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i am new to ifnt and rly dont wanna make anyone mad but i don't see the big deal abt woohyun. yes he is hot and can sing but why does every1 love him so much? i dont mean it in a bad way jst that i dont see how he is more popular than others. also i dont see how his voice is so different to other kpop singers? but then again i am new so maybe i dont kno wht i am talking about. pls help me to understand more?

You caught me at the absolute pinnacle of my Woohyun feels, which happens every year around his birthday. And therefore (with a little help from my friends) I have constructed this little list of reasons why Woohyun is absolutely deserving of the amount of love he receives from Inspirits and why it’s kinda hard not to love him, even if he isn’t your favourite member…


Woohyun is known for having what many call a ‘power-house’ vocal. You can always rely on him to hit those incredible high notes in INFINITE songs. He’s known for being able to bellow out his lines; his voice is strong, loud and instantly recognisable. But he also pours a lot of emotion into his vocals, every note dripping with it. His solo album Write.. and his subsequent appearances on Immortal Songs 2 showcased another side to his vocals too; a softer side, gentle, quieter but without lacking that trademark emotion in his voice. It really proved he’s a versatile vocalist, and not just there to yell at the top of his lungs (but it’s still incredible when he does). Here is Woohyun performing on Immortal Songs 2. This appearance earned him the highest score for an idol on the show at that point. 

He is (in my opinion) one of the best live singers in kpop at the moment. I can’t think of many people who could hold a candle to him, really. Yet he is still improving and working on his voice; he still admits he has far to go. 


Woohyun is known for being the ‘fan idiot’ in INFINITE. He’s got a different heart for every occasion and is usually credited with popularising the ‘finger heart’ that everyone uses nowadays. In 2012 he came 3rd in Weekly Idol’s Fan Service poll (as voted by idols), and the video shows some good examples of him showering Inspirits with love. He consistently refers to fans as his ‘girlfriends’, to the point his twitter bio even says it (팬=여친 fan=girlfriend). But his love for Inspirits runs deeper than superficial hearts and displays of cuteness. INFINITE and Inspirits have had a close relationship since debut, and it has continued on to this day. During One Great Step, INFINITE’s first world tour in 2013/14, Woohyun personally went out to buy roses and small rings to present to fans at their shows, spending his own money. He wrote and composed the song ‘함께 (Together)’ during OGS, and dedicated it to Inspirits, saying it was about fans (see the lyrics here). 

At Dream Concert in 2016, Woohyun performed as a solo artist for the first time, and even other fandoms began to feel jealous at the amount of attention he gave to Inspirits. [Even more reactions here] He sang just for them, never taking his eyes off their section of the crowd and taking out his earpiece to listen to them singing along. Okay, so later all of INFINITE roasted Inspirits for not being able to sing well, but at least Woohyun then tried to explain how to sing properly.

It should be noted too, that after this performance, Woohyun and INFINITE gained a lot of new fans who were impressed by him. 


As I mentioned above, Woohyun wrote and composed ‘함께 (Together)’ for INFINITE while they were taking part in their first world tour. During their movie, Grow, which showed the behind the scenes of OGS, you see Woohyun jumping up in the middle of eating to go and compose. 

He was excited about this song and wanted to share it with the rest of INFINITE once he was finished, asking them to contribute to the lyric writing too. Then his solo album Write.. was released in 2016 with 3/6 tracks having Woohyun’s direct involvement: ‘향기 (Scent/Nostalgia)’ which was entirely written and composed by Woohyun, and ‘Gravity’ and ‘Everyday’ which Woohyun co-wrote and composed [source]. You could tell he had worked extremely hard on these songs, and could tell how proud he was of them when he spoke about them in interviews. Whenever Woohyun takes the stage, you know that the energy and enthusiasm he exudes isn’t just an act… He truly loves singing, is passionate about performing and wants to share his talent with the world. For example, look how stupidly in his element he is performing Everyday in Singapore during INFINITE’s second world tour ( © Honey Tree ) :


Those were just three main points focused on Woohyun as a singer, performer and idol. There are so many other sides to Woohyun too, and so many reasons to love him. 

  • He loves cooking, and his instagram is full of videos of him making food
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members are really sweet. Just one recent example would be: even when everyone was teasing Sungjong and being kinda mean (including Woohyun), he did then reassure him that there would be plenty of INFINITE schedules soon and that he needn’t worry. He’s also super affectionate with the others, and you’ll often find him touching them or correcting their hair/touching their face/leaning on them.
  • Actor Woohyun!!! He’s been in multiple dramas, but my personal favourite is Hi School Love On, where he played Shin Woohyun… Please watch it if you haven’t already, it’s so good (and it’s all available on KBSWorld’s youtube channel with subs, here)!
  • His friendships with other 91 line celebrities, especially SHINee’s Key with whom he debuted as the special sub-unit ToHeart in 2014
  • Like you mentioned, he is ridiculously good-looking and is known for not having had any surgery - that nose and that jawline are aaaaallll natural, ladies ~~ 
  • He loves football and plays for FC Men (FC 멘), an all-star team affiliated with the Suwon Bluewings alongside other celebrities. 

My closing statement is this: usually when you stan a group you’ll have a favourite member, one you look at more than the others, one you might pay a little more attention to during MVs or performances or shows. But then often (and in most cases when it comes to my Inspirit friends), you end up loving them all. Your bias might even change (maybe even many times). You’ll find it hard to stick solely to one member, especially when the rest of the group are so damn lovable. Soon enough, you realise you’re OT7 biased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do yourself a solid and give Woohyun a chance. I’m sure you’ll see why everyone likes him so much in no time. 

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FINE! I'll stop not because I can't win this argument Alex! Your just keeping to repeat the same thing over and over and you have no good comeback because you don't even understand the situation!!! but I'll stop only because john asked nicely and I don't won't to cause any problems to him and not like mister Hamilton I AM NOT BLIND !! and john don't worry he'll open his eyes some day (Hi!love your art and I am really happy that your replaying to my comments and actually making them answer!)

He’ll shut his mouth now.

( Hey! Thank you I’m glad you like it xD It’s pretty fun to let the characters answer)


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Hello, I don't know if I am the first request but can I ask how the Holy Trio [ Deku / Katsuki / Shouto ] deals with a short girlfriend please ?

Yes, my first request! Thank you for sending it in, I hope it’s okay! ^u^ I also included the guys’ heights for a reference! 

Midoriya Izuku (166cm - 5′5″)

- He’s not short, but he’s not particularly tall, either

- so he understands your struggles!

- he’s actually happy you’re shorter than him, it makes him feel taller!

- i mean he’d love a tall girlfriend as well, but something about the fact that you’re shorter than him makes him really proud (to protect you! even if you don’t need it)

- he likes to wrap his arm around you and rest his chin on the top of your head when you’re cuddling 

- when you can’t reach something, he will always do his best to get it for you!

- but that doesn’t always work, if it’s up really high

- but he’s prepared for this kind of stuff, so Midoriya has a stepping stool thingy at home to use when he can’t reach things in the higher cupboards (that’s what I have ‘cause I’m short haha)

- his mom is also short so the entire house is more or less within your reach. yes feel free to stay over at Izuku’s!!

- if there is no stool, he will try a number of other things to help you: 1) jumping 2) climbing on something else or 3) asking a taller person for help

- usually the third option works best, but he likes helping you himself most of all

Bakugo Katsuki (172cm - 5′7″)

- he’s not super tall either but he’s taller than Izuku which he’s happy about

- is actually a bit insecure about his height - he wishes he were taller

- he doesn’t let those worries show, however! or rather, they sometimes manifest in rude remarks

- because of this, he loves teasing you about your height since you’re shorter

- calls you “pipsqueak” - it’s about as affectionate a nickname as he’s willing to call you (rather, it’s the only one he doesn’t get embarrassed with). But if you dislike it (and tell him) then he won’t use it.

- no one else is allowed to tease you about your height though. Only Bakugo. Even if you don’t mind, he does!

- “what the hell her height is perfectly fine are you trying to start a fight??”

- as long as you don’t mind, some of your classmates will tease you about your height just to rile Bakugo up

- he totally uses you as an arm rest 25/7! It’s not actually more comfortable for him, but he likes touching you, and this is a way for him to be affectionate without making it obvious what a tsundere

- when you ask him to get something for you that you can’t reach, he will be surprisingly compliant (although he may complain a bit)

- he actually really likes it when you ask him for help, and small things like these are easy to do

- if you ask someone else to help you reach something then Bakugo will get really jealous and he will change his mind

- “Kacchan please get this for me?” “Ughh can’t you do it yourself?” “Oh, then Iida can you help m–” “I’LL FUCKING DO IT” “Thank you~” “grumble grumbles”

Todoroki Shouto (176cm - 5′9.5″)

- probably isn’t even aware of the extent of the height difference between you two until you start dating

- he finds it really cute how you have to stand on your toes to kiss him, and how your head rests against his chest when you two hug

- he wonders if you can hear how fast his heart is beating when you do that, because he is definitely a little flustered

- loves hugging you from behind! Arms around your waist and chin on your shoulder or head

- Todoroki feels safe this way, and less embarrassed because you can’t see how red his face is

- he will hand you whatever you can’t reach without question

- if you’re too proud to accept help directly, he’s also okay with that - he will make you an ice stool on which you can step to reach what you need!

- he did that once in a mall for you when you couldn’t reach a hat, but the workers there were not pleased with having to mop up water later so now you guys don’t do it as much

- he doesn’t mention your height much, but if someone else were to make fun of you for that he will Fight them

- or rather, intimated them, because most people aren’t willing to fight Todoroki

- but he would totally fight for you, especially if you’re sensitive about your height

Thank you again for the request! Midoriya’s is a bit shorter than the others’, hope it’s okay! I love these guys, please send in some more requests! <3 - admin Soleil

  • Sangwoo: You know... i probably would have killed you if you didn't scream my name while being choked.
  • Bum: Oh... that's... interesting...?
  • Sangwoo: My favorite color is red blood.
  • Bum: Okay... uh... sure.
  • Sangwoo: I'm a sadist, i'd love to see you with a dog collar barking like a puppy.
  • Bum: ...alright...!
  • Sangwoo: When i brush my teeths i apply the toothpaste first then i drench the toothbrush in the water.
  • Bum: Uh huh, that's... that's great...?
  • Sangwoo, in his head: I don't understand, it's been weeks since i'm trying to flirt with him and it's still not working. Am i doing something wrong?
  • Bum, in his head: HoW tHE FUck aM I SupPOsEd tO rEPly tO thESES??!!!
I drive with silence.

It’s a lonely road, and one I never thought I’d travel. I never would have imagined this to be my path of life. It’s been an uphill struggle, with sharp bends and sudden dips—sometimes I lost sight of the top of that hill.

But it’s the hill I chose to climb, and now… here I am, at its peak, looking back into my past. My perspective has changed. Here I am, at its peak, and I’m not looking up anymore.

(Have I left you behind? I reach out, can you take my hand? But everyone is still climbing their hill—I’ve reached the top of mine.) Here I am.

Where do I go now? There’s no more path, no more road to travel, not like the one I had. Will I ever get that back, that path towards something?

Where do I go now?

I’m wandering. I’m lost.

Can you see me, from the top of this hill? Can you see who I am?

See who I am. I am what I love.

And I love you. I love what you do; I love who you are. Each and every one of you—a unique and individual human, climbing their own hill. So take my hand, and we’ll walk this next path together.

—thoughts and feelings from @markiplier’s “I Feel Lost

  • Blake: Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you.
  • Ghira: What is it sweetie?
  • Kali: You know you can tell us anything.
  • Blake: I know. It's just... This may come as a shock to you both.
  • Kali: Haha. I'm sure we can handle it.
  • Blake: *inhale* Okay... I'm not dating Sun. We are just friends.
  • Ghira: That's more along the lines of relieving new dear.
  • Kali: Ghira.
  • Blake: The reason why I only like him as a friend is because I like, no, love someone else.
  • Kali: Aaaaaaw Sweetie.
  • Ghira: Please tell me it's not any of his other teammate.
  • Blake: No dad. SHE isn't. *Looking a bit more nervous.*
  • Kali: Blake. We know you are bisexual. And we still love you no matter what. After all we knew right away that you and Ilai weren't doing late night combat training.
  • Ghira: We will always love you, Blake. Plus, Now I don't have to warning about early grandkids.
  • Blake/Kali: DAD!/GHIRA!
  • Ghira: I'm kidding. I'm kidding... Partly.
  • Blake: Sigh. Okay that answers a few things but that's not all.
  • Kali: Oh? What else is there?
  • Blake: ...
  • Ghira: Blake. You can tell us.
  • Blake: *She begins to shack with tears in her eyes.*
  • Kali: Sweetie. What's wrong? *Both her and Ghira get up and move to Blake's sides, both hugging her as she she cries.*
  • Blake: She... She saved me from Adam... And... And lost her arm because of me. *sniffle* She has done so much for me. And I left her when she needed me the most to protect her.
  • Kali: Oh honey.
  • Ghira: I'm sure she will understand. Though, I never thought Adam would attack other faun-
  • Blake: She's a human.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: A... Human?
  • Blake: It's part of why I left... Adam said he would destroy everything I love... I was afraid if I stayed with Yang. He or the white fang would go after her. It's why I... I wanted to bring her here, where I thought the white fang wouldn't be but I was afraid... I was afraid that you two would be...
  • Kali: *Pulls Blake into a tight hug.* Blake. My baby girl. We love you no matter what and no matter who you love whether they be a Faunus or a human. I mean, We did start the originally to unity humans and faunus.
  • Blake: *Smiles and hugs her mom.* Thank you mom. *she then turns to her dad who is in deep thought.* Dad?
  • Ghira: ... I'm sorry Blake. *he said as she stood up.*
  • Blake: Dad? *She said with a heart broken look.*
  • Kali: Ghira? *She questioned as they watched him walk to his deck and open a drawer pulling something as he walks back over.*
  • Ghira: You said her name was Yang? As in Yang Xiao-Long? *He asked handing the object to Blake, Kali meanwhile suddenly having a look of realization.*
  • Blake: Y-yes. *She said confused taking the object realizing it was a framed picture.*
  • Ghira: Then I am sorry Blake. But The woman you love isn't just a human. *Ghira told Blake who looked at him confused before looking at the picture as she gasped. The photo showing a younger Ghira and pregnant Kali with a younger Taiyang and pregnant Raven.* She is half faunus.
  • Blake: I don't... I don't understand.
  • Ghira: What I'm saying Blake is... *Deep breath.* Our future Grandchildren have a less chance of getting your ears.
  • Blake: *Blake stared at her fathers serious expression as it slowly breaks into a chuckling smile making her laugh as well as she stands up and hugs her dad.* I'm sure they'll still look lovely.... Thank you. Both of you.
  • Kali: Of course dear. *Kali smiled hugging her husband and daughter.*
  • Ghira: We love you Blake. No matter what... I just hope She doesn't have Tai's taste for terrible puns and jokes.
  • Blake: Uh... Yeah. About that. *Ghira groans*
  • Kali: Oh I like her already.
I keep telling myself I don’t love you, it’s gotten to the point where I can lie and I almost believe it but then I see you and my heart starts pounding and all of a sudden I can’t remember why I don’t want to love you, stupid right? I think so because then I remember why I can’t love you. You’ll break my heart, you’ll make me feel loved, happy, and everything else but just when I start thinking you love me too, you’ll leave. You’ll leave and forget all about the late night calls, the good morning texts, & drunken kisses. You’ll leave me and then I’ll be left to pick up all the pieces. You’ll break me so until it’s true, I’ll keep lying.
—  12:48 AM thoughts

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Hi! I am absolutely in love with you two and your blog and I was wondering if you could do the child AU where the kids (all if you don't mind) are celebrating Halloween - carving pumpkins, going trick or treating, trying out costumes (different depending on character). Thank you so much if you do this and I understand if you don't want to!!

Admin Mawile: ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。 Thank you!!! 


-He’s most interested in finding a cool costume, and eating so much candy he makes himself sick. It’s extremely difficult to get him to calm down, especially once the festivities start getting to him. 


-He insists that he’s not a child anymore, and that he doesn’t need to go out for candy or get a costume. Instead, he stays home and helps you with the food and setting up whatever decorations you need to. 


-He’s determined to get more candy than anyone, and runs around at least three neighborhoods demanding that everyone give him all their candy because he (and his costume) are the best. 


-He’s absolutely fixated on the candy… and very little else. He’ll eat until he gets sick if you let him, so make sure to keep a careful eye on how much food and sweets he’s getting a hold of. 


-Surprisingly, he winds up utterly engrossed in the costumes, and very hesitantly asks if he can go as something pretty. He winds up enjoying himself massively, and secretly keeps the costume for later use. 


-Honestly, he’s nothing short of terrified by all the commotion, and has to spend most of the holiday hiding inside away from the noise. However, he will definitely enjoy simple crafts and home made treats from you. 


-He’d much prefer to stay home and do something with you, but the moment you mention scary stories, he absolutely lights up. It becomes practically his mission to find the most terrifying tale out there. 


-He gets horribly overexcited, and has a long period of hyperactivity where he doesn’t slow down for a second. Unfortunately, this ends in a bad crash, and a long nap in order for him later. 


-He’s most interested in hunting down the HUGEST pumpkin possible and helping you make something out of it. Once the Jack O Latern is made, his priorities change to autumn cooking. 


-He’s a bit too slow to safely go trick or treating with other kids, but he’s more than happy to get candy just from you. He’ll enjoy anything you decide to do, so long as he’s actually included in it. 


-He insists that he’s too old for such a holiday, and will only celebrate it if you insist. This translates to contentedly going along with whatever you ask him to do, and sneaking a surprising amount of candy. 


-He spends almost all day and night in his wolf form, trying to scare anyone that gets close to the house and snatching candy with nuts out of people’s bags. There’s really no talking him out of it. 

half-blood prince au
  • Harry: *sitting in common room complaining to hermione*
  • Hermione: *sitting in the chair next to him, trying very hard to be a good friend and continue listening*
  • Harry: Oh, man, what am I going to do? I'm in love with Ginny but she's with Dean! No one could ever understand how this feels--
  • Seamus: *walks in*
  • Hermione: *suddenly has idea*
  • Hermione: Hey, Seamus. You don't want Ginny and Dean together because you're totally in love with Dean, right?
  • Harry and his oblivious ass: What?
  • Seamus: Um... yes.
  • Hermione: *gets up and pats seat*
  • Hermione: Sit.

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I'm crying. I don't understand. I mean...I see what the rumors meant about how much ahe loves Bellamy because she had someone drug and drag him to the bunker and all but...I...I'm crying? I don't cry over shows...ever. I feel kinda betrayed by the writers or something...I don't know. This is bad. Then that preview...wth am I experiencing right now? Do you understand what's going on with Clarke? I've rooted for her since day one because I thought I understood her, but now..? Roan. Luna. Ilian.


She was taught what love was by the girl she loved. Kidnap them and force them against their will into political plans to save their lives. honestly that’s like life. how people treat you is how you treat others. 

HOLY SHIT. They never thought that was good. They never intended CL to be beautiful… no i take it back. it was beautiful, but beautiful and horrible. just like what clarke did to bellamy. omg. 

however, roan, luna and Ilian are not her fault. That was the fault of grounder society. 

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I am a huge fan of Reyes, but I don't understand how people choose to romance him after you find out about his identity. Could you explain your reasoning and feelings on this?

Oh nonny. Oh nonny, nonny!

To love or not to love a charlatan? That is the question… Mind you, my answer will be super personal and not at all a generalization of the Reyes fan community, and neither am I positing that he is, objectively, the end-all be-all of romances. To reiterate, this response will be a personal answer for my own personal feelings.

Clichéd Shakespeare references aside, I think this is a question I enjoy grappling with. It’s a bit of a mystery (at least to me!), and yet we are comfortable with the reasons - however unknown - for they are as much a part of our personalities and behavior as… breathing.

For my OC, a lot of it has to do with the dysfunctions of her own family. Sarianna noticed how much her parents adored each other, but they spent very little time together. It was almost as if their love was built on illusions, unattainable hopes, and idealizations of what they were and what they could’ve been. She found her parents’ marriage absolutely dishonest, and despite her father being (for the most part) a law-abiding and moral citizen, he was a complete asshole to her and her brother. She distrusts people who proclaim some kind of ethical or moral superiority, because they’re most likely trying to hide something. In short, her parents presented themselves as transparent, true-to-themselves people, but that only ended up being an illusion masking and compensating for their flaws.

Reyes, in a world full of imperfections, comes into her life with that mask worn conspicuously. That his flirtations, his turns of phrase, and even mannerisms seem choreographed yet paradoxically natural to his being tells her that Reyes is hiding something and he’s, in a way, being honest about it. Here’s some of my favorite dialogue lines that say all there is about Reyes:

(sorry video is only on my xbox live so i opted for the screenshots)


Reyes: I’m usually the model gentleman.

Ryder [exasperated]: I don’t believe you.

Reyes: Because I’m lying.

Notice too that he lights up when he admits to lying. This guy enjoys hooking people in with a show - with an artifice or a performance - and to have it just thrown at them for theatricality’s sake. Sarianna probably found that bold. No one has ever been so up front with her before, and the fact that he advertises just how awful he is appeals to her.

[Disclaimer: I know most people would prefer a less cynical view of personalities and people. I get that. I’m not saying the whole “oh he’s honest about his assholery” thing is universal]

Sarianna likes that Reyes is awful, because this behavior contours the precious gems of vulnerability he expresses to her in private. When they have the famous rooftop scene together, and he gives her the saddest, most fearful look in his subtle confession (”to be someone”), it nearly broke her heart. Here’s Reyes, by all means affable and charismatic. Yet none of his money, his charms, or his politicking can gain him a sense of validation. The social relationships he builds are inherently antisocial owing to his profession. And although Sarianna appears to be the complete opposite (a paragon-esque Pathfinder who glided through her way in life), she understands and is circumspect enough to be similarly guarded against others. His secrets are safe with her, and she relishes holding onto them.

[See that?? That’s him realizing he can trust her with anything - including not saying everything there is about his life LOL]

In short, Reyes is honest about hiding something, but what he’s hiding - to Sarianna (and I guess to me) - is the fear of meeting someone just like her, who will see him for what he is as a series of contrivances and performances. Yet miraculously, she accepts it all. To them, there’s a singularity to it you just can’t get anywhere else.

  • Fyodor: *kills someone*
  • Fyodor: *kills someone again*
  • Fyodor: *is the reason why Dazai got shot*
  • Fyodor: *massively kills people again*
  • Fyodor: *basically is the mastermind for all the shit that has been happening*
  • Me: You terrible little shit.
  • Also me: I love you.

how is matthew daddario real? i don’t understand how someone can be so good and kind and funny and humble and smart (honor roll you guys) and supportive and talented? like he cooks a mean steak and he’s acting is amazing and his photography is mind-blowing and he might play the piano? 

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Hi! I just wanted to tell something really nice that happened to me, because I love you: Today I was talking with a friend and I told her that I'm bi, but my little brother heard me. When I called him to beg him not to tell our parents (yet), he just stared at me with a serious face and said: "Jimena, I am not treating you different just because you like girls like boys do. I understand it. Don't be afraid, I support you." I cried. He's 11. (Tbh, I didn't know he knew what a bi person was)


but honestly ahhh this is so cute and im so happy for you <333 children are honestly the best bc theyre so pure and im glad ur brother accepts you no matter what!! give him some reeses pieces he deserves it

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I am a MAJOR sasusaku shipper, so I don't want this to be taken as some criticism or something but theres something I've always wondered. Why do you think Sakura broke her house when Sarada started asking questions? And why would she lie about him wearing glasses or not? I understand because of his mission and all that she couldn't say a whole lot, but a small detail like glasses shouldn't have mattered right? Thanks Madara san :D I always love hearing what you have to say

Regarding Sakura accidentally destroying their house, she simply let her emotions get the better of her. And while Sarada’s piercing questions were understandable, they must have still been painful for Sakura - to hear her daughter doubt the legitimacy of her relationship with Sasuke, despite knowing how powerful the connection between them was.

As for her dodging the question regarding whether Sasuke wore glasses or not, she had grown accustomed to avoiding questions regarding Sasuke, so by that point it had just become second nature to her.

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Hiii how about a scenario where the teachers (toshinori, mic-san and Aizawa) s/o just miscarriage :c (i had an abortion a few months ago and i love angst), if you don't feel comfortable, just ignore it babe, don't worry.

Long response Request. It’s okay. I only wrote for Toshinori and Aizawa, since I am familiar with them. With Mic, I don’t know much about him. I hope you understand. I hope it’s written well. 

Toshinori Yagi was teaching to his students as usual with Aizawa Shota. 

Until his cellphone started ringing with unknown phone number. He excuses himself, before answering. “Mr.Yagi, your wife was in an accident. She was in a critical condition. We manage to get her out of danger.” 

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I saw your list of aus the other day and I have a Hamliza au where they are just best friends. And they made a pact that if they reach a certain age without having kids, they would have one together cause they both wanted one. And they go through with it. And they slowly fall in love while she's pregnant and when Philip is born. And Alex totally proposes using cute baby Philip. Sorry for telling you this, but I don't know anyone else who ships Hamliza, haha, and I just wanted to tell someone.


Wow, okay, yes I am so on board with this because I love the whole idea of Alex being one of the few people Eliza trusts so why would she go to anyone else when she decides she wants to have a kid? And Alex has wanted the family he never got growing up so its good by him and they’re best friends, they understand each other, they can totally do this. I also like the idea of something similar but maybe they have like a drunken one night stand and Eliza ends up pregnant but they’re good friends so they just decide to roll with it??

And the slow burn of Alex falling in love with her and her in love with him and both of them denying it because its just hormones, right? and its way too much to put on the other person, its not fair, they cant possibly…But it just gets worse as Alex is so attentive and sweet to Eliza and just takes care of her so well and showers her with affection and he looks at her like she’s some kind of goddess because wow, she’s so clever and pretty and smart and kind and a good hugger, why dud I never realise this? 

Also concept: Alex is literally on the verge of telling Eliza he loves her, like its right on the tip of his tongue, he’s about to blurt it…and then Eliza’s water breaks. And they have something else they need to deal with first

Seriously, give me more of this AU, its my new favourite thing, thanks so much for blessing me with this!!!