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I wanna laugh at y’all OT8 stans/fake Yixing supporters who are shocked and offended that there are solo Yixing stans out there because really??? You basically drove them to be solo stans when you attacked and hated on Xingmis?? After all the shit you threw at Yixing–calling him a ”traitor” or “fake”, undermining his works, dismissing his achievements, turning a blind eye on the discrimination thrown against him just because he’s Chinese, not acknowledging the many times he had to fly from China to Korea and back and forth just so he could be both a solo artist and a group member, etc. I mean, really??? And that he has his own career where people knew about him and became a fan of him not because he’s an EXO member but because of his movies, TV shows, and endorsements??? Are you honestly not getting the irony in all of this wyd

Person: This bad thing just happened! *goes on to explain how scared, angry, and abhorrent of the thing that happened they are*

INTJ (me): *shrugs*

Person: Aren’t you scared, though?! This is a terrible world we live in!

INTJ (me): I am not at all scared. In fact, I do not have any feelings upon the subject. I learned a long time ago through personal experience that this world is not fair. The sooner you embrace the void the happier you’ll be. Have a nice day.

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Oh no! I might have printed one of your arts and posted it on a telephone pole outside my house! Now my neighbors are telling me to "Tear down that Gay Agenda™ crap" and "find Jesus." I also may have photoshopped them to be extra NSFW is that reposting??? 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

Yes. It is… kinda. I also think it’s not very appropriate to pin a nsfw print to a telephone pole. 
Like hell, you may not need to find jesus because of them being gay but not everyone wants to see nsfw.

what is wrong with people?

About Ignis:

- Cold blooded

- Is seriously always cold, it’s a little concerning

- If he’s mad at one of the bros, he takes off his gloves and slips his hand down the back of their shirt

- “Are you even legally a mammal?!”

- He is Noctis’s advisor, and he’s smart and smooth, but he’s also only 22

- His humor is more childish than people give him credit for (puns, dad jokes, the works)

- Often lets out silent farts in the Regalia to see the boys blame each other. For some reason, they never blame Ignis (“Specs doesn’t fart!”)

- Noctis never leaves Ignis to order for him at restaurants because Ignis comes back every time with some type of garden salad

- Slides it in front of the Prince like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Once convinced Prompto that the plural of “Macaroni” is “Macaronus”

- Very good with children, if a little awkward

- Horrible memory, despite what people might think. It’s why he writes everything down in notebooks

- Most likely to forget his own name

- “Hey Iggy, what’s up?” “I’m 22.”

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TOP: My dream-like 10 years has passed, and today is the final day. I am so surprised how fast time flies. The words, this is the END, makes me very sad. Now, I wanna concentrate on telling my feeling to VIP.
At first, to all members of BIGBANG, Jiyong, Yongbae, Daesung and Seungri, thanks for always supporting me. I will never forget our memories.
And, to all VIP Japan, thank you for meeting me. I was very happy until now. “We never meet without a parting,” but this parting means we will meet again, and that will makes our bonds deeper. We can definitely meet again. By then, please be looking forward to the day. I love you. Thank you.
VIP: (Applaud)
Seungri: This is our last fanmeeting. Let’s give message to TOPsan.
ToDae: hahaha! Really?
Youngbae: but if we do that, TOP will cry, definitely.
Seungri: we cant do it on live, let’s do it
BB: Okay
Daesung: in Korean? Can he understand in Japanese?
Seungri: Of course, he can! He can understand all Japanese conversion if it is related to him!
VIP: (Laughing)

Daesung: I didnt prepare, so I will speak in earnest. I think his mental aspect is the weekest in our group, and I believe he is our mental leader. I learned many things from him, and I really respect him as the one of the same team members. This is not the end, we are one, im living in TOPsan’s heart. So please come back safely. Thank you so much.

Youngbae: Everyday, he is saying “Im happy, Im happy,” but I AM more happier than you because of you. He is older than us, but he makes our atmosphere better. TOP, you don’t need to worry, we always will be next to you so that you won’t get lonely. I cant express my feeling, but I am so appreciate you. I love you, Topsan, more than anyone else.

Jiyong: We were junior school students when we met. I was very happy to meeting you. It’s not our last, so let’s just stay 5members forever, be friends, do it. I love you.

Seungri: When i met Topsan for the first time, I thought he is living in different worlds, and I felt sort of I cant along well with him. But, we lived together, and i was scold by him a lot, then now I really like him. He always makes me strong. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldnt be who i am now. When we did fanmeeting in Japan, Topsan was not able to come(he always had other schedule, filming), and we talked that if Top san was here, we could spend time more happily. This time, our last fanmeeting, all of us finally gathered, so I think this is a very good thing! I am sure that we will miss you, but as one Korean male who were born in Korea, you have a responsibility. Please take care of yourself, and I will support you. Lastly, thank you very much for loving me the way I am, an immature maknae. Topsan, I love you.

Translation credit: ツ Vvip in Youtube comments

Office Affair - Request

Requested by anon: could you do a fluffy reader x sherlock and sherlock is really fluffy and needy and dirty in front of john/mycroft? 
& anon: hey hey could you do a one shot where Sherlock and reader are getting jiggy ;) and her boss Mycroft walks in and gets really embarrassed

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1.079

Warnings: Touchy/Handsy Sherlock, Mentions of drugs, Public Display of Affection, Embarrassing things.

A/N: What does “getting jiggy” mean? I think I got it right but I ask just for the sake of learning new words. (Yes, this week is the week of using slang Becca doesn’t understand)


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Office work, the worse kind of work. The sound of the other employees typing, and the many colours of the computer screen she was forced to work in, plus the awful smell of chlorine on the floor was enough to make her dizzy.

Yes, she had her own office, and it was supposed to be private, but the walls were ultra-thin, as a way to keep control of employees, so she could hear everything from the outside.

Everything, she could hear everything, even the silence that built in the office when a strange set of footsteps walked down the hallway to her office. She recognised them instantly and tried to brainwash herself to keep a straight face the whole time and act professionally.

As soon as he entered, that idea went down the toilet.

His high cheekbones and cheeky smile contrasted with the long, black coat he was wearing. His blue eyes matched the blue scarf tied around his neck, and a few strands of curly hair fell over his pale face.

“Sherlock.” She sighed lovingly.

“Hello, my darling.” He granted her a big smile and walked around her desk to press a kiss on her lips. “You look so high functional sitting on this chair, dressed like that…” He whispered above her lips, but before he continued another person cleared his throat.

It was John Watson, standing there with the usual “I’m sick of this rubbish” look on his face.

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So I’ve seen a lot of stuff about Lance speaking Spanish, usually in the context of saying dirty things to Keith or using it as sex appeal, but you know my favourite thing about people who speak more than one language? When they misuse foreign words that have a similar-sounding equivalent in their mother tongue but mean COMPLETELY different things. My favourite one of these for Spanish is the verb molestar

Molestar means ‘to annoy’ but it sounds a hell of a lot like the English ‘to molest’. My Spanish teacher once mixed these up while speaking English (under the best circumstances, good god) and I imagine that if Spanish was Lance’s first language he might do the same because when you’re flustered it’s easier to make mistakes. Something like:

Lance: Ugh, you really piss me off!

Keith: I don’t understand why you’re always yelling at me


Just as Shiro walks into the room… Bonus points if Lance has just lost a training spar and Keith has Lance pinned to the ground…

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I asked a question and you make 50+ people reblog it! And you think I am immature? Yes 29 is to old to be writing fanfiction and me saying that does not mean I am under 18. Actually I am older than you. You should get a life.

Okay let’s take this in bullet points cause this is a hell of a lot of stupidity in one ask!

1. I do not make people reblog a goddamn thing! When you ask me on anon I got exactly one way to answer it. In public. Who takes offense with it and who reblogs it is nothing I can or will try to control.

2. Yes I think you are immature. Sending hate which this is - is immature. Judging others is immature. Thinking I control what other people post and reblog are immature.

3. Who decides what age you can be when you write anything? Why is writing fanfiction different from writing a book, a poem or short stories? Who decides how old you can be to publish something? I don’t care if you are 13 or 97 if you got a story you need to tell, you can write it. If you wanna write it as fanfiction knock yourself out. People like you are bullies and you refuse to see the world through other’s eyes, which again makes you immature.

4. You say you are older than me and you tell me to get a life? Who is it in whose inbox sending hate and too chicken shit to show their url? Who is it spending their sunday night judging me and quite frankly the better part of fanfic writers I interact with weekly?

5. Take a long hard look at your own life and figure out what makes you feel the need to lash out against others in this way. Do us all and yourself a favor and fix whatever that is or at the very least keep your trap shut!

Being a Mexican in their 20s and not being married yet is so surreal for many of us. Like at this age our parents were already working and with kids. I am literally 20 and I feel so immature and unready to commit myself to anyone.

  • Akechi: This was amazing, and I learned a lot, and I enjoyed it tremendously.
  • Akira: I learned a lot about you, Akechi.
  • Akechi: You did!
  • Akira: One; you're super interested in slobbing on my knob, like-
  • Akechi: Wow, is that what you took away from this?
  • Akira: Number two-
  • Akechi: Uh-huh?
  • Akira: That's going to happen tonight.
  • Akechi: Whoah.
  • Akira: You made a promise.
  • Akechi: I did not.
  • Akira: Don't break it.
  • Akechi: Okay?
  • Akira: I'm holding you to it-
  • Akechi: Nah.
  • Akira: Publicly.
  • Akechi: A promise I never made?
  • Akira: In front of all of these people.
  • Akechi: You're holding me to a promise that you made just now on my behalf.
His - Part 2 (C.H.)

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A/N: I’m so glad that a lot of you liked the first part and I was really happy to see so many of you requesting for a second part. So, here it is :)

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Part 1 | Part 3


“Maybe I’m just hard to love.”

“Well, would you look at that?” Phoebe told me as I switched my textbooks at my locker.

“What?” I ask without looking at her.

“You have anatomy next.”

I shut my locker and turned to face her. “Yeah, and…?”

She gave me an exasperated sigh. “You see Calum next period.”

“I also saw him this morning, yesterday, and on Friday.” I raised an eyebrow at her as if to say, ‘Your point?

She groaned. “Nevermind. I’ll see you later.”

I gave her a weird look. “Yeah, okay.”

We headed our separate ways for our next class. I walked into my anatomy class and sat at my usual seat towards the back. I surveyed the room and noticed that Calum wasn’t here yet. I shook my head slightly and got my things ready for the class to start.

Get a grip on yourself, Y/N. I scolded myself.

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Draco Malfoy x Reader

You’re the transfer student at Hogwarts after the war. You were sorted into Gryffindor. At breakfast you sat by yourself. You’re pretty sure that everyone thinks you’re shy when really you just didn’t care.

Your first class is Double Potions with the Slytherins. Snape puts everyone in pairs and you get stuck with Draco Malfoy. Great.

“Why is this scum sitting next to me?" 

As the question rolls out of his mouth, the class goes dead silent. Probably wondering what the ‘shy’, quiet, new student is going to say.

"I’m sorry.”

“For what? Existing?” he sneers.

“I’m sorry for whatever I did to give you the impression that you can insult me. Because you’re wrong.”

He blinks in surprise and by the continuing silence, the class is surprised too.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Well, since the Professor told me to get with Draco Malfoy, I’m assuming that’s you. But please tell me I’m wrong. I’m begging you.”

He rolls up the sleeve from his left arm to show you the black skull and snake.

“Do you know what that is?”

“Yes. It’s the Dark Mark. Done with the interrogation yet?”

“So what am I?”

“An immature boy.”

Some people chuckle at this. He asks again through clenched teeth.

“So what am I?”

“A slimy git?” you guess.

“I’m a Death Eater.”

“No you’re not.”

“Really? They sure fooled me.”

“You’re an ex-Death Eater. What’s up with that name any way? Are you the one eating death or are you force feeding death to someone else?”

He chuckles dryly. 

“So you know who my leader was?”


He flinches.

 "But if I recall correctly, someone in this room defeated him.”

He turns to Snape and asks impatiently, “Do I have to sit next to this horrible creature?”

You interrupt before Snape can answer. 

“Aw, is Dwaco afwaid of gwirls/gwuys?”

Draco glares at you while Snape warns, “Miss/Mr (L/N)..”

“No. I just don’t like ugly ones.”

“You’re so shallow. Personality makes someone beautiful, not just looks. That’s why I’m beautiful and no one can figure out what you are.”

“Miss/Mr (L/N)! If I have to warn you one more time, you’ll go see the Headmistress!”

“You beautiful? Maybe in another universe.”

“You still admitted that I’m beautiful.”

“Did not!”

“Uh huh. In an alternate universe, I’d still be myself, but my environment would be different. So if my alternate self is beautiful, my normal self is beautiful.”

He scowls at your logic.

“Well, at least I have friends.”

“Where? I came in here and you were by yourself, no one near you. When you have friends, they normally talk to you. I might not have friends here, but I at least have some.”

Draco’s left eye starts to twitch. Snape’s deadly drawl interrupts.

“Miss/Mr (L/N), if you’d be so kind, please go see the Headmistress.”

“No offense, Professor, but I’m not going unless Mr. Malfoy accompanies me. He’s caused as much of a disruption as I have.”

“Fine, whatever! Both of you go! Now!”

You take a bow to the class and to your surprise, they applaud.

You stomp out with Malfoy on your heels. As soon as the Potion doors shut, Malfoy has you pinned against the wall.

“What’s your problem?!” you hiss.

He whispers in your ear, “You. No one talks to me like that and it kinda turns me on. You’re feisty. I like feisty.”

Then he kisses you roughly. It was the best damn kiss you’ve ever had.