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Everything will be okay soon, my beaut! <3 For the writing thing, can I request a yoonseok and #12 pls? Love you!

prompt: things you said when you thought i was asleep
pairing: yoonseok
words: 1,031
note: this is so fluffy and cliche i am sorry pls kick me, also sorry for taking soooo long :’)

“you don’t mind me sleeping, do you? i can barely think, i’m sorry.”

hoseok blinked, pushing the suitcase onto his back seat in a flustered tranced before shaking his head at the man beside him.

truthfully, yoongi did look like something similar to hell, the bags under his eyes too dark and too puffy to be healthy, and the glum look on his face twisting every smile into a grimace. he pulled up his hoodie, resembling something between a seal or a penguin, his cold cheeks flushing to a speckled red in the winter air. he gave hoseok a dim look, eyes dull and drained with everything but fatigue, lips an unusual shade of pink and chapped (but nonetheless, still kissable on hoseok’s behalf).

the flight must have been painful.

“no no, sure it’s fine! get all the rest you need,” hoseok grinned, snagging the handle of last suitcase out of yoongi’s hands, “go wait in the car, i’ll put these away for you. my phone should be at the front so go choose a mellow playlist.”

yoongi scoffed, “of course, leaving your phone unattended in your car.”

“i’m literally standing right next to it, yoongi, i’m practically in it.” hoseok gave the car door a dramatic slam. “you don’t see my face for two and a half weeks and here you are, giving me shit again, i swear -”

“shut up and hurry up, i want to sleep.”

yoongi shuffled to the passenger seat, collapsing into it with a grunt.

“and the car smells like shit. what did you do while i was gone?”

the last suitcase had fit into the trunk with a substantial amount of pushing and a hoseok muttering to himself about how yoongi could still roast him while being half asleep, but all was well and hoseok joined yoongi in the front of the car, twirling his keys (and the newly attached koala key chain that yoongi had given to him as soon as they embraced at the arrivals gate and Hoseok had laughed, “it’s you on a keyring!”) around his finger.

“it smells great, thank you very much. it was your gross ass smell that polluted the car before you left, and now it’s been ventilated. you should be thankful.”

“tell that to the cologne you bought me.”

and before hoseok could retort something about axe deodorant and that jimmy choo cologne, yoongi’s neck was tilted rather obscurely on his neck pillow, chin tucked into his hoodie and slow heavy breaths escaping his lips. he couldn’t help but smile, couldn’t help but notice his dainty eyelashes and the subtle parting of yoongi’s lips, their curves, their shape, the natural pink hue returning to them. he couldn’t help feeling revived again. so alive with yoongi asleep beside him, his gentle breath and something from the weeknd humming the background of their quaint little reunion.

don’t get him wrong, hoseok was grateful, ecstatic about his boyfriend getting the essential nap he needed, the exasperated expression of his face evident even as he slept. but nineteen days without min yoongi was something that tugged a selfish string in his heart. nineteen days without tireless movie nights or cuddles at three in the morning, or stupid jokes and incessant rants about their neighbour’s cats, or yoongi simply chatting about his day and how much he loved that peculiar little ceramics store that sat beside his studio, he missed yoongi muttering on about the most mundane things on fruits and the colour of his shirt, he missed that low calming voice that encased him, that cascaded into his heart and slowly entranced until everything hoseok would hear would be in the beautiful tune yoongi’s captivating voice.

he had been too afraid to call yoongi, tempted but apprehensive due to yoongi’s stern intention to work on the business trip, but even so, yoongi had called him a few times, and though soft whispers over the phone at one in the morning felt angelic to hoseok, they could never excel the pure bliss of listening to him murmur little things to him in real life.

maybe it was just his aura, hoseok had mused, his eyes on the road. the sky was fading into a pink hue, golden on the horizon.

a bit like yoongi, he thought. pink. warm. because that’s what yoongi felt like. an overwhelming rush of warmth, on his tongue and his lips, an effervescent glow that tinged hoseok with excitement. a synesthetic stupor that lulled him to yoongi. his presence had always caught hoseok of guard, stumbling into him, head first, heart first. yoongi was his stability, but a familiar warmth he could fall into.

the music had kept hoseok’s mouth shut, lips pursed into a modest pout.

but they weren’t shut for long.

“you know, i really missed you,” he whispered lowly.

“and i really love you.

“but anyways, i’m happy you’re safe.”

the words fall pleasantly with the low hum from the speakers, lazily rolling off hoseoks tongue as he swayed to the music, grip still tight on the steering wheel. And before he knew it, hoseok wasn’t whispering anymore. his soft coos to yoongi blossoming into something more, and once again hoseok had been caught off guard, having fallen into the trance of yoongi’s warm atmosphere, lost in the thoughts of his boyfriend, his playlist as gentle background music that accommodated those thoughts rather pleasantly.

hoseok was singing again.

“don’t stop your lovin’, it’s all i have, ‘cause i can’t function, no i won’t last,”

hoseok was singing again, a gentle low tone that still charmed yoongi who did his best to hide a dainty smile into his hoodie. hoseok was singing, aimless, unaware, raw with beauty and sincerity. there was no playful singsong of his voice, nothing sarcastic he’d blunder out during karaoke – just something so pleasurably real and sincere about words that fluttered out delicately into the cool air in the car.

“i swear i’ll love you just like the past, 'cause I know what’s pain, this is not the same…”

hoseok was singing again, and though yoongi had wanted to sleep through the ride back home, the melodic daze of hoseok’s voice was enough to drive away the fatigue. he listened throughout the ride back, a smile tucked into the neck of his hoodie, cheeks flushed from something other than the cold.