i am here for her so damn hard

1. i don’t know how to say this so i’m just going to say it - don’t text me anymore. don’t call me. don’t ask me how i am when you feel lonely. don’t check up on me. don’t tell me you’re doing well. i don’t want to hear it. i don’t want to hear it because you fucking broke me. GOODBYE.

2. hey, okay, sooo i thought i could be friends with you but it hurts too much. not that you hurt me that much. no, i’m okay. i don’t cry in the shower anymore. some nights i actually fall asleep before 4 a.m. but then there’s some nights where i think about you and her kissing and it’s all that’s on my mind for days. no, no, it’s not like that. it’s not that i love you anymore or that i’m jealous. i just hate you for what you did to me. so yeah, anyways, just thought you should know i don’t want to be friends. hope you’re doing well though. maybe our paths will cross again.

3. i told myself many, many months ago that if i wanted this to work, if i wanted us to be friends, i couldn’t talk to you about my feelings ever again. i couldn’t turn every conversation into our failed relationship. so for many, many months, i’ve been letting it eat at me instead. i don’t want it to eat at me anymore and you don’t want to listen to me whine so i think this has to end. sorry.

4. hey, listen: some days i’m fine, but the smallest things get to me. like i’m pretty sure i saw you on her snapchat story. it’s none of my business, but i’m really mad at you for it. i’m really mad that you still talk to that girl you chose over me and you still like all of these girls’ facebook photos but you never like mine. and it’s not fair for me to be mad at you for having friends or being happy, i have no right to be, you didn’t do anything wrong. but it still gets to me, still eats away at me, still makes me want to knock down your door and ask you why the fuck you had to leave, why you had to do anything you did, why i poured all of my love into you that i didn’t have any left for myself and you took it and gave it to somebody else. god, this hurts. i don’t want you to know how badly this hurts but it does. i’m leaving you and taking this hurt with me.

5. hey, hope you’re doing well, but this still feels like a nightmare i’ll never wake up from. and i’m sorry, i’m so fucking sorry, it’s not fair to you to have to listen to this shit because it’s been two whole years and i’m still not over it. and that’s my problem, not yours. it will never be your fault that i’m so goddamn sensitive. i’ve never been able to get over anything and i hate myself for it. please let me heal. please leave.

6. hey, remember the summer where i hooked up with the first guy who wasn’t you, when you had me blocked on everything and i couldn’t see what you were up to? well, i still read my posts from that summer and i was actually HAPPY. can you believe that? i was actually going about my life without you and i wasn’t thinking about what you did to me. but here i am again, thinking about it and the only thing that’s changed is that you speak to me. and i would love to be friends with you, i would, i’ve been trying so hard to be for months, but it’s making me so damn miserable. and i’m so jealous that she gets to be friends with you and i don’t. i’m sorry i’m not her. i’m sorry i never will be.

7. i’ve been ignoring your messages on purpose and you keep texting me again and it’s exhausting to have to ignore you all of the time and feel so guilty about it. i just don’t understand how you just don’t get the hint. so here’s a bigger one: LEAVE ME ALONE.

8. hey, okay, i know this is sudden but i don’t want to hear from you anymore. i don’t want to think about this anymore. i want to move on with my life and there’s no room for you in it. it was stupid of me to think that just because you’ve always been a good friend to me that we can be friends. we can’t.

9. hey. first off, i want to say i’m sorry, i just need to do what’s best for me. secondly, thank you for always being there when i needed you, but i don’t need you anymore. for now, it has to be just me. it feels like i’m breaking up with you and we’re not even dating, but this is it - this is goodbye. forever. don’t contact me.

10. all you ever did was hurt me. fuck you. i don’t want to see your stupid fucking name on my phone anymore. fucking get out. leave.

—  10 text messages i’m afraid to send because i don’t want to say goodbye to you, not again


I am allergic to sunflower seeds.
My skin and brain cook so fast in the daylight,
I’m pretty sure my ancestors were born underground
and grew there in the dirt, like potatoes.
I could live the rest of my life in celibacy,
but if nobody snuggles with me in the next five years, I will scream.

At night, I tuck an arm around my own waist,
trying to trust in my own existence.
I can feel soft solid stomach down there but. Still not sure I’m buying it.

There is a language that my skin, blood, and flesh never learned how to speak.
Words exist for this phenomenon,
for what sliding my eyes over a naked body does for my pulse
(which is to say: nothing at all)
I used to squeeze onto dark dance floors,
confused and amazed by the men who pressed up against me,
shocked at myself for letting them
—and also how dry and clinical my thoughts stayed,
no matter where their hands went.
But the first time my boyfriend kissed my neck, my whole vision sparkled,
so I never felt like any one thing

(There are words for not feeling like any one thing,
but what if I haven’t earned those, either?)

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And here we see it,

A wild behemoth stalking a human Mother and her cub.

See more in “Wild Life of Lucis” in your channel “Discovery Eos”, 9 p.m.

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Oh boy, what do we have here, I WANT ALL OF THEM jk can i request a 30 for kacchako? You're the best 💖

I think this is gonna be the toughest and shortest one out of them because this is too tight as plot-wise and… idk? It turned out to be a bit clumsy. I’ll just let my imagination fly. And you are the best hon, where did your creativity come from? WRITE ME A FIC TOO.

Bakugou Katsuki hated libraries.

This was general knowledge among all students that dared come near the blonde– which reduced the count to, like, a pair of people? which was a bit sad actually. But Bakugou didn’t mind having a lame social life as long as nobody took him to a library. He had actually tried some tutoring with Kirishima some months ago and trust him, being kicked out of the quietest place on Earth was everything but pleasant.

Today, however, he had no other option but stay there, in the jampacked library full of nerds listening to music or reading books like their life depended on it. All tables were taken around him: shelves were surrounded with people swarming for tons of emboilled wording, tables were packed to the brim with bags, sheets and notebooks. There was this lingering scent of wood, pine, and closeness around him, silence that tried to be silent but ended being composed of hushed murmurs.

He knew why,

It was because of his table.

His table had the best spot in the entire library. It was near enough to the entrance, but not as close as to let winter breezes reach him. There was a big window by his side, letting night snow be seen, but cars weren’t heard this late in the evening. It shows that Yuuei was going through it’s final exams– Bakugou had, no joke, been there from sun to sun and he was too tired to deal with people.

They whispered.

They whispered because his table was completely devoid of any people but him, everyone too scared to approach him lest he threw a tantrum over personal space and threw them off the window. The fire king was fierce, had possesion of the best table around and was undeniably untouchable.

Bakugou, again, hated libraries. They weren’t as silent as they preached to be, there was always this subtone of hushed voices that spoke no pragmatic matter, only petty gossiping that brought no good to his ears. He was easy into focusing, and quirk to do his homework, but that little toneless chatter was pestering him– hell, if he couldn’t stand Deku’s mumbling for a living, how was he going to condone such generalized murmuring all around him?

Another of his pencils broke in twain when he heard his name being pronounced among a pair of girls. Maybe his pencil breaking business was what got him so isolated. There were people sitting on the floor, as if truthfully fearful of the explosion boy.

Suddenly, a low voice came beside him.

“Can I sit here?” oh, he could recognize that voice anywhere. “All other tables are full.”

He pulled the chair out for Uraraka to take, and she gladly jumped in with a stack of hero law books tucked in his arms. She silently tidied her place with a little smile– people could only stare at her, mouths agape, as if she had dared to cross a forbidden threshold for all humankind. His response to her presence was almost inmediate and utmost unkind. “Don’t make any fucking noise, Uraraka. I can sniff your chatter urges a mile away.”

She rose an eyebrow to him. The first thing he noticed was the lack of spark in her brown pools, a evident sign of exhaustion that he had learnt to tell apart from other ocular displays of her– blinking ‘I need your help’ eyes, doe eyed ‘you’re so cool’ eyes, or the now ‘please I am tired don’t be too hard on me’ eyes, devoid of shine and only full of the brown color of her soul. Drowning in them was the only pathetic way he was willing to die

“I have better stuff to do other than talk with you, you know. As I said, I only sat here because there are no other tables available.”

“You can sit with all those fuckers down on the floor.” he stiffled in a yawn. “I don’t give a damn.”

She decided not to answer that and decided to focus on her books. Uraraka had decided to come to the library mostly because she was too tired to make her way to the dorms without getting some rest. Admittedly, she had expected to find the place empty so she could nap for a pair of minutes in a corner– her plan obviously backfired when the library ended up being full and she had no ther option but sit by Mr. FireHell Blondelocks.

As far as she was concerned, Bakugou’s dorm was being repaired due to some of his angry fits being thrown towards a wall, making his dorm look creepily open. That huge hole by his bed was all but tranquilizing. She should have known he would be in the library while his dorm was under repairations, because he couldn’t stand noise while studying and the crew taking care of his room would sure make too much of it.

Brief story: she was stuck with Bakugou until she finished her homework. And time was passing by way too slowly to her liking.

There was a moment when people started leaving the room. Stars twinkled outside the building and threw some shadows across the wooden floor, and lamps lit up the cozy place with a dim, orange light. Uraraka found this to be a bit too pleasant for her tired senses– there was a second in which her head fell a bit too down for Bakugou’s liking, who had been watching her silently as she started to doze off.

“Oi.” he nudged her rudely, and her head snapped up again. “Don’t go falling asleep on me.”

She started messing with her hair sheepishly, making Bakugou fidget uncomfortably in his seat. That antic of hers drove him insane: she was always doing it in front of everyone, in front of teachers, in front of fucking Deku. And he sometimes wondered what the fuck did that bastard have to make her so nervous when he couldn’t wake a single of her hairs up while being by far the most fearsome boy in their class.

“I’m sorry.” whispered she. He saw her grimace, keeping a yawn in– and it made him outwardly yawn, hand covering his mouth. “It’s been a rough day, today. I’ve been going from one place to another and I just couldn’t wait to crash the bed.”

And Bakugou understood the struggle. He was also fighting the exhaustion away, barely keeping it at bay and the fact that the staff had decided to royally mess with him by turning on the heat was not fucking helping. He had already removed his jacket and he was still a bit too warm to his liking. Knowing Uraraka and how sleepy she was, the fight must be tougher for her.

He shuffled a bit closer to her, feeling himself more tired than ever. “There’s not much people around.”

Her head rested on her palm now, looking at him with an interested gaze. “Mhm.”

“You can have your damn sleep, now.”

This– this startled her. He could have a heart, too? What was the world coming to that night? “Are you suggesting to keep watch on me… and actually let me have a little nap?”

“I am not gonna be your fucking babysitter.” spat he, crimsom eyes glaring at her despite the kindness within his flames. He eyed her unkempt hair and the dryness of her pretty stars, and her skin suddenly seemed paler than usual. “You look like a car ran over you. If you can’t take care of yourself I’ll have to show you how to fucking do it.”

He legit slammed her head against the wooden table, making a loud terrifying noise. Somebody could have mistaken that with a murdering attempt. Uraraka, however, laughed at his antics while watching the snowflakes drop before her. “I could use… some sleep.”

Bakugou almost didn’t catch what she said, as she was inmediately out of commision the moment her head crashed against the table. “Stupid woman.” mumbled he, taking a last glimpse at his diagrams and summaries while keeping an eye on her. Her hair was a mess, and he could tell it was bothering her.

Bakugou caressed her cheek with his fingertips and quickly brushed some strands away, the notion inmediately bringing him close to rage with this newfound feeling of intimacy. “Fuck this girl, fuck her!” he glared at her. “Fuck her in hell…”

But the way she was sleeping was kind of cute, too. Her head rested atop her hands, even breaths fanning some locks away and her face in peace for the first time in a while. He had never seen her so relaxed until now, and the image filled him with a sense of peace that he didn’t know he could feel until he stumbled with her.

His back was throbbing. He bet hers wasn’t right now.

She must be… comfortable, too.

Bakugou looked away and started cursing colorfully as he took his jacket from his spot on the chair’s back, and put it on top of her quiet body. The thought of her scent impregnating his clothes wouldn’t occur to him until midnight clocked by– and he would fall asleep thinking about her, too.

The blonde blushed, and all he could think about now was about how good a nap would be to him and how nice her warmth would be– he was half a meter away from her and he could already feel her whole self lulling him to sleep against his will.

That had to be illegal. His heart shouldn’t be racing as hard as it was.

Eventually, Bakugou gave in and his head ended up on his arms too, both teens closer together than they had ever been– and Bakugou had taken her sweater as a paid back, he thought tiredly and without much logic, and draped it across his back. 

Uraraka shifted closer to him in her sleep, and he was only drawn to her scent. The sound of snowflakes melting against the windowpane made him remember that he hated libraries, but he would never hate this spot and he could forget about this hatred for a while as long as Uraraka was by him all the time, too.

She had had tons of space to sit at– floors and on top of shelves. But all tables had been full and, at the end of the day, he couldn’t find the heart to complain.

Aizawa eventually found both kids fast asleep on the table and sighed. “Man, kids these days. They grow up so fast.”

A Fairytale Ending

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Tyler storie/blurb thing where reader is his girlfriend and she is a singer on youtube, she gets a sponsorship from Disney for Beauty and The Beast and gets to record at one of the Castles at Disney world dressed in a Belle style dress and she has Tyler be her ‘Beast’/Dancing Partner for the music video and he proposes in at the end of it??

Summary: Fem!Reader is filming a Beauty and the Beast music video when boyfriend Tyler proposes and everyone cries :)

A/N: Hey y'all! Don’t know what it was about this fic that was really difficult for me to write? Anyway here it is! It’s based on the Ariana Grande and John Legend music video, just pretend there’s no John Legend lol. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1086, the hardest fics are always the longest why to heck

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry dudes!

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I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 1

WARNING: Cursing, Fights, LOTS of Fights, Injuries.

A/N: I am finally done with part one. (s/o) btw is also you but in a different perspective (you are your own best friend :DDDDDDD), I might create a poly!hamilsquad x reader once I’m done with this. ALSO BIG SHOUT OUT TO @boss-headcanons for giving me hcs about what the demo reps would order in McDonald’s and for reading the rough drafts I sent them. They are really nice <3 <3 <3

Thomas, Madison, and Burr held hands while they walked towards the food court. Burr in the middle, Maidson on his left and Jefferson on his right. They decided to get something to eat after a long day of shopping. Thomas being Thomas brought along a chaperone to carry the bags who probably went back to put them all in the car. Of course, Madison told him that it wasn’t necessary but he was more stubborn than him so James just sighed and just went along with it.

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Members and their types of smile?

Are you basically asking me analyse each member’s smile. Cause I am 100% here for this. Let’s go!


Nayeon I think is actually kind of shy about her smile/laugh because whenever she smiles or laughs too hard she covers her face a lot. She also tries really hard to keep her mouth closed when she smiles which leads to her precious cheek smile

Look at this adorableness. But when Nayeon actually opens her mouth and we can see her real smile, it’s like a goddam blessing from the gods. She has the most adorable bunny smile she’s so damn cute. LOOK AT THIS SMILE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HER HOW PRETTY HER SMILE IS


Jeongyeon has a really soft smile, she typically doesn’t open her mouth really wide, which gives us this really cute gentle smile. She just has a really welcoming and kind smile, so pure

But then when she laughs oh my god. Jeongyeon’s mouth becomes square shaped when she laughs, she opens her mouth so wide. It’s the most precious thing, 10/10 for preciousness

Originally posted by yongsurn


Momo has such a genuine smile, I don’t know what it is but her smile seems so natural to the point where seeing her when she doesn’t smile is really weird. She also has kind of a playful smile if you get what I mean

Something I’ve noticed is that Momo has a habit of squinting or even closing her eyes when she smiles sometimes, she smiles so big she has to close her eyes a little I love my smiley angel.


Very similar to Momo because she also just naturally smiles all the time, and it’s strange to see her when she’s not smiling. Such a gentle smile, she also kind of closes her eyes a little bit.

But oh my god, when Sana get’s really energetic and extra, she has the most amazing bright smile I’ve ever seen. She just get’s into a mood where she’s so happy and excited it’s like her whole face is smiling and her eyes get really big and she opens her mouth wide and ugh kill me she’s such a bright human.


In case you didn’t already know, Jihyo is my bias so I need a minute. I need like a full minute to compose myself enough to be able to accurately describe the beauty of Park Jihyo’s smile. Ok. Jihyo has the prettiest and softest smile I have ever seen, you can tell how much of a genuinely beautiful person she is when she smiles. She just has the warmest smile, and her cheeks get all squishy and just… no mere mortal can comprehend her beauty.

I’m not done yet though, because when Jihyo laughs, Holy Jesus you’re not ready. It is the most beautiful thing on the planet, and this is nowhere near an exaggeration. Her eyes do that half closed thing and you can just see everything representing happiness in the world just radiating from her entire body because Park Jihyo is the actual embodiment of sunshine and joy.

Here’s another picture of my girl performing on stage because LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS. She was born for the stage. She’s so pretty when she’s happy and doing what she loves. Give Park Jihyo the world.


Mina is a shy bean so she doesn’t smile frequently, but when she does it’s typically her small polite smile where she doesn’t open her mouth a lot. Her smile is just cute basically

But wait, when Mina actually pulls out her real proper smile, the whole meaning of cute will be refined for you. You haven’t seen anything until you seen Myoui Mina’s gummy smile. She’s so happy, and it’s honestly the cutest thing. 


Dahyun pretty much always smiles with her mouth open, typically when she smiles with her mouth closed it’s for a photoshoot or something professional. Dahyun doesn’t hold back her smiles or laughter which is honestly precious. She has such an open smile, where you can visibly see how happy she is. She almost always tilts her head slightly to one side as well when she smiles

Look at this wide smile, I love it. She gets so happy that her smile nearly becomes as big as the entire lower half of her face. She’s such a bubbly person with a big smile


Whenever she smiles she looks so tiny and soft, she has such a precious little smile. She seriously looks like a little kid when she smiles, so pure and soft.

DIMPLE DIMPLE DIMPLE. When she smiles really big you can see her little dimple on the right side of her face and it’s the cutest thing on the planet. This photo doesn’t do it justice it’s just the best one I could find on limited time. I love her dimpled smile.


Oh my god Tzuyu, Tzuyu and her tiny little soft smile. She’s so cute and pretty I can’t handle this. She just has a really precious smile, and she kind of looks like a cheeky little kid, which is basically what she is.

She has the cutest habit with her tongue, sometimes she puts her tongue between her teeth when she smiles and it’s so precious. I love Tzuyu’s cute, cheeky smile, she’s such a cutie.

Roadhouse Blues [Part 2]

Summary: Since you appear to be a Beta you took work at the Roadhouse for Ellen and Jo filling in for Jo when she’s in heat, unfortunately that changes when your heat is triggered one night in the bar.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: It’s A/B/O so the usual warnings for that, SMUT, Due to abo possible dub-con 

Tags: thanks to @bkwrm523  for being my beta for this!

@kittenofdoomage your A/B/O’s gave me inspiration to write this

@aprofoundbondwithdean @abaddonwithyall @bovaria @dreamsfromthebunker @mrswhozeewhatsis @spnashley @leviathanslovedick @the-mrs-deanwinchester @diaryofawimpywinchester @spnfanficpond @ruby-loves-supernatural @eyeofdionysus @oriona75 @mysupernaturalfics  @writingthingsisdifficult @aliyla12 @rockerdestiel13 @curliesallovertheplace @daughterleftbehind 

[A/N: this is my first attempt at an A/B/O, I am so glad it’s had such a good response!]

Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

“She is not going anywhere! I don’t give a damn about some stupid hunt; Y/N is not leaving here!” Ellen yelled. You were slowly becoming conscious of what was being said around you. A sweet scent washed over you - it was a mixture of whiskey, old books and forests making you feel at ease. As you breathed in this scent you could feel someone’s arms wrapped around your back and holding your legs bridal style, leaning your head to the side you felt a hard chest.

“Ellen I can’t leave her alone, and we can’t ignore this hunt!” The voice from above you argued as the grip on your body tightened, “I won’t leave her.”

“So you want to take an Omega in her first heat on a hunt!?” Another voice snapped, you could easily tell it was Jo. “She’ll give away your position without meaning it!”

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180, Shakarian please.

180: “ You have no idea what you do to me. ”

[I originally wanted to do hella smut for this, but it just turned into fuckin fluffy sorta I GUESS A LITTLE SMUTTY, bs like it always does when I write Shakarian hahaha. Enjoy <3

It’s a little short/kinda quick– as most my prompts are, slight cursing as usual as well for those of you wondering!]

When Garrus opened his eyes, he had almost completely forgotten where he’d fallen asleep… He could see the sky passing above his eyes as he adjusted to his surroundings. But the smell of lavender quickly surrounded him, and when he slid his eyes to the warm body pressed against his his mandibles loosened in awe. 

She was so beautiful laying there in his arms… her crimson hair flayed in every direction and matted from their long night of blowing off steam. Garrus scanned her face placing a taloned hand lightly to her chin. Her scars were still there lightly glowing beneath the thin surface of skin covering them, but they were hardly noticeable anymore. As he slide his eyes down her bare arms and back he noticed she had a new set of marks decorating her ivory skin. Evidence of his talons scratching down her back in those moments of pure ecstasy.

Garrus pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his head into her hair drinking in that smell he loved so dearly, a moment later she began to stir awake in his arms. “Damn it… I’m sorry, Shepard, I didn’t mean…” 

“Ohhh, look who’s here.” Shepard replied with a smile squeezing his torso tightly with eyes closed, her breath was light and her voice was sleepy. 

“Didn’t expect to see me?” Garrus pulled his mandibles in playfully, the soft purr of his voice sending cool waves over and through her. 

“To be honest, Garrus… I generally don’t expect anything… That way I’m never disappointed.” She ended with a smile, yawning as she pull her arms into a stretch.

Garrus passed her a fairly convincing smile, as he pull a hand to her cheek again running his thumb across her chin lightly. “I can tell you what to expect with me if you want.”

Shepard pursed her lips, enjoying the rough leathery texture of his skin pressed to hers. It was so nice to finally have him there. To have finally… 

She let a full smile escape her lips as she rubbed her tired eyes and nodded sweetly her voice feigning annoyance as she tease him. “Tell me, then.”

“Well, firstly you expect that I’ll be here every day you wake up,” Garrus pressed his lips to her forehead lightly. “and you can expect I’ll be here every night you fall asleep,” Now he kissed her nose. “and when you need me out there… I’ll be there, too Shepard.” He paused once more to kiss her on the mouth this time, sweet and tenderly; hoping he was doing it right.

Jane pulled a breath of air in as a cool wave of chills ran under her skin, feeling her cheeks growing warm at his confession; but feeling it wholeheartedly too. “You sure you’re up for all that, Gare? I’ve been told I can be quite the handful…” 

She wasn’t sure if he knew just what he was getting into with her… a night of fun was one thing– but a relationship was something else entirely. They were on their way towards the Omega 4 Relay. They were all likely going to die… But being with Garrus was one of the times she had something worth fighting for. 

Before, she did what she did to help people. Because she was what the galaxy needed. But now, she didn’t just fight for them. Now she was fighting for her… for Garrus… for them.

“Don’t do that, Shepard… not to me.” Garrus whispered, his undertones reverberating a sweetness she hadn’t heard before and it made her nervous. “You won’t scare me away. You don’t know what you do to me… When I saw you on Omega– I I thought I was already dead.” He paused pulling in a breath as his mandibles pulled a little closer to his face as he run a hand over his fringe. “I was as good as dead. But you did what you do and you found me– you saved me and you brought me here. And I promise you this, Shepard… I will always find you, no matter how bad things might look. You can count on me.”

When Shepard watched the words leaving his mouth, she felt so overwhelmed that she almost started crying. Which was just unacceptable to her frankly, and quickly she shot up wiping her eyes before the tears escaped. Luckily Garrus hadn’t noticed, or if he did he didn’t react. After a moment she turned back towards him sporting the widest smile she could muster; throwing her leg over him placing herself across his hips. “Goddamn it, Garrus… I’m not supposed to love you.” 

“Says who?”

“Everyone… The rules… It’s just– you don’t do it, Garrus. I’m your Commander. I’m human…” Shepard didn’t even realize she’d told him she loved him, or that she’d been in love with him since she met him.

“Little late for that, isn’t it? Plus… you know how I am with following rules.” Garrus said, his eyes growing heavy and quite flirty as she lean down kissing him hard.

“You’re trouble, Vakarian. Just trouble.” 

He slid his hands up her back pulling her closer to him. “I… love you too, by the way…” 

Jane was scared… she hadn’t been in a relationship for years. She hadn’t done anything more than a fling in years, she hadn’t loved in years… Yet here she was. Ready. Willing… and so damn smitten she didn’t even care that they all might die in a few hours.

For now they had this. And not even the end of life as they knew it was gonna take that from her.

Love Bites

A little drabble to get me back into the writing spirit. Sparked by a close friends thought, “I JUST IMAGINED JUNGKOOK AS SPIDER-MAN. IDEK WHY” Because it fit him so damn well that’s why haha. 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Spider-Man AU!, BTS AU

He swore not today. Who would possibly miss a date with the girl of their dreams? Me. Jeon Jungkook. Crime never sleeps and here I am learning the hard. Had it not been for a damn spidey senses going off, I would be currently sitting in front of my date, entertaining her with the corniest jokes I know but noooo. I’m half way across time, perched on a tenement building, watching the Hulk, Iron-Man,Captain America, and Thor trying to break into a bank. Like really? Couldn’t choose different disguises? Personally I would’ve chose a mask of “Third Guy From The Left” from that Billboard group. Jungkook couldn’t help the smirk that graced his lips as he looked off into the distance before shooting a web to swing across to the bank currently being looted. 

Glancing down at his watch, 20 mins, can take these idiots down in 5 minutes tops. Shall we begin? 

Walking into the bank, Jungkook quickly crossed his arms, striking a nonchalant pose at the entrance. Upon hearing him clear his voice, The Avengers bunch quickly turned towards him, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk mid loot, and Iron Man mid look out. 

“Hiyah Avengers! You guys look a lot different than when I saw you last summer. Tough Ti—“

Jungkook couldn’t finish his sentence before Iron-Man was charging towards him as the others started packing up.  Here we go! 

Flipping onto the ceiling, Jungkook looked down at “Down on Your Luck” Iron Man, he quickly maneuvered his body, hanging upside, 

“Could we make this quick guys? I’ve got a date with the gi—“ 

“Down on Your Luck” Iron Man swung his fist at Jungkook, cutting him off yet again.


Jungkook couldn’t help the smile that graces his face as he stared down at the beaten up Avengers, webbed and unconscious. Oh Shit!  

“Really guys! I’m more than an hour late!” 

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook quickly ran out of the bank. Please, please let her still be there! Quickly scaling the walls of the bank, he made his way back across town to Antonio’s, praying Y/N, would still be there. It’ll take me 10 minutes tops to get there, enough time to think of an excuse. Think! Think!

She hadn’t been there. Just as I was about to enter, I received a text.

Y/N: Jungkook. I don’t know what you’re doing or where you are but never invite me out again. I waited an hour for you, surrended by couples wherever I looked. Whenever the bell at the entrance rang out I swore it would be you but it never was. To be honest I gave up hope after 30 minutes of sitting there. No text or call. It was too good to be true that the man of my dreams would actually like me back right? Goodnight Jungkook. Hope you’ll treat the next one better than you treated me. 

So this is what it feels like to lose your first love? It hurts more than the bruises and cuts littering my body. Can I keep doing this forever? Living a double life? Sure The Avengers are out there protecting the city but what about the people close to me. I do this for them. Even if it means facing this world alone but I’m not giving up. I won’t give up on the people of this city and I won’t give up on you Y/N.

Credit to, MARVEL

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You're reigniting my Jopper feels big time! I had forgotten how much trash I am for those tow *heart eyes*


I am fully aware of how much of my blog has been taken over by those two idiots lately but they’re so freaking cute and I love them both individually and as a ship and THE DAMN HEIGHT DIFFERENCE RUINS ME and David Harbour ships it just as hard as the Jopper fans do and I just - 

Smol. Tol. *sobs* 

And Hopper is so clearly standing behind her here which means he’s there for Will’s doctor appointment or whatever this is and I’m ruined on so many levels

* cries in Jopper * 


AN: had an anon from months ago who revealed herself as @juridp

Rating: M

Summary: Hinata finds a journal of Sasuke’s dreams and they aren’t what she expected. (I’ll link it in the morning)


Hinata carried her box of sweaters into Sasuke’s room. After this box, she was officially moved in with her boyfriend. She couldn’t wait for the moment they both woke up together in the morning.

She put the heavy box in front of the closet for later. They were both pretty exhausted and would unpack her things tomorrow.

She stretched her arms and noticed a notebook sitting on his dresser. Sasuke was a man of habit. He would normally leave anything out of place, it was probably killing him that there were boxes everywhere. She glanced at the door for a moment before snatching the notebook.

She sat on his bed and opened it:

‘I had another dream…this one was worst than the last…’

She paused. This was a journal? A total invasion of privacy and yet her eyes kept reading:

‘It was about Hinata and I. I suppose I shouldn’t feel bothered because she is my girlfriend now and I do care for her…this dream was more vivid.

There I was laying down, tied to the bed poles. (I should say, as you know, I respect her decision to take it as slow as possible…however my unconscious mind feels otherwise) anyways, she had appeared on me.’

Hinata felt her cheeks start to burn…but she kept reading:

‘Usually my dreams, are just that–dreams…this dream I could feel myself sliding into her. I must admit I’ve never felt a warmth like that before. It was as if she was really doing this. Then she started bouncing and I must’ve ripped my sheets. I woke up to them torn.

Her hips bounced and jerked. She rode me so fucking good. Begging me to fuck her harder and faster. I could feel the bandages squeezing my wrist because I wanted to be free so I could do whatever she wanted.

She threw her head back. In my dream, however her head was long again. Her moans were heavenly, honestly. Suddenly, I was free. I grabbed her hips and drove myself into her. The sound made it even harder to control myself.

She whimpered that she loved me and I came hard like an idiot. Of course, that woke me up. Turns out I came in reality too.’

Hinata closed the notebook and cupped her face. She…what?


She squealed upon realizing Sasuke was standing in the doorway. “I, um, I…” she sat on the notebook as if he didn’t just watch her read it.

“They’re just dreams,” he pocketed his hands. “I’m still a man. I have those types too.”

“…you never told me.”

He shrugged. “I’m not going to force you into anything,” he walked in and extended his hand.

She shamefully stood and placed the notebook in his hands. “Are there more?”

“Nothing but,” he sighed.

“Every page?” She gasped. That notebook was nearly filled.

He nodded. Sasuke had no shame. He was told that these dreams were normal and instead of suppressing his needs, he should express them. Props to Kakashi, the closest thing he had to a father figure.

“Can I…read more?” Hinata asked, bitting her lower lip.

“All of them?”

“N-no, just your, um, favorite,” she said. Despite it all…the surprise at how well he wrote, how often he wrote and the fact that it had made her feel really hot in every sense of the word.

“Mm,” he sat on the bed and she took her spot. He flipped through the notebook, stopped and handed it to her.

She took it and started reading:

‘So…I kissed her early today. That must have triggered something in my mind because I’m awake now and having to wash my sheets yet again.

This dream was interesting. She was sitting on my bed. Her legs wide open, presenting her most private area. I was standing at the edge of my bed…by the towel around my waist I had just finished with a shower.

Before I could ask what she was doing, she placed to fingers in her mouth before rubbing them against her clit. I watched her moan and twist. Her heels digging into my mattress as she curled those same fingers inside of her. She smiled and called my name softly asking me to make her cum.

I’m rock hard, obviously. I climb on the bed and put those fingers in my mouth. She tasted so amazing I went down for more but I guess I got too excited and came…now here I am wide awake and writing down this dream as my damn sheets wash.’

Hinata could barely look over at him. Was he always horny? It was still a challenge of reading his emotions and thoughts. He never said anything. He just suffered with these dreams. At any rate, he had turned her on so much.


He was watching her. “Mm?”

“We can try…”

His brow lifted. “No,” he said taking the notebook. “Take your time.”

Which was code for ‘I really would but I have too much pent up energy and I’d end up fucking you until you can’t walk’ but Sasuke knew he couldn’t tell her that. Not yet.

“Come,” he said, walking out the room. “I’m hungry.”

Hinata huffed. He was sweet, honestly. Not wanting to be rough with her but she didn’t know how to tell him that she’s into all of that.

Never Grow Up - 5


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff and language. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: i’m almost done with this series. like 3 more chapters!


Ella had graduated from high school at the top of class. Natalie and Sebastian couldn’t have been more proud of her.

She had gotten a job for the summer until it was time to leave to the other side of the coast. Sebastian wasn’t all too happy about his daughter being obsessed with the West Coast as he had lived on the East Coast almost his entire life. Teasing aside, he was glad that she had found a university she wanted to attend even if he had to get on a plane to go visit her.

He’d do anything for Ella.

Summer ended sooner than Sebastian expected and he helping Ella load some of the last things she was having shipped to her campus.

“I wish I could go with you two but I have to do some things with Nick for his freshman year.” Natalie frowned. “Curse him and his love for American football.”

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thing i just thought of that i might need to write fic about: there has to be an actual like ‘we’re a real bakery’ front office or something 

like you can’t just plop a warehouse with men rolling round rum barrels and be like ‘no it’s fine we bought a sign with the word bread in it hahaha no one will ever know’ that’s toddler level 

especially before tommy comes and pays the police off like they never got raided when they’re practically daring someone to check them out ok hun

so in my head the distillery is in the basement but upstairs there’s an actual warehouse with grain and stuff in it and a woman at a desk like ah yes it is i, the bakery lady, look at all these…baking supplies

it’s her job to keep the image up and run interference

she strategically places a fresh loaf of bread on her desk every morning instead of fresh flowers

no one ever uses the break room bc it’s not a real office so just actually spends her day baking and constantly jokes about i’m the only one doing any real work around here!!! as she sits with her feet up on the desk eating fresh cookies and reading a magazine

mid-conversation with a civvie there’s the sound of an explosion underfoot and the guys like !?!?!?!?! and she’s like oh those damn ovens playing up again we’ll be cleaning dough from the rafters for days

then she goes downstairs and bollocks 50 middle aged men for making her have to work so hard like get your shit together boys we have an image to keep and obviously swipes a bottle on her way out and alfie’s just like welp back to work lads, you heard the lady

Thinking out loud


Bill Jr. and his thoughts.
Some eavesdropping.
One bad joke.
And ending with f-word.

I’m sorry if my grammar and/or spelling sucks. English is not my native. 

Dana is in complete remission, day three. It’s still hard to believe. I’m happy. I’m beyond happy and I know should question God’s work, but you see, ever since she started preschool, Dana made me question everything. So here I am, on my way to hospital, thinking about who healed my baby sister. Was it God? Or was it that damn thing her partner made her put under her skin. Her partner…

Mom says I shouldn’t be so harsh on Fox. Mom is a fan of his, although I have no idea why. What kind of name is that?! Fox?! He was ‘’agent Dana works with’’, then he was ‘’agent Mulder’’ and then she goes missing and suddenly he’s part of the family! Raven, that’s more suitable since nothing good can happen if he’s around.

- One thing, I said to my mother this morning before I left for hospital, name one good thing that happened since she became his partner.

- Bill, it’s her life. Dana is grown up, you know. I know you’re only trying to protect her, and she knows it too, but she’s living her life and you need to respect that.

I kissed my mother goodbye without saying anything. She was telling the truth, but she didn’t answer my question.

- He took it hard when she was missing, you know, Melissa once said. No shit, sis. Because it was a real joy ride for the rest of us.

- He blamed himself, mom added. Well, good. He should. If she stayed in Quantico it wouldn’t have happened. Her cancer, Melissa’s death, none of that.

I remember when I first saw that SOB. Melissa’s funeral. I still don’t know how mom survived that. Charlie was devastated, but he was trying so hard not to break for mom. And mom… Mom, she was trying not to break for all of us. Charlie cried in bathroom, mom cried in the kitchen. I was pretending I don’t hear their sobs. Me, well I cried when I was alone with Tara. But Dana, she remained stone cold.

Melissa’s death was an accident. They were trying to kill me, she was on the wrong place in the wrong time. We’ve gathered some evidence. The gun was left on the scene… I will find who did it, I need you to know that. All of you, I need you to know that I will find who did it. Dana said that and she was gone.

Next time we saw her, it was on the day of funeral. Dressed in black, pale. But stoic. Almost like she was on duty. After the service, she talked to her boss, the tall, bold guy. She then excused herself and she went to the guy standing away from us, away from the crowd. He could see everything from that spot, he could see her, but he was far enough no one would notice him. So she walks towards him and he’s not making a move. When she finally gets to him, his arm is around her shoulder, almost in second. I see Dana bows her head, but then he’s positioning himself and his back is all I see. He wasn’t really hugging her but somehow it was like they became one person. Before I could even ask, mom spoke to me:

- That’s Fox, Dana’s partner.

I’m not sure how, but somehow he knew we talked about him, so he looks up, still holding Dana, and he meets my mother’s gaze. Mom nods and takes my hand:

- Come on, Bill. She’ll be here in a minute.

And few minutes later, Dana’s back. Her eyes were just a little bit red. She hugs mom and I turn around but the guy is gone.

I never saw him again until mom called me to inform me Dana’s in the hospital. But just because I didn’t see him, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. On every birthday party, every holiday, every family dinner.

’Dana called, she can’t make it. She and Fox are on the case in Utah.’’

‘’Dana said she’s sorry, but she’s still in Chicago, Fox was injured on the case, so she’s staying there until he’s discharged from the hospital.’’

,,Dana and Fox are in the quarantine, she won’t be home for Thanksgiving. But we can call her!’’

She starts working with him and suddenly Charles is no longer the missing Scully. So yes, I don’t like the guy. But honestly, can you blame me?

Ten minutes before visiting hours start and I’m almost there. Two more days and she’s out the hospital. One more month until she’s back on the field. In theory, that is. When her doctor said that, her boss chuckled, Dana smiled at him and he shakes his head. I guess will be lucky if she stays home at least for two weeks. As I get close to her room, I hear her giggle. Last time I heard that sound, she was a college freshman. Then she giggles again and I do what every brother would: I come close to the door and I listen.

- Mulder, no.

- Scully, read the file. That house is haunted.

- Haunted houses exist only in novels. And movies inspired by those novels.

- True, but Shirley Jackson must have had some sources that inspired her to write her novel.

- Really, Mulder? The Haunting of Hill House?

- What? It’s a classic.

- Yes, but it’s a fiction.

- Fine, but I’m telling you, every Christmas two bodies show up near that house. Maurice and Lyda take two lives and they will do it again this year.

- Mulder, Christmas is in two months.

- I know, I’m gonna try and stop them before that.

- And how are you planing to do that? Are you gonna call Ghostbusters?

Good one, Dana. Kind of predictable, but still nice one.

- Ha-ha. Funny. Here, I brought you some nice food.

- Mulder, is this that Monte Cristo thing you eat on Friday?

- Yep, fresh from the that place next to the office.

- Muldeeeer…

Well, the whining thing is new.

- What? We love that place!

- We do, but only you love this!

- Doctor said you need calories, so eat that.

- He said calories, not heart attack, Mulder. I can see the headlines in medical journals: miracle remission – death by cholesterol.

And then everything goes quiet. It feels like the silence is gonna lasts forever. But then I hear the papers being shuffled and Dana speaks again.

- Mulder.

- You’re right. I wasn’t thinking about it. I could go and get you something else.

- Stop, Mulder. Don’t do that.

More shuffle.

- Mulder please. It was a joke. A bad one. Give me back my sandwich.

- I wasn’t thinking, don’t… You don’t even like that.

- It’s ok, really. It was a joke. I’m sorry. Please. Sit down, give me that sandwich. Tell me a story about those ghosts. I like good entertainment with the meal. Come on. Show me your best.

- Scully…

- Maurice and Lyda, right?

- Yeah. Yeah, Maurice and Lyda. Ok. It was Christmas, 1917. Try to imagine, Scully. It was the time of dark, dark despair…

Oh for fucks sake. I’m coming in!

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After the scene of alex introducing maggie where maggie's basically hiding behind alex shoulder, my headcannon is that maggie decides to actually let alex take care of her, she could be a bad ass but she just let alex take this role in their relationship, alex is the one that takes the lead (at least outside the bedroom lol), I bet she even let alex call her princess 😉

Oh yes, she absolutely does yes yes yes yes I am here for this so hard (Alex takes care of her in so many of my fics because it’s just so damn important like wow).

I am not here for yet another person taking away Caitlin’s decisions. She explicitly stated that she and I quote “would rather die than become killer frost” because she didn’t want to loose her humanity, she didn’t want to loose the parts of herself that make her Caitlin. She has spent the whole of the season trying her hardest to avoid that, to try and get rid of her powers and when it came down to it they should have let her go when she was still herself. Instead we got Julian taking away everything that she worked so damn hard to protect and it was selfish and I am not going to justify the decision he made. He has now put everyone else in danger because he didn’t respect her wishes. He hasn’t even known her that long and he suddenly gets to make decisions for her? This is bullsh*t! Cisco has known her longer, has a deeper connection to her, was visibly very distraught yet he still respected her decision, he still respected what she wanted.

I hate that they have used Caitlin as a pawn for yet another love interest - one I didn’t ask for nor do I want. I didn’t want Caitlin to die at all but she deserves so much better than this! She deserves to be listened to and to be heard yet whenever she voices how she feels it gets blatantly ignored. Every season they insist on giving Caitlin a love interest and every time it screws it up, every time her storyline is defined by that and I am so mad. Julian didn’t wake up Caitlin Snow he set Killer Frost free and I am so mad, she didn’t consent to this but once again the CW are proving that consent and how people feel clearly isn’t important to them. My faves deserves better than this.

Running Out

In a State, Lachrimae, Someone Else

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 475

Warnings: Angst.

A/N: Part 4 to In a State. I know this is short but I wanted to get this part out of the way so I could write the next 2 freely. I’m not going to be very active because of the terror attacks that happened today in the morning in the St. Peter Cathedral in Egypt. I had family over there and it’s a bit hard knowing that they were at the church and almost got killed. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Thanks for the compliments and keep them coming.

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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Roman Reigns/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Ohhhhhhhh @tox-ambrose and I are terrible people who spend most of our days musing about huge buff dudes being super awkward and shy around their crushes. A little change of pace for Thirst Party Saturday, but hopefully enjoyable all the same! Tagging @hardcorewwetrash for the Thirsty Crew!

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Wow. Thanks for letting me know, heart.

Takes place after the retreat in which Jesse notices more about Beca than Beca notices about Beca.

“Don’t you think it’s a little weird that you couldn’t tell Chloe about the internship but it was so easy to tell me?”

Beca scoffed. Was it weird? No, of course not. Chloe is so damn focused on the Bellas and it would have been really freaking hard to tell her after – I dunno – not telling her for months on end? She would totally flip, and then she’d do that face that Beca can’t stand. We all know the one.

“Uh, no? You’re my boyfriend, Jess,”

“Am I?”

Beca slowly discovers her newfound feelings for a fellow Bella. 

My first Fic on AO3, here! Chapter 1/???