i am in love with makeup don't judge me

purrrnicious  asked:

Hey I was looking at your Instagram and was wondering if you wear makeup out in public. I'm not against gays or anything like that I am completely for it so please don't take it the wrong way. I am asking because I know a lot of people would make fun of you/judge you ( which is completely fucked up bc there is nothing wrong with it) just wondering. Btw love you and your blog! :)

I wear makeup out, but I rarely have any eye makeup or lipstick on.

But if I find a reason to wear a full face of makeup out I wouldn’t give a fuck what other people said because this is my life and they’re not gonna ruin what makes me happy. And they damn sure aren’t going to make me cower in my house either. They can say what the fuck they want but they’re talking about ME I’m just doing ME. So who’s really winning?