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The Wings Tour in Seoul Day 1 Setlist

VCR: WINGS Trailers
VCR: Blood Sweat And Tears
Not Today
MENT: Introductions
Am I Wrong
First Love
Save ME
Cypher Pt.4
No More Dream
Boy in Luv
War of Hormones
21st Century Girls
Boy Meets Evil
Blood, Sweat and Tears

Spring Day

-Opening Intro VCR-
Not Today
-Members Introduction + Talk-
Am I Wrong
뱁새 (Baepsae)
쩔어 (DOPE)
First Love
I Need U
Cypher pt.4
No More Dream
Boy In Luv
War of Hormone
21st Century Girl
Intro: Boy Meets Evil
Blood Sweat & Tears
Outro: WINGS
2! 3! (Hoping For More Good Days)
Spring Day

This one has actually a backstory….So i was looking in my old drawings and suddenly i found an rly REALLY old one from me when i was like… 2 years old? (pls.. for the love of god. DONT.ASK.TO.SEE.IT) It was some random circle with other circles and my mom looked at it and said:’’ Is this a gremlin?’’ And i was like: ‘’Idk… but how did u see a gremlin in it?’’. And she just smirked and said: ‘’cuse it looks like you’’ (i luv u too mom).

 Well after that i decided too scan and redraw it and now it is Gremlin!Alex from  @sleepyeule I am so sry for abusing ur AU… but i try it… hope ya like it…. if not i take it down..

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Hi Mimi! I'm kind of new to the BTS fandom and I was just wondering about the whole thing with era's? How are they defined and what are they? Thank you so much! Your blog is my new favourite โค๏ธโœจ

Welcooooome to the fandom !!! And THANK YOU for loving my blog I am truly thankful & honored  ❤️

BTS ERA:  A  distinct period of time where BTS promoted songs using a particular concept. It is also a system of chronology dating used by ARMYs from a particular noteworthy events that marked BTS in general.

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  • N.O: still fighting the system

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  • Boy in Luv: They fall in love but they are still brutal

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  • Danger: Nevermind they are still angry

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  • I Need U: They did it all and they got depressed

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  • Dope: But they are good looking so it is dope

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  • Run: They decide to run away from everything

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  • Fire: Oh wait they changed their mind … burning it all makes better sense

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  • Save me : Maybe they got sued or something so they started asking for help and …

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  • You Never Walk Alone: They finally ended their sins, realized friendship is very important and hired ninjas to run with them in the mountains. 

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Now that I look back … the boys really came a long way and they are still running. I mean, they are flying now. Hopefully for more successful eras full of great memories for BTS and ARMYs to come^^
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Underrated K-Pop Groups (Male Edition)

So basically I was thinking about all of the underrated groups and decided to make a small post about them. I will eventually make a female edition of this list!

1. Boyfriend- Bounce, Obsession, Boyfriend, Witch, Glider.

2. Topp Dogg- The Beat, Arario, TOPDOG, Follow Me.

3. Monsta X- All In, Hero, Trespass, Rush.

4. History- Might Just Die, Psycho, What am I to You, Dreamer, Queen.

5. U-Kiss- Stalker 끼부리지마, One Shot One Kill, Believe, Stop Girl, Neverland.

6. B1A4- Sweet Girl, Tried to Walk, Lonely, Beautiful Target, Baby good night, What’s Happening.

7. UP10TION- Attention, So Dangerous, Catch Me

8. Royal Pirates- Run Away, Drawing The Line, Dangerous.

9. UNIQ- EOEO, Best Friend, Falling In Love, Happy New Year, Luv Again

10. Boys Republic- Get Down, The Real One, Video Game, Hello, Party Rock.

11. MADTOWN- Emptiness, OMGT, YOLO, New World.

12. ROMEO- Miro, Nightmare, Target, Lovesick.

And now for some groups who aren’t completely underrated, but still need some more love!

1. VIXX- Dynamite, Chained Up, [hyde], Error, G.R.8.U, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Super Hero.

2. Block B- Toy, Very Good, Her, A Few Years Later, Jackpot, Nillili Mambo,  NalinA

3. B.A.P- Feel So Good, Young, Wild, & Free, One Shot, No Mercy, Where Are You?, 1004 (Angel).

4. Winner- Sentimental, Baby Baby, Empty, I’m Young.

Anyways, feel free to add some groups that are underrated that I didn’t put on the list! I know there are a hell of a lot more.

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"Hiiyeo!! I'm xXKaw11-B4k4Xx here!! I just wanted to introduce miself on here!!! Things u shuld kno~~~ I am Totes ~~RaNdOm~~~ x3 I like to say japanesey stuff :3 stuff like 'nya' 'baka' and my personal favorite 'Kawaii' (I say these cause they're rAnDoM like me :33) RWAR!! Sorry that's just me being RaNDoM~~~ Rwar means I luv u in dinosaur!! I have other cool stuff too! I hope you enjoy my RAndOM page x3 nya Baka!"

everyone in hell probably talks like this


Knight!Stiles and Prince!Derek AU!

“A flower?,” the wolfman grunted in agreement “if i was a lady i would’ve assumed you are after my heart” Stiles chuckled.

“I am” the wolfman said.


@loveactually-rps Happy Birthday sis!!!! am so sorry am this late i hope u like this!!!♥♥♥ basically its lost knight in the woods, found by his mate who is a prince to the Hale tribe Au! that flower symbolizes the bond Stiles and Derek have. by accepting that flower their souls will be bound forever~♥

Bts reaction to being mistaken for an older brother:

Anon requested: Hello! luv ur blog can u make a reaction they were taking a walk with their s/o when suddenly a kid runs up to them and attack hugs them thinking they’re their older brother or smth xD

A/N: Thank you so much, I am slowly working on the requests so here is yours all done I hope you like it.


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Bright smile “Do you want some help little guy?” Jin will say before proceeding to help the boy back to his family. Rounding on you with sparkling eyes he’ll admit a secret he’s been keeping to himself. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one of our own Jagiya?


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Holding the boy hands and dropping to his knees“Do you want help finding him?” the happiest smile will be on his face and though he won’t say anything, Suga definitely plans on having a little boy all to himself with you.


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OK so the child might not be particularly lost, but I think Hobi will creep the hell out of him “Oh god, no I am not your hyung. Are you lost, do you need help? Jagi help me!”

Rap Monster:

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“Do I look like your hyung? Call me hyung then till we find him for you” Namjoon said as he carried the baby back to his original owner. You’ll be wiping your tears like choke me this is so cute.


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“Hello there!” chim chim exclaimed as the boy ran towards him and buried his face in his legs. Startled and overwhelmed, Jimin will explain that he isn’t the one he is looking for, making it up to him by buying some sweets for the lost child.

V/ Taehyung:

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He is working his magic. Idk what it is with V and kids but the boy will be laughing and having the time of his life with you involved that he just won’t approve on going back to his family.


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Secretly offended like is there someone as good looking as me? But Kookie will hug him back for nudging you to do something and you’ll just roll your eyes because classical jungkook move. You will both attempt returning the lost baby to his parents as Jungkook’s face heats up with the possible idea of having his own child between you two.