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After the scene of alex introducing maggie where maggie's basically hiding behind alex shoulder, my headcannon is that maggie decides to actually let alex take care of her, she could be a bad ass but she just let alex take this role in their relationship, alex is the one that takes the lead (at least outside the bedroom lol), I bet she even let alex call her princess 😉

Oh yes, she absolutely does yes yes yes yes I am here for this so hard (Alex takes care of her in so many of my fics because it’s just so damn important like wow).

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my buddy my pal if u don't want people shipping supergirl and that brunette chick maybe u shouldn't parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu like wow. just a thought there kiddo but saying 'don't ship a parallel with steggy!' is yikes. maybe pay more attention to the point of the scenes ur giffing?

Oh boy I don’t even know where to start with this one… listen.. sweetie… clearly you don’t even go here so welcome to my blog, let me and my aro ass explain to you a few things.

First off, I do not ship Supergirl and “that brunette chick” because “that brunette chick” is her sister. And I am not going to be okay with people shipping siblings together romantically/sexually, that is a Hard No for me. Like I’m not going to go out and tell other people they aren’t allowed to ship them, but it is perfectly within my rights to express in the tags of my own damn gifset that I would prefer not to see tags about the two of them as a romantic ship in the reblogs. And I mentioned it in my own tags knowing full well that that is going to have absolutely no effect on anyone else’s behavior and interactions with my post and that’s fine, 90% of the time my tags are just me talking to myself

(plus literally the only things I said to that effect were “#but please… i am begging you all… please No Romo in the tags pLEASE it’s all i ask” and “#i would like to thank not only rao but also kara ‘alien jesus’ zor-el for the minimal romo in the tags of this post” which is not even referring to the specific ship at all??? it could be interpreted as just a general repulsion to romance, which, what do you know, is basically the foundation of my blog and therefore should not be surprising to most of the people who would even see those tags??)

And speaking of my general distaste for romance… here is a RADICAL #Concept:


How many times to I have to fucking yell this into the void??? Being in capital L, Romantic Love™ is not The Closest two human beings can ever possibly get. There isn’t some scale of interpersonal relationships where familial love trumps friendship or something and romantic love trumps everything else.

This is a huge problem in society in general. Romantic relationships are valued more highly over almost any other type of connection, and if you lack that romantic connection, then you and your life are viewed as incomplete. The idea that two people are “just friends” vs “something ~more~” is fucking terrible, like there should be nothing “just” about being friends, being “just friends” should not be viewed as a consolation prize or a stepping stone to something ~more meaningful~ (i.e. romantic). Your familial/parent-child/sibling relationships shouldn’t be viewed as training wheels for the eventual Real (Romantic) Relationships / “”“’'True Love”“”“’. “True (Romantic) Love” is NOT inherently more meaningful than the love between two friends or between sisters or between me and my fucking pet cat.

So the implications of you saying “maybe u shouldn’t parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu” are fucking TERRIBLE like wow, just a thought there kiddo, but essentially saying “this highly emotional and heartbreaking scene MUST be indicative of romantic love and there is no way anything but a romantic ship could possibly have a goodbye as heartbreaking as my otp because the only interpersonal connection that is strong enough to cause that much heartbreak is a romantic one” is yikes. It’s one of the things I hate most in the world (and specifically in fiction/media and fandom — this happens a lot when two siblings have a strong bond, somehow people always start shipping them together romantically because society has trained us to automatically read strong emotional bonds like that as being romantic).

(Okay shit this is getting long so the rest is going to be under the cut because I am not even CLOSE to being finished, my guy)

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ok so i ship damn near everything but i am totally here for canon!arthian (arthur/mithian) and canon!merthian (merlin/mithian) too

HEAR ME OUT: this drop-dead gorgeous gal shows up and naturally, arthur’s like holy shit i am so unworthy aren’t we all arthur but tries so hard to be a smooth operator, but mithian’s leagues ahead of him. her flirt game is strong. she’s prepared to win his heart for the sake of uniting their kingdoms aka let arthur think he’s being absolutely charming–but the thing is? 

mithian genuinely thinks arthur is adorable. his fail!attempts at seducing her or romancing her, and the fact that this happening, she can clearly see him. she knows arthur is awkward as fuck and when he’s being a pain, and it doesn’t deter her. that was SOLID chemistry between them i will fight u okay

and THEN, there’s merlin. a nobody servant, not even the person mithian should be paying attention to, but she notices merlin. she notices the influence merlin has to arthur and points that out to merlin, tries to charm him. tries to flatter him a little. tries to get on his good side. mithian COMMENTS on the mistreat of merlin, even if it seems playful at the time, she really does care about what’s happening to him. she’s a goddamn princess and the heir to a whole kingdom–why the hell should she care about a lowly servant? BECAUSE MERLIN’S IMPORTANT. HE HAS IMPORTANCE. SHE CAN SEE THAT.

AND THEN, we get into s5. by then, merlin and mithian are comfortable with each other (i was screaming internally at merlin leading her trembling and crying in front of arthur and gwen–any servant could have walked her, hell, gaius is the physician and more of a fatherly figure, BUT IT WAS MERLIN. I THINK THAT’S AN INDICATOR THAT SHES COMFORTABLE WITH HIM.) mithian comes to merlin, or rather tries to, about old!morgana–she trusted HIM, she tried to TELL him. she feels guilty as fuck for him getting the head-wound. IM JUST SAYING BUT IM LOVING THEIR FEELS TOO.

title: minor insecurities
fandom: miraculous ladybug
summary:  Ladybug is desperate to keep her personal life separate from her crime-fighting partner, but its hard sometimes. There’s so much more behind the mask than a simple identity.
notes: this isn’t even good i am so sorry.

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“Your hair is longer now.”

Instinctively, Ladybug reaches up to touch the ends of her pigtail. She doesn’t have to reach back very far, Chat is right. The ends drape over her black-spotted shoulder.  Her fingers run through them measuredly and then she turns to glance at him.

“What about it?” she asks, confused by his sudden turn in topic.

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More Claymore fanart, this time an Awakened Jean.

Pretty straightforward process, albeit with a bunch of random detail. The tears going into the crevice I added as a joke. I didn’t pay much regard to how much sence the shading made, in fact some of it I sort of made a bit like an obelisk effect just to make it more strange. Obviously I am channeling my inner HR Giger here, though I didn’t use any images of his as a reference.

Jean was one of my favourite characters in Claymore, and in particular her awakening while being tortured by Riful was one of the more well handled sequences in my opinion. She has one of the more interesting Awakened forms, albeit one that doesn’t do anything. It was hard finding reference images for it and I must admit I have only read the manga so i had no damn idea what colour it was meant to be and all the photos of the anime seem to be different due to the contrast heavy lighting. So I chose a sort ofmix of skintone and brown, for no particular reason.  

Dead of Night - Harry Styles

Anonymous requested: “hi i really like your writing and i was wondering if you could do a harry one shot where he wakes you up at 2am because he is horny and hard and because of that he cant sleep so he asks you to fix it

A.N. I had analytic geometry homework and an english project like damn I’ve only been at school for two days and I still am not done. Sorry it’s short but it’s something. xo


She looks so peaceful, lying here with one arm under her head and the other over her stomach. Her hair is still tied in her braid she puts up when she takes a shower at night. The candle she left burning is flickering it’s light on her face. The sheets are pulled up to her pelvic bone, her skin peeking through the sheets and comforter. I had to of been staring at her for over fifteen minutes, wondering if I should wake her up or not.

{Y/N} is one who tends to sleep with her mouth open, on her side. Which means she also fidgets and moves around constantly in her sleep. Her ass practically digs into my crotch without even taking a minute to know she is. I rub my hand over her hips when she turns towards me, snaking her legs between mine. I’d slide my hand over her chest and stuff my face into her hair. Snuggling her body closely because she won’t notice that I’m making her snuggle with me.

The clock had changed from one fifteen to two o’clock. I should have woken her up as soon as I woke up and told her. It’s not like it’s gone away, this itching - burning - growing sensation for {Y/N}. I’m fucking amazed she hasn’t felt me so pressed up to her - too close. When I felt her naked body against mine around one in the morning. I barely remembered where I had thrown our clothes; where in the room they are now.

It’s like when you first have sex either you’re going to want more or not. Then once you start having sex right after or a few years or so after - you want it more than anything. With {Y/N} the first time we had sex all I wanted was more of her. I rubbed her thigh which made her scoot closer into me, her face in my peck. I wondered by now if she were even asleep anymore.

I let out the heaviest breath, staying on my back and sinking deeper into my two pillows. Her arm was draped over me and her legs were over my stomach for how curled up she is. I stoked her hair still she began moving her legs as if her leg itched.

“Wake up.” I whispered, shaking her arm just slightly. “{Y/N}, are you awake?” I almost moaned, tightening my grip around her waist.  It took another few minutes to wake her up, shaking her a little to arouse her.

“Why am I being shaken awake at two-thirty Harry?” {Y/N} rubbed the inner corners of her eyelids, turning the lamp on her side on. “Harry..?” She turned to me, looking at me up and down with a small smile knit to her face. “Hmm.” {Y/N} hummed loudly, getting even closer to me, leaving no space between us.

I didn’t bother to say anything, I only stared at her - into her damn gorgeous eyes. I had my arm behind her head. She laid on her stomach, her arm slipping over my chest and down to my crotch. {Y/N} pressed kisses to my nipples, scratching her nails to my chest.

“How long have you been sitting here, with a boner and just staring into space?” {Y/N} laughed, sitting up and grabbing a hair band to tie her hair up. I only watched her, letting myself relax hearing her words and seeing her awake.
Without a notion or comment she tugged on my cock, the pad of her index finger pressing hard to my tip. I groaned in so much appreciation that I got that sharp feeling around my heart. I raised my hips slowly, feeling her one knee on each of my sides, pressed against my skin. Her hand was firm but not as if her hand wasn’t smooth. I arched my head into my blue pillow case, firmling letting whatever words that left my lips, slip out.

“Baby, your sleepy voice is much sexier than people interpret when they don’t know you. Those crazy women or girls - whatever - on the internet always say you would have this deep groggy voice but no.” {Y/N}’s hand moved quickly, moving the pre-sum around all over. “Your tired voice is like the sexiest voice someone could hear, dripping with contentment. Besides the fact you haven’t slept in a few hours.” Her voice was working quickly, trying to get all the words out.

“{Y/N}…” I groaned, pulling on her leg, not even trying to look up just letting her speak to me, do me.

Her lips touched my tip, not bothering to stay in one place. “Do you know how red and stubborn your cock looks?” {Y/N} giggled, kisses were being pressed to every inch of my cock and balls. Her naked body was practically attached to my lower body.

“Stop kissing my cock, do something more.” I howled, gripping both of her thighs tightly, pulling me closer to me.

{Y/N}’s lips touched my cock, just sitting in front of me with her lips puckered on my super swollen tip. Her right hand was attached to my cock and her left was connected to my chest, nails almost digging into my skin. I could feel her deep breaths coming onto my cock, her nails leaving what I like to call, ‘enjoyment scars.’ I moved my hips up fast and hard, hitting my balls against her entrance - receiving one of the most beautiful moans I’ve ever heard.

“Harold, don’t.” She hissed, not exactly making herself clear. She only grinded her hips against mine hard in return. Her mouth was basically glued to my cock, sucking me harder and tighter. {Y/N}’s hand fondled with my balls, tracing the veins on my lower cock.

I could hear my own heart beating almost, my hips moving automatically to the breaths she took. Her hands were glued to my hips, holding me down with all the strength she held at three in the morning. I didn’t have the time to stop clutching the sheets, trying not to pull on her hair or giving her scars. I could hear, sense her moans on my cock and clouding my hearing.

“{Y/N} suck harder.” I groaned through my teeth.

She listened, sucking harder than I had felt. {Y/N}’s forehead touched my abdomen as my whole cock slid into her mouth which felt more amazing than words. Her lips sucked eagerly and I wasn’t thinking about how this usually went. I was only thinking about what was happening right now. {Y/N} nibbled a bit which sent me spinning. I twitched in her mouth and that was it, she swallowed as I very slowly recovered from this event.

“I thought,” I took a deep breath trying not to sound too out of breath, vulnerable and desperate. “I thought you didn’t like swallowing cum?” I was half joking.

“The sodium levels of cum could kill me.” {Y/N} sighed, lying directly on top of me.

1. Xiumin

*And here I thought this was my own life…*

2. Luhan

“What’s wrong with her being foreign?!”

3. Kris

“Hey…uuh…let me just elaborate…I am Chinese, who lived in Canada, then went to work in Korea…so where is the problem with having a foreign girlfriend?”

4. Suho

“I was hoping we’d all get along…”

5. Lay

“Oh, sorry, what? Can’t hear you over how awesome my girlfriend is…”

6. Baekhyun

“Wait, you should be happy! I am learning a new language!”

7. Chen

“Are you the one dating her? No! So it’s not your problem, right?”

8. Chanyeol

“Wait, mom, why are you like this? Dad will back me up on that one, right?….Right?….Dad….”

*feeling betrayed*

9. D.O.

“And what happened with ‘be open-minded, Kyungsoo’?…I thought so…”

10. Tao

“No, no, you’re doing the supporting-thing wrong. You’re supposed to say 'That’s amazing, son!’ and 'Good job!’…”

11. Kai

“Of course I’m going to listen to you….not.”

12. Sehun

“OK, that didn’t go the way I expected it to…”


I hope you liked that, wooo

aight fandom time to talk

so, you all probably know that Johnny, appeared in J-Min’s new MV,  ‘Ready For Your Love’ which personally made me super happy bc 1. johnny and 2. j-min finally got a comeback. 

However, as I was scrolling down the comments of the video, everyone was talking about Johnny, and only a very few about J-Min. No, I am not saying that you shouldn’t cheer for him bc he slayed me hard tbh but don’t forget that this is J-Min’s comeback, she and her fans waited for so damn long. I also saw some comments saying “where are my nct stans at” and it honestly reminded me of “are any armys here” so please, I’m pleading you, do not ruin our fandom’s image. I know you are happy, I am really happy too and I know that you are not doing it on purpose of course but be careful with what you are saying.

Most important of all, DO NOT fucking say “the mv would be a flop without Johnny oppar in it, J-Min sucks anyways, oppar is daebak” because honestly, its sick af and dont forget that they are both SM artists, imagine how awkward Johnny would feel around her if they saw those comments. 

So anyways, pls support J-Min and stream the song and buy it digitally if you can and drool over how beautiful johnny is anticipate for johnny’s debut as well!

so this girl brought her brother in and was like “yeah haha my mom wanted me to go to the barber he usually goes to but i just came here instead!”

which is kind of annoying bc i am not a barber nor do i have the same tools barbers have + i am not allowed to use a straight razor

BUT LEMME SAY…… i did a pretty damn good job regardless… i made the fade as smooth as possible and lined him up and TBH worked very hard on his cut. it looked good

it’s funny bc it really reminded me of how far i’ve come as a stylist – every trick i utilized in doing this kids hair i never learned in hair school & have picked up from being in the industry the last few years. and if i’d made an attempt to do that cut 3 years ago? that kids mom would have been PISSED cuz i didn’t know how do anything but a very basic clipper cut

and again i’m no barber but we (hairstylists) definitely borrow tricks from barbers bc barbers are extremely good at what they do, and it was p cool that i had enough experience to pull that off