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The Inner Dialogue of Someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder and is in a Relationship

First of all, I’d like to make it clear that my relationship is honestly quite amazing. We have a very honest, open, secure, accepting, understanding, and supportive relationship. But when you have BPD, your illness tells you things and makes you think things that are extremely hard to deal with, even in the best relationship.

What do you even see in me?
I’m filth. I’m trash. I am the emperor of garbage.
When are you going to realize I’m a horrible person?
Am I good enough for you?
Am I being too clingy, too needy, too emotional, too much? 
Am I being too distant, too detached, too little?
Will I be enough this time?
Are you going to abandon me? 
When are going to abandon me?
Are you lying to me?
Do you actually love me or are you just saying that?
Do I have too much baggage?
I’m such a burden to you.
You deserve so much better..
You’re going to leave me, everybody leaves
… Am I just a back up option? Something to use until something better comes along? 
… Why are you with me, I’m nothing..
Does my risky behaviour stress you out? Do I stress you out? Am I difficult?
… I can’t “handle” myself, how is anybody else supposed to?
I hate myself, how can anybody actually love me?
If I don’t love myself and they say you can’t love somebody else if you don’t love yourself does that mean I’m lying to myself? Oh god I’m such a piece of shit… 
Am I good enough?
Tell me I’m good enough… tell me it’s okay… tell me you love me
Should I tell you how I feel? No, no, no, you wouldn’t understand
I’m always so depressed and boring… are you bored with me?
You’ll get bored.
Until I do something impulsive or destructive.
Then I’ll stress you out and add drama to your life.
Omg I’m a horrible person, you deserve better
Nothing will ever help me, you don’t deserve this
Oh shit, I’m so annoying
How do you put up with me? 
Fuck I love you, so so so so much, but I’m terrified you’re going to hurt me or I’m going to be bad for you …

It doesn’t matter how many times he reassures me or tells me being mentally ill doesn’t make me a burden, my illness convinces me I am.. I practice skills and go to therapy and do my best every single day. Some people get into a relationship with someone with BPD or another mental illness and have this idea they can ‘fix’ them or it will magically ‘go away’, it won’t. It doesn’t mean their feelings for you are any less or that they want to be this way… the support is amazing, being loved is amazing, but it doesn’t cure illnesses.

Your patience and support and encouragement and reassurance is always appreciated, but don’t get into the mindset that you have to be our therapists. Be our partners. That’s all we want from you, a partner.

And if you’re the one with bpd, don’t think that these thoughts mean your love is any less valid. You are deserving and capable of giving and receiving love, despite what your illness tells you 💖💖💖

a comic about me learning how to drive

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headcanon: after living together for a few months Lena picks up saying 'oh Rao' without realizing it and Kara thinks it's the cutest thing ever

Okay I had every intention of just responding to this but then I started typing and this happened!

They always say the more time that you spend around a person, the more likely you are to pick up some of their quirks. Lena thinks it’s a little stupid, to be honest, but then again she’s never really been around someone for very long.

Until Kara.

Lena feels like so many of the details of her life end that way.

‘Until Kara.’

She eats dinners alone.

Until Kara.

She has no one to spend the holidays with.

Until Kara.

She works entirely too late, and she even works from home on the weekends.

Until Kara.

So it really shouldn’t shock her when she starts picking up some of Kara’s habits.

She smiles more.

She has weird cravings for potstickers.

She hugs people now? Apparently?

Most of them happen so gradually that she doesn’t even notice, but occasionally she picks up one that throws everyone for a loop.

It’s game night, and they’re all gathered around the Monopoly board. Alex is winning out of sheer force of will, and in an odd turn of events Lena is dead last - one railroad and a hundred dollars to her name. It’s almost comical really, how horrible her luck is. She rolls doubles past go and collects her two hundred dollars, trying not to squeal as she picks up her chance card and earns another hundred. She rolls doubles again and lands on the edge of the Jail square, taking a deep breath as she rolls again.


“Oh Rao, I am not going to Jail again! I’ve been there practically half the game!”

She expects someone to make a crack about how she’s still losing, but when she looks up everyone is staring at her.

“What?” She asks self consciously. wiping at her lips to see if she’s still got smudged lipstick from her ‘popcorn making break’ with Kara.

“What did you just say?” Kara’s face is excited, the corners of her mouth darting up in a smile.

“Ummm.” Lena’s eyes dart around the room. “I’ve been in Jail for half the game?”

“Uhh unh, before that.” Kara is practically bouncing in her seat.

“I don’t want to go back?”

Kara shakes her head and breaks into a full on grin as her hands come up to clench in front of her face excitedly.

“You said 'Oh, Rao’, and it was the cutest thing ever!! I say that!! And now you say it!! And you didn’t even realize it!! Hashtag relationship goals!!”

“You two have officially reached the peak of rubbing off on each other, it’s sickening.” Alex groans

“Oh they’re 'rubbing off’ on each other all right.”

Everyone groans at Maggie’s joke and then Winn is picking up the dice for his turn. Lena doesn’t miss the way that Kara scoots a little bit closer though, or the way the smile doesn’t leave her face all night.

Maybe hanging around some one long enough to pick up their habits isn’t such a bad thing after all.

My Type of Guy - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [Smut]

Author: dylanowhy

Summary: Scott McCall invites you to the schools senior prom, as friends of course, but there is this certain dark haired boy who has been pushing your buttons lately. Who would have thought that later on he’d be pushing you into a pile of gym mats.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 2957

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Some said he had dark hair, perfect to match his light-hearted eyes. However, you had never seen him up close before, always admiring him from a distance. You had known about Stile for years, ever since 5th grade when all he ever did was talk about baseball and Lydia Martin, but you’ve never approached him, always too afraid to speak, thinking that you would make a fool of yourself. Most people looked over the mole blessed boy, and you never quite understood how. There was so much more to him than anyone gave him credit for. The loud whistle sounding from Coach is what snapped you back to reality, bringing your attention back to the point, his hair. From the distance you sat it seemed light, a deep honey brown color that shined in the sunlight, complementing his soft pale skin that was being slightly washed out by the deep red covering his body. He was doing some type of dance, it almost made you snort, apparently he made a shot, something that was rare coming from him. It’s not like he was a bad lacrosse player, he was just never given the chance to show what he was really made of.

“What do you think Scott is going to do since Kira is not here anymore?” One of the many gossiping girls of Beacon Hills asked another, watching as Scott and Stiles high fived each other, bright smiles on their faces. “I am hoping he is open for trying new things, being with different people.” The other replied, it made you roll your eyes. You weren’t sure what happened to Kira, no one really was. Her father had given light detail and acted like it was no big deal his daughter went off in the middle of the school year, it had always made you curious, but you never were one to push any buttons. You actually cringed when you thought about what the girls across from you were talking about. There was a dance coming up at the end of the week, something about being seniors and how it was important to have one last dance. It was also known as prom, but you didn’t like to use the term. The theme was masquerade, and almost everyone had a date. Of course, you did not fall in the line of people who were going with a significant other, but that didn’t bother you. You had better things to do then to dance in a pool of sweat with some guy who only asked you because he wants to get lucky. No, you did not need to go to —.

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Hey Tim. *wink* *blows kiss* Hai.

Tim: “… H-hi”

Dick: “Awww! Timmy has a fan!”

Tim: *flustered* “S-shut up…”

(I was only able to draw a quick one. I hope that’s okay. I am a bit behind on my comic book readings but I’ll catch up soon. It will help me get more motivated to draw. I wish they would bring Tim back or at least mention him again. I need something. Thank you all so much for sticking with me. I’m horrible for neglecting this blog for so long. I need to practice drawing Tim more. I’m never satisfied with how he turns out when I draw him. -Adaminaart)

in ten years i’ll tell you i love you (but not now) [Yoongi]

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Angst ; Fluff 
Word Count: 4237
Description: if there are any words that could travel through space and time to reach the person they have to reach, ‘i love you’ would be those words.
Author’s Note: so basically…the fucking soulmate reincarnation au yoongi brithday fic NOBODY ASKED FOR!!!! praise i wrote this in one day in the span of like 4 hrs i ignored my work i am going to REGRET

It is forbidden. It is forbidden, and dangerous, and high-risk, and the utmost cliché. That you, the lowly servant girl, from a long line of ancestors of the same position, would fall in love with the son of the household you are serving.

The House of Min is a house your family has served for centuries, and most likely will serve for centuries more, and somehow you are the first (or perhaps you were not the first, but you had most certainly never heard of anyone else similar to you) to fall completely and utterly in love with the person you were supposed to be serving.

And yet — it is the utmost cliché is it not? That he, the heir to a fortune, one amongst the richest in the country, would fall in love with the servant girl who lives in the basement with the rest of the help, far, far away from the glittering chandeliers and marble staircases that lead to his room. Far enough so that, should he be like his parents, he would have forgotten the help existed even in the moments they were not serving them. Far enough so that, if it were not for you, he could have forgotten anyone but his family lived in the same house as he.

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August 6th // 5:17

I’m reading a book on programming in Python and doing assignments. I’m slowly realizing that I am horribly bad at math, out of practice or both. It really sucks having to ask for help and then feeling stupid once I realize how easy the answer was, but I am lucky to have someone to ask and I can only get better.

It’s a reality check for me because this means that the semester will be tough, but I know I can do it.

I loved you Pt 3

Originally posted by alltimewolf

A month has passed since the classroom incident between Zach and you, every day when you see him, you would see him staring at you, debating as if he wanted to go up and talk to you or not. Every time he walked up towards you to talk about your confession, you would simply walk away, not wanting to deal with him anymore, but, fate or destiny or karma, thought other wise.

“Y/N, please listen to me,” you heard a familiar voice speak behind you, right away, you knew it was Zach. You didn’t want to talk to him, so you simply walked away, or, well tried to.

“Y/N, please, just hear me out, once you hear me out I’ll leave you alone, I promise, just please, hear me out,” he begged behind you. Letting out a sigh, you turned around and faced the boy who hold desperation in his eyes.

“Fine, tell me now,” you answered, sliding up your backpack’s strap higher onto your shoulder. It was only you and Zach standing in the empty hallways since you both had to stay back to practice.

“I’m sorry,” he began to apologize, “I’m so, so, sorry. There’s not words to describe how sorry I am, what I did was horrible and I hate myself for hurting you this much, you don’t deserve it. I would have been broken if you did that to me, but I rather be hurt than have you hurting. I love you so much, please believe me, I don’t want to lose you, even though I probably did. I know this is cliche, but, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. Every time I see you, you’re the only person I would notice in the room, every time you smile, my heart always skips a beat, every time you laugh, butterflies quickly fly around in my stomach,” he confessed.

You just stood there staring at him, speechless, opening and closing your mouth like a fish wanting to be thrown back into the water.

“Please say something,” he sighed out, staring at you, looking for any emotions.

“I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know what to say, hell, I don’t know what to feel,” you truthfully said.

“Just answer this question, do you still love me?”

“Yes,” you answered after a few seconds of silence. You looked down to the ground, avoiding eye contacts, scared that he would laugh or reject you again, but instead, you heard footsteps getting louder as it approached you, hands cupped your face lifting it up and was attacked with a pair of soft lips.

Your eyes fluttered shut and slowly kissed him back, slowly, your hands traveled up to his neck.

Sadly, he pulled away, but his lips were centimeters away from your lips, your eyes are still shut, wanting to cherish the moment, despite the heartbreak he put you through.

“Good, because I love you too, I still do,” he whispered, you could feel his lips brushing against your pink lips.

“Why did you do that? You have a girlfriend.”

“Had, I broke up with her when we talked and when I found out you loved me back.”


“I want you to be my girlfriend, but I need to know first, do you forgive me?”

With out replying to him, you pulled him closer and connected your lips with his again and kissed him with passion. After a few seconds of kissing the man you love, you took a step back and stared at him.

“Don’t make me regret my decision,” you replied, staring into his eyes. He smiled widely and pulled you back into him and kissed you once more.

You were finally happy, finally you got the person you have love for a long time, finally you don’t have to see him flirting and kissing other girls, finally things were falling into place.

Swing and a Miss

A/N: An anon request for a piece where Morgan is teaching Spencer how to play baseball, but the reader is there to help also. Fluffy cuteness. @coveofmemories



“Dammit!” Spencer screamed, missing the ball Morgan threw at him for what felt like the 50th time. “Morgan I can’t do this! Can’t Y/N take my place!”

Unfortunately, you couldn’t. The FBI had a separate game for the women of the Bureau. When you originally heard that, the “ugh” emoji popped into your head, but whatever, point was, Spencer had to do this and he hated it. “No, she can’t. Take a breather and try again, kid. You’ll be fine.”

Standing next to Morgan, you did your best to keep Spencer calm, but every time he missed he became angrier. He was not a sports guy, but the guy who was supposed to be here just had a baby with his wife four days earlier. They desperately needed someone and Spencer owed Morgan a favor.


“Fuck!” he screamed, eliciting a snort from you. He never cursed at work. Maybe in his own home, but that was about it. “I am horrible at this!” He pointed the bat towards Morgan and it practically fell out of his hand, as if to demonstrate just how inept he was at sports. He couldn’t even hold a bat correctly. As it fell from his hand, he picked it up and threw it into the fence behind him. “Morgan, I didn’t get into the academy because of my athletic prowess. As a matter of fact, they had to waive that so I could purely get in on my brain.” After missing the ball yet again, he fell to the ground in a pout, crossing his legs and arms like a two-year old.

Morgan was frustrated too. He knew this wasn’t Spencer’s thing, but they were desperate. “Kid, you can do this, you’re just getting into your own head!” he screamed from the pitcher’s mound. 

“Let me go talk to him,” you said. You knew exactly where Spencer was coming  from. You too were brought into the academy based on your intelligence; athletics of any kind were not your thing. Thankfully, you were an amazing shot, so there was that. As you approached Spencer, he looked up at you exasperated. 

“Y/N, I can’t do this,” he said pitifully. You were hired by the Academy at the same time, so you became best friends almost immediately. “You know me. I’m not athletic. I want to do this. Morgan really wants me to. But I don’t want to disappoint him.”

“Breathe, Spence,” you replied, sitting down with your legs crossed directly across from him. When you craned your head back, Morgan looked confused. But there was a way to get through to Spencer, and you knew how to do it. “Morgan wants you to try your best. You do that. He’s not going to be disappointed. Win or lose. He loves you.” Spencer knew you were right, but being so bad just brought back all his horrible sports memories. All those times he was tortured by his peers.

Suddenly, Morgan called from across the field. “Just forget every bad sports memory you’ve ever had.”

“Agreed,” you said, pointing backward at Morgan. “Next time you get up. I want you to take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then think, with this swing, I can throw every horrible thing that’s ever been said about me back in their faces.” 

It would be cathartic. He’d hit the ball, run around all the bases, and anyone that ever made fun of him for his lack of athletic prowess would be effectively told to screw off. “Okay, kid,” Morgan said as he ran up to both of you and kneeled at your side. “Don’t let anyone get in your head. It is just you and the ball. No one else exists. Especially not the people who made fun of you. They don’t exist.”

“I just don’t want to let you down,” he sighed as he pushed up off the floor. “I suck at this.”

“Do your best and you won’t let me down, kid,” he said, slapping him on the shoulder before running back to the pitcher’s mound.

“See, I told you so. Now, I know you like to base everything on facts, so here’s a few practical tips to use for hitting the ball,” you said, giving Morgan an indication that you needed another minute with Spencer.

Intently, he focused on every word you were saying. Not allowing his childhood doubt into his head was easier said than done, but facts he could handle. They were his constant. “For starters,” you said. “When Morgan starts throwing, you tend to look at him. Don’t. Look at the ball. Second, you tend to splay your arms out when you hold the bat.” You demonstrated what you meant before coming up behind him and placing his arms in the correct position. “Third, you want one foot in front and one in back, not next to each other. Keep the majority of your weight on your back leg. And finally, just like Hotch said when it comes to shooting. Follow through.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “I might be able to do this.” Not full-on confidence, but you were working on it. Baby steps. No one needed him to be an athlete - just make it through one game. As you walked back to the mound next to Morgan, you continued to tell Spencer to breathe.

“Ready?” Morgan asked, throwing the ball he was holding up in the air over and over again. “Forget the bad.”

With that, Morgan reeled back, throwing the ball in Spencer’s direction. This time, he kept his eye on the ball and through some miracle, he was able to clip the ball and send it bouncing between first and second base. “See!” you said, hopping up and down in excitement. “You can hit it! Just continue to do what I told you and you’ll make it through this game, I promise!”

While you cheered Spencer on, clapping much more wildly than was necessary for this moment, Morgan ran back to grab the ball. You felt a buzzing in your pocket. It was Hotch. “Do we have a case?” Spencer asked hopefully.

“Yup,” you said, turning around to Morgan. “Hotch needs us.”

“You get a reprieve, kid,” he said, running past Spencer and back toward the Bureau. “But don’t think I’m done with you yet.”

These Dreams

So @minnothebunny I collaborated on a follow up to Moss & Crystals    I love her art and she did such an amazing job interpreting what I wrote and bringing this to life!

Rating: T (just to be safe)

At first she doesn’t understand their meaning, her body and waking mind not making the connections yet. They came on without warning, vivid and yet aggravatingly unfocused all at once.

Forceful arms attached to faceless figures ripping her apart from everything she held dear. Cries.  Her screaming.   His voice calling out for her, for them, trying to get to her but never getting closer. She calls out for a name that just escapes her memory.

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Pumpkin Spice Priorities


Warnings: None

In which Simon becomes the ultimate hipster

A/N: I am very new to third person. I used this drabble as practice, so if it’s kind of horrible, I apologize.


Simon tugged Baz’s hand, pulling them down the street.

They bumped into a couple, earning glares.

“Watch where you’re going,” someone chided.

Baz rolled his eyes and called out a “sorry.” But, Simon was unbothered by the glares and questioning stares of strangers. He was on a mission. He had heard in a passing conversation between two strangers that it was the release date of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. He immediately began insisting that he and Baz drop all their shopping plans and head to the nearest Starbucks. Nothing could stop Simon from getting the autumn flavored drink.

“Simon, we need furniture for the apartment. I’m not sleeping on the floor again,” Baz had protested. The couple finally decided to get an apartment together two years after leaving Watford. Micah had moved in with Penny and Simon. With Baz visiting all the time, the tiny apartment was beginning to become crowded. It didn’t take a lot of convincing from Baz for Simon to get an apartment with him. He never liked sleeping alone. Right now, Simon didn’t seem to care about their new apartment or the bed they needed for it. He continued pleading.

“We can get a bed later. I can’t shop until I get my Pumpkin Spice. Come on.”

Baz sighed, giving in. He could never keep up a fight with Snow. Baz would do anything for Simon, and if that meant leaving their cart of sheets and pillows and toiletries behind, he would. So, they abandoned the cart.

Now, the two were standing outside the doors of the coffee shop. Simon finally stopped, allowing them to catch their breath. They had run a long way. Neither of them had to run this much since Watford. Simon had always been on some sort of mission and Baz was always running for football. But, after defeating the humdrum and graduating, the two’s lives had become less active.

“Was this… really… so necessary,” Baz asked between breaths. Simon nodded confidently. He had already caught his breath and was ready to head inside. He was filled with impatience.

“I need to try one! I’ve never gotten to before,” he threw in a pout, knowing it would win over Baz’s forgiveness. Baz sighed and slipped his hand into Simon’s.

“Come on then, love,” He murmured as he led them through the doors. Simon looked around, taking the dark tones and warmth in. He breathed in the sweet scent of the shop. If this was heaven, he couldn’t wait to die. Baz started towards the counter, hand in hand with Simon. But, Simon didn’t budge, so he didn’t make it far. The golden boy’s eyes were drawn to a glass case filled with pastries.

Baz. They have Scones,” Simon was practically drooling at the sight of the freshly baked desserts. Baz rolled his eyes and nodded.

“I know, Simon. I suppose you want one?” Baz started towards the case, Simon following. He was filled with as much excitement as a child on Christmas Day. He took in the sight of all the flavors before settling on a Pumpkin one, to match his latte. The pair headed towards the counter to put in their orders. After a short wait, Simon was handed his latte. He had finished his scone long before the drinks were finished…and the drinks didn’t take long. Baz had ordered himself Pumpkin Mocha Breve, insisting it was better than Pumpkin Spice. Simon stole the cup from him and took a sip, only to disagree.

“Mine is better,” he smirked, taking a long sip of his drink. “You could say… Mine is the chosen one.”

“Are you serious, Snow,” Baz couldn’t help but laugh. “You absolute dork. Come on, we have to finish shopping. Hopefully, our cart is still there.” He slipped his free hand into Simons.

selenedarkbloom  asked:

Prompt: At the day Jughead and Betty are going to get married stuff start to go wrong, like problems with the flowers, band... Betty has a little panic attack and F.P is the one to put her back on tracks. Jughead also starts to freak out and Alice comforts him.

Oh my goodness, I love this prompt. I love the idea of the other parents comforting them! Sorry it took me a little while to write, I had to take a break in the middle to go to dance class. I hope you enjoy it darling!

“No, no, you can’t do this to me, Josie. The wedding is next week, how am I going to find another band that quickly?” Betty was practically begging. She vaguely heard Josie give a string of apologies on the other end of the phone, but she wasn’t really listening. “Okay, okay, I’ll figure something out.” Betty hung up the phone as her breathing began to pick up.

She had walked out of the florist to answer the phone, but she couldn’t go back and face them yet. She had spent all morning trying to negotiate a deal with this florist after her last one had horribly screwed up, thinking the wedding was this week and not next week. Betty would have been willing to forgive the mistake, except they had then told her that they were too booked up to be able to fill her order by next week. So now here Betty was, without a florist and without a band. It seemed like everything was falling apart.

Betty leaned back against the wall and slowly slipped down to a crouching position as she felt her eyes fill with tears. All she wanted to do was marry the boy of her dreams, but this wedding was proving to be a lot more drama then she wanted. She wondered if Jughead would be willing to run away with her and get married in secret.

“Hey” Betty looked up in surprise to see that it was FP who had come out to check on her. He saw her tears and immediately grew concerned. He crouched next to Betty and put a reassuring hand on her arm. “Is this about the florist? Because we will get flowers at your wedding even if I have to go into a field and pick them myself.” Despite how lousy she was feeling, Betty couldn’t help but smile. She took a shaky breath and wiped away her tears.

“It’s not just the flowers. That was Josie on the phone. Her manager is making them stay on tour for another two weeks, so they can’t play for our wedding.” Saying the words out loud made Betty’s panic come back. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to focus on her breathing, but try as she might, she couldn’t push thoughts of the wedding from her mind.

“Hey, hey, Betty relax.” FP’s hand found her arm again and squeezed lightly. “Betty, look at me” Betty obeyed, opening her eyes to look at the father of the man she was going to marry. FP hadn’t always been the best father for Jughead, but he had really stepped up recently and he had been a lot of help in planning for the wedding. He was one of the few people who could put Alice Cooper in her place. “That’s better, now Josie and the Pussycats aren’t the only musicians in town. We’ll find someone else.”

“It just all seems like too much. The florist and now the band…I know I should be excited that I’m getting married in a week, but I’m just too stressed. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Yeah, Jughead said that was one of your things. Look, Betty, do you really care about what flowers you have or who is singing in the background? What’s the most important thing about this wedding?”

“Jughead obviously, that’s why I need it to be perfect, for Jughead. He deserves the world.”

“You’ve got that right, but he already has the world in you. Betty, he couldn’t give a damn about any of these details. He would marry you in a paper bag at Pop’s. Jughead just wants to marry you, that’s the most important thing.”

“You’re right” Betty took a deep breath, grateful that FP had put her in her place and set her priorities straight. Betty stood up and FP followed her lead. She gave him a nod and a smile.

“So you go in there and convince that florist to do your wedding. I have a buddy who is in a band that I can go talk to.”

“Thank you FP” Betty gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. She walked back into the shop to find her mom and Jughead looking at her anxiously. Jughead immediately moved towards her and kissed her on the cheek before putting his arm around her.

“Everything okay?” His eyes roamed across her face. She knew he didn’t miss the tear tracks.

“It is now” She wrapped both of her arms around his waist and held on tightly. “Josie had to cancel. Her manager is making them extend the tour. It sucks and she’s really upset about it, but there is nothing she can do.”

“Oh, how awful,” Alice said as she came over to join them.

“FP said he has a buddy who is in a band that he’ll ask. Hopefully, they are willing to do it so last minute.” Betty sighed and leaned against Jughead. He was her rock, simply being near him made everything a bit better.

“Hopefully it’s not his band,” Jughead said with a grimace

“Your dad is in a band?”

“Well back in the day he was.”

“Oh, god. With Fred Andrews, I remember them, they were awful.” Alice said with a laugh

“Well, we will let him down easy if that’s the case. Although bad music might be better than no music at all.” Betty said with a sigh

“We have some good news at least. These guys promised up that they can have flowers done by the time of your wedding.” Jughead said

“Juggie, that’s wonderful.” Betty hugged him tighter.

“We won’t get to pick out the specific flowers, but I trust their judgment and it’s better than no flowers.” Alice put in. Betty wondered when her wedding had turned into taking what they could get, but she quickly pushed those thoughts from her mind. She remembered what FP had said. The flowers and music and everything else didn’t matter. All that matter was she was marrying the love of her life. Betty leaned up and kissed Jughead on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked, mirroring her bright smile.

“Because I get to marry you in a week and that’s all that really matters.” Betty said happily. Jughead’s smile widened and he leaned down to give her a soft kiss.

“Eh-hem” Alice cleared her throat. The two broke apart with amused smiles. “I hate to ruin the moment, but Betty, you have to get to your final dress fitting with Veronica, and Mr. Jones, we are meeting Archie to finalize seating arrangements now that we finally have gotten all of the RSVPs.” Alice said in a businesslike tone. Her mom had been a rockstar in the wedding preparation. She and Veronica had taken on the task with an almost scary amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Betty didn’t know what she would have done without them.

“Right, seating arrangements.” Jughead gave a sigh and shot Betty a look that said he would rather be doing almost anything else. She patted his chest and leaned up to kiss him again.

“You’re the best. Both of you. I love you” She said and with one more little peck, she was out the door.

“Alice?” Jughead asked as they walked back to the Cooper’s house. It still felt weird to call her by her first name, but she had insisted when they had gotten engaged.


“Do you think Betty is happy?” Jughead spit the words out before he lost the nerve. Alice stopped walking and turned and faced him. She squinted her eyes and regarded him seriously.

“Where is this coming from.”

“I just…she deserves a real fairytale wedding, but with our limited budget and now all of these things going wrong, I’m just worried she won’t be happy.” Jughead shrugged self-consciously. He had never put any thought into what his wedding might look like, he hadn’t even thought he was the marrying type until he met Betty. He didn’t care how he married Betty as long as he got to make her his wife. But Betty, she had been dreaming of this moment since she was little. Jughead could remember little Betty drawing wedding dresses and making herself flower crowns and pretending to walk down the aisle. Betty defied the girl next door stereotype in many ways, but this was not one of them. She wanted a perfect, dreamlike wedding and Jughead was trying his hardest to give it to her, he was just worried that he was falling short.

“You’re worried that she won’t be happy with the wedding?” Alice shook her head in disbelief “Jughead, maybe you can’t see it because to you she is always beautiful and glowing, but Betty has been absolutely radiant since you proposed. This is the happiest that she has ever been, and it is all to do with her love for you.”

“Yes, but what about the girl who filled journals with what she wanted her perfect wedding to be like. I’m letting that girl down.” Jughead found that all of his insecurities and doubts were suddenly pouring out. And to Alice Cooper of all people, but to his surprise, she was oddly easy to talk to.

“That girl had no idea what it felt like to be in love and when you are in love, that overshadows anything else. I promise you, Betty isn’t thinking of the wedding she wanted as a child, she is just thinking about how much she wants to marry you.” Alice smiled kindly and took Jughead’s hand. “Trust me, I wouldn’t let my daughter have a wedding that wasn’t exactly what she wanted.” She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

“Thank you” Jughead had always been amazed of Alice’s quick acceptance of him. She didn’t like most of Betty’s friends, but Jughead, she had been totally okay with. It had taken Jughead a little while to realize that it wasn’t him she was accepting, but the way he made Betty feel. All of Alice’s actions were always driven out of love for her family. Alice didn’t Jughead based on his clothes or how he acted, she judged him off of how he treated Betty and how he affected her happiness. She had accepted him because she saw that he made Betty happy. This was no different. Alice recognized that the details of the wedding didn’t matter, making Betty happy was the only thing that did. And according to Alice, simply marrying him made her happy. Jughead felt the same way, he just hadn’t realized that Betty shared those feelings until Alice told him.

“Anytime, now let’s go make sure that the Blossoms are seated as far away from the Coopers as possible.” Alice dropped his hand and resumed walking. Smiling to himself, Jughead followed her. He now knew that there could be a fistfight between the two families and it still wouldn’t ruin the wedding. All that mattered was that he got to marry the love of his life.

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Imagine: Marinette Turns the Tables on Chat.

Imagine the cliche Marichat balcony visit scenes going down.Chat is dropping puns and flirtatious lines everywhere and Marinette is humouring him. 

Imagine Marinette getting a lightbulb moment and waiting for the right moment which Chat leaves open beautifully.

Imagine Marinette giving Chat a sultry look, getting all up in his space and practically purring out the best flirty comeback.

To which Chat blushes and stammers so much, he nearly falls off the balcony.

“You can dish it out but, you just can’t take it, eh Chaton?”

From that moment, every time Chat visits, Marinette takes the utmost pleasure in making Chat a complete blushy mess.

(Though coincidently, Adrien is now having trouble looking her in the eye…)

Awkward Situation - 1 (KaiSoo College AU Fanfic)

Summary: Kyungsoo is a 20 year old college student. He’s your average college student, broke and eating ramen noodles for days. Although his social awkwardness is most indefinitely not average. He avoids all human contact at all costs, and finds cashiers absolutely terrifying. But alot of us can relate to that, right? Kyungsoo’s awkwardness often leads to horrible situations and missed opportunities, but one day he realizes his awkwardness has given him the chance to meet his polar opposite and quite possibly future boyfriend.

Note: I seemed to have accidentally deleted a paragraph when editing! It’s fixed now, but it may have confused some of you due to the sudden change of settings from Kyungsoo’s literature class to the library! I should pay more attention to that when going over stories! I apologize for not catching that sooner~

Also I recommend reading the teaser below so you aren’t too lost~

Awkward Situation (Kaisoo College AU Fanfic) Teaser

Kyungsoo trudged down the stairs, slouching. His face covered by his black hood. He was glad he thought to bring his hoodie, his face was still burning and he was sure it was obvious. Kyungsoo sighed, it was his last class for the day, which he was ever so grateful for.

Kyungsoo smiled nervously. Maybe the tan boy would forget all about him within the next day. He didn’t seem all that bright if Kyungsoo had to be honest. He never paid attention to the lecture and would instead flirt with the girls around him. Which Kyungsoo found irritating. He scoffed. The boy seemed to chatter endlessly. Did he have a mute button? Kyungsoo hoped he did. Because if he heard another cocky remark slip out of those silky, deliciously red lips. Kyungsoo’s cheeks heated up even more at the thought of the boys’ lips. He shook his head and the thoughts away. He would seriously grab his pencil and stab the nearest persons’ eye out. Sure, they were innocent, but be honest, you would do the same if some ridiculously hot guy was flirting with everyone else but you. Kyungsoo bit his lower lip, he couldn’t possibly feel jealous this guy was flirting with every other human imaginable yet seemed to ignore his existence? I mean, everyone else already did, but this…this was different.

Kyungsoo by now had reached the exit of the college, yawning as he pushed the doors open. He looked out, light rain beginning to hit the ground. He got past the two doors, pulling his hood over his head, he was greeted by a familiar short, and annoying loud thing. Baekhyun. Great. Just what Kyungsoo needed to add onto the list of, ‘Why Today Was A Horrible Day’.

“Hi Kyungsoo~” Baekhyun purred. Kyungsoo cringed. “Stop trying to be cute…or whatever that was. Don’t humiliate yourself.” Kyungsoo spat out coldly.

Baekhyun frowned. His hood slightly slipping off his head. “You’re no fun! How am I supposed to practice my seductive greeting when all you do is shoot my hopes and dreams down?” Kyungsoo snorted. “Seductive? Who are you trying to seduce? The neighbor’s dog?”

Baekhyun glared knives at Kyungsoo. “No I’m not trying to seduce the neighbor’s dog, although that pooch is super cute!” He squealed. “But! There’s this super cute guy in my nutrition class. He’s tall, is buff, has a hot deep voice, and get this! He can play piano, guitar, the drums, he can even rap! His singing voice is angelic. I literally cannot fathom how perfect this guy is!” Baekhyun ranted, much to Kyungsoo’s dismay. The rain had begun to come down much faster now. “Are you done?” Kyungsoo asked, looking down at his watch. Baekhyun smiled, “Yes.” He said with content. Kyungsoo sighed, “So to the dorm?” He asked Baekhyun. Baekhyun nodded. “I’m soooo tired!” He whined. Kyungsoo nodded, yawning. Baekhyun wrapped his arm around Kyungsoo’s neck, “I’d kill for some sushi right now. How about we skip all that homework and go eat instead? Sounds good right?” Kyungsoo scoffed, “We’re poor college students, so you better be satisfied with ramen noodles and leftover pizza because I am not spending money on an ungodly priced sushi bar.” Baekhyun shoved Kyungsoo lightly, not wanting to hurt the boy. “You’re no fun! I’ll just ask that cute hunk of a man to take me instead!”

Kyungsoo shrugged, feeling indifferent. Baekhyun sighed, before one of his eyebrows perked up. He smirked. “So, have you seen any hot guys lately? I’ve seen some walking in the halls, but that tall one is the only one I’m going after.” Baekhyun looked at Kyungsoo, whose cheeks were now bright red. “No. I have not seen any hot guys.” He said, tone serious. Although his face said otherwise. Baekhyun snickered, “Uh huh….who is it?”

Kyungsoo shook his head. “Nobody. Keep asking me and I’ll make sure you don’t see the light of day ever again?” He threatened, voice cold. Baekhyun shivered and laughed nervously, “Alright, alright.” He said, arm going around Kyungsoo’s neck in attempt to silently apologize.

In 10 short minutes the two short males had arrived at their destination, the male dormitories. Both males were soaked with rain and Baekhyun whined, staring at the locked door. “Hey Kyungsoo do you have your key on you? I forgot mine.” He explained, Kyungsoo nodded, he slipped his hood off his head before unzipping his bag and beginning to rummage through his belongings. He pushed aside notebooks, pencils, a pack of tissues, some spare gum, but his key just wasn’t in sight. Kyungsoo began to panic slightly, his cheeks beginning to heat up. “I-I…should have it…” He whimpered.

He reached to unzip one of the smaller pockets only to he greeted by pens and erasers. He opened another pocket, which had spare money and his student ID along with crumpled papers and food wrappers he was too lazy to actually throw away. His hairline was now dotted with small beads of sweat. “You know maybe…I just need to dump everything out…” He mumbled shakily, his hands reached towards the bottom of his backpack turning it around, all the contents spilling out.

Baekhyun hissed in frustration, and Kyungsoo’s hands fidgeted in his lap. “I swear…they were in there!” He justified. Baekhyun scoffed, “Did you drop your bag earlier today? Or something?” He questioned. Kyungsoo’s head hung, biting his lip in shame. He nodded slowly. He looked as if he was a puppy just scolded by its owner. “M-maybe…” Baekhyun ran his hands through his hair, tugging at the strands in frustration. “Well go back and get it you damn idiot! I’m not sleeping out here!”

Kyungsoo flinched at Baekhyun’s loud voice. He picked himself up off the ground, head still hanging. “Pick my things up, I’ll go back and see if it’s there.” He said quietly before heading down the hallway to the exit of the dormitories.

Kyungsoo bit his lip as he headed out, scurrying down the sidewalk. His face hidden from view behind the hood. He began to cringe. “What if that Jongin has it? I’ll be fucked then! Oh my god, he’ll forever remember me as that idiot with absolutely no social skills whatsoever. ” Kyungsoo threw his head back in a groan.

As he neared the University he broke out into a run, breathing becoming ragged. His shoes now soaked from running through puddles. He skidded to a stop at the entrance, hands on his knees and panting. “Oh my god. I’m so out of shape. But hey! Round is a shape right?” He joked, laughing at himself. “I’m so hilarious.” He complimented, smiling to himself. He pulled the doors open, finding some students lounging around on the couches with books open. He looked around, before beginning to speed over to his literature class. Where he dropped his belongings earlier, and where he met that chiseled Greek god by the name of Jongin.

Kyungsoo peeked his head into the large room, seeing his elderly professor correcting papers. Kyungsoo took a deep breath before tip toeing in. The professor lifted his head with a smile, “You came to claim a key…right?” He asked with a gentle voice. Kyungsoo smiled sheepishly before nodding. “Is it…here?” He asked, taking a look at the floor only to find no keys lying around. The professor scratched his head, “Well, that Jongin boy, he told me if I managed to catch you that he would be up in the library studying. He’d give you your key then.” He explained with a wide smile. Kyungsoo nodded, hiding his terror. “Alright. Thank you sir. I really do appreciate it.” He thanked, bowing to the man before scurrying out the room. “Well, I now know the universe absolutely loves to screw me over.” He mumbled to himself as he stuck his hands into his pockets with with a frown.

He turned a corner, seeing a familiar winding staircase that he often walked up to head to the library, he gulped, his heart beginning to race. “Well, here goes nothing.” He whimpered, heading up the stairs. He walked slowly to the doors leading into the library, wanting to stall this inevitabe meeting with this ridiculously beautiful man as long as he could.

His hand reached out to the handle, his heart thumping loudly. He pulled the door open, slipping in quietly. Making sure to avoid disturbing the students nearby. He craned his neck, unsure as to where the sunkissed boy could be. His searching was interrupted as he was grabbed roughly by his arm and pulled behind a bookshelf. He gasped as his back hit the shelf, wind successfully knocked out of him. His eyes fluttered open, plump lips greeting him. His eyes widened, he looked up slowly, seeing a familiar lanyard with printed puppies dangling on the taller males’ finger. The male smirked. “Looking for this right?” He asked, looking at the lanyard on his finger. Kyungsoo quickly snatched it away, his cheeks so hot he could’ve sworn they could light this whole library up in flames. Kyungsoo looked down at his feet, fidgeting with the lanyard, the tan male let go of Kyungsoo’s shoulder, his hand dropping to his side.

“You left it earlier thrown on the floor. You left before I could give it to you. But atleast you managed to get it back, right?” The tall male joked. Kyungsoo bit his lip, nodding, avoiding eye contact with him. The tan male cocked his head to the side in confusion, his finger tilting Kyungsoo’s chin up, Kyungsoo now forced to look at those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. “Are you okay? You seem rather down.” He asked, his thumb now caressing the soft, pale skin that was Kyungsoo’s. Kyungsoo’s cheeks reddened. “N-no…I’m just a little embarrassed.” He explained, Kyungsoo hadn’t noticed, but he was beginning to lean into Jongin’s touch. But Jongin certainly did, his mouth twitched. This innocent boy certainly had him wanting to know more. He hadn’t been so intrigued by someone in so long, he usually had a fling or two here and there, but none of those people ever triggered the same want he was feeling for this small boy.

He smirked. “Embarrassed? Why?” He asked, his thumb still on his skin. Kyungsoo’s cheeks were now tinted a slight pink. Jongin licked his lips, and Kyungsoo’s breathing quickened. “U-um, I have a roommate who’s waiting to g-get back into our d-dorm.” He slipped out of Jongin’s touch, bowing. “T-thank you for returning my key. I really do appreciate it, Jongin.” He thanked before beginning to walk away towards the doors. Jongin’s heart did flips, ’He remembered my name?’ He watched the small boy walk out the door with a small smile.

Kyungsoo reached his room to find his things and Baekhyun both gone. Kyungsoo turned the knob to see Baekhyun lounging on the couch with a bowl of potato chips. “You’re back!” He said with a smile. “Turns out I had it in my pocket all along! Sorry for making you go through all that trouble Kyungsoo.” He apologized with loud laughter before returning his attention to the TV screen.

Kyungsoo’s jaw dropped. “You asshole! You’ll pay for this Byun fucking Baekhyun!”

anonymous asked:

The thing i hate about the cry type thing is that i sometimes make typos and i sometimes slip up with the words. I'm already so terrified of making mistakes and having someone point them out to everyone. this crytping nonsense just makes me extra paranoid and fearful. I have to check everything i write so many times because I'm scared of making a mistake and now everyone might accuse me of crytping and belittle me and I'm just so terrified. Before it was manageable but now it's gotten really BAD

what really bothers me is how people are using being another minority as a defense - like oh I’m using it to call out racism or ableism so it’s ok!!! fool, no. you can’t fight bigotry with even more bigotry against another minority group. 

If some asshole started mocking Natives and defended themselves by crytyping? guess what? It would still be ableist of me to mock poor typing. Cause even if it isn’t in that situation towards them, I am still mocking the inability to type, I am sending a message that doing so is ok, and I am encouraging the horrible people who don’t care about racism to practice that behavior towards anyone they like and telling them they can get away with it. Normalizing it. Fostering an environment where literally anyone for any reason can use a specific disability against disabled people because I just don’t feel like calling out racism another way.

Most importantly, it’s communicating to disabled people that they can’t fuck up like that. You’re saying: “if you type like this, you deserve to be mocked.” “If you have a mental breakdown while typing, I can make you feel like that’s not ok.” “If you have a physical impediment when typing, I have a right to make you fear communication because some other disabled person used their disability as a manipulator.” “If your disability causes poor typing in an argument, you’re automatically manipulative and I can make fun of you.” “Being able to mock people who abuse their disabilities to dodge racism in a way that is going to give leeway to nasty people to abuse innocent disabled people is more important to me than calling out racism literally any other way, too bad.”

Mentally ill and disabled people have always been at the bottom of people’s lists as “people to consider and treat like actual people.” And now we are seeing a direct result of that, even in the so-called “social justice” corners of the internet.

And the whole defense so far has amounted up to: “but we aren’t targeting you so who fucking cares if you get caught in the crossfires.”

can we pretend that we’re in love.

in which y/n made a huge mistake and jack’s right, she can never feel loved by aneurin if she doesn’t let him. and she wants to let him. thank you to the lovely people inputting ideas but ultimately letting me decide @dunkirkkbabes , @wardley10 & thanks to @harriebb for reading and leaving amazing commentary on how I killed them. I hope I do it again.

she was dusting off her counter when she heard the T.V. “We have the boys of Dunkirk here with us now, boys welcome.” she was staying with her cousin when she went home and hearing the much anticipated interview made her heart jump into her throat.

“Turn it up.” her cousin snorted but followed, murmuring “for someone who doesn’t love someone, you sure wanna catch every word of this interview.” she ignored that but listened as the interviewer asked “Now you’re weeks away from the premiere, how excited are you?” she watched as there was a chorus of ‘very’s’ and ‘so much’, which how many times could the interviewers ask the same question and expect a different answer?

“now let’s talk a little about the co-star that isn’t here. miss y/n y/l was the only younger female on set, she was your guys age, was there any sparks between any of you?” both your cousin and you furrowed your brows. how unprofessional was this woman?

that got coughs from most of the boys and Aneurin to remain impassive until Jack joked “Alright i’ll fess up, the girly was head over heels in love with me. had to turn her down though. said I don’t wanna settle down right now, she was heartbroken.” the woman laughed along with the boys, Aneurin’s face relaxed, pressumbly happy now that the pressure was taken off the question. her cousin gasped as the woman asked “so is that why she was seen leaving early?”


fucking crickets from all around the world. them in England and y/n and her cousin in the states. “Someone say something..” her cousin whispered impatiently and they watched as Jack licked his lips before saying “She had a bit o’ filming to do in states. wasn’t for any particular reason though. the media always tries to make it somethin’ it’s not.”

thank God for Jack. but that only made y/n feel worse. she broke his best friends heart and now he’s helping take the rap?

“now she was seen quite out a lot with you Aneurin, was there anything going on there or was it all innocent? cause you two looked quite content and cozy.” both y/n and her cousin’s mouth dropped open at the boldness and y/n laid back on the couch “For fucks sakkkkeeeeee.” whisper yelling and kicking at her cousin she yelled “Turn it off!”

“no! you wanted me to turn it up so suck it the fuck up and listen.” covering her ears she heard a muffled answer and her cousin hit her ankle “did you hear him?” she sighed pitifully “was trying not to.” she smiled and rewound it and y/n held her breath as he said as gently as he could “ya know y/n is a good person through and through.

she’s amazing and lovely and an all around sunshine. I mean the guys and I probably couldn’t have survived five months without her bumbling smile or her laugh. I think it was a good thing having a woman around. keep us in line.”

he finished with a bit of a smirk and the woman smiled “was she the boss of all you?” Jack laughed and Aneurin smiled “she was, she’s the boss and the mum and best friend at all time.” she nodded and y/n smiled. even after everything they’d been through. what she did, he still answered in the most polite way that wouldn’t cause any media outlets to stick their noses further where they didn’t belong.

“so what’re you gonna do now?” her cousin asked, causing y/n to look at her with pursed lips and a furrow in her brow “Bout?” “Oh come on you have to call him! No! don’t call him! make it dramatic! you’ve got money! fly us to him and confess your love to him and make out with him in the bloody airport!” her cousin giggled as y/n turned red. always so easily red at the most offhand comments about sexual things, which was strange for someone who was just getting done being friends with benefits with her co-star.

“y/c I told you i’m just gonna see him at the premiere and when I do i’ll be nice and polite and hope this whole thing just blows over.” her cousin furrowed her eyebrows at that “you really don’t get it do you? sure you can ignore it and just hope it goes away, but why would you want to? you might think he’ll wait forever but he won’t. he wants you here and right now and if you’re not willing to give him that then he’ll find it somewhere else.”

opening her mouth to retort her cousin said loudly “AND don’t give me any of that crap that you don’t want to be with him, and you hope he can find someone who can give him that, because I know you. and I know you want to be the one who receives all the love from him and give all the love back to him. and I know you’re scared but you’ve got to get over that. because you know where all that fear about love and relationships is gonna get you? alone. do you want that?”

pausing at that y/n felt slapped in the face. she knew her cousin didn’t mean it as harshly as it came out but this was the second time someone had pointed out her flaws and shoved them in her face. “It’s not like I meant to.” y/n whimpered, her face crumpling with a hot sob.

her cousin sighed at that and nodded “I know.” hugging y/n tightly she rubbed her back as she broke down in hot sobs. she knew her well. knew that she clammed up at even the slightest bit of intimate gestures given to her or shared with her.

always had. she was afraid in a lot of ways of falling for someone, afraid they’d treat her badly. afraid that every single guy was the same. but she had talked for months before about Aneurin and about how good of a guy he was, how cute he was, how much his accent made her stomach flip and her heart jitter.

she knew her cousin loved this man. a man she hadn’t even met, but she was happy for her and was quite serious about her getting on a plane and confessing everything to him. maybe just not now, not with her mascara running down her face and after getting snot all over. wiping y/n face with the ends of her sweater her cousin smiled brightly

“you’re hopeless.” giggling she smiled as that brought out a giggle of y/n and her cousin smiled rubbing her arms “alright so how bout you clean your face and we go find your man?” y/n cleared her throat and frowned at that “but even if I wanted how would I even find him? it’s useless. and even then I wouldn’t even know what to say, he hates me y/c! he probably wants nothing to do with me and i’ll just make a fool out of myself.”

frowning at that her cousin rubbed her hair back and whispered “you know he’d be crazy to see you, he said you were a good person. he practically fell out of his seat when they mentioned you, that doesn’t scream someone who hates someone does it.” it wasn’t a question. it was a statement and y/n looked up at her.

“he’s just being polite. he knows it’d be horrible for us and for the movie, for us and our mess to get in the way of it all.” looking at her unconvinced she asked “y/c..what I am to do?” her cousin sighed and swallowed before standing up “alright cmon.” Pulling y/n up she said “that’s bullshit.”

Grabbing her purse she said “we’re going to get him back and we’re doing it now.”

Y/n smiled at that and nodded before they grabbed their things and headed out on a mission.

“Have they answered?” Her cousin asked as they boarded the plane “no. But I have another idea.”

Scrolling through her phone she found Twitter and opened it quickly typing

’@yourtwittername: ay! Anyone know the whereabouts of my dunkirk boys? Have a question I wanna ask one of em.

She smiled as the replies came through with photographic evidence and she smiled “they’re at the pub where we always used to go to.” Y/c smiled at that “you’ve got your ways, let’s just hope they manage to stay there.”

Seemingly like hours later her and her cousin bounded off the plane, through the airport lobby and out the doors, her cousin standing on the curb whistling, throwing up her hand, and hailed a cab.

She had lived in New York.

Jumping in the cab y/c smiled as the cabbie asked “where to ladies?” Looking up from her phone y/n yelled “twenty two second street hurry!” And they were heading through France.

They were two blocks over when she spotted the gang of men she recognized so well and she yelled “STOP!” Hitting his breaks they jerked forward and y/n opened the door, in traffic and got out, her cousin behind her.

 Looking over at her cousin she smiled as y/n yelled over all the traffic and street noise “ANEURIN!”

It was really a movie moment in all the best cliché ways. Jack was the first to see her and had opened his mouth before all the boys turned and Jack said something apparently to make Aneurin turn, because he turned and looked over, confusion crossing his face before he looked mildly surprised and then, guarded.

she couldn’t blame him, he put his heart out on the line for her to smash it with her hands. but she wasn’t going to give up, she didn’t come this far to go away without talking to him.

seeing that he hit Jack and was starting to walk again, y/n grabbed her cousin’s hand and whispered “C’mon!” rushing through the very busy traffic street in France there was blaring horns and lots of cursing in French and y/n and her cousin apologized, both of them red but heading towards the boys.

Jack chased after Aneurin who was feet ahead and the rest of the boys watched in awe as they dodged in and out of traffic.

she had ran past the boys with murmurs of “hello boys.” before running with her cousin to Aneurin and Jack. “Wait! Aneurin please wait!” finally on his heels she grabbed his arm “please wait! I wanna talk to you please!”

being stung as he rebuffed her and said “Think we’ve done enough talkin’ yeah?” she wasn’t one to give up though, at least not now, not when she had that much energy running through her. so she kept running alongside him, ignoring the onlookers and girls with their cameras out and instead grabbed his arm and managed to yell “Aneurin please just stop and talk to me! please just stop!” she stumbled as he came to a halt and whipped around asking “what!? what is it!?”

she looked at her cousin who was standing anxiously with Jack and nodded before turning to Aneurin and looking down stumbled out an apology “I just wanted to say i’m sorry.. i’m so so sorry that I left you like that and that I completely lied to you, because the truth is I do love you. I love you with every single part of me and it scares me more than ever because I didn’t want to fall in love with you, or anyone for that matter.

I’ve always been the quiet one and I guess I just thought you’d be like everyone else, even thought that’s stupid because I knew you. I know you now, you’re the furthest thing from being like everyone else.

you’re so perfectly you and it scares me because I just love you so much and I understand you’re upset, rightfully so. but I couldn’t  just ignore this anymore and I couldn’t just let you go like I’ve let everyone else I cared about leave my life. and i’m sorry I pushed you away and told you we weren’t ever anything because that’s not true, we both were something to each other, even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time.

and i’m so sorry for standing there ripping your heart out and lying to you. I should’ve never done that.” taking a deep breath she managed to look up and biting her lip she said “So i’m here and i’m not running anymore. i’m not wanting to. because I know you’ll keep me safe and I know you won’t treat me like everyone else has.

and because I know I love you and you love me. and I understand if you’re mad and you need time but I just needed to tell you. and even if this trip was for nothing, it wasn’t because now you know and that’s good enough for me.”

she waited, looking anxiously up at him as he looked at her then off in the distance, seemingly thinking and she nodded. thinking it was just like every time where she pushed someone too far away and they actually left without a second thought. It was sad, but it wouldn’t be the first. She just wished for once this time was different. but she only could blame herself. she pushed people away when she felt things too deeply.

Feeling a hand on her arm, she gasped in shock as he pulled her back to him, and turning to look at him he cupped her face and smashed his lips to hers with such a fierceness to it she felt her hands come to his chest, pulling him closer by the shirt.

they were there in the middle of France, kissing on the street in pure public, with audible gasps around them, phones recording their every move, when they were so used to hiding affection behind closed hotel doors and behind words like ‘friends.’ the boys were whooting and whistling and letting out loud “oooooooo yeahhhhh’s” that made her smile against his lips, his curving up the same.

he pulled away for breath and she pressed her lips to his again quick before kissing his chin and she smiled as he looked down at her with a smile “you ran through traffic for me. in the middle of France. flying all the way here from the states. just to confess your feelings. for me. do you know how bloody insane you are?” she bit her lip at that with a smile “It’s what you do for someone you love right?”

he nodded against her head, she didn’t know a whole lot about love and relationships and how to maintain them but he was willing to teach her. “and i’m glad you did. cause I was about one day away from calling you myself and boarding a flight to get to you.” she laughed at that before he whispered “I am completely in love with you, you know that?”

she smiled and curled her fingers in his shirt “well i’m glad, cause I am completely in love with you, all that mushy stuff.” he smiled and kissed her once again, deeply and pulled away with a whisper “so the cat’s out of the bag then? we’re in love?” she grinned and nodded, grabbing his hand and burying her face in his neck, finally feeling she was home.


Open When… You Want Ideas for Date Night

You already know that I will undoubtedly love anything that you plan, so long as it isn’t another horror movie. This is just a few ideas in case you’re feeling lazy or you want to know exactly what I’m looking for in a date. Either way, I will appreciate the work you put towards our relationship, whether it’s picking something simple off the list or creating a date that is entirely unique, just like you. 

  • Diamondbacks Game: Obviously, you’re not as passionate about the sport as I am but I still think this would be entertaining for both of us! The vendors at the field offer pretzels, ice cream, giant caramel apples, beer, and more. Ooh, maybe if I’m lucky, we’ll be featured on the kiss cam. 
  • Game Night: Much like the ones we have had before, it would consist of whiskey and Lord of the Rings Risk. That is three of our favorite things right there: alcohol, Tolkien, and each other! Of course, spring for video games instead. I’m always open to replaying Until Dawn or Wolf Among Us. 
  • Hiking: Arizona has so many neat trails to hike. In the city alone, there is South Mountain, Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, and A Mountain, which we have done before. Weather permitting, we should definitely spend a morning or afternoon with Kato in the mountains. 
  • Dinner and a Movie: You know how much I love the classic dinner and a movie date. It is just about the simplest one to plan, so long as it isn’t a horror movie again. 
  • Sunsplash: I can’t believe you’ve never been before! It’s so much fun with the water slides, wave pool, and lily pads. Honestly, this would be the best idea for a double date. All of the inner tubes come in pairs! 
  • Tolkien Movie Marathon: We’re both in love with the series. Spending the whole day watching the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings trilogy would be more than perfect to me. On the other hand, you could always read it to me if you wanted me to fall asleep right away. 
  • Stargazing: This would be most ideal if you ever took me to Cornville, as there are significantly less buildings and city life to hide the stars. It would be even better if you were to pack up a bunch of blankets and pillows in the bed of your truck so we could lay next to each other. Too bad you don’t like me. 
  • Drive In Movie: West Wind Glendale is just about the only drive in theatre left in the metropolitan area. I would love to take your truck out there for a night. Plus, it’s easy to sneak in snacks since we’re cheap as fuck. 
  • Mill Avenue: Goodness, there is so much to do in Tempe. We could revisit Tempe Beach Park, where we have attended multiple concerts together. We could always go back to Spinelli’s, since you fell head over heels in love with their pizza. I think it was love at first bite. Oh, man, I am so funny. Anywho, we could also grab frozen custard from Rita’s, get frozen yogurt from Mojo, or shop at the Hippie Gypsy, which you would throughly enjoy.
  • Slide Rock and Salt River: I’ve never been! I think it would be so much fun if we were to get a group of people together to go during the summer and make a day of it. We could even take my car so you don’t have to drive! 
  • Dinner Date: I’m sure it’s not your first choice but it’s such a simple plan for a date night. Buying me food is the easiest way to make me happy, though you do a good job of that anyways. 
  • Frozen Yogurt: Quite possibly the greatest dessert option ever. The best part about frozen yogurt dates is the red velvet flavor, which you must try if you haven’t already. Maybe, I enjoy it so much because the low temperature of the frozen treat reminds me of the icy coldness of my own heart. 
  • Movie Marathon: We have so many movie series to go through and it really breaks my heart that you’re not into superhero movies like I am. Nonetheless, we could still watch Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Disney movies. 
  • Video Game Night: As I have mentioned before, I am always willing to play Wolf Among Us or Until Dawn, though I am horrible with the quick time events. I would also like playing any other games you think I would enjoy! Practically every video game you have suggested, I have loved. I’m open to any of your other recommendations! 
  • Mini Golf: Every couple goes mini-golfing. Sunsplash Golfland has a miniature golf course that is near you! Should the weather align with out plans, it would be an adorable date. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I don't mean to bother, but seeing as you have much kinder views, I'd love a little advice. I've been out of touch with God practically since preschool, and haven't gone to church since. I do not know the story of the Bible nor am I well versed on prayer. But recently I've encountered a horrible situation... I (a bi girl) fell in love with a straight girl who did not share the feelings. In the depression this has brought, I've found no other alternative but to maybe turn to God. But how?

Oooh I’m so sorry hon. That’s a struggle. But there are plenty of cute kiddos out there! You will find one!

(I also wanna apologise for how long this took I kinda had a depressive episode recently and couldn’t answer any asks, my apologies)

On turning to God, I always find it can be hardest when things are tough. Especially when it’s a sad and frustrated kind of tough. Do you find yourself turning to comfort objects? Or getting frustrated and isolating yourself? However you cope with disappointment, chances it’s just putting a band aid on the situation.

Here’s my advice, which I try my best to use myself but still struggle with. Every time you turn to something to comfort yourself- you’re tumblr dash, your comfort food, whatever, stop and do at least one thing to check in with God. Say a quick prayer, listen to a Christian podcast or your favorite worship song. Even if you end up still using the comfort object as well, God comes first as the ultimate comforter and provider (and remember to thank him for the comfort, through prayer and through the everyday things!)

Here’s my advice that I try to follow but have a really hard time with: set a prayer time. Set as little as 15 minutes per day to focus on God, it really does change your day when you do it.

Most of all though, remember that God is with you through this no matter what! He will carry you through the hard times and comfort you always. He loves you! And so do I! You can come talk to me too if you need some sapphic Christian fellowship! (I’m a bit faster in messages) You’re gonna get through this, have a great day!


so I was feeling lousy and decided to take some of the best advice I can give to anyone feeling lousy- which is to draw your fav character being sad get out there and freakin make something! man, I am suuuuper out of practice with animating though golly (how do you even use photoshop for this?!?!??)

anyway I have a horrible feeling season 2 is going to feature Sylvia getting hurt bad and Wander thinking/realizing it was all his fault