i am in love with r&b from this era

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do you have any remus/sirius fic recs that are set pre-war, like when the marauders were at hogwarts? i love the pairing quite a bit but most of the war and post-war fics are too depressing for me to enjoy properly.

i am similarly delicate and have amassed a little collection of hogwarts fics that i can turn to when i don’t want to be fucking miserable

“Hi!” Sirius said brightly, grinning down into Remus’s face. Remus tried to return the greeting, but he did have a Sirius on top of him in the way. “Hey, James, look what I caught!”

“I noticed.” James snorted, leaning on the doorway. “Bad dog. What are you going to do with it now that you’ve caught it, I ask you?”

“I,” Sirius announced, “am going to eat it.” James’s expression went through an amazing somersault of emotions, and settled on amused just before he did an about-face and marched back into the kitchen.

i think that’s all i’ve got which is a) a shame because hogwarts era is probably my fave but is also b) not surprising because r/s fic is nothing if not a haven for masochists