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Sometimes you look in the mirror in knee high socks and toeless heels with a skirt pulled up so it’s short enough to be mid-thigh and realize that you’ve lost all self respect

Welcome to low-budget broadway, where I use whatever clothes I can find in my closet to try and recreate something

This time I made myself a heather

Also yes I do have a ribbon at the back of my head. It’s black. But nobody can see it. 

I should do this again in better lighting js

so anyway I love Jared Kleinman and it would be incredible if when you defend him from being more than a meme or a joke you don’t bring up and feelings he may or may not have for Evan and instead focus on the canon fact that his deep insecurities and personal issues caused him to be rude and mean to those around him, including to Evan. I understand that he was lonely and deeply insecure but that doesn’t actually excuse the fact that he mocked Evan, a boy he knew was anxious and had no other friends, as well as Connor, a boy he knew at least had anger issues and no friends. He also encouraged Evan to lie to the Murphy’s (although that doesn’t excuse Evan by any means) and attempted to profit off of Connor’s suicide multiple times for selfish reasons (the Connor buttons and demanding money from Evan to help with the emails). Not to mention, despite him making it perfectly clear to Evan that he wasn’t really his friend in act one, when act two came around he was eager to make Evan feel guilty for leaving him behind. Again, none of this excuses Evan and his poor decisions, but it also means that Jared shouldn’t be excused for his actions either.

7-23-17 || 3 doubles in, I almost put the year 11 instead of 17, I’m tired and UNinspired, feeling stagnant, hate having my computer in the bedroom, need a change v desperately I need something to happen. SO. Just. My view, if I look to the right. There is no space between this desk and my bed, my legs are crossed and one knee is touching the computer tower while the other is touching the bed. /vents on a fucking still life

10 things about me (that'll make you say 'wow she's boring'):

1. If my bio wasn’t clear enough, my name is Elle™ (I was trashing that ™ thing a minute ago but damn it’s fun™ now)

2. I found out about Shawn when he was Radio Disney’s NBT. And for all y'all who say ‘then you’re not a real fan’ YOU DO NOT DEFINE A REAL FAN EITHER. IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER.

3. I didn’t start stanning him until a few months later, when I was like 'hm wonder what Shawn Mendes is up to these days.’ I searched him up and pretty soon I was doing that every day and now I have a shitty blog dedicated to a white boy who doesn’t know I exist. Nice.

4. I’m an only child. No, I’m not spoiled. Unless you count spoiling myself.

5. I get attached easily. It’s a blessing and a curse.

6. If I call you baby boo/boo boo I *probably* don’t like you. No, not probably. *Definitely*.

7. Everyday I 'finalize’ what I’m gonna name my future kids and change my mind approximately 5 minutes later.

8. I try too hard to be funny but it ends up working out. Call me 'the girl who tries to hard to be funny.’ It’ll catch on. I KNOW IT WILL!!

9. I used to like all the Magcon boys. Then one day I woke up and was like 'Elle, what the fuck are you doing?’

10. Shawn Mendes is my favorite meme. I’d be a fool if he wasn’t.


Someone needs to yell at me to get my ass to bed coz if I don’t go t bed earlier tonite I will be dead tomorrow at work

most people think ‘pan’ stands for pansexual or panromantic when in fact it stands for panic, which incidentally is what i do all day

It would be REALLY FUCKIN GREAT if white people, SPECIFICALLY WHITE PEOPLE, would call out colorism and whitewashing within fandom.

When you leave it just to poc, not only are we having to look at things that actively harm us, but we’re having to waste time and energy on educating people.

But not only that, every single time we call it out, and I mean EVERY time, we also have to deal with racists coming out of the woodwork and harassing us for us calling it out, even months or years later on this garbage hellsite.

What can you do as a white person?

• educate YOURSELF
• educate fellow white people
• call colorism out when you see it
• when you see a poc trying to call it out, support them. Maybe message them to see if they’re okay, and definitely join in in the callout publicly to show that racism isn’t acceptable. (Just don’t talk over poc)
• QUIT SUPPORTING ARTISTS THAT WHITEWASH. Don’t give the artists your uncritical reblogs. Don’t just reblog with commentary in the tags. That doesn’t help. Call it out or don’t reblog. Simple as that.
• if you see people harassing poc for calling colorism out, defend them. Maybe send the person nice stuff to cheer them up. I know it always lessens the burden for me when friends tag me in or message me cute stuff, even if they don’t have the ability to get into the fight. Support poc.
And perhaps most importantly:

Quit ignoring posts like these where poc ask you to be a better ally.


#Alec heads into the kiss with his eyes open #but when their lips finally meet #he closes his eyes for just a second #until opening his eyes #again #to check if this is real #that Magnus is here #with him #in his arms #kissing him back #that Magnus is safe and sound #and when Alec realizes this #he closes his eyes again #breathing Magnus in #letting relief washing over himself #Magnus is safe #and he loves him

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y’all should reblog this if you’re still planning on being here after skam ends. i know a lot of people are worried that everyone is going to move on right away but i think it would be nice if this (even though it’s a small gesture) could potentially reassure those people that just because skam is ending very soon doesn’t mean there won’t be others out there still active after the show is done :)


Friendly reminder to treat the entire cast of Supergirl with respect, despite who you ship. They are actors playing characters written by someone else. They are just doing their jobs, like everyone else in the world