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Hii! Can you do 21 from the dialogue list with Jughead?

“If you don’t rest, you won’t heal.”
“So what?” Jughead scoffed, attempting to sit up. “I’m fine.”
“You’re not fine,” you countered, pushing him back down. “You’re sick, Jug.”
“I’m not that sick,” he mumbled, crossing his arms. You rolled your eyes, but a small smile danced on your face.
“Just rest, Jug.”
“I should just go home,” he tried to sit up again, but you pushed him back down, a bit harder this time.
“Nice try,” you lightly glared. “You’re staying here until you’re well enough to get home.”
“I am well enough,” he argued.
“Jughead,” the use of his full name made him stop fighting, “get some rest, okay? I’ll made soup and tea, and I’ll wake you up when it’s done.” A brooding expression fell on his face, but when he noticed the way you were looking at him, he begrudgingly rested his head on the pillow.
“Fine.” Satisfied, you stood up and wandered towards your kitchen, pulling out the ingredients for chicken noodle soup. 

An hour later, you stepped back into your living room, ready to wake Jughead up. However, when you noticed how peaceful he looked while he was asleep,  you decided to let him rest longer.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Jughead sleepily mumbled as he slowly trudged into the kitchen. You looked up from your phone and smiled at your groggy friend.
“You looked peaceful,” you defended yourself. He rolled his eyes and scoffed.
“Whatever,” he waved it off, but a smile began to creep onto his face. “Can I have my soup now?”



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Hi I'm lizza picasso, but you can called me ink, I noticed that you made out of ink, wanna be friends?

Look let me put it to ya plainly, to all of ya’ll.

I don’t want to be ya’ friend.

I don’t want to hug ya’.

I don’t want to be hugged by ya’.

I am not going to sit here and console ya’.

Do not touch me. Do not cry to me. Do not ask me to be your friend.

Going home.

hello moon,
here I am
going home
alone, again

you see

I remember
the last time,
it was winter too,

there was no snow yet
but dark as it can be,
except you

hello moon
it’s me again
going home

you see

singing our tune,
you know,
dancing by myself,
(all the right moves)

waiting on the bus,
you see
talking with no one,
except you

hello moon
here I am again
going home

sitting on the bus,
you see
singing out our tune,
people are watching me
you know,
wondering what I do,

going home
going home
going home alone

Am I the only person that gets that kind of weird wake-up call like halfway through the year in the weird spot like I’m sitting here on the el listening to David Bowie and all of a sudden my brother is moving out and I have to choreograph tow dances in less than a week and I have a dog to feed and and essay due Monday and Naruto is fucking over and Tokyo ghoul is going no where and the last Harry Potter book came out years ago and holy fuck I’m a teenager idk David Bowie does shit to you

Hysteria- Chapter 11

After finishing the dishes, I strolled into the living room to find Dan staring open mouthed at the television screen, and Jax giggling uncontrollably. “What’s going on here?” I asked, sitting down next to Jax on the couch.

“He beat me again. I’m like a Mario Kart god. I don’t understand what’s happening.” Dan said.

“I beat you because I am the best!” Jax said, laughing and doing a little victory dance. He shakes his hips and waves his arms and it sends both Dan and I into a fit of laughter.

“Honey, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve reached your hour quota of video games for the day, Time to turn it off,” I said, standing and turning off the tv.

“Okay, mum. Can we play another game? How about Trouble?”

“Sure. Why don’t you go grab it?” Jax hops off the couch and scurries into his room to get the game, and I took the opportunity to sit beside Dan. “How are you doing?” I probed, trying to figure out if he is comfortable and enjoying himself.

He smiles at me. “Good. He seems like a really great kid. Do you mind if I hang out a little longer?”

“You can stay as long as you like,” I said, patting his knee but quickly removing my mind as Jax re-entered the room.

“I wanna be blue!” he said as he placed the game on the coffee table.

“Sure thing,” Dan said with a grin as he took the game out of the box and set it up. We laughed throughout the entire game, and it felt so natural just the three of us. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d say it seemed like we were a real family. It made me feel hopeful as to what the future could hold with Dan being in Jax’s life. Maybe we could actually be a family someday. Dan won, and I just about cried laughing when he stood up and mimicked the exact dance that Jax had done when he won Mario Kart. After his display of victory, Dan took a seat and, still giggling, I began to put the game away.

“Dan, do you know my dad like how you know my mom from when before I was born?” Jax asked, looking at Dan with a furrowed brow. My jaw dropped and Dan froze at the question, looking at Jax and then at me, clearly as shocked as I was.

“Um, well,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously and looking to me for answer. I shook my head, trying to indicate that right now was not the time to spill the beans. “Yeah. Yeah I do know him.”

“Will you tell him I said hi? He’s at Uni but someday I want to meet him. I hope he’s fun like you. I wish you could be my dad, but don’t tell him that.”

“I-uh-” Dan said, seemingly unable to respond. I was speechless, that was probably the last thing I expected to come out of Jax’s mouth, but he does have a knack for surprising me. “I’ll tell him.”

Clearing my throat awkwardly, I abruptly stood from the couch. “Hey, Jax, it’s about a half hour past your bedtime. Go get your jammies on and brush your teeth, kay?”

“Okay mum.” He turned to head to his room, but stopped to give Dan a hug first. He only reached up to his waist, but he embraced him heartedly, and Dan placed a large hand on his back.

“Goodnight, Jackson. Sweet dreams,” he said, smiling down softly. Jax would never have noticed, but I saw clearly that there were tears welling in Dan’s dark brown eyes.

“Goodnight, Dan. Thank you for coming to visit!” With that, my son turned and headed into his room.

“Once he’s done brushing his teeth, I’ll have to tuck him in, but that will only take a few minutes. Do you want to stick around and crack open that bottle of wine you brought?”

“Yeah, that sounds great. Honestly, I could use a glass after that.”

I laughed, “Me too.” Dan went into the kitchen and I strolled down the hallway to Jax’s room to check on his progress in getting ready for bed. He was already in his pajamas and had tucked himself into his bed.

“Good job, hun. That was quick!” I said, sitting on the edge of his bed and smoothing out his covers.

He yawned, “I’m tired.”

“I bet. You had a long day.” I brushed a bit of hair from his forehead and gazed at him lovingly.

“I like Dan. He’s fun.”

“You do, huh? I’ll have to tell him.”

“Can he come over again someday?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “He is welcome whenever he wants.”

Jax smiled as his eyes began to flutter shut, “Good good.” I stayed for another minute, just listening to his long, heavy breaths until I was sure he was asleep, then I stood and left his room, sure to shut his door quietly behind me.


Jason: (he smiles) “Hey, is it too crowded inside?” 
You: “Yeah a bit. Just wanted some fresh air. Aren’t you supposed to be inside with the other teachers?” 
Jason: “I have some time off now, have to go back inside soon though.” 

You sit down next to him and nervously play with your hands.

Jason: “You look very beautiful today. Can I say that, am I allowed to say that?” 
You: (laugh) “I guess, you aren’t that much older than me. But thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself. And you aren’t even trying.”
Jason: “Thank you.” (he laughs too) Do you like the party?”
You: “It would have been better if I had somebody to be with, to dance with.”
Jason: “It’s a shame nobody is here with you. You know what, the next time I give a party or somebody else does, I’m gonna bring you with me. And then we could dance. Is that a good idea?” 
You: (nod) “Yes, that would be wonderful, Jason.”


Soak up the emotions your heart is bathed in; notice how the sensation spreads to your extremities until you feel numb. I am all the time feeling. I try so hard to notice all of it; my spirit dancing to a beat only I know, the earth drenched with the sentiment of aliveness. Sometimes I can’t take all of it in; my mind feels cramped inside this small body, which can’t hold the fullness of my essence. Everything is always moving and spinning and going. I just want to sit here for a little while. People always ask me what I’m thinking about when I stare off, but most of the time, I’m not thinking of anything in particular. I am feeling. If you’re still enough, it’s like you become the moment. The earth is four billion years old, and it is estimated that 107 billion people have walked on this planet.  We are walking moments compared to the age of our earth. 107 billion moments, 107 billion hearts, 107 billion brains; and we still can’t master the art of feeling. Every poem, every painting, every tear spilled, every heart broken, every single body that has bled out, all of it has originated from these feelings. We can’t get enough of it. We are vultures eating the remains of a decomposing body, and every taste is sweeter than the last.

‘Ruby sits at the prom, pretending to pinch people’s head with her fingers when Weiss steps in front of her, causing her to stop, mid-pinch’

Weiss- What do you think you’re doing ?

Ruby - Weiss ! 'whispers’ I almost pinched your head

Weiss- No you dunce ! What are you doing here standing in the corner when there’s a dance going on ?

'Ruby stares at Weiss for a few seconds, before her eyes narrow’

Ruby - I don’t 'turns away and crosses arms’ WANNA

Weiss- Ruby Rose, you’re being a CHILD

Ruby - I know you are but what am I ?

Weiss - 'eyes widen, clearly incensed ’ I organized this event for ALL of us Ruby, the least you could do is participate

'Weiss quickly snatches Ruby’s hand, pulling away from her perch on the wall’

Ruby - Nooooooooo Weeeeeeiiiiissss  'flailing around as Weiss drags her towards the dance floor’ There’s too many people, and I can’t walk in these shoes, and I don’t know how to dance  and….

Weiss- Well THANKFULLY I do, and as the heiress to the Schnee name, I am HONORBOUND to teach you

'Weiss faces Ruby, and positions Ruby’s hands on her body’

Ruby -  Weiss 'looking around, noticing the lack of people touching ’ I don’t think we’re supposed to be

Weiss- Just trust me

Coco - 'on speaker from the front of the stage’ And now it’s time for a SLOOOW dance

'The students in the ballroom move together, pairing up to dance’

Velvet - 'heard on speaker’ Coco ! You can’t say slow like that, the kids might get the wrong idea

'music starts’

Coco - Or maybe it was the RIGHT idea !

Prof. Port - Miss Adel, I’m going to have to ask you to step away from the mic


'A scuffle is heard, as Coco grabs the mic’

Coco - You can’t silence me ! I’m the goddess of young LOVE !

Prof. Port- Give me the mic !

'Noticeable thuds and crashes are heard as Prof. Port tries to rip Coco away from the mic. Coco secures herself against the table’

Coco - Fight the oppression kids ! Make this your night !

'Prof. Port pulls Coco free’

Coco - 'heard in the background’ Remember meeeeeee


Velvet - 'picking up mic’ We’ll be right back




'Weiss and Ruby gracefully glide across the ballroom, clearly stealing attention from an elaborate dance routine from JNPR’

Weiss - See ? Dancing wasn’t that bad, was it ?

Ruby - 'leans head against Weiss’s shoulder’ I guess it wasn’t……but I still don’t like these shoes 'momentary glare’

'A troubled look passes over Weiss’

Ruby - What’s wrong ?

Weiss- I can’t help but feel that I kept you from seeing something important…..

Ruby - 'inquisitive’ What do you mean ?

Weiss- I don’t know ! Like…….you’d sneak out of here and see some sneaky criminal traversing the school due to your unsociable behavior

Ruby - Pfft 'waves hand dismissively’ I probably wouldn’t have even found out who it was. It wouldn’t have made a difference…..

Weiss- But what if it was a cool……

Ruby - 'nuzzles face into Weiss’s shoulder’ Not a difference in the world

I am going to sit here and pray that Candy and Priya become friends because I already have HCs for them!


>Candy and Priya watching Bollywood movies together and doing silly dances with the musical numbers.

>Priya introducing Candy to South Asian sweets like Gulab jamuns, jalebis, and rasgullas cause you know it’s kind of like candy.

>Priya and Candy going through the “Little India” shopping areas to look at and try on sarees, shalwar kameezes, and ghagras + the elaborate jewelery and pretend to be Bollywood actresses in the musical numbers lol.

>Priya taking Candy out to get an elaborate henna design that is like Priya’s so they can match.

>Candy being introduced to biryani which is the literally the best thing ever and not being able to handle it first because of how spicy it is, but then gradually falls in love with it and learns to handle her spices better.

Please let them be friends chinomiko  ლ(・∀・ )ლ

I was watching RWBY2 with my friend y’know, catching her up since she hasn’t seen it

and we got to the dance arc and she learned that Weiss didn’t go with Neptune or Jaune and her first reaction was to go “Oh so she went with Yang?”

Like, I wish buddy, that would have been like, 100x sweeter. And now I am sitting here upset at what I didn’t even know I wanted