i am in constant need of more of his face


Our dear Laurent will be attending his first year of University while Damianos will be enjoying his last. This will be a short of how their lives might cross.

Day 1

Auguste has insisted on helping me move into my flat. It should bother me, seeing as how I am no longer ten and in need of help carrying anything over twenty kilos, though I must say that I am a little greatful for the company. I loath meeting strangers whom I might make cry with my words. Strangers do not understand my humor, it is tiring being around them. Auguste understands what I am forced to face, though he is more capable of charming them rather than distressing them.

As much as I am appreciative of Auguste, what I am adverse to, is his constant pestering of me to join the Ivy Club; the eating club that he had been invovled in whist his attendance at Princeton. He and father both, have been affiliated with the Ivy Club. I fear that I have no interest in the society. I have no intentions of owning my own company or taking over for Father, that position would be set aside for Auguste.

There is a man who lives across the way from my flat. His wide smile and deep voice irratates me. Auguste would be disapointed if I were to be foul. To avoid this, I have ignored him in his entirety. That should dissuade him from any future interactions.

Perhaps tommarrow will grate less on my nerves.