i am going to vomit rn

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hawkebela!! (FemHawke/Isabela) :D

aaahhh i’ve already done hawkebela but since we’re talking about a ship that’s p much my ultimate otp i’m going to do another one of these bc [handwavey reasons]

vomit / rogue gfs 2kforever/ don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / too hot / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell / incoherent dragon noises

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But yeah bout the pill u will be fine I promise, sometimes it takes experimenting to get on the right one for you because some can make some people emotional or gain weight ect but if this happens after a few months should settle down or u could change to a different version of pill, but don't worry!!! I assume it's 4 sex nd don't worry bout that either!! Just go with the flow friend and u will be all gd I swear! Pill is amazing like it steadies my mood nd clears my skin nd lightens period xxx

thank u so much for being so wonderful and for sending this to me!!!! im actually stressing so much rn. i started searching the pill i am going to take and im panicking so much bc i have a fear of vomiting/feeling sick and i dont wanna do that. also i just realized that the pill contains lactose and sucrose which could affect my stomach problems that are already bad as they are. so that is making me stress even more. oh god this seems like so much stress and i really hate this. im really worried abt even taking the first one tbh. and like the whole weight gain thing worries me immensely even tho it says on the leaflet i was given that is proven tht the pill does not impact weight gain. i dont wanna feel sick and im really worried oh godddd i actually havent felt this stressed in so long and i feel terrible. but i guess i will have to see how it goes. im just worried bc i know if it aggravates my stomach problems i will be really really worried and will panic so much. thank you so so much!!!!! other than this im really chill abt stuff, im more worried abt taking this damn stupid lil pill than anything else. oh goddddd but thank you so much im so worried xxxxxxx