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Witch tip: Talk to Nature

Nature isn’t just a tool that we can work to our will– forming a relationship with the surrounding nature in your area will get you much farther than simply forcing and manipulating it to do as you say.

I’m currently on vacation in the mountains, and I am having a fabulous time, and I honestly can credit that to the nature around us.

When we first arrived, I stood outside and talked to the mountains. I told them that I hoped to be of no disturbance to them (as I realize that I am an intruder in their land), and I told them that I respected their beauty and strength. I told them that I hoped to show them only kindness and respect, and, in return, I asked that they protect me and my family from any harm that may come our way on our trip.

Every day that I’ve been here, I’ve taken a few minutes to talk to the mountains. I thank them, and I tell them what I’ll be doing that day.

This honestly works wonders. When I told them that I was scared of the bugs that kept coming into my room, bugs started respecting my personal bubble. When I asked that they hold off the storms while we were kayaking, the storms didn’t start until right after our kayak trip ended. When nightmares scared me in the middle of the night, the strength of the mountains comforted me.

Be kind and respectful to the world, and it will do the same for you.


Knowledge Broker

Victo Ngai

Apologies for not posting in a while, as some of you are on Instagram already know, I moved from the Big Apple to the The Big Orange recently and have been a bit distracted by life. Here is a first commission I got after landing in LA from the first AD I ever worked with 7 years back, @sbuzelli (can’t believe it’s been 7 years already!) . Follow her to discover more fabulous and smart editorial illustrations! 

I love working with SooJin, the trust she gives her artists really brings out the best work. Every chance working with her is also an opportunity of reinvention, a playground of experiment. I tried something different with the flaming swan this time and am pretty happy with how it turned out.


this was about 2 and ¼ years ago….the night it all started….where i stopped taking pictures of everything but my head….the night i shaved my face…lotioned up…watched a tutorial did what i saw…..covered up a little more and went (by my self) to the closest bar ok with gurls like me…i didnt pay a cover fee i bought my first drink but not another one all night….never have i felt so wanted lusted after and wooed beyond flattery……that night was the deciding factor as to her incarceration…i chose to pardon her and set her free….now here i am…


     chloe colada….now Kaleesia Targaryan…..i love you all

ps….i dont know why i did this…i’m stoned and feeling deep….but so fabulous at the same time…

I want to know your Guardian, so I made this little (funny) interview.

Have fun ♥

( ps : sorry for my english, I’m a tiny french potato)


Alright Guardian, It’s interview time ! I am the Fabulous Journalist of Eel, and I have some question for you !

Let’s get starteeeed !

1) First of all, what’s your name ?

2) Are you human ? Where were you from ? From Eldarya ? From USA ? From France ? Maybe from the secret Kindom of Unicorns ?

3) If you don’t come from Eldarya, are you undergone a transformation when you arrive here ? I have a friend who lost his hair, that was terrible *sob*.

4) How old are you ? You look young *wink wink*

5) To which Guard do you belong ?

6) Do you have any skills ? Like make fire or fly ?

7) When you have free time, what do you do ? Do you sleep ? Do you train ? Do you eat ?

8) Do you have a familiar ?

9) Now, a fun question, who is your crush ? I swear that I will keep this secret for me, don’t worry ♥

10) Have you ever slept with your crush ? (just slept, little naughty)

11) Do you hate someone in Eel ? And why ?

12) Do you love me:D ♥ ?

13 ) Alright !  All good thing must come to an end  ! Do you have a last word for me ?

supermex611  asked:

You certainly leave a lot of ppl tongue tied or speechless however, I must say your witty humor that most believe is a put down is quite enjoyable the sarcasm to the comments that are dry dribble that surely have the answer in them even before asked. I just wanted to say you are gorgeous and I love your natural look and your use of makeup and the blue dress is fabulous as well as the off the shoulder peasant dress. You are very photogenic and I do enjoy watching your blog here awaiting more soon

I highly appreciate the sentiment and feel honored with the abundance of compliments you’ve paid me. It definitely does not go unnoticed.

To be honest, most times I am at my wit’s end attemtping to end my wit without appearing as a dimwit or twit. When I am stuck I just ramble and any truly witty remark that blossoms from a mind such as mine is sheer luck.

I have yet to get bored doing this blog so you can expect more pictures when I find free time. It always seems to hide from me. Most likely there will be more favoring makeup and less of the natural look styles. I just prefer the aesthetic pleasure of makeup. It’s simply too pretty to stay locked up.

I am giddy to post this.  This is a Mystrade piece I had commissioned by the fabulously talented iraya to go alongside the fanfiction I am currently working on (and that I have hinted at a few times on here): The Façade.  This piece is a companion to the sneak peek I posted a few weeks ago for Mystrade Thursday, which can be read here.

iraya still has commissions open, and the info can be found here, if anyone else is interested.  I plan on having this be the first in what I hope to be a few companion pieces for the story.  Cue excitement: rising.


Whoa, we are Trending on Tumblr again!! At the same time as Waffles and Mango, too! We are so very flattered. Thank you, thank you to all of our fabulous fans who have shown us so much love! To all our new followers: Hello and welcome!

In keeping with tradition, here is a special top hat photoshoot for all our followers. Here’s to tortle world domination!

100 Follower Giveaway

I think its a little insane that I have a 100 followers. Pretty sure that at least 90 of you fabulous people are lost. And even if you are utterly lost, I am so grateful that you some how found your way to my Chris blog. So I thought instead of a follow forever that I would do a giveaway. So here are the rules (there are always rules)

  • The giveaway ends on July 26th at 12pm Central Time (my timezone)
  • Must be following me. Do not unfollow after. Its just rude, I will more than likely block anyone who wins and unfollows after they get their prizes. 
  • Reblogs & Likes count. Don’t spam your dash. 
  • You must be willing to give me your address to receive the prizes.
  • Must be a RP Blog. Sorry, no personal blogs. 
  • It is not required to be a Teen Wolf blog, there are options for jewelry for other fandoms and I am open to other Etsy shops if the winner has another one they want to buy something from. 


  • One First Place Winner Will Receive:
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    • Follow back if I’m not already doing so.
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    • Customized Promo, submitted to them.
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    • Follow back if I’m not already doing so.
Top 12: A Runner's Advice for Writers

I’m currently in the process of two seemingly impossible tasks: I’m training for the New York Marathon (which I ran some 16 years ago), and I’m writing the second installment of my YA trilogy The Outliers (Book One comes out next year!). I’ve got sore fingers (from typing) and sore toes (from running) and there are times I want to throw my sneakers and laptop out the window.

But this weekend, as I was training, I was reminded once again how so many of the lessons I have learned from long-distance running are directly applicable to novel writing. I am not the first person to make this observation–fabulous books have been written on the subject. Nonetheless, here’s my version because I need the reminder.

So here goes:

1. Ignore people who do things differently than you. I was the only person sitting in the holding area for the hour we had to wait before the race started. Made perfect sense to me. Why tire your legs? But I did get a lot of looks. Still, it was 100% right for me and wrong apparently for everybody else. Same with writing–outline, don’t outline, listen to music, require utter silence. Wear a stupid hat. Do whatever you need to do to get the job done. It does not matter what anyone else does or what they think.

2. Don’t worry about mile 13 when you are at mile one. It’s just not helpful. Listen to the ever-so-wise Anne Lamott: Bird-By-Bird folks. It’s the only way to go.

3. The beginning will SUCK.

4. The middle will SUCK WORSE. This has no bearing on how the end will turn out.

5. Ignore people for whom it seems to come easier. Celebrate their victory. Or, if you are unable to do so, blame their longer legs, their better shoes, their years of tutelage. Baring that, convince yourself that—deep down—they are crying inside.

6. If a stranger offers you a high five en route TAKE IT. Even if it is not meant for you and they try to dodge you. You NEED all the encouragement you can get. Even that which must be taken by force.

7. Do NOT stop halfway. Do NOT stop when you are almost there. You can slow down if you need to, catch your breath. I know, I know, just a little rest is all you need that little voice in your head is saying. Trust me, that is not your voice you’re hearing, it’s the devil’s. And you have one option: RUN LIKE HELL.

8. Do not step on all those little power gel packets by the nutrition station–they will make your shoes sticky for the rest of the race. This has nothing to do with writing, but it’s true. And it’s disgusting.

9. Bribe yourself—to run one more mile, write one more sentence, work one more hour. Coffee, jelly-beans, extra TV, sleep—illicit things work well to, but I’ll leave those for you all to sort out. Bottom line: make all sorts of promises about how you will reward yourself when it is all over—then just be sure to keep them. You need to believe yourself the next time around.

10. Make sure you have someone waiting there at the end. Thinking about reaching them really is the best cure when things get seriously dark. And when you do finally get there, you’re going to need them to prop you up.

11. You will cry. At the beginning probably. Definitely near the end. Don’t panic. This is totally normal.

12. Hold tight to even the tinniest of victories. No matter what anyone else says, no matter what the future holds –those will forever be yours to keep.

Today, when I sit down to continue this manuscript, I know that the going may get tough once more. But today, I will have a secret weapon: the knowledge that I know exactly what to do if it all starts to fall apart. Run Like Hell.

The Unwritten Rules of a Frank Iero Show

I have been to a couple FIATC shows, both being fabulous but both times I have noticed some pretty cringe worthy things happen. With that said, I am here to write “THE UNWRITTEN RULES (until now) OF A FIATC SHOW”. If you are planning on going to see Frank play live or even meet him soon, it would probably be a good idea to read these.

Rule 1. Do not try to start a mosh pit. Mosh pits are fun, yes, but Frank doesn’t exactly enjoy violence. Just staying peaceful is probably  the best thing to do.
Rule 2. Do not be an asshole. Respect everyone there, because you all have something in common, you listen to FIATC. Don’t judge anyone because of their gender, sexual preferences or style. Just don’t. It will piss me off, it will piss a lot of people off, and it will piss the Cellabration off.
Rule 3. This goes hand in hand with the don’t be an ass rule. If you are waiting by the bus, please do not make a scene. While we were waiting for the Cellabration, some guy started ranting about how “he won’t fucking come out of his tour bus. If he cared about his fans he’d be out”. It may take awhile. What the man didn’t know was, that night, Frank was saving a life as well as putting away all the musical shit that was on stage. That takes a really long time. So please understand and be patient.
Rule 4. Hugs are great, but Frank has said publicly that he doesn’t enjoy hugs. Sure, hugging a family member or a close friend is nice but hugging a stranger? Imagine some random person coming up to you and asking for a hug. Say something like “are you okay with hugs? If not, that’s understandable” and you may get to hug Evan or Matt. Instead of hugs, Frank gives good handshakes.
Rule 5. My Chemical Romance is over. It was an amazing band, yes but they’re not getting back together. The guys all have their own careers. So, don’t ask Frank about if MCR is getting back together. Don’t ask any of the members! Bringing MCR records or shirts for Frank to sign is okay! That’s totally fine.
Rule 6.  This should be pretty easy to understand, but apparently it isn’t. Some people don’t understand this. I was sitting outside of Frank’s bus, waiting for him to do the meet and greet when I heard someone yell, “Does anyone ship Frerard?!” Listen, its okay to ship things, even Frerard! But don’t bring Frerard up to Frank or Gerard. Just fucking don’t. Frerard isn’t real, it never was and Frank and/or Gerard do not find the “frerard” concept entertaining. Don’t bring it up.
Rule 7. This is totally optional, but when you get gifts, you probably feel fucking great. The smile that appears on any member of the Cellabration’s face when you give them a drawing or a letter is such a sweet sight.

Rule 8. THANK THEM. thank them for giving you such a great time. Thank the band because in all honesty, I don’t know if they hear it enough. The Cellabration is an amazing group of guys who deserves to be thanked. Also, do not forget Ed. He helps out with everything and deserves more recognition.

Thank you for reading and being polite, patient and mindful not only at FIATC shows, but any show. It shows how much of a good person you are. Thank you so much.

Xo AJ.

“The Amalgamate Sir”

Another Hatfusion, this time sketched and designed by the fantastic stickyhunter! (Go follow her, her art is fabulous)
I was allowed to finish this beast so here you have it! A sort of collab which ended quite beautifully if I do say so myself!

Hm…I’m thinking this one looks more like a failed clone-thing so, instead of dubbing it the Bad Hatter like the previous monstrous fusion I myself designed, I am dubbing it the Amalgamate Sir. It certainly looks the part.

I was tagged by these beautiful people to do the 20 Beautiful People/4 Selfies/6 Selfies Challenge (I combined them!): withouthisgracedoomedbrothers, castiel-sexhair, demondeanslittlefiend, adorkablejensen, kinkywinchesters, pixiedustdeandaddyofmurder, afirecas, rosetylr, flyingwithcas, cvddlecas, cocksforcas, hearteyedsam, stardustruby, and bimeg (I think that is everyone who has tagged me…sorry if I missed anyone!). Thanks so much, loves ❤❤❤ 

These pics are from various times in my life (hence the different hair lengths lol) and feature my adorable partner in life, Ben (aka my husband) :) I almost never post my face on here, so this is a rare post for me lol. Please be kind! 

I know so many people have already done this, so I am not sure who to tag! I tag anyone who wants an excuse to post some awesome pics of themselves (not that any of you need an excuse because you’re all fabulous!).