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i just learned that gay heathers is a thing so of course i had to draw jd


So we treated ourselves at lush yesterday and got the Cup of Coffee facemask and holy shit its so awesome! My skin is soooooo soft rn (i know you can’t really see that in pictures but trust me, it is) and it also seems to have reduced some blotches of redness on my cheeks and instead given it a really nice glow almost? And it smells so fucking good i love this shit.

My Silicon Valley Comic Con Experience! (I’m very wordy so just a heads up there.)

My adventure started out very early at five a.m to be exact. We (my mother and I) drove, a little too fast, to San Jose making it just early enough to do everything we needed AND get a good place in line. As I stood in line, Biff from Back to the Future welcomed us from a balcony. (Or at least that’s what the video says, he just looked like he was yelling to me.) 
We were let inside (early!) and we hurried up the stairs to the main convention center where a robot and R2D2 awaited us. After a little bit, the doors flung open, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak drove out on a segway accompanied by a host of R2 units. (There was so many of them holy shit.) 

After that, my mom and I explored the main show floor. There was a lot of cool stuff. (I bought some pins and that sweet behind the scenes photo). I will say a lot of the stuff i saw could be bought online which made me less inclined to buy any of it. We walked around for quite some time, there was a lot to see. A lot of amazing cosplays. My favorites included; A group of guys dressed up as literal Star Trek ships, a gender-bent Ash Williams from Evil Dead, pictured here: 

A spot.on. Mcgonagall cosplay, a Deadpool cosplay and while there were 100 of those this one was really capturing the DP spirit. Also, while her costume wasn’t amazing, it was store bought, i saw a little girl dressed as Xena and complimented her on it because it’s Xena of course! She was very shy and her mother did all the talking but I thought it was cute.  Another EXCELLENT one, was a guy dressed up as Bob from Bob’s Burgers with the spice rack around his arms, it was fantastic. There were so many cool creative costumes I wish I could have taken pictures of them all but my phone has the worlds shittiest camera. But if you look around online you can take a peak at all the cool costumes. As we were looking around Steve Wozniak drove by me on a segway so no big deal.

OKAY OKAY, now let’s talk about the most important part. 

Brent. Jay. Spiner. 

First, I want to thank @cvptainmccoy because if she hadn’t told me that she was waiting in line for Brent’s autograph I wouldn’t have known he was there. So thank you my dear! 
When I received that text from Chloe I was like : 

Originally posted by probablytotheleft

So I ran over to “celebrity row”, there aren’t celebrities working on their rowing so don’t get too excited. I turned the corner to the Star Trek sort of area and BAM there was Brent. I literally gasped, I didn’t expect him to be there at all. Turns out he wasn’t supposed to be and had wandered away from the photo op he was supposed to be at.  It was so surreal to see him at first. I felt like I needed an eye exam because there was his…face. Right before me in all it’s dorky glory. And just like that he was gone, headed for the group photo-op. (You can check out @cvptainmccoy if you want to see how that looked. She got to pose with the whole gang.) 

So I got in line and my mother joined me for a while, which while it was a tad embarrassing because that’s how moms are, it was nice to have someone to talk to to help me calm down. I was nervous, shaking at that point. 

While we waited, our line was being reorganized for VIP ticket holders, because that need to be a thing. As THAT was happening a woman straight up passed out in front of us. I went over to an attendant who didn’t know what was happening and was like, “Hey, so just thought you would like to know a woman passed out.” He didn’t do much so that was wild. But she was fine after that. (My mom told me later that she had cancer so that may have been a factor. She got to go first in line so clearly this was all an extreme tactic to get ahead.) 
While we were in line I met a woman named Andrea who had a tribble and a big crush on Data. At some point we switched energies because where I started out very nervous and her very calm. When she met Brent she couldn’t even talk and I wasn’t at all nervous and we had a quick conversation so thanks Andrea! 

We waited in line for quite some time, just chatting and stuff. Finally the crew came out. Brent walked over to the line and we cheered. He pretended to cry saying, “All this for me? Thanks guys.”  
So he started signing. And I had time to process and take him in. (Which means staring at him, a lot. I know this is obvious but he’s very good looking.) I was getting pretty close to the end of the line when who should walk over but Jonathan Frakes! 

He stops and looks at Brent and yells in a southern accent, “HEY, YOU’RE DATA! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE!” 
Brent is very amused. And he asks, “Whatcha go there, sir?” Indicating at the drink Frakes was holding. 

Frakes replied in that same accent, “ I GOT MYSELF AN ARNIE PALMER.” Then he yelled, “CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU MISTER DATA?” 

Brent shook his head and was like, “How about I punch you in the face?” 
Then Frakes looked over at Marina Sirtis who was at the table next to Brents. And was like, “MARINA SIRETIS!,” he pronounced it like that and it was great, “MIZ MARINA YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOU!” 
Marina was laughing pretty hard.

After that Brent and Jonathan were chatting and I could only just hear their conversation but not enough to hear what it was about or anything. But I took a picture: 

So finally, it was my turn. Or at least, I thought it was. A dude came over who apparently knew Brent and gave him a hug and said hello. They talked for SOME TIME and Brent was lucky that a patient person was waiting because someone else would have been pretty mad. But I got to hear him talk casually so that was nice. Apparently he’s, “moving houses” and he’ll “definitely read that book you recommended”.  

 I started up a conversation with the attendant next to me and she was very nice, studying to be a paralegal.  Yeah, I could have reason to be angry about having to wait an extra five minutes. And I could blame Brent or the guy but honestly I was just happy to spend a few extra minutes nearby cause it made me feel more calm and also extra time with B*ent!!

So FINALLY it was my turn, the transcript is as follows: 

B: Hey how are ya? 

J: Good! 

I handed him the hat I wanted him to sign. 

B: Well, what’s this?
J: It’s a hat! 

B: And you want me to sign this? 

J: If you want! 

B in a British accent: I suppose I’ll sign this. Now where should I sign this?

He begins to flip that hat around. 

B: Here? What about here? 

J: You can sign it where you want. BUT I do think my friend wanted it under the bill of that hat so she could stare at it all the time. 

B: Well, luckily, I have this silver pen right here so I CAN sign it. 

(My mom took a picture just as he was saying that. She was poised in the distance taking pictures in a small time actors empty photo line because she’s very cruel.) 

Brent begins to sign the hat. 

J: I wanted to compliment you on your performance in Outcast. You are a very compelling villain. 

B: That’s a great show isn’t it! 
J: Yes it is! 
B: Spoiler free, season two is VERY good. 

J: Yeah I can’t wait to see it! (I didn’t want to reveal my secret pirate life.) 

B: I think it’s out in Europe now. There’s probably some way to get it. (There is but he can’t know that.) 

There was like a quick pause between us. Then I said: 

J: Well, thank you 

B: Thank you! 

And I wandered back into the crowd with a little smile on my face. I also, for a friend, laid my eyes on Tom Felton. Who had just, very lazily, sauntered over to his table with a coffee. (He was very cute.)

After that my mom and I went to get food. (Well she ate, but I didn’t cause I was so pumped. I ate very little that day.) While she ate, I went and wandered around the convention center. Only stopping to scarf down a jelly donut.

I saw a few other star trek actors just walking around (Kira and Uhura). And just like that, the photo-op arrived. I scuttled over to the line and began to wait. (Not nearly as long  a wait time as the autograph line.) While in line a woman told me i looked like Tasha Yar. She also told me she hoped Brent would sign her Data doll. I felt bad for her because I doubted he would in a photo line. She also said, “I’m so nervous!” 

To which I replied, “ Don’t be! I met him earlier he’s a total jerk!” (In jest of course.)

They began to file people in. Soon it was my turn. I stopped, waiting for the next person, the attendant smiled at me saying, “Are you ready?” I smiled back and said yes. I wasn’t at all nervous this time cause I already had met him. 
My turn came and Brent looked at me and said, with familiarity, “Hey! how are you?” 
I replied, “Good!” I would have asked the same or said something a bit more witty but time was not on my side. 
We took the picture. (I’m going to go into creepy detail here so bare with me.)
I touched his back and he put his hand around my waist. He was very warm. Like his hand was surprisingly warm?? And I reveled in the moment.

But anyway we took the picture. I was already walking out when I called back, “Thank you!” And he called back, he almost sounded surprised that I had said it, “Thank you!” 

And that was it! I collected my picture. And began to laugh hysterically, much to the amusement of everyone around me, because Brent and I smile the same way.  That’s going to entertain me forever.
After that I went to a panel called “The Future of Humanity in Entertainment” with the writers of Battlestar Galactica, TNG, and someone from LucasFilms. They discussed how sci-fi shapes science and it was very interesting. Though I was very tired and still riding off my post-Brent high so I was a little distracted.That was the only panel I went to but I enjoyed it. 
After that I met up with @cvptainmccoy, who is probably sick of me tagging her but tough, and her friends. We walked around and talked about our celebrity experiences. I was really happy to meet them. They were all very nice and made me glad that I interact with people on tumblr. 

By then I was getting very tired. My mother asked that we go since it was almost seven and she may be too tired to drive back if we stayed any later. Which was fine because I was just about ready to pass out myself and my feet were hurting me. (I wore nice shoes and accepted the consequences haha.) 

So  I said goodbye to my new friends and headed home. Staring at my picture of Brent and me the whole time. 
It was a wonderful first con. I can’t wait to go back to another one. (And hopefully meet Brent again because I REFUSE to quit.) 

I am so proud to be a nerd. When you go to a con there is a sense of belonging. Everyone understands each other and revels in our weirdness, our awkwardness, and our passions. Even now thinking about it I’m tearing up thinking about it because it was just an absolute delight. 

Thank you Silicon Valley Comic Con, Thank you @cvptainmccoy and thank you Brent Spiner.

Sleepy apostates, far from home, on the run, but together~

I gotta shade this but I love working with flat colors so here’s this wip until I eventually get to the shading bit lol

This track came on while I was drawing and it was oh so soothing… ilthem.. ;;

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Mat and Steph are gone, so a Chrason stream takes place instead -🌊

“Ah, hey guys!” Chris couldn’t help but cringe at how how voice cracked from nervousness, and glanced sideways at Jason. “So you’re probably wondering where Matt and Steph are…” Jason rolled his eyes and leaned forward to join the conversation. “They’re stuck in traffic. But they said they should be here before the stream ends and told us to just start without them because clearly that’s the logical thing to do.” He said sarcastically.

Chris almost snorted at the look of displeasure on his coworker’s face; he knew Jason was very much a ‘behind the camera’ person and he’d almost had a stroke when they got the message telling them to start the stream and just host it themselves for the first 30 minutes or so. Neither Chris nor Jason were particularly eager to be on the couch (though Chris was definitely more excited about it than Jason was) but they did agree with Matt and Steph that the theorists would be fine with a Jason and Chris stream. ‘In fact, they’d probably love it!’ had been Matthew’s argument.

Nothing much to be done about it, so Chris cut in before Jason could completely show his lack of enthusiasm and scare everyone away. “So we’re the new hosts of GT Live! Don’t worry, it’ll be tons of fun guys. I’ll be manning the chat, which you can engage with us in or on twitter on the hashtag GTLive, and Jason will be playing… what’s the game, J?” Chris asked and turned to look at Jason, only to see the other man watching him fondly.

“…what? Is there something on my face?” He asked and peeked at the recording to see. “No, no, just…” Jason leaned in a little closer and whispered so the mic didn’t pick him up. “You’re just so damn adorable when you’re excited about something.” He murmured before straightening up and leaving Chris a little confused and with a warm feeling in his chest. “We’re just playing Mario Maker because it’s easy and I can’t be bothered to waste one of the actually good games I have saved for future streams.” Jason explained and picked up the controller.

“Aren’t we supposed to banter for a bit before we jump in?” Chris asked, raising an eyebrow. Jason rolled his eyes again and turned to look at Chris. “Fine. Your art sucks.” He said matter-of-factly and Chris gasped. “Well, sorry we can’t all be Mr Jason 'Perfect’ Parker!” He sniffed and crossed his arms dramatically. Jason threw him another fond look and bumped his shoulder against Chris’s. “Never said you weren’t perfect to me.” He said quietly, and it took most of Chris’s collective brain cells to not just expire right there. “Shut up and go ride a Yoshi.” He grumbled, turning back to the chat and ignoring all the comments about how red his face was.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

send me a  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and i’ll put my itunes on random & make u a character based on the first two songs that come up.

your two songs were ‘behind my painted smile’ by akala feat. lowkey and ‘like the oar strikes the water’ by grand magus.

so, let me introduce…

magus akala! he’s a cathar activist primarily concerned with the diaspora of his people and the corruption of major religious institutions in the galaxy. although he comes across as being confident and sure of himself, magus harbours deep insecurities and doubts regarding the actual impact of his work, and constantly teeters on the edge of abandoning everything and disappearing into the galaxy.

Yeah its still not letting me tag you. Maybe my spelling is just that bad…

So just to clarify, I’m 31 years old, I’m not a child. From what I understand some parts of the Tumblr community might consider me ancient. Whatever. 

I don’t take myself seriously at all. I don’t actually care what you think about me but I also get fed up with people taking the anonymity of the internet to throw comments around. You know, its just so funny how when I call people out on their comments the first response is to always reflect it back at me. Clearly *I* take myself too seriously and how dare I take someone to task for making a completely unnecessary comment. That’s a defense mechanism. I’m actually impressed and appreciative that you responded to me, to be perfectly honest. I appreciate thought out dialogue way more.

The second half of your response is more akin to what I was…”hoping for” seems like a callous phrase in this case. I’m more than happy to have people disagree with me if they have solid reasons too. I’d prefer they give me reasons as to why though. I’m ever so sorry that you had this experience in your life. That’s awful. I respect the fact that there are people out there who will identify with this portrayal of her character. If my initial post seemed ignorant of that, I apologize. I personally sought to analyze the use of the tactic as a story writing technique. While yes, there are likely more interesting and relevant examples of sexism in the media, my personal belief is that the more subtle micro-transgressions are sometimes the most important to pull out into light. These are the things that keep the malignant social agendas alive and the better able we are to identify them in their subtleties, the more we can call out against them.

Yeap, we can all agree we will miss her and didn’t get enough time with her. The anime actually did a really great job of bringing her to life so I’m really sad we’ve lost her so soon.