i am having so much fun watching this series


lil conversations part one of four {S.M}

non-requested// a text au series of cute conversations with Shawn

author’s note// had this idea watching friends and yanno i like it!! every once in a while i will post one of these!! not often, but every once in a while :)) request what the next lil conversation should be about. 


happy new year everyone!! i am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life, and I hope you all celebrate and have so much fun. i love you!

Here you go, Jack.


I also want to say that this is my most favorite Let’s play I have ever watched in my life so far.
So much feelings, but so much fun, too.
How much I loved the long evenings, watching this emotional series, wrapped up in my blankets with a load of snacks and tea, and I am so glad I could experience it with Jack.
I will miss it a lot and I am so glad we had this journey.
It will stay in my heart. Forever.

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I've started watching kakuranger and am enjoying every minute of it but IDK if it's just me but I get a very 60s Batman the TV show from it which just makes it better

It is a highly campy series with lots of broad, physical humor and the occasional (ok, more than occasional) pun or cultural joke.  The characters are very broadly written to have defined personalities and foibles

 while the villains are just over the top cackling baddies with obvious plans. 

The comparison to Batman ‘66 is pretty apt!

Heck, there’s even the over eager narrator letting us know little things we could have figured out ourselves.

And one ridiculously obvious villain hangout!

I am really glad people are watching Ninja Sentai Kakuranger now.  It’s so much fun and one of the best of its era.  

Mighty Long Fall [6]

Hey guys. I don’t really have much to say (not much energy to say anything due to personal reasons) other than I’m really glad you guys are enjoying this and every other series I’ve been putting out. It means a lot that you guys are having as much fun with them as I am. :D So here is the next chapter.


It had been a week and every day since Dabi had walked you home and forced you to lie down on your couch, you had been feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper and deeper into a hole you didn’t want to fall into. It made you nervous and sweat and you often found yourself spacing out as you thought about the complications this could have. But also, the sweet and delicious rewards.

You shook your head and focused on the present, on the line you stood in for coffee, on the fact that this was your first day in the new office and you had offered to get coffee for everyone to bring up their spirits. Focus. Focus.

“You okay, sweets?” The voice came from behind you, from a young blonde woman. Her hair was carefully pinned up in a bun with wisps and curls falling to frame her face. She had wide, almost innocent, bright blue eyes under a straight cut fringe and a smile that made you shiver unpleasantly.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you answered as the chills passed. Her smile grew. It reminded you of the Cheshire cat; all knowing secrets and dastardly cunning. It scared you more than her first smile.

She asked you for your name, your last name, and your eyes flickered up to hers in astonishment. “You can call me Himiko,” she said, “I uh…think I’m your new boss. Pretty sure, anyway. I’m so glad to know I’m gonna be workin’ with such doll.”

‘Doll’ made you blush and you were only slightly ashamed. “Ms. Himiko—”

“Oh no, no, no!” Her voice pitched on the last word and popped like a bubble. She looped her arm through yours and locked her hand around your bicep. You couldn’t help but feel a little trapped. “No, hun, you must call me Himiko. Just Himiko. I insist.” She rolled her lips together as the two of you stepped forward in line. “If we’re gonna be workin’ so close together, we gotta be a little less formal with each other, ya know? You can be a little sweet, I really don’t mind,” she purred.

Another voice called your name: gruff, clipped, and burning through the air. You looked over your’s and Himiko’s shoulders at the man walking into the shop. He was bundled up today, a black scarf tucked tight around his neck with a plain white face mask covering his mouth.

Himiko’s face split into that sleazy and slow grin. “Dabi baby.”

“You know each other?” you blurted. Himiko turned the two of you around, forcing you to stumble over your own feet and crash into her. She steadied you with a hand low on your back, her fingers still locked around your arm.

“Oh Dabi and I go way back,” Himiko cooed. She tilted her head onto your shoulder, lips brushing your ear. “How do you know him, doll?”

“We’re friends,” Dabi answered for you. His hands were shoved in his pants pockets but you could see them curl into fists. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Hey, Hitoshi, stop messing with the thermostat!” a barista called behind you. His voice faded into the background of the coffee shop as he apologized to the customer before you. “It’s colder than an ice chest!”

“I didn’t mess with anything!” someone else called back. The heavy steps of the barista came back. You heard him reach over the counter and change the radio station, interrupting the reporter giving a story about a serial arsonist to a calming news station. He apologized again. The customer brushed it off.

You released a slow breath and watched it cloud in front of your face. You could feel Himiko grin against your ear. “Just getting’ to know my new coworker, hun,” Himiko answerd. She pouted and pulled her head away from your shoulder. “I dunno, you sound a little jealous to me, baby.”

The temperature rose and Dabi looked away. Himiko drummed her fingers against your arm and turned you back towards the counter. “You know Dabi?” you asked again. Your face warmed even more as you spoke his name. You heard his heavy footsteps stop right behind you but didn’t dare turn around.

“Mhmm,” Himiko hummed, “We share very similar interests.” Her gaze lingered on your face before she glanced back between you two. “Don’t we?”

Dabi didn’t answer.

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So I've been reading the fandom's reviews on RTTE, and everyone's reviews seems really mixed. Some people acknowledge the problems, but like it over all, but a lot of people seem to really hate it. What do you think? Is it worth the watch?




While I understand nothing is perfect, that doesn’t mean the show is bad or that you’re going to hate it. Sometimes griping just makes people too hyperaware of faults when there’s so much good to be enjoyed. For frankly, I ***LOVED*** Race to the Edge’s first thirteen episodes. Best all-nighter I’ve done in my life.

For people who want to know the good, the bad, and the beautiful without spoilers, here you go:

The Bad:

  • Essentially no Hiccstrid (but there will be, believe me, they’re leading up to it. Art and Doug KNOW and explicitly have said all the fans want Hiccstrid and that they’re writing the story of their romance developing; it’s just not in the first 13 episodes).
  • Not a lot of butt-kicking Astrid moments.
  • About the same amount of sexism you see in Riders and Defenders of Berk.
  • Some very minor continuity/canon errors (Changewings disappearing in the sky or Hiccup saying Berk has no official crest, things like that).
  • Not all the episodes are dramatic conflicts with Dagur; some episodes are more low-key.
  • You don’t get to meet Adelaide Kane’s character or tribe yet.
  • You don’t get to see Inferno yet.
  • Toothless is not centric to the story at all.
  • Stormfly does almost nothing.
  • There are three strange scientific anachronisms that shouldn’t be known for about another thousand years.

The Good:

  • The humor. Race to the Edge is completely and utterly hysterical.
  • A LOT of great character moments, development, and dialogue with Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs. I mean you get all of them a lot and they are not skimped at all. It’s really awesome to get so much of everyone interacting with each other.
  • Snotfang moments galore. An entire Snotfang episode!!!
  • Dialogue is well-written and the plots have a huge step forward from Defenders of Berk.
  • There are some reeeeeeally fun plot twists.
  • The new dragons are awesome.
  • The return of Heather, Trader Johann, Dagur, Savage, Gustav, Gothi, and David Tennant voicing Spitelout. 
  • Gothi. has. some. great. moments.
  • Dagur’s off to a great start, too!
  • Amazing Heatstrid. I didn’t even like Heatstrid but then RTTE happened and wow. It is my jam now.
  • The animation is great! There are some interesting water effects, some fun cinematographic moments, and everyone’s model has improvements over the previous Dragons series. I was especially impressed with Stoick and Gustav. People who complain “it’s not as good as movies” need to please remember that Toy Story and many other animated movies that went into theatres during our lifetimes have waaaaay worse effects than Race to the Edge. RTTE is really quite amazing for an animated television series.

The Beautiful:

  • The opening two episodes are basically perfect.
  • Have I said that RTTE is hysterical yet? I can’t decide if “Big Man on Berk” or “Reign of Fireworms” is better.
  • They basically let TJ Miller run wild with his mouth.
  • You get to see Hiccup yell, bow, and dance.
  • This might be a little spoiler-y, but incidences in one episode have me believe one of the teenagers is canonically bisexual.
  • Heather is developed into a really fascinating, complex character.
  • There will be one plot moment that will probably have you screaming into your pillow. I on my own part stopped the stream and shouted profanities at four o’clock in the morning, running around my bedroom and hallway and hoping I wouldn’t wake anyone else in the house.

Nothing is perfect. I’m not going to say Race to the Edge is perfect. I’m not going to discredit people who gripe, either (even though I personally believe that we humans should do our best to show gratitude and thankfulness for the good people have done rather than create in ourselves a personality of unsatisfiability). But I am going to encourage people to watch Race to the Edge, to support the DreamWorks Dragons franchise, to look at the good things in the tv series rather than create a community of unsatisfiable criticism (and frankly I find waaaay more good than bad in RTTE!), to speak considerately and respectfully, and to thank everyone on the team who made this awesome television series possible.

I really love what RTTE has done so far. Two big happy thumbs up from Haddock here. Me likey. Me very much likey.

If you decide to watch (and I encourage you do), go have fun!

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It's so much fun reading your reviews. I honestly wait for it everyday after watching the episode. Today's episode was great! Man, I loved that Chandini has a voice again. I would have legit given up on this series if the writers made her like she was the last week. But I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW. IT LOOKS SO GOOD. She physically pushes him back because she's so done with his shit. I love it. SHE IS ON FIRE 🔥

Hi @glitteringinthesky, you are too sweet! Sending you hugs!

Honestly, what we got today was what I’d hoped this show’d be. God knows we deserve a good episode for sticking through last week’s BS. I don’t say this often, but the writers did a wonderful job depicting Advay & Chandni’s conflict. Advay’s anger, guilt, concern, stubbornness, and Chandni’s fear, defiance, resolve and frustration– they struck the perfect balance. 

I was getting hella tired of how one-dimensional these characters had become with Advay being angry all the time and Chandni bawling her eyes out. I’m so happy Chandni’s starting to put her foot down. What’s the fun if Advay goes unchallenged? *Now* it feels like they’re evenly matched!  

I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!! Chandni shoving Advay gave me life. And Advay’s defeated reaction 😭😭😭  They better not mess this up 🙏