i am good animator


Hey!! So now I decided to open my commission thingy bc I need money for a new tablet + i need some training for the future. 

  • I don’t have Paypal right now but I’ll try to get it for myself. I do have my bank account, which is very useful to myself even though it works better in Finland (maybe it works over seas like USA, China etc.). 
  • When your request/commission is ready, I’ll inform it to you and send it to your email. It depends how long it takes. If there’s a lot of simple things and it’s a sketch, you’ll have an ask in 2-5 hours. etc
  • I won’t draw any realistic art (I am not good at it sry), animals, furries, any nswf and OC’s without a link/tag. Gore, blood, OC’s w/ a link/tag and people drawn in my style are fine to me. 

asks are okay if you need more information!! 

(゜-゜) I feel like I should be doing something awesome on my blog like…gifs…art..or edits with the amount of followers I have now. Seeing Grace make a post about her new followers made me realize…I had a random spike XD I blame studying for not making me pay attention to anything…soooo…yo people o/

    ; i have returned btw uwu. i actually been home for a handful of hours,
    but as soon as i came back from volunteering, i was so exhausted, i
    took a nap. but all the dogs were so cute! and they literally have a little
    house /just/ for cats and it’s just like cats walking around doing their
    own thing. uwu 

    and there was this BIG AGGRESSIVE DOG that i was scared of, but
    when it got loose, it ran to me and sat by my feet. im cry. it was mean
    to other people but was jumping on me and getting loved on by me
    and im cry ; w ;

Every night I head count my plushies. Kaito, Victoria, Julian, Grace, Akheron, Sid, Gru. They are my babies. I say this every night but damn I just. I can’t sleep without hugging something it’s like the feeling of something being /there/. Things at night don’t feel real. My cat won’t sleep with me. But there is always a plushie I love.