i am in love with him srsly

Marinette accidentally picking up on Chat’s flirtiness and using it towards Adrien is my aesthetic

Like. One day she just sees him and she’s like “oh my gosh he’s so cute i love him.”

And she just casually winks at him. 

And she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing until after he looks at her weird. And she’s just like “WHAT AM I DOING AAA” 

And then one day he does something and she just is like “look at him he’s so darn cute I love him so much.”

So she smiles to herself and grabs his hand and kisses it.

And looks up at him and says in a very Chat way,

“My Prince~”

And Adrien’s like, ???

Alya is screaming

Everyone is screaming

Then Marinette realizes what she did and she’s just dead

And just.

I really need this


PSA: Thace has a cute face ^3^

Other thoughts on Yuri on Ice ep 7

I think I’ve screamed enough about the kiss for several lifetimes, but I’m just going to point out other parts of the episode that I appreciated:

- first of all Victor did you *honestly* think Yuri was going to get any sleep with you laying on top of him. He’s only human, dude
- Guang-Hong Ji is??? So very cute??? I’m love
- also, it did not escape my notice that Ji imagined himself taking a fucking bullet for Leo during his performance.
- (#ishipit)
- Giacometti Christofucked the ice rink again
- Phichit just kinda lying down on the ice after his routine… like, same…
- Also I am very very proud of him! U got the gold kid!!! Awesome!!!!
- Georgi is still salty and beautiful
- the saltiest
- srsly dude let it go
- Also, the skaters all holding plushies when they receive their results? Is that a thing? Its so cute
- Yuri being so relaxed + at peace after crying abt his feelings with Victor
- he touched the hair!!! He finally touchrd the hair
- he was a sneaky lil bitch about it too
- Victor’s r e a c t i o n s to yuri’s skating omg
- Yuri accepting that Victor is not a perfect coach but he’s still gonna try his damnedest to win for both of them
- h e. U s e D. V I c t o r s. S I g n a t u r e. M o v e
- the two of them are so in love that they tackle-kissed on national television and I love it


I'm so fucking emo about civil war tbh
like ugh
i feel like a lot of people entirely blame tony for how it ended but srsly?
fuck no- how do you expect a damaged man to react to all that? HE TRIED TO HELP STEVE. And Zemo, the bastard, showed him his parents getting killed.
Oh and your “best friend”? he knew all along! He didn’t think you could handle it :-) 
And you know tony blames himself FOR EVERYTHING 

Professor Song (M)

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Personal fic. (Again LOL)

Characters: Song Mino (WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Genre: Smut, AU

Warning/s: TeacherX Student (I’ve been addicted to this recently LOL), Bondage (light), Daddy Kink (Mino is Daaaaaddy yah hear me b**ches???), Professor!Mino, Teacher!Mino

Length:   3,134 words

Plot:  You failed your Math class and bad-mouthed your professor, how do you think your irresistible professor will handle the situation?

A/N  OK I miss writing smut for Mino (I am only comfortable writing smut for him so far of all the Winner members like srsly) so just like before, this is going to be very detailed and dirty so… there.  I love you all

You bit your lip as you look at the grade sheet that your professor has given you.  

”No fucking way…”  You cursed silently under your breath as you went back to your seat, your body falling against the hard wood of your chair.  You got an F because of the multiple exams that you have failed in his Integral Calculus class.

“Why?  Why do you look so upset?”  You best friend nudged you by the shoulder before looking at the grade sheet that you have on hand.  She closed her eyes in frustration and patted your back, consoling you.

“Shit.  How do I tell my mom about this…? Why did he even fail me anyway?  I thought he is one of the most considerate teachers around the campus!”  You glanced at your professor while he gives out the grade sheet of your other classmates individually.

“_______, you just have to admit that you are not really good in Math, no matter who the professor is.”  Your friend rolled her eyes and you shot her a death glare.

“Hey, I know that I am not good in Math but I never failed, this prof was the only one who had that guts to fail me!”  Your voice went higher and louder that caught the attention of the entire class, as well as Professor Song.  Your eyes went wide and your hands found your mouth, keeping it silent.  Your best friend stood up from her seat and sat at the empty chair two chairs behind you, leaving you alone all of a sudden.

“Is there a problem, Miss _______?” 

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~FT 507~ **************************THE DEATH FLAG ON JERZA IS VERY VERY REAL

Especially on jellal.GOD SAVE MY CHILDREN,

While Jellal faces the strongest male spriggan,

Erza will be fighting the strongest female spriggan.



I think It’s high time ppl started appreciating and understanding HIRO MASHIMA-SAN.LIKE SRSLY,even if you got nothing to do,don’t hate on him.Don’t tweet him shit bout spoilers or hate/demands either.Sending him general love and support?No prob,go for it!Many thanks;)


fun fact: if you think wstrife is “serious” and that’s why you’re disheartened to watch his vids, then I suggest you look through his tweets for 10 minutes.

Soon you will see that he really is just a massive silly dork and that is why we love him to bits

Then go and watch his videos, join the streams (Which are even sillier!) and spread the word because we need to Strife up our lives.

I’m so proud of that pun.


these are only some of the tweets, some of which are a response to the positive trend #IAppreciateBobMorleyBecause that the bellarke fam organized to show him how much his fans love him..

time and time again bob has been harassed on twitter and even tagged in hateful and ignorant tweets. people are calling him a monkey, sexist, dirty and a bunch of other ridiculous names. he has done NOTHING wrong. people need to start learning the difference between a character and an actor, because bob has been nothing but understanding, supportive and just trying his hardest to portray the character and plot that has been given to him.

he is NOT the reason for your fav dying, he is NOT the reason for all the lesbian deaths on tv, and he is NOT there for you to bully and abuse because you’re sad that your otp didn’t make it. this has gotten fucking ridiculous at this point and the fact that he’s actually getting tagged in these tweets??? he could see them!! and bob does not fucking deserve this.

ya’ll antis are pathetic and i actually cannot comprehend that you take the time out of your day to cyber bully an actor for doing their job. ya’ll claim you aren’t racist but then you white wash him, call him a monkey and say he is ‘dirty’ because of his ethnicity??

if you have a minute to spare please go on twitter and report this dumb ass account (there are many other like this so if you know of any, comment their @’s) because this is actually happening, and this is the reason why there is so much negativity in our fandom. let’s not blame bellarke OR clexa for this shit, it’s pretty obvious that people like this don’t belong to either fandom and are just here because they have nothing better to do with their sad pathetic lives. this shit has to stop.

anonymous asked:

I am not sure when you officially entered the Phandom but what were your first thoughts on Dil? Do you have a previous post of your thoughts?

i’ve been watching D+P since 09 but didn’t really get properly involved until mid 2014 (i posted art before but didn’t really talk to a lot of people) but ahh anyway

When it comes to Dil, I’m just in love with D+P’s interactions with him and the Sims 4 series overall <3 It’s a blessing srsly it has provided us with so many domestic parent!phan moments and Dil alone is a perfect mash of D+P tbh. 
My favourite thing about Dil is he started off as “a genetic splice” but then naturally became like a son to D+P :’) They talk about how he has their traits, they act like to protective/demanding yet affectionate parents <3
Phil’s fathers day tweet about Dil and Dan retweeting still makes me very emotional:

they are actually dads <3 it’s wonderful~


Ensign Nathan said that he felt there was a variable within me that makes me not as logical as I think I am. I’m not sure I agree but have noticed that some of my decision making isn’t the same as it used to be. I’m trying to determine what’s causing the shift.

Am I the only one who like really wants to know about  François-Xavier de Montherlant?

Because I would really like some more backstory on this guy. I mean look how fabulous he is. 

This is who I want to see more of but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever be included in the story D:. He supposedly lives with Leigh and Lys right? Maybe if candy ever visit’s Lysander’s house she’ll meet him!

Am I the only one who was actually thrilled by the kiss?

I don’t know! Seems to me like Rumple needs to have his ass handed to him. And as much as I love Belle the naive girl, I can’t wait of more of Belle the woman who slaps ursula’s hand away and threathen to turn the evil duo unto a toad and actually has a lot of game without being racy lacey awww yeaaaaah

No but srsly, Rumbelle is endgame. Calm down people.


“It’s all your fault I’ve been rejected for the Haikyuu casting!”
“A ball? Is it a ball? or is it an enemy? Is it alive? Am I even alive? am I the ball?”
“Seems like I’m about to kiss the floor, welp, better look fantastic while doing it.”
“-I didn’t sign up for this! I have better things to do right now, like Atsushi!
-*Ignore him Io, that’s it, like it, good job Io*
-Wtf senpai srsly?”
“-The stars are beautiful tonight.
-You know who else is beautiful?
-*Blush* Gora-san.
-*Blush* Yeah, Gora-san.”

Omg the Beppu so close to each other, blushing! It got gayer after all.

black nut and smtm4

OK, so am I the only one who still supports Black Nut, not him being on SMTM4,forget that, but his  existence at the very least?
See, first of all Black Nut had always been like this. He has no filter, no common sense, no respect. It might be caused by anything, his mind is just different, maybe he just seeks attention or maybe we’re not qualified enough to understand him.
When I first heard Graduation Album I showed the lyrics to a friend to hear their opinion. At first that friend was disguised and reacted the same way 99% of the people on the Internet did but here’s what I told her: You know rap is just Black Nut’s way to express his thoughts. Just like a writer who writes a rape scene, or a movie director… their work is considered art so why is Black Nut targeted for being a rapist. Isn’t hip hop fans exactly the ones here who should agree that rap is also art?
The fact that you haven’t seen no one like this before in Korean undergr doesn’t mean they’re criminals or something. Maybe is exactly the opposite and Black Nut is a freaking genius, who knows?
Black Nut on SMTM… As I said the boy had always been like this. And I swear every singe person in the hip hop industry is aware of it. They decided to let him move forward, whether because according to the producers he’s good at rap or simply because he’s a clown, I don’t know and none of us does, but they let him be on the show taking all the risks. At the end the worst is getting edited out anyways. What if there’s someone as fucked up as Black Nut but you’ve never found about the scenes that were edited out?
As for the Mino VS Black Nut I have just one thing to ask. Are you all not aware of the fact that Black Nut hates Minho? Wouldn’t you act just as awful if you were diss battling the person you hate (who is also going to win anyways) ? And you know what, diss apparently is a slang for DISRESPECT and isn’t Black Nut the only one who got the actual meaning of the word? ;)


Got my binder in today!! The pictures aren’t the best but it does show first and foremost how utterly happy I am with how I look!! Also it makes it look like I have pecs now that are defined but not overly so. @haydenxbro also sent me some @lllads stickers with the binder!

I was so lucky to meet the lad named Anthony (anyone have his tumblr name lets tag him!), who was t using his binders so he gave them away! I am so thankful for this group who has supported me and allowed me to grow with them and support them as well.

Today has me soaring and I feel so amazing and feel like I look great! Smaller shirts that once conformed to my curves now show off how proud I am to be myself and look more as I see myself on the inside.

@transbutts, @trans-positivity and @lllads (!!!!!) thanks so much for your pages and your constant body positivity posts and your communities. What you all do is amazing. 💯💯💯

Here’s to 2016 buds! 👊🏽