i am honestly sorry that this is so shitty but i just had to!


Hey there, humans of Tumblr and dear followers !
As it seems this will be MY LAST POST HERE ! But, before I officially move to my new blog @k-eis, I had to make an appreciation post because ever since I created this blog I never did such thing even though I reached few milestones; and so leaving like that didn’t really feel right!
Actually when I created this blog back on 2013, I was just curious about Tumblr. I had no intention of being active or to interact with the fandom, but that slightly changed now, even so the overall time I was actually active here amounts to max 5 or 6 months over 3 years of history! x’D So, this blog is full of holes (like its owner honestly :’)) and is terribly inconsistent !
However recently, I have met some amazing people that encouraged me to start new! ThereforeI want to make a new blog when I am steadily active and where I share my terrible (and shitty) edits with you!
Nevertheless, I enjoyed being here most of the time and I had many good memories, so I had to thank everyone who supported me along with all the blogs that inspired me and will continue to inspire me daily !O(≧▽≦)O

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There ! Thank you all, I hope you have a wonderful time!
Happy blogging !

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Love and Murder

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Victor Zsasz

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’ve had your eyes on Victor Zsasz for a while now, and he’s had his eyes on you. So what makes you two finally make some kind of move? And what possesses you to actually fall in love with a serial killer anyway? 

Warnings: Heavy swearing, blood, violence, if you aren’t one for cheesy cliches but with murder involved then this might not be for you  

Word Count: 3401

Author’s Note: This shouldn’t be taken seriously and was honestly just a funny idea I had, I might make a more serious one in the future though and I also have a more serious Edward Nygma one in the works featuring a murderer reader and maybe a Kristen Kringle thing so stay tuned for that haha! I am also still taking requests as well! Also, sorry for the shitty title reference, but if you get it, props to you 

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You’re in love and it’s not with me

(A/N): Here’s to raventonks19! I hope this is okay if not I am so sorry for totally messing up your request!

Warnings: Angst (i guess, i’m not very good at this)

Originally posted by acklesjensen

   Dean watched the way (Y/N) smiled. The way their lips curled upwards perfectly had Dean’s heart melting on the spot. He noticed how (Y/N) was always smiling, despite the shitty ass lives they lived. Their smile was always able to brighten up the eldest Winchester’s day. 

   He listened to the way the laughed, the way their face twisted into a smile before the air was filled with the most beautiful sounding thing Dean had ever heard. Occasionally (Y/N) had the tendency to snort and goddamn it made Dean smile every time. Dean could honestly listen to (Y/N)’s laugh 24/7 and never get sick of it. It was almost intoxicating, like a drug Dean Winchester just couldn’t get enough of. 

   He watched the way their eyes shined in any lighting. Whether that be in a dark warehouse, the backseat of the impala, or in the blistering summer sun. The color of their eyes was so entrancing to Dean he would often find himself staring into them longer than what was appropriate. 

   Dean couldn’t help but notice how soft and plush (Y/N)’s lips looked. He’d sell his soul just to feel them pressed against his. To feel the way the moved against his, he imagined like pieces of a puzzle, as if their lips were made to fit together. He imagined the way they tasted, so subtly sweet with just a hint of sweat. It left an aching feeling deep within Dean whenever he happened to look at (Y/N)’s lips. 

   Dean couldn’t help but fantasize nearly every damn thing about (Y/N). From the way their hand would feel in his, to waking up next to them every morning. It was an awful habit really, to be thinking of (Y/N) in such a way. He knew that thinking like this wouldn’t get him anywhere, he’d be left longing and aching for something more than just the friendship the two shared. 

   So many times Dean would try and forget his feelings towards (Y/N) but it was too damn difficult. Just when he thought he’d gotten rid of his feelings (Y/N) would come up to him, all smiles and giggles and then Dean was falling for them yet again. It was a never ending cycle of pain and torture. 

   Dean happened to notice every little detail about (Y/N). The way they bit their nails when they were nervous, the way they’d always be tugging at their shirt because it shrunk in the wash, the way (Y/N) would tell stories with their hands. Dean noticed every single thing and to be honest, noticing all the little things was just making Dean fall harder and harder for (Y/N). 

  And of course, Dean never missed the way (Y/N) stared, so longingly and lovingly at the other Winchester. It was never Dean, it was never going to be Dean. Dean knew what that light in their eyes whenever they looked at Sam meant, he knew what those ‘innocent’ smiles meant, he knew what it was like to be head over heels for someone and not to have them notice. Dean Winchester knew because he did the same exact things towards (Y/N). They were falling in love, and it wasn’t with him. 


*booming narrator voice* As the two young men looked at each other, they knew that whatever was in their path, no matter how difficult it was, no matter how high it was, they had each other.

/XD I am sorry, i was really fucking bored. (They’re shitty i know)…and just to be clear, i honestly was just like, what if it was actually everest that they were climbing? so i edited it … i’m not mocking them or anything! So… yeah.. i thought i should say this/