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I am not good with writing metas but let me tell y’all about what I think:

First of all, it can mean many things. It doesn’t mean that they’re ACTUALLY going to end their relationship. If it does mean like that, don’t you think that Yuuri will seem like an asshole after everything he has done in episode 10? I am pretty sure he’s not like that.

You see, Yuuri is an anxious person and you can just see it right here:

He’s afraid that Victor might think that the other skaters are far better than him. What does that mean, you ask? That means Yuuri is being negative and he’s putting himself down again. As if he’s not worthy of being a good competitor anymore.

Second, he wants to show the world about his and Victor’s love. Don’t you think it would be weird how he wants to show it despite his “let’s end this” with Victor? So that just means that THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT BREAKING UP.

 It’s very illogical for a writer to make a show where a healthy relationship is being shown but then at the end, they break up. That’s just….it doesn’t work that way. You know what? This is EXACTLY what Kubo-sensei wants us to feel, the feeling of despair, shock and all those other feelings we’re feeling right now on what’s going to happen. She is trying to build up the story so that we get something unexpected or just something happy that we might cry all day and night.

Don’t you guys remember? Kubo-sensei or one of the YOI staff (I don’t remember who exactly) said that it’ll be a happy ending so we shouldn’t worry. Heck, she was ENCOURAGING us to watch the last episode until the very end. Do you guys think that she wants to break our hearts more? I don’t think she’s that type of author.

So yeah, don’t overthink it guys. Always remember that according to them, we will have a happy ending.

P.S. I apologize for being blunt or unclear ‘cause I’m writing this at 6 freaking A.M. and I have two exams later so like yeah I’m really in a weird mood right now. 

People may correct me if I’m wrong or they may add to this weirdly-written meta at 6 am.

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Golly prompt: For Andy and Sam's wedding, Oliver, Celery and a single Gail are seated at the same table. Oliver's seat is indicated by his name on a place card. There's no place card on the table for the seat next to him but a small bunch of celery sits prettily in a vase of water. Chloe, obviously, did the table settings. Gail's place card has a smaller similar vase next to it; a sprig of holly.

Even If Just


Chloe Price believes in fate. Coincidences? Now that’s a concept she’s not very fond of. She would eradicate it from the dictionary, if she could. She might have literally cut the word out of one she found back at the apartment, actually. After apologizing to its pages, of course.

“It was meant to be”, she keeps saying with such conviction that you find yourself doubting your own life experiences that seem to have proven otherwise. See? Seem to have. I hate to admit this, but Chloe Price knows just what to say to get you thinking. That, and she will push your buttons, in a thousand different combinations, till you go with the flow. Her - very well planned out - flow.

I have been through quite a few of her so called meant to be’s.

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