i am having far too much fun with this show

Thank you all for the very kind words <3

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged and commented such sweet things on my Samurai X-cosplay, you fellow ninjago-fans are the sweetest <3

and as a bonus I thought I might share some dertails I put into the cosplay, it might have been done in about a week but I still managed to get some fun stuff in there :p

First of - the sword and sword holster - I actually based these on the lego figure, haha! and the swords are made to scale!

The next are the armor itself, dumb as I am I sat down and did research on how actual samurai-armor holds all the pieces together, and tried to follow it as much as I could (while not going too far of from the design)

this took many MANY hours to do, just trust me on this. sorry for the bad photo, it’s hard to show it (and my english isn’t near good enough to explain it)

and now to the final part - my favourite!

You can’t even see this detail with the whole helmet on, so it’s pretty stupid, but oh well;

those parts are actual electronic chips! I thought this would be a fun detail as Nya is all about tech-stuff!

Hope some of you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun putting details into this cosplay while not straying too far away from the original design!