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The Contest-Part 24

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)


The trip to Detroit was quiet and tense.  It was a 14-hour drive, so we decided to stop halfway and break up the trip.  Sam and I got our own room, and Cas bunked with Dean.  It wasn’t clear to me if the angel actually needed to sleep, but I know I sure did.

“If only we could get angel blades and demon knives through airport security.” I joked to Sam as we got ready for bed.

He shook his head. “Dean doesn’t fly.” He said shortly.

“Why not?” I asked curiously.

“He’s terrified of flying. I’ve flown with him twice because we had no choice, and I will NEVER do it again.”

“You mean to tell me Dean Winchester, who has killed countless demons, monsters, angels, and even Death himself is afraid of getting on an airplane?” I began to laugh at the absurdity of it, and I laughed so hard I cried.

That night I dreamed of Missouri again, but this time she wasn’t alone.  There was another person with her, but she was hidden in the shadows, and I wasn’t able to make out her features.

 She whispered to me softly. “Through you, I will have my revenge on Lucifer,”

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Artturi Lehkonen #1

Requested by Anon:  I was wondering if you could do an artturi lehkonen drabble that’s fluffy?? Have a good day😊

*Thank you so so much! I hope this is worth the VERY long wait. Enjoy!! :) and I hope you have a great day as well.*

Word count: 832

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The apartment was suspiciously quiet for a non-game night. Walking over to the kitchen, you noticed that there was something cooking in the crockpot and chilled champagne was inside a bucket full of ice. It’s not any of your birthdays, you just celebrated your anniversary, and the Habs still haven’t secured a playoff spot so… why is there champagne and pot roast in the kitchen?

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Getting back on track: day 5/?

Spent a fair bit of the day doing family things since it was mother’s day and my grandparents had come down from Mt. Gambier. So I didn’t really get started until the late evening but I was reasonably productive when I did.

What I achieved:

  • Finish french assignment
  • Chem practical preparation
  • Bio practical preparation
  • Finish chem lecture
  • Watch bio lecture
  • Check in with science of fiction group
  • Plan for next week (didn’t do this but am halfway through planning my study timetable for the next three months so…)
  • Study for french vocab test (this wasn’t on my plan but I did it anyway)

What I want to achieve tomorrow:

  • Finish planning exam study
  • The rest of the to-do list is kinda based on that plan so TBD

What better way to pledge to bring back the focus than with a Month that starts on a Monday?

As you’ve probably read, @arisingarika and I started a “buddy/check in” goal list for the month on Monday- nothing too crazy: a mile a day (at least 4 days a week) and at least 64 oz of water a day (at least 4 days a week). We both agreed we needed something- anything- to give us some kind of reason to not be lazy all day everyday and this seems like a doable list.

I know it’s only day 3, but so far, so good (I’ve fallen off the wagon on day 1 and 2 before- so baby goals).

I have hit mileage and water Mon/Tues. I just finished 4 miles on the river trail (30 minutes walk/jog intervals, 35 minutes walking). And I am halfway to my water goal for the day.

Current struggle: bingey cravings. After Oso leaves for work I have nothing that I “have” to do, so bored cravings have been perched on my shoulders these last few days. My plan is to fill my time with not only workouts, but writing, wedding planning, and trip browsing  (I love to look at those Groupon Getaways) that plus house chores will hopefully keep me occupied until I find a routine that works for me.

Don’t you dare, for one minute,
believe that my kindness makes me
anything but insurmountable.
I did not unzip my chest to every kind of hurt,
and stagger back, wounded and alive,
just to hear you call me weak for trying.
I opened my door to Heartache–
I gave her the fucking key.
My softness for wayward strangers
has made me nothing less
than a halfway house for aching soles.
So when you open your mouth
and call me ‘baby’
understand that I am not your next victim
in a laundry list of broken girls.
You think I don’t know you? People like you?
People with mouths for hands.
I’ve got skin like topsoil
and your teeth could never take root.
So when you go looking to make a plaything
of a sunburst,
you better look for someone with less fire
than me.
Because softness or no,
I will eat you alive
before I let you make a meal of me.
—  Softness, by Ashe Vernon
it’s my three year anniversary today!

( that mun video is coming i promise, still in the works though! it’ll be a little delayed, but thank you to everyone who sent questions! )

three years on this blog seems so insane, it almost doesn’t feel real! i still remember opening once on netflix for the first time, absolutely floored by how much i loved it, and specifically how much i loved regina. i think it was halfway through season three that i made this blog, posting for the first time on april 21st of my freshman year, and honestly it feels like it could be yesterday. i have been so lucky to meet so many people on here, and to have friendships from older blogs carry over and grow into something amazing. there are people i’ve met through writing in this community that i now talk to every day, and i really can’t express how grateful i am for that fact. thank you to everyone who has written with me, who chats with me, and who makes this blog such a wonderful place to be. 

to both new and old friends, thank you so much!

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Hello Christmas..

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas has crept up on us all of a sudden? I swear it was November just a few days ago. Two more sleeps until christmas, and I am not even halfway done. I blame the frequent snuggle breaks, each morning I start to cross out things on my to-do list but then my curious little one year old wanders into the room and it’s “Mommy, I play with me” or “Mommy, I want to cuddle and watch Frozen with you because you’re my best friend” and suddenly I’m a puddle of love and my to-do list is out of the window.  Hopefully today will be the day that I finally finish everything I need to but something tells me that I’ll be sat here the same time tomorrow with the same predicament. 

How’s your holiday preparations coming along?


I don’t know the recipe. Somewhere, under a pile of mildewed books and dust as thick as a caul, somewhere in the rubble of my and my father’s past lives, lies the binder I’m looking for, and inside it, the recipe I need. But we’ve tried. We’ve tried to find it, dug into cupboards and rearranged shelves—the binder my mom kept all her recipes in is just not with us. And neither is she. And this is the first time since she died that I am making a Thanksgiving dish that was hers. I don’t know the recipe. But here we are.

Driving the early morning streets of LA, I scroll through my mental list of people who might have cooked with my mom—my aunts, but they won’t know it, friends, but so few would’ve had that precious kitchen time with her.

Jan. My mother’s best friend.

I hold down the home button on my phone til Siri dings, then say “Call Jan Osterneck, mobile”. Siri pings back at me cheerfully, and I get Jan’s voicemail. Halfway through leaving my message, Jan beeps in on the other line. “Was that a pocket dial?” “No! I was calling you! Hi!”

We beam telephonic smiles at each other.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Warning Signs

Halfway in the middle of kneading and seasoning a pair of prime steaks on the cutting board, Tucker’s phone decided it was the perfect time to start ringing and buzzing around the kitchen counter. 

‘It’s been so long, I’ve been out of my body with you I feel alone, feel at home, feel like-’

Tucker tapped the screen with a pinky he guessed was least covered in juices and put the call on speakerphone. “You got Château La Foley and Fenton.”

Danny’s tinny voice piped, “Hey! Why am I listed second?”

“Because I’m the one always slaving over a hot stove,” Tucker said. He took the opportunity to check the state of the broccoli steaming on the stove and shouted over shoulder. “Speaking of which, this better be one of your ‘I’m flying at mock five and will definitely be here before the expensive steaks get cold again’ calls.”


“Dude, don’t you dare-”

“I’m really, really sorry Tucker, but it’s Walker. Him and his goons are back in full force. I even had to call Danielle and Val for back-up.”

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Why didn’t anybody warn me that These Inconvenient Fireworks is so fucking good. Halfway through and the tears are just running down my face. The only other Fic that made me so unexpectedly cry like this was “I fucking love you. I love fucking you” in 210 days. Thank you to whosever Fic rec list I finally found the PDF on. I don’t even remember but I know I knew I had to read it because my Fic rec fairy god mothers @larryappreciation & @lads-laddylads & @jimmytfallon always put it on their favs lists. This is a lot.


Gravity Falls || Stanford Pines/Stanley Pines || 802
notes: Written for this prompt list. The prompt was kiss on the neck. I dug out my old o-chem notebook from high school to write this fic. My teacher always told us that it was a good idea to keep detailed notes; I am grateful for his advice, even though I am quite sure that this is not what he had in mind. THIS IS FOR YOU MR. SMITH. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
¶ Also available on AO3.
warnings: none


“Does your neck hurt?” Ford’s lab partner whispers halfway through their experiment. It’s a simple distillation lab and—as with most organic chemistry procedures—it is ten percent frenzied activity and ninety percent patience.

“Huh?” Ford asks intelligently as he looks up from his composition notebook. He had been attempting to work ahead on his problem sets while he waited, but he cannot focus on the equations long enough for them to make sense.

“Your neck,” the other student reiterates as she pushes her large glasses up the bridge of her nose. “You keep rubbing it and sighing. Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?”

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anonymous asked:

Sorry but redemption arcs have to be earned. Anakin was a slave bought by a corrupt military order that gave no thought to the whole sale of organic grown infants into a war machine by a civilization too selfish not to send children to its front lines. Kylo had Luke, Han, and Leia. I think not murdering was in his preschool lessons.

You know, I wrote about half of a very long response to this, all about moral systems and the ways we construct culpability, how strange I find the idea of “earning” redemption when the very definition of redemption requires an object who is Wrong and Bad.

But then I remembered how much I hate meta, so I stopped. Because honestly, what it comes down to for me is that if you can redeem a character who spent six movies slaughtering villages of innocent people, kids, and whole political factions, Force-choking his wife, almost killing his best friend, serving a fascist Empire, imprisoning his daughter, cutting off his son’s hand, dipping people in carbonite, and doing so seemingly without regret, then you can redeem Kylo Ren, who has done half those things and seems to be pretty conflicted, judging by how he keeps telling people “I’m so conflicted.”

And I like Anakin’s arc! It’s one of the best things to be pulled from the wreckage of the prequels, that the six-foot tall inhuman plastic rage monster called Darth Vader was, the whole time, a deeply tragic figure. Watching the original trilogy and then going back and watching the prequels overlays the whole series with a new pathos, everything means something. I mean, goddamn, they even gave Tatooine depth—a planet that pretty much existed to give Luke somewhere to get away from. Suddenly, Obi-Wan’s guarded comments, his insistence that Luke kill Vader, have a horrible ring of irony. Luke finding out Vader is his father is more than a desperate narrative twist from Lucas, it is a tragic realization on both sides. Luke’s refusal to kill Darth Vader takes on staggering depth, the first time since Padme that anyone has ever reacted to Anakin as more than a weapon.

Isn’t that a special kind of magic? They made you care about the guy who Force-chokes random soldiers. It’s storytelling at its finest, the reveal of humanity in places where it is least expected.

It seems incredibly premature to say that there’s no way to do the same with Kylo Ren. He has barely been the antagonist in one movie. A list of things we know about the character is about six bullet points and all of them were the rising action of TFA. For fuck’s sake, we don’t even have his actual last name. If you don’t think there’s any coming back from killing Han, that’s fine and I respect that, but just admit it’s because you don’t like the character. Because that’s the bedrock Star Wars is built on: of not deserving or earning but redemption, all the same.

anonymous asked:

Help!! I'm going on vacation this week and i need some good johnlock fic to read in the hotel. Can you rec some good (longer) stories, maybe mutli-chaps? I feel like I've read everything already and I need something GOOOOD! I like angst, fluff, smut, parentlock, I love it all! thank you!!

Oh, man!  Okay, let’s see.  Probably you’ve come across a bunch of these already, but hey, can’t hurt!  These stories range from big-bang slams clocking in around 8,000 words or more, to multi-chapter, even multi-work epics.

First I’m just gonna name some of the more famous behemoth fics in fandom, just in case you haven’t encountered them (or would like to read them again).

Drouk, by merripestin: omegaverse, captivity, non-con, relationship angst

Indecorous, by basingstoke: growing relationship, exploration of kink, polyamorous relationship, Sherlock and John are both a bit not-good

The Cornish Horror by finangler: casefic, beginning relationship

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes, by ivyblossom

The Quiet Man, by ivyblossom

Watches verse, by bendingsignpost

Ten Days, by engazed

A Cure for Boredom, by emmagrant

Stranger at the Gate, by bendingsignpost

Bel Canto, by bendingsignpost

The Loss of Flesh and Soul, by deuxexmycroft (WIP)

Dehumanize Me, by deuxexmycroft: John and Sherlock meet in prison.  Non-con, manipulation, John is pretty darn fucked up in this one.

Reaction, by blind_author: after Moriarty sexually assaults him, John puts himself back together.  Sherlock helps.  A heartwarming story about recovery.

Relatively Easy, by OTP221b: John is a faerie-hunter who trades himself to faerie Sherlock in exchange for kidnapped children.  I felt like this one ended just as it really got going, but it’s very cool anyway.

The Diranian Effect, xsilverdreamsx: classic fantasy, where Sherlock is a wizard and he and John get into all sorts of trouble trying to solve a case.

I Used to Live Alone before I Knew You, by etothepii: kinda sort Good Omens fusion, where Sherlock is a demon and Mycroft is an angel and John is John.

Guidelines, by withloweredvoices: John is the Good Soldier, an exiled angel so old he barely even remembers who he was anymore.  Sherlock is his charge.

One Day at a Time, by keeliethompson1: John got hooked on drugs while Sherlock was ‘dead.'  The story of Sherlock’s return and John’s recovery.

Breathe You In, by lapislazuli: Sentinel verse.  John is openly an omega, and secretly a guide.

Wee Doctor, by AmericanJedi: This one’s a real epic.  All together, the stories clock in at over 200,000 words.  It’s fantasy/scifi and a bit of horror, high adventure, just all around awesome.

Blue on Blue, by lindentreeisle: action/adventure, in which John’s past in a military group so clandestine it doesn’t even have a name comes back to haunt him and Sherlock.

Playing the Game, by keeliethompson1: my favorite vamplock series of all, in which Sherlock and John are not the soft toothless kind of vampires.

How to Tame Your Dragon, by mad_maudlin: another high fantasy one.  John is a dragon.  Sherlock is a wizard who decides to capture and tame him.  Non-con, captivity, stockholming.

The Once and Future BAMF, by winter_of_our_discontent: in which Sherlock is a catastrophically bored and ancient Merlin, killing time by playing detective while waiting for his Arthur to show up again.  Guess who’s Arthur?

Getting Better, by nox_candida: one of the few parentlocks I really really like, this is the story of how two single dads and their remarkable kids meet and form a family.

Modus Operandi, by joolabee: After Sherlock’s death, John becomes Moran

Cost of Living, by americanjedi: John is part monster, and he’ll do anything for Sherlock.  Bittersweet.

On Your Knees, by myswordfishmind: fusion with the movie Secretary. 

Left, by lifeonmars: right-handed people have superpowers.

Kill Tonight, by perryvic and zaganthi: after Sherlock and Moriarty die, John and Moran bond over not having much to live for.  Surprisingly, they turn out to be good for each other…as long as John overlooks Moran being a crime lord.  (It all gets a bit awkward when Sherlock comes back.).  Another epic monster: 233k, multiple works.  John/Sebastian Moran.

The Moment Pleasantly Frightful, by teahigh: Sherlock and John slowly repair their relationship after Sherlock returns.

Not Yet Dead, by castiron: What I have in my bookmark note: “Excellent and unusual reincarnation story/casefic. Sherlock drives me batty in this one–as the story headed into the climax, I found him to be a childish, selfish, willfully blinded asshole whose obsession everyone else had to pay for–but other than wanting to slap him stupid and scream at him by the end, it was really a fantastic, wonderfully-plotted, excellently-characterized story. Also there is copious Mycroft being cool and brotherly in his own inimitable way, and the whole story is saturated with awesome BAMF!Sally.”

Love Letters, by helicidae: daaaaaark fic where Moriarty tortures and terrorizes John mentally via horrible letters, and Sherlock just about goes off his rocker trying to protect him.

We’re All a Little Mad Here, by angelblack3: more WAY DARK fic.  Sherlock is flat-out evil.  John is held captive, tortured, raped, and fights to survive and maintain sanity.

Once More, with Feeling, by redcarrigan: To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues.

Aaaaand I will leave it there.  I am about halfway through my AO3 bookmarks with this list, so if you still want to find more, you can look here and keep heading deeper! http://archiveofourown.org/users/PrettyArbitrary/bookmarks?page=14


Dear Taylor,

I could sit here and tell you that the first minute I heard one of your songs, I was completely hooked. I could tell you how I went and looked up every song and music video and how I’ve been to every concert I possible could have, but that’s not the case. The case is that I didn’t find you as soon as I could have, but I found you at a time when I needed you most. I found you at a time when I was all too familiar with what it felt like to cry yourself to sleep. I found you when I knew all too well how it felt to sit with a blank stare and feel completely numb. I found you when I was too accustomed to saying the words “I’m fine” hoping that if I said them enough times they eventually would become true. I found you when the feeling of crying in the shower so nobody would hear me was becoming too common. I found you when I was getting used to the feeling of sitting with a bottle of pills in my hand late at night, just waiting for the courage to go through with it. I found you when I was well aware of what feeling broken felt like. I found you when I needed somebody to save me, and save me you did.

Like I said, I didn’t get completely hooked right away. I can remember hardcore jamming to Our Song with my mom, having my friend tell me that the Fearless album was now out, and playing Hey Stephan over and over again. I can remember falling in love with Mine the first time I heard it. My most vivid memories, however, are the times I spent watching Speak Now World Tour videos on YouTube. It was nights that involved feelings like the ones I described up above that I would calm myself down, pull out my laptop, and look up your videos. It became a regular thing to me, watching you perform, that I eventually had all the performances memorized, though I never got to witness them in person. When I say you saved my life, I mean it literally. Without those videos, without getting to watch funny interviews and dominating performances, I would have gone through with it. I wouldn’t be here today.

I think that once you’ve become better for a while, you think it’s not going to come back. At least, that’s what I thought. That’s what I thought until late October my freshman year when I just went downhill one day. The feelings of not wanting to be here anymore, that I was no real use to the world came back in a rush. I would pray that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning, and when I did I would beg my mom to let me stay home from school. I got better, but those feelings always seemed to creep back in my mind every once in a while. I would have spells of not wanting to go on anymore, and when these feelings came I would sit on my bed and crank ‘Red’ as loud as I could. I would put the album on repeat over and over again until the terrible thoughts left my mind. I jokingly put Red tour tickets on my Christmas list, and to my incredible surprise, I received two to the Detroit show in May. I drove 11 hours and it was the best night of my life to date. I can remember lying on the hotel room floor that night, my legs and throat sore from dancing and singing so much. I can remember thinking, “What if I’d really gone through with it, I would’ve missed this.”

That was freshman year, and now here I am, halfway through my junior year, still replaying that night over and over in my mind. Those horrible thoughts, well they still come but it’s usually just “you could do it, you know.” But then I remember that people need me and I shut them out. Now instead of listening to ‘Red’ and playing YouTube videos, I put on ‘1989’ and dance until I’ve completely shaked off every bad feeling I’ve had. I listen and imagine tour performances (MINNESOTA, SEPTEMBER 12, I’LL BE THERE) until I only feel complete joy. I still struggle with things, like anxiety, but now I crank Clean (which you wrote a couple days after my birthday so I feel especially connected to that song), remembering that if I can get through what I did before, I can do this too.

It’s astounding to me to see how many people you make happy daily, and that’s one of my favorite reasons for going on Tumblr. Most of them you haven’t noticed, yet I’ve seen videos of them crying with joy over the littlest things you do. You have no idea how much gratitude I have in my heart for you. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for you. I thank you for being the reason I am here today. I thank you for being there for me, whether you realize it or not, when nobody else has. I thank you for being my safe place, my comfort zone to escape to when reality was too harsh. I thank you for being so interactive with your fans and everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for being willing to share those times when you felt hurt through masterpiece songs. Thank you for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule and sending fans presents. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your personal life through the pictures you post online. Thank you for the tours, the vlogs, and the interview videos that helped me through so much. Thank you for being you, and teaching me that it’s okay to be just me.  


Just another fearless swifite

Jonnor play fight that ends up in lots of kisses and cuddles!!!1!!!!!!!

“What’s the answer for number five?” Connor asks urgently, chewing his lip and elbowing Jude in the stomach. They’re sitting on the floor, leaning back against Jude’s bed and doing homework.

“Don’t nudge me! You’re elbows are really pointy!” Jude chastises, elbowing him in return.

“You can’t tell me not to do something and then do it!” Connor admonishes back, elbowing him again.

“Just stop it!” Jude yelps, laughing and smacking at Connor’s forearm.

Connor shoves his books off of his lap and drops his pens, but Jude’s already up on his feet ready to sprint away.

Unfortunately for him, there isn’t exactly a lot of space to run and he can’t avoid Connor’s grasp, even as he darts around the room, trying to get away. Jude has barely wrapped his fingers around the door-handle when Connor gently tackles him to the ground.

Jude’s chest is rising and falling rapidly, and he breathlessly curses Connor’s love of sports, and all the extra pounds of muscle that he has on him. Then he takes that back, because there’s nothing wrong with a little muscle. Especially not when it’s so nice to look at. But it means that he’s hardly ever able to pin Connor to the ground – and even when he is able to, he has a sneaking suspicion that Connor is going easy on him.

Connor adjusts his grip on Jude’s hands, tangling their fingers together as he moves lower and lower, his lips getting closer and closer–

“Hey! No making out in my room,” comes Jesus’ voice from the doorway, startling Connor.

“Our room,” Jude mutters, getting to his feet, and pulling Connor up with him. He isn’t even surprised that Jesus ruined the moment. He does that a lot.

“You guys had better not have been grinding on our floor, either,” Jesus warns.

Jude’s mouth drops open in shock.

“We weren’t doing anything like that!” he protests, horrified. They hadn’t even been kissing! Yet.

But Jesus is no fool.

“I know what I saw,” he insists, raising his eyebrows knowingly (and somewhat judgmentally, if we’re being honest).

“What are you talking about Jesus? You didn’t see anything!” Jude cries indignantly.

Sadly this is not Madagascar, and Jude is not a penguin. Jesus knows how teenage boys think, he’d been one, after all (he still is one, actually. But he doesn’t like to think about that. He could pass for twenty, right? Or maybe… twenty-one? He hopes so, because he likes the perks that come with looking twenty-one).

“I saw what I saw,” Jesus retorts, before throwing himself down on his bed. “Now go. Before I yell about you guys getting frisky on the floor and everyone in the house hears,” he threatens.

Jude closes his eyes, willing himself not to throw something at Jesus’ annoying head. Again. He grabs Connor’s hand and pulls him out of the room, before he can give in to his murderous thoughts.

What does he have to do for a little privacy around here?

They relocate to the sitting room, settling down on the couch, and Jude swings his legs over to rest across Connor’s. Connor leans in to taste Jude’s smile, but after the first brush of their lips, Jude hears someone clearing their throat.

He turns and sees Mariana and Mat, standing hand in hand in the doorway. All he does is raise his eyebrows questioningly. When they don’t get the picture, his eyes narrow and Connor can see the glare beginning to emerge.

“Okay, okay, we’re going, we’re going,” Mariana mutters, raising her hand in surrender, as she tugs Mat away, out past the kitchen. Jude turns back to his boyfriend to continue where they left off.

They were here first.

hey yall, so my blog turned 1.5 months old AND i hit my goal of 500 followers (also im now almost halfway to my next hundred O_O)! I’m extremely grateful to each and every one of my followers and I appreciate every last one of you :) ive made so many friends thanks to tumblr and seventeen and i couldn’t be happier. thank you so much for following my trashy seventeen blog and supporting me throughout my time here! the following blog are all 17 carat quality and you should definitely check them out!! :D:D 

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T-Z: taehyunffgh the1the8 theperfectdesigirl the8ght these-days-i-adore-u tfwjisoo ugotnojamjams ukissaj ultimatekpoptrash uri-jihoon vegtaebles vernol vernonpains vernonshit vernonskidneys vernonslayme vernon-no versacevernon vizria wandwoo whoaseventeen wonblue won-to-the-woo wonwooing wonwooslegs wonwoosthighs wonwoo-wow woozisbabe wooziscalves wooziwaves woozi-knees wufanqt yngsoo

i’m sorry if i forgot anyone (plz tell me if i did!!) thank you all once again :DD