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Why didn’t anybody warn me that These Inconvenient Fireworks is so fucking good. Halfway through and the tears are just running down my face. The only other Fic that made me so unexpectedly cry like this was “I fucking love you. I love fucking you” in 210 days. Thank you to whosever Fic rec list I finally found the PDF on. I don’t even remember but I know I knew I had to read it because my Fic rec fairy god mothers @larryappreciation & @lads-laddylads & @jimmytfallon always put it on their favs lists. This is a lot.

Hello Christmas..

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas has crept up on us all of a sudden? I swear it was November just a few days ago. Two more sleeps until christmas, and I am not even halfway done. I blame the frequent snuggle breaks, each morning I start to cross out things on my to-do list but then my curious little two year old wanders into the room and it’s “Mommy, I play with me” or “Mommy, I want to cuddle and watch Frozen with you because you’re my best friend” and suddenly I’m a puddle of love and my to-do list is out of the window.  Hopefully today will be the day that I finally finish everything I need to but something tells me that I’ll be sat here the same time tomorrow with the same predicament. 

How’s your holiday preparations coming along?

                     SOULLESS ;    So, I’m halfway to a the biggest milestone I’ve ever had on a female oc and I’m jUST??? FLOORED. Since my revamp the outpouring of love & support I’ve received has been astronomical and I am so incredibly humbled. You guys are such a HUGE part of my life and I cherish each and every one of you. You are all so talented and creative it’s an honor to interact with you. Whether we have been following each other for years, weeks, or days, I admire the hell out of your portrayals, as well as WONDERFUL people behind them. For old friends, I love you dearly, for new friends, I very much look forward to getting to know you all better. Thank you so much for sticking around <3333333333

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runawaymarvel  asked:

Hey, I need help. So I identify as asexual. Me and my mum were talking about random stuff and I brought the topic up (I haven't come out yet) and she flat out said that it didn't exist. So a week later I asked again and she said that it wasn't human nature, and that if someone felt like that they had issues that needed to be worked out. Now she's gay herself and halfway through her gender transition process so it's not like she's closed minded. How do I convince her that I actually am asexual?

I’d compile some resources to give her for more information. I know that redbeardace has some great articles for non-aces and there’s an extensive list of resources on my website



here’s my prices (also listed under the captions of each picture)

  • sketch, b&w or a small amount of colour - $5
  • b&w chest up - $10
  • colour chest up - $15
  • b&w waist up - $15
  • colour waist up - $20-30 (depends on how hard i work on it basically)
  • i can also try my hand at full body, probably around 30-40 dollars (depending on how wacky the pose is)


  • a decent background - $5
  • add another person - $5-15 dollars depending on the kind of drawing

what i am willing to draw:

  • people
  • anthros (tho it probably will not be the best)
  • monsters
  • simple-ish robots
  • tasteful nudity

what i am not willing to draw:

  • smut (sorry, wish i could - i’m not comfortable with it at my level of skill at this moment)
  • animals (bcause theyd look like a disjointed ball of fur)
  • mecha
  • idk basically anything else that is either Way Too Difficult or. idk like anything ~*kinky*~

if you can’t afford a commission or don’t want one, i would much appreciate it if you could signal boost this!!

my paypal is bethieloo@gmail.com

thank you so much everybody :’000

Surprise! The LARPing Lady this profile is about is the one on the right.

100 LARPing Ladies #50: Ellie

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(20160125) | Monday

《25/100 days of productivity 》

So today I used my Samsung galaxy’s default photo editor for the first time and found these adorable labels!! That made today just a little better ^^ I was actually pretty productive and nearly finished everything on my to do list. I finished Chem notes and am halfway done with bio, although they’re both so time consuming!! Classes were canceled until noon today (bc snow) but with the way roads were, it should’ve been completely canceled tbh.