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These new pic of jikook with the ice cream look so boyfriends like yeah friends can feed each other ice cream but it doesn’t look like that you don’t look at each other really softly and in love come on jikook stop doing this to us..... like if Korea wasn’t so homophobic I would want jikook to either be like “oh yeah we’re boyfriends and in love” or just be bros like my heart can’t take this “possibly very highly likely but are they really or am I crazy” gay shit

okay, but like they looks os cute?? and like, 

the way they’re looking at each other when feeding each other is so cute? and idk, i just ?? 
like, they’re so freaking cute. that’s some cute ass shit. i love it. 


I wanna see this smile for the rest of my life! If I see videos, gif, pics I can’t stop crying… my blog is not here since nu'est debut day, but I love them since then. I can’t tell how proud and happy I am right now. The fact they can’t even sing after winning it say it all. When you see them that quiet, with no words, just hugging, seeing and looking for each other is because they overflowing on emotions. I’m sure Minhyun saw them, I’m sure they talk with him and I’m sure they went to bed with the biggest smile in the world! Jr, Baekho, Aron, Ren, Minhyun, thank you for not quitting, for hold to us and never let go our hands, I know P101 was so painful but now I can see the benefit…all over the world get to know them and all fall in love of them, like we always been. Yeah, we miss Minhyun, they and he know it, but no worries, he’ll be back, I can bet he’s counting the days to be with us again, I just know ☺️ Thank you nu'est! Thank you LOㅅEs, we are making a big effort, and I’m really proud to be part of this fandom!

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171019 Ailee’s IG album

  • aileeonline컴백티저 아니에요 ㅠㅠ 그냥 심시뫠서 셀카 찍은거에요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 미안해요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ #이것도그냥겔카 Sorry to disappoint yall but these pics r not comeback teasers… just selfies created from boredom… HOWEVER, i AM constantly recording and preparing for my next album. I know its taking a lot of time but its not and I repeat…. IT IS NOT because my company doesnt care about me but because I WILL NOT put out a shitty album. Also, I understand your concerns and I love u for it but, please refrain from talking trash about the people I love and work with. Theres a lot we cannot explain due to misunderstandings but i assure you I am being treated exactly the way i wish to be treated here. It takes a lot of time to prepare and pick the perfect sound for an album so please be patient and stay excited! Love u #realtalk

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why don't you and Ellie ever post pics together? the fact you've been together so long at around the same age as me is inspiring as a wlw tbh... wish you the best and hope your struggles disappear little by little these coming months

This is mad invasive and wlw is actually something I find to be…. off? I don’t like seeing that I can’t explain it. I mean hell yea we’re lesbians but the whole wlw movement thing is very much a thing I can’t really say I know about. Elli and I have been in love since 2014 and living together since 2016. Elli doesn’t like for me take pics of her because she has horrible dysphoria and I am not one to push anyone to feel uncomfortable ever considering I hate having my picture taken and have severe body dysmorphic disorder. I think you probably haven’t been following our relationship for very long so it’s understandable if you don’t know these things. Speaking for us (which is weird but also fine we’re so similar) I feel like we don’t want to make each other feel bad just for the sake of social media. We take pictures sometimes but we keep them personal. Life is more than a blog or a page you know? Sorry if this is abrasive but I want to convey a message that even if you admire people or a relationship, we’re all just people, and living in our own ways.

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I absolutely loved your Korean skincare post. I'm one who just washes with showegel and goes sans makeup, although I moisturise religiously daily with a moisturiser that includes SPF. The other thing for great skin is to keep yourself hydrated, 2 litres of water a day. Been doing both since I was in my early 20s. I am intrigued by this though! Not too late at 39? 😁 It's going to be a nice self indulgent thing I do for myself today. Before and after pics would be so cool to see from everyone.

I mean, there is really nothing wrong with that skincare routine! It works for so many people and it did for me until a couple of years ago (I think it’s probably because Finland’s weather has been so harsh on my skin.) I used to be married to Lush Cosmetics and wash my face with their honey soap and use their sesame seed moisturizer and that was it (except when it was time for the occasional face mask.) I did try to get more into skincare by using their products but they didn’t work for my skin (I still have and use some of them but I’ll certainly won’t be buying them again once I’m through.) 

So recently I stumbled upon an article about the 10 step Korean skincare (I may or may not have been googling something kdrama related) and I was all WHAT ARE THOSE??? I read many articles online about it ( here is one about a woman who tried it for a week with before and after pictures) so I decided to give it a try. Oh boy, I’m glad I did.

I probably wouldn’t have tried it if my only issue was dryness, but sadly, I have red spots all over my face that refused to go away. However, the k beauty routine has been the only thing that has been effective and it’s not really that expensive (if you’re interested, I recommend buying from bbcosmetic.com, free shipping, free samples and all the prices are in USD. EURO FTW!) 

And it certainly isn’t too late! My mom celebrated her 56th birthday a few weeks ago and I sent her eye cream and a pack of sheet masks and she LOVES them. Especially the eye cream :)

If you have some questions about products, the routine, etc, I’m happy to help and recommend what has worked for me (there’s a chance we have really different skin types.)

It sounds like I work for some Korean cosmetic company but lol I wish. 

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is it possible to lose weight on hand fingers? they look like sausages.. i want em long and skinny :( sorry if i bother u

Not a bother at all!

First, there is a fact you need to accept, some people has long fingers, some people dont… I’am also a person who is in love with long fingers but i have very short fingers… So your fingers might not look like your fav thinspo pic no matter how much you lose weight, its sometimes not about the weight, its about the bone structure, but dont worry! As you lose weight your fingers are gonna get slimmer too! Sometimes it takes longer to notice on your fingers, but if you have rings it will be easier to notice. And sometimes you may get swollen fingers (especially if you are water fasting), the almighty green tea is the solution as always.

Drink green tea guys. It doesnt taste like unicorns, but its indeed magical.

“The ugly truth is that I’m not that great a guy and you’re exactly like me. I dunno, maybe you matter so little that I like you. Maybe…it makes you matter. Maybe I love you. Maybe something about your mother. Don’t jump a gift shark in the mouth.”

evil masterminds at work


i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

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