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y’all i love lena luthor. 

the way she set lillian up was so unecessarily theatrical and like she went out of her way to get maximum dramatic climax. like iirc l-corp is the only source of the isotope so she could have just destroyed/moved it all and told lillian to go fuck herself in her office. but no. she staged this evil bonding moment (ask me to help u and i will) and even after effectively thwarting the plan, she made sure to put on her villainy I’m A Luthor show for kara knowing good and damn well the virus wasnt going to work no matter who pushed the button. let kara fly after a giant missle which then exploded in her face just so she could stand there and watch lillian’s reaction as she realized. like…who does that?? just to send an especially large fuck u to Evil Mom on thanksgiving. honestly, she could have called the cops 3.5 scenes ago what a drama queen. 

The Temper Tantrum (a ‘We Intertwined’ fan-drabble)

A short fluffy, hilarious drabble for @nifwrites because I absolutely adore the idea of ‘Grampa’ Cor baby-sitting these sweet (slightly off-the-rails in Aurora’s case xD) children <3 I hope you enjoy this randomness!!! :D

The Temper Tantrum

(ft. Grampa Cor, Aurora, and Lucas- a ‘We Intertwined’ drabble)

Lucas and Aurora’s presence in Cor’s study was one of regular occurrence. The littlest Scientias honestly could not get enough of the Immortal, and Raine often wondered how much money “Immortals’ made to be able to bribe her children into behaving for hours on end with him. Not that the content mother was complaining. Although Lucas and Aurora were literally Raine’s world, she did like to get in a little breather with Ignis every now and then.

Grampa Leonis was always happy to watch over the little tykes while Raine and Ignis stole away on a short romantic getaway outside the walls of New Insomnia. Much like the current circumstances.

“Grampa? Can we go to the park?” Aurora pulled on Cor’s sleeve as he tried to fill out some paper work, resulting in a wayward streak of ink on the official documents. Merely heaving a patient sigh, Cor turned to the little girl and shook his head, pointing sternly to the window. The day was overcast- with the grey clouds hanging densely in the sky, about ready to rain down on the newly built city.

“I want you to look outside this window and tell me two good reasons why we shouldn’t go outside, Aurora. And then that will be your answer.” Cor rumbled, an amused smile appearing on his lined face as Aurora immediately huffed, jutting her pink lower lip out in an adorable pout. Her sea-foam green eyes glinted, signalling in on-coming tantrum.

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“ahh Jemma Redgrave, she’s a fine looking big woman isn’t she? a big darling!” 

“now I always think that Jemma looks like she’s being embraced by a midget wearing nail polish there” *laughter* …“she’s being embraced by Imelda Staunton”..


p.s ^ Notable appearance by Louise Delamere who played Colette in Holby city, who I shipped so hard with Serena I can’t explain. And yes that is Rupert Giles s h o o k e t h. Did I mention the film also stars Charlotte Church??

*All quotes by director Craig Ferguson and some other producer dude*


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but as pre-teen to teenage Mandalorians, wouldn't the Clones run the risk of thinking Anakin's poetry is good? I remember how angsty I was at that age and well....

HAHAHAHA oh GOD so the 501st ends up FRICKING LOVING Anakin’s shitty, dramatic teenage poems and they’re straight-up genuinely grateful to Obi-Wan for sending them the link. He emails it to them all and every reply back is like “These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, General Kenobi!” “brb guys tears General Skywalker these are so good???? omg” “u put the words OF MY SOUL on the page general ilu” “THIS IS WHY I’D FOLLOW YOU INTO ANY BATTLE YOU ARE AN ARTIST WITH A PURE SOUL”. Rex gets a tattoo one of one of the lines from a particularly angsty poem on his arm. 

Ben Wyatt:  *looks into the camera like he’s on The Office*

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While normally I would agree, one of the people in this straight couple is a trans woman. When is the last bit of slightly big time media you’ve seen that emphasized the “power of love” in a trans person’s romantic relationship like this, and made it one of the most important relationships in a thing? Someone correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t romances involving trans people just as “progressive” as gay romance? ….Actually I can’t think of anything else that has this many fans where a character involved in any romance, let alone one of the most front line ones, where one of the people is trans….

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Against Humanity Headcanons

I love the things my brain comes up with in the shower.

  • Yami convincing Kaiba to play because it’s a game for assholes.
  • Tristan generally playing the worst cards (but occasionally has a really good one).
  • Duke and Tea always trying to play the dirtier cards.
  • Both Yami Marik and Bakura will always pick whoever played “multiple stab wounds” regardless of their prompt.
  • Joey busting a gut laughing when he draws “What’s Batman’s guilty pleasure?” and someone plays “dead parents”. Kaiba tries not to laugh.
  • Yami completely losing his shit when Kaiba draws “How did I lose my virginity?” because he has the blank white card he drew on to look like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and he can’t be stopped from playing it.
  • Afterwards, whenever they duel and Kaiba plays his Blue-Eyes, there’s always an uncomfortable silence before Yami loses his shit every time.
  • This card is also played if Kaiba draws “During sex, I like to think about _______.”
  • When Tea plays “I never truly understood _____ until I encountered _____” Kaiba plays “Poor life choices” and “Strong female characters.”
  • “A pyramid of severed heads” always wins the point if Yami is the card czar.

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omg so that Blessed Image of Ewan posing like a calender girl with his glorious mullet and lightsaber? Imagine it gets painted as nose art on one of the 212th's ship, like what other troops did with their ships

…that happened. The only thing no one can figure out is WHO did it. 

(Cody enjoys blaming it on other clones, but is 99% sure it was Anakin.)

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So, just something I wanted you to know. Your blog calms me down. I was having a mini panic attack, and my first instinct, since I had my phone in hand, was to go on Tumblr and look at your blog, with all its weirdness and hilarity.

I am so overwhelmed right now, IDEK what to say. 


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I am so grateful and so HAPPY that I was of some help. Lots of love to you! ❤️

(Notes: I received a request for another terrible Vaderwan text post, with Ahsoka getting drunk texted, and this happened. I apologize in advance. It just really seemed like if anyone was going to embarrass themselves drunk texting it was gonna be Kenobi.) 

(I’m pretty sure Vader’s texting Dad Jokes to Ahsoka on the regular though. I’ll have to think about that one a bit more.) 

Obi-Wan: [text] Areyou theree anakin?
Vader: ohhhh boy, bad spelling
Vader: its cantina night again isnt it 
Obi-Wan: yes Im AT a cantina so What?? .
Vader: lol cheers🍸
Obi-Wan: Sometiems i just dont know whyeverythigg like this HOW COULD YOU DOTHIS TO ME ANAKINN
Obi-Wan: Things couldhave ben so difrent.
Vader: oh ffs im not having this discussion with you again
Vader: i hate angsty drunk obiwan 😒
Obi-Wan: FIne
Obi-Wan: [sends a picture] look at this old picture i ffuond on my phone 
Vader: 👀omfg 
Vader: uh i definitely remember this 😘 thank u for sending it
Obi-Wan: You aree welcome 😏 ihave more on here you know
Vader: is that so
Ahsoka: Oh my God, guys, this is a group text!!! PLEASE STOP.
Obi-Wan: oh shitt Sorry Ahsoka.
Vader: lol hey snips 
Ahsoka: Vader. 😡 I can’t believe I haven’t blocked you.
Vader: pfffft u sound just like kenobi and we all know none of u guys are ever gonna block me 
Obi-Wan: Realllly Ahsoka Im sorry you know i wouldnt have carried on likethat if id realised 
Ahsoka: Oh of course Master Kenobi, you guys are usually so subtle. 🙄

It’s never just something

Request: you’re in love with calum and on tour with the boys, and he likes you back but won’t break up with his girlfriend

Part 2 / Part 3

“No you don’t understand; it gives completely wrong values. Gabriella and Troy just show up and play a shitty song and win, whereas the two who actually worked for it are made fun of and seen as these horrible people. It fucks up the work ethic.”

“Calum it’s just a children’s movie.”

“It’s never just something Y/N,” he says seriously.

“I just don’t think that much thought was put into it,” you shake your head, unable to hide a smile at how worked up he’s getting over fucking High School Musical.

This is exactly the kind of thing that’s got your heart beating a tad too quickly whenever he walks into a room, your gaze lingering a little too long on him whenever he smiles, laughing a bit too loud whenever he tells a joke.

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Rundown of Bill’s AMA


Things to take away from the AMA:

  • Stanley is indeed named Stanley
  • Dipper has an embarrassing first name
  • Bill seems to have a serious grudge with the CIA
  • He doesn’t procreate but he considers the 7 deadly sins his “children”
  • He’s over 1000 years old
  • He once had a family
  • There are two Stans (Stanley and Stanford)
  • When asked if he was once a human being, he referenced his time in Dipper’s body.
  • “Stanley made enough mistakes without my help!”
  • Gompers may have once been “not a goat”, considering Bill likes him “better this way”
  • the guy on the other side of the mailbox in the woods is a “real blabbermouth”
  • Stan’s tattoo means “watch your step” at least for Bill. This may clue in to what people already guessed; it’s a ward to keep out Bill Cipher.
  • When asked about Dipper needing to be cleansed to be rid of Bill for good and wondering if Bill still has a connection to Dipper, Bill replied with saying that religion isn’t real and to have “pleasant dreams”.
  • Bill knows Slenderman, stating that he used to not be so slender.
  • The tapestry of Bill has been around a while, made by the natives of Gravity Falls.
  • Bill makes a “weird” pass at Wendy’s mom by quoting a Fountains of Wayne.
  • Going by the above, it can be assumed that Bill Cipher is, indeed, the invisible wizard.
  • Bill has a lot of nasty things to say about Time Baby. They aren’t on good terms.
  • “Tad Strange” is confirmed as a character by Bill, who calls him a “real square”.
  • Bill exists in a state of quantum uncertainty.
  • Bill can see all alternate realities of himself, making those AUs essentially canon.
  • Bill concedes to a loophole in his design, stating that he is in fact, not all powerful, but he dresses to try and achieve a “promotion”.
  • Chicks dig psychopaths, and his fan girls should make a throne for him in the Nevada desert. 
  • Bill hates puns.
  • AND MANY MORE IM SURE but these seemed like the “most important”.