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Hardison and his cute hat in The Future Job


Leverage OT3 Sleep Headcanons
  • As we all know, every member of the Leverage OT3 has horrible nightmares from time to time.  Hardison likes being cuddled afterwards while Eliot and Parker would rather, like, sit in silence and enjoy the comfort of the other’s presence.  Most of the time.  Only one night Eliot wakes up confused and scared and grabs at the nearest safe warm thing he can find, which happens to be Hardison.  And he just cries quietly into Hardison’s chest for a minute and Hardison has this “what the fuck is happening” look on his face, but he just goes with it.  (Parker is not sure what is happening either so she just starts petting his hair or something).  And then Eliot realizes what he’s doing and pulls back and is just like “We do not speak of this again, this does not leave this room” and tries to go back to sleep.
  • Part of the reason Eliot wants to pretend it never happened is because of the whole Eliot Thing where Eliot can never admit that he has had an emotion, and also because he doesn’t want to Burden His Innocent Partners with his Inner Darkness.  However, part of the reason is also that Eliot does not want to encourage Hardison, because…
  • …Hardison is such a sleep-cuddler.  Like, every three mornings or so Eliot wakes everyone up with a “damn it, Hardison”, because Hardison is hardcore snuggling him, like, with his face pressed into Eliot’s neck and everything.  This annoys Eliot so much, because he likes to get up early and cook breakfast for everyone before they wake up, but he can’t do that if he has to yell at his boyfriend and wake everyone up.
  • It also annoys Eliot because he is worried that if he allows Hardison to sleep-cuddle him, sooner or later, he will get the urge to sleep-cuddle him back.  Which is unacceptable, partly for Eliot Feelings reasons, but also partly because he is worried that he will involuntarily injure Hardison in his sleep, and Eliot, careful and considerate baby wooly mammoth that he is, cannot allow that to happen.
  • Hardison does not have this problem with Parker because Parker will not stay still long enough to be cuddled.  Parker is constantly moving around in her sleep and ends up in a new weird position every morning.  It is not unusual for Eliot and Hardison to wake up with Parker’s feet in their faces and at this point they just shrug and accept it.
  • Also, Parker snores.  Look, I’m only on season 2, I don’t know if this (or anything I’m writing), is contradicted by canon somehow, but.  Parker snores.  She’s this suave expert cat burglar thief and she fucking snores.  And of course she had no idea until Eliot and Hardison told her.
  • Basically Parker is the most annoying person in the world to sleep in the same bed with and she absolutely revels in it.  And once a week Eliot is like, “smh Parker if you do that one more time you are sleeping on the goddamn couch” but everyone knows he doesn’t mean it.

hardison is just. so important.

a hacker who is probably the most emotionally mature of the group. a black man who is undeniably a genius. a geek who gets the girl not because of some weird entitlement thing or because he changed, but because he’s compassionate and patient and lets her enter into things at her own pace. a child from the foster system who grew up kind and with a stable home (once he got to his nana of course). a nerd who is exceedingly charming

hardison is just. sO. IMPORTANT

Fic: Pins and Needles



Eliot gets injured doing recon for a job. The crew rushes him to the hospital, leaving their current mark to realize he was being conned.

The mark realizes his perfect opportunity to regain some leverage is simply to steal something of theirs… namely, one hitter with a broken femur laying in a hospital bed.

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s c r e a m i n g

Like, they’d learn pretty damn quickly what it feels like in their heads when Eliot has a concussion, what it feels like when he’s been knocked out and they need to go rescue him (which, okay, has happened, like, once, in the entire time they’ve been connected, but still.) It was terrifying at first, because lbr concussions do not feel great, and being knocked out is like a concussion combined with a bad trip for Eliot.

But they’ve never felt the complete and utter panic they felt when Eliot is just… gone. They’re both stuck on the same thing, obvs. That Eliot is dead, that they had failed at protecting him, that if the telepathy couldn’t tell them when he needed them then what fucking good was it?

And like. They race to the last place they knew Eliot was, because fuck. Fuck. They can at least- They can’t give him a proper burial, but they can… do something. Except he’s not there.

Hardison has never been so glad for sticking a tracker in everyone’s shoes than he is right then.

So they find him, fight their way through a bunch of Bad Guys, because it’s for Eliot, so obvs they are desperate and ruthless enough to just. Cut a path through them, figuratively.

And they’re finally at the room his body’s in, and they both pause outside the door because neither of them knows if they can do this. They’ve been holding the panic at bay by like. Concentrating on getting to him. But now that they’re almost there… Parker looks like she’s about to cry, and Hardison is kinda shaky. And finally, they’re like, we have to go in and they force themselves to open the door.

Eliot is strapped down to a chair, and drugged to the gills, but very, very obviously alive. Just… not conscious.

And, idk, they beat up the scientist after making sure it’ll wear off. And when Eliot comes to back home, there is a lot of, like. Clingyness and residual panic because now they know what it’s gonna feel like, when Eliot finally is killed. How there’s gonna be just an empty spot in the back of their brains, a dead spot that they can feel all the time.

That night, while Eliot’s sleeping and Parker and Hardison are both too keyed up to actually sleep, they make a pact, that no matter what, Eliot’s not gonna die without them. They change together, they die together. Full stop. Because living with that empty space… it’s literally unbearable. And stuff.

OTHER THINGS I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT: How this would affect – and how they would be affected by – Eliot’s PTSD. (Like, we can agree that the flashbacks in s1 aren’t actually funny, right? Because like, yeah, he’s learned to shake them off p quickly, but they’re still- Like, you know?)

Word Count: 532

Triggers: None

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Nate and Sophie were out on a date, so Eliot, Hardison, and Parker were just hanging out around the restaurant. Hardison was working making the coms better; Parker was scaling the ceiling – again. Eliot was fixing dinner.

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Sassie Devereaux in The Queen Gambit Job

Hardison is Jewish.  This makes Eliot’s life harder than it should be.

Hardison looked up from his computers when a plate landed on the table next to him.  Eliot was standing over him and his arms were already crossed.

“It’s been two days.  I don’t know how much you’ve slept, but I know you haven’t eaten.”

Hardison glanced at the plate and had to control his initial reaction, because it was one of Eliot’s special sandwiches - the kind he normally only made for himself - and it was nice to know how much he cared.

“Can’t, man.  It’s Passover.”

Eliot blinked a few times.  "You’re not Jewish.“

"I am,” Hardison confirmed with a nod.

“No, you’re not.”

Hardison threw himself back in his chair.  "Man, I am so Jewish.  I read the Torah, dance the hora, and I don’t eat bread during Passover.  Thanks for the thought.“  Eliot was still glaring as if he thought Hardison was pulling a con.  "Look, do you want to hear my haftorah?  I spent so much time learning the damn thing I think I’ll know it forever.”  But Nana had been so proud of him being bar mitzvahed he didn’t think he really minded.

Eliot grabbed the sandwich and stormed out of the base, muttering something under his breath that Hardison couldn’t quite make out.  Having been distracted reminded him that Eliot was right and he’d been working two days straight after taking two off to go home to Nana for the Seders.  He stretched, used the bathroom, and grabbed an orange soda.  When he got back to his station, he saw that there was a lot of activity on the Internet of Eliot’s phone.  He filed that in the back of his mind as unusual, then dove back into his research.

It seemed like moments later, although his computer’s clock told him it was nearly an hour and a half, when another plate crashed down next to him.

There was turkey on it, thin sliced and folded just so.  Mashed potatoes steamed gently, the hole in the center spilling clear gravy (no flour) onto the turkey.  The stuffing was filled with vegetables and had enough identifiable pieces of matzah to be sure of.  The plate even had a steaming roll - the same kind Nana always made out of matzah meal - cut open and buttered on one side.

Hardison gaped up at Eliot, who had his arms crossed and was studiously avoiding looking at him.  "It’s all new dishes, too, so you have no excuse.  Eat!“

It was lucky that there was a table in between them, because thought he might have hugged Eliot to death otherwise.  No one had ever put up with his occasional quirks of Jewishness before.  But Eliot - he must have been looking up what it was all about and making a whole new meal just for him!  He shifted his chair to the side so he wouldn’t get anything on the computers and made every appreciative noise he knew as he ate the food.

Eliot’s face flushed more and more as Hardison ate and he grabbed the plate and left before he could verbally thank him.  Hardison watched him go, then turned back to his computers.  Before returning to work, he searched for the best living weapon smith to make a custom order.


Leverage | Dæmon AU

Nate: Porcupine
Sophie: River Otter
Eliot: Caucasian Shepherd
Parker: Magpie
Hardison: Monitor Lizard

Iman and Bethann Hardison, montage.

Left picture by Torkil Gudnason, 2001. Right side by Ruven Afanador, 2000.

When Iman first got to America in 1975, the media tried to insinuate a “fight” between her and the “other” black supermodel at the time, Bethann Hardison. Hardison had been the first black woman to get on the cover of Vogue. But instead of fighting for the one place the media was willing to give to black models, Iman and Bethann united forces to fight for more representation - and eventually became close friends, with Bethann being Iman’s maid of honor at her wedding in 1992.