i am having fun with my dad's laptop

Butterfly, Fly Away

Characters, Daddy!Dean, Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Sam
Words: 1100
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is Dean’s daughter. He’s raised her pretty much alone. They get in an argument, but she soon realizes how much her dad has done for her.

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“Dad, everyone else is going,” you said, trying to convince your dad, the infamous Dean Winchester, to let you go to a party that you had been invited to by the popular kids in your high school.

           “Well, you’re not everyone. And you’re not going,” your dad said, not moving from where he sat at the table in the library. He had barely looked up from his laptop as the conversation progressed.

           “Why won’t you let me have fun?” you asked. You were the first to raise your voice. You knew that meant big trouble. But it just happened.

           And then came the look, “Fun? Sweetheart, do you understand that I went to high school parties and I know exactly what kind of ‘fun’ happens there. I am not going to let my daughter go and get hurt.”

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