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Sweet Home, Louisiana Pt 1

Summary: Owing the Winchesters a debt, the reader finds herself harboring a vampire friend of Dean’s, but he isn’t the only one who has to worry about being hunted.

Word Count: 2206

Warning: None.

Author’s Note: Hello my pretties! I return, and this time have a SERIES for you! This has long been in the works and I am so excited to be writing our favorite vampire again. Please tell me what you think with your feedback as you follow along this story; I would love to know your opinions!

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The moment you heard Dean Winchester’s deep, gruff voice on the other end of the phone, you knew you were in for some trouble. As the saying goes, nothing good comes from a Winchester. It wasn’t entirely untrue. Ill fortune seemed to follow them wherever they went, and most often than not the fate of anyone who got close to them was not a pleasant one. You couldn’t say you were thrilled to receive the phone call. Their name was quite well known to you and left a bad taste in your mouth, and you weren’t exactly buddy buddy with the brothers. The only reason you had even met them was when a hunt went very wrong and they came to your rescue in the nick of time, and as luck would have it – or rather a great misfortune, you were indebted to them because of it. After finishing the hunt together, albeit hesitantly on all three sides, you parted ways but not without telling them you owed them and volunteering giving them your number, and all they had to do was pick up the phone.

A year and a half have passed without any contact with them, and you had hoped they forgot your promise.

Apparently not.

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Harry looks over and sees that fierce, determined look on Malfoy’s pointy features, and he allows himself to recognise, in that moment, how much he really, really does want him, how much he wants to back him up against the railing and tangle his fingers through that snow filled hair and kiss him. But he can’t do that, so he says, “I think it was brave of you to leave home. Maybe I had it wrong, about you running away.”

i was looking for fic recs and wonkymythology sent me some Good Drarry and now i’m having trouble reconciling my ten year old self who hated draco with the person i apparently am now, who almost cried on the bus this morning about “here’s the pencil, make it work”. just take this from me. don’t look in my direction.

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Could you recommend some Avengers smut n fluff blogs I'm having trouble finding some really good ones? 👀

alright, baby. I got you. 

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I am sure I can think of more but I can’t remember… Sorry if I forgot anyone!! those that wanna give themselves a shoutout, just reblog and tag yourself. I’ll totally check you guys out.  

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Hiccstrid we have the same luggage and didn’t check the tags before we left so i’m calling you to exchange suitcases (and you also had some interesting things in your bag so i’m excited to meet you) au

I tried.  This was the one airport au that I didn’t have an idea for right off the bat, but I hope it’s alright.  


“Hello?”  Astrid frowns at the commotion on the other end of the line, checking the number she dialed with the one on the luggage tag again.  They’re the same and she speaks a little louder, “Hi is this…” she can’t quite read the name on the tag, the handwriting is messy and small and she focuses on the slightly clearer last name, “is this Mr. Haddock?” 

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