i am in love with this lyric

So here I am trying to study for my anatomy exam and all I can think about is 

  • Lucifer sitting at the piano
  • Lucifer playing the piano with ALL HIS HEART for the WOMAN HE LOVES
  • Lucifer singing Eternal Flame. FOR CHLOE.
  • Chloe watching Lucifer play the piano
  • Chloe listening to the lyrics he is singing
  • Chloe tearing up a bit because she knows the song is about them, more specifically the way Lucifer feels about her
  • Chloe smiling because she just can’t help herself because SHE LOVES HIM and she knows she can’t stay mad at him

My heart is so full right now. I’m smiling just thinking about this scene. It’s going to be beautiful.

“chicks only go to punk shows to whore around”

yep. you caught me. I learned lyrics, got ready, went out, supported the scene for years, spent all my money on music and shows, and put up with objectification, not because I love punk rock, but to catch someone’s eye in hopes of swallowing their pencil dick in some filthy bathroom stall. totally why I am here. no. other. reason. at all.

submitted by @fromcalmto-ill:

“I sent you an anon about this. You can post it if you want, you don’t have to, it’s entirely up to you! I just really love it and had to show you haha

Obviously the trees is for trees but I got him to put them inside a sun for the lyric “the sun will rise and we will try again” from truce because those two songs mean so much to me (and most likely the entire clique) the whole vessel album saved me |-/”

P.s. Thank you for everything you do. You’ve helped me through so much without even knowing it. You’re a true blessing to this world 😇"

ITS BEAUTIFUL. i am in love!
Deepest Shade fic playlist

i made one bc i am Basic™. may be updated in the future!

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  1. Feeling Good - Michael Bublé
  2. Donatella - Lady Gaga {warning: potentially triggering lyrics re: eating disorders}
  3. Autumn Leaves (jazz standard)
  4. Reflets dans l’eau - Claude Debussy
  5. La cathédrale engloutie - Claude Debussy
  6. Nights Of Love - Papa Roach
  7. Ain’t My Fault - Zara Larsson
  8. Gambling Man - The Overtones
  9. Call Me Devil - Friends In Tokyo
  10. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  11. Chandelier - Sia
  12. I’m A Wanted Man - Royal Deluxe
  13. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
  14. Trouble - Valérie Broussard
  15. Buy The Stars - Marina and the Diamonds
  16. No Money - Galantis
  17. Symphony - Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson

more notes/thoughts about each song under the cut! ♡

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This is my second song of my 12 month challenge. Like “Neon Turbines”, this song was written, recorded, mixed and published within one month.


Everything breaking, dawn breaks around
and I’m breaking down the love lost, beauty found
sneaking suspicion I can’t let it be

flash in a pan, the good and the bad
when will this pass?
I can’t see my light but I can see yours

clouding my vision, the storm I am in
I’m lost and I could be wrong,
but my intuition says the walls are closing in

storm in my mind, five and eight of swords
reversing down on me
to speak from the heart
we’re doomed from the start forevermore
though I can’t see my light, I can see yours

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i am no longer the girl i was when i loved you. i have reinvented myself. i no longer like coconut chapstick or gold eyeshadow. i no longer like horror movies or your stupid posters in your room. i no longer stay up until 5am just waiting for your name to pop up on the screen. i no longer cry everyday. i no longer barely make it through the day. i like sunshine and pale eyeshadow and coffee and art and thunderstorms and i am now everything you will never get the chance to know. i am better. i have found sunshine rooted in my very own veins. i am new, and i hope you envy the newfound warmth that i have found in myself.

I only told the moon
Tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared
That all my thoughts they look like you
I only told the moon
About the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too
—  Camila Cabello ( Only Told The Moon)
some nights i’d feel so alone that the only comforting thing was the sky. so id learn a ton of constellations and go and sit outside and find every single one that i could and i would beg the sky to light me up inside because i was tired of burning out and i was desperately in need of some light and guidance. i painted planets on my walls and wrote down my favorite constellations. and on the very worst nights, when i felt like i was drowning underneath all of the blackness, i’d look at the moon and remember that someone, somewhere else was looking up at the sky, at that very moment, looking for the same thing as me. and at times, this is the most comforting thing.
—  you’re never alone. other people feel this way too.