i am in love with him you don't understand

I don’t think people realize how big a deal it was that Mon el told Kara that he loves her.

He is a man who didn’t know love, his parents didn’t show it to him, his planet didn’t really exhibit the most loving of characteristics (I hope you know how sarcastic I am being), all of which mean that he didn’t really understand it. Not until he came to Earth and meet Kara and quite frankly, all of the friends at the DEO that really do care for each other. They showed him, Kara especially, what it is to love and be shown love in return.

So yes, he may have said it pretty fast (but love is only relative to how much you allow yourself to feel it) and yes it may have been at an unfortunate time (tell me when it’s a perfect time, I’ll wait) but it doesn’t take away from it.
HE MEANT IT. stop discrediting him.

now excuse me while I cry a little. or a lot.

how is matthew daddario real? i don’t understand how someone can be so good and kind and funny and humble and smart (honor roll you guys) and supportive and talented? like he cooks a mean steak and he’s acting is amazing and his photography is mind-blowing and he might play the piano? 

Am I the only one that reads sambucky/Samsteve fic and get that feeling that it’s always the writer’s love for Bucky bleeding through Sam?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Bucky I do, but I feel like all the fics are about how amazing, and funny, good looking and smart Bucky Barnes is, and how Sam never ever had a chance of resisting it, and understanding it all. How Steve is amazing and bright and holds the whole world on his shoulder, blá blá blá.

Just once, just THIS fucking once I want to read a fic about how amazing Samuel Thomas Wilson is.

How good looking, and caring, smart and funny he is, how even tho he doesn’t have white boy’s hair, his hair is well kept and soft, how he smells nice, how his cheekbones are sharp because hell they are. How capable of fighting he is, because he is the guy who took a knife to a gun fight.

He’s a guy capable enough to hold Captain America’s shield; strong enough to question his authority becase he doesn’t follow blindly; smart enough to point out the best tatical way of dealing with the enemy; human enough to see more than the all american hero, to see the men behind the shield. Badass enough to deadpan and snark a king and well trainned assassin.

For once just this once I would love to read Bucky or Steve talking about how important and amazing Sam is, and not the other way around. See them apologizing and swallowing their feelings, see them blushing and stammering because Sam outshines the Sun itself.

See the writers understand that yes you write for yourself, for free but if you share it you also want us to like, and writing for a interracial ship, maybe just maybe it’s important for the people of color who read it feel like the character of color is getting the love he sure as fucking hell deserves.

I am following my girlfriend to any server she is playing League and Hearthstone on and secretly watching how she plays and who she plays with. I know it’s stalking, but I just can’t help myself. I met her on League, and I think that she might find someone else on League too, but better than me–maybe not in playing, but as a person, and fall in love with him instead.

Art by imsmol


“I will do my best in order to get many people to love Furuya Satoru.” [x]

Do not hand me your baby because you want me to hold her/him: I am not obligated to do so under any circumstances.

Do not hand me your baby just because you think she/he’s cute, and gosh-darnit, you just don’t understand why I don’t love her/his adorable little baby-cheeks, too.

Do not hand me your baby because you know absolutely nothing about me or my background, and I am not going to let you use your kid (or ME) to prove a stupid point about “biological clocks” or “maternal instincts.”

Do not hand me your baby assuming that because I’m a woman I magically know what the fuck to do with them.

Do not hand me your baby because for all you know, the nerve/muscle damage in my entire right arm & shoulder might cause me to accidentally drop them: That’d be YOUR fault, not MINE.

Do not hand me your baby because I already told you “no” ONCE, I do not like repeating myself: If I were A MAN trying to force YOU to hold something fleshy & stinky, you’d be calling the cops.

Do not hand me your baby because… okay, for real, why the fuck are you handing off your kid to strange women anyway? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Do not hand me your baby, please.

ok but Kent definitely has a vine account with an alarming number of videos of him singing or lip syncing. a lot of them include Taylor Swift. most are of Kent serenading Kit Purrson. a lot are of him strutting through his lavish apartment. some are done while on the treadmill. there’s one of him walking down the Vegas strip when it’s early enough that there’s barely anyone on the street

then there’s the video of Kit swatting and chasing a hockey puck with Kent totally not sniffling in the background

You knew, you still ruined me.

6 word story

She’d listened to him cry several times, she’d woken up in the middle of the night to listen to him talk and talk about the girl who he’d lost and the father who didn’t understand and the friends that weren’t there,
He too had comforted her when she’d been at her lowest,
So he knew how easily her skin could break,
He knew how she’d lose her breath,
He knew how she couldn’t stand alone on her own two feet,
So he knew how weak and fragile she was,
One would think why kick someone who is already lying down in blood and tears?
Yet he stood there with a blank look on his face,
“You shouldn’t have trusted me, I’m just a random guy”,
And she cried because that random face had saved her life so many times,
She felt stupid, was is it her own fault for trusting him or his for being ruthless?
She asked him if he’d cared about her? 
And he said yes.
She asked him if he thought she was a good person? 
And he said yes.
Then she asked him why he’d done it? 
And he said because he had nothing better to do.

And she thought, what a horrible place if you can’t trust anyone, why am I still here?

Extremely unfair,” Draco says. He’s growing very sleepy at a somewhat alarming rate. “There are regrettably few circumstances in which I am allowed to hit him. He choked on biscuit crumbs once, and I got to wallop him on the back. It was the highlight of my week.”

“I shall endeavor to choke on more biscuit crumbs in the future,” Potter vows solemnly from across the room.

—  The Light More Beautiful, by firethesound

i really hoped eugene would be loyal to tf but can you blame him for wanting to stay ? the saviors actually appreciate him and his skills. he’s a smart man and he’s usually treated as a liability imo


Because I am weak for Kiyoharu and Kiyoharu/Sakuya, I gave in and bought Kiyoharu’s Episode:0 substory from True Love Sweet Lies JP (真実の恋は甘い嘘から).

These are college-aged Kiyoharu and Sakuya from 10 years ago. They both attended MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Kiyo was “amazing” on the American football team until an incident (covered in the story) caused him to quit school. While he was a student, Kiyoharu met the MC; she was looking for her hotel, and he reluctantly helped her out. Not much later, the MC was the one who caused Nozomu to meet Kiyo for the first time.

In the substory, Kiyo also had a flashback of when he and Saku were kids. They were fighting over a book, and their father lectured them. (Their father said they weren’t ordinary siblings but twins, which were special. As twins, Kiyo and Saku were equal brothers, so they should protect and support one another.) Sadly there are no portraits of the Nanahoshi twins as little kids. </3</3</3 (They would’ve been so cute…)

Here are some random Kuroo headcanons because I love him and because I’m always thinking about him

  • Even though he loves cats he adores dogs as well and had one while growing up
  • He has a very fast metabolism that it’s scary like he needs to eat something every two hours
  • He likes the smell of coffee but doesn’t really care for the taste
  • He’s always warm so if he says he’s cold it must be really cold outside or he’s sick
  • Speaking of being sick he’s one of those people who carry around a package of cough drops and when his throat starts to feel better he still has them anyway because he likes how they taste and basically uses them as candy
  • Watching and listening to storms is one of his favorite things like if a storm is coming he’d go outside into the garage and watch it come in and if it’s a night storm he’ll listen to it while laying in bed or will go into the living room to watch it
  • Okay he’s probably some weather nerd let’s be real
  • A random talent he has is forging his parents signatures because when he needs them to sign something he forgets to bring it home or ask them and it has happened so much that he just does it himself a minute before he turns it in
  • We all know that this boy doesn’t wear kneepads and it’s probably because he lands on his feet like a cat but there have been times where he’s had huge black and blue and purple bruises on his knees from diving and the only thing he said about them was “i think they’re pretty knarly”
  • The only time he wears jeans is if he’s going out but other than that he wears sweatpants, track pants, or shorts so he only has like 3 pairs of jeans
  • He doesn’t like people to know when he’s sad but Kenma is very observant and notices and has him spill the beans
  • He loves to watch conspiracy videos and discuss them
  • Don’t take him down a candle aisle because he will smell every single candle
  • He’s an only child
  • He’s really close with Kenma’s family and it got to the point where he goes to family get togethers with them and everyone knows who he is
  • He still has his baby blanket and one of his first ever stuff animals and they’re kept in safe spots because he doesn’t want anything to happen to them
  • One of his favorite animals is a capybara and he has no idea why he just thinks they’re pretty cool
  • He could have the hottest sauce ever and it wouldn’t bother him
  • Classical music relaxes him so he listens to it while studying

My issue with Netflix’s new original Love is a lot like my issue with The Magicians. It presents itself as a cynical rom-com (in this case) deconstruction in which nice guy/manic pixie archetypes are interrogated and revealed for a sham.

And yet… the narrative still CLEARLY falls on the side of the nice guy, giving him a free pass for emotionally micromanaging everyone whose approach to the world differs from his, giving him a free pass for ghosting a girl he was friends with before they started sleeping together (after, indeed, he revealed in an unconscious moment moment of clarity “I’m not just some nice guy… so…” when she tries to set him up with his friend- if she’s not interested romantically, she’s not worth his time at all), giving him a free pass for calling her “crazy” when she doesn’t act the way he wants. Admittedly, showing up to his workplace is a RIDICULOUS move, and Mickey is purposely boorish through the season’s second half. And yet my strong impression remains: despite the on-the-nose confrontation between Gus and Natalie in the first episode, in which she yells that he is “fake nice,” by the “fake cathartic” kiss in the finale we are supposed to recognize that both Gus and Mickey were at fault, both tried to force a spark when they may simply be wrong for each other, and feel some sympathy for both.

Except that the narrative has made Mickey atone and apologize for her mistakes. It has made Gus atone for NOTHING. I won’t bother sifting through the minutiae of the pair’s misunderstandings, from the magic card trick to the theme song party invitation to the awkward vibrator scene. Except to say…

Who takes someone on a date to the Magic Castle, anyway?

Judd Apatow can do better than this.

more barduil headcanon

after bard dies celeborn comes up to mirkwood because he knows what thranduil is like, he takes care of administrative shit and gives thranduil space to grieve and reminds him that mortals die, it happens and it’s terrible but we wouldn’t love them so much if they didn’t, it’s the pushing against death that makes them who they are, and you can be heartbroken and still carry on, and thranduil finally learns how to grieve instead of just retreating into iciness like he always has before, and celeborn makes friends with the bardlings who now have bardlings of their own