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words: 4k+
genre: angsty-ish? with a hint of fluff
a/n: okay, so i’ve been getting a lot of yoongi feels lately & i just wanted to get it all out before it did some serious damage to me lol also, i’ve been feeling the need to get back into writing so what better way than writing about yoongi, amirite? ;D

summary: min yoongi was a workaholic and he was going to lose the best part of him if he didn’t wake up and realize just how much it was going to hurt if you left him.

Min Yoongi was everything you’ve ever asked for. He was more than just the love of your life. He was your soulmate, your rock, your pillar. He was what grounded you down when your mind slipped in and out sometimes.

Dating the man had its ups and downs, though. Yoongi was a workaholic. His music came before anything else in his life, even if it meant you. You tried to understand just how much music meant to him, but that didn’t mean you didn’t try to reason with Yoongi about how much time he was spending in his studio. He never really listened to you despite your attempts to get him to sleep early and rest, though.

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Too Many Feelings Part 6

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1122

Warnings: Fluffy, mature content of course a little of angst


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That night you barely slept, Steve’s words were repeating in your brain nonstop and when you finally could sleep your brain decide to have a dirty sexy dream about Bucky. When you woke up, you felt so disappointed that he wasn’t there and frustrated that everything was just dream.

Everything felt so real, the way he kissed your neck against the wall, his hands on your hair making you moan the little groans that he was making and the taste of his salt skin on your lips.

At the same time, the dream was just fragments of memories; you remember the feeling of his trusts into you, the taste of his lips on yours and the way he was holding you closer to his naked and magnificent body.

You look at the clock and its only 4 in the morning; you know that you are not going to sleep again. You decide go to the rooftop to think, there was always something about that place that makes your thoughts clear.

You don’t know if it is the view of the city, or the wind in your hair but that place always helped you. You don’t know how much time you spent there, but the sun is rising so you guess it’s a lot. You are so distract that you don’t realize that you are not alone up there.

“So here you are.” You turn around and give him a shy smile “Jesus Bucky, you almost gave me a heart attack.” He sits by your side, watching the sun rising with you. You notice that he has a giant bruise in his left cheek “What happened here?”

“Steve kicked my ass on the training today.” Your fingers gently trace the bruise “Why did he do that?” He leans towards your touch and rest his head on your hand“Because of you, he said if I ever hurt you again he would do worse than that. Don’t worry about it he even got me an ice pack after.”

“I am sorry; I didn’t ask him to do this, you know that I don’t believe in violence.” He gives you a shy smile and his next words breaks your heart “I deserved doll.You know it’s good that someone put me in my place when comes to you and I am glad that is Steve.”

You get closer to him and grab his hands. You don’t know what to say so you just stay in silence for a while holding his hand “Yesterday I heard you talking to Steve, thank you Bucky for taking care of me and not let me do anything I might regret.”

“I would never do anything to hurt you, not on purpose … I know that wake up by my side would be one of the biggest regrets of your life.” His voice is hurt and you know that he didn’t understood what you meant, so you kiss his bruised check and rush to explain.

“I would regret because I wouldn’t remember, the time that happened I thought that you hated me. Can you imagine how confused I would be? The last thing you had told me was to have sex with Steve and then I would wake up with you naked by my side. I was hurt and confused at the time. I know what I was begging for you so thank you for protecting me from myself.”

“You didn’t want me, you wanted me to stop hating you and that broke my heart. How much pain have I caused you? You were almost crying, begging me for no to hate you and you don’t have to thank me. I did a lot of bad things in my past, but I never took advantage of a woman and this is not going to change.”

You stay silent processing everything he said to you, you don’t want to say anything you feel embarrassed and you feel awful to put him in that position . He looks at you, giving you a shy smile “Do you want know a secret? If I had kissed you would be my first kiss since the 40’s.”

“I saw you going to a few dates since I move in.” You remember feeling so jealous of those girls, why he could be nice with them and not with you? “Most of these girls were interest on the Winter Soldier, not the broken man behind and the others want to save me but without trying to know me.”

You just nod, you don’t want to seem too happy that he dates had failed and everything you want to say doesn’t seem inappropriate for the moment.  You keep waiting until the right words show up.

“What do you want from me? What do you need Bucky? What are we doing? I am tired of this game.” He takes a deep breath and put you close almost in his lap “I want you, I don’t want to pretend to hate you anymore, I want to kiss you and have you there when I have a nightmare.”

“But I also need to time to have all this; I know that I am not stable yet and I don’t want to hurt you. I need you to understand that doesn’t matter how much I want to kiss and touch your body. I need feel ready for this and know that you are comfortable with me.”

You get up and pull him to a hug and Bucky rests his body against yours. You want him, you want give him the comfort that he needs and you want explore your feelings for him.

“What if we take baby steps?  We don’t need to jump in bed to have sex but you can look for me after a nightmare, we can watch movies together on the living room and I can patch you up after missions. We can just spend time together and when you are ready to kiss me or do something more we talked about it.”

“Would you do this for me doll? “ You nod “If you treat me right and take care of me when I need it, there is nothing that would make me happier.” He kisses your forehead and you can see that he feels you lighter and happier “What does make us, doll? I don’t want hold you back from anything or anyone you might want”

“We are us Bucky; we don’t need to explain for anybody else. We just have to be honest with each other.”  He nods and stares at your lips “On the mood of taking things slow, Tony is giving a party today, would save me a dance?”

“I will be the one in blue.”

Part 7

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And thank you so much for everyone who left on the last part

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Mess is Mine

The first time the Reader allows Spencer to see her scars.

Okay so this has been sat in my drafts for yonks, and it is quite short so I wasn’t going to post, but it might provide some comfort to some of you.

Its based on the song by Vance Joy - Mess is Mine, which is about loving someone and all of their mess. 

Obvious triggers are self harm and depression.

If you ever need anything, a chat, cheering up - I’m here.

“Bring me to your house

Tell me sorry for the mess

Hey, I don’t mind.”

After six months of dating Dr. Spencer Reid, your level of intimacy had only reached the kissing stage. And you hated yourself for it. Most couples would have slept together by now, or at least seen each other bare. But you, in your natural, insecure self, ensured that your body always remained hidden under clothes. Spencer, being Spencer, had always been sweet about it, and told you that he would wait until whenever. However, you wanted to give yourself to him. You were in this relationship for the long-run, and you wanted more than anything to allow his hands to trace over your entire body. But, for him to be able to do that, you would be forced to reveal what was underneath the layers of fabric.  

After some borderline traumatic teenage years, riddled with self-hate, depression and anxiety, the scars left on your body were the sole reason for your fear of intimacy. Unable to vent your emotions in any other way, you turned to slicing your own skin as a distorted punishment for whatever ‘bad thing’ you believed that you had done. Many years later, you have now realized that doing a bad thing does not make you a bad person, but the remnants of the pure hatred of your own mind had been left scattered over your skin.

A nudge from Spencer interrupted your thoughts. He propped himself up on his elbows, hovering over you on the bed.

‘Do you want to stop?’ He asked, hesitant to continue.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t think of anything big but still… happy birthday Jongdae.

You are litterally tha shining sun for me, and for all tha exols out there. You bright up all of my days and I am extremely thankful of that.

You have never failed in making me smile. Is it fair that I feel you so close but yet- you’re so far away?

It breaks my heart to know that I will never be able to meet you.

But I am not here for this.

I am here because today it’s your birthday and this is, indeed, a special day. 

You are the loudest, the clumsiest, the most beautiful, the most perfect, the cutest and the loveliest person that I know. And even if the others said that you are not that loyal, well… for me, you are.

Have I already talked about your smile? It’s so beautiful I want to cry and tear off my heart from my chest and give it to you.

You like to sing and you put sososososo much effort into that, that is admirable. And of course, you’re extremely good in what you do. Your voice is… really something that I can’t put into words. It’s beautiful and clear, high and angelic. I really don’t know. But your voice has the power to reach my heart anytime that I hear it.

You are so important to me that it breaks my heart to know that you’ll never be mine. But than again, I’m not here for this.

I am here to thank you. Thank you for existing, thank you for working so hard, thank you for singing as you and only you knows how to, thank you for being the prettiest dinosaur ever, thank you for never leave exo members alone and for being a part of this wonderful big family that we are and, of course, thank you for being you.

I, as always, wish you the best, because that’s exactly what you deserve.

Love you so, Ellie.

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I think what about now by Chris Daughtry is almost fitting for Stony! Like I never noticed before tonight!!

That IS a good one.  I hadn’t thought of it, either, but it definitely works.

The sun is breaking in your eyes
To start a new day
This broken heart can still survive
With a touch of your grace
Shadows fade into the light
I am by your side
Where love will find you

What about now?
What about today?
What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love, it never went away?
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it’s too late
What about now?

Now that we’re here
Now that we’ve come this far
Just hold on
There is nothing to fear
For I am right beside you
For all my life
I am yours

Strangling Thread - Pt. Epilogue

Once again, thank you all for reading. I hope to start a new mysmes series soon, I have a couple of ideas in my mind to write.


PART 14: Here

It had been only a few months since the event of the kidnap. Jumin sent security forces after the Choi sisters, however, with no avail, as if they had disappeared into thin air. But you were happy regardless. Jumin stayed beside you for many weeks after the event, comforting you as you awoke from nightmares of the dark room, pulling you close to him. Just lying together, his hand on your head, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

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Jakob/Subaki C-S supports

[As per usual, I binged supports. This is the only completed one so far, though. There is savagery throughout, and apparently I accidentally borrowed an idea from an associated character (though I won’t say who to not spoil the support it’s in) and it’s a sign of the future. I hope you like it! (P.S. the S support is a little long so if you trim it or reword it some, I understand)]

C support:

Subaki: Now that I’ve taken inventory of the food stores, I can make the tea for Lady Sakura.


And then I can tend to the stables. Then…

I’ll take…one more patrol of camp.


Agh, hot!

Jakob: You’re making a mess.

Subaki: Oh, hello, Jakob. What brings you here?

Jakob: I came to make tea but I can see you already ruining that.

Shouldn’t you be attempting to sleep if you’re so tired?

Subaki: S-So you saw that?

Jakob: Of course I saw it.

It’s pretty entertaining, consider how you purport to be so perfect.

It was really a chain of consistent failure.

Remind me what perfection is, Subaki?

Subaki: Do you not have any better use of your time than to chide me for a minor mistake?

Jakob: Oh, I do.

But this is far more entertaining.

And I don’t believe spilling tea and staining your uniform counts as a minor mistake.

Subaki: Stain—?!

Blast it!

You saw none of that, all right?

Jakob: Where’s the fun in that?

Subaki: Excuse me.

*Subaki leaves*

Jakob: Well, now I have to clean up someone else’s mess.

At least I get to watch this one mistake consume him.

Let’s watch this unfold.

B support:

Subaki: All right, this time I’m well rested and Lady Sakura has already had her tea.

Everything is in perfect shape.

Jakob: Are you sure about that?

Subaki: Ah, Jakob, here to waste time attempting to rile me up again?

You won’t have any entertainment today, I’m afraid.

Jakob: I didn’t come here to make you look juvenile.

You do that quite well on your own.

Subaki: I could say the same about a butler who spends his time seeking out people to lower their esteem.

You’ll find that I’m much like a duck to water with your negative comments.

Jakob: You seem very involved with telling me that.

Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Because as far as we stand, I couldn’t care less.

Subaki: This is another attempt to get in my head and I won’t fall for it.

Are you here to actually do something?

Jakob: I doubt that’s any business of yours.

My time is always used in service of my liege.

I’m highly dedicated to him/her, as you may know.

I suggest you do the same.

Subaki: Are you insinuating that I’m not as dedicated to Lady Sakura as you are to Lord/Lady [Avatar]?

Jakob: I’m not insinuating anything.

That’s precisely what I’m saying.

Subaki: You’re saying these things just to upset me!

Jakob: Whether I am or not, it seems to be working.

Breaking your so-called perfect image is worth the spare time in my schedule.

Subaki: Well, I won’t stand here and listen to you try to defame me.

I’ll take my leave.

*Subaki leaves*

Jakob: I look forward to your next visit~

A support:

Jakob: Subaki.

Subaki: I’m not here for your berating today, Jakob.

I’m on patrol. It can wait.

Jakob: That’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to apologize for upsetting you for our past couple meetings.

Subaki: Why the sudden change of heart?

Have you realized that it was futile to break my strong will and perfect composure?

Jakob: What? Of course not, neither of those things exist.

I was made— erm, politely asked to apologize to you for the things I’ve said.

Subaki: Why do I bother being surprised?

Jakob: I just don’t see a point to you trying to keep being perfect.

No one is perfect, no exceptions.

Far be it from anyone in the army to judge someone for not being perfect.

You do enough in this army as it stands.

Subaki: Er, Jakob, I think you’ve gotten your point across.

The apology was all you had to say.

Jakob: As I know too well.

Every compliment following was genuine, made from general observation and common sense.

Subaki: Oh. Then, thank you.

I didn’t think it was in you to say nice things about someone without being forced to.

Jakob: That’s because you don’t know me.

I’m not always so blunt with everyone. Not everything I say is meant with negative intent.

Subaki: If you could manage to do that for more than a few sentences, I could actually be around you.

Jakob: If you could stop pretending to be perfect for more than a second, then I could extend you the same courtesy.

Subaki: I suppose since you’ve already seen my lapses in perfection, if you don’t say anything then I’ll be in your company.

Jakob: And what good would that do me?

Subaki: You could just try and see, couldn’t you?

Jakob: Fair enough, I suppose.

Subaki: All right. Should we start with finishing patrol?

Jakob: I suppose I don’t have much different to do with my time.

S support:

Jakob: I’m sure you’re not trying to tell me a better way to make tea.

Subaki: Admit it, you’re learning.

What, can you not take being bested at something you claim to be perfect at?

Jakob: I suppose I deserve that.

My tea is still just fine the way I make it. I’ve gotten no complaints of taste.

Subaki: I’m just trying to understand you more.

Since I’m sure I can’t convince you to ride a pegasus, I’ve got to take the step myself.

Jakob: Are you so insistent on being perfect that you have to be better at one’s job than they are?

Subaki: I told you, it’s only a learning experience. If you feel inferior, that seems more like your problem than mine~

Jakob: What good does it do you to make tea and cake better?

Your job is mainly on the battlefield, which isn’t domestic if you hadn’t noticed.

Subaki: Are you impressed with my skill?

Jakob: Did you just ignore what I said?!

Anyway, why does my opinion matter? If anything you should ask your liege.

Subaki: I wanted to test it on you first.

Since I apparently have no one to impress, you seem like a good starting point.

Jakob: I’m going to ignore that less than subtle jab.

Subaki: It was in good humor, I assure you.

Test the cake. If it’s not up to your standards, then I’ll leave you to your work once and for all.

Jakob: ….I’m suspicious of how eager you are for me to try this.

It looks as though you’ve crafted roses on top in fondant.

Must you do everything with unnecessary flourish?

Subaki: There’s no need for you to be suspicious.

It’s merely curiosity.

Jakob: I’ll bet.

Hold a moment. Why can’t I cut through this…?

Hm? Is that a ring?

Subaki: Oh, would you look at that?

Jakob: Of all the clichéd things—

What kind of imbecile actually bakes a ring into a cake? Are you daft, man?

Subaki: Sometimes clichés are a good way to get someone’s attention.

It looks like you’re the one with the broken composure now, Jakob.

Jakob: I want you to know you weren’t hiding it that well.

Points for concealing it well otherwise. I didn’t think anyone would do something this stupid.

Who better than Mister Perfect to go with the storybook cliché?

Subaki: Aside from the placement of the ring, you don’t seem too upset.

Better than the plate, I think it’d look better on your finger.

Jakob: I feel like I’m in a poorly written romance novel.

Subaki: Do you care to spoil the ending for me?

Jakob: If you’re asking if I accept your proposal, you’ll have to ask in a better fashion than that.

Subaki: Can you accept a man like me, who tries so hard to be perfect only to be hung up on the times I can’t be?

Will you accept me, flaws and all? Will you marry me?

Jakob: It wasn’t that hard to say.

See, all that fanciful speech wasn’t needed.

I like you better without it.

Subaki: Then I look forward to our life of exploration and imperfection.

Jakob: As do I.

Ok, I’m gonna have to log off for a while. I see the messages in the inbox but today has been really rough. I knew I shouldn’t have opened the door to a topic that has a lot of very strong opinions but normally we work it out, today has turned a little towards the abusive side towards me. Despite what you may think, I really am trying my best here, I try to remain as neutral as possible for the most part and let you all talk things out or share your feelings and I don’t take the nasty messages from the angry Harries to heart, those I shrug off because whatever, but when I get nasty comments from others at a high volume it’s a little more difficult and I need to take a bit of a break.

Be back later.

“My parents loved silly names, like Eurus, or Mycroft..or Sherlock.”

“I am lost. Help me, brother. Save my life before my doom. I am lost without your love. Save my soul, seek my life.”

“Don’t be smart, Sherlock. I am the smart one.”

“Also..your loss would break my heart.”

“Every choice you’ve ever made. Every path you’ve ever taken. The man you are today is your memory of Eurus.”

“Oh, Big Brother is watching you!”

“And here we are, the end of the line. Holmes killing Holmes.”

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You know how Namjoon is the god of destruction? And like he damn near breaks everything? Well today I took a nap and I had a dream that you guys were dating and he BROKE YOUR HEART ㅠㅠ Yoongi let me punch him lol and I was going to throw more punches, but Jungkook grabbed me and carried me away before anything else could happen. Also damn near all the members got mad at me cuz I punched Namjoon and cuz apparently 'Violence isn't the answer' My mochi got mad at me! It was the worst thing ever! :(

What the fuck??? Okay, if you guys see Namjoon, I am not here. You don’t know me. You don’t see me. 

This boy….. about to punch him myself…. even though this was your dream haha 

Please tell me that you punched him really hard in the face? 

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Knew || Newt Scamander x Reader

Its a bit messy but I really like how it turned out, part 2 will hopefully be out soon. 

Warning: Torture

Word Count: 2000


“Sir! Sir! What do you have to say about your partner going to Azkaban for killing multiple people?!”  


“Mr Scamander, there is going to be an investigation involving your beasts.”

“May I ask why?”

“Some questions have come up in meetings about them, that’s all I can say for now.”

You knew why MACUSA were investigating Newt and the beasts, you knew they were going to find that swooping evil was guilty for killing people, and you knew that Newt was going to go to jail or Azkaban for it.

You knew you couldn’t let that happen.

So you went to the congress.

And you confessed.

“Newt! I’m going out for a little I’ll be back as soon as I can!” You called out to your boyfriend, who was in his case, like usual.  

He responded with “Alright love, be careful!” and climbed out of his case to hug you goodbye. You immediately felt incredibly guilty but you reminded yourself that this was the right thing to do. You went to Tina and Queenie’s apartment, “just popping in!” you told them, you blocked Queenie out of your mind so she couldn’t see what you were going to do.

You passed Jacobs bakery and waved to him, he had a confused expression on his face as he waved back, not sure if he knew you or not. Finally, you reached the building, the building that would ultimately determine your fate.  

You walked in through the side door, saying hello to the doorman and made your way up the stairs, your heels echoing through the quiet building. You walked into the elevator, saying hello to red the goblin and telling him where you needed to go.

Madam Piquerys office.

You knocked, walked in, sat and confessed.

“Miss Piquery. I have come to confess a crime that is being investigated.” You spoke confidently, the president’s face immediately going from happiness to seriousness.

“Go on.” She spoke with command.

“As of right now, your investigation team is getting ready to investigate my boyfriend, Newt Scamander, his friends and his beasts, this needs to be stopped right now. I will confess when I have proof they will not investigate them.” You said with such malice and a vicious tone that the president had to comply.

You had proof, so all you had to do was say it. But now that the moment was here, you could barely talk. You knew you had to do it, even if it meant breaking Newts heart and hurting your friends.

“The reason you are investigating them is because people died. Am I correct?” you asked.

The president nodded.

“I killed those people, those people died at my hand, I’m so sorry, I feel so guilty and the guilt was eating me alive, I didn’t know what to do until today.” You said, feigning sadness and guilt, you were a good actor.

Piquery gasped and immediately put you into handcuffs, she spoke with sadness and authority.  

“Y/N L/N you are under arrest for multiple murders of people in the congress, do not say anything.”  

You sat on your knees and waited for security to take you into a cell. You knew what was happening, you also knew it was the right thing.


Newt Scamander was oblivious to what was going on around him, he had no idea his partner was arrested, the only thing on his mind was when you were going to be home. He finished his remedy he was making and climbed out of his case.

He sat on the couch in your apartment and watched TV, consistently putting his hand into his pocket and rolling the small box he had in there around.

After a few hours of you not being home, he started to worry, but shook it off, you were a grown woman.  

A few minutes later he was out of your apartment, case in hand and coat on, racing to the Goldstein sisters apartment. He knocked on their door and ran in, looking around quickly to see if you were there.

“Oh! Newt! What a lovely surprise! What are you doing here? Have you asked them yet?” Tina asked.

“I’m looking for Y/N, have you seen them? No, I haven’t.” He said quickly.

“Oh, she was here earlier, said something about seeing Jacob and how she was just saying hello, then she was off on her way. Hope you find her Newt.” Queenie spoke softly.

Newt thanked the girls and ran out of their apartment, then he was on his way to Jacob’s bakery. He had no idea that you were sitting in a cell, waiting to be convicted.  

Newt looked everywhere for you, bars, shops, alleyways, everywhere. He grew more anxious and worried by the second. He walked back to your shared apartment to see Tina and Queenie sitting your doorstep.

They smiled sadly, glad to see Newt. Queenie stood up to greet Newt and Tina stayed on the step. Queenie had a letter in her hands, she passed it to him and grabbed the apartment keys out of his pocket. Newt opened the letter and read it aloud.

The letter read:

To Mr Scamander and friends of Y/N L/N,

I regret to inform you that Y/N will be sentenced to 10 years in Azkaban prison, with no bail until 5 months before release, if you could come to the congress building as soon as possible, then we will talk.  

Until then, Percival Graves.

Newt read the letter over and over, not believing what he was reading.

10 years in Azkaban

10 years in Azkaban





Newt sat on the step outside the door with his face in his hands, Tina and Queenie were standing behind him in shock.


“You know, it would be quicker just to send me to Azkaban right now!” you yelled out to someone, you had been sitting in a cell for a few hours now and were annoyed, you didn’t want to say goodbye to Newt and Goldstein’s, you had already done that and seeing Newts broken face is not how you would like to remember him.

“Oh would you shut up already!” You heard a voice, looking around you saw there was a person in the cell next to you, how you had not noticed them before was beyond you. You leant back on the cold stone wall and closed your eyes.

“What’s yer name?” It was the voice in the cell next to you

“Y/N, you?” You replied.

“Lestrange, Leta. Leta Lestrange. Where you going?”

“I’m sure you heard me yelling, on my way to Azkaban.”

“You don’t seem to be that sad, what’d you do?” Leta pestered.

“Whats with all the questions?” You spat back.

“Jeez, sorry, just trying to make conversation, I’ll back off.”


That was the end of your conversation, you were drifting off to sleep when you heard the familiar click of heels coming toward you quickly.

You knew exactly who it was and pretended you were asleep.

“Oh for merlins sake, I know you’re not asleep Y/N! Now get up and explain!” It was Queenie, Tina trailing behind her and for once, you didn’t know where Newt was, you got up and sat just outside the bars, opposite to Queenie.

“Who’s this? Your mother?” Leta cackled from her cell, you ignored her.

You looked around, behind Queenie and Tina, wondering if Newt was coming. You looked up at Queenie, she had a sad face on.

“I’m sorry Y/N, he’s not coming.”

“That’s ok, I didn’t want him to anyway.” You responded, it was the truth, you couldn’t bear seeing him sad and broken.  

“What were you thinking Y/N? Azkaban? You won’t survive in there.” Queenie said worriedly.

“I will, I’ll be ok, tell Newt that I will be ok, I couldn’t let them investigate and take the beasts away from Newt. I couldn’t let it happen, don’t let him go into a depression spell, make him live at your place and sell mine, you can have my stuff.” You said slowly, making sure she heard you.

Queenie nodded her head and tears started to build up in her eyes, you looked at Tina, asking her to step in and take Queenie away.

“I’ll see you in 10 years Queenie. You too Tina, tell Newt I said goodbye.” You spoke to them as they walked away.

“Well that was emotional, who’s Newt? I knew a guy called that once.”  Leta said after a few minutes of silence.

“I doubt you knew this guy.” You replied, ending the conversation.

It was dark now, so you leant up against the wall and fell asleep, hoping you were going to Azkaban soon.


You woke up abruptly, the door to your cell was being unlocked and a guard walked in with handcuffs, foot cuffs and a blindfold.

“Kinky. I like it.” You joked. The guard just poker-faced and you put your hands behind your back, handcuffs on, foot cuffs on, blindfold, not yet.

You shuffled out behind the guard, then he walked behind you with a Baton poking into your back. You were shoved into a car and there were 3 other cops in there.  

“So, how are we doing today lads?” You asked nervously, they stayed stone-faced while you awkwardly sat there. The driver drove to the dock, a separate part of it, more private.

You got out of the car and were shoved toward a small boat, then you heard yelling behind you, you couldn’t look back because if you did you knew the cops would hurt you somehow.  

“Y/N! Y/N! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I didn’t come to say goodbye! I love you! I won’t forget about you!”

It was Newt.

Your breath hitched in your throat and you almost stopped walking, you stumbled a little but recovered from it. Tears were threatening to spill and all of a sudden you spun around, throwing the guards’s hands off of your shoulders and trying to run toward Newt.

The guards grabbed you by the shoulders and threw you onto the ground, you slid a small distance on your back and you groaned in pain. Newt yelled out and thrashed against the man holding him back, you tried to get up but you were pushed down by a guards boot, one was on your back, forcing you to put your hands in front of you.

Another guards foot was crushing your hand, you tried not to scream in pain but it was too much for you, you heard Newt scream and yell and cry, he did everything he could to try and help you.  

“PLEASE STOP, YOU’RE HURTING HER, PLEASE!” Newt screamed repeatedly until he had no voice.

“I’m sorry Newt,” you whispered “I love you, I’m sorry”

You were pulled up off the ground and you spat out some blood, you were too weak to walk and hold yourself up so the guards had to drag you. Newt yelling the whole time. You wondered if you would ever see him again, answering your own question you said “probably not”

Once on the boat, guards were surrounding you, then you were on your way to Azkaban.


Newt heard a voice from someone on the sidelines

“Sir! Sir! What do you have to say about your partner going to Azkaban for killing multiple people?!”  

After the scene at the dock Newt was escorted out of the area, he quickly apparated to the jewellers, Newt brought out the small box he had been playing around with in his pocket the day before. He walked up to the desk, put it on the counter, opened it up and said

“what’s your return policy on rings?”  

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May I request for a Jungkook scenario, where you two are best friends who basically do everything together. And one day you tell him that you've got a boyfriend(who by the way was playing you and an was an asshole to Jungkook) and then Jungkook tries to shed some light onto the situation and confesses to you. Thank you xo

Jeon Jungkook: My Best Friend

Real, true, best friends are as rare as shooting stars and I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of receiving one. Fate bestowed upon me this beautiful gift in the form of a boy: Jeon Jungkook. The black haired beauty has been at my side since our days on the playground, where he saved my hind from being pummeled by bullies who were always much larger in stature than little ol’ me. I had always been a fiery, unstoppable spirit that never knew quite when to shut my mouth, so you can well imagine that he had to rescue me often. But, he always smiled afterward with a bloodied nose, or a black eye, and said that that was his job as my protector, even though I always scoffed and pretended I didn’t need any protection. We both knew the truth, though, that I needed him just as much as he needed me—which was an unfathomable amount.

I could not imagine my life without him at my side, holding my hand when the going got rough, or pulling me forward when things were so good that I became too content with my place in the universe. How many photos would be empty upon my wall if he were never apart of my journey? How many memories lost? I shudder to imagine a life devoid of Jungkook. Sometimes I forget where I end and he begins, it is as if together is the only way that we can ever be whole.

“Ok, there, now you are ready, sweetheart,” my mother’s voice cooed as she fussed about the tulle of my white dress with nervous fingers.

Watching your little girl take on a veil and wedding gown is what most mother’s both fear and dream of, looking on as the union between two souls steal the last bit of her child. Tears welled within her eyes, little bits of black mascara pooling at the bottoms of her eyes and streaming down the pink of her cheeks as she looked over the grand bridal gown. A smile crossed my lips as she handed me the sheer veil with trembling fingers, my hands brushing hers as they collided, only to draw more droplets from her eyes.

“Mom, you’re sending me into good hands,” another sob, I grabbed a tissue from the box upon my vanity, so far she was the only one in need of these things. Let’s try this again, dabbing at her tearstained face, I promised, “I am still your little girl. I always will be.”

That broke the levee completely, tears flowing quickly and freely over those puffy cheeks and down her neck as I embraced her apologizing for upsetting her. Sobbing, she shook her head, speaking incoherent phrases, “It’s not…I just…I…you…beautiful. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

With those words in mind, I suddenly found myself thinking of my soon to be husband and the first time we had ever said those words to each other in a romantic connotation. A sigh escaped my tinted lips at the thought of that nearly forgotten day. The day that this new journey had begun; the day that my best friend became my lover too. Without it we may never have stumbled upon this love at all.

The air was warm, nearly sticky with all of its summer humidity, making my skin sweat uncomfortably as we walked along the trail of dirt and pebbles. The trickling of a stream to my right blended into a symphony of sound with the rustling of leaves and chirps of birds and insects. Sunlight splayed through the green canopy of leaves just over our heads as we strolled along nature’s road. A venture we rarely explored anymore, the forest was the center of many of our childhood adventures, Jungkook insisted that we come out and revisit our ‘spot’.

“Jungkook,” I started, swinging my arms in sync with his own, my legs working to keep up with his, “what do you think of Young-Jae?”

That took him by surprise as his steps faltered and his eyebrow shot up into his hairline, his usual mask of indifference becoming slightly puzzled, he spoke slowly, “I don’t typically think of him, why?”

Rolling my eyes at his lack of response, I nudged his shoulder with my own, laughing, “Would it be so terrible to just answer a question for once, Kookie?” and then with a small breathy sigh and shrug, “I was just wondering…”

But, he knew me better than that, my best friend read right through my fib and with alarm grabbed at my shoulders, immobilizing me with a strong grip, “Tell me you are not confessing feelings for him!”

Eyes widening, I felt a heat cross my cheeks and began wiggling from his grasp, moving forward on the trail to excuse my gaze elsewhere, “And, what if I am?”

“Don’t joke about that,” he pleaded, lunging himself toward my side once again, catching up with my sure strides easily as his feet squashed twigs and stems, making the brittle, discarded wood crunch helplessly beneath him.

“Who says I am?” I countered, continuing my trek onward, avoiding those kind dark eyes as I admitted sheepishly, “I’m dating him, ok?”

His steps ceased at once, making me pivot back on my heels to keep from losing him on the beaten path. What was his problem anyway? Young-Jae was kind, gentle, and sweet, so why did Jungkook have such a clear problem with him?

“You’re…dating…him?” it was as if the words physically choked him, each one coming out more ragged than the last, “You-you…can’t!”

Confused, I felt my temper rising at being told what to do, assuming that his response was that of a protective big brother, making my ears and mouth nearly steam with the heat gathering inside my small frame, “Listen here, I don’t care if you are my—.”

Unexpectedly, Jungkook flared up, interrupting my rant before it could really begin, his nostrils broadening with deep, angry breaths, that unusually gentle gaze turning to stone as he spat, “You deserve better than that pig! Can you even see past your own nose? Don’t you know anything about what a terrible guy he really is?!”

Bewildered, I simply stared at the enraged boy, blinking quickly with obvious ignorance. I had no idea what he was referring to. As far as I was concerned Young-Jae was a perfect gentleman, but maybe I was completely clueless, I mean, I didn’t really know him that well. Still, this seemed like an unfair argument! How much did my best friend really know about my recent beau anyway?

“He’s been…sleeping around with someone else. He bragged to me about it in class yesterday,” he breathed, clenching those black orbs closed, hiding the livid tears from my own.


My heart wasn’t broken. It was still perfectly intact, however, my pride was feeling a little worse for wear—vulnerable and defeated. Jungkook nodded in confirmation, adding, “He’s an asshole. You deserve better, which I will be glad to tell him if need be.”

Stepping forward tentatively, a small grin settled over his well sculpted lips as he outstretched his arms toward me, offering me solace in his embrace. He knew me too well. Rushing into his chest, I buried my head in his t-shirt, taking in a whiff of his scent, comforted by the familiarity. His face was nuzzling against the top of my head, breathing in the aroma of my own hair, sighing as he ran small circles over the top of my back.

“Thank you, Jungkook,” I murmured into the softness of his shirt, my hands gripping fistfuls of the cotton as my eyes peered up into his own.

“That’s what I am here for: to tell you when you are dating an asshole,” he chuckled boyishly, ruffling my hair gently, “That guy was a jerk to me too, you know? He tried to kick my ass outside of school last semester, so I didn’t want him around for some selfish reasons too.”

Raising one eyebrow in suspicion, I squinted up at my beloved friend through the bright rays of sunlight, “Jungkook, was the other stuff you said even true?”

Cocking his chin to the side, he gazed at me seriously, his hands coming to rest on each side of my face, “I would never lie to you about anything, especially something like that. I still cannot believe he would cheat on you of all people.”

Pressing one finger to his mouth, I let my eyes roll heavenward, snorting, “Please, no ‘you are perfect just the way you are, baby sister’ speeches.”

Grabbing my finger, the warmth of his hand permeated through my skin as he brought it to rest over his chest, just over the constant thumping of his heartbeat, “When I give you those speeches, I always mean them. You are perfect and…”

His eyes were reflecting the glow of the sunlight beautifully, that perfect smile lifting each corner of his lips as he inched closer to my own. My lips were trembling at the proximity of his; my eyes widened in surprise at this moment. Stammering for several unbroken seconds, I finally asked curiously, “And?”

“And…I…,” our lips brushed then and I knew that I had always felt that same way for him as we both whispered simultaneously, “love you.”

His hands were upon the skin of my face, that same heat radiating through my cheeks and into my soul as he pulled me further into his embrace. Our lips were melding to one another, moving against each other as if they had done it a thousand times before. I saw those fireworks that those romantic novelists are always illustrating, and I knew that my life would never be the same.

Thank you, Jungkook, for being who you are and knowing who I am. Thank you for calling me out and waking me up with the softness of your lips. Thank you for breaking it down and choosing us. Thank you for all your about and lifting me up, but keeping me grounded. Most of all though, thank you for being here now.

Grabbing my bouquet, I took in the perfume of the lavender petals before stepping into my heels and stepping toward the door. Today would be another new chapter for us, a beginning to another journey with my best friend. But, with him I felt no fear in my heart, only the excitement to venture onward down our path as a couple, as lovers, as best friends. I was ready to share my vows with him and listen to his own before kissing him for the thousandth time.

Jungkook, thank you for just being you.


There you are, sweetie! Hope you enjoyed it as much as i loved writing it!

My dear beautiful friends and all the friends I do not know

Every Muslim, African American, Native American, people of the LGBTQ community, each culture, woman, minority, child. Every single one of you:

This is…a sad day in history. We are all asking why, how, and what next? Unfortunately only one of those questions matters now. What next? We are feeling defeated, hopeless, discouraged, and disappointed. Yet we must remember over half of America voted against this. The younger generations voted against this.

My friends, this means there is hope. There is room, determination, and potential for change. We cannot bow our heads. We cannot raise our fists in hatred. No. We must raise our voices, open our arms, support every single amazing person hurt by these events. We cannot. Cannot. Let hatred win.

As a bi woman, I feel so violated. I went to my yoga mat, spilling my heart for our future, spent a sleepless night riddled with anxiety, waves of nausea and dizziness, I can’t eat. I know so many of us feel this today.

There is much to be done. Now is the time to break down barriers in our communities and do as much as possible to let our people know they are supported and will be fought for, peacefully. Shout your love until it echoes across this pained world.

I am here for you. I open my heart, my arms, my home to you. I love each and every one of you.

Have courage and be kind.


Nozomi’s Wish

“Leave it to the mother of Muse to forget her own birthday,” Eli says with a quiet giggle, stepping towards Nozomi and gently placing a flower crown upon her head.

Summary: Cute birthday fluff with Muse! Also NozoEli.

Notes: This is kinda late, but I had to do something for my best girl and the love of my life, Nozomi!!! Thanks for making me 500% gayer! <3

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As a fanfiction writer, these are the best compliments I’ve ever received.

“Are you Satan?”

“Well, I’ll just go cry myself to sleep after this. Thank you.”

“This is not okay.”

“You fucking angst queen.”

“I will find you and I will make you stop breaking my heart.”

“I do not deserve this pain.”

“When I woke up today I didn’t plan on staying in bed reading this angst fest who made me question life, but here I am.”

“I am in love with your mind. I mean, it’s evil, but I am in love with it.”

“Please never stop hurting me with your words.”

“This is a fresco of humanity, and you are Lucifer.”

“You know what? Fuck you.”

This Week’s Selection

I am feeling wonderful today and I hope that are feeling the same. Here is a selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about. Remember to always find something you love:

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Midnight Memories


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He Stays With You

Management Asks A Favor

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He Surprises The Fans With How He Treats You

You Bring Him Back To Reality

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It Isn’t What It Looks Like

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A Fan Throws Herself At Him

You Call Him Crying

He Calls You Fat - Part 2

He Calls You Fat

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The Song That Describes Your Relationship

You Accidentally Hurt Him

You Have A Stalker

He Gets Annoyed With The Fans

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Cute Moments

Olympic Closing Ceremony

He Breaks Up A Fight Between You And Your Friend/Sibling

You Get Injured And It’s His Fault

The TV Show He Hates Watching With You

His Family Comes Over For Dinner

He Sees You Naked For The First Time

Lyrics That Remind You Of Your Relationship

How He Shows You He Loves You

He Has A Nightmare

Embarrassing Moments

He Finds Out Because Of The Media

His Choices That You Don’t Agree With

You’re Best Friends

You Use Your “Celebrity Status” For The Wrong Reason

He Says Something He Shouldn’t When He’s Drunk Part 2

He Makes Fun Of You Over Something You Did In The Past

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby Part 2

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby

Punk Series:

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

He’s Persistent

You Agree To Go Out With Him

First Date

First Kiss

You See Him Get Upset

You Go With Him As He Gets Another Tattoo

The First “I love you”

He’s With You For Your First Tattoo

Out Of His Element

You’re Out Of Your Element

First Fight

You Make Up

Your Family Doesn’t Approve

You Break Up

You Sleep With Someone Else

You See One Another After The Break Up

You Get Back Together

You Meet His Family

He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment