i am gonna kill scott wood

Requested: Too Late for the Both of Us

Request: You should do a Teen Wolf imagine where you’re Scott’s sister and you’re like, Alpha twins like Ethan and Aiden, and you’re the one who bites Liam instead of Scott and there’s a bunch of him kind of hating you and you hating yourself, but then you guys become like, really close friends.

A/N: I really loved this request! I decided to make it into a 2 part imagine, so here is the first part. Also, I would like to say that I wrote in a lot of the lines from the episode so don’t sue me or anything because that’s rude.

“Mom!” you scream, as you sprint down the hallway. A man is crouching over her, and he’s covered in blood.
“Get off my mother you asshole,” you mutter before you feel your claws elongate and your fangs emerge. You wrestle around with him until you have him against the wall. You let out a roar, before he kicks you off of him and runs. You retract your fangs and quickly turn to face your mother.
“I’m okay,” she says. “I’m alright.”
“Are you sure?” you ask.
“Go get that son of a bitch,” is all she says, and you’re off running.You attempt to catch the scent of the monster and realize he’s headed for the roof. You throw the door open leading to the roof and see the monster, holding the boy from lacrosse practice today.
“Get back!” it yells.
“Don’t, You don’t need to do this. Whatever it is, whatever you are, we can help you,” you say, cautiously approaching the creature.
“No you can’t.”
“Let me help you,” you say.
“Windigos don’t need help. We need food!” and with that he attacks the boy.
“Well, shit,” you mutter before leaping across the expanse separating them from you. You watch as the boy is pushed off the edge of the building, holding on for dear life. You rush to him and grab a hold of his arms, but the windigo takes hold of you. Both of your arms are behind you and you look at the boy in horror as he fights to keep his grip.
“I can’t hold on!” he screams, and you let out a sob as you see him lose his grip. You look at each other, both of your faces mirroring the other’s horror. With nothing but guilt, your eyes gleam red and you lean down and stop him from falling with your teeth. You hear him scream in pain, and tears escape your eyes as you clamp down harder to keep him from falling. The creature behind you suddenly falls back and you pull up the boy as you turn around.
You see the wendigo on its stomach, a tomohawk axe standing up in its back. You glance up to see a man with no mouth walk around the corner. You hear groaning and quickly turn to see the boy, clutching his arm where your teeth pierced his skin.
“Oh my God, oh my God, no! No, no I’m so sorry,” you say in a frenzy as you fumble around trying to do anything you can to fix what you’ve done. He looks at you with fear and you pick him up and take him to your motorcycle.
“Fuck, can you hold onto me?” you ask realizing it may be hard to get you both there on a motorcycle if one of you has been severely injured. He gives a curt nod. You nod your head in response and quickly get on the motorcycle. You drive home as quickly as possible.
“Scott!” you yell, as you burst through the door. Scott and Stiles rush down the stairs and look at you in shock as they see you with tear stained cheeks, and the new freshman with a fresh bite in his forearm.
“Scott,” you cry. “I did something.”
“Y/N, Oh my God.” he says with wide eyes as he rushes to the boy, Stiles taking the other side as they carry him upstairs. You tell them to bring him to your room, and they comply. When you walk in the boy is sitting on the bed looking confused and terrified. You want to make him feel as comfortable as possible so you tell the boys to scram and grab a chair to sit in front of him.
“What’s your name?” you ask quietly, barely maintaining eye contact.
“Liam,” his broken voice responds. You nod.
“I’m Y/N. Look, Liam, what I did tonight,” you say, gesturing to his arm. “I did that to save your life.” He nods.
“What are you?” he asks. You let out a humorless chuckle.
“I doubt you’ll believe me.” you say.
“I don’t believe most of what happened tonight,” he retaliates.
“Good point. Well, I’m a werewolf.” you say, studying his features for a sign of anything. His expression remains blank.
“Now, you’re one too.” you say, and he continues to look at you. You wait for a response when all of a sudden he grabs the baseball bat beside your bed and starts waving it at you frantically. You quickly grab it and let out a yelp. The boys both barge in and immediately tie up Liam in duct tape.
“Thank you, guys.” you say. They look at you sympathetically.
“What happened?” Stiles asks. You sigh and run a hand over your face.
“He was gonna fall,” you choke out. “I had to, or he would die.” and tears slip out of your eyes. Your brother comes to your side.
“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he says soothingly. You shake your head.
“It’s not though. What am I gonna do?”


You Stiles and Scott roamed through the woods.
“Oh my God, this is so cool,” you whisper.
“I know! We could actually find a dead body!” Stiles responds.
“Guys, this isn’t cool. We could get in so much trouble. What if the murderer is still out here?” Scott says. You roll your eyes.
“That’s what this is for,” you and Stiles say, holding up your baseball bats. You grin at each other and high five.
“You guys are dumb. We’re about to get killed.” he says, and just then, you see lights around the forest.
“Who’s there?” you hear, and you immediately recognize the voice as the Sheriff.
“Well, fuck,” you say, and Stiles shakes his head.
“Stay here,” he says, before rushing out to his father.
“This one belongs to me,” you hear the embarrased Sheriff’s voice.
“Where are your usual partners in crime?”
“Who? You mean Scott and Y/N? Nah I came solo tonight. They would have held me back.” You scoff, and quickly cover your mouth. You see your twin give you a death glare.
“Y/N? Scott?” you stay quiet. The Sheriff deems the forest empty and takes Stiles home.
“God, that was close huh?” you ask Scott. He shoots you another glare.
“Too close.” and then you hear a loud sound. All of a sudden, deer are sprinting towards you. You feel Scott jump on top of you, shielding you from the animals. When you sit up, you see Scott frantically looking for his inhaler.
“Shit, those are so expensive!” you say, before looking with him. You finally give up when you hear a growl. You slowly lift your head to see glowing red eyes staring back at you.
“Scott!” you scream, before the creature lunges at you.

You bolt up in your bed, panting and sweating. Ever since that night, you dreamt about it often.You lay back down and stare at your ceiling, hating yourself for what you had done to Liam. Because when that happened to you, you and Scott swore to each other you would bite no one. Ever. And now you ruined Liam’s life.