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dripping blood called under fingernails/streams of dreams dug from inside me/the color of my eyes matches the tripped beat of singing shoelaces/the faces around me don't notice the smell of empty like I inhale/the smell of the unstained carpet of their hearts/does this sky even sing a new sun/or does the moon just wear a black dress/so she can feel beautiful/I don't look in the mirror much anymore/the sound of unmoving teeth is the only reflection I see/I was someone once/now I'm just/a bad poem

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had to read this three times to fully internalise it. I am in awe. ~shan

happy freaking birthday to the one and onli actor park jinyoung wrecking the top spot for my bias in mi hort but so sorry to say youngjae takes the cake but i still lob u very much my dear prince 👑👑👑 you are honestly such an enigma but that makes you so much more attractive and admirable and I am so in awe of your perspective abt the world and your thirst for knowledge & it shows GOD does it show how much you want to learn in your career and assuming in your daily life as well & I know you’re just going to keep soaring higher everyone you love and everyone who loves u is just so proud of your perseverance and your humility never change, our prince, don’t let anyone bring you down with their words of hate & doubt because we all believe you have the warmest n softest of heart for your six brothers, ur family and for all of us🐣 thank you for always taking care of the boys n being their rock and keeping everyone grounded but please remember you matter too and you are important just as much !!! im love u my prince and happy happy 24th ya big peach 🍑💞💞💕💕🍬🌸🌺🌺

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update!!on!!my!!crush!! so on saturday we are going apple picking and to a maze!!!!! and i’m so excited and she was so excited too!! and we’ve been texting for like the whole day and she just makes me so smiley ahh!!!!!! and she is just so sweet?? like on the way to school i texted her saying that i forgot my lunch, and she was still at her house, and she didn’t tell me but at lunch she pulled out a grilled cheese that she had made me with my name and a heart on the bag and !!!!!


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I just- i just fricking like Q. He's one of my favorite au sans now. Uh I have a question too. Is it alright to wrote fanfiction of him? I may or may not, but I'm partially asking for others who may want to do the same. Uh sorry if this is asked before ^^;

Aw, thank you so much! It brings me such happiness to see people enjoying my content and especially my ridiculous, digital troll son!

As for writing fanfiction about him, while I am super flattered that you like Q enough to want to put in that kind of effort, I’m actually going to have to ask you and anyone else so inclined to refrain.

I have quite a lot of content planned for Q and his involvement with SSLL via Skeleton ex Machina, and I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it! I just feel that I’m still really working on fleshing Q out and getting to know him myself, and the idea of allowing other people to start writing for him makes me feel… uneasy. Like, I love my boy so much, you guys, and the idea of anyone not me (or @tyranttortoise and @nighttimepixels) writing him while I’m still really actively doing so myself is not a thought that gives me any sort of pleasure (beyond just the general ‘omg you guys like him that much???‘).

I’m sure that, one day, I’ll feel comfortable enough to let Q off the proverbial apron strings, but considering it hasn’t even been one month since I released Skeleton ex Machina, it’s going to be a bit.

I hope you guys will indulge me in this for at least a little while. I’m always a little protective of my creations when they’re fresh off the presses. I feel like his ink’s still wet X’D

Now just a note, this request does NOT apply to fanart. Seriously, feel free to do all the fanart you like (I mean unless you’re looking to cheat and write a comic story about him instead of a fanfic i guess lol. that’s just rude), I love seeing you guys draw my son! It may seem a little hypocritical at first, allowing one and not the other, but I just feel there’s a huge difference between them. One is a snapshot, an illustration… the other delves into Q’s thought processes, still developing history and personality, and character development I have planned for him. Having a lot of strangers that I have no connection to, or familiarity with (nighttimepixels is literally my sister, and tyranttortoise is a friend and writer I’m familiar with and trust to portray Q accurately to the very best of her considerable abilities) undertaking the same process with the character at the same time as me makes me quite uncomfortable.

So, please indulge me on this for awhile ;w; I love all you guys and super appreciate your support, but I’d really feel better if I could grow the character awhile longer before making him open to being written about by others!

Isn’t that a compliment

People: wow you’ve lost so much weight

Me: awe thank you

People: ??? Uh. You’re welcome??

What else am I supposed to say lol. I’m glad they’re noticing the weight loss. 😂

Different Strokes?

I think I left the teller at the bank genuinely disturbed when I told him that “If I can’t afford it, I just don’t buy it.” 
“What about a car? Do you drive a car?” he inquired, his voice toning on the edge of fear.  
I told him, “Yeah, I have a vehicle. I bought it used for under $3,000.” 
He looked physically pained. “What about if you want to buy some kind of new appliance? Or furniture?” he persisted.
I stared at him blankly. “My couch was $5.00 at Goodwill. Like…I just buy shit cheap or I don’t buy it at all. The only thing in my life that I make payments on is my house, my bills, and my insurance, and that’s split five ways because I have housemates.” 
The young man looked horrified? Appalled? And somehow also awed? 
This guy couldn’t have been much older than me. But it seemed that he’d never even considered the option before of saving up for something to purchase it outright instead of using a credit card.
Am I the only person in my general age group (just turned 26) who’s never owned a credit card, and who has forgone basic comforts in order to save up for items so you don’t owe money to anyone, like, ever? 

so recently, there were a lot of really bad spoilers leaked about ML. i can’t imagine how this must feel as a creator, to have all your hard work just thrown out like that for everyone to see, completely out of context. it’s really awful. 

in support of thomas and his team, the discord server i am in decided to start a small project: #HeartsForAstruc –  even after everything, we still love this show and look forward to the new season. this show means a lot to many people. i am  personally really thankful it exists. i have made so many good friends through it,  it’s brought me closer to some old ones, and it’s something me and my daughter can enjoy together. honestly, it’s really hard to put into words how much each of these things mean to me. so just… thanks so much for what you guys do. esp thomas, for creating such a great universe for us to play around with. really, thank you so much.

for anyone else who would like to join in: draw a character [or two, or more; can be ML charas or ml oc’s, or yourself if you want] offering hearts. doesn’t have to be a sign, just some sort of love hearts. post it with or without a message, up to you, and then tag it #HeartsForAstruc. let’s cheer the team on. :D/

You’re an interesting species. An interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.
—  Carl Sagan
O, Sweet Pea...

I am devastated. Pea suddenly declined last night and did not look well after the attempted feeding. When I woke up this morning, she was barely responsive. I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’d probably be making a difficult decision today.

I was able to get her into a vet. The vet who had been treating her for a respiratory infection was out for the week. The vet said that he might have palpated an egg, which could be adding to her decline and that she became septic. Pea’s heart rate was very slow and she wasn’t responsive. She did make small movements but never opened her eyes. The vet said that they could try intensive treatment but that it would most likely be a futile attempt.

I held her for the last time and decided to euthanize my Pea, my Turd, my Towel Wrangler. I hope she knew how loved she was. Probably not. She was such a Turd. 

Be at peace, Sweet Pea Turd (4/26/14 - 9/16/17)

Here’s my first pic of Pea:

As today is fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation day, I would like to take this time to say a huge, huge thank you to all the incredible writers who grace us with their amazing works both on this platform and on AO3. 

So here’s to you. Here’s to all the time and effort you invest into each fic. For the stories you share. For pushing through those writer’s blocks and continuing even though sometimes all you may want to do is give up. Here’s to making us, as readers, cry and flail and scream because of your stories. 

You are amazing and so talented and know that we are forever grateful for all that you do. ♡

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(above are a list of my favorite writers, those who inspire me every single day with their words. thank you all so much for what you do ♡) 

i hope i didn’t forget anyone, if i did please feel free to come and yell at me

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How would Feyre and Rhys react to them switching bodies for one day and what would they do?

I have been thinking about this ask since you sent it, and I keep laughing.

Obvs, the first thing I thought of is that they will have sex. Because A) this is Rhys and Feyre, and B) that’s pretty much the first thing that comes to mind if I were to be in a dude’s body. But it would be HILARIOUS, and would go something like this:

Rhys, after having sex: That’s what that feels like? No wonder you make those noises.
Feyre, after having sex: I’m really not sure how you walk around with physical evidence of your attraction to me just there for everyone to see. I’m pretty hot, so I commend your self-control.
Rhys: Well I don’t understand how you walk around with these boobs, how do you fight? How do you practice archery? How do you keep from playing with them all the time?

And then we might have something like this:

Feyre: *in Rhys’ body, putting her hands in her pockets*
Rhys: why do you keep doing that?
Feyre: I’m trying to figure out if it helps you think or what exactly is going on when you do this. I don’t get it.

Or something like this:

Rhys: Wow, you’re really uncoordinated.
Feyre: Well I haven’t had centuries of practice brooding in this body, so forgive my inadequacies at portraying the whole Lord of the Night, King of Darkness look.

I’d like to think they would have some fun with Cassian as well. Like… Rhys would maybe start hitting on him, and he knows that Cassian would never, ever take the bait and reciprocate, but it would be hilarious? Picture this:

Rhys, in Feyre’s body: Cassian, have you ever… you know… considered us?
Cassian: *puzzled* Like as bros?
Rhys: *sultry voice* No, silly, I mean… as something more. Something so much better. *places her hand on Cassian’s chest* I’ve just been having some feelings, lately…
Cassian: *gulps and backs away* Feyre, you’re my High Lady. You know I would do anything for you. And I find you very, very attractive, but you are not a single lady, and I am not a single dude.
Rhys: *pouting* Aw, Cassy, are you sure? I’m just so hot for you right now.
Cassian: *claps Rhys/Feyre on the back and laughs nervously* You sure are funny, Feyre. I’m so glad I have such a funny friend who understands that she is my bro. *backs away slowly*

I really feel like I could keep going all day. Maybe I’ll add on to this later. Thanks, nonnie.

You Understand, Right? (Part 3): Bargaining Chip

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby Singer

Length: 1154+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Character Death.

A/N: There was so much interest in continuing this fic! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, and I really wasn’t expecting this to become a series! Feedback is encouraged!


Crowley thundered through the halls of his dungeon, a smirk on his face. He heard a little rumour going around in the rack, about a girl associated with the Winchesters- someone who meant an awful lot. He stood in front of the girl, assessing her from head to toe. A surge of power traveled through his bloodstream as he realized that he found the key to getting the Winchester’s to doing his biddings.

Y/N’s head lolled to the side as she became more conscious of her surroundings. It was rare for someone to be unconscious in hell, the demons like to keep the person fully aware of their torture when they’re on the rack.

“Hello, dear,” he greeted, an evil smirk adorning his face.

She didn’t reply just as Crowley expected. He tapped into her memories, watching her life flash by as he confirmed her relationship with the Winchester brothers. He patted her cheek, ignoring her wince as he didn’t even bother to avoid the bruise on the skin. As he walked away from her, he wondered just exactly what he would ask of the brothers. There were so many possibilities, and he could not wait for the time to bring her up.

It was almost ten years later when Crowley finally exhausted all of his resources, and used up all of his other leverages against the boys.

The demon tracked down the Winchesters to their motel room, having just finished a hunt in town, and ready to head back home to their bunker. 

“Hello, boys,” the demon greeted.

Both brothers pulled out their guns.

“What the hell do you want, Crowley?” Dean demanded.

“Oh, Squirrel. Always had the penchant for the dramatics.”

“Shut up.”

“If you could lower your weapons, and we can talk like normal people-” 

“Not until you tell us what you want,” Sam added.

“Well, I came to you because I may have a wee bit of a predicament.”

“And why should we help you?” Dean asked.

The demon smirked. “Because I got something that may be of interest.”

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pre-zimbits, in which bittle is drunk and jack is very patient (and a jerk with a great ass)

“I can’t believe I didn’t stay for Senior Week last year.”

Bittle was sprawled across the grass in the little cemetery on the other side of the soccer field. Jack wasn’t entirely sure how he got here, but he was very drunk and very alone, and everyone else was very drunk and not answering Bittle’s texts.

“Having fun?” Jack asked, hands in his pockets.

Bittle pulled himself to his feet, using a headstone for balance. “Mmph, sorry there, Mr. Dead Dude. Don’t haunt me for this.”

Bittle was drunker than Jack feared. He stumbled over, eyes glassy and unfocused. There was no doubt Jack would be cleaning vomit tonight; Bittle was so buying him Annie’s tomorrow.

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Hey, just passing by to tell you that, what the Fuck, Lance is 17, you're an awful human being :)

Thank you so much for getting rid of my writer’s block! Enjoy reading! :)


The Blue Paladin stared into his boyfriend’s gray eyes, feeling guilty for believing if they had confessed their relationship to the team they would be frowned upon. Lance couldn’t bear the thought of losing the respect of his loved ones. He had been bottling it all up; his desire to know the truth. And now, this was it, his chance to come clean to Shiro—his beloved Kashi.

“Kashi, baby, please tell me the truth,” Lance spoke apprehensively. “Am I too young for you?”

Shiro stared into those beautiful blue eyes in confusion, wondering what brought this strange question up. “What makes you say that, Kitten?”

“I… I don’t know. But I just think that—”

Suddenly, mid-sentence, Shiro placed his big palms over Lance’s shoulders, leaving the rest of the Blue Paladin’s words to remain unspoken. “Listen carefully; if you were ‘too young’ for me, you wouldn’t be reliable or levelheaded, but you are, Lance. You are a strong, smart and independent young man, and I love you.”

“You don’t think they’ll find it weird that we’re dating?” Lance asked, holding onto Shiro’s wrists to pull away, but it was useless, his boyfriend’s grip was firm.

“Who, the team?” Shiro asked.

“Well, yeah. But others too…”

Then, Shiro’s tight grip loosened on Lance’s shoulders, moving his hands upward to gently cup the Blue Paladin’s cheeks in his hands. “Do you love me, Lance?”

“Yes, of course! I love you so much!” the Blue Paladin genuinely replied, earning a fond smile from his lover.

“Well, then, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As long as they know that you and I both love each other just the same, everything is okay. Right?”

Lance smiled at Shiro’s reassuring words. This is what he needed to hear; that there was absolutely nothing wrong about their relationship; that it was healthy and comforting; that there was mutual understanding and respect. Because having someone like Shiro—a very patient and caring man—was difficult to find, but Lance couldn’t be happier.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed, leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you, Kashi. I love you.”

“You’re welcome, Kitten. I love you, too.”