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cave-in (langst fic)

Lance trying to survive a cave in, communications cut off, and the only way the team knows he’s alive is his suit, but they think he’s back at the village bc that’s where Blue is.

thanks for the prompt @tokyoteddywolf!! (this ended up way longer than i planned it to be)

“I am sending you on a different mission than the other paladins, Lance.”

Lance stares at Allura like she just grew another head- which isn’t all too bizarre, considering she is a shapeshifting alien princess.

“Why?” Lance asks. The other paladins agree, looking to the princess for answers.

“This mission is…” Allura hesitates, pointedly looking down at her clasped hands. “… well, to put it simply, it is…”

The princess takes a deep breath. “Well, Lance, this mission requires a certain level of… seriousness… that I am not certain you can achieve. You see, this is a  very powerful kingdom that could be a potential ally of Voltron. And it has… it has a princess. I am very sure she, and her parents, would not appreciate your-” Allura coughs. “-romantic advances. However, the mission you will be carrying out is of much less importance, and therefore should be quite difficult to mess up-”

Lance interrupts Allura with an uncharacteristically emotionless and quiet tone, though the hurt is clear in his eyes. “So you’re not letting me go because I’ll flirt?”

Allura nervously glances up at Lance from her fidgety hands. “I don’t know that you will, but we cannot afford to lose this opportunity.”

Hunk cuts in, his expression dark. “Allura. You know Lance can’t jeopardize the mission, don’t you? He can handle himself fine. Right, Lance?” Pidge nods rapidly in agreement, and Hunk’s expression softens as he looks to Lance, though Lance isn’t looking back. He’s calmly glaring at Allura, who is anxious but clearly standing her ground.

“I can control my flirting, princess. I’m not stupid.”

“I don’t mean to offend you, Lance. You are a capable paladin with many abilities, but seriousness is not one of them.” Allura’s voice is gentle and sincere, but also firm, as if speaking to a mere child. She patiently returns the stare with an equal amount of coolness that amplifies her royalty. “You being there could risk us a very important advantage that could further our progress to defeat the Galra. I’m sure you understand, Lance.”

“So by existing-” Lance gestures to the other paladins, who are concerned and surprised by Lance’s change in mood- “- I’m holding back the team? I thought I was part of you guys.” Lance’s voice betrays him by cracking at the word ‘part.’

Allura is horrified. “No, no, Lance, I don’t mean to say that you are not part of the team, I just mean-”

“-That I don’t belong? That I’m not important enough to go on the important missions? Isn’t that why I’m the only one that has to go on the easy mission so I don’t mess up everything like the stupid mess up of a person I am?” By now the tremor in Lance’s voice is blatant, rising in pitch with every word he spits like venom. Allura shakes her head wordlessly, tears spilling from her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she finally says. “I-I…”

“Lance. You know that’s not true,” Shiro intervenes softly. The other paladins are all gaping in disbelief and sadness. Lance turns away, not wanting to be pitied by his friends.

“Just brief me on the mission,” Lance says curtly to Allura, who nods shakily in response.

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Tomione Drunk Dialing???

Getting drunk was never a good idea for Hermione Granger. 

It was a really phenomenally bad idea, but her friends were dirty rotten enablers, so.

They enabled. 

“I mean–” She had to stop talking in the middle of her rant because her wine glass sloshed over the rim of her cup. She stared despondently at the splash of red wine on the ground for a long moment before Ginny leaned over and topped up her glass and she continued, “Who the fuck does he think he is? My–my dad? He’s not my dad.”

“What did he say?” Ginny asked.


“What did he say to you?” Harry cut in. “You never said you just started ranting about his perfect teeth.”

“Ugh,” Hermione groaned emphatically, “He’s never even had braces. I know that because he grew up in an orphanage, so he couldn’t have–”

“Afforded them, yes.” Ron said from where he was lying face down on the loveseat, “You told us already!”

“Oh come on Ron,” Ginny laughed, “Don’t pretend this isn’t hilarious.”

“I like her better sober.” He grumbled into the couch cushions. “Less shrill.”

“Shrill?!” Hermione echoed, shrilly. 

“What did he say?” Harry repeated.

Hermione took a long drink from her wine glass before answering, but even then she didn’t answer the question. “He doesn’t even–I don’t even know why he was there, he’s always fucking right there–”

“Here we go.” Ron muttered. Luna, sitting on the floor in front of him, patted his shoulder reassuringly but otherwise listened closely to Hermione’s ramblings. 

“Like–” She took another gulp of her wine, “I get it, you think you’re smarter and better and prettier and smarter than me–but that doesn’t–like–give you the right to act like it.” She dropped her wine glass. “All the bloody time!”

“What did he say?” Ginny asked again, grabbing another glass.

“I don’t think she’s going to tell us,” Luna interjected, “She needs to get her anger out first.”

“And where does he get off,” She seethed, “Commenting on my dating life. It has nothing to do with him. I don’t comment on his…activities. Does he even date?” 

The door opened in the middle of her rant, distracting her long enough to hold her glass still so Ginny could sneak in another top up as Draco Malfoy walked in with a six-pack of beer. 

“Oh bollocks,” He said as soon as he laid eyes on Hermione. “I’m leaving.”

“No you’re not!” Harry said, waving him over excitedly, “Come watch the show!”

“Did you bring Pansy?” Ron asked lifting his head for the first time in about thirty minutes.

“No.” Draco snapped, “Leave Pansy the fuck alone.”

“Leave me the fuck alone.” Ron snapped back childishly.

“I plan to.” Draco said resolutely, flopping onto the couch beside Harry as Luna shuffled over on the floor to lean against his legs. “Who is it this time?” He asked, nodding in Hermione’s direction.

“Same.” Ginny said, watching as Hermione stared bewildered at her full wine glass. 

“Again?” Draco whined, but before he could get in a good complaint, Hermione was off again.

“What a waste of good looks.” Hermione started, “I mean–you’d think he would be humble because of everything he went through, but instead he’s a total fucking arse–”

“Oo-hoo!” Draco crowed, “Granger uses language, she must really be smashed.” 

“–all the time. And he’s creepy. And obsessed with me. And he’s everywhere like–I was just on a fucking date and he has to show up and start rubbing it in my face how smart he is and how he did better than me on that exam which he only did because Snape hates me and then he’s all, ‘Oh Hermione–’”

“Here we go,” Harry said, nudging Draco in the arm, “This must be what set her off,”

“‘hope you have a lovely date.’ I mean–what the fuck?”

There was an extended silence as Hermione downed what was left in her glass and everyone stared in shocked silence.

“You’re fucking joking.” Ron grumbled into the couch.

“You don’t understand–it was the tone.” She snapped, “You don’t know him like I do–it was–”

“Why can’t you tell him all of this instead of complaining to us?” Malfoy asked. 

Hermione dropped her wine glass again. “Yes.” She said. “Malfoy–” She leaned over to clasp his knee, completely unaware of Malfoy’s appalled expression as she did so. “You are so wise. I approve of yours and Harry’s relationship now.”

“Whoa, okay, uh–” 

“We absolutely are not–”

But Hermione wasn’t listening, instead she was digging through her bag to find her phone.

“Should we stop her?” Luna asked as Hermione angrily brandished her phone and began dialing a number from memory.

“I’m not about to get punched in the face.” Ron grumbled.

“This is hilarious, nobody stop her,” Ginny added excitedly. Hermione slammed the door to the bathroom shut before they hear her start any sort of conversation, and Ginny quickly jumped up and tip-toed to the door to press her ear against it. When no one else moved she impatiently waved them all over. Luna came and sat beside Ginny on the ground to press her ear against the door, followed quickly by Draco and Harry who stood above them and pressed their ears against the door, too.

Ron just groaned from his spot on the loveseat and didn’t move. 

“–Oh, I’m sorry Mr. I’m-so-smart-and-so-handsome-I-could-take-over-the-world-and-enact-mass-genocide-and-the-public-would-thank-me, I didn’t mean to insult your delicate ego–”

Ginny clasped her hand over her mouth to muffle her laughter. 

“–What do you mean where am I? I’m at home.”

“We should be ready to wrestle the phone off of her if she says something embarrassing,” Harry whispered, “So she doesn’t murder us in the morning–”

Draco shushed him.

“Oh–Oh–and where am I supposed to get drunk then? Are you going to dictate to me where I can get drunk now?”

“How is she so articulate, she’s gone through like four bottles of wine.” Ginny muttered.

“Because you kept pouring her more,” Harry pointed out.

“All of you shut up,” Draco hissed.

“You know what–fuck you Tom Riddle. Fuck your stupid perfect hair, and your sanctimonious bullshit, and your holier-than-thou stupid fucking tone of voice, and especially fuck your ridiculous fuck-me voice, you foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach.”

“Jesus Christ.” Ginny murmured, but before anyone could comment further the door sprang open and Ginny wound up sprawled out on the floor from leaning on the door. Luna managed to catch herself, and Draco and Harry both leaped back from the door while Hermione stepped over Ginny and beelined to the alcohol.

“What did he say?” Ginny asked. 

“You sure were sending some mixed signals there, Granger,” Draco commented.

“Shut up you ferret.” She snapped, then continued it a deep voice. Everyone knew who she was attempting to imitate, even if it sounded nothing like him. “Oh, Hermione, are you drinking alone? I hope your date wasn’t that disappointing. Maybe I should come over to be sure you don’t kill yourself.”

“Is Tom coming over?” Luna asked pleasantly.

“Keep that douchebag away from this sacred space!” Ron called from the couch. Hermione flailed her arms in his direction as if to say ‘there you go.’

“Thank you Ron!” She said, “For once in your life, you say something that isn’t horribly ignorant.”

Thanks, you drunk bitch–”

“He doesn’t know where she lives anyway, right?” Harry said, but Hermione ignored him.

“If you’ll excuse me,” She picked up a bottle of wine, “I’m going to go drown myself in my bedroom, goodnight.”

They waited until she shut herself in her room before Ginny said, “She just grabbed the empty bottle of wine.”

“Thank god,” Harry said, “She does not need to drink any more.”

They centered around the table again, instead of round the bathroom door. Hermione remained in her bedroom where she would most likely remain the rest of the night while they carried on in her living room. It usually happened like this when she got angry-drunk, except usually she would just get aggressively drunk and slink off to her room without drunk dialing the bane of her existence. 

At this point, after Hermione went to her room to fall into a dead sleep until she woke up in the morning with a horrible, rage-filed hangover, they would talk until one by one they crashed on the couch or the love seat or the floor, in Luna’s case.

In fact, Ron was already asleep when there came a knock at the door. 

Ginny groaned at the interruption, and Harry lazily pushed Draco toward the door to answer it. 

Draco unlocked and opened the door, blinked twice, then slammed the door shut.

“Tom fucking Riddle is at the door.” He hissed, taking two steps away from the door as if there was a wild animal there.

“What?” Ginny wrinkled her nose.

“Tell him to leave?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Draco snapped, “You tell him that!”

“No, I’m fine where I am, thank you.”

The door clicked open, and Tom walked in.

“Did you not lock the fucking door?” Harry exclaimed, his voice rising an octave.

Tom quietly shut the door behind him, and took a step forward before Draco stepped in front of him. “Hey, you can’t just–” Tom reached out and twisted his hand in Draco’s shirt, turning and pinning him against the door. Harry let out a worried shout along with Ginny, and Ron groaned from where he was trying to sleep on the couch. 

“Where is Hermione?” Tom asked calmly, amicably, as if he wasn’t assaulting Malfoy. 

“Uh–in her room, at the end of the hall.” Draco answered immediately without hesitation.

Draco Malfoy!”

Tom ignored them, and the group–minus Ron, who was still sleeping–watched as Tom went straight to the kitchen. First he opened the cabinet where the glasses were and retrieved one to fill it with water at the sink. Then he moved ot the medicine cabinet and retrieved the aspirin bottle. Draco turned to the group and mouthed the words what the fuck, but no one did anything as Tom moved down the hall to Hermione’s room.

“Oh my god–” Draco started at the same time Harry hissed, “Has he been here before?”

Ginny pointed an accusing finger in Draco’s direction, “You just let him go to Hermione’s room when she’s blind fucking drunk!”

“I didn’t see you doing anything about it!” Malfoy argued.

“He just fucking walked in!” Harry wheezed, “And used the kitchen. What the hell–”

“Shut up,” Ron moaned, pressing his face deeper into the couch cushions. 

As the group was arguing, Luna slowly stood and moved down the hall to Hermione’s room. her door was still cracked open, so it was easy to push it open just a bit to see what was happening in her room. 

Hermione was curled up in her blankets on her bed, but she was awake, sleepily glowering at Tom who was crouched beside her bed. He had placed the water and the aspirin on her bedside table, and now he had his hand resting on the side of her head over her hair, his thumb smoothing along her hairline.

“I didn’t invite you here,” Hermione mumbled, “I’m angry with you.”

“I know.” He said, and Luna didn’t know that Tom Riddle had the capacity for gentleness in his tone until that moment. 

“It wasn’t even a fucking date,” She said quietly. He hummed in response, and after a pause, she added, “I wish I hated you more.”

“No you don’t.” He said, moving his hand to brush her hair back over her shoulder. 

“My friends will find it suspicious that you know where the aspirin is.” Hermione said. 

“Your friends are idiots, so I doubt it.”

“Don’t be an ass.” She told him, but the tone of her voice suggested she was already falling asleep. Tom leaned forward to press a kiss against her bare shoulder, and after a quiet moment–Luna assumed it was after he decided Hermione was alright–he stood.

He turned and saw Luna at the door. Still a little drunk, Luna gave him a thumbs up. He narrowed his eyes and glared at her for a long moment until Luna finally shrugged and moved away from the doorway.

The group was still arguing when she returned.

“I am not going over there, you go over there.” Draco said.

“You’re the one who let him in!” Harry argued.

“Someone go up there and make sure he’s not like taking advantage of her or something!” Ginny exclaimed, but stopped and deflated when she saw Luna, “Oh, Luna went.”

“What?” Draco sneered, turning around from where he was sitting to look at Luna. “Oh–is she good?”

“Yes.” Luna said shortly. 

“What was he doing?” Ginny prodded, “How did he know where the aspirin was?”

“Was he trying to kill her or something–”

“For the last time Harry,” Draco snapped, “He grabbed the aspirin, why would he grab the aspirin if he was planning on killing her.”

“He was fine.” Luna answered vaguely.

The sound of Tom’s footsteps caused the room to go silent. The dark haired man only spared a moment to glare in their direction before continuing toward the door.

“Goodnight, Tom,” Luna called after him. He sent another glower in her direction, then continued out the door and shut it gently behind him.

There was a long moment of silence. 

“You know what?” Draco finally broke the silence, “I don’t fucking care.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“Whatever that was,” He waved in the general direction of the kitchen, “I don’t want to know. If Hermione is boning Riddle I do not want to think about it–”

“Ugh Gross–”

“Malfoy what the fuck–”

“I’m trying to sleep, Jesus christ, shut the fuck up–”

Meet the Family

A/N: Here’s another fluff piece! Hope you enjoy. Also a huge thank you to my lovelies who read over this for me. Love you guys so much. Feedback is appreciated

I hear a key fiddle in the lock of the apartment door. Glancing up from my phone, I see Shawn shivering in his black jeans and favorite henley. His pink nose scrunched and his hands tucked into his pockets. The snow covering his chocolate curls. He looks adorable. It take everything in me not to giggle at his pitiful state. 

“It’s freezing out there,” he says chattering through his teeth as he shakes the snow out of his hair. He kicks off his shoes and sets them by the door before walking over to me sitting on the couch in my pajamas and a plush blanket draped over me. He sits down and gets under the blanket, snuggling into my side. His eyes meet mine as he looks at me with a smug look on his face. Without warning, cold fingers slowly creep up my shirt and onto my bare stomach, his freezing touch causing me to let out an embarrassingly loud shriek.

“Shawn, get your cold ass hands off me right now!” I shout at him, an assertiveness added to my voice. He removes his hands and goes into a laughing fit. I try not to crack a small smile. I can still feel the cold radiating off him, so I grip his hands in my own and blow warm air on them attempting to heat them up. He smiles and pulls me into his lap and cuddles me close, happily accepting my warmth.

After a while he seems to have warmed up, but I am much too comfortable to even attempt to move. Glance around the living room, I suddenly remember that there was something I needed to ask Shawn and decided now was as good of a time as ever.

“Babe?” I ask and he hums quietly into my neck half asleep in response.

“My dad wants us to come over and have dinner with him and the family tomorrow afternoon, and I was wondering if you would maybe be up to it? It is time that you meet everyone. If that’s okay with you of course.” I have been waiting to introduce Shawn to my family until I was absolutely sure about him. Family is extremely important to me, and Shawn gets that which I am so thankful for. He is the same way with his family which is why I was so humbled when he took me to meet them a few weeks ago. They were so welcoming, and now I feel like it’s time to finally return the gesture. Also, my dad is my best friend, so I want nothing more than him to approve of Shawn. His approval means everything to me. It’s been about four months since he and I have started dating, so I think it’s finally time.

His face lights up at my question, “of course I will darling. I’d love to finally meet your family! I want to know everything about your family and see where you grew up. I just think that would be so cool,” He pulls me into a tight embrace and pressing a soft kiss on my nose tip.

I laugh and lean my forehead against his placing a quick kiss on his dry lips, “you’re going to regret saying that,” I smirk and he starts to tickle my sides. I put my hand on his chest and try to push him away but it doesn’t work. He pushes me down onto the couch, his body hovering over mine. He looks at me with the sweetest eyes. God I want this boy forever.

I cling to Shawn’s arm as I try not to slip on the snow as we walk to the front door of my dad’s house. I can already hear the giggles and shrieks of my younger cousins playing in the living room. I am beginning to get nervous that my family may scare Shawn off. His family was so calm and quiet when I met them, and my family is the complete opposite. I’m probably just overthinking per usual. We are almost to the door when I lose to the sidewalk and slip on a piece of ice. Shawn tries to catch me and keep me from slipping but instead I accidentally grab his arm out of instinct, bringing him down with me. He lands on top of me, pushing me further into the cold ground. He giggles as he apologizes for almost squishing me to death with his weight. His arms around my waist from where he attempted—but failed—to keep me from falling.  His eyes meet mine as his fingers brush my hair out of my face. “You look so beautiful right now, ya know that?” Shawn whispers absentmindedly as he stares intently at me. They way his eyes scan over my face in such a gentle way causes me to blush. The cold ice is long forgotten about as we start to focus on the body heat between us. I grab his chin and pull his cold lips down to meet mine. The kiss was tender, passionate. I loved when he kissed me like this. Like it was the last kiss he would ever receive.

Our intimate moment is quickly ruined as I see my aunt open the front door, “will you kids stop playing around in the snow? You’ll catch a cold out there if you don’t get up. Come on you two love birds. Inside!” She shakes her head and closes the door to keep the artic air from getting into the house. Shawn then pulls himself out of whatever trans he had gotten himself into and his eyebrows furrow. He swiftly stands to his feet, grabbing my hands and helping me up. When I’m standing, he carefully brushes the snow off of my back and shoulders. Leaning down and kissing the top of my head and whispering into my hair. “I’m sorry you fell love. Are you okay?”

I nod my head as I giggle seeing he has some snow in his hair. I knock it out as he smiles down and me. He grabs my hand as we continue to make our way to the front door.

Once we finally got inside, I made Shawn a cup of tea and sit with him at the table joining the rest of my family. As we begin eating, my dad starts asking Shawn questions about his tour. Where he travels and if he enjoyed seeing all the different cities. This causes my cousins to chime in giving him a million questions to answer, but he doesn’t seem to mind it much. He actually seems to be enjoying himself which is a big relief to me. I want my family to love him, but I want him to also feel comfortable around them.

After what seems like forever, family dinner is over, and I offer to help my dad and aunt with the dishes. Shawn goes into the living room with my younger cousins while he waits for me.

“So what do you guys think of Shawn?” I stand nervously washing off plates as I wait for their answer.

They exchange glances before looking over to me, “he is actually very nice guy. I am impressed, and I definitely approve. He seems to be a very genuine young man with a good head on his shoulders,” my dad says flashing me a smile.

“Yes yes and oh girl that boy has the body of an angel. Where was he when I was growing up? No guys my age were near that blessed when I was a teenager,” my aunt says teasingly. I throw my head back and laugh. Both at her comment and as a breath of relief. I am so happy to see how much they enjoyed Shawn. It meant a lot to me that tonight went so well.

Once I’m done with the dishes, I decide to go find Shawn and rescue him from my younger cousins. They have to be driving him mad by now. I wander down the hall, noticing nobody is in the living room. I continue walking, eventually making it to one of my dad’s spare bedrooms where my aunt and her children were staying for the week. I can hear talking and as I grow closer, I realize it is Shawn’s voice. When I reach the doorway, I am greeted with one of the most adorable sights I have even seen. Shawn sitting on a small blue stool with a book in his lap. Three of my cousins sitting cross legged on the floor in front of him, listening with anticipation. I can’t blame them though as I myself was equally intrigued by this. My boyfriend, the boy who hates reading, is changing his voice and using accents for different characters in the book. The way he accentuated his voice for certain parts causes me to let out a soft chuckle.My heart just swells. As his story comes to an end, my cousins start to whine.

“One more, Shawn come on!” they all say in unison.

He laughs as he shakes his head, “guys you said that three stories ago.”

Luckily as if on cue, my aunt shouts down the hall to announce that it is time for the kids to take baths which gives Shawn an escape from reading. As they all file out the door, my eyes meet his as we exchange smiles. He walks over to me and caresses my cheek with his long fingers. “You’re really good with them love, they really seem to like you.”

“You really think so? He smiles to himself, “I was just trying to keep them out of your way so y’all could get the dishes done.” I felt butterflies in my stomach. Shawn is so thoughtful when it comes to others. I love that about him. I smile and kiss his cheek sending him a ‘thank you’ glance.

"I’m so glad you came today, Shawn. It really does mean a lot to me. I was afraid my family may be too much and scare you away.” I confess to him while looking down playing with my fingers. Shawn puts his finger underneath my chin and tilts my face up so that our eyes meet. He furrows his eyebrows in confusion. 

"Baby, why would you say that? You have nothing to worry about. They weren’t too much for me. I honestly loved getting to talk with them today. Your family is great.”

I stand on my tiptoes, and he pulls me into him as I close the tiny gap between our lips while his hands tighten around my waist. I then stick my tongue out causing him to scrunch his nose and pull away laughing. “Gross way to ruin a perfectly good moment,” he says wiping his lips. All I can do is blush as I take his hand in mine walking towards the door. We walk down the hall to see my family all piled up in front of the couch searching for a movie. My dad tells us to come join, so we make our way to the couch.

“Does anyone have any movie suggestions?” my dad asks.

“Do you happen to have any Harry Potter lying around here?” Shawn answers curiously.

“Son, I think you just became my new favorite,” he says flashing Shawn a smile.

We all laugh as dad gets up to find the movie. I look around at everyone and see how happy they are and how well they have taken to Shawn. This is perfect. There is no other place I’d rather be.

This is not a success story

As I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, somewhere downtown Detroit, with a coffee to my right, a salad on its way to me, and a sweaty CrossFit session behind me this morning, let me share my candid thoughts with you.

Weight loss is hard. I actually forgot that little fact a few weeks back when I called my sister to declare I had re-signed up for My Firtness Pal; it had been two days and I saw my weight drop, and I remember thinking this will be easy.

It is not. 

I had been in Detroit for just over a month, and with the exception of mentally thinking about trying to lose weight, I had put no actual conscious effort into doing so. It was the usual: just wishing and hoping and obsessing, but not actually changing any of my habits.  Sure, I had signed up for CrossFit, but to say I was “half-assing” it would have been over stating it.

The mental toll of watching my weight increase was exhausting.  I had told myself when I arrived in this new city I’d have a fresh start to my weight loss voyage, but a month had passed and that wasn’t the case.  Then at some ungodly hour one morning, I wrote a very honest letter to myself; there’s something about writing that sets things in stone for me.  I can tell myself something 302 times, but if I don’t commit those thoughts to written words, I’m almost guaranteed to forget them the next morning.  I won’t go into the details of the letter, but I woke up the next morning ready to officially commit to something I so desperately wanted.

That was just over a month ago, and I have been amazed at how that letter somehow switched a light on from within. 


Since then I have been to CrossFit four or times each week. It’s been humbling getting back into it.  A 35lb bar is all I can handle right now. I’m the slowest by far in all the workouts, and the majority of the movements I have to modify.  

I am fortunate that a lot of the movements and my techniques from doing CrossFit in Melbourne were like riding a bike. And my new Coach here is exceptional.  This CrossFit focusses on quality over quantity (often the area where CrossFit gets a lot of criticism) and I am definitely thankful for that (I never really found a CrossFit I liked in Toronto because I thought all the coaches didn’t focus on technique).

If you follow along on my Snapchat you’ll already know this, but I’ve even been getting my ass up for the 6am or 7am CrossFit sessions. Last week I made it to FIVE early morning sessions and got a glimpse into life as if I was a morning person.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it got sooooo much easier each day, and I had significantly better days when I did exercise in the morning. 

I live in perpetual muscle pain these days, but it’s a good happy pain; one I missed. 


As we all know, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, and thus on that fateful letter-writing night, I decided to focus on calorie counting. Calories in, must be less than calories out.  I set my goal to “1 pound a week loss” which landed me at 1,800 calories a day.  Also making this the most generous number of calories I’ve ever aimed to hit.  (In my younger stupider days I’d always aim for 1200/1300 a day).  

I bought a little kitchen scale and hit the ground running. I measured and tracked everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  From the oil on my roasted veggies in the evenings, to milk in my coffee, everything was added to the My Fitness Pal app. I quickly got into the routine of it too, I became more conscious of labels in stores, and more aware of how quickly calories can add up.

One thing I didn’t expect from calorie counting, but am absolutely over the moon about, is how it released me from mentally beating myself up throughout the day.  I learned from counting calories that I wasn’t eating that badly before, but mentally I thought I was.  

If I ate a Turkey Tom Jimmy John’s sandwich (for Canadian friends, it’s like Subway but more delicious) for lunch (because it was free at the Lunch n’ Learn at work, let’s say) I would be so angry at myself the rest of the day, and think I completely (pardon my french) fucked up my diet that day, which in turn would lead to negative thoughts and not caring about dinner that evening, or worse, trying to hardly eat anything for dinner. 

From counting calories I saw that having that Jimmy John’s sandwich for 520 calories was a lot, true, however also completely manageable and normal and I could still easily end my day without going over my allowed calorie intake.  A huge amount of mental stress has been lifted from counting calories, and I saw very blatantly how negative I had been previously to myself for no reason at all.

I counted the tomatoes and broccoli and cauliflower and onions and asparagus too, and quickly saw how my current weight is where it’s at in large part because of healthy food. Portions! Portions! Portions! And my portions of healthy food were huge. With the oil on my roasted veggies (carrots / sprouts / asparagus / onions / etc) and half a sweet potato sprinkled with some feta cheese and a breast of chicken on the side, my dinner could and would get to around 600 calories. Yikes. And this makes sense. As I don’t eat McDonalds or candy or go through tubs of ice-cream. I am over weight because of portions. HEALTHY portions. 


This post is not a post about my success.  

Over the past four weeks my weight has been up and down and up and down and overall  I have stayed the same. It’s incredibly frustrating. I am trying really hard. I also have a smart scale which shows no Fat % loss, which busts the muscle weighs more than fat theory. 

My jeans, however, are fitting looser, but I also feel like they need a wash…  I tried on a dress yesterday which didn’t fit before Christmas, and said dress? Still does not fit.  I believe I only went over my calorie intake once, and yet here I sit, seeing no results. 

So Why

I made a Snapchat story a few days back on how frustrated I am, and a few of you kind people wrote back: 

Don’t count calories, look at macros
You’re now in your 30s. This is life. 
Eat the majority of calories in the morning
Eat more. Are you adding calories for CrossFit?
Do the Whole 30; it works
You have to wait longer. At least six weeks
8 hours of sleep, more water. 

Looking at the above list there is certainly room for improvement. I don’t pay attention to macros, I do eat the majority of my calories in the evening (although I really think a calorie is a calorie to your body, no matter when you eat it), I do not add my CrossFit calories to MFP (It would be about 600 extra calories a day! Which I think is nutty), and I could definitely drink more water.   I also side-eye Whole 30, as I don’t want a “diet,” but more of a lifestyle change; truthfully, I’m also nervous of binging on a “diet.”

I am working at being better at all of the above. Except, of course, I can’t reduce my age.  I remember people telling me it would get harder, but like with everything else (skin and cancer and terrible things) it won’t happen to me. I think it has.  


But I am not going to give up, because regardless of the number between my toes each morning, working out and eating better has helped my mental state a lot.  I am more confident, putting effort into dressing better each morning, and not beating myself up any more. 

So yes. There that all is. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed there’ll be some scale or fat percentage loss movement. Stay tuned! 

No rain, No flowers (Part 2)

You had such an exhausted day at work that the thought that you had completely forgotten Harry’s birthday didn’t even occur to you. So when you hear loud music blasting through the house when you parked your car in the driveway, confusion wasn’t the only thing you were feeling. Your eyes widened when you entered and saw maybe fifty people inside your house drinking and dancing.

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Ten Minutes Ago

Originally posted by losteveragain

Words: 3724

Pairing: Winn x Reader, slight KaraMel, Sanvers mention 

Warnings: Alcohol mention

A/N: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! Also I think this is the longest Winn fic I’ve seen! We need more Winn, y’all! :P  It is based on the song Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It’s also super late and I’m too tired to proof read, so I let Grammarly do it for me. Please enjoy! 

You were disappointed when you arrived at your sister’s apartment to find her sick on the couch. You had come over to get ready with her for a fundraiser she was attending for work. You were to be her plus one, but the way things were looking, neither one of you would be going.

You sat on the edge of the coffee table as you pulled her blanket up onto her.

“Hey, you want me to make you some soup?” You ask as you hand her a box of tissues.

“Chicken noodle.” She said through a stuffed up nose. “And some tea with honey, please.”

“Sure thing.” You smiled.

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B.A.P Mafia AU: Himchan

A/N: Hello! So here I have Himchan’s mafia AU oneshot. I don’t know how well I have written this as Mafia AUs aren’t my usual thing. So I hope you enjoy. Also if you haven’t already, you should probably ready the prologue I wrote and the member profiles first. 

Member Profile


Yongguk Mafia AU

Daehyun Mafia AU

Youngjae Mafia AU

Jongup Mafia AU

Zelo Mafia AU

“It’s not normal for you to be so distracted”, Yongguk says.

“Something has piqued my interest”, Himchan says with a smirk on his face.

“A new toy perhaps?”

“Something like that”

“Well, get your head back in this raid. It’s important”, Yongguk says.

“Would I ever let me down?”

“No, but I don’t want it starting now”

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The art of madness || 4

pairing: hoseok x oc

genre: angst | mature theme (?)

word count: 2k

The art of madness: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

(don’t) leave - chapter 4

“Why is he touching your hand?”

That is the message I get after 40 minutes of silence. And by silence I mean my phone that had stopped vibrating for awhile. My eyes scan the area around me and Sejin and as expected, it is easy for me to find Hoseok trying to hide behind a car.

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"Riverdale" Star KJ Apa Is a Real-Life Archie Andrews, Minus All the Girlfriends
The Kiwi heartthrob is a musician, an athlete, and a family man. But he's just too busy for love right now.

If it’s either bearding or this, everyone on the planet would choose this. But this article only works if you infer things. If you read it from the point of view that even though he’s never said so, he’s straight, and if you expect that the interviewer is just paraphrasing KJ’s words. The second neither of these things are true, the goal of the article falls apart.

This analysis is going to have four focuses, but I promise, it won’t be as confusing and non-linear as the article itself.

So let’s start there. This is not written in the style of an interview. This is written as a feature. The main difference between interviews and features is that features don’t read like a Q&A. From a writer’s perspective, when the writer doesn’t like what they are hearing, this is optimal. They can insert certain words in certain places and don’t have to write based on the flow of the conversation. They also don’t have to insert their questions, so even though the question might have been “when was your most recent date with a girl” and he may have said “when I was 14,” for instance, the fact that the answer I the article itself was forced isn’t there. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but I am saying we don’t know.

Now, this first paragraph. His best friend is Boston, so this story is from June, the week of his birthday. First of all, this story is so broken up, it’s not even clear if these quotes came from the same part of the conversation. Secondly, he never uses the word date. The interviewer does. And throughout this interview, though he doesn’t open the door to the “I’m gay” conversation, he sure as hell closes it on the “do you have a girlfriend” one. The implication that he’s talking about a date and not, anything else in the world, exists because of how we see the world. A guy asks a girl for her number, it’s romantic. That’s not always the case, and given everything we’ve seen previously involving KJ, it’s unlikely to be the case here.

And the next paragraph kind of confirms that. KJ is 20, hot as fuck, ripped as fuck, and…never had a girlfriend? Never having a long-term girlfriend is something I can understand, but never having a girlfriend isn’t something you expect to hear from someone like him. Also, yes, the interviewer is paraphrasing, so we have no idea what he actually said, but I’m going to bet it wasn’t “never been in a relationship.” Relationship shuts down any gender. Girlfriend is specific.

We then move on to Snoz, which, is completely out of place in this interview, so as I said, this order is off and there is a lot that the writer decided to cut. Anyways, champagne and chocolates means romantic getaway. If he’s not dating someone, why the fuck would he ask for that? So Snoz wasn’t supposed to be on this trip with him, which, I figured out when it happened. The logistics of that week were…strange. CS arrived from Paris, they did that horrible promo shoot, where it was so bad they just photoshopped each of the cast members in from different takes, and then KJ and Snoz left for London and got there three hours late, mind you. With this new information, it makes a lot more sense. The shoot was last minute. CS wasn’t supposed to come home. They WERE supposed to have a romantic trip. Glad to know he was supposed to stay there and the logistics weren’t totally fucked originally.

The big piece of this interview, the piece that makes my heart soar is that KJ talks about depression for the first time. Throughout everything, LR mentions anxiety or social anxiety or depression in virtually every breath she takes. And KJ has stayed completely silent. It’s clear from watching interviews, especially what happened in TV Line at comic con 2017, that he’s not fine. That he has something, be it anxiety or depression. He doesn’t say either word, but he does talk about it here. The phrase “humans need humans” is such a fundamental phrase that takes many people a long time to learn. He talks about being lonely, but when you are surrounded by people and you are lonely, people, as he says he chose not to spend time with, that’s not loneliness, that’s something different. It’s not humans need to be around humans. It’s a need that goes beyond an acquaintance or cast mate. I’m not saying he’s talking about CS, but given how CS talks about him, it wouldn’t be a bad bet.

Second mental health discussion they have is about “imposter’s syndrome,” which, as I understand it, is kind of like survivor’s guilt. Why am I here, what makes me special? Why am I better than everyone else? It’s a rare thing for someone in the industry to discuss cause it’s the polar opposite of having your head in the clouds, it’s almost being too grounded. And we’ve seen this before. Lee, the director of the 13th episode talked about it in detail in his Instagram post, about how KJ’s humble nature goes far and away beyond that of anyone else he’s worked with. When I say KJ isn’t like any other actor or celebrity I’ve encountered, I think this is why.

His final mental health discussion revolves around The Rock of all people. He mentions how The Rock is always happy and how he wishes he could be too. In a conversation with Timena, she reminded him that that’s not who he is, and that’s okay. I don’t want to say much of this for fear of crossing boundaries I shouldn’t cross. But it’s clear from watching his social media that things get to him really easily and he wears his heart on his sleeve. I think it’s important to see guys with a voice like that. It kind of tears down the notion that emotion and masculinity are opposing forces. I hope he talks more about this in the future.

KJ is pretty remarkable. He mentions CS literally any chance he gets. And the strange thing, this interviewer wasn’t having it. She narrows the CS conversation down to three points. 1. CS got KJ into Pearl Jam. 2. CS and KJ are “good mates” 3. KJ bought hundreds of dollars worth of records (he doesn’t even have a player) and specifically bought one for CS. In Rainbows. At the MMVAs KJ said that CS got him into Radiohead and seeing as he only bought something for CS, other than himself, that’s kind of a big deal. KJ talks about CS as if he’s his spokesperson, and CS does the same about KJ. When we talked about what was edited for this feature, KJ’s thoughts on CS goes to the top of my list. Also, I guess we know what KJ got CS for his birthday.

The rest of the girl stuff is throw away. “right time, right girl” is pretty recognizable code for never going to happen. And the next sentence, “I’m pretty busy at the moment. I don’t know how much I have to offer to someone right now.” was not the next sentence in the conversation. It probably had nothing to do with girls, in fact.

The final point is Jennifer Anniston. Besides it being incredibly generic, someone else gives that answer whenever Dylan Sprouse isn’t an option. Not that two boys having the same “celeb crush” is weird, but when one boy hasn’t even seen the thing the woman is known for, something seems a bit off.

All in all, this interview has a lot of insight into KJ from his relationship with his family, to his views on his own mindset to shutting down the girlfriend question for good.

Call Me Thomas Pt. 5

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Requested: *side eyes @secretschuylersister *

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulamte!Reader

Previously: {1} {2} {3} {4}

Summary: Thomas has asked Y/N to accompany him to Monticello.

Warnings: Just so much fluff

Word Count: 1,684

A/N: It almost hurts me a little to say this, but this is going to be the last part of the ‘Call Me Thomas’ series. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages and encouragement for me to finally finish a series that I started. I am glad that you all have enjoyed it as much as I have, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

If someone had told you a month ago that you were going to end up in a carriage with Thomas Jefferson, stuffed into a ridiculous dress, and then told you that you were going to be content with it, happy even, you would have laughed in their faces.

But here you were, on the way to his family’ estate, and you weren’t even frustrated with the little flowers that Peggy had stuck in your braid that morning. You tried to ignore the fact that your soulmate was taking you to his home. He wasn’t meeting you at your house or a local theater, he was taking you to the place that he loved more than anywhere else in the whole world (besides in the opinion of one Alexander Hamilton, who insisted that he could love nothing more than his beloved France).

The ride was long, and although you insisted that you wouldn’t mind going on horseback, Thomas insisted that the ride in the carriage was a must for anyone visiting Virginia for the first time. The usually lengthy ride was even longer, after Thomas insisted that you stop to take in all of the sites.

You smiled faintly, thinking about the first time that the mountains came into view. He took your hand, standing silently with you as the sun had barely began to show over the mountain’s peaks in the distance. His thumb had been absentmindedly stroking the back of your head, the two of you content to take in his home’s natural splendor in silence. Unfortunately, that had been the last moment of silence that you had experienced, unless Thomas was asleep.

The closer that you go to his estate, the more that he began to fidget and chatter away. You could tell that he was nervous, but the idea of him being nervous only made you feel more unsure about yourself.

You returned your attention to the book that Thomas had given you at the beginning of your journey.

“I know that the journey can be long and tiring, and more so than that, it can get boring if all you have to look at is fields for miles and miles.” He slipped a book into your hands before shooing the footman away and helping you into his carriage.

Regardless of his good intentions, you had barely been able to make it more than halfway into the book. You found yourself getting drawn into the rolling fields that were sprawled out in front of you in all directions. You tore your gaze away from the scenery outside for long enough to notice a small smile play at his lips while he gazed across the carriage.

You had expected him to look away, but he met your eyes with his own, holding your gaze. The staring quickly became a game, neither of you refusing to look away. Even when the carriage came to a stop, and the footman opened the door announcing that you had arrived. The anticipation was killing you. Thomas obviously had a leg up on you, already knowing what his home looked like.

Without a second thought, you brought your hands up to clap right in front of his face, causing him to flinch back and blink rapidly a few times.

“Ha, I won!” You laughed, hopping out of the carriage. But your hilarity was cut short as you took in Thomas Jefferson’s not so humble abode. The house… the house was amazing, everything that you had expected it to be. But the grounds.

You had never seen anything like it. You had grown up in the city, far away from any wide open spaces that weren’t constantly crawling with people. Here, there was empty land as far as the eye could see.

You loved it.

“I promise that you will have all of the time in the world later, but I thought that you might want to change first.”

“Hmm?” As unladylike as it was, you had barely been listening to Thomas, instead choosing to let your eyes search the horizon in search of an end to the seemingly limitless space.

“I want you to always be comfortable here.” Thomas said, allowing you to take his arm as he lead you into his house. “I know that you packed mostly dresses, but I had a selection of pants and blouses be delivered so that you may choose to wear them whenever you would prefer.” You gasped, your eyes widening as he opened the door to a bedroom and motioned to a large chest at the foot of the bed.

You couldn’t help it, your legs carrying you over to the chest, almost without permission. You threw open the lid to find exactly what Thomas had promised. Pants and shirts in a wonderful array of colors. You met his eyes, and when he saw that you had no words, he mercifully gave you a smile and retreated from the room. “I will be just outside when you are ready.”

You knew that he loved you- he had accepted the bond, hadn’t he? But this level of kindness was something that many women never experienced, even after finding a soul mate. You were close to crying, but shook your head and resolved to make it through this day without dissolving into tears.

You donned a pair of trousers and felt significantly better, making your way down the hallway and finding Thomas pacing in front of the house. “Thomas?”

He immediately stopped in his tracks, moving his hands to rest behind his back and offering you a too sincere smile. “I thought that I could show you my favorite spot, since you were so kind to show me yours.”

You were so shocked when Thomas took your hand and led you down a path in silence, that you simply chose to take in your soulmate’s beautiful grounds, and save the questions for later.

He led you to a beautiful little babbling brook, and after taking a moment, seemed to decided that this was the place for… whatever it was that you were doing out here. Thomas had made you walk all of this way, and you still did not know what you were supposed to be doing.

“Y/N- I have been thinking about this for a while. And I want you to know that you are not expected to answer me a certain way. I want you to speak from your heart. But know that if you do not allow me to speak from mine, I might go just a little insane.”

You spent a moment trying to find an appropriate way to respond, and after it occurred to you that you didn’t have one, you simply bit your tongue and nodded. Thomas wasn’t making much sense, but better he ramble than torture you with his silence.

“I want you to first know how much I love you. I haven’t said those words to you, Y/N, and it is not because I do not feel them. I have been trying to find a time that did not make me seem like a love struck fool, and I have been unsuccessful up until this point, because a love struck fool is simply what I am, and what I hope to be for the rest of my life.”

Your heart was pounding in your chest. What was he going on about?

“I love you Y/N. I love you with all of my heart, and with every fiber of my being. I have wanted to ask you this since the first night that your damned stomach lit up, but I wanted to do it here. Everything important in my life seems to have happened in Monticello, and asking my soulmate to marry me was not something that I was going to let happen anywhere else.”

You were going to stop breathing. He wanted to marry you.

“I know that we are soulmates, but I have found myself falling for you, in ways that I never could have imagined. I smile when you insult me, I wait for the next time that you make fun of my coat or the fact that I am wildly overdressed. I look forward to the next time that I can see you smile, to make you smile. And I am very much hoping that you will allow me to look forward to making you my wife.”

You were crying. You hadn’t realized it at first, but Thomas’ thumb brushed away a tear, and suddenly, you were aware of every emotion coursing through your body all at one. Thomas reached into his pocket, cupping his hand around the most important question of his lie.

“So, Y/N, will you allow me to take on the challenge of making you happy for every single day for the rest of your life?” he opened his palm to reveal a simple band with a few diamonds clustered together. It was not what you had expected from Thomas, perhaps the gaudiest person that you knew. It was simple and elegant. In a word, it was perfect.

You were a mess of tears and emotions, but every single one of them making it’s way through your body was screaming one word at you. “Yes.” You had wanted to scream it, but you could barely manage more than a whisper. You had failed to make it through the day without tears, but you weren’t going to let it leave before you got a husband.

“Yes?” he asked, taking both of your hands in his free one.

“Yes,” you said, this time your voice sounded more resolute, more sure of itself. Of course I will marry you, you sappy dolt!” you laughed, almost disbelieving that you had to spell it out for him.

And as Thomas Jefferson slid a ring onto your finger, you couldn’t help but think about how much you had denied that this was possible- happiness with a man that you had despised before you had ever met him. But, as his lips found their way to yours, you were thanking God that it was.


i have father, he’s not you | a sanji fanmix; pretty self-explanatory about his feeling for VInsmoke Judge and Zeff. (LiSTEN: youtube / 8tracks / spotify)

Side A (intro-track 09): VINSMOKE JUDGE.
Most tracks are rock songs containing anger and hatred mood about shitty father who left his helpless child and keep seeing him as a failed son.  

Side B (track 10-outro): ZEFF.
Most tracks are slow rock and pop hitting right in the feels about a son holding on dreams and leaving home to make his father proud.

note: for 32 Days of Sanji prompt: family. Bon Jovi’s track isn’t available on spotify. Annotation is under read more.

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Review - 14x07

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing this week? @jordan202 here. I hope you’re all as excited for episode 13x08 as I am!

Before we get there though, let’s talk about episode 14x07! The big 300th! There was so much hype and promotion for this episode, I was expecting something amazing. Not in terms of Omelia, because I knew they wouldn’t have a lot of screen time since it would probably be focused on Meredith. And I don’t know just what exactly I was just expecting, but I guess it was just more.

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

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Back in time


Part1 / Part2 / Part3 /…

A/N: I was in the mood for writing this kind of historical Au. I think it’s going ok, but in the end you guys decide. I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made.

Word count:  2,756

Warnings: None.

  Who thought that being stuck in ancient Korea would be this normal for you. In some strange way you believed that all those years of watching historical dramas had paid off in the most unexpected way.Waking up early, no internet or electricity was a new experience for you, but thanks to Su Min everything was ok. You learned so much from her, but it wasn’t only one sided help, thanks to you the basket ‘business’ her family had was blossoming. You moved into a nicer home and became quite famous. Everyone in the town knew who you were and greeted you whenever you were just walking around. Even merchants from far lands exchanged experience with you.

“Y/N.”you turned around and saw the violet and light purple colors of Su Min’s hanbok 

“Unni!”a smile appeared onto your lips and you ran over to her “What brings you here? I thought you were resting today.”

“I came to give you this.”she was holding a small box covered with a flower fabric “You forgot your lunch silly.”

“Sorry.”you giggled and sat down, opening it. Working in the hot sun all day wasn’t easy, even you needed to rest for a bit

  The town was peaceful, the birds were singing and the warm rays of the sun were enveloping the Earth in its warmth.Children were playing, their footsteps making everything even more lively. There was a certain rhythm. Who wouldn’t wish for it to last forever, if it could. The loud sound from someone running ,was like a stone ,creating a big ripple into the water of harmony.

“ KAN SU MIN! KAN SU MIN NOONA!” a boy, young and energetic stopped in front of you two.He was talking and trying to catch his breath at the same time.

“Yun, what is going on?”she asked as her hands were holding his arms “is something wrong?”

“The guards…”he was slowly replenishing the air in his lungs

“What about them?”

“The royal guards are coming!” 

“That can’t be. They already collected this month’s taxes.” 

  Yun looked behind himself as everyone stopped talking, letting only the sound of horse hoofs echo.Soon in the middle of the town stopped a few very well armed men. They looked the same because of the armor hiding their faces, but there was one very easily recognizable.His hair was tied up into a small bun and hidden under the sheer material of his gat (Korean traditional hat). His gaze was piercing and the color of his hanbok eye catching. Next to the strong horse of this man was an old merchant you had seen before.He passed by your town a few days ago. He was scanning everything around him, until he noticed you.

“That is the girl your Highness.”

 Silence and shock merged into the atmosphere. The painfully quiet world was torn to pieces by the sound of the man’s gatkkeun (bead string attached to the gat ) as he moved his head towards you. He stepped down from his stallion and started walking. The people made a path which he took to reach you. You were just staring at him ,when he stopped. Su Min pushed your head down with her left hand as she bowed as well.

“Your Highness.”she said and you eyes widened

“Lift your heads.” Su Min let go of you

“What brings you to our humble little town Your Highness.”an old man said, walking closer with a smile on his lips and a hand holding onto his painful back

“Are you in charge here?”asked the young man

“Yes Your Highness.” he answered immediately 

“I am here on orders of my brother.”

  Upon hearing these words the villagers gasped, whispers started going around from ear to ear. 

  Did you hear, the emperor send him.

    The Royal guards are here as well.

 The elite nonetheless.

      What would he want with us?

 Isn’t he the youngest?Why here?Why us?

 Questions arouse from each and everyone watching.

“I am here in search of a girl.” he said loud and clear “My people say it’s…”his head moved towards your figure “… you.” 

  Su Min jumped in front of you and bowed “Your Highness forgive my little sister. If she has done anything wrong, please forgive her. She doesn’t know much.” 

“She has done no such thing.” 

  Su Min lifted her head, confused “Then may I ask why you are in search of my dongsaeng?”

“Simple.The emperor has asked to see her.” silence swallowed the town, Su Min’s eyes widened and her lips parted. Her body started to tremble as the sudden action of the royal guards made her snap out of it. They grabbed onto her, as the young man started pulling you towards his horse. 

“Unni!”you struggled, reaching out for her

“Y/N!” she couldn’t even come close “7th prince, please! Don’t take my younger sister with you! I beg of you!”

“Silence woman!” the cold blade of a sword pressed against her skin

“Su Min unni!” you yelled out

“Enough.”said the prince ,as he made himself comfortable onto the animal, with you in front of him “We will not spill blood today.” he pulled the reins and the horse turned around “We are leaving. My brother doesn’t like to be kept waiting.If we take our time, the only blood dripping will be yours.” the guards stiffened up, before jumping on their stallions. Your sister ran after you, yelling as much as she could, until she collapsed onto the ground.She tried to get up, but couldn’t.


 You screamed as she reached out as farther as her hands could. The last thing you saw were her lips moving, forming what seemed to you as a sentence, leaving you with a smile.

 Your hand fell to your body, letting yourself be taken away by these people. Being in an unknown land, having to learn a new language fast wasn’t easy, but it was ok. This situation was even worse than you would have thought, now.These men were taking you to a place you didn’t know, you weren’t sure if you were even going to survive the night. The trip was long and you had to stop when the moon rose. You were tied up to a tree ,because of your numerous escape attempts.

 They gave you food but you didn’t eat, your eyes were sharp and filled with anger. Yet the truth was that that was hiding the fear you had. You didn’t sleep for the 2 nights you camped, your body had gotten weak, but you weren’t going to give up. You were stronger than sleep.

  The third day you saw the large gates, which opened in front of you. People gathered up to see what was going on. This city was bigger than the town you were in till now.There was a big audience and you were trying your best to hide your face, good thing that it wasn’t necessary for long.A pair of big gates appeared again and this time they led into a peaceful palace. There were a few people walking around, but nothing like what it was a few minutes ago outside.

  The moment everyone relaxed and you got off the horse, you were free, no one was holding you so you ran. 

“Wait!” the 7th prince rose his hand and stopped the guards “There is nowhere for her to run, let her try all she wants.” 

  You on the other hand knew how Korean palaces worked, so in a way there really was no where for you to go. You could hide, but they will find you, you can try and get out but the guards will see you. As you were looking behind, you took a turn and hit someone. The impact was so big that you started going back. Suddenly someone grabbed your wrist and pulled you forward, falling onto his chest. Your head moved up and the hair pin from your hair dropped onto the ground, making a slight sound. His eyes were dark and alluring, his lips bright red and skin white. His hair was blonde and wavy. The wind blew gently and his earrings moved ever so slightly. His gaze was gentle and hypnotizing, holding in itself a child’s curiosity. 

  You were tired and the lack of sleep finally caught up to you. Your body started loosing it’s strength.

“Am I dead?” you asked 

  His head crooked gently to the side and the corner of his lips moved a bit into a small smile.

“A-are you…”your eyes started closing “…an angel?” before you lost consciousness

  The sound of footsteps finally reached you.

“Brother!”said the young one, the blonde man lifted his left arm and pressed his index finger against his plump lips “Shhh.”the young one placed his hands onto his mouth fast.

  The angelic man lifted you up and everyone around made room as he was walked slowly with you into his arms. The doctor wasn’t into his room, so the man simple placed you onto the bed, as careful as he could.He looked at you and slowly reached out, moving your hair away from your face. His palm went down and touched your cheek, his eyes looking at you.His fingers moved slowly towards your lips, but he stopped with the sudden arrival of the doctor.

 The blonde man stepped back and the physician checked your vitals. After a few minutes, he turned towards the figure standing behind him.

“It is mere exhaustion My Lord.” 

  The man looked to the side and pushed himself off the wall. “I leave her in your capable hands Ju Min.”

“Yes My Lord.”he bowed and your hero left the room.

 Who would have thought that sleep could be so sweet, like a melody that keeps pulling you back. Once your eyes started opening up, you noticed a person standing above you, his face was filled with childish emotions and innocents. You gasped and sat up, making the boy take a few steps back.

“It’s ok.”he said and tried to come closer again, but this time you pulled back, so he stopped “You have been sleeping for 3 days now.”

 You looked around the room, but didn’t say anything.

“You must be hungry.” he turned his back on you for a second, once you saw the opportunity you grabbed it and jumped off the bed “WAIT!” the boy ran after you

  In no time you found yourself into the open space of the palace. Looking around, you noticed that 4 guards were coming towards you. This was one of the moments were you were thankful you father made you take martial arts classes.

  The men were armed and your head was spinning in all 4 directions to make sure they were all in your range of vision. A few people gathered up to see what was going on. Your scared figure, stood up strong and relaxed, closing your eyes you took a deep breath and waited for them to make the first move. 

 The first man attacked with his hands, easy to deflect, the second ran towards you with the intend of grabbing you and the last 2 left ,tried the same thing. In the end the 4 royal guards were clumped on the ground, beat and tired.Or maybe tree of them were K.Oed.

 Before you knew it you were circled by more royal guards, pointing their swords at you. At this point you didn’t think that you would ever leave this world, so death didn’t seem like such a bad thing. You pulled your hanbok back a bit and took your stance.

“Stand down!”someone yelled out, the men bowed in a matter of seconds 

  Your head turned around, but the mysterious person was gone, nowhere to be seen.

“Wait!” the young boy with child like energy ran up to you “Are you ok?”he looked up and down “What were you thinking!”he yelled out “This girl is here under the emperors demand. You were going against the royal family.Should I deem this as treason?”

“No your Highness, 6th Prince , general Kim Taehyung!”they all dropped to their knees  

“I thought so. Scram before I find you all new jobs!”

“Yes Your Highness!” 

  You never saw someone run away this fast, they really must have been scared.Wait a minute….6th prince!!!Your head snapped in his direction.

“Hey.”he made a box like smile, which you found surprisingly charming.His aura was sweet and gentle, you knew you could trust this one. Your eyes were focused on him “ Haha.”he scratched the back of his head “You already know who I am.”

  You had a confused look on your face, before gasping “Ah!My name is Y/N.”

“Strange name.”he placed his hand under his chin “I have never heard of it before.”

“I don’t think you will.” you said 

“Come, lets go back to the infirmary.The servants brought you food, it will get cold if we don’t hurry up.” 

 You were sitting on the bed and eating, while the 6th prince was looking at you.Placing the empty dish on the small wooden cabinet, you asked.

“You are the 6th?”

“What?”the boy looked at you

“If you are the 6th brother, then is the 1st emperor?”

“No.”he smiled “The 5th brother is the emperor of these lands. Strange…” he paused “People who live on these territories know all of this, thought you look a bit different to me. No offence.”

“None taken.” you sneezed 

“Bless you.” taking a quick look at your clothes he said “I think we should get you changed.”

“Why?”you lifted your hand and pulled onto the fabric 

“You don’t plan on seeing His Royal Highness the Emperor like that?”he giggled 

“Again, why?I don’t see a problem.” the boy got up and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards a big building next to the palace’s main house.

  A beautiful woman stopped to bow at the prince with 6 girls behind her.

“Your Highness.”she lifted her head up to look at him, when her eyes fell onto your figure “Is that, her?” the boy nodded “I will see what we can do about it.”she snapped her fingers and the 6 females took you inside the building. You turned to look at the 6th prince, but he just waved with a smile onto his face.

  The ladies took your clothes off in an instant and made you sit into a bath filled with flowers, oils and so many fragrant herbs. They washed and brushed your hair, applied makeup you haven’t even seen before, placed ornaments and accessories in your hair and let the woman from before dress you.

 After what seemed as an hour, you stepped in front of a mirror and eyed yourself from head to toe.Your hanbok had light blue and cream colors, mixed with a bit of white. So soothing to the eyes. The attention was being pulled by the shiny and pretty hair sticks and your face. The light cherry blossom color on the center of your lips and the blushing cheeks. Even you didn’t know what had happened. A part of you was doubting the beauty.

“Don’t worry you look beautiful, I am sure His Highness will think so too.”said the court lady with a smile. When she noticed the look on your face she pulled back a bit “What is it?You didn’t think that I would know what you are thinking?I am a woman as well.” she placed her hand onto your shoulder “Don’t worry.”

“Court lady An!”a girl walked in the room “His Highness The Lord has asked for the young lady.” 

  You were too occupied with the image in the mirror to even remember why you were here in the first place. Before you could even think of running off, you were pulled to the third pair of big doors. These were leading to the emperors room itself.

“This is a mistake!”you said, but no one listened “I am not the one, please let me go back to unni.”

“Don’t worry.” Lady An smiled “The emperor won’t eat you.” before anything more could be done, the doors opened and you were pushed inside.You turned around and started banging on them.

“Am I that scary to you?” 

  A voice caught you off guard and your body froze. You knew that this man was the emperor, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look behind. You jolted when his footsteps came closer to you….stopping inches from your back. His hand gently touched you and twirled you around. Your head moved up until you were able to see his face clearly. A gasp left your lips as your eyes kept him focused.

"I wanna be yours" (PJ Liguori one shot)


Word count: 2K

(y/n) loses her virginity to PJ on romantic get-away. 

“PJ, is it alright to talk now?” I said, as I encountered my very busy boyfriend. “Uh-um maybe later?” I immediately added, he was editing a video -at least from what I could see standing by the door frame.

“Nah it’s okay now (y/n). I am pretty much done” he said, twirling his chair to face me, he palmed his knee motioning me to get closer.

“Are you sure? I don’t mean to bother" I sat on his lap, his arms wrapped around my waist. 

"Shh” PJ whispered near my ear, his warm breath making my whole body quiver. I prayed to all the gods out there for him not to noticed my reaction. 

“It’s kind of serious” I felt how his body tensed under mine. “Okay, maybe not that serious" 

One of his hands slid up my face, his gentle grip making me turn in his direction. "Just get it over with, please” he wore impatient eyes but a smirk -I personally find to be the perfect blend of sexy and adorable- softening his demeanor. 

I opened my mouth trying to push the words out  my throat but found myself wondering where to begin.

Pleaseeee” his free hand poked my side and his smile widen. That is what I like the most about PJ, he knows how to act in every situation. He is so carefree yet caring. Gah, I love the kid. His silly act made me feel a tad more confident for what I was about to request. 

“Okay, okay” I said trying to regain my composure. “PJ, you know I" am a huge prude. No-no- definitely not how I want this to go. In my struggle to find the appropriate words our gazes were glued to the other, that pretty shade of green making me loose my fluency.

"I- I love you, PJ” a grin spread in both our faces. “You are my first boyfriend –my first real love and the only boy I’m in love with”

“Yes” he muttered softly, encouraging me to go on. 

“And I- I now want you to be my ”first time“ too” as soon as the words escaped my lips I looked down, I could feel my cheeks getting hot like a summer day. 

“Little one, I- come on look at me” I dared took a glimpse through my lashes, his expression lighted up like a Christmas tree, not far from the respond I was expecting. 

For the past few months in our relationship we have had steamy make out sessions numerous times, however PJ has always respect my boundaries. We talked about sex before, and even though I love him so damn much my insecurities always took a toll, but he has make his duty to remain me daily how “beautiful”, “sexy” he thinks I am.

“Are you really ready?” Fuck yeah, I am. I have never been more certain and desperate for anything before. The thought of his touch all over my bare skin gave me goosebumps.  

“Yes” he gave me a soft peck and before I could adjust it turned into a much intense kiss, his palms stroked under the fabric previously covering my lower back, the tip of his tongue teasing my bottom lip. 

“PJ" I pulled  a few inches away from his gorgeous face. I still don’t know how I managed to not ripped his cloths off right then and there. "I have some…concerns, though" 

"I am all ears” he then buried himself in the nape of my neck.

“This is going to sound utterly stupid, but I kinda, sorta, want our first time to be -um cute and memorable” I damned every chick flick I have ever watched for making me sound just like another generic repressed virgin. 

“I know” his voice a faint. “I want that too. Don’t you worry about a thing, little one” the way he calls me “little one” never fails to make me squeal internally, his overall thoughtfulness made my stiff  muscles go like jelly. 

But there is still another minor detail.

“Thank you” after a pause that felt like 287 years I carried on “Babe, I don´t want it to hurt either so…can we get some-I don’t know lube?” I spilled out the last words, bringing my palms to shield my crimson cheeks. PJ’s responds was a low chuckle, which made me punched his stomach softly. 

“Again, don’t worry about a thing (y/n)" 

Two weeks went by and the matter was never discussed again. I could swear he forgot it, he was producing a new short film for a internet safety campaign. We barely met ever since and the 2 or 3 times we have he was too burn out for anything other than movies and snuggles.


Wanna hang out, little one? x"I read the words off the shiny screen. 

Wow, are you finally free? Sure :)” 

PJ’s reply came within seconds, making my stomach do a leap. “Pick you up at 1, bring a swim costume xx”

The clock struck 11:40 am, Sunday the 4th so of course taking a shower wasn’t in my mind till his text. When done, I picked a pastel pink sundress and strappy sandals as my outfit. I am guessing his plans involved a beach or water of some sort, the weather isn’t precisely warm -then again, when is it here in gloomy England?- so I trow a knitted cardigan on too. I packed a tiny red bikini, a towel and a clean set of underwear in my big hand bag and ran out the door, telling mom I was hanging with my boyfriend prior. 

“Hello gorgeous” I greeted, crawling into the passenger seat. 

“Hello” PJ leaned over sweetly brushing his lips to my forehead. God, I’ve missed him. 

“So, care to explain where are we heading today?” I asked, PJ’s eyes set on the road ahead. 

“Yes, it’s a surprise” he winked, turning his head to me. The funny feeling in my stomach creeped all over me.

Today. is. the. day. holy. fuck. 

After a not-so-short ride -that consistent mainly of PJ ranting about his new project while I drooled because I find his creativity so, SO attractive- we finally arrived a  small house hide by the woods. 

“Where are we?” I asked, studying the vintage structure trough the glass. The wood holding it was patchy and brittle looking. The facade consisted of just a window and the main door.  

“I used to come here when I was a kid -family getaways and stuff- it’s one of my favorite places on earth” And I could see why. Not the nicest house there is, but the light pecking trough the trees and the eager birds' melody screamed “PJ happy place”. 

As we hopped off the car, I stared farther out the house, noticing rocks and a watercourse. PJ snapped me back from my amaze, pushing me inwards. The inside was a lot cozier yet it still kept it’s humble vibe. 

“Are you hungry? I have chinese take-away in the car -Or we can go for a swim first. Whatever you prefer” PJ spoke fast, a sign I took as nervousness. I was walking the impromptu kitchen not really facing him, but I could pictured his shy smile. 

“You should take the food out of the car. Like really” I said, being caught off guard when I opened a mini-fridge and it was running. 

“Uh, yeah. Shit!” while PJ ran back to the car, I sneaked into the only room there was.

I walked out of my changing area -tiny bikini on- when I heard PJ steeping inside again. "Let’s go for a swim" 

His stare taking me in from head to toes “Sure" 

I waited by the door steps until a shirtless PJ appeared. A towel hovering over his left shoulder, dark hair covering the right spots over his chest. So. damn. sexy.

He held my hand until water flowed like a stream of glass in front of us. Definitely my new favorite place too. PJ dipped himself in, water reaching just above his hips. I toed the riverside hesitating.

"Come on! Get in here (y/n) is warm, I swear” PJ shouted, splashing water on my way. 

We spend the afternoon teasing the other, being silly and creating new memories in our little piece of heaven on earth. 


“No, come this way” he grabbed my hand, interrupting my race back to the cabin. We dug into leaves and bushes to find a fairly large tent laying over flat ground, positioned facing the sunset. 

“Oh my god” I whispered incapable of muttering anything coherent, PJ squeezed my hand while we approached it. 

A floral pattern quilt and multiple cushions rested inside. Also lanterns and candles, the set up looked like a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. 


"Do you like it?" 

"I love it” I managed a smile while lying down, PJ lit some of the candles, giving the space a delicious scent of vanilla. 

His lips pressed mine and words weren’t necessary anymore. Soft and hard, gentle and passionate, romantic and pleading. He stripped me off the damp towel, my touch focus on his back, running my fingers aimlessly along it. 

He swiftly undid the strings on my top, braking our contact just to pull the fabric above my head. One of his hands reached for my breast giving it a delicious squeeze, later on, massaging circles over my sensitive nipples. I laced my finger in his silky curls, he then proceeded to leave a trail of bites from my neck to my navel. 

“Quiet there” PJ hissed, pinning my hips to the ground. 

PJ spread my thighs, nibbling, licking every inch of them. Other than wildlife my moans and his occasional grunts where the only sounds. He pressed a kiss over my throbbing clit trough the clothing, sending me over edge.

And me bikini bottoms where off in a split second. He ran his tongue smoothly across my folds and my grip over his hair tightened. My lungs were itching when he -without braking the exquisite motion- rubbed two finger up and down my folds. A cold, slimy yet amazing sensation hit me. 

“Oh my god PJ" I grunted through clenched teeth. 

"Like that baby?” he looked up, a ravishing smirk painted over his features. 

“Y-y-yeah” he pumped a finger inside me, it took me some seconds to adjust. It wasn’t painful -like everyone claims- it was just odd, but then he hit my sweet spot and slid a second one making my toes curl in anticipation. 

He probably noticed it too and slowed his pace, pulling out finally. “Not yet, baby" 

His mouth returned to mine in the form of a messy kiss, my hands found the way to pulled his swim short off. His erection sprang free, I took the opportunity to rubbed his lenght from tip to base, making my boyfriend whimper like a baby. 

"For f-fuck's sake” he almost yelled agitated. “Ready, (y/n)?" 

"Fuck yes" 

A sealed package of condoms appeared -I swear- out of nowhere. He got it on while my stare  devoured him. "I’ll-ll be very gentle, okay? Tell me if I’m hurting you at any point, please” he positioned his hard cock in my entrance and slid into me carefully. Again it took a couple seconds to get comfortable with the unfamiliar sensation, but he was now giving his full attention to my neck- the spot he knows made my knees weak. That and his deep thrusts had me at a daze. 

“F-faster” I pleaded, he increased the speed and our hips danced together in perfect sync. Black spots crawled in the corners of my vision as I dig my nails in PJ´s lanky shoulders. 

“Sss-o close cc-ome bab-by” sweat driped from his forehead, his curls wild and soaked, and his stare intoxicated with lust and love. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. A wave of pure ecstasy rocked me like a tsunami, making my entire body shake and my mouth screamed out PJ’s name. PJ followed screaming mine out as well, shifting his head back, his thrust became sloppy. He rolled to my side after pressing his lips to the top of my hair.

“That was definitely cute and memorable” I teased him after I calmed my breathing.

He pulled me into his embraced “It was amazing. I love you, my little favorite monster” he spoke in a low, suiting tone. 


A realm of primordial chaos… Who knew it would be so… empty…? I walk this world in search of exit, but I cannot even find the door I first entered through. Every step I take, every drop of my soul screams as it burns. I do not belong here… No, nothing belongs here. The chaos eats away at the remnants of the light that holds my existence together, like a blackhole tearing a star apart to consume it… But I have to hold on. I must endure. 

I was born with a purpose. A purpose I am proud to serve. I was entrusted with a great mission… And only I can fulfill it. Without it, I… I would have no reason to exist. I must exist, because I want to exist. Because… because I am… important… 

How many suns and moons have risen and fallen since I’ve been imprisoned here in solitude? What happened to the world of the shattered El? I do not know… But now… my senses are… slowly becoming dull and numb… My memory… hazy. Why… am I here…? I was… created by… I must… do something…? …Who… am I? Everything… is becoming dimmer… 

I wilt away like a lonely flower in the middle of a barren desert, forgotten by everyone, and remembered by no one. Eventually the sand of time will bury what’s left of me, and it will be as if I had never existed. Even if I disappear, nothing will change… The thought alone surprisingly calmed me. In the sea of nothingness, I slowly closed my eyes. 

Maybe withering away is the only exit out of here…

It was then when I heard someone calling out my… …Name? Yes, my name. I had a name… I have a name. And someone remembered me… After all this time… I am remembered. I was not… forgotten. I am still… needed… somewhere. I must… answer that call. I must get out of here.

I searched for the sound, struggling to remember the familiar melody I had heard in my earliest memory. I grew desperate; before the song ends, I must find its source, before I am lost in this labyrinth forever. When I turned around, there it was, the beacon of my salvation, shining against the darkness and becknoning me to my destiny. I looked upon it like it was the very first sun that had risen to break the long spell of lightless winter. 

I am returning… to the place where I belong.

I shut my eyes to brace myself for the blinding light that broke into the rift. It’s been so long… I almost forgot how the realm of existence felt. Soft breeze gently caressed my skin, and I realized I was free from my eternal prison. I opened my eyes and what came into my view was… an unexpected sight: in the middle of a lush green forest, a red-haired boy stood before me. He either didn’t notice my arrival, or was expecting its exact moment that he did not see the reason to turn around to face me.

He did not utter a word but I instinctively knew who he was, and so, I knelt.

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Back in time


Part1 / Part2 / Part3 /…

A/N: I don’t know at this point what I am doing XD. I haven’t been active guys, I know, I am sorry. It’s just I have only 4 months till my entrance exams for university and I am studying like crazy. Nonetheless I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made.

Word count:  3,065

Warnings: None.

 Everyone has history classes, but they are not that interesting to most of us. We all have that one country we like and would prefer to study every time. In your case it was Korea. A wonderful land filled with mysteries and secrets yet to be found.Who wouldn’t want to learn more about it? 

 You were excited.You finished breakfast and packed your bag, making sure the Korean history book was in there-wouldn’t want to forget it now.You were checking everything ,because today began a bit on the wrong side for you. You fell out of bed, tripped while going to the kitchen and hit your leg on an impossible place.You were determined to make this day work.

  Stepping out of the house, you locked the door and took a deep breath.

“Nothing will ruin this day for me.”you clenched your fists tight and took one step, before splashing into a small puddle “Y/N, it’s ok. A bit of water didn’t hurt anyone…I hope so.” 

  Making sure to be careful, you made it safely to school. You were right on time for history class. Before the teacher could even tell you the page, your book flew open and you were more than ready to learn about ancient Korea. You were writing down everything you could, making sure you had as much information as you could fit in one textbook. The clock was ticking, your pen was moving, but the bell for the end of class had to snap you out of your bubble.

 Time for a break and end of history for this week.You wanted to cry, but can’t do anything about it now can you? You grabbed your backpack and made your way to the next class. You were walking up the stairs, when you noticed an open classroom. Usually there were many open places like this one, but right at this moment, you felt the need to take a peek.

 Gently your head looked inside and your eyes scanned the place from the ceiling to the floor, when you noticed a gigantic map. After examining it up close you gasped:

“This is the map we were looking at in class.”you reached, out touching it “It looks so old and beautiful.” as you continued to feel the fabric, a few pictures fell to the ground “Damn it! I am so clumsy today.”you bent down to pick them up, when you laid eyes onto the images onto them. There was a gorgeous man, dressed in very expensive clothes “He must be the emperor.”placing your hand under your chin, you shifted the weight of your body onto your right leg “Strange, I have never seen him before.”you found a small crest onto his hanbok, that reminded you of a place onto the map. Your eyes left the picture and paused onto the the drawn building “It must be the palace.” the moment your skin touched the map, you felt a cool breeze come towards you. It was so strong that it lifted your skirt up, so you had to let go of everything and push the fabric down.

 By doing so, the wind blew the picture you were holding towards the window “Oh no! Not this too!” you ran as fast as you could and reached out, grabbing onto it “That was a close call.”you sighed until you realized you were at the edge of the sill, on the 4th floor. Trying your best you were almost in the classroom again, when you started to slip.”You have got to be kidding me.”

 Your body went back and you were looking at the bright sky as you were falling. Strangely the picture of the emperor was floating above you. In a moment like this you could only close your eyes. A strong pain took over your head and you lost consciousness fast. How long was it since you were out, you didn’t know. When your eyes started opening up slowly again, you heard voices. The light was bright, so you covered your eyes. You sat up gently and looked around as the world became clearer.

 There was a woman, an old man and a little boy just staring at you with a very interesting expression. A mix of amazement, shock and maybe fear or was it the little knowledge they had of you.You noticed the condition of the room you were in and soon enough the whole picture started getting more and more confusing.You grabbed your head and noticed the bandages on it.

“Thank you for your help, but may I ask where I am?” the people were looking at you. Pointing at your head and then at them made the woman nodded, showing you that indeed it was their help. After that you bowed your head as low as you could, almost touching the floor. The woman jumped immediately and pulled you up, shaking her head and smiling at you. She was trying to tell you that there was no need for such humble action. They stepped back a bit. The old man pointed at himself and said:

“ Kan Song-Su.”  

  The woman smiled with her words followed 

“Kan Su-Min.” the child she was holding wasn’t a baby, she smiled as her eyes fell onto him “Kan Sang-Min.”

 As you were listening to them, a light bulb lit in your head and you realized that these people were Korean and there were telling you their names.Let’s be honest as a fan of a country you have tried to learn Korean and did know just a bit from it.You gathered up as much of the abilities you had and said.

“My name is Y/N, nice to meet you.”you bowed a bit. You being able to say this much didn’t surprise only you. “I am not good at Korean.”explaining as much as you could to the family seemed like a good idea, plus that they were understanding just fine “Thank you for saving me.”the woman shook her hands. She seemed to finally understand your situation, but couldn’t ask anything. The old man told her and the boy something, but you sadly didn’t understand. Your peaceful, some what of a conversation had ended once the sound of crackling leaves echoed in the small house.The woman named Kan Su Min jumped and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards the second little room in the small house. She pulled out some clothes and gave them to you with the simple “Please.”and a very scared look in her eyes.

  You understood that she was begging and with some help got dressed as fast as you could. Su Min placed you to sit on the floor and started brushing your hair with a trembling hand. The loud voices of what seemed to you as 5 men started getting closer and closer. Su Min continued saying “It will be ok, it will be ok.”you turned towards her for just a second and placed your hand onto hers, muttering a simple “I know.” in attempt to relax her.

  The door of the room was kicked open and the men barged in like they owned the place. Su Min bowed her head to the ground and you did too, fast , hiding your face from the intimidating individuals.They asked something and she answered, what started off as a normal conversation slowly turned into something a bit more violent. Su Min jumped in front of you, but she was soon kicked into the wall of the small building. 

“Su Min!”you yelled out 

“Ooo.”one of the men said, as he grabbed your face and pulled it up to look at you ,when his brows frowned. He was dressed in the typical clothing of the dynasty you were learning about. The man said something to the other 4 and looked at Su Min, demanding something of her. Once more she tried to cover you with her body, but this time you decided that it was your turn to repay the deed, so you stood up and looked the men right in their eyes. Your were standing tall in front of Su Min as she looked at you with amazement. 

 The men left after saying something and soon you found yourself falling to the ground with trembling legs. Su Min jumped to see if you were ok, when the old man and Sang Min rushed to you. Night fell fast and you started finally realizing what had happened. Traveling back in time. Something so absurd, but so real right now. In some way by touching the map you were transported to its origin dynasty. As you were sleeping on the ground with Su Min and Sang Min you figured out that you weren’t going back home anytime soon. Your best choice was to try and learn the language as fast as possible and survive.

  The next day Su Min taught you somethings, how to make baskets and shoes from dried plants and some new words. The grammar book you brought with you by a lucky mistake helped a lot.What seemed to you as 3 weeks passed by very fast. You were sitting on a rock next to the big river, holding a very creative fishing rod. Su Min was washing the clothes next to you ,while Sang Min was running around, following butterflies. 

“I think I got something!”you jumped up, but it was just the hook getting stuck on a rock “Awww.” you puffed out your cheeks and sat back down. The sound of Su Min’s giggle echoed around the forest “You came a long way Y/N.”

“What do you mean by that big sis?”you asked her

“A few days ago you couldn’t even understand us and now we are having a normal conversation.”

“It’s all thanks to you.”you smiled at her

“No, it was because you are smart.”

“Big sis?”


“Why did you save me that day?” she stopped washing the clothes and listened to you “I don’t look like someone from your time. I am strange, who knows I could have been an assassin.”

“You were injured and I would never leave someone in need to die just like that in the forest. We are poor people, we live day by day. There is nothing we could loose. Bedsides, our lives aren’t worth anything.” she began once more her work “I knew you weren’t from around here, but I was ready to take my chances and not leave you to die.”

“Thank you.”you said “I have one more question.”

“Ask away.”

“Who were those men and what did they say that day?” 

 Su Min stood up and sat next to you, she took the fishing rod out of your hands and placed it between three rocks.

“Those were the royal guards. They come around every month to gather up taxes from the people.” she turned to look at you “They noticed that you were different from us, not anyone can look a noble in the eyes like you did. I am positive that they will inform the emperor of you.”

“How long will it take?”you asked

“They must first finish their job, so I guess we have a month or so.”that indeed sounded like a long time, but that month started the moment they left the house, which was 3 weeks ago for you.

  You were living happily under one roof with everyone, but you slowly started noticing the situation they were in. Money was hard to come by even with all the work they were doing. You did your share as well, but it wasn’t enough.One night as you were in bed and looking at the sky from the small window, you started thinking, there must be a way for you to make money for the family. You come from the future after all, there are a lot of things you know way better than the people in this time.You were troubling your mind with problems like this till the morning.

  Once the sun finally announced it’s presence, you got up and went to wash your face. As you were cooling your skin up you realized something. Dashing back home you asked Su Min if you could come with her to town. She agreed and you gathered up all the woven baskets and shoes. 

 The city wasn’t something very big, but still really fascinating to you. Su Min placed an old piece of fabric on the ground and arranged the baskets as well as she could.Time was passing by, but no one bought anything. 

“Big sis, why don’t you go and rest under the shade for a bit and I will take over for you.”

“I can’t.”she was looking very pale, so you insisted. Not only did she sit, but she actually laid down. As more time passed you noticed that no one was even looking at your baskets. Suddenly your eyes caught a man with old shoes.He looked wealthy enough, so you decided to try selling new ones to him. Let’s see if all those business classes are good for something.

“Excuse me, sir?”he stopped and looked at you “I couldn’t help, but notice the condition of your shoes. They look like they will fall off your legs any minute now. Would you care to buy new ones?” 

“I like my shoes the way they are, I don’t need new.”he was slipping out of your grasp, when an idea popped up in your head

“How about I fix the ones you have on right now, half the price.”the word half was enough for him and he took them off immediately. You were done in no time and he payed the price. So far so good, but not everyone was going to be like him. Almost everyone worked in the rice fields, so you jumped up and went to the nearest candle making store. Using the wax you rubbed it all over some of the shoes and baskets.

“Gather around.”you pulled everyone’s attention towards you “We all have legs and thus we buy shoes, but don’t they always get wet during the rainy season and when we work in the rice fields?” the bystanders started nodding “Well if so, I have a solution for you. These shoes here won’t get wet at all.”

“No way!”one man yelled out 

“Yes way sir. Try them out if you wish.” he took the pair out of your hands and dunked them in water, yet they came out dry. “The girl is right!!!”that was all they needed to buy them like fresh bread. You noticed that only the men were buying they and not the women, but why? They always wore colorful clothes,but never got any shoes, ironic to the 21st century. 

 Once more you started thinking and thinking. “Ah!” you gasped

 Using some of the left over dried hay you made a small fire, enough to melt the wax you had left. After gathering up some pretty flowers, you dipped them lightly in the warm candle wax, so that they were trapped inside, not being able to rot. You picked up a pair of shoes and placed the flowers onto them. In just a mater of minutes in front of your made up store, thousand of women gathered, fighting to get a pair themselves.

  Soon the cool air of the appearing moon awoke Su Min. She panicked and started searching for you. Once she saw that nothing was left onto the piece of fabric, she ran to you.

 “Y/N!”she grabbed your shoulders “What happened here?Did someone rob us???”

“It’s ok big sis.”

“No it’s not!”she placed her hands onto her head and turned her back on you. It was a normal reaction. You pulled out the bag with money and swung it around, making sound. She looked at you and then at the coins.


“It’s something I learned back at home.”you winked and gave the bag to her

  After a bit of shopping you went back home. Su Min made a wonderful dinner that night. 

“This is all thanks to Y/N.”she said

“You are a very smart young girl.” old man Song Su patted your back

“Thank you grandfather.”you smiled at him

“Big sis is the coolest. “ Sung Min jumped up and down

“You are the cutest little brother ever.” you ruffled up his hair

  In just 4 days you taught Su Min what you did and even got your own vending area. You became famous in town with your creations, everyone knew you. Su Min bought warmer clothes for everyone, the living situation got better fast, but word travels even faster.   

 A few kilometers from your home, someone was talking about you, a man that had seen your skills first hand. His figure walked inside the capital walls, slowly closing in on the palace itself, until it reached the ears of one very powerful man. His eyes mysterious, lips full and hair blonde. It was said that the gods came down and touched him when he was still an infant, granting him power and wealth, symbolized by the golden color of his hair.

“My Lord, I speak only the truth and nothing less. The girl lives not far from here, she is well know in her lands-.”the man closed his lips immediately as the strong hand of the emperor waved in front of him once

“Why do you think that my brother would be interested in some girl, one of the many if I may add.” said a man with brown hair

“Jungkook wait.”the lord spoke “I am intrigued.The royal guards spoke to me of a young girl with interesting characteristics.”

“Brother you don’t mean…her?” 

“I do.”his deep, piercing eyes focused on the man, kneeling far in front of him again “You!”

“Yes My Lord.”

“Do you know where she lives?”

“Yes My Lord.”

“Jungkook, send my men with this merchant and bring her to me.”

“As you wish brother.”

  Your head was peacefully resting onto Su Min’s lap ,as she was brushing your river long hair. In this time period no one cuts their hair, so it was kinda normal for yours to grow, but this fast come on?I am a lover of fairy tales, but damn that hair growth. Girl share some with me.*clears throat* Anyways, with every inhale and exhale the royal guards were getting closer and closer.Your eyes, now, looking at the same moon as the emperor, what would he want with you?

All glittering gold

Based on “Imagine cuddling with Thorin the night before the BotFA and making him promise that he will return to you (which he does)” from ImaginexHobbit

Note: I had to tinker with the timeline a bit to make this imagine work, but I really liked the idea, so I figured accuracy could take a little holiday.

A sequel to Pierced by Cupid


Thorin had returned to sit, brooding, on the throne while you lingered on the narrow walkway below the dais watching Balin, Dwalin, and Bilbo leave. When the trio had disappeared through the vast, arched doorway, you turned to him where he slumped, his eyes restless and constantly moving with his feverish thoughts.

“You’re not being reasonable, Thorin. How long will you test their loyalty?”

He glanced irritably at you before looking away over the cavernous chamber. “They owe me their loyalty.”

“And you owe them your trust, your patience,” you countered. “Have they not proved themselves time and time again, all of them?”

“You forget your place,” he warned, turning a dangerous gaze on you.

You opened your mouth to speak and closed it again, summoning all of your self-restraint to smother your simmering frustration, bite back the angry words that wanted to claw their way from your throat. “You are not the man you were,” you said finally, carefully. “You regard the ones who love you most with doubt and suspicion…you are consumed with the search for this accursed stone, and I fear for you, Thorin. I pity you.”

“You pity me?” He repeated your words incredulously, in a voice thick with contempt. “I am King under the Mountain. I have no need for the pity of a woodworker’s daughter.”

Anger flared in you again, threatened to burn what love remained between the two of you, frail and brittle as a fallen leaf, to ashes. “There was a time when you spoke of making a woodworker’s daughter your Queen,” you retorted, caring no more for self-restraint. “Or have you forgotten everything you said when you had me bare beneath you in Laketown?”

Even in his madness, Thorin looked stung, and still the words poured from your lips. “Was I only there to warm your bed?” you needled him. “Give you courage to face the dragon with my pretty words of love and faith?”

“Enough!” Thorin bellowed, rising to his feet with an almost convulsive movement, his glittering armor and the mad gleam in his eye making him larger, frightening. “You forget. Your. Place.” He ground out the words through clenched teeth, and just as suddenly as it had flooded you, your fury drained away, leaving behind only a cold, empty regret that filled your eyes with tears.

“I have no place here,” you whispered, searching for a glimpse of the man you loved in the face of the capricious, grasping tyrant who stood before you and finding no such comfort. With a trembling exhale, you turned to begin the long walk to the doorway, leaving him glowering on the dais.

“Where are you going? I have not given you leave,” Thorin said indignantly, behind you.

Your footsteps were loud in the oppressive stillness.

“I am the King!” Petulance crept into his voice. “I am the King, and you will stay until I have finished speaking to you!”

Only the silence answered him, and your retreating form grew smaller.

“Go, then,” Thorin growled, his call echoing on the stone walls. “Go! But know this: if you walk through that door, do not presume to show me your face again.”

With that, you halted, standing frozen beneath the great stone arch before looking back over your shoulder to meet his demanding stare, far away across the chamber. His lips began to curl into a victorious smirk that quickly faded when, without a word, you turned and left the throne room.

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