, destroy the Urdoji realm.”

“Well hey, silver lining.” I said and finally stopped fighting to move away. “So we go, we take them with us. Sorry if I’m missing out on the boo hoo factor here.”

“That will start a chain reaction.”

“Chain..” I found myself leaning towards him. Trying to see eyes. “How many realms are there?”

“More than two, and that’s all that should matter.”

“Ah, yeah okay. I got it.” I said and smiled without actually smiling. “The chain reaction will reach YOUR realm. Good. Great. So do something about it. Us humans are too short bus. YOU can do something then, genius.”

“I am.”

“Really. Yeah this is..”

“Where is home?”

“What? The fuck? I’m a traveler. Noplace is home. Everywhere is home.”

“Where is home?”

I stopped trying to see his eyes. Something told me that whatever eyes were watching me, I didn’t want to see them. Not now.

“Terra Prime Main-Chaotic.”

“I didn’t ask you where you started.” he said and his voice seemed to come from everywhere at once.“You don’t want to answer. Because you don’t want to HAVE an answer. So I’ll answer for you. This is home. The place you don’t believe you can have. The place you’re terrified of wanting. Because you’ve never belonged. Anywhere. Ever. And you’ve accepted it because you’ve been told that’s how it is. How it has to be. A bunch of pseudo-scientific quasi mythological bullshit to justify a very simple truth. Having no home means having no responsibility to a place. To people. There’s no obligation to do better, make things better. Save the denial. I see you know I’m right.”

“Yeah? Once again, so what?” I said, but somehow my voice suddenly sounded like the scared sixteen year old kid saying yes to his first step. “ You’ve told me how stupid I am. Now you’re telling me how inadequate I am. None of this means shit. If my danger is your danger, then my fight is your fight. You’re so much better than I am, start fighting.”

“We would if we could.” he said, and oddly enough I believed him completely. “We can’t physically reach here. In fact, we can’t non physically reach here. Well, we haven’t been able to. Until now.”

“Oh great.” I said, almost punching his eyeless face.“Another stupid reason that I’m a special little flower. I’m just a fucking mule, remember? Nobody will believe, or give a shit what I tell them, no matter what you tell me.”

“I know.” he said and smiled grimly.“ I know you can’t do it. Trust me, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in ANY reality with less faith in you than I have. But this is your home. You’ve found your home at last. And it’s the place that will burn first. So fight for it. If you’re going to finally fight for something, for the first time ever, home is a good choice. Fight for it. Prove me wrong.”

It was impossible to not feel manipulated. But it was also impossible to deny the truth.

“Okay. Talk to me.”

i sometimes find jealousy in the fact that someone has seen you the way i once did.
i knew you when you were 18. the time where you’re fighting to take off but scared of the free fall. of life, of love, of your future. but us. we fell equally as hard and fast for each other. the love hit us on cold winter nights when the only warmth i felt was the growing love i had for you. i had never felt so content.
it’s been over 2 years since i fell in love with you. and now i am out. out of love with the girl i once knew. i don’t see her much anymore. you’ve covered so much good in you by problems you never took time to fix. the way you get angry too quickly. how you’re almost always in a rush. your denial to open up to anyone.
whether or not i’m right in this assumption, i believe i’m one of the few people who know you in a way no one else does. i understand the way you become when your insides get a little cloudy, when you’re angry one minute and hysterical in laughter the next.
sometimes i see parts of you that i miss. the funny parts about you that i fell for when i was 17 and naive to all the chaos you would cause in my life. your laugh when you drink too much, the way you always walk in front of the crowd, the horrible but funny jokes you tell.
i think you caused me too much pain for me to ever fall in love with you again. the person i am today is not the person that fell for you. i will never be her again. i can notice and love pieces of you that i sometimes miss.
i will never love you again, but i will take comfort in the fact that i had the chance to know you like no one else does.

A friend asked “How is it to be lesbian, fat and black?”

- It is to be invisible. Or visible for chuckles. - I answered.

Here comes one more self-pity post, huh?

Well, it should be, buddy. I feel like crap everyday. But it’s not.

I’m just writing to tell myself I gonna try to have some self-respect.

Being a minority and MANY OTHER issues have fucked up my head. But having the looks of a person that most of people find disgusting hurts a lot.
No, I don’t hate my body. I just don’t follow the pattern most society follows, I get being punished by that. Being denied touch, kisses, hugs, sex and even (debatable) love hurts too.

So I’m going to respect myself and stopping searching almost everyday for someone that accepts me for who I am. And I’m NOT talking about love. I don’t even think I can love someone right now. I’m talking about finding another woman who wants to be with me. Kiss me. Have sex with me.

You don’t have to love me to do that. Neither do I.

I just wanna remember how being touched by another woman feels like.

But now, enough. I need time to forget so much denial.

Top 10 Biases

Tagged by @the-princejinyoung! Tbh Shanna, I saw your post and read it, thinking, “wow I’m glad I don’t have to do that because I would literally DIE.” And then I checked by notifications… So, I’ve been having an intense internal conflict since then. Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAG, SHANNA! Without any further ado, here’s my list (mind you, I literally get REKT quite frequently so this list is as of right now.): 

1. Jeon Jungkook. You have no idea how HARD IT WAS TO COME TO THIS CONCLUSION. I was am literally torn in half. I’m still in denial, but both my roommate and best friend told me that he’s my number 1. I literally feel like I’ve betrayed Jinyoung, don’t talk to me. But he’s literally the golden maknae who reks me. I h8 him so much. (as you can tell by my tags in posts)

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2. Kim Taehyung. I originally thought he was my bias in BTS and Jungkook was  a golden bias wrecker… but apparently I was in denial. He’s just a REALLY good bias wrecker. (Search: “The Duality of Taehyung”)

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3. The writer, producer, and genius: Min Yoongi. This old, deep soul. Somehow he’s risen up my bias list so fast and SO HIGH. Agust D hit me hard and once you know his humbling backstory, how can you not bias him? 

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anonymous asked:

Ayeeeeee, random numbers 3, 15, 13 , 26 and 18

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? Not yet, but I am about to. I am not often on my laptop so I rarely see my dashboard because I have a lot of blogs where I get instant notifications if they post something. Usually I just turn that off when our opinions don’t agree because the chance that I will see them on my dash is slim, but I am so fed up with one right now that I really might just unfollow them.

13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Kylo Ren is not misunderstood. He is an outright villain and murderer and he should be handled as such.

15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show? Yuri on ice doesn’t seem appealing at all.

18. Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or   biased? You are not in denial. You might be a little bit biased because there is so much discourse about popular ships, so you get a lot of opinions on that ship and that may sway you into a direction, but in the end it’s all about your personal preferences so I would say no.

26. Most shippable character? Tony Stark. I can ship him with almost everyone. He just deserves all the love.

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for rebelcaptain? in general? or your own haha

I think probably 99% of all rebelcaptain fics could be considered AU, given that they’re, you know, alive, but let’s ignore that because it’s been six months now and I’m still in denial.

Okay but literally anything by @operaticspacetrash is fucking amazing and you should absolutely read it right now if you haven’t already. The arranged marriage royalty AU and the fake dating celebrity AU are some of my favourites, but seriously just read it all.

I’m having a really hard time remembering other specific ones. But trope wise I absolutely LOVE the friends-to-lovers trope, SUCH PINING, SUCH GAZING AT EACH OTHER, always give me more of that, yes please. Hmmmm what else, there’s so much to choose from, and I am the actual worst at thinking of stuff when I’m asked. Maybe check out @rebelcaptainfics for more fic recs if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s a section with tags categorised by AU, and it’s one there that means I liked it!

mydeardrarry  asked:

Ok so I would just like to say that I am so overwhelmed right now and I can’t believe that ‘the’ bixgirl1, one of the lords of the drarry fandom who I admire so so much and had her AO3 page bookmarked since the beginning is now following me and we’re mutuals like I’m in denial right now. I wasn’t sure if you would be comfortable getting a direct message so here I am making a fool of myself lmao. Thank you. 💖

Thank you!!!! It’s probably inappropriate to ask if we should make out now, right? Because I can’t *believe* this comment on, like, fifty different levels!!! How in earth could you crush my soul with feels when I’ve never even *met* you in person and there are so many writers that I admire like this so to hear that you’ve been following my work is just…😭😭😭😍😍😍 And holy hell, I just need to…

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kimiokana  asked:

Hi ! CINNAMON, BLUSH, FUCHSIA, RAZZMATAZZ because it's a tradition and BURGUNDY for the meme ! And congrats for the 1k ! You really deserve it ! You blog really bring me joy and salt as I love ! I'm still in denial but you helped me getting through it. Oh ! and your eruris are too cute ! Don't even dare to stop drawing (well, it's not really an order... Sorry for my insolence...) I hope you're having a wonderful day !

Stop it how am I supposed to deal with so much kindness o///o Thank you so much for your kind words. Ive been a bit slow lately because my life is a bit stressful right now and I managed to catch a cold as well…But I promise I won’t stop, I love them both too much :3

Thank you for your support and the nice ask, dear…I still cant believe theres over 1000 ppl following me xD But please tell me: What food will you share with me? :)

Second Chance at Happiness Prologue

Summary: Once upon a time, Harry James Potter had a dream; a dream that involved music, a band, his two best friends and millions and millions of screaming fans. But when his parents were killed by a psychopathic killer calling himself Lord Voldemort, Harry is left picking up the pieces of his once perfect life and making a future for himself and his baby sister. 

In all honesty, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne should have no place in Harry’s carefully crafted life. Not only was the man way out of Harry’s league, he was also Harry’s new boss. But all the logic in the world couldn’t stop Harry from coveting him all the same. But what Harry didn’t know was that if he just let himself go, perhaps getting a happily ever after isn’t all that impossible after all. Slash. Bruce Wayne/Harry Potter.

A/N: Harry is 25, Bruce is 30 and Rose, Harry’s little sister is 6 at the beginning of the story.

Graphic sexual content in later chapters. 

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{ Twitter Conversations }
  • Calum

@Calum5SOS: I’m quiet happy that I get to see @y/t/n strip today, make sure you watch #ShesSoPerfect

@y/t/n: I hate you so much right now…. @calum5SOS

@Calum5S0S: “@y/t/n: I hate you so much right now…” Not true, you love me babe.

@y/t/n: No, No I don’t. @Calum5SOS

@Calum5SOS: Guys, my girlfriend is In denial. She knows she loves me C; @y/t/n

  • Luke

@y/t/n: I miss your voice. @Luke5SOS

@Luke5SOS: I miss your face. @y/t/n

@:y/t/n: I miss your lips. @Luke5SOS

@Michael5SOS: @Luke5SOS @y/t/n Oh god, please don’t start sexting on twitter.

  • Michael

@y/t/n: @Michael5SOS is a sore loser.

@Michael5SOS: How am I a sore loser when I let you beat me! @y/t/n

@y/t/n: ……. You dick, you really did let me win did you? @michael5SOS

@Michaell5SOS: Oh come on, don’t be mad. I did it out of love. @y/t/n

@y/t/n: YOU KNOW I HATE WHEN YOU LET ME WIN! @michael5sos

  • Ashton

@y/t/n: Tell Ashton to stop being an ass and go to the cinema with me.

@Ashton5SOS: @y/t/n" Tell Ashton to stop being an ass and go to the cinema with me" But i don’t wanna

@y/t/n: But I wanna go on a date! @Ashton5SOS

@Ashton5SOS: Why can’t we just chill at my place and cuddle? @y/t/n

@y/t/n: Ugh, fine, you’re lucky I like cuddling @Ashton5SOS

My Five Stages of Yuri on Ice Grief

Denial: No. Just no- NO. There is no way Yuuri actually just said that.

Anger: I CANNOT believe he actually said that. Why would they put that at the end of the episode and DO that to us?! 

Bargaining: Ok so hear me out, they are literally the perfect couple and they have to stay together.  I would give my own happiness, my firstborn and so much more for them just to stay happy and whole and together and-

Depression: -and now I am just actually crying.  I am so sad right now and I don’t know if I feel anything at the moment.  I am just numb, yet the tears are there, so I guess I am also sad?

Acceptance: Okay I just went through an emotional roller coaster. I cried, saw some sad tumblr posts while others were happy and hopeful.  But at the end of it all, it’s going to be ok.  They love each other and that is not going to change.


This video really hit me right in the guts, especially the last 5 minutes of it. I can’t be in denial of who I am anymore, and this video made me see so much clearer now. If you can watch it, please do. :’)

The walker’s helmet

So I just watched 6.06 and idk if anyone on Team delusional (or team defiance i guess) has thought about this yet but hear me out:

We seem to agree that the walker was supposed to make us remember Beth, or that the way they shot it was supposed to make us remember Beth and Daryl together - so that walker was representing Beth, in a way. Right?

Now, the helmet, to me, has a very obvious meaning.

What does a helmet do, people?

It protects the head!

The walker? It was DEAD (sort of) but it’s HEAD WAS UNHARMED.

The Beth-walker wearing a helmet?

How much more obvious are they going to make it.

Excuse me for phrasing this so awkwardly, I am very excited.

You know, in these little snips we’ve been getting from Emily regarding her demise, she just keeps mentioning Daryl, like she knew, and he knew, they were supposed to headed down a certain road together.

But now I feel differently….I feel like there was still so much more to [explore], like what could have happened with Daryl?”

“And Daryl and Beth’s unlikely friendship, I wanted to see how that would grow…”

This isn’t fair you guys. This just doesn’t feel right. I know the first stage of grief is denial and I am happy to accept that I am indeed in denial but there is just no way that this is how it ends. I feel as bad for Daryl as a character as I do for Emily Kinney. She was so excited to explore their relationship. What changed the writer’s minds? 

“….What changed your mind….”

“She’s alive and that’s for a reason.”

25 Days of Klaroline: Day 14 – Klaroline + College

To Sir With Love (smut warning)

Present Day…

Caroline walked towards the door, clutching her essay in her hand apprehensively. She raised her hand to knock noting his name in big bold letters, Professor Niklaus Mikaelson - Director of Archaeology.  

“Miss Forbes?” He asked as he opened the door.

“Professor Mikaelson,” she answered. “I’ve come to see you about my latest assignment.”

“Yes, of course Miss Forbes,” he said formally. “Please come in.”

She smiled slightly before entering his rather cramped office. Books of all sizes and colours lined the walls and his wooden desk was strewn with papers. She figured he must have been doing some marking before she arrived.

“So what seems to be the problem?” He asked, closing the door behind her.

“Well considering my latest grade, I thought you might be able to give me some tips on how I can improve.”

“Let me have a look,” he took the paper from her outstretched hand and placed it on the desk. A bright red 99% was marked at the top. “Oh yes I can see the problem now.”

He raised his eyes from the paper, sending her the usual cheeky smile that drove her crazy.

“So what can I do about it sir?”

“Well I’m afraid this might take a while, feel free to make yourself comfortable,” he murmured gesturing towards the chesterfield couch in the corner.

“If you insist,” she replied unzipping her dress and letting it slip down so it puddled at her feet. She watched as his eyes flicked over her body slowly, devouring each curve as he made his way southward. She felt herself stir knowing she would never grow tired of him admiring her like that.

“You wore the red,” he remarked, his voice husky with desire.

“I know it’s your favourite,” she grinned. “Now, how about you come over here and give me some of those tips.”

“Oh, more than glad to comply love,” he smirked. “Although past experience tells me you don’t need much help in that area.”  

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