i am in love with him you cant stop me

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜
I wonder if you ever felt like I abandoned you….  
If you ever thought I should have fought for you…

The truth of it is I never left.  
I’m still here.  
And I do fight for you - every single day.   
Not to win you…. not to trap you or cage you…  
But for your happiness.

I wage war on myself day in and day out for you.  
Tearing strips off myself, swallowing hatred and tears….  
So if you hate me because I abandoned you…. don’t worry…  
….. I hate myself for it too…
—  Ranata Suzuki
Ten’s Smile Appreciation Post

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  Hi if you know me personally you know I love Ten more than anything he is my sweet baby and he means the world to me hhhh. I have a bunch of requests AND I”M DOING THEM AS FAST AS I CAN, but I felt the need to post something about my sweet angel so here ~~

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try and lie to me and say you don’t want to hug this sweet sweet baby

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his pretty smile his pretty eyes his pretty earrings dont get me started on how boyfriend he looks in hats lorrrrrrrrrd

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listen to me: we don’t deserve him in the slightest

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his smile is so genuine, he is so wonderful and kind i lovvvve him so mucccchh

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if i could witness this sweet giggle irl i would be good for life tbh

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his side profile is so beautiful my favorite sight in the entire world and his pretty earrings again i love this boy

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sweet baby honey baby angel baby fluffy baby

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he is literally so effortlessly beautiful he doesn’t even have to do anything and i will hype him up so hard LOOK AT HIS PRETTY LIPS AND TEETH AND CHEEKS AND EYES

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he is so sweet i am so in love with him i will never not be in love with him ok u know u agree dont call me crazy

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uhm i am trying to be soft right now pls stop pls i cant handle this right now i  did not ask for this hold pls i am transferring your call

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he is so radiant and bright and positive dont you just love the sun

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fluffy pretty sweet amazing thai prince i love so much

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hello i cant take much more look how happy and silly and cute and smiley and beautiful he is UGH THAT WAS SO SOFT IM GONNA PUKE you have all seen my weak spot now and my softest point in history


“Oh I swim pretty boy.”


NCT 127 reaction to you wearing their shirt

This is such a cute and fluffy request! I would absolutely love to do this reaction.


A/N: I decided to do hyung line (+ ten and jaehyun) for this reaction. It would have been too long otherwise. And also sorry babes, but my tumblr is being hella weird with the gifs so if there’s a problem lemme know :( Hope you don’t mind anon. Happy reading and Enjoy! 

*gifs not mine. Credit to owners*


I see him as the type to get a bit shy in situations like this, so expect a lot of loving looks with this boy. He would absolutely love that you wore his shirt and he would blush and compliment you, all the while shying even more.

You had walked into the dorm drenched and soaked due to rain. Taeil offered you his clothes which you gratefully accepted. When you came out wearing his shirt he couldnt help but smile. “You can keep it if you want” he mumbled, but you heard. Your eyes lit up and you hugged him out of excitement. His cheeks flushed pink and his heart raced faster. “It looks better on you than on me” he smiled at you lovingly. “Are you sure?” you asked. He nodded and earned another hug from you. He couldn’t help but laugh at how excited you got.


Johnny seems like the guy who would absolutely adore his s/o wearing his shirt. He would dish out compliments like no tomorrow and he would be on a mission to make you blush.

You lost the keys to your apartment so you didn’t have anywhere to go. “Why don’t you stay over?” Johnny asked. Once he reassured you it wasn’t a problem at all you agreed. You borrowed once of his shirts without asking him. “Hey y/n-” he stopped mid sentence. “Is that my shirt babe?” he asked. When you nodded, and tried to apologize he shut you up by kissing you. “You look amazing. I hate that shirt, but you are making me like it” he cooed which caused you to blush. He lightly kissed you cheek and laced your hands together and led you to the kitchen for some dinner.


Jaehyun similar to Johnny seems like the kind of guy who love for his s/o to wear his shirts. He would also compliment, but it wont be in a teasing tone as with Johnny. He would definitely be very touchy and just overall soft with you.

Jaehyun couldn’t stop eyeing you because you were wearing his shirt. “Please stop. You are making me self-conscious” you told him while avoiding eye contact. “I am sorry but you look so good in my shirt I cant help it. You look even more cuter than normal” he complimented. It genuinely made you smile because you knew he meant it. “Maybe wear my shirts more often. They suit you more than me anyway” he pulled you closer by your waist and kissed your nose softly. 


I believe he would just chuckle seeing you in his shirt because it was big on you. But no doubt he would think it was adorable. He wouldn’t make a big deal about it and would genuinely compliment you on it.

“Y/n” Taeyong called out for you. You were hiding in his room because you wore one of shirts but you weren’t sure how he would react. He opened the door to his room, and you hid behind it. “I know you are there. come out” he said. With baby steps you stood in front of him. As soon as he saw you he chuckled. “What?” you asked puzzled. “Nothing you just look very cute in my shirt” he pulled you closer by you waist and held you there. “Stop looking at me like that” you said. “Like what? Like this” he suddenly came even closer to your face, and just smiled at you causing your cheeks to heat up.


I think Doyoung would be very pleased although initially I think he would want his shirt back. But eventually he would warm up to the idea be a bit playful I think and even tease you just a bit. 

“Why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked you. “Because I don’t have anything else to wear” you replied. “I want my shirt back y/n” he said while a smile played on his lips. When you ignored him, he turned you around and pinned you to the wall. “You can wear it today but why cant you just wear them everyday?” he said dropping the serious face. You slapped his arm playfully because he scared you. “Fine. Don’t blame me when you don’t see you shirts eve again” you winked at him and left. “You can have it all y/n” he yelled as you left.


He is another one I can see loving the concept of his partner wearing his shirt. For some reason I just imagine him being very playful (more than normal) with you because that would be his way of expressing his happiness on seeing you wearing his shirt.

“Excuse me, does your boyfriend know that you are wearing his shirt?” Ten asked you teasingly. “ He doesn’t need to know shh” you played along. “He wants to tell you that you absolutely amazing in his shirt and that he wants you to keep it and wear it everyday” he smiled cheekily. “Do you?” you asked him, putting an end to the little roleplay, “I absolutely love how gorgeous my gf/bf looks in my shirt” he replied. “Dont you think its fair that I get something in return for letting you wear my shirt?” he questioned. He silently pointed to his lips asking for a kiss in return. “How about every time you wear my shirt I get a kiss” he wiggled his eyebrows earning a light slap to his chest.


I think he would just start blushing when he saw you in one of his shirts. But mostly I think he would be torn between appreciating you in his shirt and wanting it back. he might just be a bit salty (tiny bit) about it too. 

Yuta had been staring at you since you had worn of his shirts to sleep in. “Okay! I am sorry for wearing your stupid shirt” you told  him. “YAH! That is my favorite shirt y/n. Dont call it stupid.” “Fine then you are stupid” you replied. He sighed. “You are killing me y/n. I want that shirt back BUT, it looks gorgeous on you” he put his head down, giving up (extra as always). You kind of felt bad for him so you went up to him and put you arms around his shoulder and hugged him. “Aw baby I am sorry. Do you still want it back. I can wear another one” He looked up at you and pinched your cheeks. “Y/n you are too cute. Come here” he opened his arms inviting you in for a hug.

There you go anon. It was tons of fun to write this, so thank you for requesting. Also if gifs dont show or something let me know I will try fixing it. Have a lovely day ahead everyone :D

  • Ymir: Babe, have you seen my phone?
  • Bertholdt: *blushes* Wh-what?!
  • Ymir: I said, "Bert, have you seen my phone?"
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: It's on the sofa
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *giggles*
  • ---
  • Ymir: We run out of milk, honey
  • Bertholdt: *sweats* Sorry?
  • Ymir: We run out of milk and honey
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: I'll go buy them tomorrow
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *evil smirks*
  • ---
  • Ymir: Love, please, my jokes are really funny
  • Bertholdt: *goes pale* Did you just call me-
  • Ymir: Laugh please, my jokes are really funny
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: Haha
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *snorts*
  • ---
  • Ymir: I love you
  • Bertholdt: I love you too *smiles*
  • Ymir: Darling
  • Bertholdt: ...
  • Ymir: I love you, darling *smiles*
  • Bertholdt: *passed out*
  • Ymir: Oops!


Jimin // Taehyung // Yoongi // Hoseok // Seokjin // Namjoon

life with jungkook as your boyfriend would include

  • having this sexy piece of ass to look at everyday
  • i mean come on 
  • if he isn’t your bias, he’s your bias wrecker don’t even fight me on this
  • because he’s so tall, he’d always be the one helping you reach things
  • giving you piggybacks
  • lifting you up bridal style easily bc he’s buff af
  • you get to wear all of his white tshirts
  • but don’t touch tshirt #28, that’s his special one

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For @smittenwithsugden because I want her to smile

and @godamnarmsrace coz I love you  both with all my heart

this was a quick write coz I need to leave now so no editing, fucking bad grammar and it probably makes no sense haha but there you go.

Robert looks at the kitchen clock. 4am. It’s the second night in a row he just woke up all itchy and weird and he couldn’t go back to sleep leaving a warm and softly snoring Aaron alone in bed. 

4:01am it’s like the time is standing still. 

He poors himself a glass of water and sits back on the couch. He has a look around and still can’t believe this is home, with his husband, his beautiful Aaron. Sometimes he can’t believe he has this all now. 

“Robert, why are you this early?”, Robert turns around to see a sleepy, with still closed eyes, fluffy Aaron walking down the stairs.

 “It’s alright Aaron go back to sleep, just got myself some water. Aaron blinks at him: “I know you aren’t sleeping well lately, I can hear you going downstairs. Are you alright?”. 

Robert takes a sip from his glass. “Yeah yeah I am alright,  I guess.” Aaron comes over and sits next to him on the couch. Looks him in his eyes. “You can talk to me you know.”

Robert almost breaks out crying, but he doesn’t want to show Aaron that he’s sad. “I know I can Aaron. It just this, everything, you  and me and being a family. It’s so overwhelming and I never felt like this again since, well since my mom died.” 

Aaron smiles at him. “This is why you can’t sleep?”. Aaron takes his hand and brushes his thumb over Roberts palm. “Yeah I guess.” 

Aaron lets go of his hand and gets up to walk over to kitchen to get a box out. “I wanted to wait and give you this another day but I think I will give it to you know”. 

Robert gets up “What?” “Sit down I got something for you.” Aaron pushes Robert back on the couch. He gives him the box and smiles at him “Open it, it’s for you.” 

Robert takes the box and nervously opens it. He can find a pocket watch in it with the letters “R & A” on it. His eyes already tear up “Aaron whats this?”. 

Aaron touches his cheek “You know I am not that good in showing my feelings, I guess you know that by now. But Robert I love you so very much and I want you to be happy.” Robert grabs Aarons hand where it’s touching his face. “I know you do, you don’t have to tell me that”. 

He slowly opens the watch and a melody starts to play. It makes Roberts heart stop for a second. He can also see a picture of him and his mom in the watch. “How do you , Aaron, this is, omg!”. 

He cant hold his tears now and starts sobbing. “This might help you sleep better, maybe. I could try and sing it for you, but I think the watch sounds better”, Aaron laughs. 

Robert holds the watch tight to his heart. “Aaron I don’t know what to say, this measn so much to me.” Aaron puts his arms around him holding him tight “I love you Robert Jacob Sugden and I will do anything to keep you safe and happy, always remember that”. 

Robert burries his face in Aarons shoulder. And they sit like this for a while till both of them fall asleep in each others arm. Robert never letting go of Aarons hand,

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B (male) is in love with A (female), but A chooses to ignore it so she won't fall in love with him too

1.B:”I love you..” 

A:”Yeah.. Okay, No thanks..” 

2. B:”You could say something!?” 

A:”I have nothing to say on the matter..” 

3. A:”No comment.” 

B:”You cant just ignore me every time I ask you out, I am being serious here! Will you please go on a date with me?” 

A:”Hmmmm…No comment.”

4. B: “I love you.” 

A:”I know, could you please stop reminding me.” 

B: “Not until you give me an answer.” 

A: “Well you’re never getting one, so just knock it off.” 

5.B:”Why can’t you just give it a chance? Huh? What are you so afraid of?” 

A:”Love. Okay. Love is scary, and I dont wan’t anything to do with it, alright. So just leave it alone…” 

I hope these work for you, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Perfect Couple

One with kevin trapp where you meet his family and they like you and after the dinner you here how his mom tells him what a perfect couple you are and how much she likes you and tells hin to keep you.

I was ready to meet Kevin’s parents.  "I am so nervous, what if they don’t like me? What if the think I am not good enough for you? Omg Kevin. They wont like me? Do I look okay?“ I blurted out. I had so many questions and worries for him. "Calm down baby, they are going to love you. Please stop panicking. Please stop worrying” He reassured me as he ran his hands up and down my shoulders.

“Also you look beauyiful, the jeans you look stunning on you. The blouse looks so good too. Now come on we need to go otherwise mum will moan about us being late. That is one thing you will have to learn about her, she cant deal with us being late.” He pulled me into the car.

“I am so scared” I took a big deep breath in. Kevin ran his hand on my thigh as he calmed me down. “You need to stop panicking. This isn’t going to be scary, just be yourself and you will be so loved” I smiled at him. This calmed me down a little.

We got to Kevin’s parents house. Kevin walked in behind me and he introduced everyone to me. “This is Y/N” Kevin’s mum smiled and greeted me in a hue hug. “It is so nice to finally meet out, I have heard so much about you. I am so happy” She smiled at me. “Thank you for having me here” I smiled.

It was time for dinner. “This looks lovely” I complimented her on the food that was dished out on the table. Kevin smiled as he pulled out the chair for me. “Thank you” I replied as I sat down. He smiled as he placed his hand on my leg. “You have done very well so far” He whispered in my ear.

It was a very peaceful dinner and I really enjoyed all the food. “This tastes amazing” I complimented her on her cooking. “Oh thank you darling, Kevin she is a good one right there. I mean she is complimenting my food already and we have only just met” She replied as I felt my face turning an awfully red colour. “Thanks mum, you should be pleased she’s so fussy” Kevin smirked as he kissed my cheek.

Once we had finished dinner. I helped his mum tidy up. I was trying to do my part and be a good person. It was lovely to be able to mingle in with the family. Even though I was really scared, I was starting to feel right a home with them.

“So Kevin, do you think she is the one for you?” I couldn’t look at Kevin as I was worried what he was going to say. “Yes mum, I think this may be the time you can get your wedding outfit ready” Kevin blushed as he squeezed my arm I felt so warm and my stomach whirled with butterflies.

“Well it has been nice to see you so happy in love Kevin I know it has been a while. I haven’t seen you in this perfect of a relationship ever You are perfect. It makes me smile. Y/N is absolutely perfect and I really like you. It has been lovely to meet you and I have loved it” She gushed. I got up and hugged her.

“Aww that means so much to me. Thankyou. I am very happy with your son. He makes me very happy whenever I am around him” I smiled at her. “Well I am so glad he does make you happy, he better be treating you right” I laughed.

i’m very much drunk but i just wanted to let u all know tht i LOVVVEEE jaebum and i have for almost 3 YRS so if u dont like him PLS!! unfollow like i understand but if ur gna talk shit just :/ unfollow n itll b better for both of us :((( im sorry ❤️❤️❤️

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My name is Keith. I'm full of a lot of angst, most of its from the fact my hairstyle is at least 20 years older than I am, the rest of it is because mothman denies my constant attempts at courting him. Emotions are b a d. I don't cry at all. The water from my eyes is my weakness leaving me.


                                                                       “ if you wanna fight just SAY so.

Red, The Blood of Angry Men

Hi I was wondering if you could write a fic of newt x reader? The reader is a metamorphagi and show her emotions through her hair. So when she sees newt for the first time her hair changes from her normal black hair to a deep red because she finds newt to be attractive. And newt finds it cute idk somewhere along the line lol

I love color theory and this was so fun to write!

“Y/N! WAKE UP, IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST!” Your best friend yelled in your ear. 

“Mm, 5 more minutes, please” you plead, rolling over in your bed. 

“You’re going to miss care of magical creatures,” they singsong in your ears. You jolt awake 

“I’M READY!” Your friend laughs as you tumble out of bed. 

You quickly run to the bathroom and fix yourself up in the mirror, your hair is a bright orange which shocked you a little. You walk out of the bathroom and your friend bursts out in laughter. 

“What’s so funny?” you ask, 

“Y-You l-look l-l-like an o-orange” they laugh out. 

You roll your eyes and drag them to the great hall. On the way, your hair turns back to black, your normal hair color. You silently breathe a sigh of relief. You admit being a metamorphagi is fun at times, like pranking people, but it’s a big hassle when your emotions are on display for everyone to see. 

Luckily, not everyone knows what each color means, so most don’t actually know what each emotion means. You ate breakfast quickly, wanting to get ready for Care of Magical Creatures. It was your third year which meant you were allowed to take it. You absolutely adored creatures, the tips of your hair turned a gold yellow just thinking about it. 

You ran back to your dorm and grabbed all the books you need and a few extra, just in case. You made your way to class early and waited outside the classroom, eager to start class. Your standing peacefully when you hear a loud crash and some running. 


That voice was definitely not the professor, it sounded like a young boy instead. Your hair started turning a little purple out of curiosity. You opened the door and saw a brown-haired boy chasing around a niffler. The niffler saw the open door and scurried towards you, you quickly scooped it up and held it in your arms. 

“Now, what do you think you’re doing?” you question the niffler with a playful tone. 

The boy stops in front if you, his hair was floppy and messy, his tie was undone and around his neck, he had his wand behind his ear and his white button up was ruffled and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. You stared at the boy, admiring his freckles and the dirt on his nose. 

“Um, excuse me, but you’re holding my niffler,” the voice snapped you out of your thoughts. 

How could you forget about the little troublemaker in your arms? You looked down and saw it all cuddled up in your arms. “Oh right, so sorry,” you apologize, handing the niffler to the boy, the niffler looks back at you with a sad expression.

You giggle and pull a coin from your pocket and hand it to the niffler who happily stuffed it in its pouch. When you looked up the boy was staring at you wide-eyed. 

“Um, can I help you?” you ask, feeling a little self-conscious.

“Oh sorry, forgive my staring but, your hair just turned from black to red,” he said with a hint of shock in his voice. 

Great, this cute boy thinks I’m weird because my hair changes color, stupid me being a metamorphagi. 

“I don’t think you’re weird, I think you’re amazing,” he whispers in awe. 

Oops, you thought out loud again, your face turned red to match your hair. 

“So, um, what are you doing in here without professor supervision?” you question, trying to change the subject. 

“Oh, I come here a lot, you know, I annoy people,” his head turned away for a split second, “And animals are much better comfort in my opinion.” he turned and went back to put the niffler in its burrow. 

“By the way, how did you know that the Niffler liked shiny objects?” He asked while walking to the bowtruckles. 

“I love magical creatures, I’ve always found them interesting. I was so overjoyed when I got enrolled in this class that I came early,” you reply excitedly. 

He smiles at you, noticing your hair growing golden tips on your still deep red hair. 

“What’s your name? I’m Newt Scamander, ” he says as he holds out his hand. 

“I’m Y/n L/n, pleasure to meet you Newt,” you take his hand and shake it, a little longer than needed in all honesty. People started to walk in and take their seats including your friends. 

“Well, I better let you go off with your friends. Nice meeting you, Y/n!” he said, turning back to the bowtruckles. You turned around and saw your friends deep in conversation. You sigh and turned back to Newt, 

“Actually, I think I’d rather stay with you, if you don’t mind?” you ask. His back was turned but you could see he was grinning. 

“Of course I don’t mind, I’d love to be your partner,” he winced a little after speaking but it only made you giggle. 

“By the way, I did some research on Metamorphagi a couple of years ago. I was in the library and found a book on special abilites some wizards have. If I remember correctly, bright red means anger and dark read means um love. Am I correct?” He sheepishly asks. You start to blush and fidget with your hands before answering him. 

“Yes, that could be correct,” you confess, wanting to disappear at that moment. 

“Well, I think red is a lovely color on you, Y/n,” he gives you a smile that makes your hair turn red again. 

“Damn you, Scamander” you playfully roll your eyes and walk to a table. 

You notice the tips of your hair turning gold again. Let’s just say you were very excited for this class. 

I cant stop singing Red and Black from Les Miserable. Help me, or dont I love les amis so much


ive doodling more in the margins of my notes instead of digitally this past week. ive got 3 weeks til the end of the semester and school’s got me BALL AND CHAINED! enjoy these mindless beatles doodles :’^)

one of em is reffed from this, i looked at it and couldnt stop laughing, paul and ringo usually roomed together and once they put a timer on a camera and tried to take a selfie together but it just ended up really awkward haahah adorable…

and she said it, not out of anger nor out of jealousy, but out of hope for the future and faith that maybe this was how it was meant to be. she said it in a way that made him shiver from the impact because of the tension vibrating through her words and the lightness in how she carried herself as she stood there before him with wide eyes, heavy breath, and nervous fingers.

she said, “i know that sometimes things dont go the way we wish they can and sometimes we have to let fate takes its own course and we shouldnt interfere with how destiny plays out but i wonder sometimes whether or not if it will ever hurt to take the left road rather than the right”.

she told him, “you remind me of someone i once knew - someone who was afraid to speak their mind. someone who was scared of authority. someone who never knew what to do with the power that they were given. you remind me of someone i once knew a long time ago. someone who just wanted to fit in. someone who wanted to be everyone's best friend - someone who just wants people to love them”.

she then continued, “and the problem with that is that you find yourself crowded with people who smile at you and say they love you and that they like your hair but they only say it because they truly dont know you for who you really are. and that is not your fault. they just never took the time to sit down and ask your favorite color or your perceptions on life”.

she looks down and whispered, “and i am sorry that you got so blinded by that and that you could no longer distinguish who was really there for you and that you could not know the difference between real love or pretend care. i am sorry that you got sidetracked and you found yourself locked in an empty room - hoping your ‘friends’ wont hear your sobs through the wall”.

she said, “i love you. i really do. i love you so much but i am sorry that it had come to this. i am sorry you had to learn the hard way. i am sorry you lost yourself in the process. i am sorry that you forgot where you came from and who you really are. i am sorry”.

and her hand was on the door, her tears were being held back, and her voice was fragile as she gave him her last words, “maybe fate is bullshit. maybe destiny is just some girl that plays with her dolls a little too much. maybe this 'meant to be’ shit is bogus. i dont know. but i do know that i pray you find your way. i hope that one day you realize what you had. not because i want you to feel guilty about letting it slip away but because i want you to realize that you are worth so much. you are worth everything to me”.

—  JB // i am sorry that i write about you so much and that you are laced into every word that i type and i am sorry that i cant stop thinking about you or that you have become this fictional character in my head and you are no longer the prince charming that saves me from a burning castle. i am sorry.

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For the Silas wearing a hoodie drawing a while back, initially all I saw was the word divorce and Silas shopping and looking up. And now I cant get the image of single dad Silas shopping for dinner for him and Sophie and seeing single mum Kamui (or just Kamui? Kana comes later ;) ) and he's just kinda breathless. Like who is this? she's gorgeous. Also little Sophie really wanting to eat and tugging at her dads sleeve until he just kinda stops phasing out. Kamui whos noticed giggles as she passes


imagicana  asked:

I have no idea if you are doing ships or not but I am bored and tired so hey if you aren't cool here's an unnecessary passage about me: anxious, sexually confused Indian short version of Spencer Reid. Like no joke i ramble with the hand movements and everything and the first time I found a boy attractive i called him a train wreck cause I got super nervous. But once ya break the awkward introvert shell I cant stop talking, i am super introspective, love dogs, reading and overanalyzing everything

ok so i don’t ship people with who they’re similar to tbh bc i feel like if you’re shy you’d be great w someone who’s not !! so i’m gonna say emily, i think she’s fascinated by your ramblings and loves the way you move your hands when you get excited, and adores hearing about your perspective/take on everything.