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Commision for @heroicmeep of her XCX Avaatr/Cross, Meep! (+bonus sketch)

Ohhhh man I took so long with this one I am gomen OTL I just couldn’t draw Telly at all, and the BG ended up looking really different from what I first envisioned. This was really fun to paint, though!!! I hope you like it and thank you so much for commisioning me! :’> 

Process shots under the cut!

ennead13x  asked:

Psst, just making sure. I don't think Mink raped Aoba for shits and giggles, just that it should be included int he common route on the chart. Unless that wasn't directed to me then nevermind.

Oh no sweetie it wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at the majority of Mink haters in general. Whose sole reason for hating him is that ‘he raped Aoba, so he must be the most vile scum of the earth and everyone who thinks differently must be perverted creeps who have no compassion for rape victims!’

When it’s seriously not like that at all.

Everyone in this fandom will clearly tell you what he did was wrong and won’t even bother telling you otherwise. What he did was despicable; we know it, Aoba knows it, hell even he knows it. It’s very well established by this point- WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG.

Yet people still think that because we like Mink we must be some kind of rape apologists, that we are blatantly glossing over the fact.

‘Mink raped Aoba, therefore he must be evil inside and out.’

People immediately think that and completely block out everything else, so when a person who doesn’t share the same idea comes along, they just can’t understand why they would like such an evil character other than to assume they’re either ignoring what he did or they’re okay with it.

No, we like Mink because of the person he was behind all of that. Inside that cruel outer exterior was a man who had nothing left to lose, who threw away every ounce of kindness he had left in him to seek vengeance upon the man who stole everything he had ever known. And yet Mink still fell in love with Aoba, who had somehow managed to slip through the walls of Mink’s resolve and tap into the small pieces of human decency he still had left.

And that probably frightened Mink a little, not only was Aoba some kind of ‘demon’ who could control people, he was also someone created by Toue, the person who single-handedly destroyed Mink’s life. He shouldn’t have felt anything but contempt for Aoba’s very existence; and yet he did regardlessly. Aoba became so precious to Mink that he’d do anything to make sure Aoba would be alive and well. He was willing to destroy what was left of his heart to ensure Aoba’s own wouldn’t suffer, he had expected to die without anyone regretting it.

So when he lived he had no idea what to do with himself, he couldn’t stay, that was for sure. He had hurt the one he loved so badly that he felt ashamed and so unworthy to even be in his presence that he left, fulling intending to atone for his crimes in solitude for however long he decided to punish himself.

THAT was the kind of person we liked and the kind of person Aoba could love and be with. Mink has a good heart and that’s what we saw in reconnect and the drama CDs, we saw a man trying to live with his mistakes and make sure to cherish the life he has now.

But, that’s enough of my impassioned screeching. All in all I wasn’t the least put off with your suggestion, in fact, I didn’t even know what you were talking about until I reread the post.

Sorry I kinda exploded here I never meant to rant, you have every right to smack me up side the face. This isn’t what you were worried about at all!


“So he tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong, just as he had tasted for a little while the deep happiness.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Madara or Sasuke asked by uchiha-sasuke-dono.


An updated version of Schwarzer’s old bio! + some clarifications on his hairstyle haha.

Another clarification: he is actually not that smol. He’s around Gwin’s height, so around 170 cm according to this. The reason he’s nicknamed Shortzer is because he was compared 2 the insanely tall Silva (rrosyan’s), and the joke hust kinda stuck. (For reals tho, I love the Shortzer jokes. Just clarifying this so y’all who recruit him won’t feel too deceived i am sO GOMEN :’D)

ALSO: Bonus sketch just bc I can  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)