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Live Young, Die Fast (1/?)

for queseraawesome, please enjoy my first-ever foray into rvb fic

In a different world, a different time, South receives the Epsilon AI.

South, you don’t know why they gave you Epsilon, but once he’s razed through the field of your mind, you came to understand it as just another way of the world giving you the middle-finger salute.

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instead of picking 6 good looks from 2015 ive had so far i picked the best one and ta da here it is 

thank you to the kind mermaidtommo for tagging me!! may your beauty keep showing up on my dash to make me cry 

Recently, gaymotherfuckinzeemakara posted a suicide note here. I am one of his closest friends, and he sent me this on Skype 

He sent me it at 6 AM on March 3, in which I was asleep. I’ve been contacting him over Skype for the past few days, and he’s not online or replying. I am unsure if he actually did it and I’m so scared. If anyone is his friend in real life, please try to see if he’s okay. His name is Raven. He was one of my closest friends, and I love him so much. 

It’s fun being the nightmare friend. Here I am, non-binary trans gay satanic artist who practices witchcraft in his spare time and has scary shaved head and colored hair.

I’m the bane of Christian parents. I learned this today. One of said Christian parents’ kids asked if I would pretend to be his boyfriend over thanksgiving to scare them. I like this plan. 

#tbt: I’ve been saying wind shield instead of wind chill up until a month ago.

#tbt: in 7th grade I wrote an uncompleted 9 page Star Trek fanfiction.

#tbt: one time I drew an ugly picture of my dog and I almost past out from laughing so hard. (it really captured her crusty essence)

#tbt: I met my screener on a baseball outing with my former bae and his friends. while waiting for other folks to arrive in the parking lot, we chatted about Homestuck related topics (Tumblr and music) and well… here I am, five months later. he’s an awesome friend and an awesome screener. (▰˘◡˘▰)

EB: i don’t think i am actually saving the world here. :(

EB: i dunno what i’m really accomplishing but i guess it’s not that.

chin up, John!! I believe n u

Jade is now awake and taking a moment to figure out what is really happening and what isn’t. so the CLOUD MIRAGES appear during an ECLIPSE. the eclipse isn’t what I imagined. I thought everything would be darker. hmm.

Jade was surprised to see Bec in her dreams, though. which makes sense, usually she can’t see any visions of him. she didn’t see any visions of him when she was asleep this time, he just blocked her from entering the MYSTIC RUIN. Jade strongly feels it’s now time to enter the MYSTIC RUIN.  

oh hey, John and Bec share the same birthday! Bec is significantly older. who knows? he might need 413 candles. ;)

to sneak out, Jade grabs the harpoon gun (and a package she has to mail) and shoot the harpoon out to a tower ruin and ziplines outta her room. huh. maybe her placement of the cord was merely incidental. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


oh. oh wow. John’s house. well…. it’s definitely a lot safer than before

looks like John can finally reach one of the seven gates! I wonder if the gate will transport him to another location?

sadly his house has now has over 60 imps and like 9 ogres. 

I’m still wondering about this imp:

like every other imp has the same hat and yet this guy is still over there with the blue hat

I have two more pics of the imp from act 2:

I have no idea how he’s made it this far without getting slayed

I’m his biggest fan, tbh. 

you just keep doing your thing in the corner over there. you do you 

xoxo Mannie

it’s legitimately kinda scary how fast I can go into “mom friend” mode when my friends do something potentially dangerous


when dean realized he loved cas


Happy birthday, Jessy!


For the peace of the Hidden Leaf Village and most of all, for Uchiha Sasuke. He wanted to die as a criminal and a traitor. He accepted disgrace in the place of honor, and hate instead of love, and despite of that, he died with a smile on his face. He entrusted the Uchiha name to you, his younger brother, deceiving you to the very end.