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The Preschool Chapter - Chapter 11

Just an author’s note before you read this chapter…

I spent hours…hours…researching information for this chapter. We are beginning the time of the story involving the legal proceedings of Jack’s custody. As you all know, I always try to make my stories as detail-accurate as possible, which is part of why it is more believable and relatable, I think. Not being from England, only knowing how things work here in America, I wanted to try to get the details of the custody proceedings as accurate as possible, but there was only so much info I could find. So please forgive me if you know something to be inaccurate, and enjoy the story anyway. Thanks for reading! xo

Grab your tissues, my loves!



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Cole’s interview for Boys by Girls Magazine, part 3

(part 1, part 2)
Sorry for every mistake and typo!

It becomes quite powerful though - when you posted a picture we had taken of you, within an hour we had a significant amount of new followers. So it means your have the power to impact people and projects you feel passionate about.

Sure, and to curate a kind of artistic lineage, so I think that’s special. And that’s the duty of mainstream artistry or someone who has received success, in my personal opinion, to curate an artistic collection and lineage that will influence society in a way that can truly bring about beneficial change. And your publication is dealing with the concept of masculinity in a way that’s very important to me, and should be very important to all men in our society.

I love that when you tweet, sometimes the whole world talks about it.

It’s funnt, I think people sometimes take my tweets too seriously. My twitter has always been a vehicle for shit-posting. I’ve never really taken it seriously, so when people do take it seriously, it always takes me by surprise.

We need to talk about ‘Riverdale’ as well. I just love talking about feelings. It’s a passion of mine.

Yeah, me too.

I love you as Jughead. I just learned that you originally read for Archie.

Yes, I was given the script for Archie, and I had read one scene with Jughead and loved him. So I said: 'wow, I’ve got to try for this role’.

I feel like he’s a bit like you. Is that a fair or unfair comparison?

Like I mentioned earlier - if people are not saying that, you’re not doing a good job. That’s the currency of a quality role. Your ability to get into character comes from a resonation you have empathetically with the role itself. That empathy is based on your lived experiences, so I resonate with Jughead very much. I mean, I was the cringiest kid in school. Jughead, to me, is the very image of a millennial teenager that many people fear, and that’s what I live about his character. I had interpreted Jughead as tremendously pretentious, and it’s very funny that whe people watch 'Riverdale’ now, he has become a sort of heartthrob figure. Anyone who thinks they can write about their own town as a teenager, to me, that is a really pretentious move. Striving to be unique and non-conformist, I really resonated with him. Then as I got to rea more of his content I found out that he was also te narrator of the show, shich meant that he was the perspective device, which I really enjoyed. So I went in for the audition, and didn’t know if I wanted to do acting or not - I was in this strange space in my life. I had just come off watching a ton of “Twilight Zone”, and my audition was the whole opening monologue, so I read it just like Rod Serling in the “Twilight Zone”, which they loved. When I found out it was going to be a mix of “Twin Peaks” and these other stereotypical campy teen dramas, I thought: 'fuck, this is going to be a lot of fun’, and I was fully onboard.

You said in another interview that Jughead struggles with vulnerability.

Totally. I think Jughead’s struggle with vulnerability is something I struggle with, but that’s because we are both young men. Jughead turns away from emotional connection when he gets too close to people, as  an attempt to safeguard himself from becoming hurt. Just a product of men being told they can’t be weak. That’s how I had grounded it: in the inability to be vulnerable in that kind of physiology.

Where is Cole with vulnerability, are you comfortable being vulnerable?

I am now. Or at least, I’m more comfortable. I think vulnerability is the petri dish for growth. Full vulnerability is something people work at, which I will try to work at my whole life. Every time you enter into a vulnerable state, you enter into a right of passage, in my opinion. So much growth comes from the ability to make yourself vulnerable, because you immediately clarify what makes you nervous, and what makes you feel strong in those moments. I’m a firm believer that history of human survival is essentialy a history of triumph over their vulnerabilities. I truly think that bravely stepping into vulnerability is the greatest and most effective way to grow as a human being. Now, vulnerability for men is one of those things that froma very young age is seen as forbidden or weak. Since men are quite young, we are taught that weakness and vulnerability is something we should avoid, and the truth  is that a person only becomes strong trough recognising their weakness and addressing vulnerability - especially emotional vulnerability - and coming to terms with that.

I think those are very important words for young men.

The truth is, I was a very socially anxious kid. I was homeschooled, so raised inside a soundstage - not knowing how to interact with the world around me. I used comedy a lot to cover up my vulnerability, as an attempt to diffuse an otherwise hostile or threatening situation to me. And then as I embraced vulnerability when I got older, my own personal insecurity, femininity and all the other concepts that I have within me - I had the condifence to walk around and truly feel like I had mastered a space that was otherwise foreign to me. Especially during puberty, when we’re getting all these complicated ideas about sexuality, maturation, social standing and professional pursuit. If we sat back and took the time to analyse why those things made us uncomfortable, we would have the confidence to take the world around us by storm.

What are your thoughts around masculinity and how it is changing in the young generation of today?

I can only speak from my experience, but in my youth I had experienced the world around me as an intersection between the expectation of confidence in young men and the simultaneous suppression of a large aspect of that confidence, which is an embracing of a more feminine nature than men often carry. I think the definition of masculinity in a wider context nw is undoing a lot of that, which I think is great. It’s much more widely accepted to be in touch with other qualities of your masculinity. I’m of a mind that the core tenancy of modern masculinity still resonates with an ancient understanding of out roles within society, whilst simultaneously accepting that society is changing, and adapting to a viw that is fresh. For me, some fundamental tendencies still exist within masculinity, which are a kind of caretaking role, respect for your fellows and an ability to provide. But I think unlike two of three generations ago when the concept of provision was a financial definition, now the concept of the provider includes a) providing and caring for yourself and b) providing and caring for people you love emotionally.

I believe part of the redefinition is the ability to recognise what aspects of yourself are affecting your emotions and how can you understand that side of yourself. Understand how to resonate and become more empathetic with the people in your lif. I think sexuality for men, in the States or in the west really, still preaches a lot of elimination of weakness. I can only speak from my own experience, but I am my strongest form when I can fully comprehend why I’m thinking a certain way and what is bringing me to an action. I’m of a mind that true strenght is the ability to take care of yourself without harming other people in the  process. And I think, if your masculinity involves the destruction of anther person’s masculinity, because it’s an opposition to yours, we have to break down and understand that this is because you ultimately feel threatened by a version that is different to yourself. Masculinity and strenght are the products of your ability to feel secure with all sides of yourself. However you find that security, as long as it’s not the destruction of another person’s security, is in my opinion, the modern form of masculinity.

'Riverdale’ season two! Season ne left us with unanswered questions. What can you tell us, and what’s in store for Jughead.

Jughead was originally Archie’s conscious, and in the final episode of season one he was revealed as the soul of Riverdale - as the moral underpinning of a society that is going to through tremendous moral fluentation. The audience can view Jughead and whatever happens to Jughead as either an enlightening or destruction of the soul of Riverdale. If the sould of Riverdale is being confrtonted with these problems, what does that mean for the town as a whole? In this season he finds himself with one foot in the north side and one foot in the south side, with an impending civil war on the horizon - shaking his previous standing, of conscientious objector and this observer, forcing his hand into play. In this season, Jughead  is very much learning that you can’t make everyone happy, and that his fear of involving himself in the issues that are surrounding him was actually a fear of him suffering or making anyone displeased with him as a person. He has to address and embrace the fact that he’s going to make people unhappy, and that it is part of his life.

All this drama, but one thing is central throughout the show; those kids would do anything for each other in the midst of all that chaos.

Yes, what 75 years of it being a comic has allowed us to do is not having to explain how deeply connected the characters are episode after episode. These characters are so well established in the comic lineage that people don’t need a backstory on them, which has given us a lot of flexibility.

Having taken time off from acting to live in 'the real world’, now having returned and also doing your own photography - how do you feel you’re developing as an artist?

For the longest time I was working on projects and taking jobs that I didn’t really resonate with the way I do now with my projects. My photography gave me a tremendous amount of self-confidence, which comes back to masculinity and all those things we talked about. The ability to express myself in a vulnerable way and show my eye in a curated personal gallery space, game me great confidence. That confidence has now lent itself to a personal artistic lineage taht has given me a foot in the door to the creation of passion projects that I would never have had the ability to do if I hadn’t made myself vulnerable enough - which I’m very thankful for. I think, my acting and my photography are two completely different arts. acting for me is an empathetic creation of a character you’re trying to breathe and weave life into, but you’re essentially a cipher for other people’s narratives. You are playing with the tools in someone else’s toolbox. Photography allows me to express precisely what I want to express, using all the tools in my own toolbox, with the assistance of people who want to play the part of cipher for me. I think the meeting of both of those worlds will eventually culminate in a directorial professional pursuit. I’m trying to find ways of blending those two worlds, so I could come out with narratives and stories that truly resonate with people people from both an acting perspective and a photographic perspective.

You mentioned that there is a certain loneliness that comes with celebrity. With the success of your return, without your brother this time, putting you right back in the limelight - how are you handling this now?

I experience it in a different way now, because I made the conscious decision to return, and I understand that fanaticism is part of celebrity culture. The loneliness that comes with it now is something I’m much more prepared for after I took rim away to understand myself. When I was a child it was a much different story, because I hadn’t made the choice to immerse myself in a world of fanaticism. It also had repercussions, which it took me a long time to deal with. Some people find religion, some people do drugs, some people branch out sexually - everyone has their own way of dealing with it. I chose education.

That’s a pretty healthy way of dealing with it.

I thought it would be. Me choosing education also gave me an ability to be much more prepared for what I’m immersed in now. It feels better.

What dreams are next on the agenda for you?

I’d like to start doing films. I would like to act in a challenging roles, and make films as well. I think the culmination of my acting and photography is the inevitable conclussion of a sort of directorial debut.

 I think you’re too much of a creative to eventually not get involved in making movies. I truly believe that. You have too much to express.

I hope, eventually, but I also feel like I need a lot more time and experience in other aspects. I think acting wise, my brother and I have consistently been in competition with an image of ourselves in the past, and the industry’s image of us as studio money makers and our ability to pull an audience. Now that I’ve been trained well enough, I’m more prepared as an actor to take on the kind of challenging roles that I aspire to.

What type of roles would you like to play?

Just different. Every time. But human roles where each one is different from the next - something I can sit back and be proud of.

I’d love to see you do some really emotive roles. Your performance as Jughead already hits me straight in the heart.

Excellent, I appreciate taht. The only thing that’s stopping my brother and I now is other people’s perception.

I think you’re doing a really good job in changing that perception.

That’s the hope, and over time and by doing the right thing consistently, I think people will start to get it. That was the long-term grudge to bear when we were going to college and thinking about how we were going to play it right and be comfortable with this. For us, the answer was always to do something interesting, and simply: be good people.

What mark do you want to leave on the world?

For years and years I looked at the arts as something less than the sciences. I thought the truest way to make my mark on the world would be to push human knowledge forward in some way or shape. I started taking archaeology as a an attempt to leave a mark on the world, and I had taken a class about palaeolithic civilisation and I brought up art as a luxury - essentially I was saying that art was something that came after the bellies were full, the sleep was had and the thirst was quenched. My professor corrected me pretty firmly in front of the entire class, and said that art, storytelling, myth and oral narration was hands down the only way humans were able to survive. The ability to portray a message was redefined to me as necessary to life itself. Artistry, if we look at it historically, is always the product of its time period. The greatest artists were always the ones that had a full comprehension of the society around them, and the ability to tactfully push the edges of their society - broaden it just a bit. Now we live in an age where the boundaries of society are no longer strict and inflexible, but rather something all-encompassing. Figures like John Lennon, Gandhi and Martin Luther King JR. - all these men had one thing in common: they all preached peace and love as the fundamentals to the operation of a healthy society - and all those guys were murdered. So I’ve got to figure out a way to preach that without getting murdered, haha.

Dean pushed the motel room door open to find you exactly where he left you. You had refused to participate in the hunt the boys were currently working because it hit too close to home. You also had no fucking desire to talk about it with either of the Winchesters but especially Dean.

“There are locks on motel room doors for a reason, asshats,” you grumbled, turning over in the bed and facing away from the brothers. You caught a glimpse of Sam’s face, and he looked guilty, like he actually felt bad for breaking into your room.

Dean on the other hand just looked angry. You didn’t owe him any kind of an explanation. If you wanted to sit out a hunt, it was your damn prerogative.

“Sammy, I got this,” Dean said through clenched teeth. You could briefly hear Sam protest, but you were sure Dean had given him a look that could kill because you heard the younger Winchester’s response.

“Fine,” he huffed stepping away and heading back to the room the boys were sharing.

Dean closed the door with a thud.

“Y/N,” he began, his voice low and irritated.

“I swear to god, Dean, I don’t want to talk about it. Especially not with you. You push this, and I might literally rip your nut sack off. Right off,” you motioned with your hand without turning to look at him. You felt a tear escape your eye, and you hurried to wipe it away.

“First off all, rude. Second of all, I know you,” he growled low in his throat. “Hunts don’t bother you. Even the awful ones that remind you of how you lost your family. You’re tough as nails. You push everything down and power on. You’re a pro. I’d almost say you’re better at pushing away emotions than I am, and we both know that’s saying something.”

“You got that fucking right,” you huffed as you turned away from him again, tears steadily streaming down your face now. “Did you at least finish off the fucker?” you asked, hoping this hunt was over so that you could move on and get back to yourself without having to talk about it.

He sat down on the bed next to yours and watched you carefully.

“The Djinn is dead,” he stated. “Now are you gonna talk about this or what? You never refuse to go on a hunt. Ever. What the hell is going on?”

You sat up then, throwing your legs over the bed, the tear stains on your face evident. Dean was clearly taken aback. He rubbed his neck and looked away briefly before locking eyes with yours and pushing forward.

“Let’s talk about it. Clearly you need to, sweetheart,” he said, his voice suddenly softer now.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Don’t placate me Dean. And don’t call me sweetheart,” you growled, finally meeting his eyes.

“What’s going on?” he pleaded, leaning forward, his forearms on his knees. “Is this about when you were captured by a Djinn, and we couldn’t find you for a few days? You never talked about that, but I had never seen you so scared,” Dean commented. “But you never let a monster getting a hold of you phase you. Ever,” Dean said dismissively.

You swallowed thickly and locked eyes with him. “When that monster takes away the person you love over and over again, you aren’t too keen on facing one of its kind again.” The words stumbled out of your mouth.

“Djinn don’t work like that. I remember. You get your wildest dreams,” Dean stated, confused.

“Not the one that had me. Fear. It fed on fear. And apparently my biggest fear is losing you. I watched you die over and over again those few days I was alone, waiting,” tears fell down your cheeks in earnest.

“Wait. What?” Dean asked, confused. “I don’t understand,” he mumbled, fidgeting with his pants because he didn’t know what else to do.

“I fucking love you, Dean, but don’t figure it out from the context clues or anything,” you huffed, pulling your knees up to your chest and sobbing. “I couldn’t risk getting taken again. Fears or the best dream ever, it would have involved you,” you admitted, looking into his eyes. “I couldn’t lose you over and over again,” you powered on. “And I couldn’t have you in the best way possible only to have it ripped away when you came to my rescue,” you sobbed.

Dean’s legs moved quickly, and he sat down beside you. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, and you fell into him. You cried. You cried for what felt like hours while Dean ran his fingers through your hair and rubbed your back soothingly.

“I didn’t know,” he mumbled. It was then that you realized Dean had been crying too. “I had no fucking clue,” he whispered as you pulled away to look into his eyes. Your eyes met for a brief second before his lips crashed to yours. You clung to him, the kiss desperate and deep, your tears mixing with his. He pulled away finally and whispered, “I’m so, so sorry.”

His hand cupped your face and you didn’t jerk away from his touch.

“I’ve always loved you, but you deserve better than me,” he said.

You laughed as you sobbed. “I may ‘deserve’ better, Dean, but you’re what I want. Obviously. Dreams and fears don’t lie,” you whispered as you looked into his eyes.

His eyes darted back and forth as he searched yours. His lips found yours again, this kiss tender and full of promise. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. “And I’m going to my best to make sure your dreams aren’t torn away from you again and that your fears are never realized,” he promised, his forehead falling against yours.

“Dean, don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you answered, your hand moving to his neck and pulling him into a kiss. You felt him start to protest, but he melted into your touch.

You didn’t doubt he could make your dreams come true, but staying alive wasn’t exactly Dean Winchester’s forte.

And he had the Mark of Cain.

You knew that couldn’t end well for either of you.

#69 [Enzo Amore]

Requested, #69. “It just…hurts.” (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: So this is actually from a part of a story I wrote way back when Enzo first got injured on the Payback 2016 PPV. When I got this prompt, it was the perfect reason to finally finally finish this. It’s long and fluffy and I’m not sorry.

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You felt like the worst girlfriend in the world as you ran through the back hallways of the arena, attempting to make your way to the car bay.

You’d been in your locker room, finalizing getting ready in your ring gear, when Nattie had come in, asking if you’d been watching the current match. Truth be told, you’d been so busy being in your hometown, visiting with people and making appearances, that you hadn’t remembered to turn on the closed-circuit TV. You were too focused on getting ready for your own title match that night on the PPV.

But all it took was one sentence from Nattie for all of your focus to shift entirely away from anything to do with you.

“Enzo got hurt in his match.”

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Drink With Friends [Bucky x Reader]

Originally posted by gifsme

Summary:  “we’re drunk and lost on the streets after a wild night out and as I give you a piggy back ride you start singing ‘SO NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAAAYYYY’ and you clap in my face” - Prompt by the-witch-daddy

Bucky can handle all the alcohol. It’s what being a supersoldier includes. Unfortunately for you, you’re the complete opposite. 

Series Warnings/Themes: Profanity, fluff, humor.

Author’s Note: Have a pair of drunkards wandering the streets

Y/N = Your Name

“My legs huuuurt” you cry out.

“You’re not even walking, Sweetheart.”

Bucky adjusts you over his back so that you’re more stable. He carries you through the streets of New York City, grumbling under his breath when you start to pet his hair. Tony Stark was a big idiot for egging you on in a drinking contest. A drunk [Y/N] was never a good thing. 

Bucky watch out!” you screech, gripping his shoulders tightly.

He immediately tenses up, eyes widening as he looks around for the source of danger. “What? What is it?” he asks, highly alert now. You point to the ground. He follows your finger to an empty potato-chip bag. His shoulders quickly relax. “What the hell? I thought there was a bad guy or something!” he whispers harshly, stomping over the bag and continuing his walk to the hotel. You pout at him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. 

“What do you mean? Is a bag of chips not good enough for you? When will anything be good enough for you?!” You seem offended by his attack on the bag, glaring at his head. He can feel your intense gaze and he scoffs. “Calm down before you hurt yourself,” he tells you, patting your thigh with his metal hand. 

You’re a few blocks away from hotel Blanke, and Bucky was beginning to think you were sobering up. You had stayed quiet for the rest of the trip until now.

“Thanks for carrying me, Buck” you hum, kissing him on the cheek.

You couldn’t see it, but his face turns pink at the contact and he bites back a smile. 

“Of course.” His blue-eyed gaze looks anywhere but back at you, suddenly shy about it all. “What are friends for, am I right?” he adds with a chuckle. 

He didn’t want to have an emotional talk with you. Not in this state. He’ll save it for when you’re feeling like yourself again. 

When you don’t answer his question, he raises an eyebrow in confusion. Did he say something wrong? 

“Sorry, I di-”


Bucky jumps in shock, almost dropping you in the process. No, you weren’t hurt. You were just drunk. Why did he think that saying “friends” was a good idea to a loopy you? He knew you were a decent singer. Right now? Not so much. In fact, you sounded like you were in a concert crowd trying to call your idol over by serenading poorly. Someone tell the bodyguard, this fan needs to be escorted out before she blows up everyone’s eardrums. 

He deadpans when you bring your hands in front of his face and clap 4 times. 

You…you are an idiot. 

its midnight and im so tired and i almost cried just thinking about this little headcanon… i headcanon that omnics have a tendency to say their emotional states out loud, be very open and honest about their feelings to the point of verbalizing them, because they don’t have human body language and facial expressions to imply them. plus they’re just kind of… shameless about emotion. when he first starts learning from zenyatta, genji finds that he’s never really been exposed to that kind of genuine emotion before. he nearly cries when he and zenyatta are meditating, and after a long while zenyatta hums thoughtfully and says “I am very pleased right now. I feel at peace when we are together… I am glad you are here.”

Late Nights

(I present to you my first Voltron fanfic! Honestly I can’t even tell you how much time I spent on this, it’s crazy I went over it like 20 times just editing and redoing parts. *sigh* Anyway, I just posted this on my Fanfiction.net account, but I’m posting it here too because why not. So… yeah. *runs away*)

It was late at night (or maybe early in the morning, he wasn’t sure) when Shiro was rudely awoken by a knocking at his door. He’d been asleep in his dorm for hours, exhausted after a long day of tutoring the younger cadets. It was the first downtime he’d had in 24 hours, so of course Keith just had to disturb his bliss by choosing this this time at night to bother him.

That kid was going to be the death of him, he swore it.

Shiro didn’t even bother to open his eyes as he sat up in bed, stretching and mourning the loss of slumber. “Yeah?” he called, though it was hoarse.

“Shiro?” He immediately recognized it as Keith’s voice, even muffled through the door. Though he’d already had a feeling it was Keith just by the fact that he’d knocked in the first place. The only other person who would come to his room at this hour was Matt, but he would have barged in and gone straight to Shiro’s Xbox without even bothering to wake him up. So that left Keith.

Shiro yawned. “No, I’m just some random guy sleeping in his room,” he answered sarcastically. Then, a little nicer, “What do you need, bud?”

“…Can I come in?” Shiro could hear Keith shifting uncomfortably from the other side of the door.

Honestly, he was tempted to say no. He really just wanted to go back to sleep and deal with this in the morning when his brain was functioning properly. But he knew that even if he did that, Keith could easily pick the lock if he really wanted in. It’s not like he hadn’t already done that in the past. So regretfully, the safest option was to let the poor kid in before he broke his doorknob again.

With a low groan, Shiro accepted that he probably wasn’t going to get to go back to sleep any time soon. Besides, Keith never really sought him out at night unless it was an emergency, so Shiro’s protective instincts were what got him up from the bed and to the door.

He opened the door, blinking against the dim light of the Garrison hallways. Once they adjusted, he got a good look at Keith.


The kid’s face looked like it’d been beaten repeatedly with a meat cleaver. His right eye was swollen and purple. Blood dried below his split lip, and all along his cheekbones were painful-looking bruises that were already starting to darken. And from the pained tightness in his jaw, Shiro could guess that wasn’t the extent of the damage.

Shiro winced. Yup, might as well kiss sleep goodbye for tonight. “Damn, kid, you must have really pissed somebody off.”

Keith rolled his eyes halfheartedly. “Hello to you too,” he said. Then, more contrite, “Can I come in?”

Shiro opened the door wider and stepped aside. “What happened to you? Did you get hit by a bus or something?”

“More like a fist.” Keith groaned quietly, holding his arm protectively against his chest.

“Seems like a few more fists than that,” Shiro muttered under his breath. He pointed at the bed. “Sit,” he ordered. He went into his bathroom to grab the first aid kit he kept under the sink. When he returned, Keith was sucking on his sore lip and wincing.

As Shiro rummaged around the kit, he commented, “Man, that’s some beating. How come you came here instead of going to the nurse?”

Keith shrugged. “If I go there, she’ll just tell Iverson. I’ve already gotten into two fights this semester, and I can’t exactly afford to get in trouble again.” He had the audacity to smirk, despite it clearly causing him pain. “‘Sides, you’re good at keeping your mouth shut.”

Underneath his brotherlike concern, Shiro couldn’t help being disappointed in Keith. This wasn’t the first time he’d come to him broken and bleeding after getting into an altercation with someone bigger than him, and it wouldn’t be the last. If he kept this up, pretty soon he was going to wind up getting expelled, and there would be nothing Shiro could do about it.

He was only seventeen. Still a kid. If he got kicked out of the Garrison, Shiro knew he’d end up getting thrown right back into foster care.

Shiro didn’t want to see Keith’s anger issues ruin his life.

He stayed silent as he pulled out some antiseptic and wet a cotton ball with it. Taking great care, he wiped the blood and dirt off Keith’s face.

“So,” he started casually. “You mind telling me who did this?”

Keith didn’t answer and picked at a loose thread on Shiro’s blanket.

Shiro sighed. “You’re lucky, you know. I can cover for you for the next few days while you heal up, but you can’t keep doing this every time someone looks at you the wrong way. I’m serious. If the faculty had found out about this, you’d have been screwed. You do realize you’re already on your second strike, right? One more and you’re gonna get kicked out, and then what will you do?”

Keith rolled his eyes and mumbled, “I know, I know.”

Shiro turned Keith’s face to look at him. “Do you? Because if you did, you wouldn’t still be pulling this kind of stuff. If this happens again and you get caught, I won’t be able to save you. My pull with the higher officers only goes so far, Keith.”

Keith pulled away from Shiro’s grasp and balled his fists. “I know, okay? I get it. You don’t have to lecture me like you’re responsible for me or something. You’re not my father, you know.”

Shiro grabbed Keith’s chin again, firmer this time, and continued to fix up his scrapes. He ignored Keith’s whine when the antiseptic stung the cut on his lip. Served him right. “I’m not trying to lecture you, but you have to admit all this fighting is getting out of hand.”

Keith scowled. Shiro could feel the tension in his body, the anger boiling deep inside him and threatening to overflow. He could see his defenses going up. “Well what else was I supposed to do, just let that asshole get away with talking about me like that?”

Shiro’s hands stilled. “Wait, what? Who talked like what?”

Keith clenched his jaw and glared at the wall behind Shiro’s head. “Nothing. Forget it.”

But the look in his eyes suggested that it was most definitely not nothing. “Keith.” Shiro ducked his head to look him in the eyes. “Tell me what happened.”

Keith glared at him. It was times like this that Shiro often wondered what Keith must look like to other people. Judging by his angry demeanor, he must be a pretty scary guy to those who didn’t know him well. But Shiro still couldn’t look at Keith without remembering the time he tried making a Rice Krispy omelette and nearly set the kitchen on fire, so he wasn’t as easily intimidated by him as others were.

He smoothed a bandaid over a cut above Keith’s eyebrow, giving the boy a stern look all the while. Eventually Keith seemed to give in. He slouched and let out a frustrated breath.

“Listen, it… it wasn’t my fault, okay? I told you, I’ve really been trying.”

“I believe you,” Shiro assured him.

Keith bit his lip, but continued. “Anyway, I was hanging outside by the entrance to the dorms for some fresh air—“ (That part didn’t surprise Shiro. Keith often described living in the academy as suffocating) “—and some guy I recognized from my engineering class bumped into me on his way in. Didn’t even apologize or anything.”

Shiro’s eyebrows narrowed knowingly. “You didn’t.”

Keith’s lips twitched. “Yeah. I got pissed. But I swear, all I did was yell at first. I wasn’t planning on actually doing anything.”

“Then how’d you manage to get so messed up?”

Keith hesitated and looked down. “Eventually he got angry too, and I dunno, he must have snuck out and been hanging at a bar or whatever before that, ‘cause he seemed pretty wasted. So pretty soon we were both yelling and then he…” He hesitated.


Keith avoided Shiro’s eyes and took a breath. “He called me an orphan,” he mumbled, so quietly that Shiro barely heard him.

If the look in Keith’s eyes didn’t break his heart, the wavering in his voice sure did when he stumbled over the word orphan. “Keith…”

Keith put up a hand, stopping him. “Listen, I know I overreacted. I mean, he was just telling the truth, right? I am an orphan. I can’t— I can’t get mad just because someone was stating a fact. But it’s just— it’s just the way he said it…” His voice shook, and he cleared his throat to cover it up.

Now, Keith wasn’t one to show emotion, well, ever, so there were few things that got to him. But feeling unloved, unwanted? Being reminded of how alone he was in the world? That was a major one. So Shiro knew that even though it was just some random upperclassman with a chip on his shoulder, his words hurt. A lot.

Meanwhile, Shiro was mad. Not at Keith, of course. In fact, if he hadn’t already known that Keith had so many problems with physical contact, he’d probably have already smothered him a hug by now. No, he was angry at the kid who dared to say something like that to the boy he thought of as a little brother, who already had enough to deal with without adding jerk upperclassmen who hurt people just because they can to the mix.

Keith sniffed. “Anyways, he just kept going on, saying that I didn’t matter and nobody would want me and I shouldn’t even be here in the first place, stuff like that. And then— I dunno, I just lost it.”

The look on his face made Shiro want to find this guy and teach him a lesson. But Shiro couldn’t lose it now, not while he had a bruised and bloodied Keith in his room, with misty eyes and shaky breaths he was desperately trying to hide. So instead of storming out and probably winding up getting himself kicked off the Kerberos mission, Shiro returned to the task of tending to the cuts on Keith’s face and forced what was hopefully a convincing smirk. “Man, I’d like to see how he looks if this is as bad as you got,” he said. Which wasn’t even a lie—he hoped Keith had at least gotten a few good swings in. At least then if Shiro ever saw the guy, he could recognize him from the bruises and know just who exactly deserved payback for hurting his little brother.

Keith shook his head. “Nah, I got barely a punch in before his friends joined in. There were three, maybe four I guess. I didn’t really stand much of a chance.” He winced at the memory. “Uh, anyway, after a few minutes I guess they got bored and went back inside. Then I managed to get up and come here, and you know the rest.”

Shiro’s eyebrows pulled together, but he didn’t speak. After knowing Keith for so long, he’d learned by now that the last thing Keith would want was pity. So rather than talking, Shiro pursed his lips and continued bandaging Keith’s injuries. He moved on to Keith’s arm, which he’d been favoring since he got in. Shiro prayed it wasn’t broken, because if that was the case there would be no way they’d be able to hide this from the Garrison faculty.

Thankfully, after a few minutes he dismissed it as just a little bruised. He finished checking Keith for any other injuries in no time, and he went to put away the first aid kit. Then he sat back down on the bed and faced Keith.

“Keith… You do realize I’m leaving for Kerberos in six months, right?”

Keith looked down. Shiro knew he didn’t like to think about the prospect of him leaving. “So?”

“So, you’re gonna be on your own for a while. Pretty soon you’re not going to have me around to patch you up and cover for you when this kind of thing happens. I don’t want to come back from space and find out that you’re living on the street, or in the desert or something after getting kicked out because you couldn’t control your anger,” he said.

Keith shrugged with one shoulder. “I can take care of myself.”

“Well I really hope so, because if you get into trouble while I’m gone, that’s gonna be it for you. I can’t leave in good conscience unless I’m positive you’ll be okay, and as of right now, I’m not so sure that’s the case.”

Keith pulled away and looked Shiro in the eyes, abruptly serious. “Don’t say that. Don’t even think about giving up this mission just because you think you need to take care of me or hold my hand or whatever. Don’t forget, I’ve lived on my own before and I made it this far. I’ll be fine, okay?”

Shiro looked at him a long time before finally nodding. “Okay. It’s just… I worry, you know? It’s hard to imagine leaving you behind for so long with no one to stick up for you.”

Keith rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “It won’t be that long. It’s not like you’ll be gone forever. And believe me, you won’t have to worry about me getting kicked out anytime soon, ‘cause I know that if I did, you’d probably beat me up for getting expelled when you got back.”

“That’s true,” Shiro laughed. He nudged Keith with his shoulder, and Keith nudged him back.

They were going to be okay, he thought. He’d be back from the mission in no time, and until then, he had a feeling Keith would be okay. So long as he knew Shiro was returning, that he wouldn’t have to be alone for too long, he would find a way to stay out of trouble. Shiro wouldn’t have to worry about him getting kicked out anytime soon, he was sure of it.

How Could You?

Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 3309

Part one, Part two

Warnings: Blood, mild swearing, the usual

 Summary: After learning of the evidence Jughead was keeping from him, Archie takes matters into his own hands. As Veronica and her mother investigate the relationship between Hiram and the reader, they discover something that neither could have prepared for. After losing her mother, a past reader is confronted by a mysterious businessman.

Note:  I’m so excited for this chapter because tensions are higher than ever between Archie and the gang. (I just love writing drama!) Just a warning, it kind of jumps around a lot so I hope that isn’t confusing. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the series and will want me to continue! Sorry it has taken so long.

Archie’s fist slammed into Jughead’s mouth and Betty screamed. As Jug recovered from the blow, Archie pushed him back, sending him to the ground.

“What is this?” He yelled, holding Hiram’s note. Betty gasped. “What the hell is this Jughead?” Jug stared up at him, shaking his head. Archie knelt down and grabbed the collar of his shirt. “Is that what you meant? By Y/N always protecting us?” He still didn’t say anything. Archie pulled him up towards him so their faces were inches apart. “Tell me this wasn’t because of me! Tell me she didn’t do this because of me!” No response. Archie swung his fist into his nose.

“Archie!” Betty tried to pull him off, but he pushed her away.

“How could you?!” He screamed, completely oblivious to the crowd gathering around them. “How could you keep this from me?” He hit him again and again and again, but Jughead never fought back. He knew he deserved it.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, blood from his mouth dripping down his chin. Someone pulled Archie off of him, but he still fought, reaching towards Jughead with claws.

“How could you?!” He screamed again as they dragged him down the hallway. “I trusted you!” Betty helped Jughead get to his feet and somebody started ushering him towards Principle’s Weatherbee’s office, Betty trailing after. His face was throbbing with pain, but he didn’t care, nor did he blame Archie. He had been in such a rush that morning to tell Betty, he left his laptop at Archie’s house. How could he be so stupid?

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popular text posts + ask memes (part four)

❛ i don’t need a date, i need cash ❜
❛ say something, i’m giving up on school ❜
❛ my love is like a candle, if you forget about me, i will burn your fucking house down ❜
❛ if i die, my funeral is going to be the biggest fucking party and you’re all invited ❜
❛ i’m too young to have this many embarrassing moments ❜
❛ i’m very strong, i could fight off maybe 20 snails. 21 on a good day. ❜
❛ turn off: being more attractive than me ❜
❛ drugs? no thanks. the only ‘high’ i need is the natural rush you get form committing a murder ❜
❛ occupation: the family disappointment ❜
❛ if you can’t beat them, dress better than them ❜
❛ do you ever just realize that you’re not a good person? ❜
❛ everything always happens so much ❜
❛ listen, i did mean to make you upset and i do think your opinions are shit ❜
❛ which is messier: my life or my hair? ❜
❛ i’m tired 8 days a week ❜
❛ i use humor to cover up the fact that i want to jump off a bridge ❜
❛ let’s play ‘how rude can i be until you realize i don’t like you’ ❜
❛ why am i awake? who summoned me? ❜
❛ i just want good eyebrows and maybe a new face ❜
❛ for someone who pretends to have no emotions whatsoever i’m really sensitive ❜
❛ i haven’t made any bad decisions lately and i’m getting bored ❜
❛ studies show that i am, in fact, in a perpetual state of given’ ‘em the old razzle dazzle ❜
❛ i came out tonight to get attacked and honestly, i am having such a fun time right now ❜
❛ is your heart supposed to pound for ten minutes straight after you answer one question in class?  ❜
❛ no, you are not as funny as me. stop trying. ❜
❛ it is very important that i am both cute and powerful ❜
❛ how do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you? ❜
❛ if i were a bird, you’d be the first person i’d shit on ❜
❛ raise your hand if you’re a lil bit of an asshole ❜
❛ i may be a shitty friend, but i’m your shitty friend ❜
❛ my last word will probably be either ‘whoops’ or ‘shit’ ❜
❛ pro tip: instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. everything is still horrible, but you will not care at all. ❜
❛ i get butterflies thinking about myself ❜
❛ i love you and i’m glad you exist. i’m so happy you’re alive. ❜
❛ if you’re reading this, i’m beautiful ❜
❛ your body is 60% water and i’m thirsty ❜
❛ sorry, i wasn’t ignoring you. i was just watching 7 seasons and 54 episodes of this new show i found. ❜
❛ how do you find a soulmate when you have no soul? ❜
❛ is it rude to kill yourself in the middle of class? ❜
❛ one of these days i’m going to roll my eyes so hard that i’m going to go blind ❜
❛ i think my parents would yell at me if i died ❜
❛ i’m having a great time this year. time passes irregularly and i’m disappointing my parents. ❜
❛ be the villain you were born to be. stop waiting for someone to come along and corrupt you. succumb to the darkness yourself. ❜
❛ i’m sick of the government reading but never liking my statuses ❜
❛ my new year’s kiss is going to be a shot of vodka ❜
❛ i feel so bad for my exes, like imagine losing me ❜
❛ look, i’m a nice person, but i’m not here to take your shit ❜
❛ is there an award for fucking up the most times? because if so, crown me the winner ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for lying in bed for hours on end and doing nothing productive ❜
❛ at least i can admit that i’m a piece of shit ❜
❛ no offense, but i’m a blessing to this earth ❜
❛ lets talk about the universe and make out ❜
❛ how do people wake up in the morning feeling refreshed? ❜
❛ are you a piece of art? because i’d like to nail you up against a wall ❜
❛ true bonding is when you and your friends are all angry about the same thing ❜
❛ i doubt vodka is the answer, but it’s worth a shot ❜

When talking about mental health, and depression specifically, I’ve seen a lot of talk and understanding for symptoms like social anxiety, hopelessness and a general disregard for one’s own feelings and needs. This is all good and fine, obviously, keep doing it, because we all need to hear it! But what I want to talk about right now is self care. Not drinking water, showering and looking into the mirror, telling yourself you look good. I think we’ve covered that, and we’ll continue to cover it.

Right now I want to talk about dental care. This isn’t something I’ve come across on this website, even though it’s definitely a big topic for me. Me, personally? I’ve gone through years of not giving a shit about myself (still am) which often resulted in going through a week, brushing my teeth only once. Not only that, but also eating in bed constantly. Take this, and multiply it with days. Weeks. Months. Years.

I know there’s a lot wrong in there. I’m anxious and afraid to go to the dentist. I’m afraid of rejection, maybe, but mostly I’m just fucking embarrassed and disappointed and disgusted with myself. I have cavities. I have rotting teeth. It’s a mess in there. Of course, I can argue that I wasn’t in the state of mind to take care of myself. But that doesn’t take the rot away. It doesn’t take the emotional, but also physical pain away, because my tooth hurts so bad right now.

I just feel so much shame right now, but I know I have to go to the dentist. I feel shame about having to go to a dentist that specializes in people who are afraid of going to the dentist.

But I still felt inclined to make this post. If anyone reads this, knowing that they’re in the same position as I am, please know you’re not alone. You’re not an embarrassment. You did not do this to yourself. You do not need to punish yourself with the pain and say, “I deserve this.”

I hope you find the strength within you to make that call and set the appointment. I hope you find the strength to calmly explain the situation, your fear, and your desire to start anew. Realistically speaking, dentists have seen a lot. I think they want to help you. They didn’t get into the profession to only help clients with perfect teeth, did they?

I’m still struggling with this topic, I’ll be perfectly honest about that. But I just wanted to try and talk about it. If this reaches at least one person who recognizes themselves in this story, this post will have served its purpose.

I am so mad at the VLD fandom right now.

Whenever Keith goes through anything emotional or has a hard time processing something he’s boiled down to just a “moody” and “emo” kid. Season 4 is a perfect example of how mistreated he is by the fandom?? He is in probably the worst emotional state we’ve seen him in (on screen anyways) and still people ignore it??? If this was Lance (or any other character tbh) everyone would be crying about “sweet baby lance” and how “mistreated” he is. But the second anything happens to Keith its silent. This boy was ready to sacrifice himself because he thinks he is more useful to everyone dead than he would ever be alive. He almost DIED in the last episode and if Lotor hadn’t shown up he probably would have. So the fact that i’ve only seen a small handful of people genuinely concerned about him makes me livid.

Basically I am furious at the VLD fandom right now and I would go on but I’m way too mad to talk about it any longer.

What’s it like to have a hero? I find myself wondering. It’s one of those highs within the emotional spectrum I have lost, though I am fairly sure it was within my reach before. Of course my dad was my hero. I mean, the man carried me on his shoulders; taught me how to walk; how to ride a bicycle, and many more things I take for granted nowadays. Same goes for the other giants of that time that took on the effort to raise my then miniature self. But right now I’m thinking outside the blood bond. Did I have any heroes at all? I can’t recall. So I’m wondering, is it a state of awe? Is it an insurmountable desire to be close? Is it like having a beacon; an example to call upon when there’s a fork in the road and life’s journey’s reduced to a matter of choice? A what-would-Jesus-do matter to the believers. It’s all so foreign to me. I just can’t reproduce seeing any superiority in any human being. Then again, who has a hero anyway in this great age of disappointments; where every step of the way is recorded until one’s bound to reveal that they are only human. Pardon my jadedness, and my cynicism, I was initially looking for enlightenment. What’s it like to have a hero; do you have any? Do you suppose they’re needed?
—  Heroes, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

I don’t know what it is with Icelandic people, but by god, they are some of the purest people ever.

We got Magnús Scheving, our buff sport dad who brought LazyTown into existence.

We got Stefán Karl Stefánsson, our pure plant dad who kicked cancers ass and played everyone’s favorite villain.

And finally, we got Björn Thors, our pure cute dad who made me emotional at 4 am on Easter and is also willing to reply to posts on Instagram, sending people heart and smiley face emojis.

This is the Trio of Ultimate Purity, I’m stating it right now.

curlsandkidneys  asked:

So I moved out of my parents home to live with mt bf who lived states away. I am now impossibly far away from my family. I'm feeling a bit of homesickness even though it was a negative (read: toxic) environment. I also REALLY miss my dog. Its 5am and I am insanely sad bc I dreamt about my dog. Any tips for dealing with some of these emotions?

It’s natural to feel a whole mix of emotions after moving out of a parent or guardian’s house. Being on your own for the first time can be scary, yet exciting. Saddening, yet liberating. It sounds like moving out was the right choice for you, but don’t be hard on yourself for feeling homesick or nostalgic. 

Here are some suggestions for you. But remember- everyone adjusts at their own pace! If there are days where you need to stay home and binge watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and eat ice cream, let them happen.

Homesickness Suggestions

  • Go for a walk somewhere new. Check out a park, a local historic site, go for a jog by the river listening to your favorite new band.
  • Get involved in a DIY project. Organize some bookshelves, hang up that poster you’ve been meaning to, put some new screws in the desk drawer that will never close properly.
  • Learn a new skill. I just started baking and I love it. But if making banana bread is not for you, try knitting, gardening, or even learning a new language. Duolingo is free!
  • Join a club. I am always encouraging ya’ll to join a club that follows things that interest you. Join a book club, a D&D league, etc.
  • Volunteer. Ya’ll know that there are pets out there in need of some petting right now. Go volunteer at your local ASPCA! Spend several hours a week loving animals in need.
  • Start a journal. Writing is so therapeutic! Try to get into the habit of writing every day, even if it’s only a sentence or two.
  • Do some yoga. Here is a free website with hundreds of free instructional videos. You just have to make an account, and the possibilities are endless!
  • Go exploring. Get on the nearest public transportation and get off at a random stop. Learn the ins and outs of your new city, boyfriend in tow.
  • Deep clean. Put on some Disney classics and get your rubber gloves. Deep clean your new home! It’s distracting and productive.
  • Stay in touch. Stay connected to your friends and family members using any means possible. Skype/Facetime, group chat, What’sApp, what have you. Since you mentioned leaving a toxic home, only do this if it’s safe for you and your mental health. But there’s nothing wrong with spending four hours talking on the phone to your friends from your old state.

I hope these help! Lots of love xx

Aquarius Moon - from the outside looking in

So if you are an lunar Aquarian emotions can seem very messy to you. This is because you’re an idealist at heart and let’s face it, sometimes dealing with emotions can be less than “ideal.” From my experience, I have two modes of emotions (being a lunar Aquarian myself) and that is, 1. being completely engulfed by them or 2. feeling so separated from them you can’t even believe it’s real. When I am feeling fully engulfed, it feels as though I’m drowning, not the beginning states of drowning either, the state of drowning that you have lost all air and now you are waiting to pass out/die. This is hard to handle but in my opinion the other way is much more difficult. When you are feeling detached from your emotions, you feel like you will never actually make the right choice in how to precede because you feel as though you can’ t actually see the problem. You can’ t grasp it, even if you are in hands reach. 

Untie My Silhouette (8/?)

Emma Swan feels like she’s in a rut and after spending the last day of December alone and in self-pity, she decides she needs some changes in her life. A New Year’s resolution list might do the trick and she intends to keep to every item she scribbled down.

Killian Jones thinks Emma’s just as perfect as she is, so when he gets his hands on her list it seems like a good idea to propose a bet to her. Especially when in turn, he gets to spend more time with her.

But the stakes aren’t low, they’ll use everything in order to win - and for the other to lose. (Modern AU)

Rating: M for language (and for future happenings *wink)

Words: ~5.5k

Also on: FF.net and AO3

Previous parts:

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7]

A/N: Happy Tuesday!

First, THANK YOU so much for any kind of feedback, I see and appreciate every one of you!! *HUGS :)

Second, sorry for the waiting, I had a crazy two weeks and this craziness is still far from over *sigh. Uni life is hard, especially when it’s your last year and when you’re surrounded by incompetent teachers *angry sigh. But I promise my frustration won’t come between me and my writing, I have every intention of finishing this story. It kind of became my baby and an escape from real life. So, here’s a brand new chapter for you lovely readers, hope you enjoy it! And please let me know what you think, it helps with my muse big time! :)

Chapter 8

Emma smiles at Killian’s remark (this man is taking this bet way too seriously, keeping tabs on every single curse leaving her mouth) and closes the door behind him, leaning her back against it. Her legs are shaking and her heart is beating way too fast. She’s kissed a lot of men in her life so far, but none of them affected her as much as Killian. She has never felt this sweet numbness and euphoria running through her entire body.

It was so much easier when Killian didn’t know that she was also attracted to him.

She steps away from the door and, with mechanical movements, peels off her dress, pulls on clean underwear, jeans, and a black top.

The jeans are her favorite ones – a slim-leg cut, a bit ripped on the front and from the knee down, there are black written lines done by fabric markers. They are wild and rebellious and Emma absolutely loves them.

When she’s done dressing, she sits down on her old bed, scoots back until she reaches the wall and pulls up her legs, wrapping her arms around her knees.

Her mind is a jumbled mess right now because of him, but it’s not like she can do anything about it. With him, it’s like her mask is slowly coming apart and she’s just standing there before him with her soul bared completely open. But the most frightening thing is that Killian honestly likes what he sees.

He likes her.

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My Track By Track Review of The Script’s Fifth Album Freedom Child
I’m a casual fan of The Script, I don’t have every song of theirs. But I love that The Script always manage to bring a solid record whenever they drop an album. They’re one of those few artists that don’t settle for anything other than quality. So I’m really excited to listen to their brand new album “Freedom Child”. Let’s get right to it!.

Track 1 - No Man Is An Island

What a fantastic start to the album!. The beat isn’t complicated, nor is it over the top. It fits perfectly within the rhythm of the song, which I like. The chorus is infectious and gets you tapping your foot. This song definitely gets you interested in what the rest of the album will be like. Great opener for sure.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: She said all hearts break, don’t lost faith, you can’t live life that way

Track 2 - Rain

The first single off the album, and honestly it was a newish sound that I wasn’t quite expecting. However The Script nailed it and delivered. Bits of the song remind me of Ed Sheeran, but other than that it’s not a bad song to sing along too when it comes on.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: It’s such a shame we fucked it up, you and me

Track 3 - Arms Open

This is a beautiful song that holds so much emotional, and I may have teared up just a little. The message of this song, the lyrics, the production really is on point. This is simplicity at it’s best and The Script just know how to deliver meaningful songs. Arms Open is another one of those songs and I really hope it doesn’t become underrated, because this song doesn’t deserve that.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: So when you feel like you can’t take another round of being broken, my arms are open

Track 4 - Rock The World

This gives me Hall of Fame vibes, and I think it’s amazing that The Script wrote a song like this. Because nowadays on the charts they aren’t a lot of songs about believing in yourself, and I applaud The Script for this song, it’s amazing. Very classic The Script I’d say, and I can actually see this as a future single.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: You and me are human beings, pushing harder, smashing ceilings

Track 5 - Mad Love

It’s a cute song, different style to the last few songs that I listened too and you know what, it works. Not as memorable as Rock Your World or No Man Is An Island, but it has a nice, laid back beat to it. And after Rock Your World, I think it was the right choice to have Mad Love as the next track.

Rating: 6 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: I’ve got mad, mad, mad, love for you

Track 6 - Deliverance

Okay, interesting. It’s got sorta the same vibe as No Man Is An Island mixed with Rock Your World, but in a way it’s completely different. I quite like it, I had my head bopping all throughout this song. I was more focused though on the beat, then the lyrics, but I’ll most likely go back and listen closely to the lyrics later. But for the first listen it’s the beat that definitely hooks you.

Rating: 7 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: Oh, you can’t ever know what it’s worth, if it don’t hurt

Track 7 - Divide States Of America

Like Pink, The Script has brought a song about unity and what’s going on in America right now. While some will get bored of these songs, and think that they’re quite overdone. I actually don’t mind them. Besides, The Script has been one of those artists that don’t shy away from being brutally honest in their music, and this song is no different. Lyrically it’s a strong song and has a powerful statement. And I think in a time like this, having songs like this are quite important.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: Another time to speak less, listen more

Track 8 - Wonders

The way it started I was ready to cry, but The Script pulled a 180 and completely stunned me with the transition of this song, and I’m in love!!!. I was smiling while listening. Even though I’m not in a relationship, I appreciate the message behind in this song. And you don’t really have to be in a relationship to really be able to relate to this song. It makes you think if you’re actually living life to the fullest, and you can go and catch a plane and go do all the things you’ve always wanted. And after Divided States of America, which is such a heavy song it was nice to have some of that emotional heaviness lifted.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: I’ve got so many questions to ask

Track 9 - Love Not Lovers

This was a promotional track that I listen too a few days earlier, and like all the other songs on this album it holds a message that I’m sure we or someone we know can relate too. It has like I said in another song above, that classic Script vibe and while this album is different to their previous sound, it’s nice to listen to a song and get that nostalgic feeling of a previous sound.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: Oh, the harder you chase it the more love will run

Track 10 - Eden

This starts a it funky and then goes into a catchy beat. I honestly not sure what to think about this song. I feel like this the type of song that’ll need multiple listens to really get into it. By all means there isn’t anything bad about it, but in my opinion it isn’t as strong as the others I’ve heard.

Rating: 6 and half/10

Favourite Lyric: Blinded my temptation, you gave me salvation

Track 11 - Make Up

If you only listen to a handful of songs from this album, please, make sure this is one of them. I’m a person that doesn’t wear make-up, but this song hit me hard. I think everyone needs to hear this. Because we so quickly forget, thanks to the pressure of society, that we’re all beautiful in our own way. What I also think is important about this song, is that it isn’t gender specific, it talks about girls and guys. I give a huge round of applause to The Script, their songs are so lyrically beautiful. Whether that be upbeat ones or slow ballads.

Rating: 9/10

Favourite Lyric: She’s locked up in a prison made of thoughts // Never happy with who she is, that’s the saddest fucking thing

Track 12 - Written In The Scars

This is the first song I heard from the album, and I don’t mean the full song but a small snippet that was posted by The Script on twitter. And my god, it just made me want to hear the whole song. When I did, I wasn’t disappointed. Lyrically this relates closer to Rock Your Word, and I think those songs go quite perfectly hand in hand. The favourite lyric I put underneath, really was something that I needed to hear and I cannot thank The Script enough for making a song like this. Because we are all fighting our own silent battles, and it’s important to be reminded that what you’re going through isn’t going to last. When you reach that light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll come out stronger. Beautiful song, no doubt.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: If it’s hurting right now, If it’s burning right now. It’s gon’ make us who we are, it’s written in the scars

Track 13 - Awakening

Okay, I thought this was going to be a track but it’s just a interlude of instrumental. I’m not sure why they put it on the album though. Not going to lie am actually disappoint that it isn’t a song.

Rating: Not going to rate it, because it isn’t a song just instrumental

Track 14 - Freedom Child

So the same feel as Rock Your World, which seems to be The Scripts signature style. After the heaviness of Divided States of America. The emotional impact of Arms Open and Make Up. I can see why The Script decided to end the album with this song. It radiates a positive message, saying be who you are, don’t let anyone tell you how to live, stick to being your true self and spread love.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: Say your peace, free your mind

Rating: 70/100

Worst Track(s): Mad Love, Eden

Best Track(s): Make Up, Wonders, Arms Open, No Man Is An Island, Written In The Scars, Arms Open, Rock Your World, Love Not Lovers

Strong single choices: Rock Your World, Wonders, No Man Is An Island, Written In The Scars


I honestly did not want this album to end. I said in many reviews before that an artists greatest challenge is delivering an album of quality, that is lyrically strong but also musically catchy. There are some artists out there that have no trouble with being able to deliver both lyrics and music quality. The Script are one of those artists that don’t disappoint.

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of them. I only like a few songs from every album, but this one is the complete opposite. Each song that their own unique appeal. This album flows from song to song, but also each track manages to have their own distinct sound.

All I can say if you are buying music this year make sure that The Script’s “Freedom Child” album is on that list. Trust me you won’t regret it, this album is full of jam packed songs that will make you cry, dance and think about your life. This right here is what music is about!. If you want quality, deep lyrics, catchy beats then listen to this album!

Analysis of the Saika Arc

Let’s talk about the Saika arc.

In SH, we have this scene.

Shizuo fell deeper in thought, and, clicking his tongue, spoke up again.
“Hey, Celty.”
“Hypothetically, if we got along… If I could get along with Izaya about as well as Shinra, what do you think would have happened?”
‘That’s an amazing question.’
Celty did not hide her surprise, and probing Shizuo’s intention, asked,
‘Why are you asking?’
“Nothing… It’s just, that building we ruined one and a half years ago was completed in the past few months…”
‘Oh, that building.’
One and a half years ago.
In a series of events, Shizuo had wound up in a death match against his nemesis Orihara Izaya.
Izaya’s survival was unclear since he had vanished from the city, but scars of their incredible fight had been etched onto the city itself.
There had even been a giant explosion in a building under construction, but the crime could not be pinned since Izaya, the one responsible, had disappeared.
The police could have realised Shizuo was related to it, but seeing as he had yet to be remanded for questioning, one could imagine they had let it go, or there was some special arrangement within the department.
The building’s construction had been delayed due to the explosion, and Celty remembered the completion date was during her and Shinra’s vacation.
“I was recalling what happened there… And I don’t want to even imagine it, but I was thinking, if I got along with that flea, maybe it could have saved this city loads of trouble…”
 —That’s not…
true, Celty typed, but her fingers stopped.
Because she realised that indeed, had Shizuo and Izaya been on speaking terms, the victims who had been embroiled in their fights would have had much more peace in their lives.
Of course, this was including Celty herself.
‘Well, that might be true, but it might have been disastrous, too.’
‘Yeah. There’s no way Izaya would have ever become a good guy. If you got along with him he could have used you to start terrible things.’
“Yeah… That’s true.”
Shizuo sighed lightly, and said to his friend, the Headless Rider,
“That Yahiro guy, in the middle of our fight… How to put it? He… He seemed happy. He’s probably only been forced into fights he hated all this time.”
‘Forced to fight?’
“Yeah. When I went all out for the first time in my life, against those people controlled by that sword… I had fun, too. Just a little.”
As if embarrassed that he was saying this, Shizuo switched the conversation to the future instead.
“Maybe he felt the same thing as me back then… If you’re such a strong fighter, it’s going to attract all kinds of people. If the flea was still here, he would have approached him.”

- Durarara SH Volume 2

Shizuo brought up Izaya, which he has never done before. In fact, in the past everyone was afraid to mention Izaya in front of him because Shizuo would automatically get pissed off at hearing Izaya’s name. Shizuo would get pissed off at any mere implication of Izaya, such as how he was pissed off at the guy carrying three phones because it reminded him of the flea.

But here Shizuo brings up Izaya to Celty, after asking Celty if she remembered him, which means Izaya has been gone for so long and forgotten that Shizuo thinks no one remembers Izaya except him. Because Shizuo is asking Izaya’s courier if she remembers him.

Shizuo said it’s because the building he and Izaya ruined in their death match where he seriously tried to kill Izaya, was completed in the past few months – according to Celty, during her and Shinra’s vacation.

‘Izaya’s survival was unclear since he had vanished from the city, but scars of their incredible fight had been etched onto the city itself.’ They ruined the building one and a half years ago. Which means for over a year, Shizuo has been remembering Izaya and their death match when everyone has forgotten him.

Shizuo also asked what would have happened if he could get along with Izaya about as well as Shinra - Shinra is Izaya’s only friend. From wanting to kill Izaya and getting pissed off at any mention of him to wanting to be someone important to Izaya  (as important as the guy who introduced Izaya to him, who told him he introduced his friend from elementary school to his friend from middle school), Shizuo’s impression of Izaya has definitely improved. Shizuo said later it’s because of Yahiro, but even before Yahiro came, Shizuo was already remembering Izaya for over a year, when there has been no trace of him. Yahiro seemed to be the catalyst for Shizuo to bring up the possibility of getting along with Izaya.

‘Well, that might be true, but it might have been disastrous, too.’
‘Yeah. There’s no way Izaya would have ever become a good guy. If you got along with him he could have used you to start terrible things.’
“Yeah… That’s true.”
Shizuo sighed lightly, and said to his friend, the Headless Rider,
“That Yahiro guy, in the middle of our fight… How to put it? He… He seemed happy. He’s probably only been forced into fights he hated all this time.”
‘Forced to fight?’
“Yeah. When I went all out for the first time in my life, against those people controlled by that sword… I had fun, too. Just a little.”

Although Shizuo agreed with Celty that Izaya would have made use of him, it’s still significant he brought up the possibility in the first place when in the past he was like this –

“I think asking Izaya would be the fastest. As long as you’re honest, you can work hard together. What do you think?”
‘Crack!’ the cup Shizuo was holding broke apart and multiple shards fell.
Tea spilled over his hands and knees, Shizuo’s face twitched and after a few seconds said.
“…..Sorry, I can compensate, Celty.”
“Huh? How come not to me, you only apologized to Celt—Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Shinra had tilted his head, Shizuo pinched the side of his neck and pulled it towards the ceiling.
“Regardless if it’d be good or bad….. I have never been on good terms with that flea!”
“Calm down, brother.”
“……I know, excuse me.”
At the moment, Shizuo had the urge to throw Shinra out the window, Kasuka admonished his brother without showing a hint of expression on his face, but Shizuo slowly returned the doctor to the floor.

- Durarara Volume 8

And then he said this –

“That Yahiro guy, in the middle of our fight… How to put it? He… He seemed happy. He’s probably only been forced into fights he hated all this time.”
‘Forced to fight?’
“Yeah. When I went all out for the first time in my life, against those people controlled by that sword… I had fun, too. Just a little.”

Durarara is about connections, about how seemingly unrelated things connect together eventually. After bringing up Izaya, Shizuo mentioned how Yahiro was happy in the fight with him and it reminded him of how he had fun when fighting against Saika and was happy too. Yahiro was happy fighting Shizuo because he could go all out against someone.

“I wonder if… it’s fine for me to be human.”

-         Miuzuchi Yahiro, Durarara SH Volume 1

Because even though he experienced the greatest fear ever when fighting Shizuo, he lost a fight for the first time and felt happy when he did. Because it felt to him like he was normal, that he wasn’t such a monster if there was a monster like Heiwajima Shizuo who could beat him. That maybe he and Shizuo are both monsters, or he (and Shizuo) are human. He had gone all out against someone, and lost.

It’s a reflection of Shizuo in the Saika arc. Shizuo won, because he’s the strongest human, but like Yahiro, he was happy at being able to release his full strength against someone.

“Nah, Celty…to be honest, I’m actually happy..”

“Huh…?” This reaction was not what Saika expected, either. The people in the crowd gave one another confused looks.

“I’ve always despised this strength I was given. I thought no one would ever accept me for what I am.,” Shizuo stated. There was a variety of emotions in his voice as he spoke of his past.

“The thing is…now I don’t have to worry anymore. Look at how many people love me. One, two…well, let’s just say ‘a lot.’ So…it’s all fine now,” he said, grinding his teeth with pleasure.

“I mean, I can accept who I am now, right?” he said, clenching his fists with enjoyment.

“I can like myself for what I am, right?” he said, his eyes wide with bliss as he tucked his sunglasses into his pocket.

“This power I’ve tried and tried and tried to get rid of, because I hated it so, so so much…But now it’s okay for me to accept it, right? It’s okay for me to use it, right?”

“I can – I can finally use my full power, right?”

And in the next instant, for the first time in his life, Shizuo Heiwajima willingly used all of his power. Not in the grips of rage, like always…But out of joy that something loved his power.

What he said next plunged the Saikas into despair.

“Oh, just for the record, people like y’all are not, at all, even the slightest, my type of partner.”

“The one thing I can say for you…is that I only hate you second most after Izaya.”

-         Durarara Volume 2 (official translation)


It was the turning point for his violence to become strength.

Shizuo noticed that one of the slashers coming after him suddenly lost the will to fight and he gave his body an order with all of his mind and spirit.

Just one word: Stop.

That had never worked before. The cells, ruled by his anger, always continued their destruction until everything was finished.

But this was different.

Shizuo was not ruled by anger now.

It was joy. He was using his strength of his own will, out of nothing but joy.

Stop…Stop…stop,, damn you!

Finally, his anger appeared, its momentum focused at all of his own cells. The fist that threatened to crush the face of the oncoming but nonhostile slasher, now just an ordinary, harmless person…

Stopped right before making contact with the nose and went still.



Shizuo looked at the halted fist and realized he was laughing.


It was the laughter of an innocent child and the laughter of an insane killer.

What the hell?

About time you finally started listening to me.

Behind him was the by-product of that personal victory.

An entire field of Saikas, beaten until they couldn’t move again, and a pile of broke blades in all shapes and sizes, snapped in half by Shizuo’s shadow-gloved hands.

But none was them was dead.

He swung his fists with a different emotion than anger. It was pleasure – still a twisted emotion to utilize for fighting – but the result was that he’d been able to hold back for once.

It was the moment that violence turned to strength for Heiwajima Shizuo.

It was the Saika incident that let Shizuo realize his strength could be used out of his own free will.

He accepted his strength, and with acceptance of his strength, he was able to control it and hold back.

Because he was happy at being able to use his full strength against someone without them being hurt.

Because that would mean his strength doesn’t necessarily make him a monster.

Someone loving his strength gave Shizuo the confidence to use his strength, and not let it control him.

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You are at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart.

Franz Kafka

The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction 4

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader Setting: Between Season 10 & 11

Pieces 1-3

A/N:  This one has JJ being a boss best friend, like we know she is. Also I am convinced Spencer would be completely unaffected by JJ breastfeeding in front of him. It’s natural, it would be clinical to him at this stage. Finally some fluff! I’m just really emotional right now and decided to share early. xoxo Stu

Spencer tried to focus on dinner with Y/N, but the words that he had seen were etched into his forceful memory. He was quieter than normal. He was grateful that Y/N was in an excited state, driving the conversation away. She had plans to spend time with some friends that weekend. She insisted on explaining to Spencer how she knew each one. The stories from her college years were much more socially eventful than his, then again she was a legal adult by then.

He made sure to ask insightful questions and be as supportive emotionally and physically as he could. His panic over being discovered snooping was microscopic over the impending guilt he felt over failing in his duties as Y/N’s boyfriend. Had he really built Maeve into this impossible ideal? How had he done so? He had only brought her up in conversation twice in the three months and twelve days since meeting Y/N.

He was failing another woman he cared about and it was ripping his heart open. Perhaps it was simply this: Spencer had lost himself the privilege of love when he couldn’t save Maeve. Therefore he would be forced to repeat the pain and humility over and over as penance. He was too far in now. Y/N had captured his mind and senses. Her generous and patient nature allowing him time to grow into the partner she deserved, that he would strive to be.

A week after Michael’s birth

Spencer rushed to gather his things because Y/N would be there any minute to pick him up. She had patiently waited until he was home from the latest case to meet baby Michael. JJ and Will were expecting them, but Spencer worried that they would change their minds or become overwhelmed with company so soon.

The phone rang on his desk, it was reception on the first floor verifying Y/N was his guest. “Yes, send her up please.”

Spencer double checked his desk was presentable and fluffed his hair a bit. Y/N had been to the bullpen before, but Spencer got nervous when she visited since he took such pride in his work.

“Where’s the fire, Pretty Boy?” Morgan called, slouching in his chair.

“Y/N is picking me up, we are going over to JJ’s today.” Spencer explained, not taking his eyes away from straightening. He slid a picture frame back half of an inch when Derek’s voice called out.

“There she is! Reid, you’re ride’s here!” Derek had gathered Y/N up in a bear hug. Spencer was happy that his friends liked Y/N, but even Dr. Reid had to take a deep breath when another man was holding onto his girlfriend for any amount of time. She had stopped hugging Derek before he released her, making Spencer briefly smug. She skipped over to him in anticipation of a hug from him, but he took her hand quickly. Leaning in for a quick kiss on her cheek instead, so there.

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BTS React to their (S/O) being pregnant

Seokjin: He would be more than excited, “You aren’t tricking me right, jagi? This isn’t a hidden camera prank right?” He would ask seriously. After saying that you were being completely serious, a smile would spread across his lips. “I get to be a dad!!” He’d joke, “I am no longer going to be the mother of the group.” “We have to tell everyone!” He’d say happily and embrace you in a big hug.

Originally posted by jinful

Hoseok: “A BABY? WE ARE HAVING-“ You’d cover his mouth to shush him and nod your head.  His eyes would go wide and he’d start yell-mumbling into your hand. You’d remove your hand only to be bombarded with questions. “WHEN DID YOU FIND OUT? ARE YOU SURE WE ARE READY FOR THIS?  DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW?” His freaking out would cause you to laugh, but after answering all his questions he would be happy. “I’m going to teach it so many dances!”

Originally posted by btsleepy

Jimin: At first he wouldn’t really know how to feel, he would be surprised and happy, but at the same time he would be scared. “I… don’t know what to say,” he’d say dumbly and sit down, earning a worried expression from you. He would notice quickly and shake his head, trying to snap himself out of his dumb state. He’d give you a light smile before speaking, “I mean- Jagiya, I am happy, I just hope that I will be a good father figure to it.” He’d say seriously, showing a new side of himself that you’d never seen before. 

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Namjoon:  He would have mixed emotions; he’d be happy but at the same time he would worry that now wouldn’t be the right time. However instead of dwelling on that, he would know better than to stress about that and to just be happy in the moment. “Jagi, that’s great!” He’d say smiling, and hug you before giving you a light peck. “Look at us, we’re going to have our own little family. I just hope they don’t inherit my destructive tendencies…” 

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(That wink my heart..eu) 

Jungkook: Once you broke the news to him, he wouldn’t know how to handle it and he would just about faint from the shock of his lifetime. I don’t even know how to take care of myself, how am I going to take care of a little baby?! He would panic that he wouldn’t be a good father and freak out and ask his hyungs what he should do. “HOW DO I ADULT? Jin hYunG HeLp.” It would take you and all his hyungs assuring him that he will be just fine to get him to calm down.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung: Considering he loves children, he would be all smiles. “I get to be a dad?!” He’d ask excitedly after you broke the news to him. You’d nod, assuring him that this wasn’t a prank and he’d jump around happily. “Jagi! This is so great!” He’d say and give you a big hug. “We need to tell the others ! They’ll all be so excited!” He’d say grabbing your hand and rushing you out the door. 

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Yoongi: “Me… a father…?” He’d say slowly, shocked at this new development. “…are you sure?” He’d ask numbly, eyes slowly growing wider through the realization he was having. “We are going to be parents!?” He would take a seat on the couch and let out a deep breath.  After asking if there was something wrong he would snap out of it and smile, “not at all!” He’d say quickly, “I just hope that the kid isn’t hoping to have more swag than his dad.” 


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I’ve been waiting excitedly for more bts requests. Sorry it was kind of a late upload though ^^;

~BangtanBunnie <3