i am in love with them!

Okay fandom, I know we all want Fitzsimmons to reunite, but let’s appreciate all the wonderful team ups and little moments this episode gave us:

Tripsimmons brotp back in action. Mama May and Daisy kicking ass and taking names together. “Trip’s alive. That’s the best news I’ve heard in weeks.” (SAME Daisy, same.) Radcliffe dragging Papa Fitz. Daisy quaking AIDA’s ass. Philinda DEJA VU. Phil Coulson, Agent of motherf-ing SHIELD giving Fury’s one man speech. Like, this is all spectacular stuff!!

The writers promised that this pod is rewarding long-time viewers and boy, are they delivering.

okay but long after he retires from piracy and settles down on the planet, obi wan starts hearing stories about a pirate queen who marauds throughout the star systems, taking Separatist and Republic ships alike. dozens of crews have been dispatched to stop her, but none succeed

according to the rumors, the pirate queen is force-sensitive, which is why she travels in a scavenger ship and has a very minimal crew. one of the stories says that there’s just three of them, the queen and her two companions. sometimes a wookiee is mentioned, always wielding a bowcaster. for his part, obi wan thinks it’s nonsense. another jedi pirate? impossible.

he thinks that until one day a small, rickety scavenger ship lands in his garden without so much as a whisper of warning, and a girl swaggers down the gangplank, her hair done in three buns on the back of her head and dressed in gear obi wan associates with desert planets. her crew is as small as advertised, just two young men who stand just behind her looking far too casual for obi wan’s taste.

“well,” she says in a soft, lilting accent very much like his own. the force ripples around like heat from a flame. “this is a pretty little planet. I think i’ll take it off your hands.”

and that’s how obi wan, retired accidental pirate, meets rey, the scavenger pirate queen

[i’m still a mess for Usnavi/Ruben/Vanessa. a short fic, set during chapter one of your body is a triangle just after Vanessa meets Ruben for the first time.]

“So,” says Vanessa, kicking off her shoes and throwing herself down on Usnavi’s couch, long bare legs stretched out across the cushions. “That was Ruben, huh?”

“Yeah!” says Usnavi, eyes lighting up. He shifts her legs to make room, she settles them back over his lap once he’s sitting. “He’s awesome, right? I knew you two would get along. Once he started like, actually going outside and talking to people and all.”

“He seemed very sweet,” she says. “I’m still kinda hung up on how I’ve been hearing about him non-stop for like a month and yet you never even once thought to tell me he’s Usnavi two-point-oh.”

“Why do people keep saying that?” asks Usnavi rhetorically, throwing his hands up in exasperation.  “We don’t look the same at all. I mean, okay, maybe the eyes. But he’s got longer hair and a softer kinda face. And he smiles different, and he stands different. And like I’m kinda scrawny but he’s got…I dunno. Curves.”

“Wow,” says Vanessa, eyebrows raised. “You ever actually talk to the guy when I’m not there, or do you just spend the whole day drooling over his soft face and his curves?”

“Aw, come on. I mean, yeah, I guess if I were into guys, I’d say he was cute. But you know I just like paying attention to the people, I notice stuff, and Ruben is… he’s an interesting dude. So there’s a lot to notice. He’s super fucking smart, like, actual genius level of smart, did I ever tell you that?”

“At least twice per conversation since the first time you met him, yeah,” she says.

“And he’s a nice guy, he’s really nice, and he’s funny, and he’s had a lot of serious shit to deal with so I just…I like when I can make him happy, which means I gotta watch him closely to figure out the best way how.”

Jesus, Usnavi.”

“Shut up, Vanessa, it’s not like that!”

“Isn’t it? Tell me,” she says, propping herself up on her elbows with a knowing smirk. “Does he pay for his coffee?”

Usnavi opens his mouth to answer and then stays that way, blinking at nothing.

Vanessa lets her head drop back on the arm of couch and punches up towards the ceiling, triumphant. “I fucking knew it!”

missin these two ;__: havent played with them in like 1000 years 

YG Entertainment: “Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dati–”


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"no one reads them anyways" You're cute, I always read tags. I love seeing artists, writers, and just bloggers in general ramble in their tags. So I know your secrets, cheating with the plaid of Keith's shirt, for shame. I'm kidding, you're amazing.

Crap. I’m a cheater. That’s what I am KLHDFKLJSDFH Thank you! Not sure if I’m being praised for my cheating ways or… HAHAHHA

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Hey! How are you? Just wanted to ask how would Levi react if someone tickled him? (except for kicking them in the face) Would he laugh? What would that sound like? Thank you! Have a good day :-)

Hello there, Love. I am doing all right. How are you? Levi would never let someone come this close to him. He is very unconfortable with people touching him. 

Also just to answer what his laugh sounds like: creepy

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 13 (M)

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 (of 27)

Chapter 13 - Tension

You and Jungkook try to find some time alone.

Word Count: 3700 (of 73k)

Warning: smut in this chapter!

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Where do you think camren stands now like do you think they're still together, broke up but still friends, broke up not talking, or on a break?

This will break your hearts but if am completely being honest, judging from the recent events that took place, my best bet is “they broke up, and are not talking” but hold your horses because that is completely and utterly okay. They need to heal on their own to avoid the relationship from turning into a toxic mad one. But I have always believed based from what I have witnessed from the both of them that they are completely and madly in love with each other, and when you find that kind of love, your soul craves for it, holding onto it, you will go back because no one compares, just give it time. They have to realize things on their own phase.

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People are already trying to make Even and Sana look like shitty people for keeping what happened a secret. But like ??? Do they not understand that Even is obviously ashamed of what he did, and is terrified of it getting out. That mentally ill people hold back on telling the people they're close to certain things bc they are scared of losing them. I know bc I am in that position everyday. And Sana??? She's just looking out for a someone she has known for a long time. Love this fandom

Yessssss, exactly!!! There’s no ‘conspiracy’ between them. Just trust and an understanding that they dont speak about bakka to isak. It’s so natural for even to be ashamed :(

It’s been over a week since he took you from me. A week of constant worry and pain; wondering how you are being treated and if you have enough food, treats and play time. I am sorry you have to suffer for my mistakes; the mistake of trusting a man who chooses manipulation and coercion over communication and compromise. I want you to know, my baby Fargo, that I am doing everything in my power to bring you back home to me. I have amazing support, and love on my side from trustworthy people who have exemplary values and who act accordingly and believe in them. You are in so many people’s thoughts, even though some have never even met you yet. You are my baby, my special puppy who continuously brings pure joy to me, even when we are apart. I miss you. I will see you soon, that is a promise. We will not let him use you any longer, you deserve so much more. Love always, your fur mum, who thinks of you every day ❤

If anyone has any ideas that could help me get Fargo back from my ex who’s demanding 1000$ for me to get him back, please feel free to contact me. I am contacting a lawyer today. Hopefully this gets resolved because I just want him home ❤ Thank you for your support.


Hiya there, I’m Elias, 16, they/them. I’m a pansexual agender lithromantic P-A-L. I play dungeons and dragons, love math (and cats), and generally have no clue what my gender presentation is nor what my hair is doing.

I am polyamorous and here to make new friends, so hmu @lornacus and say what you wanna say.

Buckle your seat belts

I’m about to cry so many happy tears while writing this post but like it’s.. it’s fine.. totally fine. I’m about to rant about this beautiful human called Carolina. Oh my gosh there are so many things today and, it’s taken me awhile to try and find the correct words to describe how I feel about this fabulous human. I am just blown away… but the kindness they show… not just to me, but to literally every person they’ve ever met. They Are one of the first people that I ever really talked to in the HP RP community, and they were so sweet and so open to do threads and stuff with me. And I just… They never ever fail to put a smile right on my face.

I have a hard time connecting with people in general and like I just found and instant connection with them.. when I think of the words platonic love I think of Carolina.. they make me and everyone else that they talk to feel so warm. She is so accepting and she never fails to make me feel so loved and worth something. She has this grace about her that’s so wonderful, and she is so fearless and I admire that so much about her. She wears her heart on her sleeve but in the best way, she lets everyone know exactly how she feels about them. Her feelings are so pure and so beautiful. This human is not only beautiful on the outside of course… but her heart… is so beautiful and so big and so strong… im so incredible honored and grateful to be friends with her… just.. ahhh

I hit 10,000 followers! I’m absolutely astounded. Honestly, I am so happy that there are so many people who enjoy my blog! In honor of that, I invite you all to PLEASE message me ideas for dialogue prompts and as soon as my classes for the week are over, I will work answering as many of them as I can! No promises that I will get to all of them, I have finals the week after next, but I will try to do as MANY as I can. I just really want to do something for all of you. <3

Wild Bunny on Clouds [1] (M?)

So even though I don’t get/remember dreams often, I’ve occasionally been blessed with dreams involving BTS members. Since I am in love with BTS (and my own dreams apparently) I figured, why not write them down? LOL.

Of course these are dreams, half of them don’t make sense, 100% of them start from nowhere and 95% of them end up at the most frustrating times by my alarm playing Jimin’s Lie, but I’m gonna write them down anyway and make you guys laugh at my annoying sleep patterns.

Yoongi x me

Genre: Fluff maybe? moving towards smut maybe? In short just sleep messing with my head.

Word count: 386 words

A/N: My first dream involving a BTS member. This was a while back and no, Yoongi wasn’t my bias at the time (he has never been my UB, but one of my roommates is hard at work trying to change this).


I woke up with a start at the sound of my bedroom door closing. It was soft, as though whoever closed it had tried to be as quiet as possible, but it woke me up anyway, since I’ve always been a light sleeper. What I am not, however, is a nice person when my sleep is interrupted so it was with knitted brows that I forced my eyes open, ready to hoarsely yell at the rude person who dared to jolt me back to reality.

However, my eyes, narrow with sleep at first, shot wide open immediately when I saw the person who had snuck into my room. Glancing furtively around the enclosed space, unaware that he had woken me up, was Yoongi. He was sporting blond hair, his skin as white as porcelain in contrast with his pink lips.

I pushed myself up by my elbows to a sitting position on the bed, the movement catching his attention. “Yoongi?” I asked, my voice deep and embarrassingly rough with sleep. I attempted to clear my throat, trying to clear my mind at the same time as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. My hands clutched my thin blanket to my chest, very aware that I was not wearing a bra underneath, as is my custom when I go to sleep. What is he doing here?

Yoongi didn’t answer, choosing to cross the room in a few long strides to stand in front of me instead. His voice that I had heard firing cool rap verses at a frightening speed simply said my name this time, soft and gentle in direct contrast with his usual cocky rapping. It was just the one word but it sent my heart thumping hard against my chest, the sound growing ever louder in my ears as he tucked his hand under my chin to lift my head up to make me look directly into his eyes.

He must have deemed further words unnecessary, bending down at the waist, his other hand gripping my shoulder for support as his moist lips met mine. I’d never thought of kissing Yoongi before this, but as electric sparks coursed all over my body from where our lips connected, I knew that I would think about his kiss over and over again.


More A/N: Of course even in my sleep I dreamed about sleeping LMAO. Perhaps @ssconce was right when she read that Yoongi and I are the most compatible; we both love our sleep. Unfortunately the dream ended there but I must say that it was the best kiss I’d ever had, it was very heart tearing and dreamy - probably because it was a dream hahaha.