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Batman/Superman 2013-

But I know who the real target should be. The one you confide in the most. The one who understands you best. The one you’ll miss more than any other….. when he dies….


Fanart Monday!

After some weeks, finally, I can do this again!!

There are so many fanarts omg xD And some birthday gifts I never got to post?? I’m sorry!! But you’ll get all my love now!!

Fanart of the week by @goldendragonsflower!! Thanks for giving me a wonderful dose of creepy!! There’s no way Frisk can get out of that situation now… 

More under the wonderful, sexy cut <3

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does anyone else have this rlly bad paranoia when texting or sending any mssg online that you accidentally mistyped or your phone autocorrected to say smth really mean like
you hit send and read the text over and over and it could say like ‘hey i gotta go, love u bye’
but as soon as you put your phone down your brain just goes 'wait what if i accidentally sent “fuck you” to them let’s reread that text’ and it’s so irrational but my brain just ???? asdfghj why am i like this

The Lying Detective: A Summary
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: I am SUPER EVIL
  • sherlock: i'm high and suicidal and apparently that's humorous! come fellow suicidal friend, let's tell my brother to fuck off
  • *later*
  • therapist: how's the baby?
  • john: I HAVE A BABY?? oh wait yeah :(
  • mary apparition: honestly bro u trippin ballz
  • *later*
  • sherlock, also trippin ballz: to quote hamlet, fucking nope?????
  • mrs hudson: *is suddenly james bond, shoves sherlock in the boot, drops him into john's lap* you forgot this
  • john: i don't care
  • sherlock: *drinking from a flower vase* apparently my abusive suicidal drug use is still v humorous at this point!! lmao i'm gonna die in 2 weeks
  • *later*
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: *holds up a bowl of cornflakes* i'm a CEREAL killer! get it?? do you tho???? imagine if my bff the queen murdered people anyway i'm really evil in case u forgot
  • kids in hospital: and spider-man couldn't come visit us because????
  • *later*
  • faith: hi :)
  • sherlock: shit i did the bad decsioning oh well i'll do it more btw i'm STILL suicidal and overdosing
  • john: ...
  • john: you waNNA FKN GO M8???
  • sherlock, bleeding, still suicidal and now bashed by his best friend: this is all my fault and totally portraying a healthy friendship between two people that isn't abusive
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: btw guys i am still over here being EVIL
  • *later*
  • mary: sherlock my guy my pal, if you could lean into your fatal manic abuse of drugs and depression so you can be pals with my husband that'd be tight of u go get wrecked lov u
  • sherlock: i wanna die
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: murdering people IS SO FUN!! I AM CLEARLY SO SO EVIL RN!
  • john: fuk u m8
  • sherlock: omg thanks for coming to save me at the last minute even tho i have been suicidal and overdosing from literally the start of this episode.
  • john: ur a dick
  • mary ghost: lol he should wear the hat
  • *later*
  • sherlock: *apparently still has irene's orgasm as his text alert even tho he apparently never texts her back and it would expose her as still being alive*
  • john: aw thats cute! happy birthday btw speaking of texting i too was texting a hoe
  • sherlock: aw damn :( sucks bro :(
  • john: yeah ikr??? mary's dead but i still wish i'd done more than text my side-hoe i am literally saying that ur relationship with irene adler is the same as this
  • sherlock: *literally does and says nothing*
  • mary apparition: lmao i'm dead!
  • john: basically, life is short so u should text her back anyway i'm gonna cry now
  • sherlock: aw :( life sucks :( let's hug it out while a montage revealing that your bus-hoe and therapist was my secret sister who has literally never existed before now and that my brother gets laid apparently these 2 things are relevant to the montage
  • john: *sobbing* btw i don't think u killed mary
  • sherlock: that's okay! u only beat the living shit out of me for it so badly i had to be hospitalized before!! this is literally gaslighting but whatevs its okay we're hugging i guess
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: lolololololol i am still EVILLLL
  • mary apparition: wear the hat
  • sherlock: kay :p
  • sherlock: btw bestiie it's totally okay that u bashed me and cheated on ur wife like.... me texting the only person i romantically love and u being a cheating asshat are basically the same we r all human and i have been psychologically abused and traumatized to the point where i think that's totally fine :)
  • john: cool! anywho!! i just remembered i have a kid and i've left it with friends even tho one of the main points of this ep was that i have no one so ig2g
  • *later*
  • euros/sherrington/whateverthefuck: bye now time for u to have the death i am another classic case of moffatiss villainizing women, showing their mysogyny and incapability of creating female characters independent of male ones :)
Toxic - Tom Holland

Toxic - Tom Holland x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: In which a simple Britney Spears song miraculously brings two people together.

a/n: my third ever imagine (the last one) got over 100 notes ! thank youuu! it is also 3:00 am so i’m quite delusional right now. i quite like this one tbh (idk if tom likes britney spears but i like this song so)

(Y/N) walked down the long hallway towards her apartment. She was unlocking the door when a boy around her age walked towards the door across from hers. (Y/N) didn’t recognize him, and being a slightly awkward person didn’t introduce herself, so instead she just walked into her apartment not thinking much of it.

(Y/N) was sat down on her couch and begun to channel surf, when she heard a song playing loud and clear. The walls in the apartment were pretty thin, and sound traveled easily, so she could hear the song playing perfectly. She decided to ignore it, but the song just got louder, to the point she couldn’t.

Oh baby can’t you see, I’m calling; A guy like you, should wear a warning

‘Why the fuck did that boy decide to play Britney Spears at 4 in the afternoon.’ (Y/N) thought to herself, getting up off of her seat. She walked across the hall and knocked on the boy’s door. When the door opened, she was met with the boy she saw earlier. (Y/N) couldn’t help but notice how cute the boy was, but that didn’t matter right now.

“Could you maybe turn down your music a little?” (Y/N) asked politely.

“Oh, sorry.” The boy said in an adorable accent, going to close the door.

She didn’t really know why, but she kept the door open with her arm. “Can I ask why you’re playing a Britney Spears song loud as hell on a Tuesday?”

“Oh, well,” he paused, “no particular reason really. I just like this song so I played it.” He stopped talking for a little bit before saying something a bit too loudly, “Oh! Sorry, where are my manners! My name is Tom.”

“(Y/N),” She replied, shaking his hand–a bit startled by how loud he was.

“That was too loud wasn’t it?” Tom said, and when she nodded he laughed and said, “Sorry. Again.” And with that, Tom closed the door and (Y/N) left his apartment in peace. That is until the next week.

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#[crying on the floor] i love him so much i just want to protect him


YA LIT MEME // Favorite Charater // Cassel Sharpe // Curse Workers

Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.

baker! doyoung

ok so i am SO SORRY i have been so inactive…. school amirite ;))))

- aight so theres this bakery you always go to

- nd theres always an old man who makes rly good pastries n shiz 

- but one day,,,, he’s not there! well he actually is but he’s not the one at the counter

- instead, theres this cute ass guy 

- so u like choke on ur spit n try to look cool

- but when u get to the counter ur a complete fail

- “hey,,,,,is,,,uh- the old guy her- nO I MEAN MR”

- “bahahhahaha you mean my grandad? he’s in the back lemme get him”

- yoU almost died

- his voice????is???pure???honey????

- its so velvety n smooth

- soon later ur usually old man came

- “so i see u met my grandson, doyoung”

- “aHhahHHh yes”

- he thinks its rly cute how u started fumbling over ur words and being flustered

- ‘hey doyoung,,, go show her around the kitchen,,, maybe teach her some stuff??”

- lol granddad over here clearly could see the interest y'all had in eachother

- why not hook up his grandson with a cute girl?

- so u and doyoung head to the kitchen

- *cue awkward silence*

- “so…….”

- “so…….”

- lolol y'all were just flustered lil puppys

- suddenly, doyoung offers to bake a cake w u



- so then doyoungs starts teaching u how to use some kitchen equiptment 

- ofc the chile hand brushes happen


- lowkey you just stare at doyoungs hands n arms

- cause like

- ogmogmogmogmogmogm 

- they r so ughugHUGUHGD

- anyway

- so when y'all r done making da cake



- nd doyoung just blushes when you compliment it


- “hahhah u made it too!”

- dis boi is just too nice

- then

- all of a sudden

- “wanna catch some coffee with me later? you’re really cute and i know this good cafe that would be a good place to share a drink! buT don’t buy any pastries or shit cause they fake af”

- suddenly salty doyoung comes out bUT YOU LOVE IT

- “uh! yeah ofc!!!! and ew no cafe pastries suCk bUtTHole????so??disgusting???”

- you guys may have thought y'all were cute, but now u guys like each other even more

- time skip 2 cafe

- aight so y'all have sum americans rite


- this waitress comes over

- nd starts flirting with doyoung! while y'all r pretty much on a date!!!!

- but doyoung aint having it

- “uhm,,,,,excuse me,,,, do you not see that i am on a date?”

- u kind of choke on ur spit cause

- its a date yAAAAAAY

- the waitress then gets all flustered and walks away

- lololollololololollolol

- the dat went well

- y'all exchanged numbers

- twas all good

- a bit of dating! baker doyOUNG LEGGO

- so since his grandfather is a baker and taught doyoung all these skills n shit

- doyoung bakes for u all the time

- u aint complaining tho

- his croissants r TO DIE FOR

- always pays attention o what u say

- “uh itS REALLY GOOD I SWEAR but just a lil too salty?? idk my tongue could be lyi-”


- “nonono honey its fine you don’t have t-”


- jfc doyoung

- but he gives u discounts at the bakery

- like not even discounts just full on gives it to u for free

- u probs saved like $127 dollars within that month (sEE WHAT I DID THERE BAHAHHA)

- doyoung treats u like a queen

- and makes sure 2 put all his love into whatever he’s making u

- he’s a keeper 


english-lit-and-green-tea  asked:

okay girl where in hell did you find the green silk jacket with a flower embroidered on the breast bc i waNT ONE SO BAD BUT I CAN'T FIND ONE!!1!!1!!!!

oh my god my love babe hello (i love u and i would die for ur writing i cant believe ur talking to me i love u lots) IS IT NOT THE BEST JACKET !!!!!!!!! it is not silk but it is very very very VERY VERY VERY FUNKIN FINE satin and i t  i s  t h e   s o f  t e s  t   i l o v e  i t  so  m u c h  m o r e  t h a n  a n y t h i n g  OH GOD

LISTEN NOT TO SOUND RIDICULOUS BUT i dont know where u live and!! i am the worst !!! but i got the jacket aka the LOVE OF MY LIFE from this store which is only available in new zealand unfortunately but !!!! its this one and i got it in green when it was available BC I AM A STYLISH BINCH and when it was on sale for like $20 bc………… catch my ass dead in miami i am a resourceful, money saving, and thoughtful binch who cares very deeply and severely and immensely abt her Economic Situation At All Times Always (i also have ??? another jacket JUST LIKE THIS WHICH IS GREEN AND PRETTIER THAN ME AND IT HAS AN EMBROIDERED FISH ON THE BACK I AM EXCITED THINKING ABT IT i got it from cotton on idk if u have that store anywhere but !!!!! A GOOD TIME)

BUT ANYWAY ITS SO LOVELY ISNT IT IM LEGITIMATELY AFRAID TO WEAR IT ITS SO PRECIOUS TO ME !!! THE EMBROIDERY !!! THE AESTHETIC !!!!!1!!!!!!!! embroidered jackets are the best the best the BEST IN THE WORLD EVER I WILL LEGITMITAELY WRITE AN ESSAY ABT IT ONE DAY JUST U WAIT but also another thing i am all over the place here can u believe me but if ur looking for embroidered jackets u wont BELIEVE THIS……… forever 21 (the worst) has………. so many beautiful ones i may be broke and full of sin but i will stalk their website nevertheless BC I CAN honestly look !! at !! these !!! I AM CRYING !!!! amazing and beautiful i am DEAD 


((also i have just COMPLETELY UNNECESSARILY SCREAMED AT U ABT BOMBER JACKETS i cant believe myself. can u believe me. i cannot believe truly i am so sorry i love u I LOVE U IM SORRY BUT I LOVE JACKETS MORE THAN ANYTHING AND IM SUPPOSED TO BE IN CLASS AND PAYING ATTENTION BUT !!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE A JACKET!!!!! I LOVE ME A GOOD AESTHETIC !!!!!!!!!!! WHO DOES NOT !!! I ASK U !!!!!!!!!!!!))

I’m so happy seeing that FB page and my comics there made me so happy I hope u all are super happy today too and remember than your rotten mother is super proud of u and loves u a lot 

the person even made me a album cover for the comics

isnt that great

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joshua x alter egos - for @liesunheardof, a late valentine’s gift ♡
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