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6 Motivation Tips for College

As we all know (or have heard), college is a seriously hands-on-deck, time consuming experience, no matter what you study. That’s not to say that it’s all stress-inducing, all the time, but it requires a different kind of time management and focus than what you’re used to in high school. The difficulty of it all can sometimes be a little overwhelming/disheartening, which is why it is always important to find different ways to stay motivated and on-task. Here are some of the ways I keep myself going when I’m so close to quitting:

1. Picture the end-game: this is a classic. Whenever I’ve studied so much that I’m close to tears, I remember my goals. Short-term first, then long-term. I think, “Okay, no, you can’t give up because you told yourself at the beginning of this semester that you wanted all A’s. You have to keep going for those A’s.” and afterwards I follow it up with, “And why is it that you want those A’s? Because you want to get into a kickass med school!”

2. Think about others/build expectations: sometimes, just thinking about yourself isn’t enough. I have my slacker periods when I think “So what if I don’t do well in this test? I’ve done well enough in others”, or “I’ll do better in the next one”. I try to remember that I’m trying to build a relationship with the professor during this class; it gives me an extra ‘oomph’. I may exaggerate that relationship sometimes, but it helps to think that the professor is used to work of high caliber from you, and that he/she expects you to do well. This one works well for me because I don’t like disappointing people, and I take meeting expectations as a personal challenge.

3. Be competitivewith yourself: don’t, I repeat, don’t compare yourself to others. You get nothing out of it. If there’s something you learn from the studyblr community, it’s that everybody learns and executes in a different way. Personally I’ve found that competition in classrooms does not motivate me, because it’ll just end up making me feel bad whether I do better or worse than others. But competing against myself? Much better. I try to push myself to do a little better than I did last time, or start revising a little earlier for the next test. When I compare my new results with older ones, it’s a learning experience even if I don’t do better. It helps me understand myself and my needs a little more.

4. Take a break: when people tell you that you can’t stop or you won’t get everything done? THAT IS A LIE. A breather is necessary as heck!!! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you won’t learn as well or be as productive than if you’re dedicated to your work. Sometimes I’m okay with just a few minutes of closing my eyes and listening to a favorite piece of music, other times I need something a little longer like a 20-minute episode of The Office. I try not to let it extend much more than that though, because from personal experience, the longer you put off starting up again, the harder it gets.

  • Pro tip: I’ve been talking to first year medical students recently to get advice for next August (for those of you who don’t know, I’ll be beginning my medical studies then), and one of them told me, “Listen. Everyone has their relaxation thing. I love hanging out and being with people, and sometimes I’m so fixated on the fact that I can’t go out and have fun with my friends because I’m stuck studying that I throw 3 hours away just staring at my book. I’ve learned that it’s better to just get that thing you want to do out of the way, and then go back and study. You’ll be happier and feel a lot better than you did before.” (WITH DISCRETION, OBVIOUSLY)

5. Stationery: ah, yes, like most of you, I am obsessed. Sometimes all it takes is just finding the perfect pen and paper for what I have in mind to keep myself going.

6. Get involved in the studyblr community: at first, just observing to get ideas about things you want to try is enough to give you an extra boost of motivation, but when you feel like you’re starting to slack off again, try getting involved. Try posting some of your own revision notes or stationery pics! Honestly this community is one of the most warm and welcoming ones out there, and it is super inspiring to get notes and messages from people all over the world who encourage you to run that extra mile, do that extra work to reach your goals.

I hope this serves as useful, and good luck studying to each and everyone of you. Aim high and keep going!

@foamrollfanatic Results using my #bbg program !! She says - “Growing up, I wasn’t part of any sports teams in school and I would never have called myself an athlete. I studied Engineering in college and I’ve been in the tech industry since then. I became so focused on my career, taking care of my body was not something I cared about. AT ALL. At my heaviest (NOT the pic on the left), I was wearing jeans that were 5-6 sizes bigger. I wasn’t an obese or skinny kid growing up, just average build. And I’m just under 5'6 and I don’t know how much I weigh. Anyway, a few years ago, I finally decided to start something and I was taking group classes 3-5x a week and I was so happy and proud to have that body on the LEFT! Then my membership to that studio expired. My bf then (now fiancé 👫) had gifted me BBG1 (the eBook) a while back, but I didn’t touch it for the longest time. I glanced at Week 1 workout and I was like OH BYE FELICIA 😂 But since my studio membership expired, I decided to try BBG instead. And I am SO thankful for that decision. Yes, I failed many times. I would give up after Week 1 Monday for several weeks. But I finally buckled down and didn’t give up. It was hard, took longer breaks in between, but I finished all circuits. So I kept going, continued to struggle, hated taking progress pics but I did it anyway. And when I finally completed BBG1 for the first time and saw my progress, I was determined to keep going.
LEFT- The most fit I had ever been in a long time. I was taking group classes 3-5x a week.
MIDDLE: 6 months into BBG.
RIGHT: 1 Year into BBG.
So there ya go, a nerdy inactive bookworm to now a proud athletic nerd😎💪🏼 BBG has given me the foundation and strength to challenge myself to other sports - like boxing in my case 🥊❤️ Without BBG, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you, Kayla and Team❤️ If you’re thinking of starting, I highly suggest you start NOW! Don’t wait a year like I did! You got this👊🏼💛” www.kaylaitsines.com/app #bbgprogress

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kymbawee  asked:

Do you have a list of cons that you'll be attending? :O I would LOVE to meet you in person, and take pics with you in my Yuri cosplay!! 💖

The only con I am going to for the rest of this year will be Animefest in Dallas!! I’ll be cosplaying as Yuri’s angel, so if you’re going I can totally fangirl over you <3

Otherwise hopefully next year I can do more cons and maybe actually have a table at some since I”m trying to start this merch thing up for real now ;;!!!

Not enough service to upload pics apparently but I’m going to try a text post because i just can’t shut up. 🙄
What was i going to say?

Oh yeah, forced death march “hike” through the bush, that was fun. I am pitifully out of shape so, nowhere to go but up from here although at least i did not quit, did not lay down on the side of the path and wait for death in the form of a bear to take me. “Go on without me, Al,” she said weakly and waved him on ahead, resigned to her fate and ready to meet her Maker who would hopefully have a golf cart at least. No. So…yay me?


Reaper76week:  “In His Shoes” 

“Overwatch must be taken down.. and i’ll use every man able to hold a gun i can find to help me do it. My men have my back. Blackwatch may no longer be part of Overwatch, but we’re a family. We looked out for one another when other’s wouldn’t. We’ve been through hell and back together and seen shit you can’t and don’t want to imagine. That kind of thing sticks. McCree helped with the Deadshot gang. They weren’t all too friendly since Overwatch lead the raids against them a fair few times over the years, but they were more than willing to help once we explained we were going to help them get their own back against the organisation. Talon sent agents too. Some Sniper and a hacker. I’m not about to trust them, but i’ll take what i can get. Besides, a window into Athena’s systems will be invaluable in the coming fight. 

We’re the new Blackwatch. We may killers, murderers, assassins, criminals, black ops agents, bandits and rogues. But together, we’re the worlds last hope.”

I just wanted to try drawing these two for Reaper76 Week i am so sorry it’s late.. ;~;

And also sorry for subjecting you to my writing, i just felt it needed to go with the pic since i had to right it when i was the middle of drawing just to get it out of my head, so they kinda belong together. (It’s Gabe talking btw not sure if it was apparent or not)

Also putting grey in Gabriel’s hair added an extra decade of emotional baggage onto my soul.. ;–;

this guy didnt meet up because he needed pics to show ‘I wasnt too thick’. he was like can you send a pic and I’m okay and sent a pic and he’s expecting a standing nude mirror pic and Im like ‘um no not to someone through text I just started talking to where I dont know if its going to be saved and spread’ and hes like ‘I knew you were pretty, busty and thick. Im just trying to make sure youre not too thick because girls are deceiving with their pics’. and I’m just like ‘not that youre ever going to find out bro’ and he was like ‘take care and good luck with your search’ and I just dont need to have some fucking dudebro judge my body when a. hes basic as fuck b. doesnt fucking deserve it c. if hes that picky so am I and he needs to spend less money on video games and more on grooming products maybe just start with some soap  

I am so glad to see other white guys following me and liking this blog.  It is encouraging that pussy free white boys will only grow in the future.  Look at the pics in my blog.  So many young sexy hot white girls are going black.  Prom pics are the sexiest to me.  Knowing that the black man is going to destroy her holes later that night while all the white boys just watch them from afar.

So white boys just relax and take a breath and enjoy knowing that the pressure of trying to please your girlfriend with such a tiny pee pee is no longer a problem.  No more stress about being so small.  No more worries of having no lasting power.  Cuming in under 5 minutes will no longer be an issue.  Just use your hand for your pleasure.  You can have a girlfriend you just can’t fuck her.  She will be fucked by the black man.  You will still be needed by her.  Take her shopping to find the perfect outfit for her date that night.  Go to Victoria Secret to find the sexiest little panties.  Take her to the tattoo shop to get her Q of spades tat.  So many fun things that you can do with your girlfriend but just knowing sex is not needed will be a huge relief to you 

1. The more you complain, the less you’ll accomplish. 

2. Don’t ever drag out an apology, do it as soon as you can. Prolonging an apology only makes things worst, and can make the conflict blow up into something it wouldn’t have had to if you would just swallow your pride, and say you’re sorry. 

3. Start saving all your five dollar bills, so you have a little extra money stashed away. Now what you want to do with it, is obviously up to you, but fives are just a good bill to save. One dollar bills are too little. Who really wants to save a single dollar? That’s not gonna get me any where. And tens? No way Jose, that can give me almost a half of a tank of gas, that’s way too much, especially on your probably minimum wage salary. So that leaves me with fives. If you save all your fives I bet you in a few months you’ll have a couple hundred dollars.  

4. Speaking of saving money, do you have a car payment? A cell phone bill? Anything along those lines? Try to keep at least a minimum of $200 dollars in your bank. That way if you get sick or a family emergency happens and you aren’t able to work for a few days, you’ll still have the money to pay off your bill for next month. 

5. If one of your coworkers text you and are begging you to take their shift or switch with them for an important reason just fucking do it. Even if they may be lying, what if they’re not? What if they really did break down on the highway or their mom really is in the hospital? I get it, working isn’t fun, but you’re going to be making more money so just do it. AND IF YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO OR CAN’T, JUST TEXT THEM BACK SAYING SORRY AND YOU CAN’T DO IT. DON’T JUST NOT ANSWER THEM. I mean, plus, they’re gonna owe you one. 

6. Always carry your license, some form of money, and your health insurance card, and if you have one, your blood type card where ever you go. You never know when something is going to happen, or if you’ll get hurt and have to go to the hospital. If you have all the stuff handy it’ll make it a lot easier on the people trying to help you.

7.In case you get hurt, or pass out, or just have to go to the hospital, make sure you always wear underwear. If you do end up in the hospital without underwear, have fun holding that gown shut. 

8. Wanna know what sucks? Reheating any kind of cheesy pasta, like mac and cheese or Alfredo. It just never tastes the same in the microwave, so put it in a pot with a little bit of milk and maybe some butter on low and just let it heat up. It’ll be how it was when you first had it.

9. Pasta in red gravy isn’t too bad in the microwave but don’t you dare tell me you haven’t put that shit in the microwave and it’s steaming hot and thE PLATE IS ON FIRE but the pasta is ice cold. I call some shit to the bull. Like reallly pasta? Sorry 3:30 wasn’t long enough FOR YOU PASTA. 

Nah but forreal, just leave a hole in the middle of the plate, so make it look like a doughnut, and it’ll heat up fine. 

10. Since we’re talking about reheated food, let’s talk about reheating mf pizza. Ain’t nobody got time to reheat the oven, but the microwave makes it rubbery, so we result to eating it cold. 

Well, if you just put in a glass of water in the microwave with your pizza the moisture will help keep your bread soft.

11. Try to dink a full glass of cold water when you first wake up. It’ll help actually wake you up in the morning faster. And water is good for you man, you probably need to drink more of that shit anyway.

12. Everyone you’ll meet will be better than you at something. 

13. I know we all have these smart phones now that take pretty sweet pics, but keep a disposable camera in your car. That way when you go on spontaneous trips with your friends at two am to the beach, or some afternoon you go to a park with a cool tree or something, you can capture the moment. I think they usually have about 30 photos, and if you only take one picture each time, when you eventually develop it, I bet you’ll go “ oh shit I forgot about that!”.

14. If someone doesn’t answer your texts for a few days, don’t automatically think they’re ignoring you or trying to blow you off. They may actually be busy, or something may be wrong. Before you send a text freaking out on them because they haven’t answered, how about you text them asking if they’re okay, or how their day is going.

15. Always tell your friends to text you when they get home to make sure they made it okay.

16. Don’t you ever lead anyone on. Ever. If you do that, you’re trash and not worth their love anyway.  

17. Don’t get mad if someone falls asleep while you’re texting. Think about it this way, they’re fighting off sleep just to talk to you. I think it’s cute that they thinking talking to you is more important than sleep. 

18. Everyone’s feelings are important, and everyone’s feeling’s matter. Don’t you dare ever make someone think that their’s don’t.

19. If someone wants to sit for 45 minutes and tell you about one of their passions, let them. It's refreshing to see someone care about something so much, and plus if it makes them happy, why wouldn’t you want to listen?

20. When you get a Red Box movie, right then and there put a reminder in your phone the next day to return it. THE WORST is when you forget and have to pay for an extra day, especially if it was shitty movie.

21. I know money may be the issue here, but try not to ever let your gas light come on. The lower your tank goes, the more your cars diggs in your tank to get the gas. If you get down to the light it pulls up all the dirt and gunk and isn’t good for your engine.

22. Stop it. Stop being so fucking cheap, especially with your friends. If they drive you someone that’s a good amount of distance actually give them gas money, or buy them food when you stop or something. Stop asking people to get things for you and then never paying them back. I get it, every once in a while it’s easy to forget, but 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there, another 20 here. I assume you have a job as well, so think about how many hours your friend had to work to pay for something FOR YOU, and you just never pay them back. Bull shit.

23. SO if you do happen to not pay someone back for a while give them an extra couple bucks for being nice enough to lend you the money to begin with.

24. Always close your shower curtain when you get out of the shower. If you keep it open, it won’t be able to dry properly and get all moldy. ( Ew.)

25. Always tell someone how you feel. Even if you’re scared. Especially if you have feelings for them. Who wouldn’t want to know you think they’re so wonderful that they make your heart warm?

26.  Always keep some kind of tissue in your car. HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SNEEZED WHILE DRIVING AND THEN YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR SLEEVE.

27. If something makes you happy, it’s not stupid.

28. Pretty much anything that makes you happy is important.


29. I promise most of the things you worry about that MIGHT happen, won’t actually happen. 

30. Write down a list of all the little things you keep meaning to do, like fixing something, grabbing something at a store, or doing some DIY around the house. If you write these things down, you’ll actually have something to do when you’re bored.

31. You have to accept that people CAN and WILL fall in love with you. 

32. One of the sweetest things you can do for someone is remember the smallest things about them, like if they like two straws in their coffee instead of one. 

33. Try to have dinner with your friends often, and go around the table, and have everyone talk about their day. Even if nothing happened, just sit down and talk about your day. 

34. Make sure you tell your friends how much you appreciate them often.

35. Try to reach out to  people you know are shy. It’s hard for them in a lot of social situations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be / feel included. 

36. If you have an iPhone, always drop a pin when you park your car, that way after you’re long day you don’t have worry about finding your car.

37. If you’re going on a date, or even just to a shady part of town, always share you’re location with at least one of your friends at all times. Drop pins / send your current location to them when you’re somewhere major. For example, if you’re on a date, send a pin of where you parked your car, the bar you ended up at, his place, just everywhere. 

38. Always let people know when something reminded you of them. It’s nice to know when people think about you. 

39. Sometimes it’s not a lack of love that spoils a relationship, it’s the lack of friendship. The most beautiful relationships begin as friendships.

40. If you can find someone you can talk to about anything, and be the most candid self you can be with them, don’t ever let them go. 

—  40 bits of advice you didn’t ask for, but will hopefully stick with you. 
Is Black Hoody Actually A? Have We Missed The Clues?

I know people are insisting Alison is A, or that she has a twin.

I have been re watching season 5 and 3 and I really don’t think either is true. I think the scenes with her alone and upset are pretty self explanatory. Is she devious and a liar, absolutely.

I think it is possible she created the black hoody persona and Mona used it when she saw Alison on the run. The A scenes have been bugging me because A is loaded is would have a lair like the one in Ravenswood (which for the record I do not believe was Ezra’s. .the suits were a clue. When does the guy wear expensive suits? THAT was the real a lair.

A would not be in run down lairs, when he can afford the best equipment money can buy. Would not hide in the Hastings cabin

or have tables with scratches, or old record players. A is high tech. Black hoody is not A, IMO.

I think A only wears suits. I am starting to think the A endings as we think of them, are ALISON. Not as A but as plotting Ali trying to take down A. Alison on the run, and Alison in rosewood? has she hurt her friends in huge process, oh yes, but her goal is to take down A.

We don’t know the whole story yet, but my theory right now is the Ali is not A, but is black hoody. I think this could be a reveal we are going to get soon.

I know I am going to get slammed for this but there is some evidence here, think about it. I am going to put more details together with pics. it fits. The writers have done a damn good job playing us.

Ps, edited to note. Whoever A is like I mentioned above! had the lair in Ravenswood (May live there too, remember the evasive response from the gardener in the ravenswood episode) the lair may have been in Ezra’s name, but why? Was it done to promise and keep her safe, is it a family member of his, hers. Somebody rich though, I am telling you. OCD and rich, 5 suits OCD, not for 5 people, but because he is neurotic and obsessive…..obviously. Fandom” Why no A endings at the beginng of season 5!!!? it is because Shana was A all along…..nope, because Alison is BACK, and NOT on the run. She thought Shana was A so she had no reason to be the black hoody and plot revenge. Bam….there is my theory.


in the last three mako pentecost and tamsin all were going to an interview but mako wakes up with the flu??and mako is just. No i am getting ready and going with tamsin and sensei,, and trying to not wobble/sniffle around even tho she has a high fever and basically stakcer notices and stays home to take care of her and tams comes back from the thing to find them like the last pic and its adorable. goodbye

  1. I packed and then repacked three times already. I don’t really know what is even in my suitcase anymore.
  2. I can’t decide if I should get my nails done or  if I should just go au natural and save myself the drama and headache that is going out in a monsoon 36 hours before vacation.
  3. I swear on everything that is holy if this weather prevents me from taking off to paradise I will rip someone’s face off. Probably just my own.
  4. I have a 40 pound limit for my suitcase and I made sure I packed 30 pounds of clothes and shoes and toiletries and left 10 extra pounds for snack foods. Because…fatty fo lyfe.
  5. I am going to be the whitest broad on the beach…I was supposed to go tanning every day this month but my anxiety and stupid brain kept me in home in bed instead.
  6. I am going off the grid for the next 9 days..try not to kill each other. Or at least if you’re going to do that…tag me in the post so I can see it when I get back.
  7.  I’m going to miss my kids so much my bladder is quivering. Yet on the other hand I need a break from my kids so bad my bladder is quivering…sooo yeah. Vacations are weird.
  8. I will take a fuck ton of pics this time, no more being all secretive and shy. We are going with a group and they encourage pics and so therefore….slutty pics for days when I get back.
  9. I need this vacation more than you know. Lots of stuff has been transpiring behind the scenes lately and this trip is a much needed escape.
  10. I will miss you guys bunches. Thanks for being my family in my pocket…I love you and stuff.