i am human and i need to be loved

How the "I love you" scene could have been avoided completely
  • Molly: Hello?
  • Sherlock: Hi Molly, I am a Sociopath™ who doesn't understand human emotion and I need your help. What's that thing people say to each other when they're married or have romantic attachments?
  • Molly: What, you mean "I love you"?
  • Eurus: ah fuck

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x10:

  • Oooo two angel blades… it’s like Darth Maul’s double ended lightsaber, so we know this eye patch chick is evil.
  • Aw Dean and Cas are in a fight. Adorable. This is like every fanfic I’ve ever read. 
  • Sarcastic Cas gives me life.
  • Oh a Balthazar shoutout! Yaaasssss miss him. 
  • OMG Sam calling Dean on his impatience and then Dean storming in after Cas. I love it. 
  • The Winchesters going to defend Cas MY HEART.
  • Dean saying, “Why would you let him talk to you like that?” is all I’ve ever needed. 
  • Ooooo fem!Cas… still got those blue eyes.
  • This is an episode about an angel who fell in love with a human? IS THIS A DREAM????
  • Castiel has canonically been referred to as “gooey” - this is a good day. 
  • Dean calling Cas family is always a great thing. 
  • I am really pissed off that Castiel used some of his grace to heal this son of a bitch evil angel. 
  • The tidbit about Enochian magic burning away a part of your soul is hella. AND a reference to soulless!sam… this ep has EVERYTHING.
  • This redhead has been around for like 20 minutes and already understands that Sam will do anything to save Dean. She is on point. 
  • This Winchester pep talk to Cas is like five years too late buuuuut okay I’ll take it. 

In conclusion: This episode reminded me why I fell in love with SPN. 

can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am


I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure. I’m an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect. It hurts my heart that so many young people are so confortable enough using these phrases and objectifying women with such ease. I felt like speaking out about this one experience tonight because I know very well that most women know the sensation  of being spoken about in an uncomfortable way pubicly or taken advange of publicly by a man. We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS.

I am obsessed with the su leaks omfg. Yellow diamond singing. The pearls ah. Freakin diamonds refering to each other as Yellow, Pink, Blue god yes.
Famethysts. AGATE
Now that we’ve seen Blue diamond we need to see white/pink
and what happened to Pink diamond’s pearl???????
Anywho. Since they never showed her full frontal view in the show I took it upon my self to make them.

Blue diamond is best diamond!!!

I also love the Zoo humans!!!!

After this week’s episode, I continue to be so smitten with Maggie and Alex, but I am left craving a better, deeper storyline and more development for Kara. Maybe it’s yet to come this season. Maybe they will actually follow through with what Melissa said she wanted, for Kara to come into her own without romantic attachment to others. But of course, beings, whether human or alien, largely do seem to need each other. We get lonely. We need to feel like someone gets us, hears us, wants to know us in all our power and weakness and share life and love and grow with us. Kara is no exception.

The most emotional moment so far this season for Kara was when Cat told her she was leaving, and I believe it’s because for Kara, Cat is that person. She still is, but she’s not there. She left, for her own very valid and important reasons, but she still left, and Kara cannot handle losing people anymore, so I think she’s buried all her feelings about this for the past few weeks. Instead, she distracts herself. She seems to barely be at work anymore. She has other people who clearly are attracted to her and want to be her person, and she’s tempted, of course, to let them be, because they are there and Cat isn’t.

The show for me, while still enjoyable and meaningful and undeniably crucial in terms of queer representation, is missing something, and it’s more for Kara. More for Supergirl, not just saving the day, but getting to know herself. And maybe she will do this while kicking ass and drinking and exploring other relationships before Cat comes back to her. And maybe that is okay. But there is just nothing like the bond she and Cat have. I actually trust the writers, for the most part, and I don’t think they’d spend an entire season building up that connection, that chemistry, as the most important relationship on the show (save for Kara and Alex) without following through. We know she’ll be back. She said she would be, and I haven’t lost hope.

Bottom line…I miss Cat. I think Kara misses her too, and I would like to see her deal with that.

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“I lived as Bok Joo so I feel like I actually did fall in love. But I don’t have much interest in guys to start with. This is a key characteristic of solos. I look forward to and am happy for weekends spent alone. I’m happy even when I drink coffee by myself. I don’t have fantasies about boys and I treat them just as comfortable human beings. Sometimes I do get depressed and need somewhere to lean on but I don’t think having a boyfriend will fill that emptiness. I can feel like I might want a boyfriend when I get lonely but I think it’s a time that I need to overcome by myself. I think it’ll be best to date when I have relaxed, free time.” 

-  Lee Sung Kyung (of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

She is amazing. She must be the prettiest girl on earth and she doesn’t even act like it. What I love about her is how down to earth she is and how she can play very different characters, exaggerate and amplify everything… specially the emotions of those characters, and here, with Kim BokJoo you can feel her love.

I will miss this show dearly.

I am no one; I am nothing. I am a blank paper on which you and your magic wrote a girl. Just the kind of girl you wanted, all hungry and hurt and needing. A machine for loving you. Nothing in me was not made by you… That’s my whole life you’ve bent in your hands. What could I have grown up to be? What kind of human woman, what kind of simple, happy thing? If I had never been broken on a bird’s wing. If I had never seen the world naked. I want to be myself again… I want to stop knowing everything I know.
—  Catherynne M. Valente, from Deathless

I love these trope examples of nonhuman characters not understanding human needs/customs but still being super supportive of their human companion by @sepulchritude, and so I couldn’t resist drawing them. The best part was coming up with the aliens! :D (Yes centaurs are cool, I don’t see why that’s important.) Hope I did your headcanons proud, @sepulchritude​! 

I belong to myself, selfishly and utterly. Do not think for a moment that you make me whole. I am already whole, but you make for great company as your own person. Why do we always believe that those who love us make us perfect? We are who we are, and to think that we need someone to become ourselves is not only tragic, it is an insult. How can we call ourselves individual human beings yet believe in the idea that we need pieces of others to become one? You are your own flesh and blood. You don’t need anybody to complete yourself. You already do that on your own.
—  Independence is power 

data (about his child): “i am incapable of giving her love”

also data: *literally names his child “beloved”*

  • Yes, I am straight.
  • Yes, I share and like a lot of lgbt things.
  • No, Sherlock, that does not mean I am a member of lgbt family. (Even though I would be a proud one if i was)
  • You don't see a reason for me to support this community if i am not a part of it?
  • I do.
  • I support love cause we live in a world full of hate. We need love, regardless of genders.
  • We don't need to label everyone.
  • You dress like a girl sometimes? That's fine. You like boys? That's fine too. Everything is fine. You don't have to fit in anything, we don't have to label you like you're some kind of a laboratory experiment.
  • I support and love humanity. I don't pick and choose the ones i will.

hi everyone! here’s some updated commission info since im no longer desperate for cash but still need to make a living.

i will draw humans, aliens, and robots! i can attempt furries but as a warning they are not my forte. additional characters for sketches are an additional $7, and for rough paintings they are an additional $15. full paintings with multiple characters will require a custom quote depending on complexity.

i LOVE doing character design! i can work from written description and i am very open to discussion to make sure it looks how you want it to!

i’m also accepting not safe for work commissions on a case by case basis; due to the nature of the content they will be More Expensive and also subject to custom quotes. i WILL NOT under any circumstances draw underage, non con, or incest. do not contact me for these if you are under 18 years of age. please understand that i have the right to refuse commissions.

if you are interested in something not listed here, please feel free to email me and we can work out a custom quote.

please email me at t.y.madelung@gmail.com if you are interested. i have started doing payment through square rather than paypal! if you are unfamiliar with square, i am more than willing to discuss how it works with you.

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god fucking bless tumblr user @gatheringbones, who when I said “hey I need something to listen to on a long car trip” replied “hey, check out this podcast about space and people being quintessentially human, which means angry and vicious and loving and protective and all the shades of complicated moral feeling in between, but mostly just human”

(which is my invitation to listen to to the wolf 359 podcast if you have not already, because it has been the saving grace of my last few weeks, and there is no salve to a shattered love for humanity quite like a story about how relentlessly rebelliously good we can be) 

Since I havent post much of my original content.

I would like to tell you guys I am currently planning for an original webcomic. I started this for a month while I was at school (thinking life and homework).

The story is about a dragon mostly, even the main character is a human, but the whole plot majority about the conflict between dragon species (like normal species vs abnormal species).

But as I said dragons, that doesnt mean all of the dragon i need to draw are able to fly. (because mostly people think dragon are just flying dinosaurs). they can be anything, also if any have a chance i would love to have your dragon design as well ( i cant think all alone, i need helps , also I’ll put full credit to the dragon owners.)

The Name for the upcoming webcomic is: ONJU

speaking of GZTALE, dont worry im still doing with it i have all th3 plots completed but have to catch up to the ending.

My plan to start the original webcomic will be winter 2017, (after my final ) so now, i am just designing the characters, backstories, plotting, scripting and experimenting the drawing styles. Also, i may have not forget the thing i usually done for the story, is FEELS

Sooo I made another Vibe because I am weak. 

This guy’s called Roma for now (pyromaniac). He loves fire, explosions, and is generally a reckless asshat. He’s a sort of part time mercenary/part time weapons dealer to various universes, often popping up in violent or war torn AUs to lend a hand to whichever side takes his fancy (though he’s usually against humans and will side with monsters). 

He got the permanent burn scar from some experimenting with a sort of super-bomb powered by an AUs Core - it went badly. He tends to carry around fireworks, dynamite, and those spray cans of flammable gas in case he feels like setting something alight.  

He’s also rather…unstable. Tends to get hyper-focused, and laugh seemingly randomly. Getting him to be serious is almost impossible, unless he’s talking business, and depending on the day he could either hug a person or throw a firework at them for his own amusement. He’s weirdly graceful, and can create a little bit of fire with his magic. Not usually very much, but this is the kind of guy who’ll douse an area in gas and set it on fire whilst he’s still standing in the middle, so he…makes good use of it. 

(he’s only existed since like yesterday so i havent developed him much) 

INFJ: Do You See Me?

As an INFJ, the greatest gift you can give me is your awareness.  Do not hear me incorrectly – I do not just mean your time.  Time is precious, and I value the gift of it above most others, but it is not the greatest treasure.  Your true attention, your awareness of the little things about me, the nuances that most people will never pay attention to is richer than gold. Your effort to notice the things I do not say, the minute details that truly comprise me tell me that you care, that I am worth going reaching beyond, doing more, and that is the best gift of all.

I am a walking contradiction.  All INFJs are, in one degree or another.  I do not need to be the center of attention, yet I love to perform.  I love solitude, yet I need human connection more than food or drink.  I seem confident, and I am – yet I am utterly unsure of myself, and I need to feel that someone believes in me.  I am constantly testing, constantly trying out minor changes, little things, to see if anyone notices.  You can say it’s manipulative; you can say it’s unhealthy.  I say it’s true.  If you really cared, you would notice without me telling you.  If you really knew me, you would see what I’m doing.  If…

People bustle through their lives, so overwhelmed with their own concerns, their own worries, their own cell phone screens that they have little time to pay attention to the people around them.  Certainly, the demands of responsibility - spouses that expect, children that demand, jobs that require – draw their attention.  But in the end, we are all inevitably tied to ourselves. We don’t truly see the people around us.  INFJs are no different, no matter if they’re called “HSP” or “Empath.”  We are still stuck in our heads, selfish and limited. But we are also impossibly connected. When we interact with someone, no matter how casually, we pick up every nuance.  Our awareness is engaged in a way beyond that of most others.  We see.  We notice. We connect, whether we want to or not.

And somehow, no matter how certainly we know it is unfair, we want someone to do the same for us. We want someone to notice the fact that our smile doesn’t touch our eyes and know that we’re tired.  We want someone to notice that we haven’t eaten in 2 days and to care.  We want someone to see the tension in the way we hold our shoulders and know we have a headache.  We want someone to see the wonder in our face and take the responsibility we carry so that we can go forget the world.  

It is rare that anyone does those things.  An intrinsic part of being an INFJ is moving through a world of people who are all sure they know you.  Sure they know what you want or think or like.  Most of them see their own reflection in your mirroring skills. They see a better version of themselves, not you.  That makes them like their perception of you, but means their confidence is misplaced. They don’t really know anything about you.  We grow tired of that, yet we learn to accept it.  We treasure the gift of time, and appreciate the affirmation of others’ image of who we are.  

But that affirmation does not reach deep because it is not truly an acknowledgement of who we are. That takes more.  That takes the effort, the attention.  It takes the power of conversation without distraction. It takes the ability to read the subtle things, the things I will never tell you, and know what they mean.  It takes the willingness to know me, and the intuition to read between the lines that have been redacted by my fear, shame, and self doubt.  That care is the greatest gift of all, the treasure without price.  

-by Wendy Neeld