i am going to strangle tumblr

Lost Song

Papa, I have unlearned gentleness
The moment you chose selfishness
I never planned this poem to go this way
I guess all I wanted is for you to stay

But all the ties we built, you dismantled
All the forced connections keep me strangled
And I can not listen to your voice
Without blaming you for that choice

Papa, the nights have always been cruel
It seems like I am having an endless duel
With nameless ghosts and faceless monsters
With constant fear of being left for another

Sometimes, I just wanna be enclosed in your arms
Sing, “I want to stay,” then keep me from harm
Sing, “I want to stay,” and mean it this time
Sing, “I want to stay,” as if you’re a chime

They said writers should learn how to forgive
So they can take words from their sleeves
But Papa, even just hearing your name
Feels like I am being caught in flames

These words are intended to be a present
Not to express how much I still resent
All the torn pages of our history
And how I am still stuck in misery

Papa, I am trying to relearn gentleness as I live
A day will come when I can finally forgive
I never planned this poem to go this way
I guess all I wanted is for you to stay

joudan-janai  asked:

May I ask for the meme thingy 3, E, ❤ and Midotaka? And also I wanted to repeat I freaking love your fics. I happily bounce in my sit when i see you have written a new one c:

Thank you so much, friend!! That is so nice of you!

And hahaha, OK, so the words were, “jail cell, speed, thimble,” and when I first saw that I was like, “oh man, this is even harder than ‘museum, elation, map.’ How am I going to make this work?“ But then I landed on Prison AU. Which kind of got long and also, well, Prison AU. Still definitely SFW, but lots of fairly lighthearted approach to prison and crime in general, so it’s under the cut just to be safe.

Hope you enjoy!

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a day in the life of a larry shipper
  • larry shipper: *wakes up*
  • larry shipper: what a beautiful day today!!
  • larry shipper: *grabs laptop*
  • larry shipper: *logs on to tumblr*
  • larry shipper: *scrolls*
  • larry shipper: bORING
  • larry shipper: *finds smut to read*
  • larry shipper: so hot
  • larry shipper: *continues to read smut for an hour*
  • larry shipper: imma change it to fluff now
  • larry shipper: oh myg nods
  • larry shipper: *tears start to form*
  • larry shipper: DONT YOU FUKCING DIE ON HARRY
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper: shit
  • larry shipper: *logs back on to tumblr*
  • larry shipper: wait
  • larry shipper:
  • larry shipper: oh my god
  • larry shipper: oH MY GOD
  • larry shipper: NEW LARRY MOMENT
  • larry shipper: tHEY ARE SO fuCKing Inl love
  • larry shipper: oh man
  • larry shipper: when they come out elounor shippers are going to be pissed
  • larry shipper: oh hey look it’s 3 am

Morning Worries

I must'nt fret

a consequence of debt

my thoughts struggle to pay

once again strangled

like a rat in a cage

The wheel spins

running endlessly

until I can’t breath

I begin wondering

I am overcome

I am uneased

Diseased by figuratives

enticed by touch

stripped and filled

a passionate moment

desires desiring

a full bucket

I’m in a cataclysmic state

I refute being sane

stuck in my brain

on the verge of going insane

all because of things and their change

it’s tough learning to behave

a certain way

hoping that unlike the cat

it shall not stray

that it will stay

but if I may

it’s like asking a boat

to stay at bay

or hoping the sun

appreciates it’s rays

enough to give us sorry folks

one more day

to lie to ourselves

that we’re doing okay

I’m in a cataclysmic state

I am not okay