i am having way too much fun right now

social media sentence starters.

“ are you stalking that guy’s/girl’s twitter again? ”
“ i really want to upload these pictures to instagram. ”
“ my instagram pictures are all in black and white. it’s my aesthetic. ”
“ hey, do you want to follow me on twitter? ”
“ i stalk my favorite celebrities on their twitter’s, don’t judge me. ”
“ do you want to follow me on my tumblr? ”
“ i added you on facebook, how come you didn’t add me? ”
“ my tumblr blog sucks, but that’s okay, so do i. ”
“ you seriously update your status too much. ”
“ i have a facebook page, you know, if you wanna add me. ”
“ have you seen the new update for the app? it’s terrible! ”
“ are you gonna give me your kik or not? ”
“ i don’t use anything other than to talk, so. ”
“ do you want to text me sometime? ”
“ if i give you my number, are you going to text me? ”
“ facebook is for old people now, i never get on there. ”
“ follow me on instagram and i’ll follow you back. ”
“ do you remember myspace? we should bring it back. ”
“ haven’t you ever tried tumblr before? it’s pretty wicked. ”
“ i have a blog, i’m an avid blogger. ”
“ are you stuck reading in those forums again? ”
“ google literally always jumps to worse conclusions at my questions. ”
“ i think i have just been catfished. ”
“ how come you never like my pictures? not a single one? ”
“ i went through and liked all your stuff on facebook. ”
“ you want to follow me on pinterest? i love that thing so much. ”
“ i’m addicted to pinterest these days, sue me. ”
“ facebook told me to write on your wall, i did, literally. ”
“ do couples really have joint accounts on this thing? ”
“ i can’t help but stalk him/her on their twitter and facebook! ”
“ my thing to do is reblog and like stuff and watch netflix. ”
“ the internet is so much fun! why didn’t i come here a long time ago! ”
“ internet world is crazier than the real world. ”
“ i wish i had a better wifi connection right about now. ”
“ i need a new texting app to you, any ideas? ”
“ we should facetime later, i am totally up for it. ”
“ hey, facetime me real quick if you can. ”
“ stop calling me on skype, you have my number! ”
“ can you give me your skype maybe? for later? ”
“ skype won’t let me login, what the crap! ”
“ i have way too many accounts for way too many sites. ”
“ who makes a fake facebook account? isn’t that old? ”
“ snapchat me because i’m bored and need a friend! ”
“ all i do is laugh whenever i’m on snapchat. ”
“ i live for the snapchat filters! ”

*excited screech*

It’s time for Elek to get all sappy ;w; and DAMMIT I MISSED THE NUMBER AGAIN

Everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your overwhelming support over the past year. There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am that people actually enjoy the stuff that I make, and I definitely have a lot of fun creating it too ^-^ I guess the only way to show how ecstatic I am right now is with more endless screaming lizards, because that’s only way how I can describe how I feel at the moment ( ゚ヮ゚) I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me and wanted to say thank you again for sticking around for the dragons, reptiles, comics, OC garbage, awful memes, or whatever it is that piques your interest here! I crai everytiem ಥ_ಥ

Because I can never say it enough, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN SO MUCH!!!

I’m not exactly saying that I’ve been spending way too much of the past 48 hours drawing a sith!Puke version of the Miike Snow Genghis Khan music video for @jellyfishfire

but I’m not saying that I haven’t either

just, you know, fair warning

Birthday thoughts....

23 years. I am so grateful to be alive wow. Life has been beautiful, ugly, overwhelming, difficult, rewarding and absolutely amazing. There’s so much more I wanna do but I could be done right now, 22 was AMAZING. I bought a house, went to the other side of the world, dated some amazing people, finally opened my heart a little haha, moved across the country, saw some amazing bands, traveled way too much, made sooooo many fun memories……. The main thing I’ve learned is life is abundant with opportunity. There’s always good in the air but you have to be open to it. There’s always a chance to have fun, succeed, connect with someone, move up in the world, grow, get better…. Take responsibility. Say yes to more things. Don’t wait for anyone to make things happen for you. This is YOUR life. Anyway I’m so thankful for how my life has gone and for everyone I’ve met and gotten to interact with. Life really is beautiful. There’s so much going on and I’m grateful for it all, id rather feel crazy pain and crazy joy than nothing at all. I’m so thankful to be alive. 23 is gonna be incredible. I had a great day today with my best friends and thank you to all the amazing people for all the sweet birthday wishes you guys are the best 😭💙 LOVE YOU!!!!!!