i am here to rip out hearts

In this parallel, the one where you have ripped my heart out whole, I am a girl with rib-caged flesh and sea salt tears and no amount of puppet strings and “forgive me, I am sorry” texts can hold me up. Here I am broken beyond repair.

But in another parallel I am Joan of arc and an army of one thousand men and though I burn at the stake, teeth seething, bones burning, pyre and all, you cannot kill me. For in another parallel I am alive. I am Athena, or Aphrodite, or Nemain but nonetheless I am a goddess and I am in Eden, spread naked across my throne sipping on blood red wines and the tears of unholy men. I command the angels and they obey without fail.  

In other parallels, I am not a warrior nor a goddess, instead I am a mossy oak tree or the soft skin of your palm. I am the feeling of a first kiss, cherry coke and spit. Or a broken heart, chew me to pieces and then spit me out. The phrase “I love you” and the color lilac. (Sometimes, I am also cloud.)

Other times I am dark and disgusting. A nightmare haunting. Rotten flesh and sour milk. Children yearning for dead mothers, and fathers with bloodied knuckles. I am the sound of bones cracking, and acid rain. A rose’s thorns, smudged eyeliner, bad sex and stained sheets.

I am filthy, I am disgusting, I am a goddess, and I am the the softest skins on fragile palms. I am a myriad of infinite possibilities and I am never going to die.

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I am so ridiculously happy with daisy. And all of your writing. But waiting is super rough. :-[ any suho recs? Anything Junmyeon would be lovely.

So after like ten million years searching for a good Suho story I’m halfway through one that I can recommend. It’s darker than dark, I don’t even know if I actually like Suho in the story, he’s such an asshole here BUT it’s a good story in a rip your heart out, super heavy kinda way.

There’s quite a bit of yaoi in it, (like everyone just sleeps with everyone without much thought) BUT the main couple is an OC and Suho.

There’s heavy drug use, rape, and it’s a tough read at times. But I’m slowly getting through it because I HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

Anyway it’s called Novocane

I’ll keep you posted in any other good Suho stories I find. 😊


IBD and Mental Health

I am bringing this topic up because it is extremely relevant in my life right at this moment. I have noticed a significant decline in the status of my mental health. This is the time of the year that the sun is out and my mood is supposed to be lifted. It is becoming increasingly more challenging for me to thrown on a smile every single day when I know I am living a lie. I feel like we have this drive within ourselves to keep trying to remain as strong as possible. I feel like my heart has been ripped out at the seams. I know I am far more equipped to handle the physical pain of the disease versus the emotional pain. I feel like emotional pain lingers and is much harder to beat.

I am here to say that yes I have found myself crying every night. I feel like throughout my experience with inflammatory bowel disease I have periods of intense sadness that come and go. I find other ways in my life to really make me smile instead of just throwing it on just to please everyone around me. IBD gives us depression and anxiety. It really takes a toll on us emotionally. I cry on my worst days and I wonder at what point will I be okay. I feel like I have not openly acknowledged this side of myself to anyone and I feel like brushing it under the rug has done me the most damage. I have learned with IBD that with physical pain comes emotional pain. We as IBDers have to learn how to manage them when they are occurring together. <3 Wade

P.S. What challenges have you faced in regards to your mental health as a result or in relation to your disease? 

This sums it up but I’m here for every and any variations of Jon x Sansa! Even if you rip my heart out, just know that you’ve left a mass of tears and a blob of a human in some corner of a room! Not that I’m trying to give people any ideas… But if I am, then how about happy Jon and Sansa with wee little lookalikes running amok a la Bran/Arya cuz I’m totally here for how Sansa/Jon would react to them.

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Someone talked about the Holy Trinity and I have to swoop in to claim copyright credit for the name😌 I called you and your bros the Holy Trinity of BTS Trash a while ago on Michelle's blog bc your broship is goals so yah, copyrighted by @moonanon hehe ;) I always go back to read The Most Beautiful Moments in Life when I feel the need to be extra sad SO I LOVE YOU LIRIE FOR WRITING SUCH AMAZING WORKS. (1/?)

(2/?) TTMAB is also a baby that I’ve watched grow over these months, you have no idea how attached I am to that and Caged. And for the ask game you’re doing, the Holy Trinity of Bros, I’m just here to say that ily all. Stay cool, stay gold, stay bros. (This is a semi-rhyming motto that you can credit with @moon-anon as well. Istg I need to chill with the copyrights). Also @pjiminnie always rips my heart out with her angst and you mend it back together with your fluff <3 Mari, you’re so awesome

(3/3) and kind. I’m getting a little emotional bc I’m talking about all of my favorite bloggers at once :’) I love you guys like Jin loves Mario, like Namjoon loves Converse, like Yoongi loves sleep, like Hoseok loves that Bba Sae song, like Jimin loves Taeyang, like Taehyung loves taking ridiculously attractive selcas, and like JungKook loves white T-shirts. Thank you all for making my life better in indescribable ways with your writing, and with you. —moon anon (WHEN DID I GET SO CHEESY)


and ofc I had to show this to the bros BUT ALL OF THAT FREAKING TOUCHED MY HEART, you’re the cutest and I really appreciate you a LOT :’)

@pjiminnie is a fantastic writer (have you read Blue Orchids by chance?) and she deserves all the love she can get :’)


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