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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

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Hello can I have headcannon for sidon fluffy talk to s/o!!!!!!

Sidon fluffy talk

-Even in the presence of others to his private waterbed garden, he will make sure that when he speaks this heartwarming feelings only your ears can hear it.

- He’ll stroke your head and follow down along your neck to the top of your clavicle. Sidon likes to meet you at eye level and lean in and whisper his sweet nothings:

  • “My beloved, please, come sit with me. I require your love.”
  • “You are so precious…I must be the luckiest Zora alive, because I have been graced with a heavenly being.”
  • “Come, sit on my lap. I fear that I am withdrawing from your touch. Would you please remedy it?”
  • “Mm? I’m staring? Forgive me, but it is quite difficult to look away from an exquisite piece of art.”
  • “Is it strange how your skin reacts to my slightest touch. Perhaps, your body is telling me to shower it with affection… No? What if I kissed you right here…”
  • “My…what an adorable blush. Are you thinking of me? I hope so, my mind hasn’t ceased its adulation for you since I awoke to your stunning face.” 
  • “Oh my sweet droplet, you must help me.” This one he’ll feign illness and collapse against walls or chairs until you run over. He’ll swoop you into his arms the moment you are near, “I cannot think of anything, but the taste of your delectable lips. It is simply too much for me to bear.” RIP as he kisses you and your soul departs from your body.

I felt proud from my progress so I had to show the world!!

2014: Yup, I had a weaboo phase filled with shojo stylu boys and disastrous anatomy 

2016: Younger me was more interested in sketchy lineart and comic style, who still needed more anatomy study but was too stubborn to admit their mistakes, what a silly fool they were smh

2017: I’ve accepted who I am and finally drew bara men :3

Hoped that some had a good laugh from this cuz I did! 

…In my opinion my hands have grown too delicate; but what can I do? I shall go out again, even if it cost me a good deal; for my chief concern is that I should not neglect my work any longer. Art is jealous; she will not allow illness to take precedence of her. And I give in to her.

…Men like myself really have no right to be ill. But you must understand what my attitude is to Art. In order to attain to real Art one must work both hard and long. The thing I have set my mind upon as the goal of all my efforts is devilish difficult, and yet I do not think that I am aiming too high. I will make drawings that will amaze some people.

Vincent van Gogh, from a letter to Théo (trans. Anthony M. Ludovici), The Letters of a Post-Impressionist.


Finally I am starting up commissions. I recently got some encouragement to give it a try and plus with having a few examples with the kind of artwork I can make, I may as well make a little money as times are getting a bit tough and I often do find myself in a pinch. 

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This blog is about a kpop (mostly bts) college AU centered around gender idenity, romance and mental illness. The style of this blog is greatly inspired by @ask-kimdaily because it is essentially a story that I’m telling through questions! Now, because of that, this AU is something I care for deeply so I hope you enjoy it! I will introduce the main idols in this AU with art and details, so please look forward to that!! For the most part, this blog is about BTS and Got7, specifically the members I introduce, but other groups are involved too, as well as every member from each group! Its just that not every member is non-binary or mentally ill!! Everything I write about is from experience or from extensive research so please understand that I am not romanticising these things! I must stress that the subject matter at hand is very serious and because of that, this storyis more serious than most ask blogs around! However, there is comedy! But there is also angst and struggles. All in all, I hope that I will be able to tell a story that people enjoy and that makes me happy! Thank you for reading!! Please reblog if you enjoy this!

The lie of the tortured artist

I remember falling in love with being a tortured artist. It was romantic, dramatic, and the truest thing in the world. All my favourites lived lives as intense as their art - one mirroring the other until, tragically early, their life’s thread was cut and their stories ended. The small portfolios they left behind were genius. Perfect, if unfinished. Which somehow made them even more beautiful.

As a young artist with mental health issues it was easy to spin myself into that narrative, to let my illness sweep me into this dramatic despair that engulfed every part of me and what I made. My life’s path seemed like those of the greats, and the self indulgence of that idea was as addictive as it was destructive. Take the raw, wriggling guts and slather them unedited onto the nearest absorbable surface. That was art. I was in love with being tortured. It made me truer, better, sharper, or so I felt.

It was bullshit. Being unwell, physically or mentally doesn’t make your art better. All it means is that you are an artist with mental illness.

Suffering is not the price of entry to creativity.

If we as artists believe our suffering is a part of creativity, then we are selling ourselves short. Mental illness diminishes capacity, capability and perspective for all aspects of life, including artistic practice. If we believe that our unwellness keeps us making (or keeps what we’re making good), then there’s a romance to avoiding treatment, to actively pursuing poor mental health. And exquisite pain to frame with beautiful words and wear with pride.

It took experiencing chronic physical illness for me to separate my mental illness from my art, but it’s been one of the best things I have done for myself creatively. It wasn’t something that happened quickly - it took years of me working at it to remove my art and mental health from being associated in my head. I had to retrain myself to find positive paths to creativity that didn’t tour through the dumpster fire that was the depressed parts of myself. (BTW, I don’t recommend this pathway for anyone, it was just a pleasant side-effect for me while dealing with chronic illness)

Finding new role models and new ways

While the bright stars that burned out were awe-inspiring and emotional, for every one of them there are at least 10 artists I adored who lived very stable lives with long careers. As my health improved the idea of being in a lover’s pact with my own mental illness became less appealing, and the pathway towards stable health and a stable art practice became something I could realistically strive for.

I’m not a story, I’m a person. I don’t have to live my life as if it’s art. I can be boring and stable in order to provide myself with the space and flexibility to be creative. I’m now in love with looking after my mental health - with finding stability and strength in my routines, in caring for myself and giving myself space to breathe.

In breaking free of the seduction of the tortured artist trope I take better care of myself, and I’m also making work I’m much happier with than when I let my guts be the whole story.

There’s a lot of pain in the world. For me, making art that glorifies and indulges in unhealthy practice doesn’t ring true anymore. There’s strength in stability, in pursuing creativity free of the panic and torture mindset I’d grown up with. While I do believe my mental health will be something I must consciously focus on my whole life, it’s very rewarding to look at where I am in my art now and feel good about what I’m making, and why.


tried to draw a PSG ep 9 inspired pic that’s why katelyn and travis are dressed similarly to stocking 

tfw ur boyfriend cant ice skate to save his life n its R.I.P. for both of you

im gonna go throw myself to bed rn cause i am dying


⭐️ ink & watercolor commissions ⭐️
opening commissions for the first time bc im a little low on cash rn so ; v ; b

full body chibi | 10USD
bust | 10USD
half body | 15USD
plain wash bg | 1USD
+ shipping | 5USD (+3USD for tracking)

+ payment through paypal only
+ full payment upfront
+ payment must be made BEFORE i start the commission

i’ll reserve the right to decline a commission if i am uncomfortable with carrying it out for any reason ⚠️

ill only open 5 slots for now but after the 5 slots fill up there will be 3 more slots for a waiting list ; v ;

dm me or email me at buttooti@gmail.com if youre interested or have any questions!
and if you need more refs of my art you can visit my instagram the link to my insta is in my bio!!

reblogs are very much appreciated!!
thank you!! (*´꒳`*)💞

i am doing a thorough evaluation of self. i am trying to be through wondering why certain situations work out and others do not. i am trying to be through with not being wanted by everybody. i am getting back to the work that i’ve already been paid to do instead of letting the anxiety of failure turn me into a ghost. i am beginning to recognize my weaknesses and to quadruple down on my strengths and to capitalize™ on the ills that enter and exit my mind. i am, recently, of the belief and understanding that to be young and black and male in this country, whether in personal or professional relationships, is to be everything and nothing at all. to be capable of chaos and to hold near the audacity of hope.

i am through wrestling with what could be in search of all that will be. those that cannot see the things i wish must be laid down. i must continue in my craft. wielding digital tools like sharpened swords, for art and not for disposable content.

i must be happy with the way things are. but never satisfied.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZYgordIllU

Salutations! My name is Brenna Massey, I am 17, and I’m from Sacramento California.

This is my Final project here at The Oxbow School! I’ve created a painting and a film inspired by my experience in art therapy. I wanted to communicate how I use art to heal, and how making art is good for your mental health. In this film I also wanted to open up more groups of people who are dealing with issues and they feel like its something they cannot talk about. Mental illness occurs in all walks of life, and many people must begin to understand it just happens sometimes. Engaging in art making can help anyone open to it, and if you are able, look into art therapy as a new way of healing. 


how do i tell someone. several people actually. that their art is so good and just

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*insert four paragraph response about how i don’t give a shit, peppered with overly saccharine smiley faces*

–Mod R


as thanks ill be doing an art giveaway for my followers!!


- anything goes free for all request of maximum 4 characters including any style of mine with background (NO GORE OR PORN


- must be following me 

- only one like and reblog per person (i will check) 

- likes and reblogs only count until JULY 7 at 12 AM PST

winner will be picked by random # generator and i will contact them by tumblr messaging + ask! 

good luck and thanks a bunch!! <3  


i got so lazy whilst doing this lmfao

♡ there will be one winner, chosen via a random generator
♡ must be following either @ghoullist OR my sideblog @saffibun
♡ dont bother if ur just going to unfollow if u dont win :c
♡ winners have 24 hours to respond
ENDS 15TH FEB !! (ill do it a day after bc australia is ahead of everyone)
♡ only reblogs count thank u lovelies B)

lil guidelines
♡ please note if i am uncomfortable / do not have the ability to draw your character i have the right to refuse them, but you may chose another
♡ i wont draw mecha or nsfw stuff besides a lil nudity (aka boobs) & furries are a-ok
♡ the art you will receive will be in flats :0

go wild my friends

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I seriously love your art and your sense of fashion. Whenever I need art-fashion inspiration, I come to this blog and just drool over the gorgeous drawn outfits. Do you come up with them yourself or do you copy ones you see in real life? You make me love floral prints.

thank u so much!! it makes me really happy to hear that oh my gosh :>

it’s a mixture really! sometimes ill see an outfit that i love and MUST replicate, like this one for example:

(thx to voguesoldiers for the impeccable taste in fashion) 

and sometimes ill see something that i am really inspired by, but dont copy it exactly, like im really in love with the whole matching prints trend that inspired this one:

and then there are some that i just sort of make up on the spot, like these:

anyway sorry 4 the lil ramble there i hope u found this informative! c: