i am human let me live

Dear Dystopian Writers,

I am diabetic and I do not want to die. I am a fighter, a survivor if you will. I’m not sure HOW LONG I would last in a dystopian world but there is one thing I am positive of: I would NEVER be the flat character in your stories that is like “I’m going to die anyway so please just leave me behind.”


1) It’s just as inevitable for me to die as it is any of the other people there.

2) Even if I AM going to die, I’m not going to just stand there and let it happen faster. I want to live! Isn’t that in human nature? Just because I have a disability (in this case, diabetes) does not mean I won’t go down fighting.

3) NO ONE EVER WANTS TO BE LEFT BEHIND! Like my goodness! “Oh, go on. I’ll just wait here while the zombie hoard catches up…. and I’m alone… and it’s nighttime… in the woods… where there are also crazed maniacs with guns.” Who in their right mind would want to be left behind by themselves in an apocalypse!?

4) I would rather die because I was trying to live and my disability got in the way, than give up on life because I have a disability.

5) I am human. I care about myself and those around me. I want the world to be a better place. And I want to live a happy life.

So please please please! Stop using disability characters as instant sympathy grabbers. If you want people to feel for them when they die then make them worth feeling for. Make them the character that everyone loves. And make them independent! Unless they received the disability IN the apocalypse they should know how to take care of themselves. They’ll have to make adjustments but all of your characters have to do that so why should they be any different?

If you don’t know how to make a normal disability character then talk to someone with a disability. Or take constructive criticism from people with that disability after you’ve written the character. Or simply don’t make that character have a disability.

Pavlov had it all wrong

I am a single adult human living in a house with two corgis. Got Girldog from a shelter when she was about a year, year and a half old maybe; got Boydog a few years later as an 8-week puppeh. And let me tell you something, from Day One, this has been a three-way psychological experiment. I no longer know who is manipulating who on a daily basis.

  • One of the first things I trained Girldog to do was not to bark at the dinner table; if she barked at me while I was eating, I put her in The Quiet Place (her crate) where she couldn’t see me. She learned almost immediately to subvocalize her barks, to let out a breath with just enough vocal cord vibration that I wouldn’t QUIIIITE consider it a bark and move her further away from the food. It’s a sound like this: “Hrrrr. Hrrrr. Hhhrahhh.” I didn’t realize how odd this was until my aunt came over and said, “That dog hissed at me.” “Yes,” I said, “she does that.”
  • Boydog learned to do tricks by watching Girldog. I never taught him to sit. He learned by watching Girldog get a treat for sitting. Once, I told both dogs to sit at the same time, while I held a treat in each hand. When Girldog didn’t sit quick enough, Boydog put his paw on her butt and pushed her down.
  • I hung a bell on the door and taught Boydog to ring it when he wants to go out. Girldog sees no reason she should ring the bell, as it is beneath her dignity, and she can get her way by barking instead. Boydog, however, will ring the bell for Girldog when she lurks around by the door, although he has no interest in going outside himself. Girldog has made Boydog her personal slave in this matter.
  • Boydog rings the bell when he doesn’t need to go out but thinks I have been at my computer too long. By the time I get to the kitchen, he’s nowhere near the door, but hey mom, as long as you’re up, let’s play! He obviously does not believe I can see through this extremely clever ploy.
  • Girldog once climbed onto a sofa, crossed the back of it, leapt from the sofa to my desk chair, leapt from the chair to the desk, and knocked all my stuff off the desk. (I wasn’t there, but it was obvious from the trail of destruction what route she had taken.) Then she got down and proceeded to ignore the bag of corn chips she’d encountered and focus her attention on biting my phone charger in half, chewing up a USB memory stick, and eating a pen. I still have no idea how she could be so smart and so dumb at the same time.
  • Boydog will chase a laser pointer (not uncommon for dogs introduced to them as puppies! Pro tip) but only when Girldog is not around, because she hates it for some reason and will tackle him for it. Girldog also likes to be outside while I want to be in, and Boydog prefers to have us both inside. Boydog will lead me to the laser pointer, pester me until I get it down, and then run around chasing the laser and barking madly. No matter how stubborn Girldog has been about staying outside, she wants to know what he’s barking at and immediately comes inside. (It is always the laser pointer he’s barking at, Girldog. Always.)
  • There is a chair in my bedroom that I cannot sit on. The dogs take turns sleeping on it, depending on who gets there first. The only hard and fast rule is that if the human sits on the chair, they will both lose their cool. The chair is for dogs only. I have not even tried to sit on the chair for about six months now.

I suspect I’ll be adding more of these as the three of us continue to train each other.


triggers apply. mentions of death, murder and crime and offensive terms.

❛  You can’t have organized crime without law and order.
❛ You make a life of crime sound very noble.
❛ I love this city, and I see it going to hell. 
❛ You want me to keep quiet about all this?
❛ You want to say that a little louder? Not everybody heard.
❛ You’re just a little sinner like the rest of us.
❛ You can’t go around killing priests. At least not in public.
❛ The city’s sick. Sick in a way I hadn’t realized.
❛ I should put a bullet in your head right now.
❛ They will always hide the truth from you, but not me! 
❛ Gotham’s golden rule, no heroes.
❛ When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him.
❛ So what is your play? I mean, you got one, right?
❛ We’re gonna be dead in the streets in time for the evening edition.
❛ We have unfinished business.
❛ Hit me, and I’ll let you kiss me.
❛ You know I’d bring you back here in a second…if I could.
❛ That’s my name. I’m not sure about “famous.”
❛ A simple phone call would resolve things, I’m sure.
❛ Only a man from a lunatic asylum would say that. 
❛ You’re like a human roller coaster, except you only go down.
❛ It’s a cupcake with a live bullet sticking out of it.
❛ I don’t got a thing for nobody. My thing is for me.
❛ The more you cut me, the bigger I grow. What am I?
❛ You notice I don’t ask you about your love life.
❛ I figured better here than sleeping on the street.
❛ Get your things. I’m taking you someplace safe.
❛ Is this… are you asking me a riddle?
❛ The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you’ll die.
❛ We’re all standing on the abyss, paralyzed by fear.
❛ Three dates, and I still haven’t been to your apartment.
❛ Perhaps it’s not our friends but… our enemies that define us.
❛ I’m just like the phoenix. I’ll just rise again and again and again.
❛ What can I say? You had me at homicide.
❛ Why would you do that? Why’d you even say that?
❛ I do like that you think of me as a loved one.
❛ Still looking for clues, sir? Or just breaking stuff?
❛ I’m trying to protect you. I’m trying to keep you safe.
❛ What have you done? Chop up your mommy?
❛ There’s nothing more contagious than laughter!
❛ That was strangely pleasant. Do it again.
❛ Hey, you’re psychic. So, tell me, do I kill?
  ❛ Your legacy will be death and madness.
❛ Every evil bastard in the world was “just a kid” once.
❛ Crime unpunished is a crime in itself.
❛ Anyone who doesn’t wanna get shot, raise your hands!
❛ What good’s family if you’re a slave?
❛ Who cares if you’re free? What good’s freedom if you’re alone?
❛ You don’t have the stomach to kill me yourself? 
❛ I don’t like this any more than you, but it is the only way.
❛ What sickness? I’m not sick.
❛ Oh, please, that is such a ridiculous cliché…
❛ I’m not a criminal, you know. I’m just…insane.
❛ Come on, pull the damn trigger!
❛ I’m going out there, with or without you.
❛ That’s exactly what an insane person would say!
❛ I could tell you, but then I would have to lobotomize you.
❛ Why didn’t you kill me? I would’ve killed you in an instant. 
❛ I think maybe you’re not cut out for this after all.
❛ There’s something between us. You have to see that.
❛ Well, how would you ever know if you don’t give it a try?
❛ You don’t have any whiskey, do you?
❛ We’ll contact you when the time is right. Enjoy your evening.
❛ Focus on the good you can do, that’s what counts.
❛ The badge holds expectations. People want a hero, and I’m not.
❛ The only question is, where do you stand?
❛ Oh my God, you guys are a couple?
❛ If I’m right, we can have way more than vengeance. 
❛ This is just a classic case of wrong place, wrong time. 
❛ Damn you for telling me this now!
❛ You seep into people’s lives until you destroy them.
❛ I know I’ve been dead, but doesn’t that sound a little crazy to you?
❛ And when morning comes, you too shall be reborn.
❛ Leave it to death to give you a whole new perspective on life. 
❛ Don’t ever touch me again or tell me what to do.
❛ You won’t see me coming, and you won’t feel a thing.
❛ I got plenty of darkness inside me, I just don’t dwell on it.
❛ I destroy everything and everyone around me.
❛ You want revenge, kill yourself.

Reylo Song Compilation from the Official SW Spotify Playlists + Their Recurring Themes

(A.K.A. More Reylo Receipts, A.K. A. They Couldn’t Make It Any More Obvious)

The two official spotify playlists being discussed: Rey / Kylo Ren

For ease of access, I decided to compile all of the possible Reylo-centric songs that the Star Wars official Spotify has put in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists. Many are blatantly referencing their dark/light dynamic, while others are only vaguely referencing what could possibly be Reylo, but could also possibly be referring to other relationships - those songs have been pointed out. I wanted to outline the songs that are clearly Reylo-centric, so I also included the best lyrics to give as evidence as to why that song is Reylo-centric. Beneath the lists are the analyses of these love songs and the recurring themes throughout them from both Rey and Kylo Ren. 

Truth be told, after paying attention to all the love songs in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists, I am 98% sure Reylo is now, or will be, A Real Thing. The other 2% is the possibility that it will an unrequited love from Kylo Ren towards Rey, because Kylo Ren’s love songs are so assuredly about Rey (female pronouns, too romantic to be Leia) while there are still a few of Rey’s songs that cannot be 100% proven to be about Kylo Ren. That being said, a large majority of her love songs, as will be discussed, revolve around fighting and conflict - so unless she will have another love interest that is going to be fighting with her in the trilogy, I’d say those ones are at least definitely pointed towards Kylo Ren.

*possibly referring to rey and f.inn, possibly referring to kylo and leia or merely kylo himself
> my personal favourites because they just scream reylo

While looking through these lyrics, remember to keep in mind that these songs were specifically chosen to be put in OFFICIAL Star Wars playlists for these characters for a reason. In the order that they were listed in playlists:

Rey’s Playlist

  • NO ONE - ALICIA KEYS* ( people keep talking they can say what they like // but all i know is everything’s going to be alright // no one can get in the way of what i feel for you )
  • COMPASS - ZELLA DAY*if we make it out alive, from the depths of the seas // compass points you anywhere closer to me // where you are, i will be )
  • COME AND GET IT - SELENA GOMEZ ( can’t stop because i love it, hate the way i love you )
  • LEVELS - NICK JONAS (  so much to discover, please don’t stop me now // all this heat keep rising, make you stop, drop, and roll // i’m bottling up the lightning, supernatural )
  • CAN’T FEEL MY FACE - THE WEEKND* ( and i know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb // and she’ll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come // all the misery was necessary when we’re deep in love )
  • OMEN - DISCLOSURE ( i’m feeling something, something different //  needed you to show me, without you I am lonely // my mind would rule my heart // i didn’t pay attention to the light in the dark, it left me torn apart )
  • WE FOUND LOVE - RIHANNA ( it’s the way I’m feeling i just can’t deny //  shine a light through an open door // turn away ‘cause i need you more //  we found love in a hopeless place )
  • BLUE JEANS - LANA DEL REY ( you fit me better than my favorite sweater, and i know that love is mean, and love hurts )
  • > BATTLEFIELD - JORDIN SPARKS ( i never meant to start a war, you know, i never wanna hurt you // don’t even know we’re fighting for, why does love always feel like a battlefield // baby, we don’t have to fight )
  • A SKY FULL OF STARS - COLDPLAY ( i don’t care, go on and tear me apart //   'cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars i think i saw you //  'cause you’re a sky, 'cause you’re a sky full of stars, i wanna die in your arms )
  • RUNAWAY (U & I) - GALANTIS* ( even if we’re strangers til we die //  anywhere out this place, i wanna run away, just U and I )
  • SMOKE AND FIRE - SABRINA CARPENTER ( oh, oh, our love is running into a burning building // feel the heat, so we started running // you know you saw it coming, but the memories are still in my mind )
  • DIAMONDS - RIHANNA* ( you and i, you and i, we’re like diamonds in the sky // i knew that we’d become one right away // at first sight i felt the energy of sun rays, i saw the life inside your eyes )
  • WILD - TROYE SIVAN ( trying hard not to fall // leave this blue neighbourhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh and it drives me wild // 'cause when you look like that I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad )
  • SHUT UP AND DANCE - WALK THE MOON* ( this woman is my destiny // we were victims of the night // oh we were bound to get together // deep in her eyes, i think I see the future, i realize this is my last chance )
  • OUR OWN HOUSE - MISTERWIVES* ( into my soul you stared and bored down every fear // we built our own house with our hands over our hearts )
  • BLOODSTREAM - TRANSVIOLET ( cruel desire, danger in our consequence // hey, you wanna rule the world? outlaw love, make you lose control // cosmic violence, chills dripping like acid rain, keep coming back cause it’s you i crave )
  • FORCE OF NATURE - BEA MILLER ( i tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows, oh but it’s too late now, i let you get too close // i know i should take cover, hide inside these four walls, but baby i surrender, it all // 'cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done // i can taste the danger, but i don’t wanna run, so pull me to the ground and i won’t put up a fight )

Kylo Ren’s Playlist

  • ANGELS FALL - BREAKING BENJAMIN* ( grey skies will chase the light away no longer // when angels fall with broken wings, i can’t give up, i can’t give in // when all is lost and daylight ends, i’ll carry you and we will live forever, for ever )
  • DARK SIDE OF ME - COHEED AND CAMBRIA* ( in this cold reality i made, this selfish war machine, oh, this has become hell, how can i share this life with someone else? // i am not equipped to comprehend human rationale, sirius, is this what love is? )
  • ASHES OF EDEN - BREAKING BENJAMIN* ( i am not worthy of this // stay with me, don’t let me go, because there’s nothing left at all // will the light begin to pull me to its everlasting will // heaven above me, take my hand, shine until there’s nothing left but you )
  • NEVER GIVING UP - OF MICE AND MEN ( even though i know you want me to, i’m never giving up on you // you’ll never know just how hard it is for me to see you this way, it tears me up, drags me down )
  • OUT OF TIME - A DAY TO REMEMBER ( i finally found her, and when i did i just couldn’t make things right, is this really happening? oh, god, i think i just ruined my life // don’t think you’ve got to go in alone here // you won’t see it, but believe me, i need to be right where you are // 'cause now i think that everything’s about you )
  • EVIL - INTERPOL ( when your friends they do come crying, tell them now your pleasure’s set up on slow-release // i can take you places, do you need a new man? // you need someone to take you there, sandy, why can’t we look the other way? )
  • THE ANSWER - SAVAGES ( i saw the answer, it was a girl, will you go ask her // love is the answer // to cry about love, to wait for her, to wait for dying, i can’t wait )
  • AT LEAST I’M KNOWN FOR SOMETHING - NEW FOUND GLORY ( i tried so hard to keep you coming back my way, but you don’t know the half and i’m the one to blame // i let my front down and i know i will regret it )
  • DEAD INSIDE - MUSE* ( your lips feel warm to the touch, you can bring me back to life // feel me now, hold me please, i need you to see who i am // open up to me, stop hiding from me // it’s hurting babe, only you can stop the pain // now i’ve become just like you, my lips feel warm to the touch, my words seem so alive )
  • ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS - COLD WAR KIDS ( i have been waiting for you to find that all of this could be yours tonight )
  • BREED - NIRVANA* ( i don’t mean to stare, we don’t have to breed // we could plant a house, we could build a tree // i don’t even care, we could have all three // she said, she said, she said )
  • > INNERVISION - SYSTEM OF A DOWN ( i have to find you, i have to meet you // i need to find you, i need to seek my innervision // it’s never too late to reinvent the bicycle // a smile brings forth energy or life, giving your force, vision )
  • > SATELLITE - RISE AGAINST ( we are the orphans of the American dream, so shine your light on me // she told me that she never could face the world again, so i offered up a plan, we’ll sneak out while they sleep, and sail off in the night )
  • > BORED TO DEATH - BLINK-182 ( there’s a stranger staring at the ceiling, rescuing a tiger from a tree, the pictures in her head are always dreaming, each of them means everything to me // i think i met her at the minute that the rhythm was set down, i said i’m sorry i’m a bit of a letdown )  
  • WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE - POWERMAN 5000 ( are you ready to go? cause i’m ready to go, what you gonna do, baby? are you goin’ with me? cause i’m goin’ with you // now who’s the light and who is the devil? you can’t decide, so i’ll be your guide )
  • > A CROSS AND A GIRL NAMED BLESSED - EVANS BLUE ( there’s a pretty girl somewhere, with a pretty name, but i could never let you know how much this means // i swear we’ll end this war, cause we both know It wasn’t worth fighting for // she said to me i will be driving in the wrong direction, did you ever think that maybe your life is heading in the wrong direction, baby )

Lyric Analyses & Themes

I will now begin to group together recurring themes in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists in order to correlate similarities and parallels. This includes well-known themes that may hint towards certain theories, such as Kylo Ren’s redemption, Reylo sharing a force bond, the balancing of the force, and the Gray Jedi becoming canon. To make parallels clearer, Rey and Kylo Ren’s supporting evidence for each theme will be paired side by side.

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gif is not mine

Title: Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,148

Warnings: angst

A/N: This was requested by an anon! It’s based on the song Angel by The Weeknd! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lucifer picked your bloody body up from the floor, a frown etched onto his lips.  How could you still be alive?  You were much stronger than he thought.  He knew this was because of him.  They wanted to go after Lucifer, and instead of coming after him, they went after you.  

He teleported to the bunker, knocking on the door.  He knew this was the last place he should be, but he had no other options.  He was thankful that Castiel decided to answer the door.  At least Castiel was an angel and not a human.  He could trust Castiel more than those cockroach humans.  

“Lucifer what are you doing here,” Castiel asked, instantly on guard.  His eyes quickly moved to you, worry washing over him.  “Is that [Y/N]?”  It was hard to tell because of all the blood and cuts on your body.  He had heard talk of Lucifer finding a soul mate, but he didn’t actually believe it until now.

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❛ I would have come for you. ❜
❛ If I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you. ❜
❛ No matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together. ❜
❛ We never stop fighting. ❜
❛ Maybe there were people who lived those lives. ❜
❛ But what about the rest of us? ❜
❛ What about the nobody’s and the nothings, the invisible girls/boys? ❜
❛ We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. ❜
❛ We learn to wring magic from the ordinary. ❜
❛ When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something from it anyway. ❜
❛ Fear is a phoenix, you can watch it burn a thousand times but still it will return. ❜
❛ This is where you tell us how awful we are. ❜
❛ I am grateful you’re alive. ❜
❛ Lets not say things we don’t mean, my love. ❜
❛ Crows remember human faces. ❜
❛ How many times have you told me you’re a monster? ❜
❛ Be the thing they all fear. ❜
❛ I needed a catastrophe to shake me from the life I knew. ❜
❛ You were an earthquake, a landslide. ❜
❛ You’re a stampede. You are overwhelming. ❜
❛ I don’t hold a grudge. I cradle it. ❜
❛ People point guns at each other all the time in ______. ❜
❛ This action will have no echo. ❜
❛ Live with it long enough, you learn to like the taste. ❜
❛ They all seem like practical choices. ❜
❛ You don’t look like a monster. ❜
❛ The really bad monsters never look like monsters. ❜
❛ I have been made to protect you. ❜
❛ Even in death, I will find a way. ❜
❛ Do you really have a flying ship? ❜
❛ You probably bartered your way out of the womb. ❜
❛ They think they’d better cross the street. ❜
❛ You’re not weak because you can’t read. ❜
❛ You’re letting shame decide who you are. ❜
❛ Now, what do they think when they see me coming? ❜
❛ You’re weak because you’re afraid of people seeing your weakness. ❜
❛ Thought of me? Late at night? What was I wearing? ❜
❛ I’ve thought about your powers. ❜
❛ You can only sharpen a blade so far. ❜
❛ They don’t know what we’ve done. ❜
❛ So let’s go show them they picked the wrong damn fight. ❜
❛ Why do you guys say that, anyway? ❜
❛ We like to keep our expectations low. ❜
❛ Why not just say good luck or be safe? ❜
❛ I really hope we don’t die. ❜
❛ I’ve been nothing but kind to you. ❜
❛ I’m not some sort of monster. ❜
❛ At least a monster has teeth and a spine. ❜
❛ Sometimes, the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself. ❜
❛ This culture is disgusting. ❜
❛ Now that sounds like a party. ❜
❛ How about I bite your lip? ❜
❛ We can endure all kinds of pain. ❜
❛ How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim? ❜
❛ I don’t like speculation. ❜
❛ When fear arrives, something is about to happen. ❜
❛ You are in so much trouble. ❜
❛ I just raised the dead. Do you really want to argue with me? ❜

The River

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Scott goes looking for you between his classes and he finds you by recognizing the melody of your favorite song, also he finds out about your special place.

A/N: Thank you to my dylan @were-cheetah-stiles for making this a piece of art as usual. and to @joeynihil for literally feeding this whole imagine and what better time to write one of her idea requests during her birthday week? <3 gif by @henycavil

Listen to this gem


The quietness surrounded Scott when he allowed the classroom door to shut behind him; it felt strange to him looking down an empty corridor, he was so used to it being crowded by students laughing and joking about with their friends. He looked over his shoulder once more, eyes going straight towards your seat that was oddly vacant. Scott remembered seeing you just before this class, how could he not? You were the only person that clouded his mind day in and day out.

Scott sniffed the air hesitantly, looking around him to ensure no one was observing him, trying to catch your scent but it was nowhere to be found. He walked down the hall, taking a right towards your locker where a faint scent lingered. He followed it until it disappeared, being replaced by other student’s smell. That’s when he heard it.

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Socially Awkward Black Girl

If you know anything about being socially awkward is that it sets you apart from others. Especially when people think you are rude/anti-social.

Now I love going to new places and meeting new faces but it has to be in the comfort of people I already know. The reason why I come off as uncomfortable or awkward is because I over think just about everything I do in a new/rare situation. I just got a new job at an ice cream shop and I have realized I only speak to coworkers when spoken to or when I need to ask a question. Most of the time I’m really quiet. My friends, of course, do not think I’m quiet but outside of my friends, it takes me some time to warm up to things. Usually, I gain friends by who gives me a comfortable feeling and seems like they want to become friends with me too.

My family moved around a lot during my elementary years so I didn’t really grow up with anyone until middle school. When I got to middle school it took me a week to really gain a friend (who is still a very good friend today) who would let me sit with them at lunch. My friends today boast about how they can make so many friends or how they are very known but they don’t know the people who know of them. For me it is neither. I try to choose very wisely who I let in my circle. I like small groups of friends. I am reserved to outside people and outside people are reserved to me.

Sometimes I feel very far away from people but my friends do not exactly understand why. I also feel sometimes that I am not a significant factor for my friends to introduce their friends to. This is another factor that makes me a bit nervous to meet new people because I have a vexing fear that people will think I am annoying.

As for my stereotype, people automatically assume I am loud and when they find out I am the exact opposite, people tend to veer away from me (in my perspective) thinking I am rude or uninterested. I do not say anything because I have nothing to say. When I try to make conversation, I sometimes feel rejected or that they simply are annoyed at me for trying to make conversation. Social awkwardness can definitely put me in weird and uncomfortable silences.

I am working on it everyday. So here’s a tip for awkward people:

1. Take a deep breath because they are not as agitated as you think.

2. Acknowledge the awkwardness- just so  that the pressure is taken off and there is something to giggle about

3. Whats trending: SHOWS. Best conversation starter in my opinion. Just about every living human being owns a netflix account or at least watches tv. If you watch the same shows, TALK ABOUT IT (let your inner fanatic come out). If you don’t, recommend shows and ask them to do the same thing.

4. School is also a great convo starter. TRUST!

5. DON’T RUN! It’s only as awkward as you make it. And they’ll forgive you, if it is.

Let me know if you guys can relate! I still need tips too so don’t be scared to add some.

sparkleywonderful  asked:

Everyone always see Nesta and Cassian fight and banter, but they never see those sweet moments. You know those moments of holding one another after a rough day, the laughter of a tickling match, the excitement of a shared book, really anything full of sweet fluff.

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

His skin was soft for a warrior’s.

We lied in my bed, the sun had long ago set outside the windows of the townhouse. My fingers were tracing the tattoos along his arms, his chest, as his lightly brushed the small of my back.

My eyes found his half closed, but watching me, intently. “You’re thinking.”

I scoffed. “I’m always thinking.”

A breathy laugh escaped his lips. “You’re thinking of something specific.”

I sighed. “When did you get so good at reading me?”

A shrug. “Not long after I met you, sweetheart.”

I tried not to smile, but I failed. 

It was true, too, how he was the only person who completely understood me. He knew my every emotion by my body language, when I had spent so many years building up the walls around me.

He poked my side, making me squirm, as if to say, So?

I bit my lip. “I was just thinking what our lives would be like….if we weren’t….us.”

“What do you mean?”

Realizing he took offence to what I had said, I shook my head, quickly. “No, no- I meant….if you weren’t Commander and I weren’t….well, whatever I am, what would our life, together, look like? Who would we be?”

One of his eyebrows raised, and I hated that look, because my body reacted wildly to it. “If we were human, you mean.”

I shrugged. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Well,” he pulled his leg up so that it escaped the blankets and gave me a teasing view of his thigh, “I’m assuming you have an answer, so I’ll let you continue.”

I resumed tracing his ink, just so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “We would live on the countryside, just outside of town. Close enough that the others could visit, but far enough away where we could often be alone with the children.”

I felt his chest shake with silent laughter. “You imagine us with children?”

My cheeks burned, but I didn’t let him see. “Of course, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed, softly, confidently. “We could start now, if you wanted.”

I glanced at his thigh, and the burn increased. “Hush.”

I could sense his smile as he pulled me closer. “Keep going.”

“Our home would be big, but not so big that it feels empty….and white, with a white picket-fence. Elain would help us plant a garden, and we’d teach the kids how to care for it. We’d have horses, and cows, maybe some goats. I wouldn’t care for them, of course, but you could.”

“Could you picture me caring for livestock?”

I laughed. “Yes, but only shirtless.”

“Of course,” he agreed. “I never do dirty work fully clothed.”

He nipped at my earlobe, forcing a giddy giggle to escape me. Not so long ago, I wasn’t aware I could make such a joyous noise. 

His lips found mine, slowly, tenderly. The look in his brown eyes made me want to run my hands down his body, my lips not far behind.

“If that is the life you want, my Nesta, I will give it to you.”

“But, what about what you want?” I shook my head, constantly overwhelmed by the things he said to me. “Surely, there must be something you’d like to add.”

He shook his head, his adoration being laid bare. “I want you to be happy. I want you to be free from your past life, where you were afraid to live, and laugh, and love. If I can give you that, I have everything I want.”

I kissed him, then, and we made love for the second time that night. I did want that life, that simplistic, rustic life with him by my side for the rest of eternity. I wanted his children, with brown, curly hair and dangerous, beautiful wings. I wanted to watch him teach them how to fight, how to love. I wanted him to teach me those things, too.

“I will give you that life,” he promised, the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. “If it is the last thing I do in this lifetime, I will give you that life.”

Is anyone else picturing Cassian pulling a Noah from the Notebook and building his woman’s dream house? Because, I am (shirtless, of course). I hope you enjoyed. I wanted to make it short, and sweet, and full of Nessian love. Thank you for your prompt submission! There’s nothing I love more than a precious prompt.

- Tara

book starters [15]

                            ( HARUKI MURAKAMI ) ( NORWEGIAN WOOD ) 

  1. “What happens when people open their hearts?”
  2. “Nobody likes being alone that much.”
  3. “I don’t go out of my way to make friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment.”
  4. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”
  5. “You need to grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it, and not worry about other people too much.”
  6. “I want you always to remember me.”
  7. “Despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.”
  8. “What stays in your heart will stay; keep them, and what vanishes will vanish.”
  9. “All I want in this world is you.”
  10. “I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.”
  11. “No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one.”
  12. “What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously.”
  13. “If you’re in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.”
  14. “I’ve had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy.”
  15. “People leave strange little memories of themselves behind when they die.”
  16. “Stop eating yourself up alive. Things will go where they’re supposed to go if you just let them take their natural course.”
  17. “When your feelings build up and harden and die inside, then you’re in big trouble.”
  18. “When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. “
  19. “If I have left a wound inside you, it is not just your wound but mine as well.”
  20. “Hey, what is it with you? Why are you so spaced out? You still haven’t answered me.”
  21. “People are strange when you’re a stranger.”
  22. “The dead will always be dead, but we have to go on living.”
  23. “You don’t get it, do you?”
  24. “I am a flawed human being - a far more flawed human being than you
  25. “At least let me know whether or not I hurt you.”
  26. “All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world.”
  27. “I’ve never once thought about how I was going to die.”
  28. “So I’m not crazy after all!”
  29. “I miss you terribly sometimes, but in general I go on living with all the energy I can muster.”
  30. “Will you wait for me forever?”
  31. “I don’t want our relationship to end like this.”
  32. “When am I going to be able to talk to you? I want you to tell me that much, at least.”
  33. “It hurts not being able to see you.”
  34. “I’m not totally mad at you. I’m just sad.”
  35. “The world is an inherently unfair place.”
  36. “Life frightens me sometimes. I don’t happen to take that as the premise for everything else though.”
  37. “I’m a real bargain, don’t you think? If you don’t take me, I’ll end up going somewhere else.”
  38. “We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.”
  39. “Don’t you think it would be wonderful to get rid of everything and everybody and just go some place where you don’t know a soul?”
  40. “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know already.”

❝   ░   sherlock   s3   / starter   sentences.

feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit !

❛  listen to me. i am not gay!  ❜
❛  i’m definitely going to kill you.  ❜
❛  oh, please. killing me, that’s so two years ago.  ❜
❛  i don’t shave for [ name ].  ❜
❛  oh, you should put that on a t-shirt.  ❜
❛  i wanted you not to be dead!  ❜
❛  yeah, well, be careful what you wish for.  ❜
❛  those things will kill you.  ❜
❛  you’d have to be an idiot not to see it. you love it.  ❜
❛  i don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean.  ❜
❛  why am I the only one who thinks that this is wrong? the only one reacting like a human being.  ❜
❛  i believe in [ name ].  ❜
❛  wait, before you do anything that you might regret, um, one question, just let me ask one question…  ❜
❛  i’m not lonely, [ name ].  ❜
❛  if you seem slow to me, [ name ], can you imagine what real people are like? i’m living in a world of goldfish.  ❜
❛  well, the short version… not dead.  ❜
❛  you know, for a genius, you can be remarkably thick.  ❜
❛  i can’t be seen wandering around with an old man.  ❜
❛  no, i prefer my doctors clean-shaven.  ❜
❛  that’s not a sentence you hear every day.  ❜
❛  i don’t understand. i said i’m sorry, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  ❜
❛  gosh, you don’t know anything about human nature, do you?  ❜
❛  that’s impossible.  ❜
❛  welcome to my world.  ❜
❛  oh, [ name ]. what do we say about coincidence?  ❜
❛  the universe is rarely so lazy.  ❜
❛  they’re right about you. you’re a bloody psychopath.  ❜
❛  imagine someone’s going to get murdered at a wedding. who exactly would you pick?  ❜
❛  beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.  ❜
❛  yeah, but am i a pretty lady?  ❜
❛  you’re not really getting the hang of this game, are you, [ name ]?  ❜
❛  do you always carry handcuffs?  ❜
❛  you are not a puzzle-solver, you never have been. you’re a drama queen.  ❜
❛  i have an international reputation. do you have an international reputation?  ❜
❛  can you whisper?  ❜
❛  marriage changes you as a person in ways that you can’t imagine.  ❜
❛  i am a ridiculous man. redeemed only by the warmth and consistency of your friendship.  ❜
❛  sorry, that was one more deduction than i was really expecting.  ❜
❛  i wish you weren’t… whatever it is you are.  ❜
❛  most ghosts tend to haunt a single house. this ghost, however, is willing to commute.  ❜
❛  oh, do your research. i’m not a hero, i’m a high-functioning sociopath. merry christmas!  ❜
❛  did you miss me?  ❜
❛  your loss would break my heart.  ❜
❛  what the hell am i supposed to say to that?  ❜
❛  the problems of your past are your business. the problems of your future are my privilege.  ❜
❛  [ name ], you are a back-stabbin’, heartless, manipulative bastard.  ❜
❛  you, as it turns out, are a grasping, opportunistic, publicity-hungry, tabloid whore.  ❜
❛  there’s nothing the matter with me! imagine i said that without shouting.  ❜
❛  you’re gonna love being dead, [ name ]. no one ever bothers you.  ❜
❛  is everyone i’ve ever met a psychopath?  ❜
❛  everything’s available for a price. you making me an offer?  ❜
❛  let me flick your face.  ❜
❛  [ name ] is actually a girl’s name.  ❜


  • People people are all just people, right? When it gets down to it, everyone’s the same.
  • I have to be crazy because that didn’t just happen, right?
  • I’m exhausted with this world.
  • I want you to be where you belong, here with me.
  • They’re following me and they’re probably following you too.
  • I really don’t want to talk about this right now.
  • I’m okay with it being awkward between us.
  • Look in the mirror. See that badass bitch? That’s the only person you should ever worry about.
  • Think about it. If you died, would anyone care? Would they really care? Yeah, maybe they’d cry for a day, but let’s be honest. No one would give a shit.
  • I don’t know what your grand plan is, but I need to, and you’re going to tell me.
  • Don’t stay mad at him too long, kiddo.
  • Look at me. Look at this person who loves you so much he would die a happy man right now just ‘cause he had this.
  • I think this is a perfect fucking volume!
  • Please, you don’t have to be angry at yourself any more.
  • Trust me, I need you now more than ever.
  • Can I kiss you?
  • I’m gonna have to let him hug me, aren’t I?
  • I mean, you say it all the time yourself, there’s casualties in every revolution.
  • Do you want to get high and watch your favorite movie?
  • We need to clean up and get the hell out of here.

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callout post for fun ghoul

• constantly brags about the story behind his killjoy name because he thinks it’s so clever

• purposefully fucks up the stitches jet star gives him whenever he’s injured because he thinks battle scars are cool

• places bets on everything and never coughs up the money he owes

• always throws things to you instead of calmly passing them like a normal human being

• refuses to make two trips even if it means he’s carrying his own body weight in one load

• puts sand in peoples boots when he’s mad at them

• once tried to light poison’s hair on fire to prove how greasy it was 

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Am cat who live in place call "shelter". Nice humans come every day and give pets to help me remember humans are nice. One day human person come and let me sit in warm lap, they pet and pet until I fall asleep. But then they put me back???? So rude want to sleep in lap ALL THE TIME. They say am good kitty who is so nice I should have a lap forever as soon as someone notices.


fallen angel! park woojin


woojin x you


f l u f f i e & a n g s t i e

other members: daniel | minhyun | to be cont..

  • the storm cuts the power out at your house abruptly
  • a bolt of lighting strikes just outside your window and not even a millisecond later
  • something rather large breaks through the ceiling of your room
  • you hear a loud and sudden thud at the foot of your bed
  • you also hear grumbling and wincing from that spot
  • “uh.. h-hello?” you say, confused, as it sounds as though it’s a person down there
  • the moonlight and occasional lighting bolts dimly lit your room and you see a boy start to stand up
  • you see that he only has what looks like a rag as bottoms on
  • along with two bloody gashes on both of his shoulder blades
  • “hi there. sorry i just fell through your ceiling. the wind’s pretty strong tonight, hm?” the boy smiles crookedly at you. 
  • which you found kind of cute (?) oddly (?) enough (?) ,,
  • nnononono, you thought to yourself, wtf am i thinking?? i have a random boy that fell through my ceiling and gallons of rain flooding my floor. why am i thinking about how cute he is?

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Dimitris Patmanidis was the perpetrator of the first ever school shooting in Greece that occurred on April 10, 2009. The 19-year-old entered his vocational college near Athens armed with two handguns and a hunting knife, but after injuring one student by shooting him three times, he fled the area. Once outside, he shot and injured two more people who questioned him about the gunfire. He then retreated to a park where he shot himself in the head, but he died later at the hospital. The three injured survived.

Patmanidis updated his status on Myspace to “You all will die” before the shooting along with posting this last message:

“I have no reason to continue living. I am too selfish to die and let you live. Before I die, I will deprive you of the most precious thing you have. I have no respect for human life.

I spit directly in the face of your ‘dignity’ and ‘honor’ and all that you hold sacred. I have made up my mind and I won’t turn back. Whoever runs into me on the morning of April 10 will be an immediate target — there will be no discrimination as to age, sex, or origin of those I will murder, they are all trash to me. I will kill you because that’s what I like and I will see that I enjoy it as much as possible. To most of you, I may sound paranoid, a criminal or a murderer. You make a mistake because you are the mentally retarded impudent cowardly louses, who abuse under the cover of anonymity, the capacity of teacher, or the company of many. So far, I have received nothing but rejection and abuse from those around me. I return these to you with the promise that you will spend your last moments begging for your wretched and miserable lives — soon you will see that I am a man who keeps his promises.

I am not obliged to give further explanation of my actions. I have known but only one person who has value as a human being and I thought I was in love with her. I feel bad that she rejected me and I hope that, with what I will do on Friday, she will change her opinion of me.”

As I Scar The Sky

You show the tiniest bit of kindness
and my heart is lit like a fuse.
Craving is an inevitable detonation -
I don’t know how long it will take
to explode, but here’s hoping
that I make a pretty firework;
a flourish of colour for you
to gaze upon and think of me
fondly as I scar the sky with
streaking lights of flaming desire.
I don’t know much, but I know
that I burn for you tonight.

they say a flame may be shared
without cost to the candle
so i offer you my thoughts
without shame.
if i am burning, don’t let me go it alone:
take your part in my sure combustion
tonight is a night for fervor & smoke
there is nothing to blame
but that flaming desire
for you tonight, darling
i am gladly on fire


Absolutely delighted to be able to collab with the amazing @tafkas77 who is just the best and most sweetest human ever! 💕

First/capitalised stanza by yours truly &
The following lower case stanza by @tafkas77 (who by the way if your living under a rock is definitely a must follow/truly talented writer!)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any evak + girl squad headcanons?<3

Okay let me just say I live for evak and the girl squad. Like so so so much. The birthday one shot I did for Even’s birthday was basically just a massive girl squad and Isak hanging out fest. I am obsessed haha

  • So just like the boy squad the girl squad and evak work all for so many different reasons depending on the girl. So Even and Noora find themselves in serious discussions about women’s rights and human rights and equality all together. Even is actually one of the few people that make Noora rethink things she was so sure were the only way to think about them. They listen to each others perspectives and then broaden the way they originally think about something, and it is both beautiful and annoying because Isak is just like ooohhhh eeem geee stop. And then omg Chris cracks up Even so much. her jokes and omg omg omg 
  • Okay so Chris does not let Even forget that she had this ‘connection’ with Isak. She is all “So Even, you know I am really glad that Isak found you because, I mean we kinda had a thing” and Even raises his eyebrows and is like “really?” she nods “Oh yeah, gawd our energy, the sexual tension, it was electrifying!” then she lowers her head in pity “poor Isak tho, He tried to make me jealous once which didn’t work, and then by the time he would have been ready to profess his love for me I had already found my Kasper. I can tell it really cut him up.” Even is just like “wow, I had no idea” and she is all “yeah it hurt so much that no other girl could compare. But I mean I’m just glad he finally got over me,” And Even laughs and says “same Chris, same.” 
  • And then ahhh Eva and Isak are finally reunited. They had such a precious friendship before the snake stuff went down and now they are baaack. They like have so many silly inside jokes and do such fun and silly stuff together that just makes everyone smile and go “ahhh you two” Like Isak and Eva’s super cute and adorable shenanigans truly come out together and Even and Vilde just sit there all heart eyed as they watch Isak and Eva compete to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouths. (this of course leads to some inappropriate jokes from the girls, especially Chris who says something along the lines of “this is really a competition to see who is better at fitting something else in their mouths” Even laughs of course and gives her a dick joke of his own. they are adorable) 
  • Oh and Eva showers Even in stories of baby Isak. of all the goofy stuff he did in middle school, and how his obsession with trying to rap began. And she leans forward and whispers “I’m pretty sure he actually thinks he’s really good so just go with it so we can get more footage of him being a dork” And Even is like “That won’t be a problem” and shows her the million videos he has secretly taken of Isak doing silly things and it is amazing and Eva is giggling and telling him a story for every video he shares with her. And it is like so perfect. <3 
  • Ahhh Sana my angel Sana gets along so well with our boys. Her and Isak are so so close (as we know) and they just mock each other and banter in such a fond way. It is adorable. and then Sana pays out Isak to Even which he loooooves but then Just like Sana and Isak, Even and Sana talk about so much issues that are happening in society and religion and cultural beliefs and basically their own personal values that truly make them understand each other and feel less alone. It’s beautiful. Sana clearly has a soft spot for both these boys which the girls tease her about immensely. Because this one time Even corrected her and the whole table just gasped and went into a dead silence, waiting for Sana to put him in his place buuuut instead she was like “Oh yes. Thank you. So anyway…” and they are just like OMG and now they laugh and go “Sana is a softie!” and Sana just glares and is like “I can make you all disappear.” 
  • And then Vilde omg I love Vilde + evak. I actually want to write a real drabble about this one day (I will when I finish the prompts and get a chapter out for each fic ahhh) so anyway this one is so funny because Isak and Even absolutely adore and love Vilde buuuut in completely different ways. So to Isak, Vilde is that super annoying little sister who is just like always there asking him things and telling him things and interrupting kissy time with his boyfriend and he is just like “oh my gawd Vilde I don’t care what dress you are wearing! Just cos I am dating a boy doesn’t mean I know fashion. gawd” And then she lectures him on his manners and he tells her to look in a mirror and she says I was gonna say the same to you but then I thought you would probably break it and they just totally bicker like siblings and it’s adorable. But then Even, oh Even he finds Vilde so endearing and sweet and he just wants to protect her and keep her happy and safe from the world. So this makes things awkward cos he is always like “Vilde join us to the movies tonight!” when she is complaining about having no plans and Isak is just like “ummm baby what the actual hell” because it always turns into Vilde rambling and Even listening politely while Isak is rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. He really does love her tho. Like if anyone actually hurt Vilde he would be the first to be like “I will defeat you with my muscles” and Even would be all “Isak you are the softest boy I know” and Isak is all “I am the master at fighting” and Even is just like “Okaaaaay sure Jan” 

Ahhh omg this is ridiculously long and probably not very good. I think I will try to make a better girl squad and evak headcanon in the future haha sorry for messing this up :( 

to her parents:
i think about you all the time, i think about what i would say if i ever saw you again. its nearly one in the morning months after ive last seen your daughter but the sight of her never leaves my mind, let alone my heart. and so i would tell you this. you have raised one hell of a child. i have learned from her much of what she learned from you, the values you instilled in her, and the morals you have given her. i would tell you that because of her, because of you i am who i am today. you saved my life. your daughter saved my life. i am forever indebted to you and your family. because of you i have seen love, compassion, empathy, and every quality i desire to have in my life. the countless holidays spent with you and your family in the home that one just felt like a house to me have changed me forever. you created a daughter so strong, so relentless, so caring, compassionate, and overall such an amazing human being that i am forever in awe. and i am convinced i will never meet another young woman or family that means as much to me as yours has. i would say thank you, as i said to you that first week you met me on your living room couch, i would say thank you, thank you for opening up your home and your hearts to me as i know it must not have been easy, as i have until now been a stranger to you. thank you for letting me meet your daughter, as she means more to me than you could ever imagine, and i love her more than you will ever know and i always will. you hugged me after that and then she came down the stairs and it was our secret. i would say those very words to you again, but i would say this, thank you, thank you for letting me meet your daughter as she has saved my life. she has made me into a better person than i ever believed i could have been, thank you for being my family when i needed one the most. i hope to one day be even half the mother you are to her and were to me. and i hope to raise my daughter to be exactly like yours even if it isn’t your granddaughter. thank you, thank you for letting me meet your daughter.
—  to her parents.

So ok, here’s a couple of things you should know about me.

  1. I am a v emotional human. If you’ve ever read my fic or seen my liveblogs or even talked to me lol, you probably know this already.
  2. Me and my anxiety react very very poorly to change. Like I’ll eventually figure it out because yes I am a grown up but it takes a minute for me to sort of rework my initial reaction of omg everything is changing, nothing in the world will ever be good again.

So keeping that in mind, this is gonna get a little sappy but whatever.

I had a very strong, very visceral reaction to this JMo news and I’ve really been crying on and off about it for the last few hours and it might seem like an over reaction or a little silly but it’s just how I feel and I think that’s okay. That was the first thing I had to do today, letting myself feel okay about crying and feeling sad and emotional.

Because yes, I knew that the show was very probably gonna end this season but faced with the reality of that, out of the blue kind of threw me. 

OUAT has been in my life for a better part of 6 years now and that’s a damn long time lol and it’s changed my life for the better in a million different ways but most importantly I feel like it’s helped me find friends. 

Real and good and three dimensional human friends who live in my pocket, who I am sometimes lucky enough to meet, who talk me through my anxieties and send me hugs when I’m sad, who listen to me complain about work and encourage me to create and write and make art.

And the first thing that I was afraid was gonna happen was that I was gonna lose my friends and I was gonna lose my ability to create and write stories when the show ended and it was a fear that was so very overwhelming that I had to step away and let myself think it through and talk it through with people before I could calm down.

And now I have. Mostly. A little bit. I’m still pretty fragile lol so the random crying is happening 

So what I wanna say is this basically, that if you’re having the same fear? Of losing people or losing the community, I just wanna say that relationships like that don’t vanish overnight and that our shared love for CS will not go away when the show ends and that I will totally write about these dorks in a million AUs before I get tired and that I will still totally make multiple honeymoon manips because of courseee

And that we’ll be here as long as we still want to write fic or make art and we will always kind of be around for our friends and do AU weeks and Big Bangs and all the appreciation weeks known to mankind :D

And also, if you’re feeling this way too? If you’re feeling emotional and overwhelmed and anxious, it’s okay and *hugs* and allow yourself to feel how you feel and allow yourself to deal with things at your own pace because even though it’s just a tv show, it’s important to you and it’s made a difference and like your feelings are valid and I love you loads <3