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  • ($)=Threesome
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  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW

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Don’t leave us... - Batsis x Batfamily (ANGST)

Would you look at that ? In the mood for a somewhat angsty story. Also, I promised more Batsis so…boom, here we are. Written in ten minutes (almost exactly) at 4 am so…UHUH. I hope you will still like it

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You didn’t intend for any of that to happen. It just…somehow did. 

If you had waited for him, you know it would have been too late.  

Damian was there with you but…there was no way you would have let him do this. Oh no. Not your precious little brother. 

You couldn’t bear it. Nor could you bear for your dad to do it really…

You know…You know it’s selfish. 

You can’t help but think that, at least, you wouldn’t be the one to suffer. You wouldn’t be the one with a bleeding heart…Yes. It’s totally selfish. 

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Ed Sheeran - ERASER (lyrics) Extended F64 Version

[Verse 1]
I was born inside a small town, I’ve lost that state of mind
Learned to sing inside the Lord’s house, but stopped at the age of nine
I forget when I get awards now the wave I had to ride
The paving stones I played upon, they kept me on the grind
So blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life
Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride
And when the world’s against me is when I really come alive
And everyday that Satan tempts me, I try to take it in my stride
You know that I’ve got whisky with white lines and smoke in my lungs
I think life has got to the point I know without it’s no fun
I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up
Instead, I look in the mirror questioning what I’ve become
I guess it’s a stereotypical day for someone like me
Without a nine-to-five job or an uni degree
To be caught up in the trappings of the industry
They showed me the locked doors I find another use of key
And you’ll see

[Chorus 1]
I’m well aware of certain things that will destroy a man like me
But with that said give me one more, higher
Another one to take the sting away
I am happy on my own, so here I’ll stay
Save your lovin’ arms for a rainy day
And I’ll find comfort in my pain

[Verse 2]
I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs
I chased the pictured perfect life, I think they painted it wrong
I think that money is the root of evil and fame is hell
Relationships and hearts you fixed, they break as well
And ain’t nobody wanna see you down in the dumps
Because you’re living your dream, man, this shit should be fun
Please know that I’m not trying to preach like I’m Reverend Run
I beg you, don’t be disappointed with the man I’ve become
Our conversations with my father on the A14
Age twelve telling me I’ve gotta chase those dreams
Now I’m playing for the people, dad, and they know me
With my beat and small guitar wearing the same old jeans
Wembley Stadium crowd two hundred and forty thou
I may have grown up but I hope that Damien’s proud
And to the next generation, inspiration’s allowed
The world may be filled with hate but keep erasing it now

[Chorus 2]
I’m well aware of certain things that will befall a man like me
But with that said give me one more, higher
Another one to take the sting away
I am not beyond my own, so here I’ll stay
Save your lovin arms for a rainy day
And I’ll find comfort in my pain
And I’ll find comfort in my pain
And I’ll find comfort in my pain

[Verse 3]
I woke up this morning lookin’ in the mirror
Thinkin’ to myself that I should probably be thinner
The industry told me to look like them
But I found my happiness in fried food for my dinner
I wish that she could have been my first time
And I wish that I’d never took that first line
And I wish that every word in this verse rhymed
But forgive me if it doesn’t
I wish that I could make peace with my older cousin
I wish he didn’t think that it was me when it wasn’t
I wish I didn’t love it when I’m high and my face feels buzzin’
And the taste stays underneath my tongue
Wish that I had known what to do as a youngling
Wish I hadn’t dropped out of school and missed every single party
With that hardly matters now, man, does it?
Wish I had an answer to everything, but fuck it
I wish creatin’ art didn’t come with a budget
But while we’re on the subject
I wish my private life would have never gone public
But that’s the sacrifice that we make
Spendin’ my whole time high livin’ life away

[Chorus 3]
Singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish
I’m singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish

[Verse 4]
I wish my family and friends they stay healthy
I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
I found myself late night wishin’ on a star
Everyday I wish I’d never broken a heart, uh
And I wish I’d never run to
Every woman that I loved that kept my life and what it’s come to
I wish I was the role model you looked up to
If I told my fans the things I did they’d say, “Fuck you”
I wish I was home more
I wish my teens could see the kids on the birthdays, but yo, we’re on tour
And I wish I’d grow more, wish I told more
People that I love ‘em but it’s in the music that I’m known for
And I wish he never got cancer
And if I smoke a pack a day, well, does that make me a wanker?
Oh yes, I guess it does, and we’re still stressin’ 'cause
Every day this shit gets the best of us
Usin’ my balance on eraser blades
Spendin’ my whole time high wishing life would wait

[Chorus 3]
Singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish
I’m singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish

[Verse 5]
I’m using jumpers for goalposts, cigarettes for throat cold
Mum sayin’, “Don’t smoke,” no, I don’t listen, I got
Love for a ghost note, shows on the gold coast
People that I don’t know share the same vision
I find truth in the hard times and words that aren’t mine
Tryin’ to find a love with a compatible star sign
Sometimes I can’t write, sentences can’t rhyme
Starin’ at my notepad quick, I’m tryin’ to find mine
Shit, quick before I hit it again
Surrounded in the industry by all these ignorant men
And who knew that I’d be paid just to pick up a pen
Just let me hit the studio when we can rip it again
I’m a competitive dick, with an adrenaline kick
My daddy told me work hard and you can never be shit
I’ve seen all my heroes dethroned except my dad
Set back here reminiscing 'bout the times we had
One wish


Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 6](Bruce Wayne imagine)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

Requested: Yes
Request:  I was just asked to keep this going
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 507
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

Bruce couldn’t sleep an hour that night, and was nearly falling asleep on stacks of paper at work, causing him to go home early. Logically he shouldn’t be going on patrol that evening,it’s obviously dangerous for him, but Bruce and logic don’t always go hand in hand, despite Alfred’s subtle hints, here he was, trying to save the night, just like every night.

His sons noticed, his reflexes were slower than usual and he never commented on anything the boys did that they knew Bruce didn’t like. The air between the youngest Robin and Batman seemed to be thicker than usual, so the rest of the boys decided it’s best to leave it be.

As soon as they got back home from patrol, Dick, Jason and Tim quickly vanished out of sight, leaving Damian and Bruce alone. “What’s the matter, Damian?” Bruce finally asks, unsure of his sons behaviour. He noticed it this morning, when he was training particularly brutally, even for him. As if to blow off steam, or mask feelings, which is usual to the Wayne men.

Damian only huffs walking away towards the stairs. Damian never gave away a chance to argue and fight, so this threw Bruce completely off guard.
Before walking up the stairs, holding onto the railing, Damian turned around, an angry glint in his eyes.

“If you mess up again, I will permanently reside with mother and have nothing to do with you.” Damian says voice low but threatening.

It felt as if a kick to the stomach, he had never felt as guilty as he did the last two days. Bruce calmly approached his son, as Damian warily observed.
Upon getting to him, he crouched down in front of him, making the young man taller than him. A particularly vulnerable position for Bruce to be in, showing Damian that he’s willing to face the consequences of his actions. 
“Look, Damian, I know I messed up, but I promise to make this better. Your mother and I will never have to go through this ever again, and hopefully none of you have to either.” Bruce explained.

“I intend to rewrite my wrongs and prove to you and y/n that I can fix this. But also this is a lesson to you, to be better than I am, in the future.” Bruce continues, keeping eye contact with Damian. The young Robin could tell that the words his father spoke were true, but they’re only words.
“Before I see it, I refuse to believe it,” the boy said, to which Bruce only sighs and nods, “That’s understandable.”

A moment of silence later Bruce speaks once more, “Go get washed and go to sleep, we have a gala tomorrow, your mother will be there,” he gives Damian a half smile, Bruce knew he saw Damians eyes light up slightly from the mention of you even tho he masked it well. Before the boy runs up the stairs, leaving Bruce to clean up before going to sleep himself. Tomorrow was going to be better.


With love,

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Three

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


Y/n tugged the elastic band out of her hair, the dark locks tumbling down around her shoulders. She ran her fingers threw her hair, fluffy it up slightly and frowning into the webcam on her computer. Her and Jared had a Skype call scheduled in ten minutes.

She’d never been more nervous before in her life. Y/n wasn’t completely sure what to talk to him about, let alone what to even call him. Jared? Dad? She had so many questions for him. She wanted to know about his family, his job, his life.

Y/n opened the Skype website, waiting for the call to come through. She thumbed her fingers against the desk, and jumped in her seat when she saw that Jared was online.

Y/n internally battled with herself, Should I call him or will he call me? Don’t just sit there waiting, do it. No, don’t seem desperate, let him do it.

Before she knew it, she was getting a call from Jared. Y/n closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was meeting him for the first time. Sure, she’d stalked his Instagram and googled him, but now she was actually going to talk to him.

Y/n quickly hit accept before she could talk herself out of it. The screen stalled and loaded for a minute, then flashed up with the image. Y/n couldn’t help, but smile at the view of the smiling man on the other end.

“Hey,” Jared cried excitedly, happy to be talking with her again.

“Hello!” There was a minute of awkward silence as neither knew what exactly to say to start the conversation. They were total strangers.

“So how was school yesterday?” Jared winced as he heard himself ask it. What a lame question, but he just wanted to start a conversation.

“It was okay, I’m just holding out for winter break later this month. We’ve got lucky with a long one this year.”

“How’s school going?” Maybe asking about school wasn’t such a bad idea, it was an easy, safe topic to start with. 

Y/n blushed, “I’ve always done well in school and enjoyed it. I’m in all honor and AP classes this year. English is my favorite. I’m a junior this year.”

Jared smiled proudly, “That’s awesome! Do you play any sports or do you have any school activities? What about that job you mentioned the other day? You said you needed your birth certificate for a job.”

“I like art a lot. I’ve taken a bunch of art classes in school and I joined the set design crew for theatre at school. I got a job at the art museum downtown.”

“I can’t wait to see some of your artwork sometime.”

Y/n shivered and it didn’t go unnoticed by Jared, “You alright?”

“Yeah, it just started snowing here this morning so it’s getting a lot colder.” The corners of Jared’s lips turned down, guess Tiffany moved from San Antonio.

“Where do you live?”

“Pennsylvania.” Jared sighed, Pennsylvania was so far away. He hadn’t even thought about the fact that maybe she would live so far.

Y/n bit her lip, Jared looked unhappy, “Is something wrong?”

Jared cursed himself, his displeasure must have shown. “No, of course not! Pennsylvania is just so far away from Texas.” Y/n sighed and Jared tried to quickly reassure her. “But we’re not gonna let that stop us!”

“Is it just you and your mom up there?” Jared asked curiously.

“And my dad- step-dad I guess, Dan.” Y/n was still flustered over the whole thing.

Jared gave her a soft smile, she’d grown up with this Dan as a dad and he didn’t hold it against her that she still thought about him that way.

“It’s okay, I get it. He’s been your dad your whole life. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Jared reassured her and Y/n looked relieved. “What did your mom end up doing? Did she become a nurse like she always talked about?”

Y/n nodded and lightly smiled, “That’s where she met Dad, he’s a doctor. How about you?”

“I’m married to a wonderful woman named Genevieve. We have two sons, Tom and Shep and she’s pregnant with our third child, a little girl.”

Y/n’d never had siblings before, “Wow, I’ve got brothers.”

Jared grinned, “Yeah! They’re gonna be so excited when they find out they have an older sister!”

“How old are they?”

“Tom is 4 and Shep is 2.” Wow, they were a lot younger than Y/n, but she was still excited. She’d always wanted brothers or sisters and now she had two, soon to be three.

“I’d always wanted siblings.”

“They are gonna be bugging the crap outta me when they find out. They’re defiantly going to want to talk to you immediately.”

“I can’t wait to talk to them either,” Y/n was happy, her first real conversation with Jared, was going well. At first, she’d been worried, but Jared was easy to talk to and he seemed so kind.

“They’d love to meet you too, as would I. Maybe we could have you come out to see us soon.”

Y/n smiled brightly, she was excited, but nervous to meet them all in person. “That would be great.”

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Angel baby~Part 1

Originally posted by kpopkpoop

(gif isn’ mine credit to owner) 


I have a serious problem with controlling myself these days so yeah I have another fic series coming up and this is the magnificent part one 

I am sorry I just couldn’t stop the urge of writing sugar daddy jimin 

I hope you guys are going to like it because DAMN I LOVE THE STORY LINE OF THIS ONE 

I’ll stop now, enjoy :) 

-4, 009    words 

mentions of smut 

Pairing: Female Reader x Park Jimin

Genre: Sugar baby/sugar daddy AU; multimillionaire!jimin

~Your new sugar daddy is anything but what you expected, and you’re not complaining.~

music rec list:  (just for the cozy bar vibe) 

all of them are alex aiono and william singe covers lmao oops :’) 

preview, part 1

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New Life (Sam x Daughter!Reader)

thRequest by @omg-gilliankazoo-me

Could I request a Dad!Sam x Daughter!Reader fic- you’re 17 and you’ve finally found your long lost dad, plus a bonus Uncle too :)

Pairing: Sam x daughter!reader, (Dean x niece!reader)

It was the scariest moment of your entire life. You were finally going to meet your long lost father. The man that was always supposed to be there, but never was.

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In the Rough

Part 1, Part 2 (you are here), part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, based on @skygemspeaks ‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri is the prince of the country of Yutopia. His older sister, Crown Princess Mari Katsuki, is readying to ascend to the throne. Due to the stress, she has allowed her relationship with her brother to deteriorate, causing him to leave for the sake of putting less stress on her. While trekking to the neighboring country, Yuuri comes across a carriage, which is soon attacked by bandits. As reward for helping to incapacitate said bandits, neighboring Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov offers him a job as his personal bodyguard, complete, of course with the food and shelter guaranteed of a servant. Yuuri has eight months before he has to go home. Besides, he’s too awkward to refuse.

Not for the first time, Yuuri wonders how he got here. Granted, he already knows exactly how, but that doesn’t stop him from wondering when Victor drags him from the carriage the instant they reach the palace.

“Let’s go, Yuuri! The guards will let Father know that we’re back and we can talk to him after we bathe, since no one is fit to be seen after travelling.” Victor’s grip on his arm is like iron.

Yuuri looks desperately at their companions, all of whom seem to be conveniently busy with their fingernails. “Your Highness, I don’t think–”

“Call me Victor,” Victor says, turning a grin in Yuuri’s direction even as they’re moving. “You don’t need to be so formal with me. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, Yuuri!”

“Your Highness,” Yuuri says again, refusing to be put off by Victor’s odd behavior, “I don’t think it’s proper for us to bathe together. You are the crown prince, and I am a servant.”

At least, as far as Victor knows. Still, it wouldn’t be appropriate whether Yuuri was there as a prince or as a servant.

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Contact: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer x Female Reader  

A/N: Smut below the cut!! This is for Mish’s 4k Smut Challenge.

I chose #20 Drunk CONSENSUAL rough sex.

This challenge is filled with panty drenching fics, I hope to do justice to the challenge. I am trying not to make this a crack fic, but I am drinking, so no promises. Special shout out to @imagicana and @gubl-oser who had to listen to the start of this scenario. I need a bath in holy water… xoxo Stu

Also the picture is from the /r GuysInGlasses

I do not own the images/ lyrics or characters.

Surviving a night out AFTER a Rossi dinner party was something you didn’t think you would complete within your first year as a member of the BAU. But tonight was special, you had closed your tenth case in a row AND it was Penelope’s birthday. After dinner festivities were not only expected; they were encouraged.

“Please be safe, guys. Remember Uber is always available.” Hotch explained.

“That’s right, kids, because Uncle Dave is not your designated driver. I fed you, now get out of my house.” Rossi slowly shuffled you all off of his patio and back through his lavish estate.

Derek and Spencer were cracking up over something. Penelope was leaning on you as you all piled into Derek’s truck.

“Savannah’s on call tonight, isn’t she? She would dance with us, wouldn’t she Y/N?” Penelope moaned.

“I am sure she would, IF I had met her yet, Morgan.” You teased, flicking the back of the sober driver’s head.

“Oh, she is the best. Like, she is model pretty and saves FREAKING lives, Y/N. You would love her.” Penelope gushed.

“Yeah, yeah, ladies. Cool your woman crushes on my girl.” Derek acknowledged, pulling out of the gated community Rossi lived in.

“Penny, where did you want to go? A regular club, something themed?” You asked lazily, trying to focus between your blonde friend and your phone screen.

“Anywhere with birthday specials, Mama will not be spending a lot guys.”

“I don’t think anyone would let you Garcia, besides Rossi has us covered.” Spencer finally piped up, flashing a stack of twenties from everyone’s favorite best selling author.

“Are we sure he isn’t looking for wife number 4, because I could use me a bank roll like that!” You teased. Everyone was quiet and the air in the vehicle got awkward. “I am kidding guys!! He is older than my actual father, not my thing.”

“What is your ‘thing’ if you don’t mind me asking? I haven’t seen you get worked up over anyone yet, Agent Y/L/N.” Derek teased.

You finished typing a text to your roommate before realizing everyone was waiting for you to answer. “Sorry, what?”

Derek and Penelope burst into explosive laughter, Spencer joined in gently. “No, I’m serious! What did you say?”

“Do you have a type?” Morgan enunciated each word as if you were a non-native English speaker.

“I am not going to tell you guys. You’re awful. I’ll never live it down.”

“I like muscular guys with…” Penelope started.

“We know.” You and Spencer cut her off in unison.

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10 Things I Hate About You [b.b au] [1/10]

Master Post

Series Title: 10 Things I Hate About You (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Stratford!reader, Clint Barton x Stratford!Natasha, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sharon Carter, mentions of Steve Rogers, mentions of Tony Stark
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild swearing
Word Count: 1,797
Requested: No
Description: Y/N and Natasha Straford’s house rules say that Nat can’t date until Y/N has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Y/N crosses paths with handsome Bucky Barnes. Will Y/N let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Bucky?

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Growing up in an upper-middle-class home in California was something that Y/N Stratford had always been thankful for. Being subjected to those assholes that people at her school called boys, however, was not something that she appreciated very much. None of the boys at Y/N’s high school were worth any of her time, in her opinion, and some of the girls there were pretty awful too. Y/N’s sister, on the other hand, totally disagreed. After their mother passed away, Y/N and Nat had started falling out more than ever, and they barely even spoke to one another anymore.

Natasha Statford was the incarnation of all the things that people at Stark High School wanted to be: pretty and popular. That was the extent of it. And not only was Nat shallow and a little bit of an airhead, but she was awful to her older sister, Y/N, and had taken advantage of their dad’s love for his daughters when their mother passed away. Nat wanted to do what everyone else her age did: date a cute boy with a high social rank at their school. Perhaps that was what made Nat the favoured Statford sister. Y/N was just as beautiful as Nat, and even more smart. But she had an antisocial, often abrasive attitude and wanted nothing to do with the losers at their school.

Nat’s best friend, Sharon Carter, was smart enough to befriend Nat in order to climb her way through the social system of their high school, not that Nat would ever realise, and had always had her eye on Steve Rogers; a self-absorbed high school senior and aspiring model. Steve’s affluent best friend Tony was the grandson of the man who founded the high school they all attended, and it only made the two of them even more unbearable. 

At least Y/N had one friend that was worth having: Wanda Maximoff. Wanda was considered to be even more odd than Y/N at Stark, and that was saying something. She wore dark clothing and loved Shakespeare more than anything. People gave her nicknames such as witch, but Wanda only ignored them. One more year of school and Wanda and Y/N would be gone from that hell hole anyway. 

In the morning, Nat and Y/N got to school separately. Nat rode the bus with Sharon in the mornings and Y/N took her old car that she had bought with the money she saved from all of her part-time jobs. Y/N – unlike Natasha – wanted to be responsible for herself and was sure that she would only use her inheritance for paying for college and nothing else. Natasha was already coaxing her father into buying her Prada backpacks and who knows what else. So once Y/N and Nat were out the door, it was almost like they didn’t even know each other.

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Too Young, Too dumb, Too Powerful Part 4

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Other characters: Pepper Potts

When Tony was a reckless young playboy he had his late night adventures usually ending with a girl in his bed, but when he met your mother, everything in his world changed. He fell in love with her beautiful smile and her contagious laugh. When he knocked her up it had been the happiest he had ever been, knowing that he was going to start a family with the love of his life. When your mother went into labour, there had been many complications that it left her dead ten minutes after you had been brought into the world. Tony Stark was left with a baby girl and a broken heart. He knew what he had to do, and it was to raise you right even if that meant raising you as a single parent. You were Tony Stark’s most prize possession, not the suits. You were his princess and he treated you like one. But when his princess gets older and meets Tony Stark’s newest recruit, Spiderman/Peter Parker, Tony realizes you’re growing up and he could lose you as well.

I was walking the busy streets of New York, trying to get my mind off the horrible seen that happened back at the tower, my home. Home is where the heart is but how much of your heart is there if it’s not fully invested in what I once thought was my whole world
your life. my life has been anything but normal, but how would I know what normal is? if I’m constantly being sheltered I’ll never see the world of what it truly is. I never walk through the streets alone, partly because I wasn’t allowed to the leave the tower without supervision. I walked down a certain street that triggered a wave of memories and pain, as I stood over the place where my father once laid, on the verge of death.

Pain is something I’ve been used to. I was raised never really expecting my dad to be a constant in my life, yet he always managed to get through it all so he could tuck me into bed and kiss me goodnight. My father has gone to hell and back throughout his lifetime, but he rose above it all. I’ll never forget that day in New York.


We all sat around the tv on the private jet completely shocked. Pepper was rubbing my back as she tried to comfort me, and herself. New York has been taken over by aliens.

“Y/N, it’ll be alright, honey, don’t worry. He’ll be there when we land.” Pepper soothed.

I turned and tried to give her a sad smile. He will, I thought to myself, he’ll be standing there on the roof of the tower, in his sunglasses, waiting for me with his arms ready to embrace me.

Pepper’s phone rang. It rang once and she picked it up right away. With a face of sadness and sorrow she handed the phone over to me. Although I knew I wouldn’t like the words coming from the other line I put the phone to my ear, with my last adolescent hopefulness hoping my father would be alive.

“Dad,” I spoke, but my voice was shaking. I knew I had to stay strong for him, but how can you stay strong when you know your weakness is going to creep up on at any moment.

“Hey sweetheart,” he spoke through the phone, “ I don’t know if I’ll come home this time. I just wanted to say that I love you so much. I am a better man because of you. You are my whole world. You’re so strong.” I could hear him choking up, I had never heard him cry. “You’re exactly like your mother. So beautiful with such a big heart . She’d be so proud of you,” he began to cry harder. “If I don’t make it, please know that I am always with you.”

“Dad, I love you.”

‘User is no longer available’

I let out a cry that shook the company of the jet to the core. Pepper rushed to my side, with tears falling down her face as well, she held me. We wept together. We grieved together. We lost the most important person in my world.

Present Time.

I realized I had to talk to my dad. My time with him is so valuable, so much more than I’ve been able to realize. He has provided me a world most kids dream of living in. I see the avengers up close. I get to a priority to the Tony Stark. I get to have Tony Stark as my father.

I begin to rush back to the tower, not wanting to waste any time. As I turn corners and cross streets, I can see the illumination from the lights, I feel a pair of large hands grab my shoulders and pull me into an alley.


“GET OFF ME! PUT ME DOWN YOU DICK!” I cried and kicked my legs but he didn’t budge. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? PUT ME DOWN OR MY DAD WILL KILL YOU!”

The mysterious man threw me down on the pavement of the alley. My head hit the pavement and I felt blood drip down my forehead. I began to get dizzy, but I could still make out the man who dragged me here.

“Stark has built some impressive stuff, but I think you’re the best thing he’s ever made.” He rasped. He began to unbuckle belt and pull down his pants. I quickly got up, but I was so dizzy that I fell to the ground right in front of the man.

He picked me up and pushed me, roughly, against the building. I was screaming, praying someone would hear me.

“Daddy can’t save you now, princess.” He said against my ear, sending unpleasant shivers throughout my body. His hands were all over me and I couldn’t stop my cries and screams, but he didn’t mind. As his hands moved lower towards my privates I felt his touch suddenly leave my body.

I look behind me, confused, only to see this horrible man trapped in a web.

“He father may not save her, but I sure will.” I heard Peter yell as he threw punches at the man, who was helpless now.

“Peter,” I breathed out. He was in his horrible homemade suit with his old goggles. He took off his mask and I saw his beautiful face, I felt so relieved. I ran into his arms and he hugged me tightly to his body.

He pulled away and held my face in his soft hands. He looked terrified and angry all at once.

“I leave you alone for a few hours, and you end up getting assaulted? What were you thinking, Y/N? Do you know what would have happened if I didn’t show up in time? I don’t even want to imagine that.” He yelled. He’s never raised his voice at me, but I don’t blame him.

“Peter, I’m okay. You saved me. I’m here, with you, all safe.” I spoke, but he wouldn’t look at me. I sighed, and grabbed his face and turned it to mine. “I’m here. I’m safe, thanks to you.”

“I just love you so much, Y/N. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you. I never want you hurt, or too feel any pain.” He began tearing up. I nodded and wiped his tears away.

“I love you too, Spider-man.”

“We should call the police. They’ll get your father.”

After Peter made the call, five police cars showed up. A few of them went to the guy on the wall and let him loose only to put him handcuffs and shoved him in the car. The rest came up to me and questioned me about what happened and how I got my injuries. All questions, all movements stopped when the sound of a red metal suit flew through the sky. He landed right between the police and Peter and I.

“Thank you, officers. I’ll take these two home.”

As some of the police cars drove off, Peter and I put a little space between us. My father stepped out of his suit and walked over to me. He stared at me for thirty seconds and embraced me in a big hug, which I quickly returned.

“Oh my baby, my beautiful daughter. My sweet girl, I am so sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I should have never reacted like that. I would have never driven you to leaving the building and you almost get-getting-”

“No, dad, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for sneaking around with Peter. I’m sorry for lying to you, for breaking the rules. I’m so sorry for leaving, unsupervised and without permission,” I cried into his chest.

“The only thing that matters right now is that you’re safe. All thanks to Mr. Parker over there.” My dad nodded over at Peter who was awkwardly standing near the two of us.

“Mr. Stark,” he nodded.

“Look, Peter, I was a bit harsh, but I have to be. She’s my only child and I care about her more than anything and I just wanted her to be safe, but you proved to me that you could do just that. I will never be able to thank you enough for saving Y/N life.”

“Of course, Mr. Stark. And if I may, I just want to say that I would go to the ends of the Earth for you daughter to keep her safe. I’m in love with her.” Peter spoke with a confident voice, which he’s never been able to establish in front of my father.

“I know you do, Peter. I will allow you to see her again, but of course rules will be put in place.”

“Yes, Mr. Stark.” Peter held out his hand for my dad to shake it but instead my father went in for a hug, which Peter returned.

“I’ll give you too a moment alone to do, whatever sappy teenage love stuff. A moment! Nothing more!” My dad said, walking off to talk to the remaining officers.

“So, wanna have dinner with my dad and I tonight?”

Marauders Headcanon #11

Harry was born three days after a full moon.
Remus remembers it well- he was still undercover in a werewolf pack. He was hurting, worse than he ever had at Hogwarts. Being undercover and all, he couldn’t use any of the remedies that he had learned over the years, and there had been no Padfoot or Prongs or Wormtail to distract him. He remembered seeing the owl, perched on a nearby tree, a letter tied to it’s foot. He had panicked- something had to have been wrong, for one of the order to risk sending him a letter. He had taken it from the Owl and quickly shooed the little thing on it’s way, before sneaking away from the pack to read it. The message had contained 3 words, scrawled in Sirius’ unruly handwriting.
Prongslette is here.

Joy exploded in Remus’ chest. Lily had had her baby. James’ son. And they must be alright, because Sirius hadn’t mentioned anything being wrong. He grinned, folding the note up small and shoving it into his pocket, before turning to return to the pack.

Remus didn’t get to meet Harry until he was nearly a month old. When he finally returned to the outside world, it was nearing the full moon a second time. As soon as Remus apparated to Order headquarters, he was seized by a grinning Sirius who held out photos of a baby with dark hair and green eyes. Before Remus could so much as blink, Sirius was taking him to Godric’s Hollow with side-along apparation.
James opened the door. He looked exhausted and rumpled, but he looked happy. He pulled Remus into a bone-crushing hug and let them in. Remus nearly cried when they walked in and saw Lily, asleep on the couch, baby Harry sleeping on her chest. He was small and helpless and perfect.
James asked if he wanted to hold Harry. Remus looked so startled and frightened at the idea that James didn’t ask again.

Remus held Harry for the first time after that next full moon. Peter was on an order mission, and Remus refused to let James leave his brand-new son for him, so there was only Sirius that night. The next morning, Sirius apparated him to James and Lily’s, where James fussed over him as bad as Madame Pomfrey would have. Remus was propped up on the couch when Lily came over, a stern look on her face, and told him that he was going to hold her son. Before Remus could argue, she practically dropped Harry into his arms. Remus did cry, then, because Harry was so small. James, sitting in a chair across from the couch, laughed at him. (“Merlin, Moony, you’re crying more than Lily did, and she was pushing the kid out of h- Ow, Lily, that hurt!”)

Remus picked out Harry’s first sweater, a dark red one with a little gold lion on the front. Lily laughed at her little Gryffindor.(James reminded everyone that, “We’ll love Harry no matter what house he’s in, and- oh, who am I kidding? That kid’s gonna be captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, just like his father.”)
In fact, Remus helped Lily pick out a lot of Harry’s things- baby blankets, clothing, toys, books, pacifiers, shoes, you name it. Remus was the only one Lily trusted to go shopping for the baby and not come back with something utterly ridiculous. (He did anyways, but Lily couldn’t fault him because he looked so happy doing it.)

Moony was Harry’s fifth word. It sounded more like Moo-ie, but it still made Remus cry and Sirius indignant. (“He’s my godchild, he’s supposed to love me best!” “Get over yourself, Padfoot, honestly.”)
Harry’s favorite napping place was Remus. It wasn’t uncommon to find Harry in Remus’ arms, falling asleep as Remus read to him in a soothing, low voice. (Remus read him everything, from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Robert Frost poetry.)
As Harry got a little older, he loved to run his hands over the scars on Remus’ face. (”Wow, Pads, isn’t that usually your jo- Lily! That hurts!”) Remus let him, even when they were aching, because somehow baby Harry could look at his scars and laugh, and Remus thought that maybe watching the baby would teach him how to do the same.
Despite Sirius being Harry’s godfather, Remus was the babysitter of choice. (Sirius usually came along, anyways.) He was more responsible than Sirius and more capable than Peter. The real reason, though, was because Lily and James knew that it was unlikely Remus would ever have kids of his own, and they wanted to give him everything they could of Harry.

The night James and Lily died, Remus was halfway across the country on Order business. He didn’t find out what had happened until after Sirius was in Azkaban, after Peter was dead, after Harry was gone to the Dursley’s.
Remus returned to the house in Godric’s Hollow the day he found out, because he had to see it for himself. The bodies had already been removed, but there were still devastating thing to be found. He found James’ wand, lying on the couch. He found one of Harry’s socks, abandoned on the living room floor. He found Lily’s favorite blanket, crumpled on the floor.  He found James’ broom, propped up by the back door like James was planning to go flying. He found the basket of books Remus had read to Harry upended in the nursery. He found Harry’s crib, empty and cold. He found that little red sweater Remus had bought him nearly a year ago, abandoned on the changing table. A few of it’s threads were loose. Remus stared at that sweater for a long, long time.
The next day, he went by number 4 Privet drive. A woman holding a fat, screaming baby with a long, skinny neck opened the door. Remus introduced himself as a friend of Lily and James’, and asked if he could see Harry. The woman slammed the door in his face. Remus tried again the next day, and the next. On the third day, a thick man with a large mustache opened the door and told him that if he didn’t stop calling, he would call the police. Remus would have kept going back, but Dumbledore told him to leave Harry be. Remus was devastated, but he couldn’t disobey Dumbledore.

Remus met Harry again on the train. That awful, awful train ride. Remus had woken to the cold chill of the dementors, the memory of James and Lily’s death playing at the edge of his mind. He had cast the patronus spell, looked around the compartment, and seen James crumpled on the floor. Remus had nearly lost it right then, seeing his dead friend lying on the floor. It took him far too long to realize that it wasn’t James. It was Harry. His Harry, his Prongslette, the child he loved like his own flesh and blood. He looked so much like James that it physically hurt. Remus had to leave the compartment, had to compose himself for a moment.
When he returned, he asked, “Are you alright, Harry?”
Harry didn’t ask how Remus knew his name. Remus wished he had.

He really, really wished he had.

Dan's Diss Track #2 » Dan Howell X Pregnant Reader

Pairing / Dan x Pregnant! Reader

Request / No, send some ig

Warnings / pregnancy warnings ? No swears :0 omg wow / Warnings

P.O.V / Yours

He caresses your cheek, his curls out of control yet always in that he right place. His grin to match his dimples. One hand lowers itself onto your stomach. You’re pregnant, carrying, invincible.

Five months along, dating for seven. He’s brave while you are not. The aches and pains bearable, the actual birth would not be. Until then you could rejoice in happiness.

The three of you - three as in Phil, Daniel and yourself - moved for this reason only. Bigger space that was much more safer for the little one. Of course that was two months after initially becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy hormones were actually refreshing. Dan enjoyed them to. He’d go to make a sassy remark every so often with every craving you had but he had grown accustomed to it. A few small mood swings but otherwise overall great. Somewhere along the lines though something had changed.

“Y/n can you please try to contain yourself!” Dan was annoyed. Four in morning and you had gotten up for your sixth time already; waking him up each time. The third trimester - the one where most could not find sleep. Not only that, but the mood swings came around.

“I can’t help it Dan! Last time I checked you aren’t the one continuously maintaining yourself and another life form!” You were both enraged now, he more so than you. He rolled his eyes before heading for the couch. You sat alone. The eery feeling of being alone was frustrating. You headed for Phil’s room. He welcomed you, gave you a hug even, before you both shared the same bed in comfort.

This happened two months ago. Now, you both still angered at one another. Dan slept at a friends house, you made it your routine to sleep in Phil’s bed let alone his room. Dan would be there during the day only to give a small ‘bye’ before he left for his friends place. You cried the nights away, you found it let you sleep better especially with a clear mind.

A small pain and you were up. Phil’s sheets wet and potentially ruined. You grabbed ahold of him, shaking him awake. He jolted upwards shouting ‘I didn’t want to!’. You didn’t question it, you were in too much pain anyways. He quickly took hold of the situation, grabbing a coat and his phone, he guided you to an uber that had taken surprisingly only five minutes.

On the way to the hospital you clung so forcefully to Phil’s arm that he nearly dropped his phone that had Dan on the other end. Dan was already in an uber while you guys had arrived at the hospital. Phil tipped the gal and called for an escort inside. A young man came from inside the hospital with a wheelchair, you definitely couldn’t walk.

Before Dan had gotten there, a older guy had patched up Phil’s slightly bruised arm and commented, “First kid? I know the pain.” Phil didn’t decline he was just thankful Dan had rushed in with arms in good condition.

You had walked around a bit when Dan came around. You had to be dilated at 8 or more to begin pushing. He nodded at you before sitting in a chair.

“Daniel James Howell, at a time like this how could you be sitting in a chair while i’m painfully about to squeeze a watermelon out of my lemon sized h-” He stood up and began massaging your shoulders. “That’s what I thought!” You couldn’t help this, everything was breezy so far except labour. Oh you despised it, not as much as actually giving birth.

Your screams were clear and just about terrifying for any other soon to be mothers in the maternal care section.

Finally after about fifteen outbursts from you and two hours, Mason Adrian Howell was born at four twenty in the morning. Dan was smiling, you, not so much. You were crying from happiness and exhaustion. Dan was holding him with every intention of keeping him.

“So…,” Dan spoke, “We good? Or do I have to roast myself twice with a sick diss track?” His joke was enough to make you forgive him and love him even more.

Then, as though on cue, Phil entered. His hand patched up and the target; the fragile newborn that was softly resting in the hands of Dan. “Um Phil, don’t break him!” Dan carefully transferred Mason onto Phil.

“He’s adorable! Has a lot of Dan in him to,” You laughed, mostly because of the drugs you were given and the thought of another sassy Dan being around.

“So, what did you name him?” Phil was excited, probably hoping he was bestowed upon as the godfather. “Mason Adrian Howell,” you spoke right before Dan had the chance obvious that he wanted to tell his best mate the name. Phil handed the baby to you, this being the first time holding him. With eyes like caramel and hair like cinnamon, this was your child. Of course most of your traits apparently were recessive - Dan traits took over basically -.

“We still sleeping in the same bed?” Dan announced a little hint of guilt in his voice. Me and Phil just stared at each other blankly and laughed - quietly of course - If he was anything like his father we would not like to be woken.

“Am I missing something?”

So, this was written at 3 and 4 in the morning. Don’t judge me here it just happened. Didn’t go back on it to check any errors so whoops! Idk father dan sounds cute, can someone make a masterlist of just dan during pregnancies or him finding out. SOMETHING TO DO WITH BABIES WIT HIM AND SEND ME IT PLZ!!! I was gonna get guidance for this but imma only do that for the buttercreams…

Let’s Not Fall In Love (T.O.P)

Group & Member: Big Bang’s Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)

Genre: GANG!AU Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial 


Summary: A Young woman get’s involved with the wrong crowds and Cold hearted gang leader T.O.P acts as her guide.

A/N: FT.Monsta X, 2ne1, BTS and a few others

Parts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I was shaking. They were like wolves circling around me. I decided to scream out at the tall one, the one with the smug smirk. “Who are you and What’s going to stop those… Those Monsters from coming after me again?!” The tall one smiled a little wider. Like he was looking down at the most wonderful bowl of ice cream on a hot day. “You can Call me TOP… and You, My little tiger lily.. You’re gonna be my girl.”


I was crying again. A little lighter this time, but I was crying again nonetheless. I looked up all the car window to look at the lights all around me, Gwangju, South Korea. That’s where I was right now, this is where I’ve been forced to come to.

my brother, Juniper, slipped his hand into mine. He didn’t look at me and if I said something to him he probably would have been able to hear me either. He had his earphones in and had gone on a talking strike. Mainly from my mother, he was not happy with her right now.

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old and at first in the beginning I had taken it pretty well. but after the divorce, my mother decide to move back to Korea while my dad stayed in California with us. Me and juniper. I was content with that for a while, it wasn’t like mother was a deadbeat; she was very good mother and very consistent. We had two birthdays, two homes, two sets of friends. And I had been happy with that…

But about 2 months ago, that all changed. The driver claimed that he hadn’t been drinking that much, he claimed that he had given his car keys to a friend, he claimed he doesn’t remember what happened. What he couldn’t claim was the fact that he hit my dad in a fatal head on collision course when he was going the wrong way. And he couldn’t claim that he was no one that walked away from it fine. Well, not perfectly fine, but with a few bruises and scratches. But in that moment, in my eyes that was pretty much unharmed.

So I was forced to leave my Southern Californian home, with palm trees, skateboarding on the weekends, the most of all, my dad.

There were many things I had to leave behind. Our Mom made us pack about two weeks in advance after she told us. And now I only have one set of friends. And that was because the other set was across seas in California. 1 birthday. One home.

Jun, my brother. Had been livid, he threw a childish tantrum and refused to talk to my mother even after my father’s funeral. Which was about a month ago. But it’s not like things would be difficult for us being biracial shouldn’t be a problem should it? We were both confident in the Korean we spoke that and English grown up. We had visited the city frequently so we know our way around. We had cousins, aunts, uncles, and a few friends in this large city and a few of my cousins will be going to the same school we would.

But I know myself. & I knew my brother. And I knew it was going to take both of us a while to adjust to our surroundings each and our own different ways.

My thoughts were then interrupted by my mother speaking.
“ do you remember uncle Ken?” She started to ask us.“ Well all of your things showed up early and he took the liberty to get you guys mattresses and furniture for your rooms, isn’t that great?”

there was a little grunt of acknowledgement from my brother. & I gave him an annoyed look out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t care what he thought of this moment my mother gave us the world. I don’t care if he was older than me by 25 minutes. He would have to get over it. At least, that’s what my father would say. So I was the one speak up. I was normally a shy nervous person… Well, I am a shy nervous person but that didn’t mean I wasn’t sociable, and didn’t mean I didn’t know how to talk to people, and it certainly didn’t mean I was socially awkward because I wasn’t.

“ Uncle Ken?” I tried to sound enthusiastic about it but I think I overdid it. “ will he be there when we pull up?” I saw my mother smile at me from the rear view mirror and then she looked over at her “roommate.” Hansol. Who is the handsome man, and I know if I was my mom living with this man he wouldn’t have been just a roommate for a long .

“ No, he got a little busy. Before we landed actually. He had to go take care of some business downtown. But he promised you would have breakfast with you guys in the morning he’s so excited to see you.”

I smiled back at her, because aside from my dad, my uncle Ken was another important man in my life excluding juniper of course. Not because every time I saw him he will give us a present or told a funny joke. It was because he was another man in my life that was easy to talk to the man of his word would always be there for you and get you what you need to as long as they didn’t involve in wasting his time, and the best part about him was he never felt like he waste his time with me and my brother for his beloved sister aka my mother.

About 3 hours after we left the airport, we finally pulled up to the house that my mother and her so-called roommate shared. Not too big, not too small. Pale grey on the outside with bricks around the garage area and a smooth driveway. Two story. “ where that window is where your room will be, Amy. If I can, call you maybe can’t I?” asked Hansol. Surprised, I looked over at him and smiled. Yeah, definitely not just a roommate!

The cherry on top was when he stopped me from getting my bags out of the trunk of the car and started to take them in for me. My mother gave me a knowing look and then winked at me. Juniper was walking ahead of us, but I know he rolled his eyes. I could just feel it, it was like a twin thing. Just like when he turned his back after he annoyed me he would always tell me “ put your tongue back in your mouth.” Because I would stick it out of him.

I close my eyes before I cross the threshold of the house and prayed, because I knew that as of right now as of tonight, I would be starting my life new, I promised myself I wouldn’t be a different person. But I felt in my heart, that starting tonight this very moment this very Hour on this very night and South Korea, that things are going to change.

And I didn’t know how I felt about that.


Hi guys, I hope you really like this introduction chapter. I must warn you now the story is full of triggers. To name a few, self harm, gang related activities such as kkangpae and Yakuza. Rape, murder, and is all around bad things but aside from that, this is a romance, this is a comedy, this is a heartfelt touching story that I’m sure make you laugh I’m sure make you cry and I’m sure will make you have swoon where the moments. I hope to please you guys and I hope you guys will like the story in the chapters to come and many stories to come from me thank you all.

You Make Dean a Pie

Characters: Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,168

Warnings: fluffy Sam feels, nothing bad here

Author’s Note: In this, the reader is 20 years old and Sam is 16. Thank you for @jarpadandjensenaremyheroes for this idea! Go follow her because she’s amazing! If you ever have any ideas that you would want to see before the first episode, don’t be shy. I love writing about the series and making the reader’s character stronger.

Feedback is always appreciated

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What Just Happened?!?: No Future in the Past (S2E08)

TACOS ARE TASTY! TACOS ARE TASTY! Holy freakin’ balls. My emotions. My feelings. Holy shitballs the angst. Holy backstory.

New-ish Character(s)

By that I mean now we know concrete things about them.

Father Juan Carlo, curiously called Padre by others but he refers to himself as Father: Owns a chop shop, he’s who you call if you need your car towed, and the Chief of the Volunteer Fire brigade.

Robert Svane: A friend of Wyatt Earp who delivered messages between estranged BFFs Doc and Wyatt. 

Sheriff Clootie: A madman, the unhinged Sheriff of Purgatory with three wives and fathered Constance Clootie’s two demon sons that were killed by Wyatt Earp. Oh. He was the one who cursed Wyatt.

Monster(s) of the Week

It’s apparently my feelings because it has been utterly destroyed by this episode and I’m not sure I have made my peace.

Final Thoughts (before I get into it, because oh boy! do I get into it.Some spoilers? IDK at this point I think everyone knows what went on, in general)

Holy storyline and so much information! I watched it live. Watched it again immediately after. Watched it a day later. And then I watched it again and took notes. So much notes that I felt like I was in a vision quest back to my Organic Chemistry class.

This episode gave us a concrete How the Earp Curse Began 101. In Season 1, they did say how and why, but as with Wynonna Earp, things move quickly and people may have missed it. It’s interesting to point out that there may be episode parallels between the seasons. For instance, S1E07 and S2E07 are both major Wynaught episodes; S1E08 and S2E08 are both Wynonna learning more about Earp history (S1E08 she learned Ward wasn’t exactly the heroic Earp heir and S2E08 she learns about the origins of the curse); S1E09 and S2E09 are both written by Alexandra Zarowny (AKA Wayhaught Whisperer) so I think we’re gonna have a major Wayhaught moment this Friday. Of course, it could all be nothing. But, it could be something.

Anyways, what I found interesting in this episode was how it showed us different sides of characters. How the paragon of all things good and moral and just can actually fuck up because she’s only human and can make mistakes. Or, how the evil demon who let’s be honest seduced a young girl in captivity and called it love was once a good man, meek but loyal to his friend. Is it a thing that it’s these two characters? Maybe. And if you follow that road you can come up with so many theories and speculation that it’ll be hard to climb out of the rabbit hole. Did that happen to me? LMFAO OF COURSE! It really is probably nothing and just a coincidence (I suppose we’ll see by the end of the season, I hope).

Continue reading for…well, hopefully, at this point you know what you’re gonna get if you usually read these “What Just Happened” posts. Why do I have no picture? I got lazy. Again.

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This is the Fenrys and Whitethorn/Galathynius daughter are mates HC (I am writing a detailed fic but I’m just gonna do this to BECAUSE WHY NOT)

-okay so Fenrys is living in the castle with Aelin and Rowan, and when they have their daughter he’s like “omg she’s adorable”
-but then she gets older and learns she has a powerful mixture of fire, water, ice and wind magic and Fenrys is like damn I’m just gonna keep out of your way
-rowan and Aelin are Proud Parents
-their daughter, let’s say her name is Mia (short for Nehemia, kill me) and she’s ALWAYS had a lil crush on Fenrys like who wouldn’t???
-ANYWAY, Mia has grown up being trained as a warrior but always been shown love and kindness besides that. She could kill a man in 4 seconds let’s be real this is rutting whitethorn’s daughter.
-so she and Fenrys are sparring one day, and he’s laughing at her bc she’s hungover as FUCK (she’s around 30+ years old and immortal) and she’s snarling at him getting real pissed off
-she throws a fire ball at him. It curves away all on its own and lands in the snow
- Fenrys just whispers, “Oh fuck” and stares at her and is thinking “so that’s what it is”
-and fucking Mia is like “Ha, oh no. Dad’s gonna kill you, boyo,”
-Fenrys laughs nervously and goes to walk away but rowan swoops in in hawk form then shifts to see how the training is going
-Fenrys is shitting bricks and Mia is kinda nervous too
-rowan scents their nerves and is like, “What is wrong with you two???”
- “Daddy….” -Mia is pulling the puppy dog eyes and charming smile she’d inherited off her mother
-rowan is like what do you want Mia. She’s all smiles and nerves and Fenrys is vehemently swiping a hand over his throat like “ABORT FUCKING MISSION ABORT” behind rowan’s back.
-anyway Mia sees and is trying not to laugh and rowan is a Confused Birdie
-Mia quickly saves their asses by asking Rowan to go buy her favorite chocolates
-he agrees bc she’s his baby lmao (rowan is the Ultimate Softie"
-anyway a few weeks pass and Fenrys and Mia have been sneaking around and making out and being naughty little turds and one night they making out in the freaking pantry when Aelin comes down for a snack
-she just laughs and says, “Good luck telling your father, Nehemia,”
-Fenrys kinda pales and looks at Mia, “I don’t want to die,”
-“Don’t be so freaking dramatic, Fenrys. Shut up and - oh my gods”
-Fenrys is good with his hands okay
-a couple days later they’re all having a family dinner. Aelin, Rowan, Mia, Aedion, Lys, Fenrys, Gavriel, Elide, and Lorcan.
-Fenrys and Mia’s scents have kind of merged bc they have been getting down and freakay in the pantry
-Gavriel scents it first and is just like “R u fuckin kidden me???”
-Every one but Aelin is confused. Mia chokes on her wine. Everyone is just staring.
-Lorcan is next and he’s like “you couldn’t keep it in your pants just once?”
-Fenrys is trying so hard not to look guilty or at rowan or Mia. Aelin is just leaning back in her chair sipping wine and smirking
-rowan sniffs and his mouth just drops open in shock at first because my best friend is sneaking around with my daughter what in the hell
-Fenrys is trying to explain, but a harsh wind knocks him on his ass and then it’s on
-everyone rushes outside behind rowan who is dragging Fenrys by the shirt lmao
-Mia is a freaking mess. Lysandra is trying to console her
-rowan and Fenrys begin to brawl
- halfway through Mia screams, “HE’S MY MATE”
-rowan drops Fenrys and turns to her like what??? This idiot is your mate?
-Fenrys gets up off the ground and wipes blood from his nose, looking angry and still kinda wary
-Mia shoves her way through the small crowd towards him to inspect his wounds.
-rowan growls when Mia touches Fenrys, and aelin just rolls her eyes and “stupid territorial fae bullshit”
-rowan calms down a bit when aelin holds his hand (what a sook )
-Mia is fuming mad, like she’s so pissed off. She turns to her father and is like “you’re such an asshole”
-“I’m just trying to protect you”
-“im a big girl, dad. If my mate was someone other than Fenrys you’d be fine with it”
-rowan looks uncomfortable because it’s true
-“It’s not like we can control who our mates are” Mia grabs Fenrys’ hand and storms inside, dragging him with her.
-rowan snarls at them “where do you think you’re going?”
-“to clean him up, you buzzard!”
-at few days later Fenrys and Mia are sitting in the lounge room. He’s watching her read bc she’s beautiful
-rowan stalks in looking pissed at their close proximity. Mia doesn’t look up, just ignores he father. Fenrys shifts away looking nervous lmao (I fucking love this kid)
-“Fenrys did you hear something?”
-“did you say something Fenrys?’
-the book flies from her hand, and she finally looks at her father. He looks frustrated and mad, but not at her.
-rowan apologies and says he will try to be okay with their mating bond. He also says the reason he lost it is because he thought Fenrys was just taking advantage of the crush she has on him
-Fenrys is trying SO HARD not to grin because omg Mia was crushing on me
-rowan is STILL TALKING.
-"dad. Shut up. Or I’ll start making out with him right now,”
-rowan growls a bit. Mia smirks, realizing she’s got a way to make her dad suffer for being an ass
-Fenrys snorts, and says he won’t do that to rowan
-Mia grins at him, and he can feel his control slipping because he loves her and wants her and OMG SHE’S GORGEOUS
-rowan is wincing like please stop that right now young lady you’re grounded
-Mia ignores him and kisses Fenrys and god if Fenrys doesn’t try not to kiss her back but she’s so amazing
-rowan pulls them apart with his wind and declares they are not allowed to do that in front of him ever again
-Mia is smirking, knowing she’s won
-over the course of the next few weeks every time rowan catches Mia and Fenrys together they’re either making out our holding hands or being fucking cute. Fenrys always rubs his nose on her throat bc damn she smells good.
-rowan’s form of conversation with them is growing and snarling and “rutting stop that”
-when Fenrys and Mia claim each other (eh eh *nudges you with elbow*) they stay away from the family for a week
-when they get back all rowan can think about is “one of my closest friends is sleeping with my daughter. Must kill him. don’t care if they’re mates”
-and rowan slams Fenrys into the ground. And y'all thought fae males were territorial. Ha. Mia yanks rowan off Fenrys and snarls, “Touch him again and I’ll pluck you like a chicken”
-rowan can’t help but be Proud. His daughter is feisty. He laughs and looks at Fenrys and says, “Good luck, boyo,”
-“help me up you prick,”
-Mia rolls her eyes because fucking fae males I hate them!!!!
-rowan and Fenrys are as good as new. Best buds
-Mia wants to kill them both. She’s so over her family, but she loves them so much. She punches rowan and Fenrys both in the arms and they’re like ow!! What was that for.
-“you’re both juveniles”
-she huffs and kisses Fenrys, rowan sighs. He’s always sighing. He’s suffering OK. Fenrys fights the urge to make out with her. “goddbye” she goes inside to find her mumma to ask for assistance on how to deal with annoying males.
-the cadre are getting drunk af in the kitchen later. The women join in and sit with their respective males.
-when Mia sits on Fenrys’ lap, rowan growls, but it’s half hearted.
“You know if you hurt her you’ve got four males ready to kill you” Lorcan laughs
-“nah, boyo, Mia could quite easily kill him” Gavriel is SO AMUSED by the thought of his great niece killing an all powerful male warrior
-“That’s so true,” rowan is delighted by the idea
-“I honestly don’t know why I bother with any of you” but Mia is grinning bc her family is amazing.
-they all get drunk together and joke about random things until Mia falls asleep on Fenrys lap and everyone is like aww omg that’s adorable.
-and rowan thinks maybe it isn’t so bad at all.

(This is shit forgive me)

frosted-shadows  asked:

I just can't get over how in acomaf Feyre was taken back to the spring court and then when acowar started it has already been a month and when we get to nesta she never even wondered where Feyre was or cared that she was gone! I can't stand nesta

Jeeesh this came out soooo long. My apologies in advance. Seriously, grab some snacks…take a trip to the bathroom and then begin.  

Okay, this is tough for me because I have a lady boner for Nesta. I do, I’m sorry–that’s so weird to say but it’s true. 

I totally understand what you’re saying! I honestly do. However…that’s right, I just said “however”. Put yourself in Nesta’s shoes.

1) She had already failed Feyre–she knows this. It’s evident in ACOMAF, especially when Nesta admits that she tried to go after Feyre but couldn’t save her. When she admits that she was angry at their father and would let them all starve if it meant he would get off his ass and do something. There’s red flags everywhere when it comes to Nesta.   

2) When they’re kidnapped by Ianthe (and gods only know what happened while they were being taken and the horrors they witnessed then) because of Feyre. Yes, that is Feyre’s fault–she even admits how it’s her fault because she gave all that information to Ianthe. 

These two girls, with no powers and no fighting abilities are taken from their home and transported to a foreign place. Again, we don’t know what they endured to get to that point. Could you imagine? Being kidnapped by that psycho slut Ianthe?? Then to be sent to Hybern? Then to be stuck in a room, watching everyone who swore to protect you–do nothing?  

3) They get transformed into the one thing they fear most. Fae. Elain and Nesta have been taught their entire lives to not only hate, but to fear Fae. It’s been driven into them since birth. In ACOMAF, Nesta is tortured by watching Elain get thrown into a cauldron that hasn’t been tested before (successfully at least). 

So, not only has she failed Feyre, she has also failed Elain. She couldn’t keep either of them safe and has doomed them to a life none of them originally wanted. She watched helplessly as Feyre was frozen, Elain was damned and Cassian nearly shredded to death. Imagine, just imagine what that must feel like. Your loved ones being taken away from you in every possible way. 

NEXT, Nesta is thrown into the cauldron. She doesn’t even know if she’ll survive it!

Whatever she faced in there–she didn’t come back as the same person. It’s noticed by the entire room. She can’t control what she’s become, she can’t make sense of it. All she can do is run to Elain and protect her from whatever else will be thrown their way. 

Feyre has made it perfectly clear that she is more than capable of handling life on her own. But not Elain. 

4) YET, despite having this terrible childhood, being transformed into Fae and realizing you’re the villain in your own narrative–she still attempts to redeem herself in ACOWAR. And in my opinion, she does. 

She tries with Feyre and Elain and then goes above and beyond with Cassian. A man who can’t figure out what the hell he wants because he’s so damned horrified to love someone who could feel far more than others. AND STILL SHE STAYS WITH HIM. Nesta chooses him, to protect the man who failed her. And when she can’t protect him any longer, this chick, ms.coldheartedbitch…chooses to stay behind and DIE with him. 

Heartstrings are pulled and plucked until nothing remains in my chest, dear lawwwd. 

And let us not forget, she watches their father come to her rescue only to die in front of her as she helplessly stood by…unable to react quick enough as Hybern snaps his neck.  

This bitch has been through enough. I AM TIRED FOR HER. I AM BROKEN FOR HER.

5) When they’re thrown into the House of Wind, when they’re basically prisoners in a foreign land (yet again, I might mention)–she’s trying to protect the sister who has finally gone mad (or becomes a seer–depends how far you read in ACOWAR–P.S. SPOILER). They’re surrounded by people they barely know, people who failed them just as much as they failed Feyre. She’s adjusting to becoming Fae, adjusting to the trauma not only she endured but her sister too. 

She’s broken. In every sense of the word, she is broken because she was never shown love. She may have been the older sister, she may have done awful things…but Feyre and Elain weren’t much better to her either.  

Two. Way. Street. 

OH…and let me just add, she is thrown into a palace where the people HATE her. They HATE what she has done to Feyre. They HATE her yet none of them bothered to ask why she is the way she is. Instead, she’s the enemy because Feyre was the one who told her side of the story first. Feyre set up her own sister to be judged and mistreated. 

IMAGINE…walking into a room and knowing everyone in there hates you because of your mistakes and flaws. She’s what? 23? At 23 (not that long ago for me…aw…sad day), I know for a fact I would be more of a mess than this column of steel beauty. 

6) Finally, yes, Nesta can be a raging bitch (my favorite kind). But my hell, the woman is more human and more relatable than any character in these books. Why? Because she has flaws. Real, human flaws. As much as I love Feyre and Elain and every other woman in this series, not one of them has the qualities that most of us have…except her. 

She knows who she is. She KNOWS she’s the villain. Yet she tries to change her fate, her destiny. 

She tries.

Putting myself in Nesta’s shoes…no, I wouldn’t ask how Feyre is. Why would I when the remaining stable parts of my world had just shattered? When it was more important for her to ruin Tamlin’s court than it was for her to be with her family? She didn’t need to mess with Tamlin. In fact, that only made things worse for them during ACOWAR. Feyre did it because she wanted revenge on Tamlin (as we all did). 

You may not like her, love and that’s perfectly okay! BUT, she’s perfection to me. And I would go down swinging for my wickedly flawed Nesta than Feyre any day. 

P.S. I’m sure this came across super intense, not my intention. Just know, you’re still my boo and I promise I wasn’t yelling as I typed this. haha.      

The Family (Jumin x MC)

20s! AU/ Mafia! AU: Shortly after proposing, Jumin introduces you to his family.

Word Count: 1387

Okay, so this is basically the in-between prompt that’s an introduction to Mafia and an end to 20s. However, I’d be more than happy to do 20s! AU prompts later on! Also, I got Peeps and I’m really happy

20s! AU Prompts:

1 2 3 4 5


“Are you ready darling?” Jumin asked, chuckling as you fiddled with your clothes, constantly readjusting or fixing something. “I’ve told plenty about them to you, they already adore you.” 

“I-I can’t help it!” You exclaimed as you made your way to the door. “Isn’t this stressful for everyone?” 

You glanced down, noticing the ring upon your finger, softening as a smile painted your expression. 

He had proposed to you with love laced words and a gentle tone. 

When he knelt down you swore the world had stopped. 

“I absolutely cannot imagine anyone so precious in my life,  nor do I want to.” He had chuckled, trying to hide the nervousness engraved in every movement. “My heart and soul utterly belong to you darling, and it’d give me no greater honor than to stay by your side…” 

He had taken a deep breath, slipping out the small box that left your heart near eruption. 

“Will you marry me?” 

You didn’t even need to think before you jumped in his arms, peppering his face in kisses.

It had been a yes the moment you had met. 

You had noticed the way his eyes glistened with a sort of shine as though he was near tears, a smile stretching from ear to ear.

It had lit up your days unlike anything else before. 

And just knowing you’d be with him, left a warmth in your chest as though you’d been immersed in sunlight.


The deep silvery voice caught you off guard, snatching your head up to reveal an older man.

It was his father.

“Good evening.” 

He had given Mr. Han a gentle nod, returning the quick hug from him. 

Then he noticed you. 

“You must be MC…” He let out a delighted bit of laughter, pulling you into a friendly hug. “I’m delighted to meet you! I’m so happy my son has finally found someone who makes him as happy as you do.” 

“Oh! Thank you!” You beamed as he lead you both inside. “He makes me very happy too.” 

Jumin gave you a small grin in return but not before Mr. Han tipped his head towards his son, murmuring in his ear. 

He shook his head. 

“You haven’t?” Mr. Han had huffed, folding his arms across his chest. “One way or another you know.” 


You turned to Mr. Han, eyebrows raising. 

“The rest of our family is in the parlor but I should mention that our family is greatly made up of…close friends and associates. The business is very close knit.” 

“Oh, I’m sure!” 

“Yes well, it works a bit differently than most family businesses.” 

“What do you mean?”

Mr. Han opened the door, glancing to your fiance, his body tense and awkward. “Jumin will explain it as he should’ve before.” 

The parlor was revealed, small groups of people scattered about. 

“In the meantime, meet the family!” 

Several rushed towards you, that including a woman in a darkened dress, reaching out an open hand with a small smirk. “Hello, I’m Jahee Kang. I’m your fiance’s secretary. He’s talked quite a bit about you.” 

“O-Oh really?” You returned the gesture. “T-That’s very sweet!” 

“You think so?” He wound an arm around your waist, lightly kissing your temple. “I’m very glad.” 

“Well of course-” 

“Hey, this is the lucky lady?” A cheery voice bounced, red hair hovering over his eyes. “Well…considering who you’re stuck with I don’t know. But you get a cat out of it!” 

“This is Luciel, but he also likes to go by 707. He’s…energetic.” 

“Did you miss me?”


“I don’t believe any of us did,” Jahee remarked. 

“JJ you’re breaking my heart!” 

“I’m sorry for them,” A man with silver hair approached you, deep red eyes staring towards you as he introduced himself. “I’m Zen. Sorry, you’re stuck with ‘Trust Fund’.” 

“Sorry? What for-” 

Before he could respond, two others appeared before you with a content and light feeling surrounding them.

“Hello MC, I’m V.” He shook your hand, his lips tugging upwards as his eyes were muddled by heavy glasses. “I’ve known Jumin since we were children, I never thought someone would bring winter to spring.” 

“He’s mentioned you many times, you seem lovely.”

“I’m honored.” He set a shoulder upon a smaller boy, bright blonde hair sweeping over his forehead as he glared. “This is Yoosung.” 

“I don’t need you t-to introduce me.” He huffed, trying to beam to you. “I am Yoosung though, It’s nice to meet you, you seem great!” 

“Aw thank you! You’re very sweet Yoosung.” 

He lit up. “R-Really?” 

“Yes of course.” 

“Alright, alright, give them a break. Jumin has something he needs to discuss with them after all.” 

Mr. Han eyed his son carefully before guiding the others away, hushed whispers trailing amongst them. 

“What’re they talking about?” You asked, giving an awkward expression. “Is something wrong.” 

Jumin ran his fingers through his hair, taking your hand and squeezing it affectionately. “It’s not that darling, it’s just…there’s something I haven’t told you.” 

“Oh, is it bad?” 

“It depends on your definition of such a thing.” He let out a shaky breath, shoulders dropping. “Love, do you remember how we met back in the speakeasy all that time ago?” 

“Of course! How could I forget?” 

He laughed weakly, sitting you down on the sofa, the two of you sinking into the cushions. 

“Well, as you already know…my family owned that speakeasy, we owned numerous.” He continued, staring at the ground. “Meaning, we have connections in the mafia…” 


A lump had crawled into your throat, thoughts rampant within your head.

“Yes, and even more so than that…my family’s business is rooted within the mafia. That’s how even after shortly immigrating to America, we were able to so quickly accumulate all the wealth.” 

 “Do you still um…w-work with it?” 

He looked terrified to tell you.

Yet he still nodded, clamping a clammy hand over his mouth. “Yes, in fact, when my father referred to our family he meant those closest to us within our ‘business’. Most of them are involved due to connections with V aside from Jahee. We mainly handle illegal dealings of international exports, and…narcotics.” 

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but…I can’t help but a-admit I was afraid of your reaction. I-I can’t blame you if you’re repulsed but…e-even if it sounds pathetic…please don’t leave-”

“Hush,” You cupped his face with your hands, turning his gaze to you. “I’m not going anywhere. I would never dream of it. I love you, and I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to hurt you.”  

He gawked at you with awe before leaning his forehead against your own, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 

He pulled you close, holding you as though you were merely a fading dream he refused to lose.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” 

“Of course, but…we’re in this together okay?” 

“I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.” 

As you began to soak in the reality of the situation, only calmed by Jumin’s comforting words, Mr. Han interrupted. 

“I assume you’ve told them?”

“…Yes, I have.” 

“And you’re okay with this?” He glanced in your direction, narrowing his eyes. “You’re absolute in your decision.” 

Jumin’s grip on you tightened, furrowing his brow. 

You nodded. “Yes.” 

He reached out a hand, giving a toothy burst of laughter as he shook your hand. 

“Then welcome to the family!” 

And as he leaned back in his excitement, you noticed the pistol sitting in a holster.

And you knew, your world had irreversibly shifted. 

Prince!Youngjae AU (Part 2)

A/N - Part 2 for my new series with Youngjae! Everyone seemed to really like the first part so I’m going to make this one a weekly upload every single Friday! I don’t know how many parts this series will have but it’ll definitely be longer than all of my previous series that I’ve uploaded. I hope you all enjoy and continue to love reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it~

Preview | Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

(Y/N) walked through the palace towards the throne room where she expected to find Youngjae’s father, the king. He was sat there speaking with his wife and looking rather disappointed and down. 
“Your majesty,” she said bowing to him, “Is there a problem? You don’t seem to be in your usual high spirits.”
“Oh it is nothing, my dear. Just my son who still doesn’t seem to care that he will have to take my place one day.”
“I see. I received word that you wished to speak with me about him.”
“Yes, I wanted to ensure you were finding your new role somewhat enjoyable. I know you enjoyed being part of the royal guard.”
“It’s not an easy job you’ve given me, your majesty, but I plan to work my hardest at it.”
“That is good to hear,” he said, chuckling at her enthusiasm, despite knowing how she truly felt about his son and his nonchalant views towards being a prince. Their small meeting was interrupted by the prince himself. 
“Ah, Youngjae. It’s good to see you. I was just speaking with (Y/N) about her role as your bodyguard. I trust you find her suitable and enjoyable to be around?” You turned to look at him, seeing that his cheeks looked as though they were tinted pink from his father’s comment. He avoided eye contact with you and instead held his father’s gaze. 
“Yes, she definitely knows what she’s doing. I look forward to seeing her more often. Hopefully she won’t be needed though,” he said smiling in your direction, still not meeting your gaze. “She is actually why I’m here. After talking with her I realised that I need to do more work regarding royal matters. I want to help you and do something more with the power I have.”
“Well, (Y/N), you have clearly made a good impression with my son! I should have made you his bodyguard years ago!” He laughed, before dismissing her to go and train while he spoke to Youngjae about his newfound passion to work.

(Y/N) walked through the halls of the palace to the training room. It was her favourite place to be and she had missed sparring with the other members of the royal guard. There was a deep sense of camaraderie between them all that she missed. She especially missed Yugyeom, the youngest of them all. He was rather innocent and naive but had his heart in the right place. As she stepped into the training room, he was the first to greet her, a big grin on his face. 
“Hi, (Y/N)! It’s good to see you down here again.”
“You act as if I’ve been gone months, Yugyeom. But it is nice to be in here with the rest of you again. How’s life without me? Even though it’s been like, a day.”
“Weird. They haven’t talked about getting someone to replace you yet. We’re all a bit sad that you’ve gone.”
“Really? Well it’s nice to know I’m missed. I’ll make sure to come down here during your training hours as often as I can.” Yugyeom’s eyes lit up at her offer and he nodded his head enthusiastically. It was pretty clear that the boy admired her and looked up to her.

After an hour of training, the whole room went quiet. Not realising why, (Y/N) continued to train. It was when someone tapped her on the shoulder that she turned and immediately gasped, face turning bright red. Youngjae was standing there and everyone else in the room had gone quiet out of respect for their prince. They were all giving (Y/N) worried looks, unsure of his reaction to her not noticing him. She didn’t say anything and just waited for him to talk. 
“(Y/N), I need to go into the local town to visit someone for my father. Naturally, I need you to go with me.”
“Of course, I assume you want to go now?”
“Yes, he said it’s somewhat urgent.” She made her way out of the training room, flashing a small smile to Yugyeom to reassure him that she’d be fine.

It had been weeks since (Y/N) had gone into the local town and been amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She used to live there when she was younger but moved into the castle when she was around fifteen years old to start training properly. It hadn’t changed much in the years she had been gone apart from the massive increase of people. It was actually quite daunting walking through the centre of the town but (Y/N) was happy she had Youngjae’s company. He guided her to the person his father had told him to speak with, leading her to a small hut on the edge of town. He knocked on the wooden door and a man who looked a little older than you appeared. 
“A royal visit? Can’t say I was expecting you, your majesty,” the man said, eyeing you up suspiciously. 
“Good, you weren’t supposed to be expecting us. Under orders of the king, we are taking you to the palace for questioning,” Youngjae said, his voice completely different from when he spoke to (Y/N). 
“Yes. We have reason to believe you have been conspiring with a group of rebels. Now, if you’ll come with us.”
“You must have the wrong man, I am no rebel.”
“Well that’s what the questioning is for, to prove that you’re not.”
“I will not follow you to that godforsaken place. Not over my dead body.” Youngjae raised his eyebrows and glanced over at you. His facial expression told (Y/N) everything she needed to know. Following his silent orders, she walked closer to the man and swung her fist, knocking him out with one punch. The two of them then picked the man up by his now limp arms and carried him back to the palace, making sure they were careful not to be seen by the townsfolk who would no doubt have questions.

(Y/N) never did find out what happened to that man. Whether he was found guilty or not, she never asked nor did she want to. She was more shocked by how involved Youngjae now was with his father and the royal court. Had her words really had such a big impact on him? Why did he even care what she thought anyway? It’s not like he had known who she was before she became his bodyguard. Well, apart from saving him from the assassins but even still, that barely counted as meeting him. For the past two weeks, questions had been running through her mind and she was determined to have them answered. (Y/N) had been running an errand for a friend but now she was making her way to Youngjae’s room where she had first met him. When she arrived, he seemed a little out of sorts but she ignored that and pressed on with her questions. 
“Youngjae, I’ve been wondering about something. Why did you all of a sudden become so interested and involved in your father’s work?” Youngjae blushed quite deeply and coughed awkwardly. 
“Well, I was quite moved by your words. No one had ever really spoken to me like that and it just struck a chord with me, I guess.” She didn’t say anything, and just absorbed what he had said. (Y/N) wasn’t quite sure how she should respond. His blushing didn’t exactly help matters. This prince was quite the enigma to her and she yearned to unlock his secrets, no matter how dangerous that may be.