i am in love with your bromance

small compliments .
  • “You look really pretty today ~”
  • “Do I ever tell you how much you mean to me?”
  • “Those clothes look really good on you~”
  • “Wow, your hair is super nice today!”
  • “Your smile is gorgeous…”
  • “I really love the way you laugh~”
  • “You look beautiful.”
  • “You are doing that cute thing again…”
  • “I saw your snap this morning; you looked gorgeous…”
  • “You’re really good at this, do you know that?”
  • “Oh wow! I am really proud of you!”
  • “I think you did pretty well!”
  • “~You tried, and that’s what matters, right?”
  • “I think you did pretty well, it’s your first time after all!”
  • “You look stunning today.”
  • “This tastes great!!”
  • “Wow… you did this — all by yourself!?”
Kdrama fans PLEASE help me

Hi guys I’m new to watching kdramas and need some help to decide what to watch.

I started by watching Dramaland which isn’t a proper kdrama but from there I decided I wanted to see what they’re really like.

I’ve seen:

All of Coffee Prince and am now watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
- I really liked Coffee Prince
- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is so so FANTASTIC

My to watch list is:

Reply 1996
Reply 1994
Reply 1988
Tomorrow With You
Scarlet Heart (cdrama)
Scarlet Heart 2
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Masters Sun
Jealousy Incarnate
Descendants Of The Sun
You’re Beautiful
My Love Eung Dong
Another Miss Oh
It’s Ok That’s Love She Was Pretty
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
School 2013
School 2015
Marriage, not dating
Sungkyunkwan scandal
To The Beautiful You
Doctor Stranger
Scarlet Garden
Fated To love You
Cheese In The Trap
Oh My Venus
King Of High school
Shopping King Louie
I Hear Your Voice
Oh My Ghostess
The Legend Of The Blue Sea
My Love From The Star
Hi! School: Love On
Madame Antoine
My Amazing Boyfriend
Refresh Man
Gogh, The Starry Night
Boys Over Flowers
Murphy’s Law Of Love
My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
Cunning Single Lady
Splash Splash Love
Just You
A Witches Romance
The Masked Lover (Thai)
The Man Living in Our House
K-POP Extreme Survival
Kill Me, Heal Me
Lucky Romance
Dream High
Moorim School
Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom

- I’m probably going to watch them in a random order but are there any I should watch first?

Am I missing any you’d recommend???
Are there any you think I shouldn’t bother watching??

UPDATED - I have updated it with your suggestions that I liked- I decided what order by how many times a show was suggested
-I now have 63 kdramas to watch

PLEASE keep help me out by advising me on what to watch! My future kdrama experience is in your hands.

I’m practically back on the ship. Why?

Yes, I am delusional and I’m fine with that. William Shatner, feel free to screen cap me.

Why do you ask I am climbing up to Lido deck? Well, here is my reasoning….


1. Wedding - There are a million and one reasons to attend a wedding with a friend as her date. 

And honestly, after seeing the wedding “money shots” which equate to a posed prom fanpic hugging your little sister and a candid moment of “do these people even know each other”, I am left with the following

Conclusion: these pics represent what they seem, pictures of friends at a wedding.

2. MPC - well, here are my thoughts on this - the question on everyone’s mind is, has Sam been spending his valuable time in LA with MM. I see no evidence of that honestly. He is in LA hanging out with the MPC crowd. 

He had Valbo fly in from Scotland!! To do what? Hang out at the gym? Really? Watch sunsets together? Visit LA? Awww…Sam and Valbo, what a bromance!!! :)

I am sure that is exactly what a man in love wants to do during his two weeks off with a gf he rarely sees…yes…fly in friends from overseas to hang out with.

Conclusion: Sam is keeping busy with MPC and hanging out with Valbo, MPC gang and I am sure other friends while Cait is busy doing the Oscar Party rounds. 

I mean, what are you going to do if your SO is busy, you will be busy yourself.


1. Oscar Parties - Interestingly, Cait has been busy in the evenings attending an Oscar Pre-Party here and there. 

Interestingly, we would have never known based on how much she posted about that…which is ZERO… hmmmmm

I can only assume she has been attending with her friend and escort Tony…because who else is she going to bring to all these work events if she can’t/won’t bring her SO.

2. Oscar Wilde Award - Happy for Cait! This is great for her. 

What does it mean for the ship? Same old same old… Tony was there as usual, hidden till one photo, where they both look as excited as a gold fish out of water and God forbid they put their arms around each other… they might combust (sarcasm).

Conclusion: Good friend/escort to events Tony was on hand as always…since he apparently has the total freedom of availability and lack of any other real-life responsibility.


Really all center around STARZ, who I am majorly side-eyeing because nobody from OL, including Sam, was at the OW awards and Starz is my prime suspect.

There seems to be a gag order of some sort - side-eyeing Starz, not only on SM (curious to see what will happen there) but also surrounding OL promo… 

How can you have Cesar in LA doing promo but not the leads… The Leads of the show are in LA and neither have done any promo at all for OL…????? 

Yep, looking at you Starz, as if it wasn’t enough that you botched the GGs and didn’t take advantage to have your leads do promo during GG week when you had a GG nominated actress.


This is all messed up enough to call bullshit and start climbing back onto Lido deck for reasons that I hate when I am lied to and marketing/PR people think I’m not going to catch onto whatever it is they are playing.

For the record: I have not caught on, I have no idea what is going on, but something is….

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing! I also love Clarke and Murphy bromances. Can you do a bellarke fic with over protective Murphy? Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt, anon! I hope you like it :)


“Will it help at all if I ask you to be nice?”

Murphy gives her his best sardonic expression. “When am I ever not, Princess?”

“I’m never gonna live that nickname down,” she grumbles, drumming her fingers on the table anxiously. “I should have waited until Wells could be here. Then at least I’d have someone I knew I could count on to be personable.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Wells and I are a volatile combination on our own; why not add your new boyfriend to the mix? Trial by fire is a thing, right?”

Wells is Clarke’s best friend from childhood, and he’s never been Murphy’s biggest fan. Nor vice versa. Things might have been different if his dad wasn’t the guy who’d pressed charges and put Murphy in juvie. If Murphy didn’t see Jaha prime every time he looked at junior, if junior didn’t see a delinquent every time he looked at Murphy. But their personalities differ enough that Murphy isn’t convinced it’s only his past that dampens what Clarke wishes would be a budding friendship.

They do okay sometimes, but she usually ends up keeping them separate.

“Not my preferred tactic,” she shoots back, but her tension has deflated a bit. “Seriously, though. How worried should I be that you’ll start a bar fight tonight?”

“How worried should I be that your new boyfriend is a dick?“ She gives him a look and he rolls his eyes. “I promise I will at least attempt this thing you call good behavior.”

“That’s all I ask,” she says, cracking a smile. “There might even be a gold star in it for you.”

“Shut up, Princess.”

He wanders over to the bar, fixing himself another drink while Gina is busy with some patrons. By the time he gets back to the booth, there’s a guy with floppy brown hair with his arm around Clarke. She’s not pulling away or anything, so Murphy figures this must be the boyfriend. He looks exactly like someone Murphy would ignore on the street trying to get him to donate to whales or Greenpeace or some shit like that, but hey. Maybe that does it for her.

“Here you go,” he says to announce his presence, sliding her drink across the table.


“Yeah.” He eyes the boyfriend, who is clearly sizing him up. “Sorry, man. Didn’t know what you liked.”

“Nah, it’s cool. I don’t really drink.” He extends the hand not resting on Clarke’s shoulder. “I’m Finn.”

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Thoughts about Shadowhunters 2x07




‘You continue to surprise me’ WELL YOU CONTINUE TO FUCK ME UP


‘*Put on music*’ HEY NOW YOU CAN BOTH FUCK


Fuck off, Clary x3

Clary, why are you such a fucking asshole? other people have lives you know, OUTSIDE OF YOU. YOU’RE NOT THE CENTRE OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.


‘Damn it‘ indeed, Alec

Okay, Jace has a stamina rune next to his flexibility rune, and that’s pretty hot


I’m actually really liking this Alec/Clary friendship that they’re developing, it’s really great to watch.

*close up of Izzy’s hand twitching* Oh no…

Izzy calling out Clary on her bullshit is my favourite thing (other than Malec and Raphael ft. Magnus)

OMG that glasses chick 0.0

Izzy, cut the crap.



Magnus winking is everything omg

I s2g if Magnus was taking the piss out of clary with the ‘heal my broken heart’ thing, I will be ecstatic


‘Izzy, you’re bullshiting me, a warlock? oooh you’re stupid’ That’s what he said, right?

Wellll, he tried



Really, you literally put Saia and Sissy a second apart, fuck you bro.



JIMON??? AS WELL???? We’ve already had everything BUT saphael and jimon so why not?

Okay, I’m actually sort of happy they’re finally addressing confident playboy!Jace and not just incest-y!Jace and warrior!Jace

‘Don’t tease me’ Holy shit, I’m becoming attracted to an asshole


OMG look at jace’s eyes, he’s gotta be bi


‘why do you think women are so attracted to me?’ Bish, did you just ask what I think you just asked? Damn

Jace is pretty much grooming Simon.


Jace is literally asking Simon to hit on him this is so gay rn I love it

‘Dazzle me’ My word, you’re thirsty.

Jace TOTALLY just gave simon the once-over and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Note: Jace also knows James Bond [Of course he fucking does, look at him]

‘So I have to stop being myself?’ ‘Exactly.’ Oh, so this is why he has 3 times the active ships you have?

Jace turns into Simon and immediately touches his hair. Ooh.




‘Is this your first time with a man?’ XD HONEY, IT’S HIS FIRST TIME PERIOD


Sidenote: Seelies like ABBA. Huh. Nice.



Magus answering the door is always wonderful, cause he TILTS HIS HEAD

*Alec takes off his jacket* OMG WE’RE JUST DIVING RIGHT IN. OKAY.



‘I’m not complaining‘ No-one is.

‘The sex-step’ OMG MAGGIE

‘I’m worried I might lose you’ ‘Why would you think that?’ OMG THESE TWO



‘Come on, Jace’ ‘Fuck that shit’ ‘Clary’s in trouble’ WHERE’S MY FUCKING COAT

The Cleo/Luke relationship is sort of like when a homophobe needs somewhere to crash and they go to their gay sibling for help. 

‘That’s an angel’ OOOOOOH SHIT



‘I wanted to prove to myself that I’m not’ ‘–In love with your best friend?’ HONESTLY, SHE COULD MEAN ANYONE AT THE POINT EXCEPT RAPHAEL- WHERE IS HE

tl;dl: MALEC FOR LIFE, I am conflicted over Clary and Izzy, Saia is a bromance, I surprisingly like Jimon, No Saphael, and COULD THAT ANGEL REALLY NOT JUST ADD ‘Oh yeah, you’re not related’?

It was an OK episode. Good for straight ships, Jimon, Malec and book!Jace, 


Straight up now tell me

Dear Maya
Happy Day After Valentines Day! I’ll be straight with you - this is one of my favorite days of the year. All the chocolate is half price. It doesn’t get much better! How about our favorite girl on SNL a couple of weeks ago? OMG she was too much! I love how she puts people in their place. She looked hot as always! (no, I’m not gay but I still think she’s hot.) Her handsome man sure makes my temperature rise too (that’s the straight truth)

K: dude. Your Valentine bromance in Berlin is blowing up twitter. #notmypresident is going to be one jealous fucker. I think he’s in love with you

R: It’s time everyone knows the truth

K: alternative facts?

R: I am soooooooooooooooo gay

K: STFU! After SNL the whole world knows how gay I am & now you toooooooooo. Just whoa dude

R: well…….you saw the hand holding……..it can only mean one thing

K: I actually totally love that you and I are both gay. Whew. No more secrets

R: maybe people will leave us alone to go about our gayness

K: wishful thinking

R: mmmmm know what I’m thinking?

K: thinking about that Valentine I left on your pillow?

R: picturing you licking the envelope sure as fuck makes me straight

K: wait what?? you’re straight now?

R: I am. Straight up. Damn straight.

K: STFU! me tooooooooooooooooo

R: Isn’t it amazing how in sync we are? I’m gay, you’re gay then I’m straight and you’re straight

K: Can’t even wrap my head around it……. back to Valentines……I loved mine. Sooooo much. Thanks dude

R: you liked that did you?

K: how could I not? You picked it out

R: I do have excellent taste. I picked you

K: awwwww!

R: your smile this morning was thanks enough

K: I’ ll be sure to show you my appreciation again later. :) so your fav gift is a “trade secret” huh? Is “trade secret” a code phrase?


K: like your secret twitter addiction????

R: I am NOT addicted to Twitter! I don’t tweet. I lurk. It’s not the same thing
K: twitter is full of shit

R: people who tweet solely for attention are full of shit.

K: some people need to be straightened out

R: some people are too twisted

K: word

R: truth

K: no alternative facts

R: just giving it to you straight up

K: yes please

R: ?

K: yes please give it to me straight up.

R: Is that code for something?

K: do I need to show you?

R: I love when you show me

K: that’s why I’m pretty sure you’re not gay. Despite the hand holding

R: You got me. I’m not gay. So you wanna hold my hand?

K: I totally rock at hand holding

R: you rock at something even better

K: I love the way you make me rock. But. I still love holding your hand

R: you hold my heart too

K: you hold mine dude. Always have. I straight up love you

R: I straight up love you more

So sweet Maya
There are some seriously twisted people in this world and there will always be snakes we have to watch out for but goodness will ultimately prevail. Love trumps hate. It’s going to be OK.

In the future

Teacher: Kansas, why did your parents name you can that?

Kansas: Because my mother is obsessed in Supernatural and named me after a state the the main characters where born.

Teacher: Destiel, why did your parents name you that?

Castiel: because Kansas’ mom is my mom’s best friend and 
introduced her to Supernatural

Teacher: Lawrence, how about you?

Lawrence: ditto on Kansas

(Kansas’ mother shows out of nowhere): I REGRET NOTHING


Request for: @sama1314

Pairing: Reader x Cas, Reader x Crowley

Word count: 490


“Y/N,” Crowley popped his head in your bedroom door. “Hello, darling.”

You let out a small screech and leaped off of your bed. “Crowley? What the hell! How did you get in here?”

“The wards on the bunker are down.” You jumped at the sound of Castiel’s voice coming from behind you.

“Cas?” You asked in disbelief.

He gave you a small smile. “Hello, Y/N.”

“What are you doing here, Giraffe?” Crowley shot Cas a tight smile.

“I wanted to ask Y/N on a date.” Castiel spoke proudly.

“Y/N needs a man.” Crowley walked over to you and lazily draped his arm across your shoulders. “Not a baby in a trench coat.”

“I can still smite you, Crowley.” Cas grumbled, walking closer to the two of you.

“Would you two stop arguing?” You muttered, shaking Crowley’s arm off of your shoulders.

“She likes me more.” Cas smiled at your defiance.

“Only a blind person would like you more.” Crowley scoffed. “Or Moose. Moose seems to be quite fond of you.”

“Crowley.” You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Don’t be rude.”

“Love, I’m just telling the baby angel the facts.” Crowley shrugged.

“I seem to remember your bromance pretty well.” Cas countered, adding air quotes around bromance.

“Well someone had to order my fruity drinks, angel.” Crowley retorted.

“Do not call me angel again unless you plan on buying me dinner first.” Cas told him.

“Cas?” You asked, trying hard to control your laughter.

“I heard the television say that.” Cas told you, clearly proud of himself.

“Congrats,” Crowley slow clapped. “You’re finally catching up with modern day society.”

“Yes I am.” Cas smiled.

“Right,” Crowley drawled on before turning his attention back to you. “So love who’s it going to be?”


You looked at Crowley and smiled. “Pick me up at eight?”

“Of course, love.” Crowley placed a kiss on your forehead. “Wear something fancy.”

“Fancy?” You asked.

“You should always give your queen the best.” Crowley smirked. “I’ll see you in a little bit.”

With that, Crowley snapped his fingers, leaving you time to get ready for your big night.


You looked over at the radiant angel standing next to you and leaned into his side. “You. If you still want to take me out.”

Cas smiled from ear to ear. You had never seen him like this before. “Y/N, I have always wanted to take you out on a proper date.”

“Really?” You asked, beaming.

Cas blushed. “I think you are the most beautiful human my Father has ever created. And you have the most pure soul I have ever met.”

You felt the heat rise to your cheeks. “Pick me up at eight?”

“I will see you then.” Cas grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it before disappearing. You ran over to your closet, desperately trying to find the perfect outfit for tonight.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jen! I love your blog and stop by frequently to read your reviews and metas. I am well aware of your thoughts on Arrow and Olicity and couldn't agree more with you on the characters and the story. I am also a huge Suits fan, as I know you are, and have often wondered which "bromance" you would pick as the best. So it's Oliver/Diggle vs. Harvey/Mike?

Oh yeah!!!! Another Suits fan! Isn’t it just the best? I thought this was one of their strongest feelings. Oh man… which bromance? This is really hard. I love them both so much.

But seeing as how Oliver and Diggle are two of my favorite TV characters, I have to go with those boys. There’s just something extra special about Diggle and Oliver.

But Mike and Harvey are a very close second. 

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OT4 Nonsense Pt. 3

This is the last one I have planned because I have run out of my original plot for this silliness. I have had fun doing these drabbles though, so if people want more just give me some prompts for what you want to see and I will continue. 

Meanwhile here is part 3: 

For @hchano whose fault this is and who owns the “Bro-kiss 5″ 

and for @thelastpilot who made me love Nino even more than the show already did. 

“I can’t believe you tried to scare Mari away from Adrien.” Alya cackled as they all walked to their favorite gelato shop for a well-earned post study treat.

“Will you let it go? And I wasn’t trying to scare her away, I was just trying to make sure she didn’t get hurt.” Nino grumbled.

“I thought it was sweet.”

“Thank you Marinette.”

“Perhaps a little presumptive, but still.”

Nino glared affectionately at her and she giggled.

“He was just being a jealous boyfriend. Careful Mari you are a threat now,” Alya said coming forward and looping her arms through theirs.

“I was not jealous,” Nino stated, “and I would be completely fine with Adrien and Marinette hooking up.” He raised his eyebrows at Alya as if daring her to disagree. She just rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Adrien doesn’t think of me that way.” Marinette sighed, her gaze dropping dejectedly to the ground.

“Hey. He’ll come around.” Nino said, halting their steps so he could turn to look at his friend. “He’s just socially awkward and pretty oblivious.”

“Yeah, speaking of which- when are you going tell Adrien that you two are dating?” Alya ask.

“Wait, you mean he doesn’t know?” Nino cried incredulously.

“Of course not, it’s Adrien.”

“But that’s… ok that’s actually a totally fair point. But, if neither of us knew than how are we dating? Have I seriously been stressing out over nothing?”

“Oh no you are definitely dating.” Alya said with a nod.

“Yeah there’s no getting around that.” Marinette added.

“You too Mari?”

“You two pretty much lost the right to call yourselves completely platonic when you started doing the ‘bro kiss five’,” Marinette said flatly.

“I will have you know that was entirely his idea.”

“No one is questioning that,” Alya said.

“Yeah, only Adrien could come up with something that adorably pathetic,” Marinette added with a smile.

“True. It is super cute though, right?” Nino cast her a sidelong glance.

“Yes!” Marinette grinned. “And he gets so serious about stuff like that! Like everyone has to have their own special thing.”

“So if you two are done gushing, we have important matters to discuss,” Alya said.

“Such as?” Marinette replied.

“Such as the fact that Adrien still has no clue that either of you are crushing on him.”

“And now my head hurts again,” Nino sighed.

“Its ok honey, you already got past the hard part which is your own denial about the obvious.” Alya patted him on the shoulder.

“I still don’t understand how you are so calm about all of this. Should I be concerned that my supposedly loving girlfriend seems more invested in my dating someone else than I am?”

“Oh it’s entirely self-serving. See if you have Adrien too then I don’t have to feel guilty going after Mari. Or Ladybug if I ever get the opportunity.”

Nino opened his mouth to argue then thought for a moment.

“You know, I am fully ok with that plan.” He said at last grinning.

“Do I get a say in this?” Marinette grumbled.

“Nope, you know you love me,” Alya smirked, leaning over the sorter girl and rubbing her nose against her cheek.

“Maybe I don’t want to be dragged into your debauchery.” Marinette teased, raising her nose in the air snobbishly. “Maybe I will steal Adrien away for a life of blissful monogamy far away from the both of you.”

“Oh please, as if anyone could come between that bromance.”

“It’s ok Alya, if Marinette thinks she and Adrien are better off alone I can back down.” Nino said with a playful glint in his eye.

“Thank you.”

“Enjoy your weekly game marathons.”

“I love gaming.”

“And binge watching Anime when he gets sick.”

“Some of it is quite entertaining.”

“And helping him come up with new puns twice a week.”

“On second thought I think the idea of having secondary relationships has some real merit.”

“Awesome! I’ll start putting together a date night schedule,” Alya said happily, pulling out her phone and typing furiously.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” Marinette asked.


“Um, shouldn’t someone tell Adrien?”

“Eh, he’ll figure it out eventually.”

Read part 1 here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153805587621/ot4-nonsense

And part 2 here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153908854681/ot4-nonsense-pt-2


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For those newly inducted into the Stony family, there are a few fics which everyone needs to read. And here are a few compiled for your reading pleasure:

The Twice Told Tale by arysteia: For someone he’d hero-worshipped for so long, Steve Rogers in the flesh is a pretty big disappointment. For one thing, he keeps looking at Tony as though he reminds him of someone else, and even if he never says anything, Tony’s pretty sure it’s his father. A lifetime of not measuring up to Howard’s expectations is more than enough, thank you very much, and he’s certainly not going to make an effort to live up to any of Steve’s. Steve’s pretty clearly failed to live up to his expectations, in any case, and that’s not hypocritical at all. Explicit, 15 789, Complete.

Ghost in the Wires by sororexitium: When Steve moves into Avengers mansion he is caught up in strange coincidences. He walks behind an unseen ghost: a ghost who leaves empty spaces all around the manor. It doesn’t make sense, and it sounds crazy until he meets Anthony, a computer simulation programmed by Anthony Stark, who died two years ago. Then it just seems even crazier. Mature, 48 292, Complete.

And I’d Buy A Big House Where We Both Could Live by shinkonokokoro: Missing: Tony Stark, billionaire businessman, heir to Stark Industries, reward: none
Only Steve didn’t know that when he picked up the waterlogged unconscious man from the bank of a river.
Mature, 59 285, Complete.

Two Out of Three (Ain’t Bad) by plingo_kat: It blindsides him one morning in the middle of his customary third cup of coffee; Steve walks through the door in loose cotton pants, shirt pulled up to wipe the sweat off his face from his usual morning workout, and Tony thinks: adorable. Teen, 9 449, Complete.

Coming Home by Sonora: When S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches Tony Stark to help with their 1940s deception for Steve Rogers, to be a semi-familiar face and name to help re-introduce him to the world, Tony agrees on one condition - that it’s his show to run. And at first, it seems like his plan’s going off without a hitch. What he doesn’t account for, however, are his own growing feelings for Steve. Mature, 22 138, Complete.

Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York by hetrez: Steve and Tony accidentally start a national do-gooders association and fall in love. Teen, 9 178, Complete.

Buy You A Mockingbird by jadedoll: Babyfic! When Tony unexpectedly becomes a parent, his world view drastically changes. And changes. Then it changes again. And then again. Explicit, 29 652, Complete.

Bros Before by tsukinofaerii: For a year, Steve and Tony have had a bromance of epic proportions, bonding over cheesy movies and long, dateless nights where they reminisce over love lost. But now something threatens to interfere with their precious Thursday Night Movies: a woman. Dun dun duuuuun. Explicit, 8 861, Complete.

How To Royally Fuck Up The Avengers Tower by theappleppielifestyle: “Hey, Cap, it’s Tony. Stark. Iron Man. Uh, yeah- I was looking over the designs for your part in the Avengers Tower, and I am pretty sure Fury will castrate me if I put in some stripper poles, so I was wondering if you could swing by and see if everything is, uh. Dandy. Did people say ‘dandy’ in the 40s? I have no idea. Ah, anyway, drop by anytime. Yep. Bye.” Teen, 17 021, Complete.

Teenage Dream by shinkonokokoro: A battle with Loki leaves Tony de-aged physically and mentally to the time he was in college.
young!Tony takes it all in stride. He is duly impressed by his armor, confused and excited by all the superhumans (Thor and Hulk) around and then is smacked by the realization that the boring blond hovering around is actually his MAJOR childhood hero / crush / source of adolescent fantasies Captain America! Cue teen!Tony trying his best (and maybe succeeding?) to get into an increasingly flustered and blushy Captain America.
Bonus if teen!Tony is still way way more experienced than virgin!Steve and is *delighted* to get to top (and deflower) Captain America.
(Um, extra bonus for including a little bit of Rhodey and Pepper interacting with Tony. Also super bonus for Steve unearthing Tony’s daddy issues by the dozen.)
Explicit, 16 905, Complete.

Mr. July by jibrailis: Tony is the only one who can defend Steve’s virtue. Tony hates his life. Explicit, 10 065, Complete.

Living In The Future by Closer: Eighteen-year-old Tony Stark is the boy genius who woke Captain America, and now he’s stuck with him. That’s not a bad thing, but between Steve’s wide-eyed wonder at the new world and Tony’s little fanboy crush, the awkwardness just keeps happening. Mature, 36 271, Complete.

In All the World by wallhaditcoming: In a world where Sentinels, people with five heightened senses, bond mentally and spiritually with Guides, people gifted with empathetic powers, Tony Stark has spent thirty-three years overwhelmed by the emotions of those around him and running from his own. Sentinel Steve Rogers wakes up sixty years out of his own time and struggles to deal with the massive amount of new sensory input while trying to find his footing in a New York very different from the one he knew. When they finally find each other, how will their bond change them? Teen, 15 082, Complete.

We Don’t Need a Heart of Gold, We Need the Heart of a Lion by Zekkass: 'You know what’s an interesting plot bunny? And I’m sorry in advance. If Captain America was an alternate personality of Steve’s or vice versa.’ Explicit, 16 879, Complete.

Falling to Earth by entanglednow: Snow is the beginner’s substance of choice for all cave-ins and trapped-in-the-wilderness scenarios. Why couldn’t it have been snow? Teen, 5 374, Complete.

And Has Time Enough by wanttobeatree: Tony asks if they have met. It’s a matter of perspective. (A Time Traveller’s Wife AU.) General, 15 685, Complete.

The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis: After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve. Mature, 42 333, Complete.

Oxidation by paxnirvana: Terrorists develop a riot-inducing spray that has unexpected effects on America’s only Super Soldier. Mature, 10 719, Complete. WARNINGS FOR RAPE/NON-CON though not for Tony or Steve (that’s more dub-con). Sex-Pollen!fic

Wilt Thou Exchange by twentysomething: “The first time Steve meets Toni is about a week after he wakes up.” Explicit, 33 608, Complete. Always-a-Girl!Tony.

Wanderer by 51stCenturyFox: Tony jerks away like he’s awakened to find himself taunting an alligator with a raw chicken, and almost falls on the floor.
“You sleepwalked,” Steve says, stating the obvious,“into my bed.”
Mature, 1 676, Complete.

Start as You Mean to Go On by BlackEyedGirl: Tony gets that the others think this is an ego thing - the way he can’t resist pushing Steve’s buttons. Honest-to-God, the guy just bugs him. Mostly because Steve is distractingly perfect, but a little bit because of the family history. Explicit, 2 612, Complete.

Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) by jibrailis: That’s the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar. Teen, 5 973, Complete.

Team Building Activities by valtyr: Fury’s a beautiful princess. Clint’s plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey’s not sexy. Wall-E’s not a documentary. Clint’s not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU. Mature, 37 938, Complete. (one of my personal favourites)

(First Impressions Are) A Work in Progress by porthos: Tony has a point system for the times he can get Steve to be less than perfect. Mature, 15 195, Complete.

Sleep Verse by ashinan: As the months progress, Steve takes note of Tony’s complete disregard of sleep. And when Tony does sleep, it is usually on the couch in the living room. What started as a means of getting Tony to acknowledge his body’s demands, evolved into a complex array of mathematical equations and Pavlovian conditioning. Figuring out how to get Tony to sleep is the easy part. Everything else are unaccounted variables. Explicit (eventually), 19 241, Complete.

This Wasn’t What the Brochure Promised by kahn: Tony, Steve, Clint and Bruce spend quality time together in a cave. Tony does not build another arc reactor (even if he sort of needs one). Steve is all Protective Leader. Clint is terrifyingly good with a knife. Bruce bleeds and snarks. There is banter and embarrassing amounts of schmoop and the boys get very touchy-feely. Teen, 7 424, Complete.

Recalibration by malfaisant: Loki touched the sceptre to his chest, a centimetre above the arc reactor, a centimetre above where it would’ve been harmless and Tony would’ve brushed it off with a crude joke. Instead, there was a sharp needlepoint on his sternum, and cold, blue tendrils clutching at his heart, the same electric blue as his pupils. Explicit, 46 390, Complete.

Homefront by copperbadge: Steve Rogers is a capable leader, a kind and cheerful man, a good friend, a strong role model, and a loyal soldier. He’s also teetering on the edge of suicide. Explicit, 12 860, Complete.

Slipping Through the Years by often_adamanta: The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring. Mature, 17 991, Complete.

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47: When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a creating force in his own right.
That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.
Mature, 84 678, Complete.

There are a lot of things I left off of this list so if you think that there are any other must-haves for starters then let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

(P.S. I apologize for our directory tags at the moment, they appeare to have gotten a bit muddled, but I am trying to fix the problem, it just may take some time as I am in the middle of an exam period)

- Absalom

Volleydorks searching their names in Tumblr tags
  • <p> <b>Oikawa Tooru:</b> Everyone loves me. BUT HEY!! I AM NOT THAT GAY and not ThAT flirtatious!<p/><b>Iwaizumi Hajime:</b> Yes you are . Trashika- *sees photo sets of IwaOi*. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. HOW DID THEY KNO-- *covers mouth*<p/><b>Hinata Shouyo:</b> They are so proud of me!!! But no!! It's not cute when Kageyama calls me dumbass! It's scary!!<p/><b>Kageyama Tobio:</b> W-whaaa--?? *sees kagehina photosets* I don't get flustered that easily!! *face flushes*<p/><b>Tsukishima Kei:</b> I am not childish. And no I am not a French fry.<p/><b>Yamaguchi:</b> *sees Tsukkiyama fics and photo sets* TSUKKI I'M SORRY!!<p/><b>Sawamura Daichi:</b> They know I am a true father figure. BUT I AM NOT BAD AT PARTIES.<p/><b>Sugawara Koushi:</b> I get so much praise! A mother figure ! Nice *shining sugamama smile*<p/><b>Nishinoya Yuu:</b> Tanaka-san!! Look! Girls love me! They say I'm cool!! I might get a girlfriend here!<p/><b>Tanaka Ryunosuke:</b> Dude! They understand my awesomeness! And our Bromance is strong!!<p/><b>Azumane Asahi:</b> Why... Do I... Bottom? And acts like a girl? *heart shattered*<p/><b>Little Giant:</b> I dont even have enough air time. But wtf do they think I am KAGEHINA'S LOVECHILD.<p/><b>Bokuto Koutarou:</b> KUROO!! THEY THINK WE'RE THE DORKIEST AND DUMBEST AMONG EVERYONE!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. I KNOW IM THE HOTTEST!!<p/><b>Kuroo Tetsuro:</b> ITS YOUR FAULT YOU DUMB OWL. ITS YOUR IDEA TO HAVE THAT HOHOHO CONVERSATION. OH AND THEY THINK I'M THE HOTTEST. Kenma agrees.<p/><b>Bokuto Koutarou:</b> No!! Akaashi! Fight for MY Honor!!!<p/><b>Akaashi Keiji:</b> .... *walks out<p/><b>Kozume Kenma:</b> No I don't Kuro.<p/></p>
  • Hunger TV: You set up the record label Bromance; what’s Bromance about?
  • Brodinski: It’s about looking at what’s going on today, and how we can change it a bit, where Bromance can make a difference. The whole fraternity aspect of it makes it more interesting. I always help a friend with his music, even if it’s not exactly the music I am going to play. All the music on Bromance, I love it. Everything is completely different. Everyone signed on Bromance is my friend and my family. I will do anything for them. And that matters ten times more than anything else in life. What matters at the end? All that matters, is helping other people. What matters is how many people you help in your life. And how many people you experience stuff with in your life. By yourself you will never do anything.
Larry Quotes

[sorry if something wrong]

These are just a few quotes Larry, if you want to find out more, you can go on my other blog http://larryquotesuniverse.tumblr.com/

“Hi.” - Louis

“Oops!” - Harry

“My first real crush was… Louis Tomlinson.” - Harry

“Now kiss me, you fool.” - Harry

“Fan: Are you and Louis dating? [Harry nods] You are?
H: Yes. 
F: I figured.”

“Cause i can’t compete with my boyfriend.” - Louis changed lyrics

“We try not to disclose much about our relationship to the public.” - Louis

“Niall: What were you doing yesterday? [to Harry]
Louis: Trying to walk.”

"Liam: Harry, are you good with your hands?
Louis: really good.”

"Harry: Where do you want to sit?
Louis: Next to you.”

"Harry: Lou, can i give you a blow job?
Louis: I’d love it, if you just wait.”

"Define girlfriends.” - Louis

“You could be preoccupied, different dick every night.” - Harry chaged lyrics

“Cause you’vr got that big dick.” - Louis changed lyrics

“Cause i can love you more than Stan.” - Harry changed lyrics

“And i know, just what he’ll say…” - Harry changed lyrics 

“I’m in love with you, and all Lou little things.” - Harry changed lyrics

“I’m in love with you, and all his little things.” - Harry changed lyrics

“Jealous lovers undercover on the streets.” - Louis changed lyrics

“I once made this meal..chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham with some mash potato. Not mashed potato out of the box. This is home made mash with gravy!” - Louis

“I: Even as young as you are? [Louis and Harry look at each other] 
Louis/Harry: Yes.”

"I met you in the toilet.” - Harry to Louis. 

“Since we started at the the x-factor house, me and Louis has always said that we wanted to move in together. It was pretty much of this, it just kind of happened.” - Harry

“I: Harry, you live with Louis, is that correct?
Harry: Yes. 
I: Would you rather be with one of these guys?
Harry: No.”

"And i’d marry you Harry.” - Louis

“Louis [making kissy sounds]
Harry: There’s a camera up there.”

"I can see that you’re wiping of my beard.” - Harry changed lyric

“I: Is there some kind of jealousy going with you and Eleanor?
Harry: Well, i don’t really want to talk about that to be honest.”

"I: Do you have girlfriends or boyfriends? I don’t know.
Harry: Boyfriend. 
Management: Take that bit out. 
Louis: Yeah, that’s going to have to come out now.”

"Harry: Between me and Louis, who is in front and who is behind?
Louis: I think we kind of share that really.”

"I: If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
Harry: I’d just see my friends and family. 
Louis: What else Harry?”

“Loving my bromance with Louis, he’s so sexy!” - Harry tweet

“#harrylouyear «< GENIUS! :) happy new year.” - Louis tweet

“I’m the same size as Harry Ha x.” - Louis tweet

“Louis have a good show tonight sweetums :D” - Harry tweet

“Harry have a good show tonight babycakes! :)” - Louis tweet

“Fan: Bad news Louis is breaking up with you :’( x
Harry: That better be a joke… Hahaha.”

"Harry: Louis im sitting on the sofa opposite you… You look sexy. 
Louis: Hahaha i am being slowly seduced by your curls. 
Harry: I know… That was my plan.”

"Miss you babycakes.” - Louis tweet

“I miss you too sweetcheeks ;)” - Harry tweet

“If Louis is happy with Eleanor, then so am i. But spare a thought for Harry, he’s probably got a broken heart.” - Harry retweet

“Always in my heart Harry. Your sincerely, Louis.”

“How this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit. I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.” - Louis tweet

“So kiss him againd, just to prove to me that you can…” - Harry tweet

“So come on baby be with me so… Happylouis. ” - Harry changed lyrics

“It is so wrong that Lou makes me strong.” - Harry changed lyrics

“I know you like dick [Louis laughs]” - Zayn

“You look lovely tonight Louis.” - Harry

“No Louis for you tonight.” - Louis

“My son returns to his husband tomorrow.” - Johannah tweet

“Harry: Higher and faster…you feel me? Louis: I feel you man.”

“Fan: Do you support Louis and Harry undeniable love for each other? Johannah: Forever! I love them both dearly.”

“Louis gabe me Boobs…” - Harry tweet

“A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs… A moments AAAHHH!!” - Harry tweet

markired  asked:

just wanted to say that i am living for your jelix art right now, and you have such a neat style!! i love it. that being said, could i request some jelix from you? something soft and fluffy like a cheek kiss or ruffling each other's hair or something like that? thank you so much!!

A kiss on the cheek it is!

Thank you for the cute suggestion, loved making this one. <3

anonymous asked:

what are some of your fave gotx interactions??

finally some real asks in here okay like i was gonna add gifs and link y’all to shit but i only got one contact in and it 1:37 am in this hoe so…..

  1. i love any jinyoung minhyuk moment cause like jinyoung and minhyuk are always on top of each other when they are together recently???? and its like wow like i wish i was both of them
  2. jackson and jooheons friendship is pure and i wanna thank celeb bromance my fave thing is when jooheon mockingly dances fly in front of jackson or when he pranked jackson and jackson basically fell in love
  3. i am also here for shownu hanging with jb and jinyoung, but also that shit was a sad moment so like i gotta go cry
  4. i love when they see each other at shows and like all run up to each other and wave of hug like i just wow FRIENDSHIP

i need them to like get a show together asap like im crying

anonymous asked:

hey i was wondering if you could recommend me some wolfstar fanfics that are Too Good To Be True™

Buckle up, I’m going to make your eyes absolutely hate you for reading non-stop. 

There Four Kings by escribo | Teen | 158,537 words |

‘These Four Kings’ is a series in seven parts that follows the Marauders through their Hogwarts years. This is the best thing I have ever read and I can literally quote parts of the story because that’s how many times I have reread it. And sidenote: I cannot believe it doesn’t have more kudos? Go and give it your love, I promise you, you will not regret it. 

My Arranged Gay Marriage by children_of_the_shadows | | 48,003 words |

Written by one of my favourite authors, it made me consider how beautiful James/Remus bromance could be and how much that potential isn’t explored in most MWPP fics. This fic is hilarious and I just. I love the way it is written. I am guilty of constantly crying about how amazing it is. 

Leave The Children Behind by montparnasse | Mature | 54,593 words |

This is what I am reading right now, and oh my god, let me tell you, well-written angst is the worst and this story is killing me. But I am loving every second of it. 

Long Live Living by excaliburned | Teen | 50,848 words |

This is again one of those fics that I have read a billion times. I am yet to grow tired of all the hilarity and perfect characterization and fantastic writing.

Being A Historical Record of… by sodomquake | Explicit | 26,000 words |

One of the first fics I read and still continue to love!

Subtlety, Thy Name is Sirius Black by rekahneko | Teen | 21,764 words |

Confident Remus Lupin cleverly and discreetly wooing a completely oblivious and confused Sirius Black? Yes, please, more. This fic is so worth dealing with fanfiction.net’s face. 

There are soooo many more that I have already recced here. Also, I think at this point, it is a given that you have to read The Shoebox Project and Text Talk, if you haven’t already. 

Like always, I am going to recommend going to @wolfstarwarehouse and @remussiriusetc for more and better organized recs, they’re both absolutely fantastic! 

(Please please please read and love and comment on These Four Kings, I am thirsty for an update and what better motivation to an author than the realisation that people are dying out there for more :)

Ship Ranting : Doraelin vs Rowaelin

Ik someone else did a comparison but I need to do one because I am Doraelin trash and Rowaelin is trash. 50% bias but 50% not. If you ship Rowaelin well tough because I do not give any forks.

Doraelin : “Because I have nowhere else to go.” “Then you will always have a place here.”

Rowaelin : “You left me.”  “You are nothing to me, and I do not care.”

Doraelin : Truly Ice and Fire. Opposite forces attract.

Rowaelin : Wind and Fire, don’t lie to me, kids. Oops not similar but not opposite either.

Doraelin : King of Adarlan. King Dorian Havilliard Galathynius. Nice ring to it, ye?

Rowaelin : Apparently King of Terrasen. King Rowan Whiterat Galathynius. Ew, I need to bleach my mouth.

Doraelin : Accepts Celaena, accepts Aelin, accepts assassin, accepts queen and also all the bits in between. 

Rowaelin : Hates Celaena, accepts Aelin, hates assassin, accepts queen aka “I hate you, I love you” and we all know that song is piss annoying.

Doraelin : Accepted Celaena loving Chaol, even though he still loves her. Is sad, but is chill. Is smoother than jelly, even though he’s heartbroken.


Doraelin : They were infinite. They were the beginning and the ending. They were eternity, so smack this saucy and superior spaghetti bolognese ship into your face.

Rowaelin : They were some carranam thing, they were mates, they were married, oh wow! So original and creative and wonderful, and TOTALLY not a copy of QoG’s Doraelin!

Doraelin : Is cute because puppies, jokes, candy, books, pep talks and also bromance as well as romance. Bad-ass Assassin Cinderella character, great Prince Charming character. Equals.

Rowaelin : Is gross because lust, pedo male, hot but actually really insecure male, grumpy male, moody male, obsessive male. Ew male, Bad-ass Assassin Cinderella. Equals? Please tell me the next joke.

I AM GOING DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. But that’s the thing about hitting rock bottom. The only way to go is up!