i am in need of a 1


i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1)

i can wait for the galaxy outside to get a little kinder

2 am update

Oh god

I didn’t realize that for this scholarship I have to get the school to send a copy of my transcript

I bought an official transcript myself

I’m so


I sent them a super super apologetic email basically begging them to accept what I have at least as a placeholder until I can request the school to send one, bc it has to be postmarked by April 1

On top of that, I fucking LOST my PTK paperwork and I need to print that and it’s 2 am and I just went upstairs and realized I can’t fucking find it

If I don’t get the paperwork done I won’t get into PTK. If I don’t get the $3,000 scholarship, I’m going to have to come up with that money on my own.

On top of that I’m not prepared for my sociology test, I haven’t started my social psych, and I’m just a hot anxious stressed mess

And I have a $900 bill to pay for my summer classes

Like I literally just sat down and cried for a solid 10 minutes because I can’t deal with responsibilities and needing to be on top of stuff and responsible for my own finances and I know that’s dumb bc like I’m 20 but all the 20 year olds I know aren’t paying for college and they don’t have to feel this constant WEIGHT and stress because I’m relying on this scholarship to go through

I’ll apply to more and I’m just hoping I’ll get one but I literally

Anyway if you’re religious or whatever I would appreciate prayers (I’m not religious but I super appreciate it when people say they’re praying for me? My spirituality is complicated, but I do believe in praying) and if not just your tacit support and good vibes I guess

I mean short of printing and filling out the paperwork for me, or writing the rest of my fee waiver essay, or taking my test for me or just taking the entire wheel while I try to breathe… there’s nothing anyone can do

It just feels like I’m doing the work of two people and I just need like one other set of hands and mental energy to pick up the slack man if I could I would get an assistant

But if I had an assistant I would obviously not be needing money lmao

I’m just exhausted and stressed. But I need to sleep bc I have an early day tomorrow, and a test, and just hella stuff to do.

Oh, and I still don’t know how I’m getting back from the PTK social, bc my dad won’t drive there to pick me up since it’s p far from where I live, and my only friend in PTK can’t give me a ride. But if I can’t go to the social I literally can’t be inducted into PTK and I need to be like that is not an option.

UGH okay okay it’s going to be okay and by Friday morning it will all be better and I’ll at least be able to breathe yup ok

anonymous asked:

I saw that you like megaman quite a bit!! If (BIG if haha) there was ever a Powered Up type of remake for other games in the classic series, would you want to voice any of the robot masters? Do you have a favorite robot master or netnavi? I know you get it a bit often but loved your work in BOTW!!

1) I think that could be really fun, yeah! There’s so many Robot Masters to pick through that it’s hard to actually pinpoint anyone in particular, but I am positive I would fare well with anyone who’s a little on the crazier/more maniacal side or who needs to be more eccentric and cool than the others. Skull Man, Star Man, Clown Man, and Color Man come to mind just offhand.

Long-time followers may actually remember that I once voiced GutsMan in a Megaman film, too…and a very terrible AWESOME INCREDIBLE WOODMAN.

2) Favorite NetNavi from each Battle Network Entry:

Battle Network 1: It’s a tie between ElecMan.EXE for the coolness (and his amazing area music), and SharkMan.EXE for the cartoony side of the spectrum.

Network Transmission: This will seem strange because he also exists in Battle Network 1, but ColorMan.EXE really got to properly shine in the ‘transition game’ for the Gamecube; his stage was weird, the music was catchy as heck, and you really got to experience more of his personality. I feel like he played a more pivotal role in NT, and this contributed to his lasting power.

Battle Network 2: Quickman seems like he’d be the obvious answer, but he already sort of embodied the ‘technologically streamlined’ look in his earliest appearances. NapalmMan.EXE, however, underwent a major change for the series, taking on a lithe shape similar to SkullMan.EXE from the first game yet still managing to look like he could seriously mess you up with the right accuracy.

Battle Network 3: I am so unbelievably impressed and happy with the makeover that PlantMan.EXE received for his appearance in the BN series. He went from being a relatively kooky-looking dude in Megaman 6 to this intimidating-yet-composed Navi with real charm to his design. His power was also INCREDIBLE for boss Time Trials later in the game, making him easily my favorite updated Boss Master in the entire franchise.

Battle Network 4: God, this is so hard to pick just one from. The game itself might have been garbage, but when you have SO MANY good redesigns between MetalMan.EXE, ShadeMan.EXE, and SearchMan.EXE (or hell, even JunkMan.EXE looks pretty damn terrifying in a good way), it almost sort of redeems the godawful plot and replay mechanics.

Battle Network 5: GyroMan.EXE is a goddamned Battle Network Transformer Autobot. You know it, I know it, he knows it, Capcom knows it, everybody knows it. He matches it in look and attitude, and because of that he’s impossible not to like.

Battle Network 6: A lot of the bosses in 6 border between being too complex and too ‘weird’ for me to really latch onto, but HeatMan.EXE is just the right amount of simple + psychotic to be my favorite little Internet Chandelure of the final entry.

Goddamn do I love Battle Network

Five Positive Things

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Thanks, y'all! I’ve had a bloody awful week and pretty much needed this desperately. Everyone has said something similar and so we thank the Tumblr gods—You know who you are;)

1. My brain. It was the cause of this whole money drama bullshit, because it’s a swirly mass of chaotic synapses misfiring at times and making new, creative connections at others. But truly, truly, I wouldn’t change it. The ADD, the anxiety, the depression—they’re inexorably tied to my art and writing. They’re part of me and my unique intelligence and I am embracing this.

2. I’m an asskicking badass mama. My child is a compassionate, fierce little warrior goddess and a proud SJW. (Fuck no we won’t let anyone neg us about social justice.) She goes to Pride with me, she waves that rainbow flag, & she flies into a whirling fury when she sees the many Confederate flags in our state. (Goddamn stupid, as WV was *literally made a state* to join the Union.) And she’s crazy smart and I’m taking credit because verbal skills are her strength.

(Mr. Story’s a freaking math/analysis genius though, so she doesn’t struggle with numbers like I do. He gets some credit. He gets 12% of the credit.)

3. I can bake like a motherfucker. I adore it. I’m a Certified Cupcake Goddess and can build and sculpt 3D cakes for Bird’s birthday. (Last year’s was a dragon. It took me 24 hours to decorate.)

4. I’m pretty. I have excellent skin aging-wise, as I live like a vampire and also have great genes for this. My tits are AMAZING. If you like quantity. I love that I’ve taken my art to my body with my tattoos and nose ring.

5. I’m super enthusiastically open with affection for my friends and family. And strangers. I say “I love you” really often and I snuggle my people like a boss (& am ecstatic to have found new snuggle AND sexytimes girls) and I give compliments like confetti. I mean them.

My apologies if you’ve been tagged before, but it just means many people are lovin’ up on ya!

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1. My boss loved the first draft I made which is a really good thing
2. Now I need to make an other fucking poster
3. I won’t have any materials til after 10 am (it’s now 8)
4. I need to cut so many things out of images and i haTE THAT
5. I’ve been having the worst cramps ever since I woke up
6. I might need to take my laptop to the uk with me to check stuff on Saturday lol help


I am so done with this show. This is not what I started watching #Supergirl to see. Supergirl is not a babysitter. Having her look after some guy while HE has a hero’s journey betrays all that the show proclaimed itself 2 be from conception, to marketing, to the strongest ideas it had on display in Season 1. This show is about women and was supposed to stand out from the rest of the superhero shows by being built around one. It didn’t need a male lead going through a hero’s journey. That’s what Arrow was, that’s what Flash is, that’s what Nate’s entire story on Legends of Tomorrow is! But now somehow Berlanti Productions, Warner Brothers and The CW have decided it does need a male character going through his origin story and that it’s female lead just isn’t going to cut it because they rushed her origin too quickly, a decision THEY are responsible for and didn’t seem to be too worried about at the time.

I can’t support this and I have *literally* zero interest in watching this show waste its time on this character.  I’m out.

tfw you’re writing and your fic is turning into something you didn’t intend it to be

tfw you’re writing and a character says something you didn’t expect them to say and it sort of opens up a new plot point you’re going to have to resolve now by the end of the fic


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨


they need help (i need sleep)

So I made a discovery in the latest SaM update

Basically I was messing a bit around in my editing program with this panel from the update

And sure it’s just the hell eyes that we all know and hate but I randomly just turned up the brightness and - 

The eyes actually have god damn people shape like, I should have seen this coming but it just made this panel much more unsettling so thanks for that Orange.

The first time he sees Jonathan running his hands through Steve Harrington’s hair is a big fucking moment for Will Byers. It’s night, and the boys have set up a super important campaign, while Nancy has agreed to watch them. So she invites over her boyfriends. They watch a movie while the boys play, but then Mike and Will run upstairs for some extra soda. 

That’s when Will sees them; sprawled out on the couch together; Nancy curled up next to Jonathan, holding his hand and resting her head in the crook of his neck, and Steve resting his own head against Jonathan’s chest. And Jonathan his literally just playing with his hair.

Will stares, wide eyed, heart pounding in his chest with Mike tugging on the sleeve of his shirt because he had no idea it was okay to touch a boy like that, the way he’s secretly always wanted to touch a boy — but hey, if Jonathan’s doing it, it must be okay, right?

And suddenly this wave of relief comes crashing over him, realising in that moment just how much self-hatred he had been carrying around. He smiles through his tears — beams more like — and turns to Mike. He can’t even speak. It’s okay to like boys it’s okay to like boys holy shit I can touch their hair this is like amazing oh my god—

“Will, come on,” Mike tugs his sleeve one last time, and Will stumbles down the stairs with him.

It’s okay to like boys.