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One thing you should know about me is that i am depressed and i hate life. So i was in the market, when this little guy who is looking somewhere else takes my hand and starts tugging at my hand. Then he looked at me and realised i wasnt his mom he gave me a shy smile and started laughing. Even i had to admit that was cute.

This is beautiful, I can’t even. Little kids being adorable give me life.

Sending so so much love your way! <3 

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread some positivity :)

The Sweetest Protector (Newt X Reader)

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@2heures requested:  Could my request be that one of newts beasts harms the reader and he freaks out and lots of fluff please !

Hopefully I was able to fully answer your request! :D

Warnings: Fluff. So much you might die. Read with caution. PS–this is more of a drabble, I guess? Not sure how proud I am of this story, but if you like it, give it a heart… Because I can be self-conscious about my stories ;-; (i’m a sad person, okay? okay.)

Newt was in all of his glory, as he jabbered on and on about all the beasts he loved and adored. You could see just how passionate he was about it just by how he moved. His hands constantly moving, the way he smiled, all the way down to how he was standing.

“You see, my dear,” he said enthusiastically. “Dragons are actually quite intelligent creatures. You can tell when they’re thinking hard when their pupil’s dilate.”

You watched this man that you had let yourself grow quite fond of, showing you a picture of a dragon that he sketched. “And how intelligent are dragon?” You asked, smiling at the man, who was rubbing his hands in excitement.

“Very!” He exclaimed. “It’s just that dragons have a very different way of learning. Look here, see how I noted in my journal that this particular dragon is very acute to sound? It’s like dragon’s are most intelligent in their strongest field, be it hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing.”

You gently tugged at Newt’s arm, and he looked down at you curiously. “Hello, what’s wrong?” He murmured, taking the book out of your hand and tucking it under his arm.

“Can you show me a dragon?” You asked innocent.

Newt bit his lip, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Ermmm…” He fumbled. “Well, I guess Ophelia can be seen… It’s just that… Well… Um, she’s not the most tamed right now, you see.”

“Ophelia? You actually have a dragon? I was expecting you to say no!” You awed, watching Newt awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “I thought you said they were too dangerous!”

Newt rubbed his hands to keep himself distracted, from your weirded out gaze. “Well… I never said I DIDN’T have one… It’s a Scottish Ice Back! It was alone!” Newt pleaded, looking guilty and blushing bashfully.

“Newt. You have to show me. You’ve been going on and on about how amazing dragons are, and I want to see it!” You told him, reaching out for his hand in a comforting manor.

“Wait, you’re not mad at me?” Newt asked curiously, scratching his head.

“Why would I be, silly?!” You laughed, smiling up at Newt.

Newt looked a little a taken back, but smiled a sweet smile at you none the less. “Alright, let’s see her.”

Newt never let go of your hand as you made your way to one of the many world-like exhibits. You actually were surprised he was holding your hand, actually. He could be extremely shy around you, and he often avoided eye contact and especially stuttered, if you smiled at him. He was usually quite clumsy, and often made a fool out himself when around you. Like once he fell off a chair and ran into a wall, all in the course of a few minutes. It was ridiculously adorable, the way he got all flustered up, bashfully stealing glances at you, forgetting what he was going to stay, and always smiling.

“Ophelia?” Newt said softly. He was looking around big rocks covered with snow.

You were a bit nervous, not going to lie. You scooted closer to Newt, which made Newt extremely aware of the 3 inches of air space between the two of you. He seemed to grow a bit nervous too, but more from the close physical contact. “Where is she?” You whispered, almost not daring to breathe.

“She’s shy,” Newt said, ruffling his hair away from his eyes.

The two of you were practically sneaking now, searching for this dragon. “This is intense,” you murmured. You closed the gap between the two of you, fully freaked out by the silence.

Newt was more fully freaked out that you were now basically hugging him. He kept drumming his free hand on his thigh, nervously looking down at you. “You know… I don’t know if this—err, the best time… T-to tell you, but… I wanted—”

Newt was cut off by you placing your hand on his mouth. His face turned a tomato shade of red, but you were too busy to notice. “Look, Newt!” You hushed. You jerked your head to the left.

Newt looked to see a rather large and fat dragon watching them. She was completely white, blending in perfectly with the snowy background. Newt let go of your hand, and slowly walked up to her. “Don’t worry, mummy is here, Ophelia,” Newt chided softly, looking lovingly at the ice dragon.

Ophelia nodded in a majestic way, and slithered closer to Newt. She circled Newt and snaked her head against Newt’s hand affectionately. Newt sighed in contentment, and began to pet her. “That’s right, mummy is here for you,” Newt murmured.

You watched Newt pet her, and felt a tinge of jealousy. How was he so good at this?! You walked up to Ophelia and held out your hand. Newt took your hand and faced it palm down. “Palm down, Y/N,” Newt whispered to you.

Ophelia looked at you and then made a noise like she sneezed. A weird sort of mist shot from her nostrils and engulfed your hand. The first thing you noticed was that your hand felt like it was in an ice box. Then it felt like you were touching dried ice with your bare hands. The next thing you knew was your hand was burning. You looked at your hand, which was trembling. “Newt!” you squeaked in shock. Your eyes filled with tears, as the burning grew more intense.

Newt looked at your hand and then said sternly, “Ophelia! That is no way to act! I’m sorely disappointed in you! You should be ashamed of yourself!” He crossed his arms, glowing down at the dragon.

“My hand, Newt!” You whimpered in pain.

Newt took your cold hand and began rubbing frantically. “The one cure for this is friction, Y/N,” Newt explained rapidly.

Your hand slowly began to gain feeling again. Your hand was still twitching out of control, but at least it wasn’t hurting anymore. You were completely speechless. “Bad girl!” Newt shouted at Ophelia. “Very bad girl! Don’t ever do that again!”

Ophelia seemed to sense Newt’s displeasure and slithered slowly away in shame. “It’s okay, Newt,” You intervened.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Newt said. He looked almost in tears, having to yell at Ophelia and then having you hurt. He was such a sensitive man with a heart of pure gold. Newt did a daring thing, and slowly wrapped you in a hug. “Are you okay?” He asked breathing in your sweet scent.

You nodded, tears spilling down your cheeks. You were a little frightened, you weren’t going to lie. You were glad Newt was there and knew what to do. You were especially glad for his warm hug. “Let’s go back up, and then come down to visit Ophelia again a little later,” You comforted Newt.

Newt nodded and said upset, “I’ve never yelled at my babies before. I feel horrible.”

You rubbed Newt’s back, and murmured, “It wasn’t your fault, Newt. You were just protecting me.”

Newt still looked a little upset, but he smiled a small smile at you. The two of you began to walk back, and Newt asked timidly, “Can I hold your hand again?”


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What was Mccree's reaction after Hanzo's encounter, I think he'd run up to Satya to ask her what to do next ? I love this series it makes me smile so much thank youuuu

aaaa thank u so much im sO glad!!!!! and!! i think he would be more likely to get advice from a friend, since he doesnt know satya all that well? also i adore his friendship with fareeha sO

(the hanzo encounter in question: part 1, part 2!)

Dating Barry Allen Would Include...

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  • cuddles all the time
  • being friends with Cisco and Caitlin
  • you knowing his the Flash
  • him being very protective over you

  • you calling him Barr
  • Cisco putting you two a ship name

  • awkwards moments
  • you always being worried about him

  • spooning
  • having to stand on your tip toes to kiss him

  • wearing his clothes
  • passionate make out sessions

  • him giving you the best hugs
  • him getting jealous when some guy is hitting on you

  • then he gets super clingy over you
  • you rolled your eyes and just smile to yourself because you find his jealousy adorable and cute

  • him always showing you how much he loves you
  • you comfronting him when he’s sad or depressed

  • sweet kisses
  • him getting embarrased when his friends catch you up kissing or having a couple momento

  • you finding his awkwardness adorable
  • him always make you smile

  • coffe dates on jitters
  • forehead kisses

  • movie marathons
  • romantic dinners

  • him being a giant dork and you loving it
  • him getting nerdy and rambing science facts

  • “I am getting nerdy again am I?”
  • “yeah, but it’s okay, your the cutest nerd I know”

  • asking him to sing to you
  • and he refusing, then you pout and he can’t resist and ends up singing to you

  • visiting him on STAR Labs
  • him going to other earths and your dopplegangers are together in all of them and him knowing that you and him are meant to be

  • “I can’t imagine my life with any other person, I love you (y/n), It’s always have been you since the day I laid my eyes on you”
  • “I love you too Barr, and I want spend the rest of my life with you”


Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket.

“You really should wear that leather jacket more often.” you bit your lip as you rested your weight on the door frame, smiling at Dean as he got dressed.

Your boyfriend chuckled, glancing at you as he fixed it “As much as I love the sound of that- I am afraid I can’t, baby.” he gave you a grin and you frowned.

“I didn’t suggest anything.” you shrugged innocently and he laughed a little more.

“Sure you didn’t.” he said with a chuckle, walking past you but you stopped him; standing in front of him with an adorable put and placing your hand on his chest; your eyes linger on that deep v-neck of his making you weak already. You just loved the way part of his firm chest showed and the skin of his throat just begged you to kiss it and lick it.

“But-” you batted your eyelashes up at him, your hands running up his chest “If I was, would you be such a great boyfriend and do something about you sweet girlfriend’s needs?” you gave him an innocent smile and he laughed with a shake of his head.

“My girlfriend is sweet and quiet honestly the most beautiful one in the world- but at the moment I am busy so I’m afraid I can’t baby.” he chuckled, brushing you off with a kiss on the forehead and with his hands on your shoulders his pushed you away.

“Come on, Dean.” you gave him a look “Not even five minutes?”

“Five minutes I do have but it is not going to be just that with you sweetheart, and we both know it.” he winked at you and you huffed; crossing your arms over your chest.

“Alright then… How about six?” you gave him an innocent grin and he laughed, raising an eyebrow.

“Really now? It is going to be ten times that, princess. And yes I want it to but as I said- busy.” he said as he fixed his hair in the mirror and you bit your lip as you got caught in staring at how his muscles flexed under that damn leather jacket. You loved the way it fit him that well and gave him that bad boy look. IF he was a hard rock singer or musician you would surely be all over him.

You had never thought he would look this good and hot let’s not forget that, in that leather jacket. It almost made you wonder if you were going to develop any more new kinks with this man. The way the jacket moved as he walked around made all sorts of thoughts run through your mind. All sorts of dirty thoughts.

“Can’t Sam just go by himself?” you suggested, going towards him and wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him the best puppy eyes you could.

“Technically-” he shrugged “But for real now- Does this jacket turn you on this much?” he smirked down at you with a raised eyebrow and you nodded your head with a big grin.

“You have no idea how much.” you said in a low voice “You really give your girl all sorts of thoughts with this jacket you know that?” your voice came muffled as you buried your face at the crook of his neck and started peppering kisses all over.

He let a small groan and his hands found your hips were he squeezed “Didn’t know that.” his voice came out strained and you smirked to yourself, your fingers playing with his jacket and shirt as you started licking over his soft spot “You never-” he moaned “-Never told me that.” he shut his eyes and let a deep throaty growl “Baby girl has new kinks?” you could hear the smirk in his voice and if you weren’t this into this look you would have rolled your eyes at his smugness.

He chuckled but then groaned when you sucked on his neck and kissed it afterwards “You really should have told me sweetheart.” he groaned “I never knew about this.”

“No?” you asked innocently “My bad.” you breathed out pulling away for a moment to look up at him “Maybe you should punish me?” you raised an eyebrow and he breathed out a strained chuckle, his grip on your hips tightening.

“Princess.” he said with a clenched jaw and you smirked a little, satisfied with yourself.

“But then again- you always are so affectionate and slow. Passionate and loving.” you whispered in a low voice, your lips finding his neck again “No matter what you wear, bad boy clothes or not- you are such a sweetheart.” you smiled softly when you heard him growl.

“But how about for today- you go rough on me, baby boy?” you kept kissing and sucking at his skin but looked up at him and he gave out a strained sound.

“Sweetheart-” he was really fighting this “I- I would love this, hell you have no idea how much but- I got a job to do.”

“No” you breathed out, pulling away; hands running all over his jacket “You’ve got to do me. Nothing else.” you looked up at him and he gave you a pleading look.

“(Y/n), don’t do this to me. Please.” he gave you a look, almost about to break “You can’t seriously want me in bed right now.”

“Correction: I want you in bed right now with this leather jacket and nothing else on.” you winked at him and let a deep growl “Boy, you have no idea how much I want that at this moment.” you smirked at him and he gave you a look.

“Sweetheart, you’re pulling on my last strings.” he gave you a dirty look and you giggled biting your lower lip.

“No, no I’m not yet. Because you have no idea how you are pulling on my last strings with this fucking jacket and now that I think about it- the deep v-neck too.” your eyes roamed his chest as you bit hard on your lip “Yeah keep that on too. But nothing else for sure.” you gave him a smirk and he growled with a roll of his eyes. He didn’t say anything though, instead he crashed his lips to yours and almost knocked all air out of your lungs.

You grinned into the kiss and responded back to it just as sloppily. You fisted his leather jacket in your hands and pressed yourself flushed to him. But unfortunately before you could do anything more, such as get him out of his pants because there was no way that leather jacket was leaving, he pushed you away and gave you a small smile.

“Sorry sweetheart, gotta wait after we get done with the hunt.” he pulled completely away as you were too stunned to react “And maybe if you’re still into me, naked with a leather jacket on your bed- then you’ll have me.” he winked at you with a big grin and wore his sunglasses and walked out of your motel room. Leaving you completely stunned to stare at the closed door with your heart hammering in your chest and a feeling of need unfulfilled.


And as that he had left you to think after you recovered from your shock to think of the only way to get him back. You just weren’t going to let him go after making you feel this way by wearing that jacket, promise you things with that look and then just walk away. Well, it was obvious that he didn’t fully understand what he did to you with those clothes. Maybe you should make him realize.

“Baby?” his voice caught your attention as you heard the door slam closed “I’m back!” he said, soon followed by a small sigh.

“Right here.” you said, walking out of the bathroom and standing right in front of him.

The first thing you noticed was his back, the leather jacket making you bite your lip just like before but you got your composure back as he turned to look at you. Only for him to lose his.

“Whoa” he breathed out, his eyes widening as his eyebrows shot up. His lips parted and he seemed lost for a moment as he took in your appearance “What-” his throat felt dry and he swallowed thickly “What are you wearing?” he shifted uncomfortably in is place and you smirked.

“What?” you asked innocently, looking down at yourself “Oh this?” you motioned to the piece of clothing “It’s a leather jacket, baby.” you said with a smirk as he opened his mouth to speak but a shaky sigh left his lips.

“I- I-” he blinked swallowed hard as he walked towards you “Yeah but I mean- where’s the rest of it?”

“Rest of it?” you tilted your head to the side, smiling innocently “Oh, yeah I kinda didn’t feel like wearing anything else.” you shrugged, biting your lips with a smirk as his eyes rather shamelessly roamed your body.

“And- th-that is-?” he stuttered, motioning to you and you looked down at the smallest piece of panties you could find. Black and lace.

“Oh that?” you raised an eyebrow “I kinda liked it, and I thought it matched.” you walked towards and past him, giving him a nice view.

“H-hey (Y/n)- about what you were saying before-” he started saying, his voice low and rough and you turned your head; raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? Oh that?” you scoffed “Forget it. I am alright now.” you shrugged, leaning against the table and watched him as his eyes roamed your body. And there was not much to hide with those clothes. The jacket was not zipped up, it showed part of your breasts but covered enough to drive him crazy. And the panties didn’t cover much either leaving your legs fully exposed and in display.

“Y-yeah I well-” he gave you a nervous smile “Kinda like the idea a lot, all of a sudden.”

“Oh do you?” you smirked walked closer towards him as he swallowed thickly; undressing you with his eyes- although there was not much to take off.

And you smirked, more than pleased with his reaction. It was exactly what you wanted him to feel. This was exactly how you wanted him to be so that he could really understand you how he had you feeling with that leather jacket of his. You saw his eyes linger on your chest for a moment and you placed two fingers under his chin, making him look you in the eyes.

“Eyes up here, baby.” you whispered in a low and seductive voice “So, you were saying you wanted…?”

“What you were saying-” he licked his lips, pupils blown.

“What?” you whispered “About you, naked with only that leather jacket in my bed?”

“Maybe you too there-” he gave you a half smile that fluttered.

“Yeah.” you nodded your head, bringing your face closer to his your lips almost brushing “Sorry sweetheart-” you repeated his previous words “Kinda busy right now.” you let go of his chin and bumping shoulders with his you walked away.



“W-wait- (Y/n)! Baby I’m sorry!” his voice rose an octave and it came out in a slightly high-pitched squeak as he hurried to catch up with you.

It's a classic

This one is for anonymous! I hope you like it.

AN: Newt and the reader have been seeing each other for a while and he’s finally coming to her apartment for the first time.
Characters: Newt Scamander, Pickett
Pairings: Newt X reader
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Prompt: “You make me happier than anyone I’ve ever known” & “Is that me? Did you draw that?”


Your laughter cut through the evening air, bringing a smug smile to Newt Scamander’s face. He loved that he could make you laugh, and not just the polite giggles he was used to, but real belly laughs that made you throw your head back and scrunch up your nose in that adorable way that always made him blush.

“You’re an idiot Newton Scamander.” You chuckled, bumping his shoulder with yours, your eyes twinkling with humor.

“Am I now?” He teased, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to his side.

“Yup,” you assured him, nodding, “you’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I would’ve dropped your ass ages ago.”

“Oh I don’t doubt it.” Newt laughed, “That’s why I’m counting on Pickett and Doogle to keep you around when my looks start to fade.”

You feigned looking thoughtful, “That’s a foolproof plan, trap the girl with adorable animals. It’s a classic.”

Newt chuckled again, kissing the top of your head affectionately as you walked. The silence between you was a comfortable one, as you both got lost in your own independent thoughts. Tonight was a big one for you, as a couple and, despite how at peace he usually felt with you, he was a little bit nervous. Newt’s mind began to race as you reached your destination, an apartment block that Newt had seen from the outside on many occasions but had never entered. As you led him through the doors and up the stairs, his heart started to pound with a level of anxiety that he usually associated with coming close to a particularly dangerous beast. As your hand reached out to grip a doorknob, Newt stopped.

“Y/N, are you sure about tonight?” He asked gently, “Because I don’t want you to think that I-“

“Newt,” you interrupted, “I’m sure.” You gave him a reassuring smile, trying to quell his doubts as you took in the look of panic on your boyfriend’s face, “This relationship means a lot to me, you mean a lot to me.” You shifted your weight from one foot to the other, “And I think that this is important for me, for us.”
Newt smiled, letting out a sigh of relief and pulling you into a slow, thankful kiss. Your lips moved in sync with his and you tangled your fingers in his hair, sighing into his kiss and reaching behind you with one hand to open the door to your apartment. Everything felt right with Newt, from the easiness of your conversations to the heat you felt at his every touch. He made you feel things that you didn’t know you were capable of anymore, like you were a schoolgirl, giddy and flushed with all the infatuation and promise that came with a new relationship. With your lips still connected, you walked together into the room and Newton Fido Scamander officially became the first man to ever enter into your apartment.

As you broke apart, giggling softly to one another, Newt looked up and scanned the inside of your living room. As he inspected everything, you inspected him, caught somewhere in between pure elation and anxiousness. You watched the expression on his face as he touched the picture frames on your walls, and the blankets on your couch, and stroked the curtains that covered your windows. You knew in that moment, that Newt was imagining you here, the way he imagined his creatures in their natural habitats and you felt oddly vulnerable.

You held your breath, still frozen in place at the door, twisting your hands meaninglessly in front of your stomach. Newt turned back, his face lit up with obvious wonder and you felt your body relax. Newt lifted you up and spun you around, laughing loudly. As he put you back on the ground, cupping your cheeks in his hands and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, you felt your heart swell.

“It smells just like you in here.” Newt proclaimed, “It’s wonderful!”

“It’s just an apartment Newt.” You laughed.

Newt shook his head, “No, no it’s not.” Newt replied adamantly, “It’s your apartment, that makes it extraordinary by definition.”

His eyes couldn’t seem to focus on one thing, preferring to glance quickly between everything. Eventually, after a lot of gentle coaxing, you convinced Newt to sit down on the couch as you went to make tea for the both of you, your hands shaking subtlety. You could hear him cheering with elation every few seconds, occasionally calling out ‘amazing’ or ‘wonderful’. You smiled, shaking your head with affectionate exasperation, stirring sugar into your cups. You barely noticed when the exclamations stopped, figuring that Newt had finally settled down.

“Here you go,” you said, walking back into the living room and pacing the two cups on your messy coffee table, “no milk, two sugars just like you-“

You froze. Newt was bent over a black book, cradling it as though it was an infant, or something else equally as valuable and precious, his eyes blown wide and glued to the page. Your sketch book.

You felt your heart drop as Newt’s eyes flicked up to meet yours, filled with an emotion that you couldn’t identify. He looked back down at the page, his mouth opening as though he was trying to speak, and then closed it again.

“Is this me?” Newt asked, his voice thick with that unidentifiable emotion, “Did you draw this?”

He held open the book for you to see the page he’d been examining. It was an unfinished portrait you’d started of Newt, fast asleep on his desk, with his head resting on his arms and a peaceful, vaguely happy look on his face. You swallowed hard and felt yourself blush and was flooded with guilt. You’d crossed a line, and you weren’t sure how to uncross it, or even you could.

“I-yeah, yeah it is.” You admitted in a small voice, avoiding Newt’s gaze as your eyes began to fill with tears, “I’m sorry, I was just-“

Newt shook his head, sliding along the couch to get closer to you and clutching your hand with his.

“Please don’t-no Y/N don’t-I love it.” He assured you, forcing himself to look directly into your eyes, “I love it Y/N and I love you.”

Newt hadn’t meant to say that last part quite so bluntly but, as he physically watched the blood drain from your face and felt you pull away from him, he hadn’t been able to help himself. It was the truth. The portrait had filled Newt with a sense of reverence and admiration that he had never expected, mostly because it was obvious how much time and care you’d poured into the piece and he wanted you to know that. He needed you to know that.

Your tear filled eyes met Newt’s, and the unbearably sad look on your face morphed into one of confusion.

“What?” You replied softly.

Newt flashed you a nervous smile, brushing your cheeks with one thumb.

“I love you Y/N, you make me happier than anyone I’ve ever known and this,” he gestured to the portrait again, “this is…wonderful. I love it, in fact, I was wondering if I could keep it.”

You giggled flinging your arms around Newt’s neck and pulling him down onto the floor beside you, pressing tear stained kisses to every inch of his skin. Newt clung to you like a drowning man, his heart swelling with love and indiscriminate devotion that made him think that he could spend the rest of his life with you, if it meant feeling like this.

“I love you too.” You admitted, resting your forehead against his, “So much.”

“Well that’s lucky, isn’t it?” Newt teased gently, “Here I thought you were just sticking around for my good looks and my creatures.”

You threw your head back and laughed, scrunching up your nose and sending a stab of near painful love through his chest. He pulled you onto his lap and pressed a chaste kiss to your shoulder, swallowing hard as the reality of how lucky he was rushed over him again.

“Oh no, that’s all true, don’t worry.” You joked, “But I’m still vaguely fond of you.”

Newt chuckled and nuzzled into your hair, letting the comfortable silence of domestic bliss wash over him. Yes, he could definitely get used to this. Your fingers massaged his scalp, running through his silken hair in a way that made Newt both unimaginably calm and strangely breathless.

“I’ll give it to you when I’m finished.” You finally said, “So long as you promise to let me draw another one.”

“Of course.” Newt answered with a pleased hum, “We have years and years for you to draw me.”

“Oh do we?”

Newt nodded, “Remember, I’ve got a foolproof plan.”

My favourite thing about Sebastian

you know what i’m in love with? seb’s teeth. like you know what i’m talking about his two front teeth his adorable face the lil smile that could shine light in the darkest of times and the darkest of places I am not fuckin’ around so here, have a bunch of my favourite sebastian smiling with teeth gifs (the Lance ones makes my heart flutter cause his teeth are just there oh my god):

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something like you meet Jim without know who is he and he is super egocentric but cute at the same time ? 😂 Love your account ❤

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Reader x Jim Moriarty

“Hello, love.”

You looked up from your laptop to find a man pulling out the chair opposite of yours and sitting down at your table.

“Can I help you?” You asked, ever so slightly lowering your laptop screen.

The man unbuttoned his suit jacket and ran his fingers through his light brown hair, laughing ever so slightly. “Adorable.”

You stared at the stranger warily. “Who are you?”

The stranger’s smile fell, and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “You mean you really don’t know?”

“Know what?” You asked.

“Who I am.” He stared at you in amazement.

“No,” You muttered sarcastically. “No, I don’t usually know the names of strangers that sit down at my table unannounced.”

“But everyone knows who I am.” The man muttered in disbelief and a hint of disappointment.

You rolled your eyes and lifted the screen of your laptop back up. “Keep telling yourself that.”

“J,M.” He told you.

“N, O, P?” You finished his sentenced.

“They’re my initials.” He groaned, placing his head on the table. “J, M. Jim Moriarty.”

“That’s an odd name.” You shrugged.

Jim lifted his head off of the table. “Ohhh, I see. You want to play a game with me.”

“No,” You told him shaking your head. “No, I want to drink my coffee.” You held your mug up and shot him a sarcastic smile.

“Coffee’s boring.” He drawled on, resting his head in his hand. “What do you say we do something else? Hmm. How about dinner tonight at seven.”

“I can’t.” You told him, half-happy you had an excuse and half-disappointed. “I have to finish my research paper.

“On what?” He asked.

“The Crown Jewels.” You sighed.

A mischievous grin replaced his tired smile. “You know I can help with that.”

“You can?” You raised an eyebrow, taking your eyes off of your screen.

“Absolutely.” He grabbed your napkin. “I’d be more than happy to help you, if you come to dinner with me that is.”

Jim stood up and handed you back your napkin with his number neatly printed on it. “You know where to find me, love. That is, you know where to find the one and only Jim Moriarty.”

With that, he walked away, leaving you with a tough decision to make.


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[mystic messenger spoilers] I just. have so many feelings for zen. the way he covers up for his insecurities by being too full of himself. his hard work, his ambition. the super relatable feeling of disappointment and self-deprecation when he couldn’t participate in a major production because of an injury he himself caused (that has happened to me, too).

it is a bit strange, considering he doesn’t really fit my type. but I just look forward to all his chats, I adore his calls, I smile when he uses “babe” so liberally. I was literally so excited when MC visited his apartment for the first time. he’s a good kid and I don’t know how or why this game is making me feel so much.

Not so lonely anymore

Betty and Jughead have an established comfort zone around them. There is no holding back fondness or affection or concern. When one gives, the other takes. When one becomes unhinged, the other is ready with spit and band-aid. They are a unit, lending shoulders, trading kisses, swinging hands, wiping tears and just be. There silent regard for an unspoken request when Betty takes his hand walks away from Fred and Archie. There is years of friendship, companionship and a dash of angst as Jughead walks Betty home holding hands. There is an established adoration when she simply leans in and kisses him, as easily as saying a gentle goodbye. A touch here, a glance there and an exchanged smile - a sweet symphony.

There is going to be a conversation about Archie, I am sure of it. Not few weeks ago she was in love with her best friend with an affection that’s grown and flourished all her life. And now she is with a boy who was always there but never too near, never too close and definitely never too open. There is just too much going on right now in everyone’s life to pay attention to Jughead and Betty but the surface has been scratched. Archie’s look of confusion when the knowledge of his two best friends now being together is displayed in the open. Veronica is surprised to see the intimacy between Betty and Jughead, neither tip toeing around their feelings or show any hindrance to subtle touches. Jughead’s response to Archie about Betty is definite. Betty’s response to Veronica about moments is acceptance.

For now, with everything else going on, this is enough.

I never thought I'd fall for a fictional character, but...

He’s smart, but never in a way that would make others feel stupid.

He’s humble.

He never makes people feel bad for their mistakes, even when he absolutely could (like Tina turning him in).

He has the most adorable smile.

He’s aware of his faults. He knows people find him annoying, but he plays to his strengths and doean’t let it get to him.

He’s amazingly passionate about what he does.

He has a huge heart.

He is dedicated to protecting those who have no voice, even when there may not be anything for him in return.

He never gives up, even when he has reason to.

I am so in love with Newt Scamander that I should probably get some therapy to deal with my delusions.

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caspar is so cute and when he smiles his whole face lights up and his eyes go all crinkly at the edges and his cheeks go all adorably scrunchy and it feels so happy and warm and its makes everyone else want to smile bc its so infectious and you almost feel like you can only look at him from the corner of your eye because he is as bright as the sun and you’ve always been told not to look directly into the sunlight 


i just want to pinch calums cute chubby cheeks and kiss him on the nose im crying bYE

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So I don't really have a question but can I just anonymously gush about Artemi to someone who I think will understand? Thanks. So there are three things that I notice about a guy right away. His eyes, his smile, and his laugh. Artemi has beautiful eyes. He has the sweetest smile. And his laugh is adorable! Seriously he should laugh more in interviews and stuff because it's really cute lol. Anyway I am in love with him which is a problem because he doesn't know I exist but, thanks for listening:)

THIS IS SO CUTE i love messages like this. it isn’t a problem at all!! even if he doesn’t know you he appreciates his fans and in return you can appreciate all that is artemi sergeyevich panarin

an abbreviated list of my biggest turn ons:

  • zevran’s whole existance tbh
  • morrigan’s taking the warden with her through the mirror
  • alistair’s nervous chuckle, still present even deep into your relationship
  • isabela’s dagger throw
  • carver leaping into the air to slice a darkspawn in half
  • aveline’s “they will not have you” to wesley
  • fenris and his adorable embarrassed half-chuckle to any of hawke’s awful jokes
  • the way sebastian’s hips sway when he walks
  • the way merrill says ‘if you’re not afraid… then neither am i’
  • cassandra getting in chancellor roderick’s face about how the inquisition will seal the breach
  • dorian’s ‘don’t worry, i’m here, i’ll protect you’
  • the way sera laughs
  • vivienne’s existence
  • the way josephine starts cheering with everyone else in skyhold
  • iron bull’s smile, when you present him with the necklace of the kadan
  • the way leliana says ‘i know my love and i will be together again’

just u know… small things… small, small things